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Guys hi! Help me find song “im grateful yeah she always said forever it felt like years but we met in December i gave her everything but i guess you don't remember you were only for a night like swipe on tinder”


I'm looking for a song with these lyrics "and I got to let you know that you mean the world to me, my future wife and the mother of my kids"

Tim Reynolds

Hey guys im looking for a modern alternative rock song that has the coolest blues guitar type hook to is probably one of the catchyest songs ive ever heard. As far as the vocals theres not much there and there not super clear to hear. Thats why its hard to find but the line i heard sounded like a guy saying, "tell me the reason" or "tell me the pieces" or possibly "falling to pieces" if someone can find the correct song for me i will venmo them $$!! Email me at

Tina colada

Velvet revolver - fall to pieces?


Maybe Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival


Searching for a song with strong 80s vibe, very minimal and kinda slow, lots of cowbell. Lyrics snippets:

”We think we got the answers, but we never get it right”

”I’ve been looking at the world, staring into space”

Ben Dover

looking for a song that goes
"for a moment I ....."
or at least that's what I remember.

it seemed old and sorta reminded me of Billy Joel. The song wasn't Christian or anything had a semi sad vibe to it tho
pls help me out
thank you


Im going out on a far limb here and guess save tonight by eagle eye cherry??

Igor Kirtak

Paradise Lost - One Second ?
"And for one second I wish that you were here..."


It’s a female singer with a mellow melody and the lyrics go something like this:

“whisper to me,
i’ll lean in closer,
and you’ll tell me,
that you love me,
and then i’ll remember that it’s not ~~~”

then there’s another part that goes something like this:

“welcome/come to my place,
i changed/moved some things around — but it looks the same”

thank you

mark butterfield

Looking for a song from mid-80's
Male singer, guitar led,
"Its hard to be so humble, my whole life is absurd,
you try to make me stumble, trip me up with my own words
but i wont do the things you want me to, now i'm up here looking down on you
Somethign something something
Trickles through your fingers just like sand"

Anonymous 28:30 song title please. Thanks!


One In A Million - Kalle Engström feat. Jason Dering

Marten van der Spuy

Hi there. My apologies bothering everyone but I have done numerous searches over a few months and still have come up blank...
Song was first heard in the late 80's but could be earlier. It was part of a mix tape of a friend and also had, among others, Surfin Bird (No idea which artist though) But anyway, song contained lyrics "It is four o'clock in the morning and everyone on this plane is asleep..." Sang by a male with a voice akin to that of Leonard Cohen. Deep, mellow voice. At first I believed it be be Mr. Cohen but as I have a lot of his stuff, it does not appear so. Searches have come up blank with the exact match unfortunately.
Your assistance would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!


heard a song last night that i've heard many times before, and i'm sure it was on one of my spotify playlists at some point.. it's almost pop rock / 00s pop punk, american pie style, and the only lyrics i can remember are:
"she said i love you but i don't give a damn because" and then i blank!


Clara Brown

Looking for a acoustic (I think) song with a music video in sepia where a depressed man walks through the streets and takes an ice cream from a little girl and throws it on the floor.

Sorry a bit vague, but it's a banger.

Valerie Klinger

Hey, I am desperately looking for a song which I heard in the warming up part when I had dancing lessons.

In the lyrics I could hear sth like "some things never heal the way they should" (I think in the main part). I could also hear sth like "... your sisters... And your brothers to be close to you".

The whole song is kinda melancholic, very slow and the voice is a relatively high male voice. It could be the singer Rationale (if you compare the missing song to Rationale's song "Tethered") but I could not find it so long.

I hope someone knows it and can help me :)


a picture perfect night just like a dream it feels so right everything right here..where will i find

Keira z c

Baby your the cutest girl I know I know you feel it

What song?

Mark Hier

Looking for a song female vocalist, rock indie style. Lyrics like find me a fighter who is brave, who can win.
Music video has her bleeding think black blood from holes in her body, which then fill up the box she’s in, billy eilish style.

