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I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of.

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There's a song I'm trying to find:
Help me please! :c


I am looking for the name of a song and artist who sang it. It is earlier than the 60's and some of the words are: Take me as I am not for what you want me to be. Maybe I am not in with the crowd not their style but I am Me. probably from the 40's or 50's.

Sonam Oberoi
Does anyone know the song name or singer... This song is stuck in my head and am not able to find a single clue.


In the comments it says Ethan funky night


A song that goes "We got a lot of time on our hands yeah yeah, you don't have to rush a thing, don't you know? Easy let it come let the sister sun hit ya easy let it come don't worry about tomorrow."


Did you ever find this? I can't find anything on the song.


Check out skylife on YouTube I think it’s her brother


I’m tryna find a song that’s sorta pop-punk-ish, kinda reminded me of joy division, sounded like it was saying “there is no fire in your bed love” but that lyric hasn’t gotten me anywhere. Anyone got any ideas? Lol I can’t find anything

Ethel Cardew

Could it be the Gun Club - The House On Highland Ave? There's a vaguely similar line in that.

Lars B

I am looking for a song in which music video i believe t-pain and pitbull ( but i could be wrong because i found nothing ) are inside a video game of two young women. I forgot the lyrics and name of the song but it was one of my favourites please help haha. Btw i know this site is for lyrics but i dont know anywhere else to ask

emma caravan

um the only thing i remember is that a boy and a girl were in this underground in these white room and were dressed in white and the boy and the girl fall in love a decide to escape while a lady on a screen is trying to stop them a after they escape they come out of a well


could be take on me by AHA


I’m looking for a song my uncle normally payed when taking us to school. It’s not English and that’s the problem, can’t spea any other languages. It goes like, “oh gabo a zumba ya ba ke bo. Gabo a na zumba yaba” help please idk😭😭


Do the lyrics say my grandma and your grandma sitting by the fire my grandmas to see your grandma I’m gonna set your flag on fire talk about Anna Anna Anna Anna Aiko Aiko Wynette check my Fina I’m all wet check my feena a Akko


Hi guys and girls, I'm searching for somekind of rockish song.
The only verses I kinda heard were:
I don't mind, if you never gonna call back
I don't mind, if you never gonna come back
I don't mind, if you never gonna call back
I don't mind, if you ---- breakfast

idk what came before breakfast, I hope these were enough clues. Also, i couldn't really hear if they said "gonna" or "wanna", but I guess it was the first

Please help

Does anyone know this song. down on my knee cause you deserve the world and that isn't me so. I'll be praying that one day you will find your man who treat you the way that... does anyone know this song or is it just a short thing someone made its from tiktok


Hi I’m looking for an obscure So Solid song, don’t think it was officially released, it goes “shy one what you running for, don’t you know that you everything I’m looking for” thank you.

help pls!!

Hey!! ive been looking for this song for a while, dont know any of the lyrics but it kind of an old song about a guy whos seen a pretty girl standing in the streets and walks up to her and talks to her, which leads to her walking away, and thats basically the whole song. It's not a sad song tho, kind of a loud - sing along - song with a "who does she think she is? vibe. I'd really appreciate if you guys know anything!!

Amber Manns

Hey I'm looking for a rap song that continuously says "up and down up and down" in the background while a man in the foreground sings shawty got her head going....hips going...ass going..or something similar to that. Song was from the 2000s probably somewhere around 08, 09. It's not up down by tpain, but that's the only song I get when Google searching.


oh yeah, im thinking of the song "Gas Pedal" idk


I herd a song when I was young and for the life of me I can’t find it. It goes ring dong ding dong boy, I wanna be with you all night long, my body is burning when I need your toy! I wanna be your toy! Plz help

Jesse Jayy

There's a Reggae song that went We gotta go somewhere and go somewhere (we gotta go somewhere and go somewhere) We gotta go somewhere go somewhere (we gotta go somewhere and go somewhere) and the Chorus kept repeating like that


I heard it on the radio once, and it went something like ..

The vocals were strong, relatively smoky.
It started slow, but toward the end picked up : having echoes too.


Its empty house by Jelly Roll

Please help Eric...

