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I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of.

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Pierre Van Den Berg

Hi, way back in 1979 I remember a song playing on the radio but never got to hear the title. I remember the following lyrics: "Open my eyes and what do I see, heartache and pain staring back at me ....." Any idea as to the song these lyrics belong to???

Peter Jacobs

Superman by The Kinks


the only thing I remember is
 "I thought I could never love again and I was right but"
I can't find it anywhere so


I heard this song from my neighbor who was blasting music from their spotify playlist but I can't find it anywhere

It was a rock song, it sounded a lot like J-rock or alt rock but it was in English, the singer is male. The only lyrics I could pick up on were "when I looked down at my feet", "it's not you, it's me", and "the spaces in between". I think there was also a lyric that goes like "another day, another rose" but I'm not sure about the rose part, and I remember hearing the word stem.

if it helps, it might be a "trendy" tiktok song or something cause the songs that played before it in the playlist were Build a Bitch, abcdefu and Cool for the Summer, but it might just be a random song too so not sure. :(

Thanks in advance!


im looking for a song, idk what its called but i like its but either beyonce or rihanna, it goes "cuz i like what i see when im looking at me , when im walking by the mirror ooo" help please!1


Mary j bilge - just fine



Maria M

I am looking for the name of a song and female vocalist for the song from "The L Word' Season 1, Episode L'Ennui that is playing at the end of the episode. Shazam can't locate. And online it states Lucinda Williams "Those Three Days" which is not correct.
Lyrics are: "The oldest story in the world, true love???? a foolish girl. Oh Good Lord, what's going to take to just stop making the same mistake? All the trouble pleasure brings, people do the dumbest things. And I've been dumb as I can be, when I let you get to me. (Chorus:)I let you get to me, I opened the door. I let you get to me and I don't know what for.
I rather be miserable than all alone. So Ill let you get to me.
Who can blame your sorry self for not refusing to take a pass. I'm the one who closed my eyes; I sold out and bought the lies. We could even exchange parts, if not for conscience and a beating heart. Now I'm in prison and you're free 'cause I let you get to me. (Chorus:)I let you get to me, I opened the door. I let you get to me and I don't know what for.

Thank you!


I am trying to find it too!!

Lisa Kagan

I am curious too??? The voice sounds like Jennifer Nettles from before her time in Sugarland. But I do not recognize the song???


The L Word Soundtrack ( based on season 1 )
you can find this on YouTube


I‘m looking for a song by a male singer from 2008-2012 ( I guess).
Some lines of the lyrics are:
I‘m Stuck Stuck Stuck (to get out?)

It doesn‘t matter what she did
It doesn‘t matter what…
- it was a fast pop song, i thought it was from the Movie what happens in Vegas, but it‘s not.


im also looking for this

Christopher Boaslah

Hey, I'm looking for an African song that I heard around 2011 and 2012 that is sang by a male and a female that has the lyrics"marry me".

The marry me in the song is repeated like "marry me, marry me would you marry me



Marry Me by DJ Call me?


I heard a song at an LA Fitness. It's a pop style beat with an accordion melody. It's always loud but I catch some of the lyrics. 'Gol-ly gee ... where'd you get ..... eeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaa (repeated multiple times)' is all I can make out. The BPM is in the 90s.


Peek-a-boo by siouxsie and the banshees


I’m looking for a song that opens with violins and has a male and female singer doing a duet. There are like chimes or something that sounds like synth. it reminds me of the 80s. I don’t remember the lyrics that well but something like “just you and I” but I’m not 100% sure


You and I - Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gale?