Jeremy Lipsey

Want to find this song... from the Dance Club season in Episode 3 of Dracula on Netflix.

Takin' over the streets
Gonna live forever
Got the world at our feet
Gonna live forever
Just drunk on power
At the top, every hour
Every minute, every day,
our way In your face,
check it


It's part of the shows production soundtrack but wasn't released. You can find it on tune flix for th Dracula series. It is a dope song.


Dracula - Soundtrack List (TV Mini-Series) - TUNEFLIX

Joe Wright

Female singer with lyrics. I love you,I love you, love you ? Any help


Natasha bedinfield


These Words by Natasha Bedingfield

Denn please can you help me to find which song is playing at 39:10 I tried type lyrics but couldnt find any results :) (:


When the eart caught fire
The venice connection

prince Apple

I think, tell me more, a song which is slow and love melodies, it is old song by Africans , the video they was on stage , that musician I think he come from Nigeria, Ghana , south Africa


Please help me
I know that this song are called "escape"
"we Will never listen cos the words are never True"
"feels like euphoria"
"i wanna escape with you".
Thanks for the help.


I'm searching for a rock/rap song that says something like "you say *** I say **f I wanna change my life, we wanna fight,"
It's performed by a rock male voice and a rap guy who makes a rap part very fast

Igor Adamczyk

Hi, I'm looking for a song that i heard about 7-6 years ago. It was sound like some nightcore "remix". It had a female Singer i think and Goes like: "I can hear the voices, i can hear/fell the bass bump/pump all here around" and them it Goes like some female dj were talk to crowd "Get in the floor i See you no more(?)" I don't remember the rest of the lyrics cuz my English was bad at this time. I hope that You can help me because i keep searchin this song for a long Time and i can't find it anywhere. I've used so many apps and them can't help me neither.
PS. Sorry for my not good English, i hope that you can help me.


I've been looking for a song for months, it has a kind of Iron & Wine vibe, the lyrics as I remember them go like "one's gonna feed my body, two is gonna feed my soul, three's ______________, another's gonna leave me whole"


Im looking for a song, if i recall it maybe a kind of tropical house(it may have haf somekind of remix feeling) but the lyrics around the drop goes" uhhh i just feel so good right now" thats all i can remember from the song


So i just got a used guitar, it has "friends don't F(scratched off)---- friends cut eachothers hair" written on the body in sharpie. That's it. I'm unsure if these are even lyrics? or from a poem/quote? Google isn't bringing anything helpful up so if anyone can figure this out it would be awesome!!!

Jaime Oswald

Sounds like a weak tribute to when Alice in Chains did their unplugged show and Mike Inez wrote "friends dont let friends get friends haircuts" on his bass after the members of Metallica all cut their hair short.

Tina Hyatt

I'm desperate to find the two hiphop songs in a crossover episode of Law & Order Special Victims Unit.. S16E07. These two incredible songs play in the park scene. I have been looking for years!! "You ain't never seen nobody with a body like, you ain't never seen .."

Tina Hyatt

I remembered more. I think it's "Make, make, make, make them a believer." The second song I can only make out a bit of... "Open up the.... ", ".. like a virus.." it's aggravating because they'd be my favorite songs

Tina colada

Believer - imagine dragons

Steve James

Hi, can anybody out there tell me the name of a song from the 1960's or 1970's that starts with a line, in a talking voice saying - you know, we read in the papers.....& at the end of the song a young child says - what's bigory ( they mean bigotry), & the reply says - I think it's when someone is sick.

Jordan Decourcy

I'm trying to figure the title of a song from the 80s/90s by a male artist and the lyrics are something along the lines of

"There's something iii knowww that turrns me back. There's something I know from happy days that turrrns me back"


Hi everyone, there’s a song I’ve been looking for for months. I really don’t know what the lyrics are but I think it goes, “right now, you hooooold me” I seen it on a commercial of free willy I believe 😂idk it repeats it at the end of the song it’s like a rock band. Plz help.

