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Mila L

A country song with a voicemail message in it: his manager says “he has to throw out the song cause luke bryan’s team will sue them otherwise”. he also says “they don’t have luke bryan money” the album cover is Warhol Style with the singer pictured. Idk what year though this song might of came out…


luke can take the song i hear him every day. bet he caint do elvis

Madison bert

Hi I’m looking for this song it’s been stuck in my head for months.
It’s a women voice I don’t know much of the lyrics

But it goes

All I’ve been thinking about is love love love love
And the first time it says love is in a lower voice and then it goes into a really high voice like an echo. Then it goes back to a lower main character voice. It does that like 3 times.
The all I’ve been thinking about is flip floppy and is in a the regular voice. The song reminds my of emelines not released album of grown men cry where she repeats cry in her song.

Thank you so much!!!


I'm looking for a song with the lyrics 'I'm on my way, i'm on my way" and also 'I wanna have a good time, good time'. The song is kinda upbeat and it's sounds like it's by a female artist sounds like from Jamaica or so. It also has the same instrumental as the song 'On my way ' by illijah


On My Way by Etana


I'm looking for a song that once appeared as Spotify recommendation. It's an indie/alt song , really slow, the female singer is not very popular i think. It's not in my first language so the only thing I remember is the fact that song starts with "Siempres" and at some point the singer says the words "Contigo". I also remember that the video that was playing in the Spotify background was with two girls, one had red hair and the other was blonde if I'm not mistaken. The song is about 3 minutes long. It's not older than 5-7 years.

Juss tim

A song that goes like " Onee more timee Oo ooh or One Last time.oh oh woah something like that

Lucas Toner

I think the song is One More Time by Daft Punk.

Alyanna Jimenez

I'm still looking for this song with lyrics that goes,"Remember when we started it was you and me. Now we have a daughter and she's already three."
the chorus goes like this, "Because of you I will be true I'll do all that I can to be a better man..."
Sang by a male artist. Please guys help


better man!!!


do you know the artist please? Cause I've tried every single result on yt for the title Better Man but they're not what I'm looking for


It's a song that i just heard in the radio but the vocals weren't the clearest. A pop song, male singer.
I can only remember the lyrics:
"can't fight/stand/stop my loneliness" (not sure which one)
and "this is the way it goes/ends"
he also mentions that the loneliness he's feeling gets the best of him sometimes, but i can't remember the exact lyrics for that part (towards the beginning of the song)

Nickolas gesino

Zillakami frosty or it’s by call me karizma hello my loneliness


Any ideas

Heard a song on radio sounded like “she got the vibe, she want my time, she want my numba “ sounded like reggae a recent song …


I've been looking for song that has a very long, steady jam at end and the singer just says "My baby" over and over. It sounds like The Pogues, vocally.


Mitski - I bet on losing dogs


There's a song I cant find but it has a Sade and Jackson vibe. Almost sounds like Janet Jackson. Somewhere in the song it says " I get it, I get it , I get it


In your eyes by Snohomish Aalegra??

Lucas Toner

I remember hearing a song in an advert for the animated series What’s The Big Idea? on CBeebies around 2012-2013. I don’t remember any of the lyrics but it was definitely a piano-driven song. I’ve never been able to find the advert on YouTube so I’m hoping someone knows what the song is. I meant to say as well that the sound of the song is very similar to the band Keane, but it’s not by them because I know all their songs.


Could be the instrumental of an early version of the intro


i barely remember the songs lyrics but for example it went something like ______ (insert word here) and that word right there the singer would repeat and eventually repeat the line again. it was slow at the staart but got fast at the part im talking about. it was a male with a slightly high pitched voice, should have been a 80s song.