I found it. I was thinking of the song just for a moment the love theme from st Elmo’s fire


ive heard this in the car a while ago but my phone was dead, its in english, im not really sure what year it was made but it didnt really sound old..? it goes something like this (though im not sure if these are the exact lyrics)

oooohohoh hold me close and never let me gooo

the oooohohoh was a little high and it goes down (if that makes sense), and the go was somewhat high pitched

oh and it talked about how life was too short and, if i remember correctly, (it was just one line in the song) but the guy singing said that he thought about them running to the door of there backyard because it was raining and asking (who i assume the song was written for/about) if they can see it? the other lyrics was him dreaming about simple domestic bliss (as a married couple i assume) and asking if they can see it (their future i mean)

hopefully someone knows, ty !!


maybe "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur


Can anyone identify this song or the lyrics? Please help! Here is the link:


There’s a song I keep hearing on the radio at work and can’t figure out what it is. All I know is that it’s Disco/Discotheque and some of the words are “In the 1967 ???” “In a sea of tears ???” There could be misheard lyrics but the “In a sea of tears” part is clear. It’s a male voice singing it as well.

Guilherme M

Its a party R&B song probly from the 90s-2000s, its goes like "hold my hand... Came to my life... everytime..." Its TLC like stylish.


I’m looking for a song and it couldn’t find it. It was a pop song, like Katy Perry or something. I think it said something like, “tik tok everybody don’t stop.” If anybody can help me out, that’d be great!


Tik Tok by Kesha


i know you're not serious tf

Daniel Andres Arias Daza

Please my friends, good day, I am looking for a song, I would like to know please who make the original cover that is in the song from dj sneak called going get got, I need to know the name of the original song where the woman every time says "gonna make you hot" and it sounds like a kind of a latin song. Who can help me to find the original cover song that sounds in the song of dj sneak called going get got? I will wait for your very kind answer and thank you very much in advance

Autumn Howard

I remember this song I was listen to on the radio and I forget the name and I only some of the lyrics. There was this guy singing it and it has this soft melody kinda of like a love song and I remember kinda of like something like he said "I don't wanna be somewhere if there ain't no life without you." Okay I might of gotten the lyrics messed up but I know the words life was in it.


I'm looking for an old school (50s-60s) R&B song with lyrics:

If I want my love for you to stay brand new
I got to keep you in doubt, don't let you find me out
Because if my love to you ceased to be a mystery
You'd soon grow tired and you'd forget about me

End bridge:
Cause one day I'll win you
And then I'll show you
I'm not afraid to prove to you my love is true
One day, I'm gonna win you, uhhh
And then, I'm gonna show you,uhhh

Maybe Little Anthony or one of those groups?


looking for a weirdcore song but i cant find it for the life of me. the only lines i can remember are "it can only be found now" and "how 'bout that?" male vocalist, soft voice


Hi I heard a song earlier today but forget most of the lyrics all I really remember is that it said “Dancin don’t like it” or something like that the song is either from the 70s or 80s and it’s rock the band sounded kinda like the Rolling Stones


Dancing with myself - billy idol


looking for a song that’s similar to crazy by gnarls Barkley. Something about talking to god and being in love. It’s not a Christian song though


Okay- let’s see if you guys can help. There’s a song with the lyrics

“There’s this awkward silence, I’m trying to hide it, if you only knew that I’m slowly breaking.

I hear our song on the radio, and I can hardly breathe because our song on the radio, keeps reminding me how it used it be and what we were”

It’s lost media- you can hear someone singing what they remember at 10:30

No one’s been able to find a recording or the name of the song and actual artist.


I’m looking for a song that has lyrics similar sounding to “we almost made it, you can’t say we didn’t try” I don’t think those are the exact lyrics, but when I listened to the song a while back it gave me the idea of a couple who tried to work it out but just couldn’t do it. Reminded me of my divorced parents. Only sharing that to help with finding the song. I remember it being a male singer. In my head it sounds similar to Bryan Adams but I don’t know if that’s right or not


Angie - the rolling stones?

Abhraham C

Song that has a guy talking about the DJ and taking drugs as it goes on, came out around 2015 I think club banger stuff. Anyone have any ideas?


I took a pill in Ibiza - mike posner

Josh G

I can’t think of a song from like 2010’s where he sings super fast and talks about waking up in the morning and taking a pill to feel something and then it gets to the chorus where he sings about being f***ing happy. Then he sings about jumping into his car to go to his job he hates and so he takes another pill to get through his day. Then is stood up on a date where he drinks a whole bottle of wine.

