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Im looking for a song, a line from the text is something like at least I want it my way, I don’t care what people say, uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh,…


Maybe Shake it Off by Taylor Swift


no that’s not it


Hey, heard this song playing on a hotel radio

"I can't describe why you're feeling inside out, I'll help you fall in love. You're all that I ever want, so I'll help you fall in love... It's not over, but Im tired of chasing you when you've been hiding in places far away. I can't describe why you've been feeling upside down"


Can't find the lyrics of "Transcendence" by "Collapse The Control". Please help


you trolling? literally in the youtube video

Inka Di Anno

Hopefully someone can help me figure out a song I have heard only a few times on a radio station called Magic which plays 50s, 60s, 70s and some 80s music. I don't know who sings it or what the song is even called. Its by a female singer, strong voice, not whiney etc. The song is almost disco-like maybe slightly rock'ish, a good beat to it, so I'm placing around the mid to lafe 70s and early 80s. I hear it at work where its noisy so trying to decipher the lyrics is hard. So here is an idea on what I think I'm hearing...

Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh oooh I want the niiiiiight

Or is it "I want the liiiife"?
Or "All of the niiiiight"

This repeats a lot towards the end of the song. The last word that is sung is stretched (I don't really know what the musical term for it is... holding the note I guess? Lol) then the whole chorusy-ooh part repeats.

Or the Oohs would be woos I dunno.

Ok I'm embarassed now but any older folk can help me figure this one out that would be awesome!


Is it “because the night” by patti smith


December 1963 by franki valli


December 1963 by franki valli you’re welcome :)


Maybe the song Night Life by Donna Summer


"Oh, Oh, Oh, It's Magic" by Pilot 1974.

Kevin Sun

What's the title of the last song sang in Season 1 Episode 3 when Rebekah and Adam kissed on stage and were waving the crowd goodbye?


Not sure because you didn't specify the show, but WeCrashed has a couple who are main characters Rebekah and Adam. I couldn't find a kiss or an on stage scene in Season 1 Episode 3 - BUT - this site has the whole soundtrack for Season 1:


Can you tell me what song zolita played in bedspell while she was driving car and texting? I couldn't figure it out yet


i heared this song at burgerking. unfortunately, im not good at enghlish so i can hear just one part of the song and some words. "... every~day and every~night ... maybe(baby?) maybe i think you ..." i think main melody of this song is played with guitar and sung by a girl artist.

Magda Lena

I’m looking for a Thai soundtrack that was sang in the episode 5 of “Cutie Pie the series” by Numew on stage. So far I have the lyrics in English as this:

“i'm so confused every time you come close. when i need someone you’re always there to hug me. does your heart feel the same way as mine? I start to dream about us but I know my dream can never come true. All i can do is trying not to overthink when we’re too close. There’s a lot of questions in my heart that I can no longer bear so please tell me now: don’t play with me if you want to be just friends.”

That’s as much as I saw/heard but I can’t find the song name no matter how much I search.

Empty avenue

Something like "She move to the beat of her own song/Dancing on that empty avenue (on that empty avenue)"
Female rap/r&b with energetic drums and chill vibes
Heard it in high school around 2009. Looked it up by lyrics shortly after and found it easily. That no longer works. People made fun of me for liking it and I forgot about it until now. Would really like to hear it again


among us

Abs Tapsi

croud sourcing: please anyone help me... I'm looking for the song that says on the chorus, "I'm in over my head, over my head, over my head... I'm afraid i'm never gonna find my self again to way back when..." that song came out 'round 2004 or 2005... but when I google it, it always comes back as no result..
please help anyone...


Definitely not the Fray ‘Over My Head’??

Kristal izee

That song is called over my head by echo smith




Definitely The Fray


theres this song that sounds like Citizen, or something like that it and at the very end of the song, theres like a choir of women singing 'I never said that I didnt need you, hold out your arms and let them both right around me, both right around me" and then the drums go back on and the male singer sings it again until the outro, i forget it pls helppp -EDIIT I FOUND IT ITS BOULDERS BY NEW FOUND GLORY


Hi I don't know the name of this song but the lyrics is something when you pull up on my phone like what you doing it's not too fast and isn't a sad song

שי סוסי

Wich song with this words:you and i?!