Tina colada

Will you be there - michael Jackson


I'm trying to find an old RnB (or maybe the genre is more jazz, or whatever you call that slow hip hop type beat)
The singer is male (or a female with a deep tenor voice)
It has the lyrics "love (or lost) without you" repeated over and over at the hook.
"All that you say all that you do"
"Love/Lost without you"

Shiann j

Hi I’m looking for a song’ “ lady tell me you love me now so I make it somehow through the day”

That Guy

I'm looking a for song that I think says, "im tired of all these things that i dont say". Im not sure it says that. It was a soft female voice, slow music.


Hi, I m looking for a song that makes something like

I wanna change my life
You say - - - I say - -
I wanna fight

It s like a rock/rap song because in the middle of the song there is a fast rap part

Gabriel Garcia

I want to find this song i've listened to when i was 13 the lyrics are " I should have slept last night" there were two singers, a man and a woman, it was an indie country song


hi gyz ive been trying to find a song dat plays in a nigerian movie called soul apart
i only knows few lyrics it starts with why u make her cry
please help


when were you 13?

Ronald Mendoza

I heard a song with brown voice seem like to lifehouse (band)in 2002 that say: someone like’s alright...looking.
Help me please, 20 years searching that song


Recently this old song I listened two about two years ago randomly came to my head. Must of heard it on a random video or tiktok or w.e.
I think it's a relatively new song, I want to say no older than 2010, but i could be wrong. For the lyrics, I 100% know that this verse repeats, "I'm falling in love, I'm falling in love." Some other potential lyrics that might be in the song or ive misheard are, "I just want to make amends/ I Just want to take you there".

Its a woman singing and it has this remix sound to it. Google keeps trying to tell me its my Dennis Kruissen but I listened to it and it wasnt it.
I do know that the video had a similar look to this.
The video had a logo in the center and it vibrated with the music. I want to say it had a more vibrant sunsent version of it though.


Hey there looking for a song by a women i think the lyrics is like this” now they love you hey there’s trying to sleep after judging me and you”
The song i think is just a women and a guitar

David Grantham

Judging Me
by Punch!167


Searching for a song with lyrics... "here we are, I'm too scared to hold your hand, you've given up, don't let this ( story) end... i'll be your hero i'll be your hero


Can someone tell me the name of this song,” What I’ve got at home is hard to find baby I’m coming home one bar at a time.”

Mart Stel

I'm looking for years for a rap song. It sounds kinda dark and i only know there is a woman in the chorus singing something like: hmm why, somebody caught into my brain. It sounds a little bit in the genre of coolio-gangsters paradise. I dont think i have the chorus right, but it does sound like that. Please help me, im already searching for years...


could it be common-testify
the woman says before you


before you lock my love away


Finding a song name. The lyrics contain phrases like "Someone never lonely", "You should know what", "You are the one one who".

Genre is house, sang by female solo singer.

I think it's recent song.

Please help me find the song name!

DAJONPAE is best



okay so i’m looking for this song, sung by a younger kid, music video is on a rooftop, it’s not that old, and all i can remember is at the ending people clapping and saying “yes baby”. it was in all lowercase too, and yea it’s annoying me that i don’t know it


Comethru Jeremy zucker

Annie Hall

Hey, can you help me with this one?
Lyrics goes something like ''Boy, you better look that girl...She is so sad...Keep that girl around....''
It sounds like songs from 50s/60s, but I think it's a new song.

LJ Parr

Morning, looking for a Classic House track, leaning towards Vocal piano I'd say. Chorus goes roughly containing " Freedom of Life, freedom, free your soul". Hope someone can help ✌🏻


i’m looking for a song that goes like when rico got shot were was u i dont know the name of the song tho can someone help me.
or if you can find the song that goes like i need a thanomater for the pot make that shit cooked right.


