The Holy Bible - A serious case of plagiarism Is the story about Jesus in the bible just a serious case of plagiarism. Yes is the answer if you acknowledge the fact that the story of Horus came first; and that it did.

"Stories from the life of Horus had been circulating for centuries before Jesus birth (circa 4 to 7 BCE). If any copying occurred by the writers of the Egyptian or Christian religions, it was the followers of Jesus who incorporated into his biography the myths and legends of Horus, not vice-versa."

It's quite shocking read actually. I don't believe in the Bible or the character they call Jesus but if I did and studied the story of Horus I'd right now feel pretty damn pranked.

waste of time - 10 January 2009 [«« Reply to this]
hmmm.. Good luck with that "IF" of yours..
Haris - 18 April 2009 [«« Reply to this]
have u watched the movie Zeitgeist? it gives a really good explanation on exactly how plagiarized it is
Peter Bengtsson - 18 April 2009 [«« Reply to this]
I have! It's nuts! Really scary actually. The film isn't very subtle and it talks about all wrongs of the world and not just the christian fools. I wish some non-converted would dare to see that film too.
Anonymous - 01 June 2009 [«« Reply to this]
Scarr - 28 July 2009 [«« Reply to this]
The only way to prevent a disease is to kill it at the source, the same can be said of all religions
Ketih - 29 March 2011 [«« Reply to this]
Can anyone show or prove the story of Horus before the New Testament. In other words, where is the "written text" or any other proof that the story of Horus existed prior to the birth of Jesus? Anyone?
Peter Bengtsson - 29 March 2011 [«« Reply to this]
Yes they can. Here:
Nina - 11 February 2015 [«« Reply to this]
Consider reading the Emerald Tablets by Thoth
Sherri - 19 September 2011 [«« Reply to this]
There is quite a difference between the story of Horus and Jesus life.. Horus was born of a goddess where Jesus was born of a virgin (human).. There are too many differences to even say that New Testament was plagiarised of his story.. Also the only info we truly have are hieroglyphics which have been proven many times over to be interpreted wrong for many do not know what all the symbols to be correct.. As a study of anthropology I understand the area where there mistakes can be made.. So to say that their is any correlation between the two.. It is quite the fallacy to follow this train of thought.. :)
Peter Bengtsson - 19 September 2011 [«« Reply to this]
Interesting. Are there any other major differences?

I can see how hieroglyphics can be misinterpreted since they're so different from modern languages. Also, the people who wrote the bible probably weren't inspired by the hieroglyphes; they were probably inspired by the written down interpretation of Horus which is like chinese whispers a bit.

Can you enlighten me as to what this has to do with anthropology?
Anonymous - 06 March 2013 [«« Reply to this]
just read

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