Idk what that word is


This shits hilarious,,
Should put money on these things to do. Figure eight slightly sensible words, hymes, rhymes rhythms and lines, WIN a bit of an answer but also $$$



Looking for a song from the early-mid 1990s, British indie stuff, the picture sleeve had John Major holding a sub-machine gun or similar. The song opened with an echoed sample of Hughie Green's 'for God's sake, Britain - wake up' from Stand Up And Be Counted. Lyrics include (I think) 'this global situation's just a sick reflection/of your cynical hypocrisy:/because it's one law for you, one law for me/and I'm swimming in the god damned sea'. I think that the song is called What's Going On, but searching for that just brings up the Marvin Gaye number, which this definitely isn't. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks!


And I wake in the morning and I step outside, and I take a deep breath, and I get real high? 4 non blondes


It’s called ‘What’s up’

Daniele Giuseppe

I am looking i heard it once and the song was about departure and the power of the sea wave and the song continus about the dead sailors knows its power and the the captain knows its power as well so he os couscous of it i think he said the band was once called dogs and dragons


I think, you’re like Buddha, in the sky.. I


Who sings the The Dance of Love song from Steppin back to Love??


Im trying to find an old song i used to listen to with my dad. All I remember was something like bobbers bedroom or something. One of the lines said “oh iiii was in bobbers bedroom you should have seen me, in bobbers bedroom” ??? Help i cant find the song anywhere


It’s barbra’s bedroom by whistle


I’m looking for a song that goes:
Apart from the girls that I like
I’m stil I'm still jenifulupah
[something something something something something something something]
Cuz I know where I came from


Jenny From The Block by Jennifer Lopez

Stanescu Ana

I'm laughing so hard!! yeah, it's Jenny from the block <3


So I found an old picture from 2003 of my cousins and I (we were about 4-6 years old) doing karaoke and the screen is in the background but I can only see a few words, I just want to see if I can figure out what song it was lol it looks like this:
“When I get al-”
“Hear me-”
I know that is not a lot of information, but I’d appreciate any ideas!


I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little teapot, short and stout

Here is my handle, here is my spout

When I get all steamed up, hear me shout

Just tip me over and pour me out!

I'm a clever teapot, yes it's true

Here's an example of what I can do

I can change my handle to my spout

Just tip me over and pour me out.


I'm a Little Teapot


I’m a little teapot

A Skippings

This is so obvious😅ly a joke!



Akako Shiku

Does anyone know a song that is like "Warnings" or something like that (I probably misheard it). Then it goe slike "hahh a ha" or something similar. Does anyone have any idea?

Anonymous S

There’s this song a heard I can barely make out what is says but from what I can hear it says some people ____ zone _______ in __ zone I lost/left my body right at home & then it goes like p - r - ? Idk if it’s right but that’s all I could make out
It has like a pop vibe & it sounds like it’s maybe H.E.R or Normani, I’ve looked & I can’t find it anywhere any lyrics or anything


Hello I'm looking for a song thats in a game I've played, the owner of it claims to not know the name either so me and a group of friends have been trying to find it. The lyrics somewhat are, "everyday when i see your smile, in my mind like a butterfly, in my dreams love is in your eyes. all the love thatll never die, i see your face i would never ever run from you. you are the one the only one that i need. everyday when i see your smile in my mind like a butterfly like a dream love is in your eyes." And thats all it plays over and over. I've been looking for a while and I just hope it isn't some commissioned song because I'd like to listen to the whole thing.


I want to know this song.


Hi, maybe the song it's Yesterday by Leona Lewis?


I heard a song where the ending was really memorable it was this really long guitar solo, and is was full of riffs and stuff and at the very end of the song the artist, who is male, yells “TAKE ME AWAY” and that’s all I remember. It was kind of classic rock styled and that is all.


Renegade, by Styx?


Take me away by Off with their heads ??


maybe Bang a Gong, T Rex

Nan Allison

Song with a verse (maybe even the opening):
"I aspire to only one desire- to be loved,
just to be loved by you." Thought it was the
Everly Brothers ... got no 'hits'. Help. I can
hear it in my head. p.s. It's a 50s song.


Marilyn Monroe – I Wanna Be Loved by You


Looking for the name of this song in the link below; Go to 3:16:45 for the song.