Please help me find this song.I m looking for it few years now It's and old classic rnb or rap song.(60s 70s 80s or 90s) its sang by Black Female Artist with deep voice like lil Kim kind of voice. I don't know exact words but it's goes like this..
Feel na na na it is such a feeling,
Feel na na na it is such a feeling
Everyone put your hands up,
For the be or blind
Love get send back
You stay alive
I m not entirely sure about that "for the be or blind"
It my be something this in stead

Feel na na na
Love, is such a feeling
Feel na na na
Love is such a feeling
Everybody put your hands up
For the be.. .. ..
Love get set back
You stay alive
Or You stay in line instead of "you stay alive"
 please help,

Thank You all who try.....


ILL NAH nah was a typical Foxy Brown lyric. She has a deep feminine voice.


Hey, thank you for trying to help me, still haven't found the song, Foxys Brown voice is very familiar with the voice of the vocalist in a song I'm looking for.. I ll na na song sound mor3 modern than song I'm looking for so it's like 10 years older song I'm looking for. Anyway thank You for Trying... 😉👌 U the first who Tried and I

Henry Tobias Nettles

I'm looking for a rap song with a prominent verse that goes " I will never let you live my life"
It rubbed me the wrong way so I unliked it on my Spotify. I remember seeing who made the song and thought hmm I listen to these guys pretty often I think I can do without this one song. They're popular. Now it's driving me crazy. That's all of the song I can remember and when I try to think of it I just keep hearing 100 years by cunning linguist. Please help.

Darla Petty

Who's the artist? You said that you listen to them pretty frequently so you must remember who they are. Am I correct?


Iam looking for a song .. maybe the lyrics are " And i all i saw was the rain falling down " " Look around and tell me what went wrong yeah uhh had a feeling now its gone " .. i hear it long time ago in a surf video maybe from the 90s .. singer must be female an sound like pearl jam .. Can anyone Help ? Tobi

Isabelle hausseguy

I can’t find a song by cg5, it’s been bugging me for days. there’s only one part i remember and it goes “not anymoreee” or something




for all who are( not sure), for what its worth ( slow intro)
I am sorry ( slow intro)
just call me and let us go ( or) let go, yeah
I am sorry
just call me you wanna know
all meant to be free ( or) always meant to be free

slow pop-house. female singer, I think. never heard the melody only heard the lyrics, I have searched the internet for days ..I think it came in the last 5 years no older.

Tanya Kelly

can someone help me find a song. i think it's country and it's almost impossible to search as I only know the bridge words. and it goes
la da die.. la la la la la la la oh la da die... la la la la la la la la la la laaa
sorry i know that sounds crazy - but if you can say the words all seperately.


i think its called BLUE


Is it The Boxer ? Beautiful song


I've Just Seen A Face?


Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) - by Crystal Waters


Hi guys!

I’m trying To find a song!
I was listening to it in the early 2010’s on YouTube. All I can remember is the video has a bald male in it, wearing a trench coat, he was in front of a lake or the sea. It was almost singing and rapping. I’m also pretty sure there were light streams in the video.

I know it’s not much to go on but if anyone knows please help!

Thank you! :)


Hi hi hi love my family and my mom and my dad


my song i want know sounds like
I know im walking dun dun dududundundundundudududundun


Walking by Mary Mary?


Anyone know the name of this song?

Here are some of the lyrics:

"Don't be afraid to show me how you feel
I want to see that this is love for real
So open your mind and feel the heat of the sun
Don't question me and see if you can find your way
There's no enemy to stop you from having your way
Who you are and what you want will always be the same
So [...] now and feel the heat fo the sun
Don´t talk too much about your destiny
Imagine yourself there going round and round
[...] till your feet touches the ground
Don't be afraid to show me how you feel
I want to see that this is love for real
So open your mind and feel the heat of the sun"




hi everyone, hopefully you can help! i am looking for a song that i heard at work, the beat is quite steady and the singer has a strong voice. the only lyrics i can decipher are “where did you come from? … lead the way, yeah” and i believe that’s the chorus. thanks in advance :)


I think it was about a breakup, or some sort of heart break. The only lyrics I remember were: 'It doesn't hurt anymore, when you walk out the door...' Female vocalist, deep voice, long notes. Lots of ahs and oohs (if that makes sense).


