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I'm looking for a few. These songs are unknown and have little to no information available

"So Totally Insane":
So totally insane, hopeless passion rules the game, self contending through the night, we're drowning side by side
So totally insane, you're the one to take the blame, for the standards that I hide, forget all clashing right

"Here It Comes Again":
Here it comes again, the same old empty feeling, and here we go again, well can't you hear me screaming
Trying to break these chains you made. Empty, I still feel the same, hoping this won't go away.

"Egyptian Wife":
There she goes out of this life, say goodbye to your Egyptian wife. I don't think she'll try it again, I don't think you're gonna see her again. Ooh, I met her at--

"My Explanation's Too Young":
I'll be the actor of my own history, I'll be a social worker and you won't see. Accuse you of wasting your life, but me, I'm writing lies.
The burn feels peace this way cause it needs it, constant self pity, hey hey. and my explanation's too young...


"My Explanation's Too Young" has been solved, discovered to be "Isolation Shot" by Fake Ideal:


N e 1 know this song
There’s no turning back
The night has just begun
Let’s get serious involved having fun
Little ragamuffin from burlingstan
Always number one always number one
nu nu nu nu nu nu nu

Megan Martinez

Ok I’m looking for a song that Was popular in the 90’s or 00’s. It is sung by a male and the chorus lists out the reasons he loves her. One....two.....three. Possibly R&B


Brian Mcknight: Back to one


I found a song through youtube but then lose it.
Its a lyrical rap song with an serious topic and no chorus.
Also the whole song has a "on a phone/mic" effect.
I think its old, maybe like 5-15 years.
Anybody have some ideas?


there are millions of songs like this. Could you be more specific??

Starlette Oscar

If you listened to it on YouTube. On the top left that has 3 horizontal lines. Click on the until the options show below. One of them should say History. When it takes to history, it will show every site you went on. So you will find the site you are looking for.


Trying to find a song by a female artist about her ex being shit, she lists the names of some girls and the only line I can remember is “ I wanna say your name but I won’t cause you want fame” or something to that effect, she kinda sing raps it and is very savage


This might not be what you're looking for but Don’t Tell Nobody by Tink has the listing names thing? Medicine by Queen Naija also does it


Trying to find a song by female voice ." I know you know where i coms from , you told me much more and than some "


Trying to find a song, it's a female artist and it mentions a bunch of disney princesses. I remember a part that talks about cleaning up after 7 lazy men or something similar. It's pretty much about how the female characters don't need the princes or men.

Graham Holden

Is this potentially Sara Barielles - Fairytale? She sings a line - Snow White is doing dishes again cos what else could you do with seven itty bittt men.
She also mentions Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and refers to Rapunzel but not by name.


Yes, that is it! Thank you so much, it's been bugging me for a couple of days trying to figure it out

Badai Singa

Once again please help to find the song that goes like this:
If it's love that you need, you can take it from me. Cause i'm the one who's givin' it up.
And i know it's been hard, but you've beat it this far.
Please help me, this song is edm song and sang by british female vocalist.


Hide by Franky wah? Is it a dance one? If so might be hide by Franky wah


I think this song was from Michael Canitrot so happy in paris 2009 mixes. Vocal was female, i remember some bits of the lyrics however google cannot find it. Please help me out.

Life goes on and ...... behind
Your love can wait it helps me pass the time
Cause life (life goes on) goes on, and time goes by
Life goes on and time goes by

These are the lyrics i remember


I'm looking for a jive / swing song, sung by a female singer, but in the chorus there hits a male singer with a pretty "extreme" voice.
I don't know how old it is but I think it's relatively new, even though I'm not sure. I only remember the chorus probably started with the notes f / d / c /a, maybe also transponed. Any ideas?

Lia Santini

Hi beautiful people,
I am looking for a calm song that ends in something repetitive like:
"I want ya, no one else will do"
I've looked everywhere, I can't find it...
Thanks in advance

Ivan Petrov

Guys, please help.
I am looking for a song that is a duet. Firstly starts the man and sings slowly, he sings the first chorus alone, after that sings the woman and then they sings together as the song escalates and becomes more and more epic. In the end of the song they sing the words and keep longer on the last syllable as their voices overlap.
Thanks! I can't sleep because of this. It is in my head, but I can't start ingoing it in the same way that some picture is in your head, but you can't draw it.


Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush?


Falling slowly- Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova


Hi guy, please I'm looking for a song, "I just wanna show you there is more to love


I'm looking for a punkrock song with this hook;
this is not my scene
this is my life..

anyone have any suggestions?

Graham Holden

Looking for a song with a female singer (think she is solo).

Lyrics are... better make your move (sang like moo-uh-oh-uh-oh-ove), cos i let somebody... (*can't decipher this part*)
In my head I found out,
I'm already passed out,
Thinking/figure this is now moving way to slow,
Better make your move

I personally think it sounds a bit like cassadee pope, and my partner thinks bebe rexha. That kind of tone if it helps.


I’m looking for a song of a video which starts with like pulsing trance like and in that video there is this girl that wears a red coat and walks around in streets and in the end she turns into a floating ghost

Matilda Leon

I've been searching for this upbeat fun little song, a little snippit of it goes like this
"Ayo whats the matter the sun in my eyes and you on my mind"


I'm looking for this song from this trailer.

Lorna O

I need to know this song please.

You put right hand put it in ya left, shake the devil off praising God cause your blessed, kick left kick right get that sin out your life hot the woah for your soul now your doing that right.

Mindy J

I’m looking for an OLD song. It was a man singing about driving up a mountain with someone. As the song goes on you come to realize she was cheating on him. When they get to the top of the mountain he pushes her off. I believe the word down is long and drawn out as the “fall” occurs. It’s been at least 20 years since I’ve heard this and I think was was old back then. I know this is an odd one but any help would be great!


trying to find a song that a male sings it and parts of the song is open your eyes and what can i say when love is around you and you can get stronger and oh oh oh smthing like that


Hey just heard a song and not able to find the name anywhere it goes like.
Lost my girl but I am alright needed some time to make things right


Soo heard this song on TikTok, (don’t have TikTok but I watch compilations) pretty sure it’s from a musical, but some of the lyrics are: “why do they hate me? Why don’t I fight back? why do I act like such a creep? (Some other stuff I forgot) why do I cry myself asleep?” Multiple singers. Thank you in advance


That’s “Beautiful” from Heathers, which is a musical!


Someone's knows the first song of the link:


Help me find this song it's indie 2000's it's R&B i think, the male artist sounds like Albert posis, 4tune or Bei Majeor the lyrics has this "the time place and where" the song is about the guy will do everything for the girl.

Joel Blevins

Ok, I got this song stuck in my head last night I've heard it before but I can't make much out by memory only I think it comes from the 80's its a guy singing and the first verse is him without much music singing (I think) something the "Love of myyyy liiiife" the next verse rhymes with it like "when i see you i close my eyyyyyys. then the chorus starts with im trying get myself.....something..thats all i got i know its not much to go on but its all i have can anyone help me?


Trying to find one that goes - the seasons come and go, the morning turns to evening. Through everything we grow in happiness and grieving. Things we love may go, memories well hold them close.

I know every word but can’t find the song on any lyric website lol.


Ok I know this is super vague but, there’s this song stuck in my head but I cannot remember it enough to find the name of the song. I would say it’s from 10’-20’, and all I can really remember is “ I her eyes, I her (something that starts with a w), ..... (and something like- And now I’m her ocean)” it’s also had a beachy vibe and sound from it!


Could it be “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel?

Damien Barns

What is the song which goes something like

Du du du du and i know i'm gonna find you du du du du cause you're not happy here

By an indie band I cannot think of the name please help me lmao


Hey all, I’m looking for an acoustic like song that I heard on the radio the other day. I believe it’s quite recent but I can’t find anything. The presenter said that the male artist (didn’t catch his name, grr) wrote it when he was sixteen, and the title is ‘All My Life’, which he sings in the chorus. Another lyric says ‘I’ll put you on the radio’ or something like that. Please help!!