GeoM - Back to You ( Marc Philippe remix)


I’m looking for a song I heard played in the background of a scene in a TV show called Make It or Break It, it’s in s1ep16 (aired back in 2010) about 12:20- 13:30mins in. I’ve tried to find it and had no luck. I can’t make out the words but it sounds like it’s got some bits like… ‘it’s just you and me; you said to say it’s true; to make your own stand; it’s a perfect day if you just skip away; it’s a perfect day there’s nothing left but the real me’ it’s a male singing but I can’t find the song, if anyone could help please?


This didn’t seem to match your description but I copied it from the IMDB page for that episode:

Make It or Break It (TV Series)
Save the Last Dance (2010)
Soundtrack Credits

Nothing Can Compare
Written by Martin Haene, Jim Beadle
Performed by Abi Ryan, Martin Haene

Make It Or Break It
by Michael Suby

Wait For Me
Written by Max Morgan
Performed by Max Morgan

Written by The Burned
Performed by The Burned


Thanks, but I’ve tried looking on song lists for the episode and still haven’t been able to find it.

Anonymous Anonymous

perfect day by lou reed? idk, maybe you can shazam it


Thanks everyone, unfortunately Shazam etc was no help and it’s none of the suggested. I actually tweeted the show runner who wasn’t able to help, so it’s just going to stay a mystery, I guess.


try .... "You and Me" by Lifehouse

Anon POoster

I am trying to find a song that is on a YouTube video. Here is the link and the time stamp is 8:30: The lyrics sound like "And while you wait I'm cutting all my ties/This dam may beak im going underwater" Please help

Alyssa R

It's Falcon- Under Water


I'm looking for a song that came out somewhere between 2000-2006; a female singer, I'm pretty sure, with a slow tempo, very melancholic. Key medium is vocals over piano, no drums that I can recall. Sadly, I don't know the any of the song details. I want to say the title started with an 'E' or an 'H', and that the singer is lesser known. I've been searching for it for over twelve years since the Ipod I had with it got stolen from me. My misremembered lyrics is 'follow me', but that could be the farthest from accuracy it could be, since i'm somewhat deaf.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe My Immortal by Evanescence. . .

Kayleigh Baccetti

My dad & I used to sing a song together but I can’t remember anything about the song other than these lyrics; “it’s the _____, she’s OR it’s driving me crazy”…..



Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy


I'm looking for a song I heard in the back of a YouTube video. The song in question begins at 8:30 in the video. From what I can make out the lyrics are "While you wait two months/you hesitate today. And while you wait I'm cutting all my ties. This dam may break I'm going underwater. And while you wait 2 months, That's why you wave bye-bye" I cannot find the song anywhere and am looking for any help.


Under Water by Falcon ( Spotify )


its a soft, upbeat song with a girl singing and a trumpet/horn in the music. she goes something like wawawa Wa - Wa -Waaaaaaaaa (the third note is held for a while) in a higher pitch, then wawawa Wa - Wa -Waaaaaaaaa(same thing) in a lower pitch, and this pattern is repeated for most of the song.


whats the name of this song do you feel it yeah in the midnight ye ona na na na ona na na na. edm type of music


I used the site to find a song, and it found a song with the same lyrics, but I couldn’t find the actual song anywhere, by name or artist. Here are the lyrics:
All the stars have faded, cause they don't want to see what we've done.
And who could blame them, who'd want to shine their light on us?

If the sky drained into the empty space between my heart and my brain, all my fear would fall away.

And we could dance like we never had
had the chance.
Like we couldn't resist, we're children holding hands.

The site said it was Sta by Raya, but I couldn’t find anything…


Stars by Raya—find her on Reverbnation or Soundcloud.


Does anyone know the song that Alicks sampled in his song “sick?” Specifically, where the woman says “say, da-da” with the “bada dow” in the background? Thanks.

harley kween

song that goes
"see the change, tell me everything, tell me its fine"


Dayglow - Then It All goes Away


I'm looking for a song that goes like..''i was just me and you were just you''
And then in the video there was a black man and a white woman singing in water...