Rabiu Abdulhakeem

Who ever you want you gat it on me (lyrics song by old female Artist)


Looking for a song it goes like this
Shawty stay open so I put it in like a lay up going to town on that ass going to town on that ass
Almost a rap melody song

bees knees

"Conman" by Tyra Chantey


There is a song I'm looking for that plays on a YouTube ad for a mobile game called Goddess: Chaos Princess or something like that. It's a female singer and at one part she says " I'm the one calling you" and then right after that she says " I'm screaming out your name" I've been looking for the full song for months.


RealestK - Love Me

bees knees

My best guess is "Legends Never Die" by Against the Current or some remix/cover of it (since technically its an exclusive song for League of Legends, but i wouldnt be surprised if a mobile game attempted to use it too)

Frank C.

I have a 1980s (?) song stuck in my head. I think it was sung by a girl. " I'm just the kind of girl who....." , "sweet as candy", " The time is right(?) and I ..." Not sure if the lyrics are right.


Bow wow wow l want candy


Does anyone know a so g that's fast paced and about a guys entire life like he literally says almost every event that ever happend up to about 82 or 92?


We didn't start the fire -Billy Joel, or maybe It's the end of the World as we know it -REM.

Cathal Keane

you're kinda dumb to me you should be getting down you've got your hair done nice little outfit...

And I don't know the rest, it goes by "yaya😜" on Snap


I, m looking for the song.
Just heard it few minutes ago.
Girl was singing..
Techno / dance, music
,, I can't hold You.. promisteed that... Be the same..


looking for song
1,2,3 "whistle"
boy i pleased you first through with everything you deserve
free this is please put your down this on your feet made me
don't mean no special casing girl i celebrating so go and make it


I’m looking for the song.
1. In chorus, it say “Ching Ching Ching Ching Ching Chi-Ching” in three times.
2. It’s minor (dark) melody. Not happy song.
3. Male sing in chorus, and female in the other. (I’m not sure)
4. I guess it’s not long past song (2000-2022).
5. The genre are Pop, Hiphop or R&B, maybe.
Please help me ;(


I found it on my own! I ask to broadcast company and tell them the date and time when I heard. The song was “LSD - Genius ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth”. It was not “Ching Ching”, but “Ge- Ge-.” Thank you for helping me anyway.

Sasa Gagic

Timestamp: 0:51 sec

If anyone finds sample from this song, and who is performing it, i would be soooo thankful.

bees knees

The closest I found is "Who Is She (And What Is She To You)" by Gladys Knight & The Pips, which would make sense given that this song is disco and the song you linked is new/electronic disco. If you want you can ask the creator on soundcloud, the song was released 7 years ago but they might respond or you might find someone talking about it in the comments


Sixfingerz - I Think You Do



Mimi Reyes

I’m looking for a song performed by a (maybe 2?) female country(?) artist. Slower tempo The Chorus starts with the words “That boy…”


Walk away joe

Vanessa Damian

I’m looking for this METAL/ROCK song that I can’t remember the lyrics to . It’s in the chorus about (something along the lines of: “she pulls her pants down to her feet/knees”
ITS NOT nickelback . Please helps 😭


I hate you I believe is the song but I can't remember who sings it


Hi I'm trying to find this like R&B/soul song with a stron powerful female voice wich goes: I fell for you so many times, I committed so many crimes, this is an ecxerpt from a german video and O need that songs name

Mimi Reyes

The lyrics are “I failed you so many times, I’ve committed so many crimes…” The name of the song is Home Again by Park Lane featuring LaKesha Nugent.