Maybe this:

Scorpions - You and I


you and I by Halsey

When the brain becomes a band

A fairly new pop song, I think I heard it on a youtube video or a tiktok?
the lyrics go something like

"oh you want the girl I was before? you killed her"
it could also be
"You say, where is the girl you were before? don't you know? you killed her"


Taylor swift has one with lyrics like

Oh sorry the old taylor can’t answer the phone right now. Why? Shes dead you killed her

Or something

The Crew

Does anyone know the song that has the lyrics "take a sec, she's dying to meet you?" It's from the Xbox gold exclusives "The Crew." It plays while your driving? There's a bunch of other songs that play while your driving that I want the name of and where I can listen to them all.


I’m tryna look for a song it’s a guy singing and he’s really soft spoken it seems like and it goes like “low low low low low” I think he’s saying and sounds in a diff language and it’s not flo rida or All time low.


Alors on danse by stormae

Lyrics you mentioned:la la la la la la alors on danse

Is that the one?

Indigo Britt

Please help me find a song that goes like
“ Dive in and then you give me the sauce, yeah, knocking, I got the key yo your heart yeah”
It once played on Teen Mom


Im looking for a song that sounds like it has "when I see your eyes" in the chorus and it sounds like it is from early 2010's or late 2000's with that type of music. It us sung by a girl and that is all i know.

Albert Rendle

Eyes - Clio, Roberto Ferrante


Looking for a song that has a female singing "ah ah ah ah ah" with each one getting higher and then followed up with "where you going". A bit vague but that's all I can remember.

makenna (Ruby)

into the unknown from frozen 2

makenna (Ruby) Blanton

into the unkown from frozen 2


Looking for a song I heard briefly on Sirius XM pop rocks channel. The channel plays popular rock/alt/punk songs that came out in the 90’s and 2000’s. It was sung by a male vocalist and The chorus goes something like “everything I am, everything I’ll be”. That’s all a really reminder but I know the word ‘“everything”was repeated a lot.


Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon

Jeremy Smith

Hello everyone, just heard this song in a barbershop but was too embarrassed to pull out my phone and shazam it. The song (going off of memory) kind of reminded me of cage the elephant/snow patrol and i vaguely remember it mentioning clouds a lot
i don’t really think it’s enough to go off of but i thought it’d be worth a shot to ask


Cage the Elephant - "Shake Me Down" has a part at the end that repeats "Even on a cloudy day.."?


Hey, I’m trying to remember a song from the 1890,s or 1900’s. It’s a country song. Guys sitting around a campfire, and the guys were asking(singing), to a buddy…….asking him about a girl. The lyrics are something like this…..did you kiss her. Did you walk her to the door

Jake Patterson

I'm looking for a corny song that I vividly remember being used in a SFM animation with Team Fortress 2 characters. The song was about several people singing about how this one guy is "a c*nt" and singing about the horrible things he has done. The tone was comedic and was sung like a musical number, with each character saying some line like "he shot me", "he stabbed me", etc. Towards the end they all chant "he's a c*nt" over and over and it ends with this character saying "I'm a c*nt ;-)"

There was this one line where a man recalls the time that this "c*nt" attempted to "castrate him, even though the knife/blade[?] was blunt"

The awful things these people (who in the context of the song may be dead, based on the nature of how most of them sing about how this c*nt had murdered them) list about the guy range from sleazy and douchebag-y to the comedically extreme and violent, like castration.

My guess is that it's from some musical or at least something that would be made into a fan animation

Alsea Brooks

I’m trying to find a song with a male singer. It’s a slower tempo and he’s singing about his love going off on her own and coming back when she finds what she’s looking for. I think he also says he’ll leave a light on maybe?
Any assistance would be helpful

Leila B

If you ever come back by The Script?


