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I'm looking for a song by a(n early?) 2000s boy band. I remember something about digits (fingers). At first, people thought it was about online dating, but it was actually about fingering?
Does anyone have a clue?


Digital Get Down by NSYNC?


Perhaps "Digital Display" by Ready for the World?


It goes U will never be alone u will never be alone


Can you be more specific? Male or female singer what about the instruments? Other lyrics?


King of my Heart?


Is it a rap song? i think i know it, it's by a rapper and he's "suicidal" and one of the lyrics are "you're not alone"

David G

I’m looking for an EDM song that has the following hook: “ that would be all that I need” or “that would be alright with me”. Please help!


Hey, I am looking for a song that I think has the lyrics "but friends don't do this" it spoke about how friends don't kiss etc and I am pretty sure it was rnb and a female singer was singing it (honestly could be a male artist I completely forgot)

Ambrosia Johnson

If it was “You say we’re just friends, but friends don’t know the way you taste.” That’s Señorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.


Friends by Ed Sheeran?


Ninaanb Lena. Wuntra


Just a friend to you- meghan trainor


I'm looking for a song which lyrics are "shake me, shake me, i'm going down. Take me, save me, almost can feel the ground." The genre should be rock or something like that.


Looking for a song. Lyrics go something like “I know what to do, yeah........they’ll come back for you, yeah....*repeats first line*”


Test and recognize by seekae


Is it Seekae by Test & Recognise (Flume Re-Work)?

Salman Tahir

Im looking for a song that i heard but cant find its name

We can go back live for the moment
Its in the past embrace the moment
Its now now or never now now forever

Honey ball

Did u find it??


Looking for a song wich has "I won't get your love", is a lyric video which has in it a asian girl and a boy and the song is about exposing your love to your crush.


I'm looking for a song that has the refrain I think "I won't get your love". I don't remember very well the lyrics but in the begining it was saying how i would wake up to you in the morning but i wont. Is a lyrics video with an asian girl and a boy and the song is about exposing your love to your crush


i am looking for song female says “here we are” and she repeat it again and again it’s kind of electronic song and we hear her voice like reverberant sound


I'm looking for a song that starts with good sending a letter to evil apologizing that the vacation took so long but that's she's coming home, and ends with evil returning to the house/apartment to find good waiting. I can't remember any specific lyrics, but I think the band's name had "brothers" in it


The Ballad of Love and Hate by the Avett Brothers


Hi everybody! I'm Looking for a song. I think it's a new song. Male voice, refrain repeats "mister kisses" or "misses kisses". Thanks!


im trying to figure out what this song is but its def not yonder google is telling me its yonder peace of mind but its not that song Would you whisper my name, little Darling
In the night when you're so sad and blue
Are my tears that follow a reminder
That you left me for somebody new

Would you ever come back into memory
Would you think of our love that used to be
As your heart comes from beneath the river
Is my picture in a tear you cried for me

Did you hear that ol' night bird cryin'
He's cryin' for someone who's gone away
(???) through the nighttime
And you'll come back to him someday

[ Chorus ]

Did you hear the sound of the freight train
The same one that you rode on out of town
Well it whistled and (???) through the nighttime
Like the blues that surely got me down


Hey. I heard this song on radio and i've been searching for it ever since. I've got like 4-5 lines from it but still they don't show me wrong song again and again. I'm dropping lyrics (not in particular order) so i hope you'll help me with it. I liked this song very much so please help me find it.

"isn't this strange that i still remember your face"

"i can't believe i'm calling you up again"

"i can't believe i'm calling you up to stay"

"i'm not okay, i want you to stay"


Looking for a song where a guy says " wait on me wait on you" I guess, I had an Oriental chorus to it.


