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Searching for the obvious

29 March 2005 0 comments   Wondering

Have you ever searched Google for something obvious like "news", "software" or "internet"? I have, but doing it felt very original.

Before reading on (unless it's too late) to guess what you'd find on the top spot of a Google search if you search for "news".

Ok, here are the results.

Searching for news

Searching for software
  3. not bad apache!

Searching for internet
  1. Thee PageRank gurus
  2. page about Internet Explorer
  3. (University of Michigan)

Searching for hardware
  1. they deserve this
  3. who are you?

Searching for search engine
  1. I guess that's fair

On the "search engine" search, where is MSN (bottom of second page) and why isn't Google on the top spot (6th spot). Maybe this "proves" that Google doesn't fiddle with their database :)

Happy Birthday to me!

13 December 2004 0 comments   Wondering

I turn 25 today. Wahoo for me! If you feel extra generous there's always my Amazon wish list

Tell me your birthday

02 September 2004 0 comments   Wondering

Those who know me well know that I have a problem remembering birthdays. I still don't know why this part of my brain is not functioning but it's often an embarrassing problem. Now here's an attempt to solve that problem:

Clicking the link should ask you for your name and birthday. That way you'll automatically be added on my birthday reminder calendar. Thank you.

Techie things I want to buy from

05 February 2004 6 comments   Wondering

Here are some things I want to buy. It's all reasonable prices and all from my favourite online shop ebuyer.

Asus 4x DVD DUAL /R/RW IDE BURNER - OEM (Pioneer DVR-106)Asus 4x DVD DUAL /R/RW IDE BURNER - OEM (Pioneer DVR-106)
Price: £71.67 inc VAT
A 4X DVD writer with 11 5-star reviews

Fuji A205S 2mp CCD 3x Zoom Digital CameraFuji A205S 2mp CCD 3x Zoom Digital Camera
Price: £93.99 inc VAT
Only a 2 megapixel camera but also under £100. (I can get the "3.2Mp model" for an extra £40) 4 5-star reviews

Maxtor MaXLine Plus II 250gb 7200rpm 8mb Cache Maxtor MaXLine Plus II 250gb 7200rpm 8mb Cache IDE-Ultra/133 OEM
Price: £169.01 inc VAT
250Gb and 8MB cache as a secondary disk. I've already filled my 160Gb disk less 20Gb. 7 5-start reviews Worth noting that I can get Western Digital disk with same specs from for £35 less.

Buying this DVD-writer might mean that I won't be able to burn CDs. But the purpose of getting a DVD-writer is to be able to make backups of films I download. I would also to throw out my existing DVD-reader/CD-RW.

So vivid dreams I couldn't get out!

15 January 2004 0 comments   Wondering

Today I took a little nap after breakfast. Actually I lied down to read and fell asleep. The interesting thing is that I got trapped in my own dream. Twice!

I woke up, walked to the kitchen, met the cleaning lady who comes in once every two weeks. Had a quick chat with her but she didn't at all look like Maureen. Ah well, I thought, I'm still dreaming. Cute.

Then I got up and switched of the music on my computer by stopping on WinAmp, but nothing happened! So I turned down the volume completely on the loudspeaker, still nothing happened!

Now I got worried. I'm still dreaming and I don't want to do so. How do I get out? I started slapping my face with both hands and shake my head and shortly I felt my consciousness taking over again. When I woke up I was hyped with fear and odd thoughts of what had happened.

This has never happened before, so it's worth writing about on my website :)