The Lathums - All my life


So I have been looking for this song for about 3 years now! It was on the Rozes-Chainsmokers song station on Pandora a few times and I never got around to saving it. It is a bit of a grungier edm/pop song that's instrumentals sound kind of like a chain being whipped. It's a female singer and the chorus goes something LIKE "I dont care *short instrumental rest* I don't care *short instrumental rest* I don't care *other lyrics I don't remember" I dont know if it said I dont care, you dont care, or we dont care but it was something super close to that! I think it was released between 2012 and 2018 but i don't know for sure! Anything helps! Thanks!


Is it I love it by Icona pop?


No it's not that one. Thanks for trying though D:


Sounds like a kpop song i dont care - 2Ne1


I actually do know and love that song, but it is in English 100%. Thank you though D:

Abdul Yakoob

I'm looking for an r&b song it's doing my head in it goes like this
You say that you love me ....
Id do anything for my love
And has the word shamrock in it with a female singer aswel.
Can anyone help?


The phrase "If you asked me to jump, baby, you know I would fly" comes a blues song. Somebody, please, help me to discover what song is that!...


Im looking for a song it was hindi or urdu and punjabi sung completely by a female singer
It was having lyrics like
Tere bin je ghabrave
Sajra nu chain na aave
Aj mosam beiman hai

Lucky negi
 This is the link of insta video and i m not able to figured out song help me


Does anyone know of a song super stalkerish sung by a woman lyrics are something like “i will always follow you” or I will always find you.


I follow rivers - lyykie


Paparazzi by lady gaga?


Ruelle Find You . Maybe thats it

marina s.

Cc: @Anonymous


Please help me, i search for a song that i heard at the radio and the singer is male. It was like that:"ooh i lose caaaanon, we can ? baby"

marina s.

If someone is looking for a song ... you should always write whether the person is a man or a woman ... or a duet ... is who sings the song ... the music genre is also very important ... it there are billions of songs.

Kelly J

Looking for a song that has the lyrics "I’m gonna pull a “You” on you, so we can see how it makes YOU feel"

catie :)

Hi everyone! Ive been looking for a song that I heard on a radio the other day. I forgot the tune to it but it was sung by a man and is definitely an older song (probably jazz). It went something like "i never realised how much i hate being alone" or something similar to that and there were tumpets in between the lyrics that got longer and longer until it went long at the end before they repeated the lyrics in the chorus. I'm so sorry if this is confusing but its all I remember...hopefully I can get some help finding it because I loved it but my dad didnt like it and changed the radio before I could hear the entire song properly

Bernard Aoun

All my freinds say that its all in my head but the look in your eyes give me away
If its all in my head then why does my heart melt everytime you walk by if its you and me are never to be then love dont mean nothing at all in my head.
Thats an old 80s maybe 90s song that just dissapeared from the internet if anyone recognised it or knows the singer's name (female) please help thank you


hi im looking for a song with lyrics "there is a place you can call home and there is a place you can call your own and there's a place you can't get there alone so take my hand"


Sounds like Somewhere by barbara Streisand


I'm looking for a song, the singer is male and it was hacking a lyrics like
"the windows open, windows, windows open but i'm still down in here
yo are lose caannon"


Looking for a song sang by siblings I think, the lyrics are:
I see you, I love you, for all that you are
I'm here for, whatever, you......

Now the situation, that were're going through
It could be worse you know

Do what you will, you're my sister still

You're not a little girl anymore, you're woman, you're womaaaaaan


Looking for a country western that's goes like this ....... what did you have in mind when you broke this heart of mine

Hugo Akkermans

Im looking for a song, I think its by suicidal tendencies or something similar. It's had this part which goes:

I want my (enter smth here)
I want my ()
I want my bed
I want my weed
I want my TV, but most of all,
I just wanna go home!

I can't find it by googling these lyrics so if anyone can help out that'd be amazing!