My song is really slow and there is a part where it says

Don't...(small pause)..don't promise meeee.......da da da da daaa

(High note speakin) to the waterrrrrrrr

The guy sing high pitch in the promise me part

And lower pitch in the to the water part


sounds like a song from the twenty one pilots self titled abum


the first reply is speaking of Addict with a Pen by Twenty One Pilots though I doubt it's that song

Nigel Montezuma


Since the first time that I saw you, I couldn't get you out of my mind

It's in this YouTube video too!


looking for a song,
you say that you love me,
do you really mean that,
i’m not shy but i think you do

Kapere Athanasius Ndjamba

I'm looking for a song but i try to search on Google but didn't get it. The song goes like this" who's gonna feel you like the way i feel, I'm gonna be with you gonna be with you" I really love song so much

Jordis Weichbrodt

So I found this Song on Netflix (Film : 3 Türken und ein Baby) i searched so long for this song and I could not find it so I hope someone can help me. It goes like ...
„ I hate to say that I told you so“ or ..
„so tell me what we‘re fighting for if our hearts won’t beat anymore“
Please help me. This song was so beautiful but also kinda sad
I couldn’t find it 😐


I am looking for a song which involves
what are thinking about when your hand is around me as i was thinking about all the possibilities your world is a place I want to be lyrics


This is dumb but I CANT FIND THIS SONG ANYWHERE. Some of the lyrics go

“Touch the fire with your hands,
cause you’re gonna get burned, you’re gonna get burned.
You’re walking into quicksand,
now lesson learned
cause you’re gonna get burned...

There you go without thinking about tomorrow
Gonna let you know you’re spending all that time ___ to get through things
Give me give me a second chance
So turn around and ____

There’s a start but you forgotten how to fall
Gonna leave a scar if you don’t take the time to heal everything underneath this
You’re watching the hours ticking away
So turn around and ____

I gotta say
That you could do so much better...”

If you want to hear it it’s in this video

Mehdi kamij

Thaaaank youuu <3

Danny Willis

I’m looking for a song that I just cannot figure out the name or lyrics to it’s an R&B song most likely from the 90s and it sounds like it goes like “thatssss my girllll imma be the oneeee to show you that I love youuu” it’s not that exact lyric it’s just what I think it sounds like any ideas ?? 😭

Amarai Adams

Destiny’s Child - Girl


I’m looking for a song with the lyrics “ I need to go home, I’m finally going home, oh please take me home”. It was on Girls Incarcerated 2 episode 8 around 32 minutes into the show. I’ve tried everything!!!

John O

Would it be "Home" by Tina Dickow (sometimes spelled Dico). It's on youtube.


I just checked it out... it wasn’t it.. man I’m so bummed lol.. I hate when this happens 😭


Thank you for the response and helping me out 😊

Debra Davidson

Hi, I am watching a Korean drama called Yellow Boots (also known as Ice Adonis) with Lee Yoo Ri and there is a scene in the 4th episode where she is in a cafe with her boyfriend (about 10-12 minutes in) and the background music, which is fleeting, has a really haunting female voice and melody. It's hard to make out the words - some are "I don't know how to read you" and then- "I hear your voice when you're away." It 's very lovely but I can't seem to find it! HELP! I put it in but it didn't come up that I saw. It was not a Korean song, it was in English.


I'm looking for a song. Female vocals voice like destination calabria.

Debby Madonna

Hello, i'm looking for a song with the lyrics "Nobody know, who i really am. I never felt this something before. And if i ever meet someone to come along. You gotta come fot me, and keep me strong". It's japanese song, sang by a girl. Thx


The lyrics are:
"Nobody knows who I really am,
I never felt this empty before,
And if I need something to come along,
Whose gonna comfort me and keep me strong?"
The song is called Life is Like a Boat by Rei Fu


I am looking for a song but i don't remember the singer, I love thats my love I love thats my love say I will always love my baby so just follow me follow go see my mama


hey, i’ve been looking for this song on an animation that i just cant find ):

the song is basically this guy yelling some inaudible lyrics like “abracadabra kabracada” and then i’m back is the only thing i could actually understand


The only song I know saying Abracadabra by the Steve Miller band.


Hi i'm looking for a song, that's sung by a girls, and it goes "I know you have heard it all before, that you are the love of my life. I knew when you can through the door, that you are the love of my life. Nothings hard, everything is easy with you around"
I can't find this song, Can anyone help me?!!


the song that prouro is a woman singing a rap or r & b slow and sensual, there a guy sings the refrao, she says phrases like "so make me cum", "you know this pussy is so ..." "say my name and make me know .... just like i knew cause you drive crazy "and the chorus is more or less" it's pretty to say i love you when you fuck for play "it's probably wrong the lyrics but that's just what i identified , it's a sound that seems to be from the 90s ... for the love of god if anyone knows I thank you from the heart :(


kinda had same lyrics of "Forbidden Fruit" by j Cole but it's all rap and no girl singing


I'm looking for a song that has these lyrics in one of the verses (I think): "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sing of peace and unity, but they're no longer together."