I'm actually looking for a song. And the only lyrics I remembered
    so far is "let you go/or I'm gonna let you go" that's the last
    lyrics of the song that I'm looking for. Maybe someone can help me
    here, so I'll just describe the singer and the music video. -It's
    an English song -The singer was a girl -So the singer was wearing
    a yellow dress, -She was reminiscing the past which the singer
    and the boy were dancing in the well and riding a motorcycle. -She
    smashed all the picture frames that she had with the boy. -They
    always argued - And the last part of the music video was that the
    girl was writing something in the paper, which I think it's the
    farewell letter for the boy and she wrote 'let you go'. *And she
    sang at the last part that " But I dont want to let you go"
    *2014-2017 music video, I think? Please help me guys... It's
    been 4 years since Ive been searching the song..


HI, looking for a song. It sounds similar to the 2001 Fruits Basket intro. To my knowledge: Sung by a male, and contains the lyric (or similar lyric): "...and I have been waiting all along..."



In the video-clip there is a girl and a boy, they both sing, there is a rose too and is all red and dark. And at a part of the singing, the lyrics are "I called you but you didn't pick up"
Do you somehow know the title?


I am looking for a song that I heard yesterday in a karaoke bar in the UK.

It was about a guy that knows a girl since childhood that got popular.
In the end she has a baby and he wants to stay with the girl.

Her name is often said in the chorus.


Year 2000 by pulp



The only bit I can remember I’m not sure if the lyrics are right but I know(probably) it says “won’t let go” in it.
I think it’s part of the chorus and has a lower note (based on how I'm singing it it's an A/A flat?) and then goes up an octave. (Say is the first note, then you) then the "won't let go" is a G, then E, then C. Sorry if this is too specific I have given up mostly on finding it-
I know it's sung by a male, or at least a male voice, otherwise idk.


James Morrison - I Won't Let You Go


I need help finding a song. I was watching the steamer below and in the background at 1:15:44 I heard a song I can't seem to locate anywhere.

The lyrics I could make out:

Snowflakes, echos, if i'm dreaming don't you let go.... tell me that you want the same, coming to find you again.

Here's the link to the vod on YouTube:


I used an app at 116:02 . Said it was Find You by Niko Rain. Hopefully it's the song you was looking for **


Hello, I'm looking for a trance/techno song between I think 2006-2009, the chorus is like "Am I, Yes I'm, baby im in love with you" (and repeating it couple of times), sounds like "F I S I, Baby i'm in love in you"


Anyone know the song that goes like this

"I cant get you outta my head, I want you home with me"


Looking for a dance song where sounds like male from Australia talking for the lyrics. Basically he wants to dance and get get high. Part of lyric he tries pick up a female then tells this other lady she a dog. He goes on bout taking cocaine and getting f***ed up on drugs and alchahol in the track.


There’s a song that goes “ there’s no curse no condition get lost in the….” But I don’t know the name! 😡 Rlfx uses it.


Looking for the name of a band. The song was shown as "Let Me Unwind" on Napster back in the day. Kinda of a slow indie punk song, along the lines of Fluf, and a repetitive guitar line not unlike "When I come around" by green Day. Probably early mid 90s.
Chorus goes: I'm so tired but I'm still awake; I've got nobody and nothing [unintelligible . . . makes?] me.
A line from a verse: We know these streets like the back of our hands, but this city don't [hold?] us, and it don't hold our fate.


I don't know the exact lyrics, but I believe it to be a relatively new song.
There is a line that goes "like who you callin home" or "like who you on the phone with" and "when you find out is your man at home". I not sure if the second quote is entirely accurate.
I can't remember the lyrics word for word so this is really vague. The singer is male and has a really deep voice in the song.


Endlessly looking for this rap song, probably released in the past 5-8 years. Goes “teacher says I smell like weed, I say nah that just my cologne”.


Maxo Kream – KushCologne?


I'm trying to fina a song "where you wanna meet up tonight? ... I know you are lonely now... I wanna run away with you"
Gentle female voice, heard it twice from a shopping mall, can't seemed to find it anyway


Could it be NB Ridaz - Runaway


I'm looking for a rock song. It starts with a female singer that sings: ,,I'm a sinner, never claimed to be a saint...'' and the male singer sings: ,,Sometimes I feel like I can rule the world, I take what I need and I never feel in danger''. I don't understand how i know so much of the lyrics and still I can't find it!