Possibly Noah Cyrus????


what's the name of the song that they dance to in steppin back to love?


"change is a good thing see it in a new way yeah yeah yeah i need some inspiration so i can make a transformation" are some lyrics i remember. sang by a girl, it was very energetic and pop, it was in the radio.

Nathan Carson

Sheryl Crow - "A Change Would Do You Good" is all i could think of


i need help i’ve lost this song for years, and i only know a small segment
a female singer “all these people round the world if you like somebody else”


whats the name of the song "watamenashooga hai watemenashooga hai"
i tried to find it on google but there is no results


really? is watermelon sugar by harry styles


Try " Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles ?


Watermelon sugar by Harry styles


Watermelon sugar

Max P

This is killing me. It's a 90's dance song sung by a woman:

Love me dowwwwwn (and it's so right) [electric guitar picked in the background]

Or maybe it's:

Loving towwwwwwn (and it's so nice)

There's a bridge that goes:

Down (down)
Down (down)


Inoj, Love You Down?


INOJ - Love You Down

Claire T

Looking for a sing, lyrics sound something like

"Come on, go get along oh when i'm young and you want some"

Stanescu Ana

Mika - We are golden <3

Aaron Mehling

I'm looking for a song but all I remember is a single lyric towards the end, "and all that glitters must be gold" sung by a male, pretty sure it was an alternative song as well. Anyone have any ideas?


All star

Aaron Mehling

Finally found it! It's dreamer by brave the royals 👍


Death in Vegas did a very similar catchy tune by the name,All that glitters,is not gold.

Curious George

I'm looking for a song with the lyrics that goes either (will you stand by me), or it says
(just stand by me) da da da da daa da da da or. Quiet recent song I think and it's a slow song. Obviously the da da bits are words too 😁. Please helps guys and girls?

Stan Thornton

stand by me, by ben e king ?


possibly "I'll Stand by you" by The Pretenders.

Travis Engelhardt

Looking for a British indie track

Lyrics are something along the lines are

"Now I knowww.. that its true ....and I knowww.. that its all ,onto you"

"Oh I knowww, its not true ...but I knowww.. that its all, up to you"

Time I heard it was 2010 so anytime before that.


Looking for a song

Early 2000s, late 90s where in the video they used a green screen that looked very weird with blue things and a girl in the very middle there was this round platform and the girl or boy is singin and something in mid chorous sounds like an I loud, it could be oooout or liiiight or something like that. I really dont know nor remember well.

If you have something please let me know


Groove Is IN The Heart by Deee-lite?


"All night in space both heaven and space". It's a dance song i think from around d the 90s and when the guy is singing those lyrics it's pretty fast in around 4 seconds he sings those lyrics.

brendan s

have you found the name of this song

Mila C

a kpop girl group song that starts off with “ohhhh” in the beginning & has an acoustic guitar in the background.


what is the song name -


Song title is " Incomplete" by Smith Carlson


It's a song that was popular around like 2010-2016
(I think) and it has a funk type beat, the artist sounds like Fitz and The Tantrums if u don't know who that is look up "Out of my league" by Fitz and the tantrums. I can only remember a lyric from it that sounds like "Walking on a dream" that's not the lyrics because I have searched it up already but it's something like that. Idk if this helps but I heard the song while walking at canobie lake park.


Walking on a dream - empire of the sun :)


Tysm I can't believe I didn't know this lol

micha ejee

i'm looking for a really underrated kpop song? ik the album cover is red and the title is a french word followed by some random english word. it's quite similar to teddy bear - nct dream


It's not La vie en rose by Iz*ONE, right?


can I get one off this song

Aya rahima

i dont remember anything only that in middle of the song the female singer sings that classic violin note (la la la la then becomes low pitched la la la ...) but mashed with dubstep. it came up on the radio and i think its an old song but i cant figure out anything else she said except the beat she makes when sings that note which i found really cool . pls help ><


Minnie Riperton - Loving You


Pop Song from 2007-2008 with a saxophone in it, and some women singing gibberish in the chorus. Not much to go off, I know.