Hi, I'm looking for the name of a song that has these lyrics in it "you walk a thousand miles to find your way back home, you take a bird at his words to find out who you are, i can't find you and i'm moving so slow, i can't find you and i don't know"


The song is about his first wife .an he has another one called baby thing they shear did in the end he was the one who was happy and dancing


Im looking for a song that has these lyrics "when you ask me,the night in the car it was just you and me you hold/held my hands' the music is kinda chill type,it sang by a lady please help me guys,really appreciate

Donna featherston

This song was song by a black gospel male artist, and I can’t put the lyrics together for nothing. It starts out something like this. 🎶Master, “The storms are raging.”
I don’t no if the song starts out like that or not.

Rennie Neasey-O'Connell

It's called 'Peace Be Still' The first line is 'Master, the tempest is raging'


Suddenly remembered a song on top of my head.

Not sure if the lyrics is exactly as the song I remembered but it went or had the same meaning as this:
Its kind of like a love song type
""You always think that you're lucky to have me, but I am the one who is lucky to have you""

Lee Asbury

I think its great


Hello everyone!!!
The song I heard was in abc app, watching Felicity, season 3, episode 14, “The break up kit”, when she talks to Noal almost at the end. It says something like: “When we both grow old, we will find a youth, when we close the door, we will find the truth”. It is a different song from the original. I wrote to abc service client, no answer yet. (About a couple of months ago). Any help?!

Christina Rodriguez

Hello, I am looking for as song with these lyrics "And We all gather all together, from the hills we knew so well. To the land so warm in the sunshine, we will all go home. Take the high road home, take the skies road home, on my way, on my way on the high road home." I have been searching for years to the name to this song, I hope it resonates with someone!

Widaz Sakti

try "sunshine love"

Car Lover Shakyor

I'm looking for a song from a second episode of the cartoon called "Aaron Stone". It's starts by 17:45, when they are driving red Ferrari. I can't hear any words because actors are talking loudly. Shazam can't also recognise song. Link here:


I’m looking for a song from the 90s. It’s a hip hop cover of “baby baby I’m fallin’ in love” and it was by a young artist or kid group. If anyone can tell me the artist and song title I would really appreciate it.


I know that La Bouche covered Colton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds's "Falling in Love" in 1995.

Anonymous joe

I cant find a song that goes “Shawn quit talking like that man that's not you anything you need i swear to God i got you”


I listen to this song but it's a nightcore version so the pitch is higher and the speed is faster the app its in titled it Background Music but it doesn't have the artist or band name with it. The lyrics goes, "I'm not crazy my life has background music...(Instrumental)
Well I was just standing there one day and my foot start tap tap tapping away..." I wanted to put it in my spotify playlist, but I haven't had any luck. I've tried Google and YouTube but they came back with serene background music or something from Dear Evan Hansen.... Can anyone help? I think it's fairly new, it's rock but the very beginning sound like 60's radio.


I'm trying to find a song, but I only remember one or two lines. Male singer, older song (90's maybe??)Cheerful tune. I think it goes "run wiiiiild, -- in the sky, na na na na". (Run or ride, idk). I can't find it anywhere. Please help!


I am looking for a song.. A boy and a girl meet somehow and they fall in love and from boyfriend and girlfriend they turn to husband and wife.. At last it was all the girl's past memories.. But the boy had already died in the past.. Please help!! It's somekind of a love tribute


Terrible things by Mayday Parade?


Hi everyone. I looking for a song and i heard just a one little piece of that what starts like "i miss now. I found myself in love. I cannot (one word what i don't understand clearly). I carried for this love all my life". It was altermative rock i guess. PLEASE help that song so amazing just aww

Kirsten Andersen

I need help I have been desperately searching for this one song all night. There is like this guy yelling "why won't you love me" og "please won't you love me" or something like that. I think I'm going crazy here 😅


Are you thinking of give me love by Ed Sheeran?