What song is this?

It's a difficult one because the clip is only 3 seconds and I'll pay 10$ PayPal if you can find the name of the song


Born Slippy - Underworld. British band. Released as single in 1995. Very popular at the time.


I wanna go sing

I'm looking for the name of the song used at the 15:46 minute mark in this episode of the Tom Green Show
The lyrics go something like this
"If I could tell you to jump off a bridge I should, I've been wondering what to send you, flowers, you want to hurt me, desert me.."


hello! I’m looking for a face-paced rock song that has lyrics along the lines of:

“i gave you my blood, my sweat, my tears.. told you my deepest darkest fears”

my memory might be muddling the words, but i remember that the song was vengeful and angry, hence the fast pace. I’ve searched everywhere for this song and i can’t find it! Please, if you recognise it, please tell me!


Classless Act - This Is For You

Aubrey Olsen

Song that goes oh OH YEAH,(trumpets go buh duh duh duh, buh duh duh duh) we’re gonna … … … all night long or something like that it has a male singer and it’s 80’s or 90’s


all night long by lionel richie maybe?


Jason Derulo - Trumpets?


There ones was a ship that fled to sea the name of that ship was a


The wellerman, Nathan evans


I need help finding this song the lyrics I remember are - should i call on you when my days seem endless and my world has grown dark and friendless cause my loneliness is a more, should i give up when the blues come calling


I'm looking for a song I heard years ago. I don't really remeber, but it was about a girl with a boyfriend, who has unrealistic standards for her (and I think their sex life?) because he only looks at girls on the Internet. Maybe someone can help me:D


There's a woman singing and she says something like "we could be like/sing/listen to edith piaf" and something like "we couldve been more than this/we couldve made something out of this" she repeats this in the chorus. It's a soft song and it sounds kinda recent. Thank you

megan lockwood

‘i know you feel it and when your heartbeats feels like boom boom feel it’
ewan mcvicar remixed it at parklife n i can’t find it anywhere <3 help


My family and I are trying to remember this old song and none of us can remember how it went. All I know is it had something to do with ducks and my aunt made the motion of digging as the song went on. Like all I can remember is “diggin, diggin” and it had something to do with ducks. Honestly it could have nothing to do with ducks.


Think it's called : The Gooey Duck Song


Hey im desperately trying to find a song that’s very similar to Supalonely by BENEE. I remember a few lines. ( not sure if accurate ) ”..out this place, don’t know how long I’ll stay right here” and ”out this place, i wish that I could see your face” or something like that. Please help me!! 😭 female singer that sounds like BENEE

Cafe Benidorm


i'm trying find a song, i heard it while visiting spain - benidorm july 2022 it was being played in the bar Cafe Benidorm (Cafe B)
the song had a latino/hispanic sound to it ? and was upbeat or pumped, the sound and lyrics seem familliar to the link below but the link below is not the same artist.
i was wondering if anybody is familliar with the version i'm trying to find.


So I mean the name of a song, not really sure of the lyrics " ..Yes, I will love you and I will love you till the end of time" it seems as if that part was sung by Children


Do you mean 'gorecki' by lamb?

Cafe Benidorm

no it's not gorecki by lamb

Cafe Benidorm

All i know is the song sounds familiar to the lyrics featured in the link i posted but the song i'm searching for the chorus is more upbeat sung by a guy it kinda sounds like a latino/hispanic sound to it ?

A Vilchis

The song I am looking for is from the 80’s, male singer. Radio advertised it as “Shed a tear (running with my heart)” but nothing appears when I search it. The part of lyrics I hang to are:
“There you go!
You’re running with my heart again
3 syllable word - shed a tear”
Thanks for reading


Is it possible you're thinking of "There She Goes" by The La's?