I need help finding this song I kind of remember and I forgot one word in the sentence, it goes kinda like this
My _______ be testing girl ooh ah
I cant get a __________girl


It is also sung by a male if that helps in any way

Finn terro

I'm looking for a song and I can't find it "I show this love -------- everyone"

David Banda

ahhahh the island drifter, island drifter, ahhahh I find myself some pieces away on the island drifter, island drifter, nothing to do nothing to shout about on the island drifter


Please need help looking for a song!!! I want to say i heard it on the 80’s station at my work. Soft guitar, acoustic, one man singing. It’s a super slow song and it goes “alllllll my life, i’ve been waiting for this moment?” i think? i’m only really sure about the chorus going allllllll my life.

Gavin Yes

Umm try "One Day" by Matisyahu

Deanie Worth

In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins

Deanie Worth

I think it's In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins


this site is so helpful!
I'm so happy that I found a song that I was looking for, for 2 months!
It's called "strangers" by biosphere.
I just typed a few words that I remember from the song and it showed!


Looking for song: lets sit at the table and talk about life, and people peiple hurting other people.


There's a song about someone reminiscing on their past relationship, sung by a man but his voice could be mistaken for more feminine, talked about walking down the street or watching movies with ex... driving me crazy that I can't remember the song!! any suggestions are appreciated


“I needed a truth needed you most here today but you told me you're seeing a dude and she sleeping with dude well i'm sorry for speaking to you” I think that’s how it goes but does anyone know this song??


There's this song from my childhood, I remember it being sung by a really beautiful female voice. Went something like "if you ever go out to the place where we met, and you see him go wondering by. Will you just tell him this, that I long for his kiss, underneath ... " and that's about all I can remember.


Frank Mills by Allison Case?

Jasi K.

I’ve been trying to find a song and since I can’t find it, it’s been driving me crazy. Know that feeling?
The lyrics are something like this:
“ ‘Causs you are that someone who gets me like no one right when i need it the most ... I'm not gonna get you alone”

Jasi K.



alone by ava max?

Jasi K.

omg thank you so much! :)


I'm looking for a song that comes on the netflix series The circle... episode 7 it is the intro to Sean. You can hear a like 2 verses I think says "Thats why im needed???? or thats why im seeing? Help please.


Loving Life by Rationale
 lol I spent forever looking for this song!


Im looking for a song that is auto tuned"wake up wake ........then somwhere in the chorus it goes like this "you calling my phoneeee" its stuck in my head


I’m looking for a Nigerian song I don’t know the artist but if I recall well there was a line like “you no baff you say you baff up”


I should have known, should have known, should have known I - song goes like this and It is a Rock song, does anyone know a name 😀

Ahlem smile

I am looking for a song says
I do my best i never ask i do my best yeaaa
Somthing like that !!


''never had much my mother sister and me and if that wansnt enough(???) Tik tik tik tik tik hee'' Think its house music but cannot find the lyrics anywhere!


Guys I'm looking for a song I only know a few words at best. It is a female singer song about love.

The first part sounds a bit like "I wanna stay with you on the dark side if the moon"

The other part sounds kinda like this "you, you and me, we can be what we wanna be"

Plz halp

Gavin Yes

Guys I'm looking for a song I only know a few words at best. It is a female singer song about love.

The first part sounds a bit like "I wanna stay with you on the dark side if the moon"

The other part sounds kinda like this "you, you and me, we can be what we wanna be"

Plz halp

Jasi K.

I’m not sure about this one, but it has similar lyrics and description.