Kirsten Andersen

Nope, found the song though. Thanks.
It was "love me" by Go Go Berlin


Why don’t you love me Hot Chelle Rae ft Demi Lovato

Nicole Sherman

Ok I'm looking for this song. I remember hearing it when I was younger (sansa clip era). I don't remember any of the lyrics except for the lead vocalist just belting out "Baby Blue" at the end of the song. It's a rock song, I know that much. But it isn't by Badfinger (I've checked). Maybe something indie or alternative?


Jaded by Aerosmith?

Georgescu Mihai

Jay, is the fugees -fu gee-la your song?.. Guys and girls, if you help me with this, you are the best..There s an american rap song performed by many rappers(could be a female singer among them but I am not sure) and at the final of it, is a short interview..Unfortunately, I don t remember any lyrics...


Looking for a song i heard in a serie. It goes like. I’m waiting for the call back , telling me you’re sorry because you feeling empty. He Circling like clock work , bet you keep your distance now as we getting closer. Get out of my mind got to leave you behind.


Hi, I'm looking for a song with "I used to make you laugh, I know we got it bad. But we don't talk about it. We just wanna make it last but we're not ready for each other" as part of the lyrics. If this helps, it is a song Asia Monet Ray dances to in Season 1, Episode 10 of Raising Asia. Please reply if you know! Thank you!


does anyone remember a hip-hop song from the early 2000's (or late 90's) a woman sings the chorus and finishes it with "just go on" and the man sings the back vocals? (he was rapping too, I guess)


Maybe you can try "Life goes on" from Tupac Shakur ?


Hey, I'm looking for a song that a part of the chorous is "Let's go back like it's over, ....". It's like a slow song with not many instruments, maybe it is an acoustic version. I just remember that part of the song and I'm not quite sure. Thanks and hope someone knows the song.


I'm looking for the artist/band who sings the song, I'm Not Crazy My Life Has Background Music. It's like rock but an upbeat cheery feeling but the beginning sounds like roaring 20's radio. Anybody know who sings it?


hey I’m looking for song that I heard on an Instagram audio. I can’t really describe what it saying but all I can remember is “Never gonna tell her that love of her friends” or something the lines of that. Right after that some remix starts. It was a toy story edit I believe. It’s been stuck in my head forever and I just need to know


No Rome - Narcissist


i think it is narcissist by no rome


Hi. Im looking for a song where was a men who was warming up by running up stairs first then he start climbing on crane in half of the song. This song was kinda pop or electronic something like this.


She said. I heard a song yesterday on a Country station and each line ended with female singer sang: she said.
It is a sad song. Anyone know this?


Hi can anyone help me find this song
"i heard your voice today through the window pane my weary eyes lit up but the room was just the same"

Its a female singer but i dont know the song nor the singer


I heard your voice in the wind today*?

Anna Sorchika

I think its:
This Ain't Love by Mike Pagonis


I know this part of that song, it says, "I know that everyday..when I close my eye". It's an old love song by a male artist.

Erez Guerrero

I am looking for a song "cause if you're think that im such a happy person, no you're wrong.
can somebody help me?


Hello everyone!!!
Watching Felicity in abc app, season 3, episode 14, heard a song at the end that says something like: “When we both grow old, we will find a youth, when we close the door, we will find the truth”. It is a different song from the original.


I'm looking for a song, whose words are

come on feel you and me don't say falling love leave after movement coz coz coz coz coz

William Bateman

Hi guys. Looking for a song, relatively new. The chorus lyrics are ‘I’m just holding on, holding on. I’m just waiting for you to call, I guess I’m just holding on holding on’ sang by a female. Thanks

Miles Jones

High Resistance - Holdin' On

Hope brown

Hi i'm trying to find a song the lyrics go way way where way where all day if you down like it on nijah finsta page.


Hi I'm trying to find a song a love songs it goes"if I spend the night I spend my life girl you know ill spend my life with you"

Chronic Youth

Can anyone tell me please name of a song in this video?

from 4:20 to 4:30


Hi guys! I am looking a song I heard in a TV show, it was hard to hear, it was something like this: “something in the water, something in the’s amazing what is something”... THANKS..!


