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I don't quite remember the lyrics (only heard it twice on radio called power hit radio) Its a nice song
I goes like:
I wanna dance with you baby I wanna

It has a male singer and a nice voice like a radio static stylish


I'm searching for a Spanish song I haven't heard in years. All I remember about it is that the cover was white with a shirtless man in a colorful mask on it. I think his arms were extended upwards. I wish I could remember anything about the title or lyrics but it's been years and I don't speak any Spanish.


Hi all, I am looking for an electro song where they repeat endlessly "you can do it" and "tonight's the night we are going to change the world". I felt like doing some workout :D


Dan Deacon - Change Your Life (You Can Do It) i think!

Joe Saad

I really wanna find this song, it gives off a lofi vibe and i can’t find it anywhere

There are 3 lyrics and idk which one is the right one:

I don’t like it, you’re not the same

I don’t like it, when i’m insane

I don’t like it, you’re not insane

Gon Freecs

Dont know if youre still lookin, but if you search up yu[86] on youtube, it should pop up

Joe Saad


Joe Saad

Ty man!

Elti M

Hey all. I am looking for this song because Shazam couldn’t find it. I am searching everywhere but no results
Please this is the recording


Can someone answer ive had this song stuck in my head for what feels like a year
“Girlfriend.... don’t have that” and it has like really strong orchestra

Anjilena Grace

Nao - Girlfriend : If I was your girlfriend, could you love for two?
If I was your girlfriend, could you pull me through?


Yo hey i've been watching Brandon Novak videos lately and there's this song played in the background when he helps kittens. I need it man. Thanks in advance. Here's the link 👉🏽


Hello! Has anyone come across a song that goes: “I wish to be big, I wish to be tall, I wish not to be little itty and small. If I could have anything, anything for me, it’d be to be big and tall”. It was sung as a child but not sure where it came from


I’ve had this song stuck in my head for weeks... it’s a 90s song and it has the same tune as can you feel like by the jacksons... I feel like they say chain reaction a few times and it slows right down and picks back up again...


I'm looking for a song that mentions a no name girl and a jock, where she was raped and no one believed her but everyone in town was on the jocks side


it could bea country song called "Quarterback" by Kira Isabella.


What is the title of this song?

Thank you!


This is not (A love song) 3AM

Me Me Me
That part start at 0:40 seconds in the video


It says it's called : this is not a love song by 3am

Person Looking for Help

There's a song I heard multiple years ago so i'm not sure how old it is. But basically its a folky/acoustic type song, genre wise and has a lyric that goes like "take you back home to that old back door" or something generally close to that, maybe its "through the/that old back door". I know it says old back something though. But essentially the song has two singers and they are singing about like don't worry my friend, you'll always be able to come back. I think the main singer is female. Obviously there is very little information to work with here but I appreciate any help I can get.


Who knows this:

Wake me up at sunrise cause i’m giving up on you and I. Ive had enough of you not giving me enough .. 🎶 Its a woman singing.

Anonymous lizard

I am looking for a song that I think starts with an a. It is sung by a guy. It has a line in it and I think it goes like, “they say money can’t buy people happiness but it buys rings that make you smile?” This is definitely not exactly how it goes but it is pretty close. The first part of the line is correct I believe. Please help!


Buy me a boat by: Chris Janson?


Maybe Buy me a boat by: Chris Janson?

Vijay singh

Actor by mltr?


Do you know that song?
Its something like:
"She is like cold water, you feeling down in your bones, she is a wild walker"


Hello everyone, I am looking for a song. Here are the lyrics:
she said she doesn't like so why'd you say sweetness makes the lover
she's not biting cuz she don't like it when it's red she's not feeling cuz you keep bleeding over her

Brain dead fish

I need help finding the name of this one song that I have hear in some tik toks, there are no recognizable lyrics, but the sounds sound kind of like this: do re me eh te le mo ah ta po do re me ah me mo, ah me mo, lah te de lah te de ohhhhhhh do re me (highe pitched) ah me no oh me no

in the background theres like a weird humming instrumental noise thing
haha also thanks to anyone who repsons this is kinda wonky lol


Kinda sounds like do re mi from the sound of music sung by Julie andrews

Me Me Me

Lmao. This one is easiest in the list ! 🤣

It’s Ameno by Era !