Sung by a girl & a lyric is "Now I can't get the picture out of you two having s*x" & a lot of the comments on the music video said that she was like Melanie Martinez. In the music video, she has 2 best friends (a boy and a girl) and it seemed like a witchy aesthetic? I'm not sure but I think I found it on youtube trending in maybe 2018, I'm not too sure.


I'm positive it's New Friends by Maty Noyes


ahh omg tysm that's it, I've been looking for this song for like a week


so obvious i took the plate she was something took my bed refused to share start to wonder ,sadly this is the only lyrics that I know and still looking for the song it's pop song male voice pls help

James Graham

Does anyone know the name of the song in the current tv advert for boxsets?


Looking for a song, that I can only describe as a club classic.

The words "I need you so much" are repeated over and over several time by the female vocalist.
I can't seem to find the song anywhere - please help!


Touch me in the morning?


Rui Silva-Touch me


Yes it's Rui Silva with Touch me...


The Veronicas - untouched? Maybe ?


did u find it


im looking for a song and its the words 'blue, black and white' over and over. I remember that the cover was a girl sitting in the back seat of a retro car with her legs up. I think the word 'gold' might be in there too.


what song that has these parts are what i can say that love is around you and open your eyes is repeated several times and let me see through your eyes i can get stronger. pls help me


HELP! Theres a song opening a clip of a belgium tv show WTFock and I can't find it anywhere.
this is the link of clip. The lyrics are 'Backing up, say goodbye, take a chance at a better life -- memories left behind.'

Lourdes Pena

I need help finding the song to this
plz help!!!


Say it by Tory Lanez but it’s some weird remix of it


hey guys im finding a song with a lyric that goes like "i know nothing at all except the fact that im hers and shes mine"


pleas help me find this song , a girl was singing it
"girl you make it easy like 123 she dont wanna know know know she is on the go go go, see her rocking those ripped off jeans like the cover of magazine oh she


Looking for an indie rock song (i think) where it says "There's a fine/thin line between _____ and depression" i can't find it anywhere


Maybe Pleaser by Wallows?


Looking for a song I heard yesterday on an alternative rock station that had something like "let this die so that I can live" in the chorus. Thanks!


looking for a song that's like "sixteen, feeling like there's nothing to think about" that's all I remember, sung by a female singer probably in the early 2010s, thanks.

Mars bar

What rap song is this plz help!!
anxious feel it in my blood late nights drinking in the club


I'm trying to find a song, but it's in Japanese. I found it on Youtube from a channel that not many people know about, but i remember the starting lyrics go like "I can't back out anymore. I want to keep on living" then the rest is in Japanese. I remember the title when translated being something like "Lantern of life" Or something related to lanterns, fire or life. I think the background had Shimakaze the anime girl, on her knees on the ground looking down sadly and it had a teddy bear in the picture, too. I've been searching for this song for years, and would be so grateful if anyone could find it!

Hanabella Charles

Looking for the soundtrack in tailor my heart by Fredrick Leonard
It's sings I be loving you you be loving me
Please send me the title of the song and the name of the singer


Try love you love me by Harley barnes

Marius Pape

Hey im looking for a song .
Its from the beguinning of the techno/house time of the 90s.
A woman sings/speaks in an erotic voice :"falling from the sky and everybody is gonna be high"
After that there are two more lines and then an instrumental part starts.

In the music video there was a roboter who was running thru a desert

Gabor Konta

I'm looking for a video clip
in which an older man sings a little fat, perhaps in Spanish
a woman walks with an umbrella
sometimes the woman changes into an image and back... have anybody any idea?


i think there’s a video named obey the walrus where andross sings itsy bitsy spider in a different language then it speeds up when the screen changes then a person walks with an umbrella and a different song plays then an image of a walrus appears

are you thinking this?

Abraham Wafula

Hey I'm looking for a song that goes... Baby I'm sing you you are my dream come true odo yewu.


90s pop song, female singer. Lyrics: When I see you, something makes me change my mind, when I see you I forget about the time. Chours: Baby I remember, (?) how you cheat on me...
This song can be heard in the movie Profile for murder (1996) in a club.