Coleman Hell - 2 Heads


Can people put down the lyrics(that they know), type of genre, and if it was a female or male singer? That would help a lot.


I'm looking for a song. The lyrics are :

Oh, girl don't play me for a fool
acting like we're cool, comming back to say you're sorry
...I guess you heard the news
Now you're trying to get back on me

Dont call me up asking me for second chances
You fed enough i'm not playing games no more
Can get your stuff dont expect to conversate 'cause
I ain't got time for another goodbye no...


Looking for a song i hear and i only know a few lyrics from it not much to go on i know but heres hoping "If i could save your life i would give you mine" "i will never ever let you down"


i'm looking for a song. Is like electro or house or i don't know. that has a kid's voice in some part that says this is the place... blah blah blah i can't remember




Hi guys. I heard a song in a FV show, but it was some hard to hear, it was something like this: something in water, something in the’s amazing what it’s something” the song is slow like a ballad

Georgescu Mihai

Guys, if you help me please to find this song you can find anything. I don t know the lyrics unfortunately. All I know is an american rapp song performed by several rappers and it is a short interview at the final of it.

Angel Singer

Is it “Mo Money Mo Problems” by the Notorious B.I.G.? It includes an interview by Biggie, as the song was released after his death. It features other rappers, like Diddy.


no is not this :(


Idk this just the first thing i thought of:
48- tyler the creator

Antonio Morelli

Runnin' by 2pac


I am looking for a song that I heard a couple of years ago, I don't remember the lyrics or the singer. But I vaguely remember a few words, it goes 'Break it....kissing your lips, playing with the sheets and lying in bed etc. if someone can help me find this song. I am just going crazy as I cannot recollect the song or the singer. I think its from the 90s. Many thanks.


In between the sheets isley brothers maybe



Eli McDaniel

Don’t know if y’all can help but I’m looking for a song from I think a hallmark movie. The movie is about a singer who use to be popular and his plant water girl and they write a song for a famous pop star. I think the lyrics go something like “I’ve got sunshine over head...” forgot the rest of them, I’ve been trying for while to figure it out.

Liezle van Zyl

The actors is Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore
Music and lyrics


"Way back into love" I think is the title


I can't remember the song, but the lyrics go like: "we'll always find you ....... It's a hard situation and I need to let it go ..... we belive in stars" (???). It' a pop song by a female singer.


I'm looking for a song that plays during the end montage of Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Ep 12. Female singer, lyrics include "I'm just like a stranger that you don't even know, so I close my eyes and fade to black, and I need you right now but I can't go back, and it feels so cold out here alone, baby there's no way out, there's no way out" HELP! :)

Bam carpio

Super Effective thankyou so much!😚


looking for a song i cant remember most of it but there was one part that went so low falling so low falling so low it was by a male singer pls help thx.

Ave Orson

Hey there, can't find a song from the 90's since the early 2000's)
The back vocal sings "hey, baby" and the guy sings something and "flying so high". The back vocal repeats "flying so high"


I am looking for a song sounds like Whitesnake. It has lyrics like 'You can't love me" and "up and down"


I'm looking for a song that I remember listening to years ago... Before the music starts, it plays the recording of a girl who's addressing a boy she likes. She says things about high school, I think, and says "my voice is kind of hoarse". That's the only literal quote I remember. If I recall correctly, something along the lines of high school now being over and them moving to different cities... I'm a little fuzzy on that. It was really cute how she talked to him and I'd like to hear it again. Not a lot to go on, I know. I've tried other lyrics search engines, but to no avail. Appreciate any help.

Liezle van Zyl

Hi l'm looking for a song sung by a male and female duet. In the song they are married and sitting together and watching around them.
If you listen to the lyrics closely you realise it 8s a gospel song

Annie H

Hey im looking for a song sung by a woman, and its a rather new song, from 2017 to now i believe, Its about a woman (single mother) working for her child to have good life and theres something about the beach or ocean, Please let me know if you find it! its been bugging me all day and i just heard it but now forget the lyrics i heard...

Lilian Cole

Clean Bandit - Rockabye?