Dori me
Interimo, adapare
Dori me
Ameno Ameno
Dori me



When i was 6 my mp3 broke and i had a favorite song and never knew the name

It goes like "Adea dea dea... Odeo deo deo"
Its like kinda rap


Paul Collins

Minnie the moocher


Jungle love?

Steph Webster

I’m looking for an old Skool song with lyrics similar to - So if you want to hit the floor I will get down and lick the floor!

Pearl Sanchez

I am so desperate right now, all I remember are the lyrics
1 2 3 4 5 It's a me a Mario, lets go. It me ya girl and someone else
I legit am losing my mind over this and it ends well that's all bye bye
I need to remember this song it is a girl singing and a guy who comes in later kind of rapping


August by No Vacation?


Trying to remember a song that has a quote from the Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. It has this part of the quote in a quiet voiceover:

"But you will! But you will, and I'll get bored with you and feel trapped, because that's what happens with me."

It's a punk/rock song.


Secret Stuff - Maybe You Love Me. Maybe You Floridon't ?

Nathan Forester

I'm looking for an 1980's pop/dance song from a movie, it was on the 80's Soundtracks radio channel after the Ghostbusters theme song and it sounded a bit like either 3 Speed or Pointer Sisters with the lyrics 'can't fight the rhythm.' Which 80s era movie or show was this song the theme for? And what is the name of this song?


What's the title of this song:

Come early in the morning feeling kind of lonely just taking up already didn't really got to know me better but now that we've doesn't matter remember last night when we had some fun together I'm a hunter and i call my friends I wonder I up beside it off

ella e

listen to soul? searching for sometime. i came apart, watching the weather? i have a video of the song playing on the radio, but my mum asked me a question about music, so i spoke over the audio. i. can’t. find. the. song. he sounds kind of like jaymes young? i need to knowwww

Kayla meeks

I need help to find out who raps baby I’m not about worried nobody what he say she say I looked it up but every song that comes up it’s not it?


Trying to find a song ive heard a couple tomes on tik tok only i forgot to save/ look it up. the only lyrics i remember vaguely is "youre all that i want and all that i need" or something. its more of a sadder song ig. theres also just a guitar playing in that part. can someone help me out?


I think your song may be Heaven by Bryan Adams... the last 2 lines of the song... "you're all that I want... you're all that I need..." And it's a slow song, and he's known for his guitar playing. Just listen to the opening of the song. He's pretty good. Here's a link. I hope that's what you're looking for! Let me know if you can. 😊🤘


Air Supply?


Search 'all tik tok' songs on you tube, they all come up. X


I've been searching for this song that the lyric says "holding my breath and I'm ready to go I found what I want and I know we are on top".
Pls what's the title of the song?


I´m looking for a indie rock (kinda like War on Drugs, but less upbeat)/electronic/mood song. The lyrics are something along the line of:
"Im sure there's a sign, I need to know it's true ("shooby doo ba, shooby do ba" comes after in the background) I could be wrong about the lyrics though.


Hi, someone knows the song name that play at TV show Everybody Hates Chris in the episode Everybody Hates Spring Break in time11:32/12:20? I search by lyrics but without sucess, thanks

Aanchal Rawat

I've heard this song in an instagram video. I don't exactly know the lyrics but it was something like this " i can't think how.. it's a symbol
of the code in your jacket! The wrappers of the ciggarette pack"
Does anyone know about this song.


Hi guys, I'm looking for a song I've heard on youtube, it was a video with the french movie "about the souffle" . A woman's voice sings the lyrics are something like: " I found your lovesong, in the answering machine...found your side of the bed....I could... chorus - "And IIIIIII IIIII, I thought that you be there for a while..thought lalalallalala, thought I (lalalala) but you".

Arvin Phillip R. Almonina

Hi people, need help, anyone here know's the music background of the Ford FX4 advertisement?