Late Nights & Heartbreaks - Hannah Williams, The Affirmations. It's a really good song

Zeta Hart

I’m looking for this song, it was played at a dance so I’m pretty sure it’s popular but I can’t find it at all. It was played for a slow-dance. So it was pretty slow throughout the whole song, and eventually the beat drops for the chorus, and it gets very dreamy, and the guy sings “Give me reason to believe…” and then he says something else after that and the last word definitely rhymes with “believe.” It sounded like a modern song and it sounded very familiar. Very dreamy song.


that’s definitely SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK by joji


Ok so this song is a hip hop type song, it's with a guy and girl, I can't place either of their voices, but for some reason in my head it sounds like Shaggy? I have been searching multiple times online but the guys part goes something like, "Oooh do what you want to you can have any man that you want to..." then something about, "keeping it real wit you" and it's been stuck in my head and driving me nuts haha


Basically the song for this Tiktok

Mr D

Looking for a reggae song I heard on Aruba. The lyrics I can decipher are: “You don’t have to go away. So stay-ay”. No matches on SoundHound, Shazam or Genius. Thanks in advance!


honeypot-you don't have to go away

Maria Cool👸

im looking for a song that goes like this i wont let you go thats true i wont let you cry so n so

Ingo Riedlinger

hi , looking for a trach it goes about " it's fortyfive a.m. " is the refrain . and one lyrics is " i'm drivin ..not to slow and not to fast " sounds to me like a 30 year old black male singer . the track must be in the last 10 years and it got a very good dance beat to me


Ayo, Im looking for a song I heard on tiktok and basically it's an electric guitar in the background, and a girl going "Ah ah ahh, ah ah ah ah ah".. It sounds like it could be new.

Here's a link to where I heard it:

Anyone who knows?


I don't remember much but all i can remember is there was a guy in a white room and hes talking about a girl he saw on the street.


You're Beautiful by james blunt?
White background and song is about a girl he met

Lakshay Sharma

I am listening to this song from months but I dont know who is the singer and where he is, there is no information about him anywhere

Song : Never let you go by mindty


Can someone help me please
What song is playing at 5:25


Sounds like something was chopped and screwed.

Joan Lone

Trying to find an 80s sounding song, male vocals. The chorus goes something like
"I'll be right there by your back, baby
Lovers, ooh, baby
I'll be right there by your back, baby
Lovers, ooh, baby"


rojet mix tape


its an epic electronic music track not sure of the original but the Drum and Bass / jungle remix is the biggie. Jungle youd think of Aphrodite first. I have most of his stuff. anyhow track is very dubby junglish but has a definite dandb amen style drum break. Female singer/vocals with the phrases (these are partial or broken phrases i apologize) "You and me....", " I gotta say.... " and "i want you to.... " (know and or maybe hold on the last one) these and scattered in the verse sections and the main chorus starts with "im over runnin...."
im a bite embarrassed its a track ive loved but always eludes me im dabble a lot with djing and producing i should know this and have a big feeling when i get this sorted it will be a huge kik in the ass " how could you have forgotten.... really" kinda thing that makes stupid feel better because its not alone. anyhow if you can help sweet and thanks ill reply if i get it before hearing back from ya'll

Cheryl-Ann Seales

I am looking for a song by a guy or group with the words I never wanted something more than I never was that you are with me I know that I'll be something more


i’m looking for a song the intro beat is like “haw haw haw haw” kinda low and then one of the lyrics goes like “dilong dilong and dilong something like that and then another lyrics goes “they be like hi mom (hi mom)” it’s a rap song


i am looking for a song, it goes like 'in and out and round and round' or something and maybe has something to odo with trumpets. Sorry bad description but only heard like 5 seconds lol


Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again


What I think is a recent pop song with a male artist that kind of sounds like Ed Sheeran, something with (not the exact lyrics): "if you love me tell me" or "if you love me let me know". Searching both of these gives me different songs. It's not the Elvis one or the Newton one. There were also large parts of "ooh ooh ooh"s. Please help somehow?


It’s not a new song, but maybe you’re thinking of “This is Gospel” by Panic! At The Disco, where the lyrics are actually “if you love me let me go”.