I believe it's Edward Bear's "The Last Song"
Listen to it on You Tube...
Key words in your inquiry - - he’ll leave a light on maybe?

LAST SONG - by Edward Bear

Did you know I go to sleep and
Leave the lights on
Hoping you'd come by and know
That I was home and still awake
But two years go by and still
My light's on
This is hard for me to say
But this is all that I can take
It's the last song I'll ever write for you
It's the last time that I'll tell you
Just how much I really care
This is the last song I'll ever sing for you
You'll come looking for the light
And it won't be there
But I love you
Oh yes I do
Yes I do
All the times that I spent waiting
Wondering where you are
Always knew the time would come
When I would start to wonder why
Now the time is here
I don't know where you are
So I'll write you one more song
But it's the last time that I'll ever try
It's the last song I'll ever write for you
It's the last time that I'll tell you
Just how much I really care
This is the last song I'll ever sing for you
You'll come looking for the light
And it won't be there
But I love you
Oh yes I do
It's the last song I'll ever write for you
It's the last song I'll ever write for you
It's the last song I'll ever write for you
It's the last song I'll ever write for you

Adam o’rourke

Looking for a song that goes like something like”and you[somthing]along and you [something] upon a perfect memory” and there’s like a odd misheard part”yeah you yeah you show any horse I’m brown/numb/dumb/gone/done”used to play on redfm a lot(not now) help me find it 😭


I found it

Ciao adios by Anne-Marie


looking for a song that said "just sing it because you don't know how to say it" the song have a positive vibe if i remember well


just sing by justin timberlake?

Eric W.

Hello, I'm desperately looking for a song. I believe it was a 90's song with a soul female singer who sang it, and it started with her singing and then was supported by a House beat, so it was like a 90's House song with female singing in soul. The lyrics that I remember of how the song started were as following (could be different,but similar): Ïf I told you that I love you, would you run away? Or would you want to stay?" I also remember she would sing other lyrics which would rhyme with this first lyric"sentences, like something as Ïf i would run out of money, would you pay?" (or something similar).


Trying to find the sample for the instrumental of song "Lil Bean - Paint the room"

The lyrics from the vocal chop go along the lines of "when nights/life gets cold I kept you warm, come back home where you belong, here, in my arms"

L Robe

Hi, I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, but I would appreciate any help with the title of this song.

It's an R&B song I heard on S01E18 of the bgc (bad girls club). Here are the only lyrics I can make out "Ooh you tell me you'll always be around boy".

Again, I apologize if I have posted this request for help in the wrong place and would appreciate it if someone redirect me to the approximate place to post it.

Tuna tanci

I am trying to find the lyrics of kray rodnoy(край родной) which is a part of the Поёт свои песни album, also the singer is Polad Bulbuloglu(Ролад Бюл-Бюль оглы)
If you find please inform me. Also if somebody wants to listen (probably a russian native speaker) this is the spotify link:

This is the YouTube link:


I think it could be this but I’m not sure


I am looking for a song its about a girl leaving a rapper to be with a country guy and then the rapper pretends to be country posting pics on Instagram then the ending over the music video the country guy gets into his truck and drives to the rappers house here is a lyric I remember. you say that you're country, girl you are to funny


Help I'm desperately looking for a song that I heard somewhere (Facebook probably), I think it's not popular because I didn't find it despite the 1 hour search on Google. It sounded like an old song, the singer's voice (male) were deep

It goes like this
First a man goes into a bar, I believe there was "bar" in the lyrics.
Then the song goes "though the music stays the same, it has turned ..... Dark" "She always remembers"



Adam o’rourke

I’m looking for a song that goes “everything is awesome” dunno where I heard it “peace” could be somewhere in the song


Is it from lego movie?