I’m trying to find the name of this song, I believe it’s from the 70s but maybe the 60s or 80s. It starts with “what you gonna do about your (life...maybe?)” and then the chorus is like “better get it right, better get it right” (x2 or 3 maybe) and then at the end of the chorus “the boogiemans (or at least I thought was what it said, but I have yet to find it so I’m starting to second guess) gonna get ya, the boogieman’s gonna get ya, the boogiemans gonna get ya better get it right”
It was playing on the classic rock playlist at my work but I was too busy to check the song. I’ve never had much difficulty finding a song before! It isn’t really hard rock, it’s more soft. The end, as it’s fading out sort of sounds like trumpets or something but they aren’t in the song up until the end. It’s stuck in my head A LOT but I cannot find it!


Boogieman - jackson 5

Nostariel Tithen

I don’t think there is anything that sounds like “boogieman” in this song lol, but maybe “Couldn’t Get It Right” by Climax Blues Band? It’s a killer song even if not ;)


I've heard this song in Great Pretender in the start of episode 7, it goes like free like a bird in the sky flying in the sky so high nothing's gonna keep me down something like that. There's a lot of songs that are similar to this so I didn't have any luck finding the right one.


Maybe it’s Sonny Cleveland - Move on


Hi I’m looking for this song.
Anyone know the song name?

“ you don't have to see it to believe it.
we don't have to feel it just to know it's there. They Can only wonder......”


sasuke rawat

hey guys help i cant find this song 'who are you 'anywhere.
its lyrics goes as 'who are you ,whyd you make my heart beat like that ,who are you ,what you do to me just to get throgh me'


I'm looking for a song that i heard from someone, the lyrics are: and i remember how we (.......) kissed when we met or something like that. it has been stucked in my head ever since. someone knows? thanks :)


Im looking for a song but cant find it, the lyrics are like this: oh oh oh oh oh say whatcha wanna say make in me every thing


looking for a song, im not english so i maybe misunderstood the lyrics, but it's the voice of a girl, like an opera voice and she sings something like :

maybe im ?????ing myself on you, wiyahhaahaha, wiyahahahaaa
thank you very much guys


What is the song in the beginning of this video ?


Hi, I'm looking for a song by a singer, I think that from the 80's it has a piano background, I only remember part of the lyrics: babe you be ride or around can you feel me babe, I would really appreciate your help


I'm looking for a classic rock song which had lyrics or lyrics that sounded like I looked just like you or I was just like you and when they said that the pitch was kind of high and it was sung by guys

reagan wyles

this song i only know one line of, i think it is "oh god did we know it from the start" or "did we know it all along" it's quiet and slow and sad. it's about a break up and the context of the line is that they knew they were doomed from the start


I'm looking for a song with the lyrics i do it over again never want it to end


lucid dreams


Hello! well... This is not a song, but is a music video. Where a dog appears dying and then rotting, i really don't know if it is a strange memory or it exists, so please help!

Saundra Harris

Tru Blood intro


It goes like: "I didn't drive so far from hom just to spend my time on the telephone"
And i just cant find it even if i type it into google. Get me some help please!


I've got 2 songs:

First one goes like this:
I don't want to close my eyes, I just want to feel alive
(more lyrics?)
Thank god I've forgotten how to sleep

Come on baby give me more
She's such a ???tar, everytime we touch her..

None of them are all that recent, but I don't know the exact timeframe. Maybe <2015? That's all I can say for sure


Try Aerosmith?

Anjilena Grace

Hey i’m for sure positive the first song you’re looking for is “ I don’t wanna miss a thing - by aerosmith” Good luck on the second one !!



I’m looking for a song where the singer say “Beat drop” and than a rolling beat is hearing its DnB or rap i dont know but its a fascinating stunning beat after that beat drop, its like that song from snoop dog where he sat the words, but then a very different song, and maybe its not a song but only instrumental with only that words that been sat and nothing singed.


Ass drop by ac slater?


I’m looking for a song where the singer say “Beat drop” and than a rolling beat is hearing its DnB or rap i dont know but its a fascinating stunning beat after that beat drop, its like that song from snoop dog where he sat the words, but then a very different song, and maybe its not a song but only instrumental with only that words that been sat and nothing singed.