Help! It's keeping me awake - heard a song that's got a roxy music sound and the chorus, I think, is "saved your life"


I don't remember the exact lyrics, it's a female voice and there is one part I can remember, about leaving them in a garden or by a willow tree, and I'm pretty sure the lyrics were sad as well.

Johannes Grøtta

I think the song you are talking about is this song named willow by jasmine Thompson on Spotify. it goes like; Mr and Mrs dreamed of a willow, carving their name into the willow. If he had spoken love would return. Spoken inside, too soft to be heard. Summers and winters through snowy desembers. Sat by the water, remembering embers.


British Singer/Songwriter-y

1st Verse:
Take me from my bed,
Its been forever since i've [...]

Promise that I'll be alright,
I'll try to make the show tonight,
And we'll talk about it later

Just understand that I've been hurt,
You can only make things worse,
But we'll talk about it later.

Tell me that you want me,
Tell me you need me,
That you love me, tell me that you want me



Hi. I want to find a song. The songs talk about a guy take some pills and the he talked with God and the he made a deal with the devil o sold him soul. The video of the song is a emo guy signing the acoustic version .

A Vilchis

Could it be “Devil Came a Calling” by Prefab Sprout?


Looking for a song if not exactly says this but something close to it and during the song, it would repeat this in a high-pitched voice three or four times that says "All night all night, all night". I hear this on the radio whenever I'm in a restaurant but can never figure out what that song is.


all night long by lionel richie?


could be BTS/juice wrld “all night”

Mauro Nogueira

Hi, have you tried George Benson´s give me the night?

Melly moo

I’m looking for this song I heard in the range. It goes : I see me in the night
Love me
I love you
Stop talking
The Latin skies.
Lady singer
Very mellow.
Any help appreciated

Maria Weaver

I am looking for a House tune that literally has four or five words like ‘let me tell you something’ which are repeated numerous times through the song.
The lyrics are done by a man with a Caribbean accent
Please help
Thank you




Hi! Don't know if this has been here, so it is a male singer and has a pretty low tone when he sings.

Lyrics are:
A young woman appear, searching around for sweetheart so dear She's gone to the city And then taken away Until I find her it is here I must stay cold wind blew hard and it chilled her bones And she tought about her children and her family back home.

Or something like that, hopefully someone knows =)

When I was working in Cyprus as a waitress in the year 2016 this kind of fun song with Spanish accent pronunciation was on:
"Y mi alma se espiri" and "alcanzar los estrellas". Song?

Shayan F

Hey, so there's this song, I remember the longs being something like "I would fight for you" and am "and I would kill for you", although I'm not sure if it was kill and again with "and I would cry for you", again, not sure if it's cry. The song is pop and I believe the author is The Weeknd or at least sounds like them. I heard it once with a piano accompaniment in a school talent show in 6th grade and once before that. It's not "Done for Me" by Charlie Puth or "Die for You" by The Weeknd. I have only heard the actual song one time and once again in a talent show, but I fell in love with it for some reason. I think it should be from 2009-2019 since it's when I heard it and I'm pretty young. but don't take my word for it haha. Thanks a million <333


could be #1 Crush from Garbage


I'd do it for you.


Bryan adams i'd do it for you


What is the song that goes like "ask myself what I miss more the thought of you or you walking out that door through the late fights and long nights"


yes im looking for this song too, it was played on Ocean Likes Me episode 5 ending scene


Same here!


Someone found it!!!
Trying to be OK-- Daniel Pratt


I heard a song, which has a chorus 'it's my time to see ....' it sounded like it could have been Barbra Streisand, but I can not find anything?

oops, It was Diana Ross - It's My Turn ;)


bro theres this tiktok song stuck in my haed and i dont know the name of it i think it said "i did it i did it i step i jump right off a cliff without a parachute"


Looking for a song that is a male singer, singing to who I assume is his parents about how he is not who they want him to be and trying to make them understand its his life. I know I've heard the song multiple times, but for some reason the lyrics evade me.

Tim Cooley

Perfect by Simple Plan?