Looking forever

Hi, been trying to look for the song for ages. Since like 2015. Thing is, I used to listen to it in SoundCloud but song suddenly disappeared and no traces of it. It was an instrumental song with a short part where a female is heard simply singing "a" (aw is how it sounded like) and said if a few times and sometimes when she said it, it would start of with short "aw" and then at the end it was longer, it then did it again from the beginning and when she said it, it was peaceful and her voice sounded heavenly, and then music came back. The background picture when the song was in SoundCloud was the Golden gate bridge and it was on the left of the image. I don't think no one will really know what I'm talking about, but it was such a beautiful song.


Your description matches Eve Brenner- le matin sur la riviere


Iam looking for song lyrics that say "life is short,makes me coming back for more i was thinking about you baby . You is repeated twice before saying the word baby at the end. I'm not sure, if that's the right lyrics. But I'm looking for artists name.


im looking for a song that plays in the supermarket where i work all the time.
its a male singer and it sounds like a recent enough pop song.
the lyrics in the chorus sound like: show me something, we are hurting

Lucas Toner

I think the song might be Haunted by The Coronas (the chorus of that song goes “So show me something/I think we’re haunted”).

Margaret Cimafranca

I'm trying to find the name of a song that was played on the jukebox in this bar around the 1950s or 60s. The lyrics were, "I shed so darn many tears, my eyes are red and sore but darling for each tear that I shed you shed a million more. You made a mess of my life oh and a mess but darling I promise you whatever you do I'll never let you rest". It was sung by a black female singer


Need help with a song... a guy sings it and it was on a punk or alternative radio station and I can't find it... I don't know much or if it's even right..

"I wanna take you home, I wanted something more, I wanted something real"

Mick Owens

Hello I’m looking for a song from around the 60/70s I’m pretty sure.

It’s about a British lady who has no family and has a drinking problem who then goes to find an American pilot whom she married and moves to America with. She has his children and then he starts to drink and becomes an alcoholic too. The lady then leaves and goes back to the Uk.
Anybody help!


This sounds like "Labelled with Love" by Squeeze.

Stevie Footyplayer

"Labelled with Love" by Squeeze


Can't remember the name or lyrics so I'm sorry for inconvenience.

Definitely a newish song 2020+

The song had a short title along the lines of 'im sorry' or something. The album/picture was of the male artist slightly chubby with blonde hair? Had sunglasses on along with leather jacket. His name also contained 'phill' not sure if it was Phillip or something else (might be last name or not) he is American.

One of the lyrics describes him being a beast or something and knowing how ugly it can be.

I believe it also has piano in it.


I've been looking for a rock song that goes like; "I'll give away my pride on this day
You're walking out
We're falling out again" Or something really close to it.
It has a picture of a car as it's album.

It pops up in my head like every month for the past 4 or 5 years and I can't find it for the life of me.


This sounds like it could be by nickelback! One of their most famous albums has a car on it

Andrew Vogt

This song played a lot on Washington radio around 2016, I believe. It was a edm/dance song. Female singer pitched up I believe. "'Cause youuuu-uuu-uu-u-uuu Got me feeling like, Feeling like the..." That is all I remember unfortunately.

Dionne Daniels

I'm looking for a song but I can only remember one line. It's "I know that you dont want/love me the way I want you to"
I recall there's a piano in the background and it's a sad song by a woman.

R o s e P e r s o n

Someone find the song - from a tribute in 2011 -
- I know it says the name of the song but i still cant find it.


My Sweet Pain by Alice In Distortion.


Between about 1968 and 1972 played on BBC Radio 1 in the UK, a pop type song with the lyrics "Up and down the escalator" or "Up and down the elevator" It was not a hit in the UK.

Anyone know what this song is?



Is it my generation by the who

“Talkin bout my generation”


Help! There's a song from late 90s-early 2000s that starts with a sample of I guess a 70s rnb soul singer (female) that says something to the effect of "I want to say thank you to allllll the people that came here to see me tonight" then a bit of instrumental then a recurring motif of "you're beautiful". It's a Fatboy Slim style house/techo/dance kind of thing. It's killing me.