Mr Saxobeat, Alexandra Stan?
Or Destination Calabria, Alex Gaudino?

Kerry C

I'm looking for an old house/ deep house song. From 90s or early 2000s.
The intro is quite orgasmic.
The lyrics include what I want, what I need or all I want all I need... there's a constant "deeper, deeper, deeper" in the backtrack.


Try I Refuse (what you want) by Somore featuring Damon Trueitt


Hi, I'm looking for an old song around early 2000. I can't remember the lyrics, only the video. The singer's female, I think the background is in her room. She had her hair pulling up into a twintail and performed mainly with a radio. The song was like energetic Pop and there was a scene where she was dancing on her bed turning the radio, shooting electricity here and there. I've been looking for it for a while, hope someone could recognize it and let me know. It'd be much appreciated.


Kanye west maybe


Buses and train by Bachelor Girl


Looking for a song I found on tiktok about suicide/depression as a christian. When I found it, it wasn't released yet but it might be now.
Woman singing, maybe acoustic or atleast calm style.
The lyrics I remeber are adding up to something like:

"I'm not going to do it, I'm just thinking about it".


try 'NF' he is a Christian rapper and he frequently writes about topics such as that.


What’s the name of the song artist was Australian it goes dance with me oh oh or something like that and then something about the things they do befor and one of the lines was oh a sito sito sito da di da…what’s the name of it


I think it goes dance with me dance with me oh oh


Dance Monkey by Tones and I?

Sampson Sly Abanaba

Hi, i am looking for a beautiful love song sung by a lady.
i'm not so sure of the lyrics but it starts very slow and you could hear something like ..."cheek to cheek, side to side, a little love,little love,little love"...
Then in the chorus you hear something like ..."love ooh hooo,love ooh hooo,say again say again say again say again..."
That's all i can remember.

Kindly help me with the Title and the singer.


Rihanna - California King Bed


Lady in red


Hello there! I am looking old song type of rock or metal something like this.
So the lyrics that I remember are "(beginning) Once to heal down to street..........
I would live to once again to get it.....what can I dooooooo
heaaaaar (or heal) me nooooow....S O S I am calling yooooou
hear me now to the mystery street"
something like this


Mystery Trip - by Rage ?

Brenda Bierce

About 1992. Male singer....reminded me of Ugly Kid Joe (voice) The only lyrics I remember are "Kiss this, and smile when you do it. It was played constantly on the radio, and then poof. I haven't heard it for years


Well, this is a female singer but song contains those lyrics. Joanna Dean – Kiss This

Nathan Carson

Suck This Kiss- Red Hot Chili Pepper's


Hi all
What is the song at the background in the link below. Go to 01:00 please.


Clandestina - Edmofo & filv


That's not it. Thank you though. It sounded like an 80" s "hair band"


I have a fun one for you guys, no lyrics!   This song was popular back in the early 90's, R&B/hip hop type of beat (think Bell biv devoe/Another Bad Creation).  It was a single guy singing to a girl, who was on a phone, she would talk/sing sultry back to him, but her voice sounded slightly distorted (like she was on the phone).  Slower song, obviously baby making material. ;)



Try "Do Anything" by Natural Selection


I’m looking for a song I heard recently on the radio ona trip to the UK

It was what I’d describe as a pop genre song and it was sung by a woman.

The main lyrics I can remember is ‘I’m okay, I’ll stay right here, stay right here’.

This seemed to be the main chorus of the song and I don’t think I picked it up wrong but it is possible. The music was what I’d describe as a beat drop every second for the chorus

The only other thing I remember about the song is that it’s basically about this girl wanting to stay in this particular place jamming out while whoever she was with wants to go out to other clubs instead.
This is literally said as part of another verse of the song and it all loops back to the ‘I’m okay, I’ll stay right here, stay right here’ part.