Alissa Stinson

I'm looking for I think it's a Hispanic/English song (there's some Spanish in it), It starts with a view of the ocean and the streets of what I think is Mexico?
It starts with a ringing phone and a girl answers and says
 "Hello?" a guy says something and then she says "whos this?'
 and the guy says something about I think to get some cash or her mom gets hurt,
at some point in the video, there's a clip of her riding in a car going to do something
 The girl has Blank and blue braids in the video and there are a few different singers in it but the blue and black braided girl is the main singer,shes either Hispanic or Mexican i don't remember
 I would love to find this song again, it has been bugging me forever lol


Looking for a song for someone, I dont know much about it except a few lyrics. These lyrics aren't necessarily in order.
"- Right from the start - Youre one in a million - I wanna kiss you - I couldn't forget you theres something about you."
Could be around 20 years old, any ideas? Potentially a male singer


Can’t find this song. Maybe I have the lyrics wrong but I’m pretty sure it goes “baby I can’t do this will you please just help me through this” pls help my brain


Please help, i'm looking for the title of this song. It goes "sooo sureeeee", very mellow, no upbeat. Just a chill song, im not sure if it's a classic old song. Please help meeee. What i can remember is that line, "so suuuure"


Waiting for a Girl Like You?


i keep having a song i my head it goes And i really wanna- and thats all i remember it sounds like a 90s kinda song or like those kind of songs that are very chill like a bit jazz but i cant remember

Jacob Steeler

There is an alternative rock song that I cant think of. The first part goes something like:

youll be back inside my head.“

Not sure if those are the lyrics but thats what it sounds like.
The chorus goes like:

“Oh now
I didnt mean let down
oh now
i didnt mean to let you down
oh oh noow.”

Mad Max

Desperate! I need the name of the artist. It goes something like this, a female voice: " You caaaaaaaaaan't giving it up on love you just cant giving it up on love...." Something like that. Quite uplifting tempo, in the middle it is a short piece of soothing guitars than it starts again. I think the song is quite new.

Maybe I got the lyrics mixed up.


Possibly "Don't Give Up" Peter Gabriel feat Kate Bush


Hello! I am looking for this song: You can hear it in the background of the "Son of Sams- descent into darkness" trailer on Netflix.
I already looked for it and on reddit they only found "Timber Timbre" or "Season of the Witch" etc. These are not the songs I'm looking for.
The song/part goes like this: It's orchestral (probably a remix of a song), a guy says something like "Feel cold/ Steel cold" and screams in a high pitch voice. His voice reminds of Readiohead, Coldplay, Muse.
Does anyone know the song? ;-)


Madonna-4 minutes


I’m trying to find a song it’s like pretty girl then it’s like ay ay ay. It’s not sherry by the 4 seasons unless it’s a remind but it is from a group around the 60s or something similar I thought they were black but maybe not.


I think you may be talking about The Big Bopper's "Chantilly Lace."


I have so many years searching for a song that I have listened when I was younger
Its a girl and a boy singing
The part I remember its the girl singing like a baby voice " If I say I want you next to me, would you rather walk away,, could you pull me close and never leave cause tonight........" (thats all I remember, and the boy goes like want you want you with the house music. Its a house music for sure.
But I cant find it anywhere
I hope someone finds it. I believe its between 2000-2005 song


Anyoone, its driving me crazy, its in my head all the time


Trying again;
Heard a song in March 2018 and thought I caught parts of the lyrics. Can't find anything though so I must have misunderstood something.
Female singer, tempo/type of song a bit like I Will Love Again by Lara Fabian.
The phrase I caught was like "You are (or you´re) the (or my) coast when I am lost out at sea". Even if I missed/misheard something, the sentiment was like this.
And then a lot of You Are, You are in the chorus.
Please help, this is driving me crazy.


Maybe is the song "Malade"?


I'm trying to find the artist of a song(called Dreams Come True but I can't find it, it comes up as from Aespa, SES or Cosmic Girls.) with a chorus that goes "dreams, dreams, dreams dreams come true". It's Chinese and sang by a Chinese guy. In the music video he's dancing with a bunch of other guys, I believe he's wearing black. I'm not sure but I think there was a part that kind of went: "feng xia, lu xia" (in Chinese). There is a part where his voice goes very low and rather deep. That's when he repeats the chorus and he sort of does a dance break.