US3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

Geoff. S.


Since no program could reconize my song, like soundhound or other, I'm letting one request here, in case of/

Female singer, recent song I think, probably 2010 or 2015+ but at least 2005+ I'd say
The lyrics I remembered were something like "Don't just(?) teeell me whaaat I waaant(?), don't leeet me dooown to-niiight".

I'm sure it was the end of the verse and the radio turned off before the chorus.

Also, the "-iiight" from "tonight" ended on a higher pitch (all the other duo of word like the "teeell" used a lower pitch), and she said that with only three notes, so the sound was like this :

"Don't (↘) just (-) teeell (↘) me (-) whaaat (↘) I (-) waaant (↘) , don't (-) leeet (↘) me (-) dooown (↘) to (-) -niiiight (↗)


look i wrote that song from three different poems. sometimes i wonder stand what would i do with out you baby begging down on my knees. then i realize that im all alone sitting hear with out you si.tting by the phone

Mila L

A country song with a voicemail message in it: his manager says “he has to throw out the song cause luke bryan’s team will sue them otherwise”. he also says “they don’t have luke bryan money” the album cover is Warhol Style with the singer pictured. Idk what year though this song might of came out…


luke can take the song i hear him every day. bet he caint do elvis

Madison bert

Hi I’m looking for this song it’s been stuck in my head for months.
It’s a women voice I don’t know much of the lyrics

But it goes

All I’ve been thinking about is love love love love
And the first time it says love is in a lower voice and then it goes into a really high voice like an echo. Then it goes back to a lower main character voice. It does that like 3 times.
The all I’ve been thinking about is flip floppy and is in a the regular voice. The song reminds my of emelines not released album of grown men cry where she repeats cry in her song.

Thank you so much!!!


I'm looking for a song with the lyrics 'I'm on my way, i'm on my way" and also 'I wanna have a good time, good time'. The song is kinda upbeat and it's sounds like it's by a female artist sounds like from Jamaica or so. It also has the same instrumental as the song 'On my way ' by illijah


On My Way by Etana


I'm looking for a song that once appeared as Spotify recommendation. It's an indie/alt song , really slow, the female singer is not very popular i think. It's not in my first language so the only thing I remember is the fact that song starts with "Siempres" and at some point the singer says the words "Contigo". I also remember that the video that was playing in the Spotify background was with two girls, one had red hair and the other was blonde if I'm not mistaken. The song is about 3 minutes long. It's not older than 5-7 years.

Juss tim

A song that goes like " Onee more timee Oo ooh or One Last time.oh oh woah something like that

Lucas Toner

I think the song is One More Time by Daft Punk.

Alyanna Jimenez

I'm still looking for this song with lyrics that goes,"Remember when we started it was you and me. Now we have a daughter and she's already three."
the chorus goes like this, "Because of you I will be true I'll do all that I can to be a better man..."
Sang by a male artist. Please guys help


better man!!!


do you know the artist please? Cause I've tried every single result on yt for the title Better Man but they're not what I'm looking for


It's a song that i just heard in the radio but the vocals weren't the clearest. A pop song, male singer.
I can only remember the lyrics:
"can't fight/stand/stop my loneliness" (not sure which one)
and "this is the way it goes/ends"
he also mentions that the loneliness he's feeling gets the best of him sometimes, but i can't remember the exact lyrics for that part (towards the beginning of the song)

Nickolas gesino

Zillakami frosty or it’s by call me karizma hello my loneliness


Any ideas

Heard a song on radio sounded like “she got the vibe, she want my time, she want my numba “ sounded like reggae a recent song …


I've been looking for song that has a very long, steady jam at end and the singer just says "My baby" over and over. It sounds like The Pogues, vocally.