Sara Grace Taylor


Beverly R Bouverette

Definitely Rockabye. It's by Sean Paul and Anne Marie. It's one of my favorites!


im looking for a song by "The Neighborhood"- all the lyrics i remember is at the end of the song it says at some point "space in between"? That's all i remember. thank you ;w;

Jeff Bowen

Maybe “Pure and Easy” by the Neighborhoods?
80s rock band out of Boston


hello. i cant find a song with those lyrics lol. (yes i looked at ALL of their songs). if u wanna listen to their songs and find it. if its popular or was on the radio its either sweater weather or afraid. you either heard the lyrics wrong or its by the wrong artist. i wish you luck lol.


Please, help I'm looking for a song which starts by someone who says "where there's a party we are party" it is then instrumental till the end and it sounds like a Nigerian song kind of😭😭😭


'There is a party' by "DJ BoBo?"


Party Hard by Andrew WK...? Stab in the dark here.

Eugene Czyzewski

I am looking for a song about the "Weekend." It was widely played on AM radio in the"60s (I think.) It was sung by a male singer. I can't remember all the words, but here is the refrain:

"And we have the weekend to paint the town
To go out dancing with the inside crowd
But Sunday night I get blue when the weekend is through
And I have to say goodnight to you
And the weekend"

This song got radio time and may have made the top forty. It is remarkable no one remembers it.

D. De La

I was looking for a song that starts out, "look whose now over now don't look back" then a catchy tune. Almost thought it was New kids on the block. "Guess it's all over and I don't want to look ba--ack"

Michael Dako

I'm looking for a song which has been in my head for years but Google has been failing me. It goes something like this "now I know the kind of friend you are, I'll give up anything to make you smile, I just wanna be the one you love, and you can have me anytime you want..... You deserve to hold someone who loves you too, you deserve to be, treated very specially......." *female artist


I remember this song and searching for 10 yrs...get up in the dark..i spent so many nights next to your close door.....i cant just let you go going with the flow..screaming out all my misery....
Please help me to find this song..

Marie R.

But so far so high so lost I've gotta you can not... (I don't know any other lyrics, please help me to find this song)


Hello guys
There‘s a song stuck in my head and I literally searched trough the whole internet to find it but I can‘t. The lyrics go‘s like : “I remember us, everything that was, all the good and all the bad and all the wanderlust.“ I have a short recording of it, but this doesn‘t help either. Pls help🥺

Paul Chieffo

Looking for a song that was played at a Safeway. The chorus goes "Breathing doesn't start until you leave the room. It's hard to believe but its gotta be true. You're dizzying me without even trying" please help I cant find if anywhere.

Matjokotje Mphahlele

I'm looking for the song with the lyrics "I've looking at u from across the street, and I think about u almost everyday"... Not sure if I captured those correctly but plz help guys.


Hi guys, i'm looking for a song i've heard not long ago and it's a chill trap music song with female vocal. I only remember a few words and can be wrong somewhere but i think it goes like this:

I'm locked down (...)
I sleep on sleep on night
We carry on, i'm carrying on (and after these words the trap music goes)


hey all i am looking for a song which sounds totally 80s techno. i don’t think it has many lyrics but has a really distinctive techno riff.
the lyrics that are in it sound something like: late night, out here dancing with you and it’s a male singing :)))

Karina McLovin

Does anyone know the name of this song or who sings it? It's on the 1996 Sabrina The Teenage Witch movie.
Don't ask no questions
I've got no answers
I've never felt this way before
We've both got others

Andrew Joseph

Help please! I’m looking for an early 80’s song. It has kind of a classic rock vibe (in the sound of triumph or Aldo nova).
The one lyric I could get at the end of the song was: “here I go”. It’s not in the chorus so it’s not Whitesnake.
It was a minor hit. The best way to describe it is the beginning has some laser type sounds in it.


You’re not talking bob Seeger, are you? Here I go, turn the page.


I found it!
It was Ah! Leah by Donnie Iris


Please I need a help, looking for a song that have a lyrics of(your loyalty fade when I was broke).... it's music video is a black rapper, only him is on the video and he hold an umbrella that illuminate light inside it. The rapper have some kind of deadlock.

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