Dreams Come True - The8

Obiora Richnd

I'm looking for a song which actually was used as a sound track for the Kardashians Hule show season 1 episode 5 and it goes like, I GOT A LOT ON THE LINE, GOT A LOT ON THE LINE I'VE BEEN STRYING TO STAY FOCUS, KEEP MY EYES ON THE PRICE". Please anyone who knows the bio to this song should kindly reply 🙏


Boss - LG

Sam henut

I’m trying to find a song, most likely by the Canadian artist Veela, made before 2016. It’s about a man hearing/seeing a strange woman and following her through the woods. eventually she leads him to a lake, where she died. She drowns him I think… I’ve been looking for it forever


Heard a song in March 2018 and thought I caught parts of the lyrics. Can't find anything though so I must have misunderstood something.
Female singer, tempo/type of song a bit like I Will Love Again by Lara Fabian.
The phrase I caught was like "You are (or you´re) the (or my) coast when I am lost out at sea". Even if I missed/misheard something, the sentiment was like this.
And then a lot of You Are, You are in the chorus.
Please help, this is driving me crazy.


I'm looking for a rap song that says out with the old and in with the new and away we go, you can hear it in the videos and radio

Sherry Ford

I’m looking for a song from the recent Rent the Runway commercial.
Is it a real song in the background? Would love the name if it is. Tried Shazam but nothing.


Sounds like Cyndi Lauper's "All Through The Night" off her first album. The one with 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' featured and on the cover she's wearing Van Gough shoes.

Emma CG

I’m looking for an old school rap song that starts with “I use to be number one” and I thought it was biggie but he has a very limited number of songs out and I didn’t hear it


Might be fu-gee-la by the Fugees.
"We used to be number 10
Now we're permanent one"


I’m looking for an old school song that’s sang by a male and the only lyrics I remember are “ you know with me I’ll treat you right “ anyone know what song it is?


Mario let me love you?


Hey guys, I am looking for a song that starts I fell in love with a... She and her best friend... But she took all my goddamn money. I got no money, i got no... Cuz she took all my goddamn money.. and there's a lot of instrumentals in between lyrics I believe.


Liam St. John – To the last penny


I'm trying to find a song that I heard on a Netflix series, it starts by going "ooh nanny nanny oh nanny nanny ooh" for a bit and then goes "Who's your daddy? What's his name? How much money does the old man make? I like your lipstick, how does it taste?" and then the actors started speaking so it cut out, it also later says "Same old rockin', same old rollin', seeing the devil with a mouth full of gold" it then repeats "a mouth full of gold" a few times and then says "seeing the devil with a mouth full of gold" and then continues repeating all of that for a while. It then LATER says "_________ marching band, sold my soul for ________" . It's sung by a man. And before anyone says this, I tried searching the lyrics in YouTube and it kept coming up with Time of the season by The Gorillas, but it's not that, any help on finding it would be greatly appreciated :)


I found Black Gatsby - Fist full of Dollas. Is this the song you're looking for?


It’s “Time of the Season” by The Zombies (circa 1960’s.


I need some serious help!
I have this song stuck in my head but it's been such a long time since I've listened to it. It's a pop punk or rock band from a while ago (2000's or 90's?).
I don't know the exact lyrics but the singer is talking about this girl that he met at a party before , and he's kind of talking to her. He knows that she's there with her friends to forget this guy. And he tells her that the guy didn't treat her right.
He said something about having only a picture of them (I think?)
Please help!


hello. if someone can discover the song from this video, it would be much appreciated!

a random user

What a song! Couldn't find the name but I've contacted the channel's twitter account for the name of it, I'm yet to get a response. I'll let you know if he replies but he probably won't.

Chance Boelter

Im looking for an old country song but the only line i remember is "whats that you say" it has quentin tarantino vibes


Johnny Winter: Ain’t Nothing To Me…has the lyric you mentioned…


Stranger in the echos // (a) hollow dream << Is all I know pls help

Alex Clayson

Hi there,
I am looking for a song (it's at least 15 years old) and I can only remember some part of the verse. In the first part, the singer (male) sings "I wanna die, I wanna die, I wanna die today" right before the refrain. In the next verse he sings "she wanna die she wanna die she wanna die today". Do you have any clue?
It's kind of a rock song, but not too harsh.