Hi all,

I just heard a song today, all I can remember is it saying something in the chorus like “dance around with somebody”. It was a man singing and it had an acoustic guitar sound, but was upbeat enough to be a dancing song. It was playing on some kind of current top hits playlist. Can anybody help me figure out what it was?? It was so catchy!


I think it might be dancing with a stranger by Sam Smith


It’s not that one. Thank you though!


I figured it out, it came on again today at my job. I was way off on the lyrics. Also the acoustic guitar 😂 Turns out the song is “bachelorettes on broadway” by Willie Jones.


Hi whats this song: I've never known the brightest sunset but every day I see it rise I never thought it could be better until I saw it in your eyes

Starlette Oscar

I am looking for a song but cannot remember the artist or name of the song. It was a funny song, all I can tell you is a bit about the video. It was someone walking down a runway as a model (pretending to be a model) and holding a beach ball with one hand and to the side. It was always I think the same wear and it said something like, beach wear, winter wear etc. Sorry I know I am not giving much. (no it is not I'm to sexy for..)


I tried finding the song in this video , it goes for a couple of minutes but the lyrics are a bit difficult to hear. At 9:38 it sounds like the lyrics are "and I'm on the road..." but that's proven too vague for all of my searching.


Helped me out first try, thank you

The Corrupted One

Anyone know about the title of this song??


hello I am looking for a song and I don’t even know if I have the lyrics right at all but it’s like a idc type of song and this might be in it , “i’ll cut off twenty people on the drive home just for fun” and i literally have been looking for hours


This song kinda sounds like an emo rap song. I don't know
lyrics =
She said that it was the last time (last time)
Now im poppin pills just to pass time ( pass time)
you borke my heart at a bad time, bad time

Joe Hero

Last time - killbunk

Took me a minute to find it too


If you can find this song, I'll cashapp you $5 (usd). Female singer, upbeat, mostly drums and guitar, language and era unknown. Here's the vocaroo link:

Officer number

I can't remember much but there was something about a police officer giving his number to a girl who was abused or something. Then when she goes home and her boyfriend (?) finds the number and beats her. It laments that she would have been safer of the officer hasn't tried to help.

Amelia Clewett

Little Lady - Ed Sheeran (Ft Mikill Pane)


I am looking for an edited song. It was made up from John Lennon's words. It was on youtube. I only remember " and the next day gonna be better". It has a good video and atom bombs and john lennon imagery? I really want to find that. I'm gonna go crazy.

Starlette Oscar

Is it by any chance, the song is called Dear John (Lennon)


Oh I found it. It's Insane People by Kled Mone. Thank you!

Daisy Delestine

I'm looking for a song that goes "like a dream I'm in....... now we're on to something beautiful" but I can't figure out the name and I wanna listen to it someone helps I think its a country song


the last song in the all tiktok remix that goes "up down right down looking for your love right now." :( please thanks


I'm also looking for this, hard to find! I've searched so many combinations of lyrics.

Sara Desmond

Ugh me right now! Can’t find! I want that whole mashup too


Omg I’ve tried looking all over for it too!! But I found out it’s an original edit by the creator. He just added his vocals to the track. He’s jakelawson on tiktok!! Hope this helps!


the tiktoker @jakelawson added that when him and his mom made the remix. so it didn't come from another song unfortunately


Hello, I'm look for the trophy celebration song in The Last dance episode 6


This has been driving my brother and I nuts for quite a while now. There was a hit song in the 90's, from say 91-97. It was out at the same time as that song "memories of love". Its a 90's Dance music song (my brother's music, not mine).
The lyrics that I can remember, even though I know they are wrong, are:
"The life that we've earned is a light bowl of sperm"

Ofc, that's not what was being said (least I hope not).
But if anyone has any idea what the song could be, please let me know. It was sung by a female singer.


Hi I'm looking for a song that goes like "rising up", and in another part it says "frozen skies"also in a part it says: "up to heaven" or something like that


Eye of The Tiger by Survivor perhaps?