Hey i'm looking for a song. Chorus was sung by a children chorus ( similar like in brick in the wall song). The lyric was something like that :" ...Follow me..follow me.. it not too late.... let you dawn.....". I Know it's hard.

Nostariel Tithen

“The Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics? Maybe?


I'm looking for a song that has a line going "I'm wondering why" and it was played on alt 103.7 I can't find it anywhere



Monique Scott

Looking for a song " you are my why i wake up in the morning why 8 hours feels like 40 when all i want to do is come home to you " help!!!!


Can anybody help me to guess what this song its kinda duet with a man and a kid/girl, and I can't find it but here is some lyrics:

Sing me,sing me to sleep,sing me alive
But i can't hear (not sure)
Tell me,tell me the secrets.


!sing me to sleep,Alan walker there are a lot of versions you can chose from


I’m looking for a song that I keep hearing on the radio but I can’t get my Shazam to pick it up. It’s a women’s voice and the lyrics go something like “cause time is moving so fast so fast so meet me meet me in the middle” and that’s all I catch. It’s not the song The middle by Zedd


Im looking for a song i only know a few lyrics but it sounds british kinda and this guys is yelling SECOND and then he counts like 678910

Nostariel Tithen

Sleaford Mods - Second

Lee robson

Just keep dancing just keep moving let the cares fly away today's a brand new day


Can someone tell me what the name of this song is?
Skip ahead to 9:12 its the begining of the song. That girl who is singing the first song on vid ( Dance monkey which is originally by Tones and I )

Nathan Forester

I'm looking for a song about flying, it is an 1980's or 1990's pop song with a disco feel to it and the lyrics are either 'we can fly/I can fly' and 'if you want we go to the skies and I can take you there.' The singer sounded a bit like Little Richard or Prince.


Try Sugar Ray Leonard

Vijay singh

70s music. Peppy happy disco fast nombee. Starts with "happy birthday to u"x4 times, in Donald Duck voice. there is no life? .... Were gonna have fun. ....


In an old song finals 70s early 80s sound like a french song a sweet lady voice I remember only "po po po" or "popopo"
is a soft song, Any idea?

Braden Bankston

They said I'm too old I wouldnt be missed . (Old country)

Dipu P

Is there a song which begins like
" I don't know if you know that I'm bleeding"?
If yes, please give me the title of the song.


Looking for a song I think the artist was like Johnny charms or something similar. Lyrics was a piano playing and said I saw her in a pool hall pocketing eight ball... also had when it comes to love and money I never saw a winner...


I found this song in an edit and I just cant find it,, i cant really make out what they’re saying either so I thought I’ll ask here
Link here :


all the time by supahs on soundcloud


All the time by supahs on soundcloud


Plezz help me finding dis song-'And i could tell you now we're always have each other we can say my world is always you'

Javier Rodríguez Azpe

a song of 1989 or 1990 , the lyric is like. ...if a had my way.. my tears my life today, and if you


Can anyone help? Looking for a song that is something like
"I'm gone and I don't know how to say,
yea thats all I've got
pretty sure it's from tik tok, but it isn't a rap song.


habits (stay high) - tove lo?


You lifesaver thank you! It’s been annoying me so much


I'm searching for the song on this video. Can anyone help me?

Video :


Aquilo : silhouette


Aquino silhouette


Aquilo Silhouette


Aquilo silhouette

Aanchal Rawat

I've heard this song in an instagram video. I don't exactly remember the lyrics but it was something like this " i can't think how... It's a symbol of the code in your jacket! The wrappers of the cigarette pack"


Hey I really need help I can't find a song. I haven 't heard it in a few months but the song went something along the lines of this :We we're standing in lines for the showers you told me to come away to an island I said I think about it ,I said I think about it.

Susan Mazzenga

I am looking forca song from the 80s. I think some of the lyrics were " Iam who I am boy you know what I mean " not totally sure cause it was the 80s. I also know itvwas a female singer or female group.


try Jewel


The lyrics goes something like that can somebody identify the song please
"maybe you came from heaven maybe you sing me a second i feel the love and wonder you kiss me in the party you make me feel like crazy"


I’m looking for a song that goes “feeling lonely I might give that girl a text I know she want me..”