Are you sure it isn't "She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie...cocaine? Clapton.


Life is beautiful, Whenever I am where you are. Life is magical, you cast a spell and fill my skies with stars


Kara - Life is Beautiful


can anyone help me find these songs from these two commercials?
the 1st commercial [or psa]: [it does show some sort of credits for music in the description but nothing turned up searching]
2nd commercial:
thanks for any help


poupeé d’amour


This song was produced specifically for an ad campaign. It was done by Tinseltown ( ) Specific credit has been given to Claudio Pagonis, credited here


still looking for this song the song is started in 1:10. please help. thank you


I've asked around for years nd have a Reggae song with these lyrics:

"Ohh, This is my story, about a boy from [in that country] …

We promote the song called serious time, one stance when me reach long time
Buy hey, my people when you see me, it’s not easy, being me
Living a new start on life, jah me frustrated all the time
But give thanks and praise for the blessing in my life, Ohh
Because, I gaan, I can’t come back tomorrow, or, no more time"

No-one seems to know who sings it or what its called!!


Been searching over a year, years(?) for a song with a chorus that goes, "She doesn't tell me that she loves me, and she don't deny something's wrong. It's much too late to say I'm sorry but she's already gone~ Already gone~"

Cassandra J. Moyer

Eagles had a song ghat included lyrics that you are looking for, "Already gone as I sing this mystery song .............., whoo whoo whoo". I know it's not much to go on, can you help? Cjm


Never gonna give you up


And I'm already gone And I'm feelin' strong I will sing this vict'ry song, woo, hoo,hoo,woo, hoo,hoo It’s called Already Gone


Looking for the song in HUSS episode 7 , in the discotheque when maja and elsa talk
Mostly instrumental , It has a great beat and tune with a female voice singing - mind - show you what I have in mind
and at 1 point she sings give me what I came to find.
who knows? thanks :)


Huss the TV show? Only 5 episodes...


I'm looking for a song that i only know 4 words too but love, it goes:
too feeel liike hoooome. low at the start higher at the end.
Please help?


Whats the song where it starts of with bells then goes to a violin its not classical its pop sounds like the 80s


Tubular bells?


Led Zeppelin song ? All of My love


"I Want Your Love" by Chic

Peter Jacobs

"I Want Your Love" by Chic


The night I know ya you said......(some lyrics)
The night I feel ya you said...


I am looking for this song that use to be in my YouTube playlist (until YouTube deleted it). Its sung by a man, kind of angelic and slow. I only remember these lyrics, it might not be exact and not in particular order: “Feel the music all around. I know you feel it too. Come now don’t be so shy, it’s just you and I.” Something like that.


looking for a song that's definitely not well known, it starts with something that could be a xylophone and the voices sound like a choir, I can't remember the lyrics buts it's more of a happy song and there are a lot of ahhhhhhhhhhh ah ahhhhhhhh ah repeated like that


I believe that could be the song “He doesn’t know why” by the group ‘Fleet Foxes’. 2008 release.


looking for a song. it’s 2000-2010, indie?/coffee shop pop rock(?). acoustic guitar and male vocalist, calm/sort of sad. dude gets a lot of squeaks on his guitar. the lyrics are muddled in my head “say goodbye baby /the ?->future is yours now<-/ da da dada / ?-> let the future take over” and guitar from there goes into something like triplets but the melody is (probably this key but ?) Bflat, A A, C C, A A, then slow A C F.


What is the song that goes like, "We shouldn't rush things, or, we shouldn't be rushing things, and then the chorus was like kissing you under the moonlight I think? The alst part isn't really that accurate so ignore it ig.


It's not ''kiss me underneath the moonlight'' by sixpence none the richer, is it?


can anyone help me find the song from the video ?

thanks ; ;


It is "I Can Not Forget" by EbRu


I'm looking for a song, House music track from early 2000's.. the female vocals singing "run and hide". . This is the melody (called cirrus groove by Karjack Music??) Incredibly hard to find anything

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