makenna (Ruby) Blanton

the lego movie


is is from the lego movie


Hi , im looking for a song that I first heard in 1994- 95 im not sure if it was a group called punky fresh few or crew.... or maybe not !!!!! .. I was only 12 .... I was living in America and heard it and have NEVER heard it since !!! So im going back some years I cant find it anywhere, I vaguely remember the chorus of a female singing with light brown braids ... singing I wanna get with youuuuu....... you wanna get wed???? So come on wont you step to me ...( then says something else lol) Then a guy comes in singing "be my lady, be my lady " its not a hip hop tune ,,,its like a nice r&b , I can see the music video clearly in my head , but jst haven't got a clue !!!!!!! Any help would be much appreciated


Not it, but trying to think about it just makes me keep singing Butterfly from Crazy Town! I can't get it out of my head now


looking for a song that said "just sing it because you don't know how to say" the song have a positive vibe if i remember well


Hi im looking for a song that goes diamonds drippin i'm(or a) KO yeah got her trippin on the floor yeah can anyone please help


I need to find the beat actually, song name "Yung Trappa - Pronto Freestyle" and it is released in 2012 as I searched. This russian rapper borrowed a lot of beats for his songs and I think this song could be borrowed too. In this song I heard a girl voice, she talked about "" or somethings else as I couldn't hear clearly. I also searched that website but could not find a suitable one. The song sounds like DJ Mustard style however I'm not sure. Please help me. Thank you very much.

ciofirdel radu

I looking for a song...rap song I think is snoop ..and the song start with his voice telling ( run man ( ni**a) run , don't stop , keep going keep going.


Could be...Tha Dogg Pound - Don't Stop


Hey Im looking for a song with some lyrics like. Baby I love you baby I need you. Baby something in your eyes…. These are not starting lyrics. I’ve tried everywhere but can’t find this song?


the name is baby I love you

makenna (Ruby) Blanton

Baby i love you


hi im looking for song i cant really remember the lyrics but it has like a piano in it and the only lyrics from it i can remember are from the chorus where it goes “why do you keep on __ the __ even when the ___” (the dotted out bits are part of it i cant remember someone please help lol) the singer was also male


Hi! Looking for a song I heard the lyrics on youtube shorts.
It talks about him driving and staring forward not looking at her, not being the way it used to be and not feeling the same. It describes all the sensations in the car since she opens the door and feeling something is not alright.


do any of you guys recognize this song? it's been popular on tiktok recently, it's kind of sad and acoustic sounding, there's a girl singing, i remember she says the word 'baby' but i canremember any of the other words . its once again what people on tt are calling a sad song, its like a short 7 sec clip of a girl playong guitar n singing, and i often find it on videos of sad cats


Mitski - I Bet On Losing Dogs


Looking for song that goes "I'm going outback didnt do the things that I was saying I have blame it on the world.." that's all I know from it, been seeing short tiktok vids on insta with it and I can't find the lyrics anywhere lol

Maria Cool👸

Im looking for a song that goes like this all i know all i knoooow loveing you is a loseing game


it's just called Loving you is a losing game


It's "arcade" from the Eurovision


love is a losing game by Amy Winehouse??




Arcade by Duncan Laurence




idk the name of this song now the day bleeds to the night falls and your not here to get me trough it all i let my guard down the you pulled the rug i was getting kinda used to being someone you loved


Somebody you loved, Lewis Capaldi


some u loved


Heard this from a band that specializes in old classic country like willie nelson, johnny cash, waylon jennings, merle haggard etc. and the only lyric I can remember goes something like “I dont care what you call, just as long as you call me” or something extremely similar to that. Have tried forever to find it. All I get is backstreet boys or David ford. Driving me crazy!