Wolves - Selena Gomez & Marshmello


Sounds like Disney film “Moulan”


Taylor Swift


I heard a small clip of a song from 90 day finance and it said. Take you time with me I am fragile. Take your time and hold on to every moment. I want to remember all of you.


there’s a song that I see on snap and goes like ohh ahhh baby lets just ..... one more time if ya and idk the rest


Got that check comin in
yeah i feel like i win
you a lame
you cant hang with the gang
Rap song


looking for a song with the lyrics:
Got that check coming in
yuh feel like i win
you a lame
you cant hang with the gang
heres a link to a snippet of the song:


There was this song it has the lyrics like

“You held my heart you had it all but now you’re in the bed with someone else” and a beat drop is there after few more lyrics
I remember watching a YouTube video where the singer’s girl cheats and he moves on then she comes back.


and baby this love knows all about your body it's the perfect kind of love

By the movie called boy bye that’s on Netflix I’m trying to get that song to my playlist


You got that one completely wrong ! I’m definitely not a music buff with groups, Quite possibly link with that yes. Otherwise know my heart is true. It will always be true


Looking for an old song from MySpace a few lyrics are “ stars weep in the sky oh so bright/high” and “ Boredom strikes in the place any time“ it was a stoner song written by a goth/emo looking dude wanting to save it if anyone knows it

Owen Grace

i am looking for a song and the lyrics are i like im feeling great like the sultan hop inside a pain watch inside pain listen baby


"Held me to understand how do we get here again see on the light dream on the other side"—> I wanna find name of this song

Manon Benazzouz

hey i'm looking for a song that goes "i can't
get you out of my mind mind mind mind mind mind" and it's not shawn mendes


hi, im looking for a rap song that goes like this in the end ''and one more thing, to all those who help make this reality you know who you are from the bottom of ours hearts i'd like to thank you for your support one love'' found the music on tony ferguson live on instagram


I search for a song that sound like "know what to do... Ooh..." then im not sure if he repeatly said "come fire" or "comebire " or something. Another song from the same singer I think, the word I heard is "generation" lol. I can't find it anywhere. Sorry for my bad english


''and one more thing, to all those who help make this reality you know who you are from the bottom of ours hearts i'd like to thank you for your support one love'' help me find this rap song



I'm looking for a song, i think it's a group like BSB, or NSYNC, or Blue or Westlife.. I think..
In my head it sounded like this "everywhere i go... (something i'm missing, like "i think of you"), always on my mind.. (and goes on..)"

I might be very far away from the turth to be honest, but coudln't find anything with this lyrics..
Thank you for your help.


A song I heared on "the acting game with Dakota Johnson" Jimmy Fallon show.
Jimmy actually mimicked this so I couldn't get it .


Hey guys and girls, if anyone of you knows the song that goes (sort of, dont know if it's entirely correct) like this: "something is missing out, dadadada to your house dadaa", it would be totally awesome.
It's a relatively high voice and sung by a man. I think it's the chorus of a rap song but I'm not entirely sure

Larry Crabb

What is the name of the artist and the song on the new Hyundai commercial......lyrics "Lemme tell you what I got to say........"


Yes..I love that one too!! I thought it sounded like Justin Timberlake ...But I don’t think it’s him


Hello, I'm looking for this video right from 1:44


Hi, I found this song in kalahari but the song was very faint because of how loud it was inside the waterpark. It goes something like “you’ll be calling/falling danger”. Idrk, its like a club song with a hard beat drop and stuff. Pls leave down song names that may be the one im talking about. Thx <3




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I’m looking for a song. I listened to it like 4 years ago around 2016 but all i know is the song is about sex and its like a rap song and I'm pretty sure the artists name starts with a J or something like Jay


Also I remember listening to the song on sound cloud and the artist looked like he was hispanic and he was wearing a white shirt with a red jacket and timberlands


Might be from J cole


Might be Wet Dreamz


Hello, what is this song?
"i once told you are all i have now you say i am acting crazy"
I heard it in a store.
Thank you!!


The Season 18 premiere of Family Guy that just aired on Sunday (9.29.19).
Time code: 6:12, it's a calypso style instrumental clip right when they show the yacht they're boarding.
HELP! What is that song?


looking for a song that goes “saw you naked in the bed, cigarette still in your hand’’ but can’t find it anywhere


Hi I'm looking for a song that keeps playing in my head. It's like the cutest song ever and I'm getting pissed cus i can't find it. It has a high pitched girl voice and i think its a love song and i can't remember the lyrics someone please help me

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