If anyone can identify it I’d be so happy because it was really catchy and it’s driving me crazy I can’t find it anywhere.

Ado Iko

I heard the song and the only part of the lyrics I remembered was from the chorus " I married You yesterday " it sounded like a 90s song and was a rap.


Hey everyone. I am looking for a romantic country song from the 90s? It had a line that went something like “I already forgot every other girls name but yours”

Please help!


Randy Travis - Forever & Ever, Amen


Does anyone know the song that goes "you're out of color"


i'm looking for an up tempo country song with male vocals. all i can remember or make sense of the lyrics is this:
...friday night
...everything's right (or maybe "everything's fine")
...standing in line
heard it on walgreens radio


Billy Currington - We Are Tonight

Eric Paslay - Friday Night

Try those

bored box

I can't for the life of me remember the name of this song, but I'm fairly confident that some of the lyrics are "When I'm heading for a breakdown, I'm just hoping that you might show me the way out" I'm terrible at genres, but it was a guy singing so-


Try the song: Carl goes to School by The People's Thieves

Janet cardinal

I am looking for a song that I heard in 2013. Only lyrics I remember is about an empty house and we won't be having coffee anymore. Or something like that. Male singer and sounded country. Would like name if song and artist


lucifer - house for sale?


Im searching for a song since 2 years.i can't remember the lyrics the only word i remember are bella bella and a guy singing something in german meeee


This song is driving me bananas because I can hear it so well, but can’t find any trace of it online. It wasn’t from a major artist and I don’t remember how I found it. Had to have been about 10 years ago that I used to listen to this guy, pretty sure this song was called “You Make It So Hard (To Love You)”. It’s a man with a higher pitched voice singing & playing piano. Here is a little chunk of what I remember from the lyrics:

“You don’t wanna know
Find out and see me so comfortable
With anyone but you

You won’t ever show
Any part of what’s below
How am I ever meant to know
The deeper part of you?

Never really showing me nothing
Never drop those walls around you
Never really ever let me in, no you don’t
You make it so hard to love you
All I wanna do is love you

And take off your clothes…”



The artist may be Andy Bull

Sherry Cool

I need to know the name of this song playing in the bankground. Ive been looking for it but can't find it. Someone helpp. Heres the link.


Today by The Smashing Pumpkins


Hi I'm looking for a korean song and it I think It's the chorus It goes like this...

Haruga~ pagu nae ireum teo ulyeo ise eusangeun

The singer is a girl and I think it's an old song. It does actually have more lines but I can't romanized it, you can find the song in running man (it's a variety show in korea) episode 223 and it's an ending song in that episode. You can watch the running man for free in Dramacool (it's a website). Please help me :'>


Tomorrow - by Han Hee Jung (?)


Looking for a country song that is fairly new and its a guy thanking his girlfriends ex for letting her go and how he wants to buy him a drink but also wants to hurt him. I'm assuming aboose or cheating is involved with her ex

Melody R

Looking for current song I thought was called Lonely, or something like that. All I can remember is a line of the lyrics, " Is there anyone out there, trying..."


Hey can you help me find this song, both of them are part of the soundtrack of a series in netflix called "High heat".
1. Is like indie rock or maybe country.
“But is better now that you walk away,,
I keep what you couldn't take
At the end…
I can't let go of the things you have said…
Taking back the promises that you made…
That we could be together in a different world…”
2. Is pop or maybe a balad.
“Next to you (or close to you) is where i wanna be…
Oh this love is waiting here for you,
Oh this love and I guess I always knew…
Oohhh love…”


The second song is definitely called All This Love. I can't find the version that's used in the show at the moment. There is a version with a female vocalist on iTunes and YouTube credited to the writers Kye Elliott Sones and Paul Stanborough. So not sure if Kye Sones has an unreleased version they used. Because watching his X Factor audition, his vocals sound similar to what is heard in High Heat.