Possibly "You Never Call Me By My Name" by David Allen Coe

Lord Centipede

Ive been looking for this song for way too long now, im guessing its undergound music lyrics go like this:

"laughter" Ohh rest in peace to all my enemies you second guessing me and secondly you know i keep that motherfucking chopper right here next to me blew her back out now she walkin like she 70 ima spaz out down your block im going 70 all these 0's in the bag thats some shit youve never seen. Im too fucking turned all these niggas want my energy i go 0 to a 100 "

i have a clip of where this song plays if you need it:

hi, please can i know the instrumental or sample behind this song pleaseeeee


Been trying to find a song from I think 2005 or 6. Or really any time from 2000 to 2006. The only lyrics that come to mind are "so come on please/so if you please," and "i'm so sorry". "Stay with me/come with me" might also be lyrics. I honestly don't remember. Just the chorus (which contains said lyrics) and the ending is all I remember. The artist or band are male. They might've been a rock musician or a rock band, rock pop type. Maybe christian rock possibly. Just to get an idea what sound it is.

"So come on please"
"Stay with me."
?"Don't leave me please"?
"I'm so sorry!"

Another thing I distinctly remember is there being a guy who sounds almost if not exactly like Shaggy who also starts singing near the end. The "i'm so sorry" part is the only lyric that sticks out clearly, which I know doesn't narrow it down lol. The Shaggy soundalike is also something I can clearly make out, but it hasn't really helped me find better results.


Soul mu


Okay? What is that?

makenna (Ruby) Blanton

so it goes like this

big boys dont cry aim low shoot high (some lyrics)good girls don't try they ____dress white (more lyrics) stand out fit in (this repeats sorry is all the lyrics aren't right)


"Stand Out Fit In" by One Ok Rock


There's this song that I think got taken down, but he sings, "I could think of all the things you say...maybe you should talk to me instead, maybe all the lyrics are just dead." Does anyone know who the artist is and what the name of the song is/was?


All I could find was "The Lyrics are Dead" by Orange Blue.


This is vague but I just suddenly remembered a song I used to listen to in 2018 or early 2019. Don't remember the lyrics and name of it, but I know what it sounds like. The instruments used were probably a bass guitar or a electric guitar and mixed with edm and it was a man singing. I randomly found it on YouTube or Instagram. Kinda gave me MLAATR vibes. The song was maybe published in 2016 on YouTube.
(I know this is hard without knowing the lyrics. I tried remembering.)


Very vague, male artist, premise of song is support through difficult times and the promotion of emotional independence; “you gotta fight your own battles but I’ll support you all the way” kinda vibe. There's a line in the song about sleeping I think? Or maybe that’s an offshoot daydream. Driving me mad, searched for over an hour. Smth a friend said reminded me and I wanted to show them the song but just can’t find the damn thing lol.

Seiko Si

I need to find this upbeat song that goes like
"Ill get it from you!"
or it can also go
"Ill get it to you"
or also
"Ill get it for you!"
Had it stuck in the back of my head for a while.


Try "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes.

Ron Welch

Hey this is a song I heard a long time ago on an aphmau animation that goes "im ready to let you love me know" and its about being afraid to love help

Elias Arcila

If is a Rock song try “Forget you “
Mr. Sebastian Bach

Seiko Si

Dude, I totally forgot I made this comment
The song is Calvin Harris - Feels


I am looking for a song but I don't remember the title or any lyrics. It is about a man who is full of himself until he gets outside. Then he goes through a rough night, it is very dark. When he comes to the light there is a mirror, the man discovers how ugly he is. He can't stand to look at himself. Then Jesus comes to save him.
It is a long piece of music, about 20 minutes. Originally it is metal/rock but I know there are also piano covers of it. Please, if anybody knows what song I am talking about, help me :)


looking for a song that’s featured in a lot of commercials (i can’t think of any off the top of my head). it sounds a lot like funk music. i believe it was made by a black artist. it sounds like it was made anywhere between the 80s and 00s judging by the instrumentation.

i don’t remember any of the lyrics, but when the song crescendos it sounds like he’s saying “why don’t you wake me up today?” and he says “baby” shortly thereafter.

that probably doesn’t help but it’s all i can remember. cheers!


looking for a song that’s featured in a lot of commercials (i can’t think of any off the top of my head). it sounds a lot like funk music.

i believe it was made by a black artist. it sounds like it was made anywhere between the 80s and 00s judging by the instrumentation.

i don’t remember any of the lyrics, but at the beginning of the chorus it sounds like he’s saying “why don’t you wake me up today?” and he says “baby” shortly thereafter.

it also sounds like there’s a slide whistle that fades as the chorus comes to a close.

that probably doesn’t help but it’s all i can remember. cheers

Jaded Belle

Vernon Burch - Get Up?