Scott Mark

Hi, Someone knows the song from this video please.
2:25 min

 I looked everywhere, but I didn't find anything. Thank you for help.


Nate rose : chess : sings the first song it might be the same artist who sings the second song

Agnieszka Puchała

I listen performance of Bogdan Ioan in The Voice Romania on YouTube. I'm looking for a song at the end of film (10:30) play in the backgroud. Please help.


Sounds like the band green day to me if that helps

Gerard Way

If its Green Day it could be Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Good Riddance, Holiday, Jesus of Suburbia... I don't know many Green Day songs but you could try those ones


Yo there's this song at the beginning of an episode of "Everybody Hates Chris" (S1 EP2) and I've tried to look for it but I can't find it it goes something like:

Baby, we can groove it,
We can party like we want to,
[INAUDIBLE cant understand]

Baby, let's get moving,
You have put me in a trance,
I don't want you to stop dancing


So there is this song I heard in TikTok. It sounded absolutely amazing. At the beginning, it goes, “Sometimes I think that I’m an”( I forgot the lyrics after this.) After that line, the woman sings the lyrics “My Soul” in a very beautiful riff. I literally can’t find it anywhere. Sorry if my explanation is hard to comprehend.

Ivan Miholić

need help finding this song from an anime called "great pretender" the lyrics to the song go something like this:
... was good to know you
but i'm not gonna...
... and your shadow follows me places
all the time
i cant shake this feeling of loneliness that's just life i guess,
but i believe someday soon i will learn to overcome it
the scars will heal hope will bloom, no more dweling
couse today i chose to stay
i will love again some day so im not gonna...
... im not by your side...
 ps. here is the link to my search results from because it is writen i need to post it:'s%20just%20life%20i%20gues

Pravin Bhoite

I am looKing for this song and full lyrics ,

" ......... Don't have a word, we're almost at the end, and we got to get with, we got to get with it"

 these are the last few words of this song.

Please check...


Song is some kind of cheesy pop funk disco thing from round early eighties. Goes something like this:

Mr. DJ, (pause) wont you play that, (pause) mr. DJ, (pause) play it all night, ooooh ouh ooooh ouh ooh dum dumdum dum(?), ooooh ouh ooooh ouh ooh dum dumdum dum(?), (even cheesier, yet disturbingly catchy synth riff), verse starts over.


Maybe Murder on the Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis-Bextor


Or Play that Funky Music By Wild Cherry


Rhianna - PON de REPLAY
 i love that song!


Maybe Hey DJ by Supreme Team Show


Nope not it

TJ Wakelin

Hey Mr Dj by zhané

Nicholas lachhman

There is a song that sounds like a hip hop/ pop
A girl saying its meil beats then a guy starts singing the first word was "Baby"


could be kiss me thru the phone by soulja boy


Hi! I am looking for the song at the start of this video. The lyrics goes "when i gonna find out you're not coming back". I think it's a 70's song.


Elton John -goodbye yellow brick road

Nicki Olver

It's a John Elton song:

Faaris Farooq

I'm looking for a song in this video



The song in the video (from what I heard) is called “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry. Here’s the link ;)

Kayla Cournoyer

Ok so I was watching a show called called love Island and there was this song playing on the show and it's stuck in my head but I can't find it anywhere! Please help the song goes...

 "Looking for someone to take me home. In a crowded room but I'm alone. Let me know I'm with you in your heart, your heart. And tonight oh oh oh, tell me all the places that you want to go. Tonight oh oh oh, tell me all the places, tell me all the places and tonight oh oh oh tell me all the places that you want to go. Tonight oh oh oh tell me all the places , tell me all the places" and that's as much of the song that played in the show


hey guys, looking for a song and can't seem to find any sign of its existence. From about 1984 +/- say 2 years...I know quite a few of the lyrics.....'are you really in love, really in love are you really in love with me, is it just another way of makin me stay, just another fantasy. are you really in love, really in love are you really in love for sure, does it really mean somethin new to you now and not just comin back for more"......I know bits and pieces of the rest of it , but cant seem to find any sign of it on the net despite punching in all these lyrics. any ideas?