Looking for an older rock song that my grandpa played often. I know it's very inconvenient, but the only thing we can remember is the sound of a swing creaking at the beginning and end. We are planning my grandfather's funeral/celebration of life, and we are trying to use the specific song. Please help!!! Thank you in advance!


That's probably Midnight Oil "beds are burning" Also sorry for your loss.


"you feel like a half of you been taken away"
"and you just dont know what to do"
"come on over (come on over)"
"(hey baby) hey baby (ooh ooh)"
"im yours"

Sounds like a song from the 60s or 70s. Female singer. lyrics in parentheses are sang by background singers who are also female.


I'm trying to find a song from maybe the late 70s or early 80s. Both of my parents only have vague memories of it and my dad thinks it was on a children's nursery rhyme album I had. That is probably accurate as I remember the singers actually laughing during the song. It's a variation of the nursery rhyme If wishes were horses the beggars would ride. I don't remember a lot of it and what I do remember may not be accurate after all this time. I can remember the tune perfectly! What I remember and not necessarily in this order, but lines from the song:

If wishes were horses the beggars would ride
If wishes were fishes we'd eat till we died
(Something about treehouses or treetops) we'd all climb inside
(Something about jokes maybe) we'd laugh til we cried

Thank you for any help!


i been trying to trace the song with incomplete lyrics; i guess a prewar song. It goes: when i grow to be a lady I'll be a queen a lovely queen
..' a fine and noble queenly lady . . . walking in a garden shady ,,,,then my prince will come to claim his own call his own..


I think the song is called " When I grow up to be a Lady" if you would like to research that. I think there is a short flute version on YouTube


I only know that de songs is about a Guy cheating.
Come's home daugther playing on the lawn. And at the end he doesnt lie anymore about the chesting.
Its a rapsong

Stanescu Ana

Shaggy - It wasn't me ?? idk

Sun Crusader

I'm searching for a song from an old counter strike frag movie and as far as I remember there was an awp action involved. The map might have been de_snipe_it5 but I'm not sure and it was something like alternative metal and all I remember from the song is the chorus (maybe) which in my childish mind was something like: "We're falling down, let's take it all" or something like that. Would appreaciate any help haha

Tim Petersen

I heard this in a supermarket but didn't Shazam it. It had a techno theme and had "This is the right place" with 'place' being repeated as the chorus. I also heard "Beauty has come" in the beginning.

jay quinne

looking for the song that was like, you said come over uh ooh oh, dont make me (go oh oh oh (?) dont make me (go oh oh(?)— he sounded like charlie puth


Charlie Puth - Suffer ?

Yuri Venning

Looking for artist and title of a Dreamy alt rock song from 90's with female vocalist and bass and electric guitar most of song.
Lyrics include:

"are you gonna fight another day... are you gonna slide and slip away".

"Dont you wish you could push buttons, dont you wish you could fly".


"On that golden horse... that horse was never yours".


I have been looking for a song and ugh. This is my last resort. I know some of the lyrics it goes like 'I dont feel right, cant you help me and then an echo of cant you help me. Another part is like "my body is getting colder". plz help i wanna know it so bad.


Somniphobia, afourteen


need to find this dance song, some guy singing like "go go heart" something then some group chorus comes in ...


Cold Heart - Elton John/ Dua Lipa ?


That's probably a danceversion of elton john's no sacrifice. Cold cold heart, harm done by you

Stanescu Ana

hi try Elton John and Dua Lipa - Cold heart


Hey guys, I'm looking for a rock song with these lyrics:

you love my enemies
you spit on my belief
you hate what I desire

you catch the air I breathe
you killed all my dreams
you hat what I desire

and the chorus goes something like:
spit on me
laugh at me
push at me ?

Can anyone please tell me the names of the song and the band? Thanks!


Maybe is Hey You, I Love Your Soul by Skillet??


Someone replied "Maybe is Hey You, I Love Your Soul by Skillet??" but I can't see the reply here. I checked but it's not the song I'm looking for. But thanks anyway for your suggestion...