Punk rock song
First part is something like "do you ever think/feel, that people think, da da da how you act or how you..."
And then it says ".... we know about each other (really fast)
Chorus: Keep on da da da da da,.........

Not much to go off of but I cannot for the life of me think of what the song is or where I've heard it.


"All My Friends Are Metalheads" by Less Than Jake


Looking for one with a female singer. The lyrics are I won't call you anymore yeah you won't like it at all


It's a bit of a sad, slow song, and my memory is a bit foggy, but it was something about leaving someone behind at a willow tree or in a garden?


willow by taylor swift




Hey guys i need some help i have this song stuck in my head but i cant find it. Here are some lyrics.

''I dont know about youuu but you seem kinda dumb to meee. listen to what i sayyy.''
 They might not be completely accurate but the song is very upbeat and its a male singer and its like an 80s song
please help thank you so much guys


Phats & Small - Turn Around


There was a song I once heard in.. maybe 2017? some of the lyrics were, "Yeah she told me what you did, what you did. Yeah she told me what you did, what you did. Cause you ran down town sayin' you'll never catch me ever babe, yeah babe"
it was a female voice


Maybe it’s What You Do by Mahalia?


Someone was playing a song in this super indie coffee shop I was in today, the first verse said something about a guy playing smash bros and having tattoos on his arms ? Pleaaaaaaaase need help finding this song

Missy Teigan

I'm curious on this song from the 90s I believe. Kind of sounds like sister hazel.. Some lyrics are "I didn't even think about the rain. No I didn't even think about the snow falls down near the middle if march... Any help would be great!


My research came up with "Old and Out of Tune" by Patent Pending


Garrity - The Rain

shana stevens

My friend and I were walking to walmart the other day and I heard this 80s sounding song blaring outside the front doors of it and I asked him to stop so I could listen for lyrics but he wouldn't let me so the only lyrics that I caught was a woman singing "do you love me" and another part of a lyric was "or are you with someone else?". I've tried lyric finder websites and those lyrics don't even show up in a full sentence, only each word within the lyrics. It's like it doesn't even exist


Straight Up - Paula Abdul

shana stevens

nah it's not that song 😭 her voice kinda sounded like hers but it was smooth, almost like she was sing talking


idk but it may be deep water by strawberry switchblade

shana stevens

it's not that song either actually even though it sorta sounded like it, the song was more synth and upbeat but the lyrics don't match up either


I was watching a series and in one scene a piece of this song started playing:

"I'm feeling lucky, I'm feeling lucky tonight"

it was a rock song, probably from the years 2000 -2010. If anyone recognizes this song please reply! i need to find it </3


Feeling Lucky - Rock n roll banker

Sam chevy

remember when they said I wouldn't make it with big dreams and a little bit of patience no hands down I'm always gonna chase it it’s a male Country singer and I cannot remember the name of this song

Adamu Mohammed

I am looking for the title and band name for a Russian folksong -Sudarynia-Banrynia "Lady-Landlady" with lyrics that goes like "Horinya Horinya, Super Horinya.. ". It was the song that Presidents Putin and George W Bush danced to during the latter's visit to Moscow.


You're my people (x3) I'm your king. 60's or 70's pop song. Cheers.