I'm looking for a oldie rnb boy ends with them singing "you you you you you"


The skyliners- since I don’t have you


The skyliners- since I don’t have you


repost because i forgot to put in my email the first time, i have this song i heard on the edge today around 8:00pm maybe 7:00pm stuck in my head and it was i believe british and it was male yelling SECOND over and over and there was some lyric about a girl and then it went 6 7 8 9 10

Nostariel Tithen

Sleaford Mods - Second


Trying to find this song I heard in the radio a month ago. It is an oldies maybe 70’s the song near the end goes like this:

“Did you ever, **put it into words**... hey hey hey”

The lyrics in asterisk may not be actual lyrics but that is what I thought I heard. I know It is not much but I am having a hard time trying to find this song.

It is a fast paced oldies song almost similar in tune as the popular “Move on up” by Curtis Mayfield because it has horns in the song.


I’m trying to find the song that was used for 9-1-1 commercial recently that goes like “We’re gonna be OK I promise you...” I cannot find it! Anyone know what I’m talking and could help?

Chrissy Wilbrink

I’m searching for a song that goes like
“you know the timeline or another timeline and then a beat like tdudududu tuududuuu” it repeats till the end. 😂


Ddu du ddu du- Blackpink I think?😂


I'm looking for a funk duet. Starts with the man saying "I may not be the man that I wanna be". And the chorus goes "all night, all night long"

Dimi Vouro

I am searching for a song...the chorus is by a female voice going like that "you don't love me no more no no more" it must be an 80's song Male singer probably black, sounds like rap of the age . Please help


Sounds like one of MC Lyte's songs where she says, "Hit the Road Jack and don't you come back no more ,no more, no more, no more."


Is it Barbara George?

Viv French

Barbara George, I know (you don't love me no more)
Pls let me know if this is it.


hey, i’m looking for a song i found on a instagram video. it sounds like a song from an artist called joji but i don’t think it is. here’s the song below
i’d appreciate it if anyone finds the song eventually c:


hi, my old comment got deleted, im looking for a song with an angry british man yelling second and he says something about a girl. Then its like 12345678 SECOND!! sorry this is all i know

Nostariel Tithen

Sleaford Mods - Second

Please help

please help me find this song in minute 1:20 - 1:28
    please help :(


Lvly feat. Emmi - Won't Do That Again


Please help my find this song :
"Maybe I've been dizzy by how beautiful you are
But tell me it's just on the outside
So pretty on the outside
Here we are again in a crowded room
Familiar faces"

Nathan Forester

I am looking for an 1980's era pop/electronic pop song that has a similar sound to Enola Gay or Spandau Ballet songs, it has sort of a Gary Numan's 'Cars' vibe to it and the song has ‘oooh oooh you, you know I love you’ in it. To get a better idea of what I think it might sound like:

I do remember it being electronic because of the synthesizer, and the might possibly be a Pet Shop Boys song but it sounds a bit like a David Bowie song or an Icehouse song.


Pls help

luckily you should be close to me baby
all i know is when i got up in you baby
and when i treat at night
anyway that i can be with you

Thank you


Hello, I am looking for a song I heard on some spotify playlist, sung by a girl, delicate voice. All I can remember is somewhere in the chorus she sings "oh oh oh oh Daniel". Does someone recognize it? Thank you very much


Is it a cover of Elton John's daniel

Fortunate Cookie

Maybe "Daniel" by Bat for Lashes?

Ellie Ferguson

I neeeeed to find one song, I know only a few lines and a bit of the melody:

I woke that morning and I knew
My intuition told me I lost you
I heard your footsteps for the last time




Hey guy I need help finding this song. I’m not sure if it’s an original song made for the comedy special I saw it on but the lyrics are below. It was the intro and outro to Jack Knights special “Playlist”

I dont know about your star
but we got so far
to go, so we can pull up
just keep me in your playlist


The song begin with: open up ur eyes there is no way we'll of rest to hide get feeling is lost to tide. This song was sang by one missionary who want to Africa.

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