Kyle P.

I heard a song with a female singer, kinda r&b with a hint of electronic pulsing through it, the only part of the lyrics I can remember are " I could leave it all behind , If I could leave it all behind". It's driving me mad, please help.


Teleport by Etta Bond ?

Yohann B


Looking for a song where part of the chorus is:

Hey, Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey, Hey
Hey, Somebody Hey

The chorus follows this rythm (X = "Hey"/"Some-", "-body", O = Silence, | = Beat)


It also has "I know where you live" at some point. Its sung by a female voice and should be Pop

Please help lol



ceolric ashby

im looking for a song that played in a next store in the UK. All i know is it was sung by a guy and it started off with a really good beat no singing to start off with. Then one set of lyrics was ' i could never let it go' another was 'i would understand if you want me to stay'


Anyone Know What Song This Is? I've Been Looking For It For Months


Take everything - by Torri Wolf

June Pruneau

Looking for a song I heard at a xMas party. The only lyrics I have are “I wanna knoooooow if you (or what you)…”. Everybody got on the dance floor when it came on the speaker. Thanks


DJ OTZI "Hey Baby"? Just a guess but I could see it being slapped on at a Christmas party.


What's on your mind (Pure Energy) - Information Society


song James Dean / I Wanna Know - by Daniel Bedingfield

Stanescu Ana

PLEASE I have this song in mind, but not sure lyrics is correct:

I just wanna dance, dance with the baby no more
I've never felt so much love before


Eddy grant.. I don't wanna dance


Looking for a song that’s like ‘I’ll love you till I am no more’ or sm like that, slow, quiet music I think, kind of Indie style, male singer


Trying to find a rap song that I think is performed by male and female. Released probably in the last 4 years. I think it had to do with a car and something with the interior and windows.


What's that tiktok song that sounds kind of like lil baby, like a mumble rap type thing. The only part I remember is 'we going out here, I ain't tryna'. Any help would be appreciated


I don't have a song title but these videos may help : Redlist Urban TikTok & Top Mumble Rap Songs


The song is about a girl wanting to become a celebrity or singer or something. Then there's this guy saying that he can help her, to make her dream comes true. The girl trusted him, signed all the papers and contracts he offered. This girl actually got framed by that guy then I think some creepy shit happened to her. But, there's nothing she can really do about it. –HELPPPP I totally forgot the melody but I remember the first seconds of the intro are some cajón/guitar strum sounds. Does anyone know the title?


Maybe "Producer man" by Lyn Lapid

Cydney Paragon

There is an old song from the 60's or 70's about what someone will do for love. Part of it is about a king leaving his throne (Edward VIII of England), but I can't remember the name of the song or the artist. I've tried googling but can find nothing. Does anyone have any idea?


You may want to try " Love Alone" by Harry Belafonte


Can anyone help me find this song? I heard it today on the radio, but I don't know the name, and I can't find it.
It goes something like this (~ is unknown):
I'm better off all by myself
~~~~~~~~~~ somebody else
Oh no, you don't know
How it feels to be alo-one
Maybe, no I'll make you, no I'll make you

Please help!


Toxic by Boy With Uke ?


Yes! Thank you!!!

ich liebe dich mum

whats the song playing at 2:06?


That's my Girl Fifth Harmony


Anyone know this song from the late 90s, early 2000s? Fast food, soda jerk

Gas station, this won’t work,

waiting tables, grocery store,

I can’t do this any more

Line cook at Denny’s while

I just cannot see how

I can do this all my days

There must be some other way

Fairy godmother, please wave your magic wand

I don’t wanna be just another real big fish in a tiny pond

Responsibility is not foreign to me,

I just don’t wanna be stuck in mediocrity

(unsure line)

Spinning round and round, dizzier by the day

There must be some other way

Fairy godmother, please wave your magic wand

I don’t wanna be just another real big fish in a tiny pond

Fairy godmother, please wave your magic wand

I don’t wanna be just another real big fish in a tiny pond

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