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I'm not a hacker

July 8, 2007
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Every week I get an email via this website from someone who wants me to help them hack something. I've written things about the subject "hacking" but that doesn't make me a hacker. I'm not a hacker. Here's this week's nutter email I got:

"Hai, im suraj from India.
Actually i want to b a computer expert.There must b nothin wth the coputer tht i cant i think it can b done only wth a hacker.So can u plz help me wth this.pPleae tel me wht i hav to learn.
Than Q.

Does that make any sense?

No, I'm not going to freeze your account

May 16, 2007
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Yesterday I got another one of these:

dear sir,

yesterday some body stolen my cell cell number 9848133384 
please search for the  same and freeze my account so that 
no body can use it 

thank you 

yours faithfully


It seems that a lot of people in India lose their mobile phones these days and that a lot of people in India think that by emailing me about it that I can do something about it.

I'm just a blogger. I don't have a machine that can cancel mobile SIMs.

New domain name

October 20, 2006
0 comments This site I've recently registered now set up a new domain name for this website. It's and is there to the be mobile version of the pages.

I've also made some of these slight improvements to the css for mobile and removed the category images on the blog items. There is so much more that I can do but I just haven't had time. For example, there's no search on the mobile version.

The screenshot here to the right is from a Firefox extension I have called "Small Screen Rendering" which is useful if you want to get a guessimate look of how your page might appear in browser with a very small screen. Immediate conclusion: there's a hell of a lot of scrolling :)

Photos from FWC China 2005

January 27, 2006
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I've now finally uploaded all my photos from the trip to China.

From 1,000 huge jpegs (at 1.6Gb) down to 300 resized ones (at 43Mb) it took quite a long time to rotate, chose, colour modify and title. To do it I had to use digikam which is the best photo album organiser program available on Linux. Even though it's the best I've found so far it still sucks. It's frustrating when you have lots to do but it's free and works better than nothing and I haven't donated any money to it.

As you might have noticed I have had to reduce the image quality quite a bit especially of the thumbnails. Sorry about this but I see thumbnails as navigation, not the real content. If you want higher resolution images I might be able to get you the original JPG if you ask kindly for it.

Bad spelling a good thing?

January 24, 2006
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At the time of writing, if you do any of these searches on google:

charles dunston carphone warehouse

supersize me,the moveie

7 wounders of the world'll notice two patterns:

  1. My site is no. 1 on all three
  2. They're all badly spelled

I noticed this because these are referals from my logs that I've backtracked and listed. In all cases it's unintentional misspellings either by myself or people commenting within the pages. If it wasn't for these "double misstakes" certain people who never have reached my site. You can't control how bad people spell (especially when it comes to names) but you can control your own content.

In the case of 7 wounders of the world I could have delberately included a spelling misstake of "wounders" to catch both those who can spell and those who can't, thus increasing your reach via Google.

Personally I think you should, as a web master/content developer, avoid as many misspellings as possible and not try any cheap tricks but perhaps in some extreme cases, this phenomena can turn to your own advantage. Interesting.