Beth Benefiel

I'm looking for a rock song (I thinkit might either in the 2000s or 2010s), but I can't remember the lyrics, melody, title, or band name! (I know not a lot to go off of) I do however remember the music video. It's about a boy who is a little nerdy and has a huge crush on this girl (I think they might be friends) and she invites him over to do her homework. But she ended up leaving him in her room while she went out on a date with a guy who rides a motorcycle. The nerd end up reading her diary and smashing his face into the diary and tearing up her room. I remember that in the music video the band will pop up on the TV in the girls room, it looks like it they are in a wind tunnel and the lead singer is bald. I've been trying to find the song for a couple years now please help if you know.


Rebel Girl - Angels and Airwaves. It’s actually a new song isn’t he last 3 years!


I´m looking for a song that starts "you wouldn´t let me love you although i wanted to". I think the title is Love will come and love will go.


2000s song female artist talks about “all I want you to do is hold my hand in public pay with bill when we go out and hold the door open for me” something like that


Looking for a song which im pretty sure had the word discoteque in it. album/song cover was a dude with green paint/mask and glasses that had twirls instead of lenses


sounds like elton john


I need help , the only lines I know is "I need you so I want you to know how precious you are"
It's a old song by a male artist starting with the letter k


the person who sings this is female the lyrics are I won't call you anymore yeah you won't like it at all


Help pls
Had a old cd of house music from the 90s but my car got totaled and I lost it
The song was a woman singing
“Guess I never knew you”
“Guess I never never never never, guess I never knew you” something along those lines. It’s been stuck in my head but I can’t remember !

Euan Mcdowall

Hi am looking for this song a taxi driver played in the car I can’t remember most of lyrics but it sounded like he’s saying I can’t go on sounds like Foreigner in a way but the guy’s voice was smooth and deeper a bit can’t remember the rest on how it goes

Brendon Goebel

could it be "Drive" by "The Cars"?


does anyone know that song that I THINK goes like "show me how to live my life" after it goes like bum bunum bunum

haha... yeah


I think it could be "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin.


Show me how to live by audio slave ?

Rigs mootland

Looking for a what I think is a new song. Minimal electro pop song. Only thing I have to go on is the verse has a female almost saying, rather than singing ‘ ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah’ and it is a bit like waiting for a train by flash and a pan


only thing that came to mind is “do ya like”-Donald Glover

Ingo Riedlinger

hi , looking for a song it goes about " it's fortyfive a.m. " is the refrain . and one lyrics is " i'm drivin ..not to slow and not to fast " sounds to me like a 30 year old black male singer . the track must be in the last 10 years and got a very good dance beat to me. i believe that song is about the singer himself is drivin in a car on the way to or thinking about a woman

Igbinovia Joy

The name of this song pls
O baby this kind love e eeh
I love the way you call my name o
I my beauty in ur eyes , this love I can’t deny
Na so e go be...
Then the curious continue over again


I'm looking for a song with the following lyrics "I've got to let you know that you mean the world to me, my future wife and the mother of my kids" probably released around 2009 or later


The closest I could find was "Love Crazy" by Jamelody (or Jah Melody).


Perfect by Ed Sheeran


Looking for this dance track:

I heard it on the radio.
She sang a song of letting go.
And it cuts me like a knife (like a knife) when i hear it on the radio (radio).

One sound and she breaks my heart.
One phrase and i fall apart.
Here i go (here i go) how i get so faded.
Shoulda know shoulda know, put my heart on sale.


"Radio" by Henrik Wikstrom/Niklas Rolf Edberger/Anders Gunnar Kampe


Ive been looking for this for 6 hours thank you


The lyrics might be a bit off but the chorus I’m sure says something like “in the final hour of nights you will remember, lost or found love lying by your side”
And then other bits of the song I remember..
“Take another second take it breathing in a moment until it’s gone”
“Wonder if you pull me in, kiss me just one time again ohh”

Rachel Kay

anyone know a song that sounds like 90’s rap that goes “one, two, show me what you got”. That’s the first lyric and I couldn’t tell what else was being said. But it’s stuck in my head


Show me what you got by jay-z?

Michelle Etherton

Somebody's getting on my nerves by Salt N Peppa??