Mitski - I bet on losing dogs


There's a song I cant find but it has a Sade and Jackson vibe. Almost sounds like Janet Jackson. Somewhere in the song it says " I get it, I get it , I get it

Lucas Toner

I remember hearing a song in an advert for the animated series What’s The Big Idea? on CBeebies around 2012-2013. I don’t remember any of the lyrics but it was definitely a piano-driven song. I’ve never been able to find the advert on YouTube so I’m hoping someone knows what the song is. I meant to say as well that the sound of the song is very similar to the band Keane, but it’s not by them because I know all their songs.


i barely remember the songs lyrics but for example it went something like ______ (insert word here) and that word right there the singer would repeat and eventually repeat the line again. it was slow at the staart but got fast at the part im talking about. it was a male with a slightly high pitched voice, should have been a 80s song.


Idk what that word is


Looking for a song from the early-mid 1990s, British indie stuff, the picture sleeve had John Major holding a sub-machine gun or similar. The song opened with an echoed sample of Hughie Green's 'for God's sake, Britain - wake up' from Stand Up And Be Counted. Lyrics include (I think) 'this global situation's just a sick reflection/of your cynical hypocrisy:/because it's one law for you, one law for me/and I'm swimming in the god damned sea'. I think that the song is called What's Going On, but searching for that just brings up the Marvin Gaye number, which this definitely isn't. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks!


And I wake in the morning and I step outside, and I take a deep breath, and I get real high? 4 non blondes

Daniele Giuseppe

I am looking i heard it once and the song was about departure and the power of the sea wave and the song continus about the dead sailors knows its power and the the captain knows its power as well so he os couscous of it i think he said the band was once called dogs and dragons


I think, you’re like Buddha, in the sky.. I


Who sings the The Dance of Love song from Steppin back to Love??


Im trying to find an old song i used to listen to with my dad. All I remember was something like bobbers bedroom or something. One of the lines said “oh iiii was in bobbers bedroom you should have seen me, in bobbers bedroom” ??? Help i cant find the song anywhere


It’s barbra’s bedroom by whistle


I’m looking for a song that goes:
Apart from the girls that I like
I’m stil I'm still jenifulupah
[something something something something something something something]
Cuz I know where I came from


Jenny From The Block by Jennifer Lopez

Stanescu Ana

I'm laughing so hard!! yeah, it's Jenny from the block <3


So I found an old picture from 2003 of my cousins and I (we were about 4-6 years old) doing karaoke and the screen is in the background but I can only see a few words, I just want to see if I can figure out what song it was lol it looks like this:
“When I get al-”
“Hear me-”
I know that is not a lot of information, but I’d appreciate any ideas!


I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little teapot, short and stout

Here is my handle, here is my spout

When I get all steamed up, hear me shout

Just tip me over and pour me out!

I'm a clever teapot, yes it's true

Here's an example of what I can do

I can change my handle to my spout

Just tip me over and pour me out.


I'm a Little Teapot


I’m a little teapot

A Skippings

This is so obvious😅ly a joke!



Akako Shiku

Does anyone know a song that is like "Warnings" or something like that (I probably misheard it). Then it goe slike "hahh a ha" or something similar. Does anyone have any idea?

Anonymous S

There’s this song a heard I can barely make out what is says but from what I can hear it says some people ____ zone _______ in __ zone I lost/left my body right at home & then it goes like p - r - ? Idk if it’s right but that’s all I could make out
It has like a pop vibe & it sounds like it’s maybe H.E.R or Normani, I’ve looked & I can’t find it anywhere any lyrics or anything


Hello I'm looking for a song thats in a game I've played, the owner of it claims to not know the name either so me and a group of friends have been trying to find it. The lyrics somewhat are, "everyday when i see your smile, in my mind like a butterfly, in my dreams love is in your eyes. all the love thatll never die, i see your face i would never ever run from you. you are the one the only one that i need. everyday when i see your smile in my mind like a butterfly like a dream love is in your eyes." And thats all it plays over and over. I've been looking for a while and I just hope it isn't some commissioned song because I'd like to listen to the whole thing.


I want to know this song.

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