WEBoggle mind bogglingly addictive

20 February 2004   7 comments   Misc. links


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WEBoggle WEBoggle is a scrabble-like game where words in a 4 by 4 matrix can be found not only vertically, horizontally and diagonally, but also a combination of both. Enough said, go and play the game and you'll see.

The game requires no plugins and the JavaScriptcode is really neat. I just wish they had a game like this in Swedish!


please hurry up and sort it out my mum loves the game and with out it she is doing my head in.
Margaret Thatcher
your mum is doing our head in? that's not very nice :-( i need to sneeze, blesh mme.anyway, tell your mum she is hugely liked in america and known as Hannah's mum, but they say she is a good wanking partner ;)

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thank you for your co-operation :)
Margie Thatcher, published in london
please hurry up and sort it out my mum loves the game and with out it she is doing my head in.
hey this wedsight is gay!!!!!!!!
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Andrew Davis
Found another one at http://weboggle.info which is much like the original WEBoggle.
Margaret Thatcher
Dear sir/madam..
we are very dissapointed with this game and would like some sort of refund. it isn't in our interest whether you care or not. this is a matter of life and death. the only reason we have paid for the internet is so that my dying sister can use WEboggle. i'm ashamed of you and your company. i will be expecting any kind of acknowledgement soon through the post. just guess where i live, i really don't care.

Margaret Thatcher oxoxoxox (and her lover ethelder matthews...) x
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