I can't remember the title and it's driving me nuts... audio was inaudible but it was in the early 2000s song maybe 2010s and it went like this

gotta be the (2 syllables)

gotta be the (2 syllables)
gotta be the (4 syllables) ever been in my life

I wanna kiss you baby


It’s a long shot but still. Very dreamy slow-paced beat with a woman’s vocals. The lyrics go something like “spin me round” and then either “when you are not around” or “… right now. I know it’s not much to go off of, but it’s been killing me


Show Me How - Men I Trust


Hey, I'm looking for a song and have been for sometime so I got my fingers crossed someone else will remember it. I was young when I first heard it, and believe that it came out late 80's very early 90s. There were 2 adults and 2 children singing/speaking on the track. And the kids say 'yo mamma/mama/mummy,' and 'what you doing?' followed by them laughing/giggling. I think they are talking about their day, not 100% sure.

Mel jane

I’m looking for a song I heard in the range. It’s a mellow song sung by a woman, quite rhythmic and some of the lyrics are “See me in the night, love me, I love you, stop talking (?something) skies. Too embarrassed to ask the store the name


Looking for a song where the boy was chosen to be sent back to earth as a sacrifice, but stumbled upon a radio with a message left behind by a girl. Which becomes more staticey as he listens to it more and more.

Alexis Skye

Hi! I heard this song sometime in 2010-2011. It was more of a metal/ rock genre. The lyrics go something like “I’m telling you that’s the truth.. I’m in loveeeee, woaaaahhh” and the music video was a hospital and it was snowing. Please help me find this song, thanks!


Looking for a song by a female singer. i remember it's a slow song woth two styles or parts
 The very little lyrics that i remember goes like " i am in love with i am in love with.." and it repeats. The song has a old fashioned style.
It is not i am in love with the devil by Avril Lavigne.
I think the album cover for this song is a blonde girl (could be the singer) sitting against a wall with yellow light on her.

please help me


It was an 80s song where they kind of talk/sang. It seems like it was either dance or electronic type music. There was a line “some have sexy wives” that was repeated a few times and there was a line with something about a bikini.
That’s all I remember. Help please.

Ren Lee

Possibly "Once in a Lifetime" by Talking Heads?


Hi I’m looking for a type of rock song sung by a male vocalist and has lyrics that kinda sound like I’m shooting for the stars to see you I’m shooting for the stars to see you so it can last for more can’t remember the actual lyrics sadly but I know the hum.


Trying too look for a song that takes place in a school I think from far from what I remember, anyways I could only remember in the beginning it starts off with a white tall guy singing in a suit to a girl I believe because they were about to kiss but the director cuts the video but the boy in the suit continued singing as the girl walks away, later in the video he’s with 2 friends and I remember one of them had a top hat hair cut do any one know what I’m talking about?

Death for you

i want a song that goes like ever thing i need is on the groud


ROSE - On the ground

alec :]



Looking for a song, country song where theres a female singer in the background who goes "a maaaaan" I don't know any more sorry but this has been bugging me and my boyfriend for ages!!

Janet Enyeminku

Please help me with the song lyrics"you were with me when I was down when I had nobody to lean on you brought me shoes when you had none hoping I could walk through the goals I set. Definition of love is you and me now we're telling the world"


Hi am also seeking for the same song. Did you get any lead?


I'm searching for a song and artist for a long time. somewhere in the song she sings "lying next to me" and in the videoclip she performs in an asian club. the song came out early 00's i believe

Alissa Stinson

heaven by kane brown?


I've been trying to look for a song I found on a tiktok only lyrics I could make out was "king of the hill feelin i aint" please tell me sombody knows it


looking for a song in the film "Soltera Codiciada" shown as "How to Get Over a Breakup" on Netflix. The song plays in the background at around 1:18:37

Pretty slow/chill song with loud drums & it’s a male singer. gives soft rock vibes & the singer seems to have an accent. Only lyrics I can make out are: "I shouldn’t say, I wish I could but there’s ..?”

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