Nart Hataqway

I cannot remember a song that coral says tchip parip, tchip parip, tchip parip parip.
It's 90s I believe
Thanx for help.


Any one knows what the original, or something similar to this song?
I know there is another version, but I cant find it any more.

of this
There is a man and a woman, singing in the version Im looking for.
Thank you :D

Starlette Oscar

Is this by any chance? L.O.V.E. by Lello B


Ok, this will be rough, sorry I dont have more info. First I know its a male singer. Second its a sad song. I THINK it might be recent.
Something about this guys ex showing up, and even if he lets her in, it will still end up the same. Wish I had more info, but I am hoping that someone here will be of help.


In an old song in 80s sound like a french song a sweet lady voice I remember only "po po po" or "popopo"
is a soft song, Any idea?


ca plaine pour moi by plastic bertnard


it was recorded in 1978

Keira Hedger

the song has words in it such as
‘i’m addicted to you baby, everytime i need your love you take me to another place to another place, feel the beat yeah’

Guggis Berg

Hi I’m looking for a song which says “standing at the doorpost, fire in his hands, open up your heart, He’s waiting for you


Hey, looking for pretty recent song, which goes something like this:
"My friends say I've been louder before I met you" or something along those lines :)


Hia, i'm looking for a song that I heard ages ago but never found the name or the artist, the only part i know is, "summer time we go eh oh.." if thats right lmao, some please helpppp


Sounds like that song from The Bangles...ummm...could be Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles.
Check it out, from the 80's. Most likely on Youtube.


Dynamite by Taio Cruz?


I used to hear this song when I worked at a movie theater. It was a younger sounding woman, and she was singing about how she was happy she didn't need her relationship anymore. It was NOT a love song, it was a song about breaking up with someone, which was best for her. The lyrics were something like "I'm so glad I never needed you" and it is driving me NUTS because her melodic voice was so beautiful.

Harvey H. Golo

I've recently remembered this song, tho I forgot pretty much every lyric on it except for "danger", i remember some of the melody or something, but only a bit and might not be much help, only clues I can give are: the word 'danger' is repeated a lot, in its music video it kind of starts with a piano, 3 man band... not sure, lots of animation, and there are danger signs with animated stickman in it which is trying to avoid all the accidents... :( thnx in advance


Hi! I am looking for a song that says something like "They said we were out of style, but now we lead the dance…" I don't remember the rest of the lyrics… Thank you so much for your help! :)


I don’t know the name of the song Im trying to search but here’s the link please help me

Starlette Oscar

Is it Vin Jay - Get Like Me


Looking for a song that goes "tell me what to do, oh tell me what to do" sung by a man or male group. The song is on the slower side. Not the one by Shinee or Chris Brown. Could be English or Korean I don't remember. Thanks!

John dong

I'm looking for a song that guys. I'm sick of all these games you play I wanna run away we all run away. Believe it's a rock song not sure?

Antoinette Potgieter

I am looking for a song with the some of lyrics , I don't care what happens if I live or die, without you, without you


With or without you? U2? Not quite sure, trying to find a song of my own… But perhaps

Ray Moore

Does anyone know a song that goes like, "don't drown, come up for air sometime" It sounds like a female voice. It's the last song in this trailer

you said?

i remember this song that was on the radio alot, i cant remember the song but i believe it was made be fun. at the end of the song, a guy says last on and they yell HEY and sometimes in the song, they would go HEY HO


I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Ho Hey by the Lumineers?


Is there a part like "so show me family / all the blood that I will need / took a bus to Chinatown / I've been livin lonely now/
The main part is like I belong with you you belong with me in my sweet home!

Naing Htut Aung
Song starts in 1:38 I am trying to search

Valean Alex

Attila Bokor - Incredible

Fanny Hellerich

I heard this on youtube forever ago
i remember the artist had their name written with dots in between kinda like T.H.I.S.
and the only lyrics that i remember are
where did you go oh oh oh oh where did you go oh oh oh uhh where did you go when i needed you most?


No Mercy - Where Do You Go could be this?

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