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Skyla Ann mcdonald

Hi I'm look for a song that goes like this-use to be your lady use to be your baby I though you were the perfect lover


Acapella- by Karmin.


There’s this song I heard today at target💀 while in the fitting room and I did Shazam on it and found it but when I tried to find the notification, it wasn’t there or any history of the song on the app. The lyrics left my mind when I got home but I remember something like " ???with me tonight" or some like that. I KNOW ITS NOT GONNA HELP BUT IF U HAVE ANYTHING IN MIND PLS LET ME KNOW. the title had “ with me" or "today" but I can’t remember anything 😭😭


I think it’s kinda old like 2011-2016 idk but it’s sung by a woman and it sounded like a young woman and i think it was about how she wants him to stay tonight or something like that.


maybe rolling in the deep-Adele
firework-katy perry


Stay The Night - Hayley Willians, Zedd ?


Give Me Everything - Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer?
Tonight (I'm F*ckin' You) - Enrique Iglesias?

For the second one, the clean version is called "Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)."


I remember a song when the chorus went “Come on, come on, come on my baby / Hurry, hurry, hurry my baby”. I was a child when hearing this on the radio and now I got haunted by searching for it desperately lately. i know there is a vaguely bell bonging along with drums playing at the beginning of the song.


Is it maybe Oowatanite - April Wine ?


it could be shape of you lmao


Did you get it


I don't know I'm a little bit lost it could have been any of my relationships any song there's something in there was it my first wife Pamela Jacob or is it my second wife oxana Jacob or is it my third wife Veronica Jacob they all didn't like me I'm not good at relationships was it one of my children I have three older daughters Skyler Avon Island until a younger daughter it's a lot going on here and I'm way behind on everything because I can't keep up


I'm actually looking for a song. And the only lyrics I remembered so far is "let you go/or I'm gonna let you go" that's the last lyrics of the song that I'm looking for. Maybe someone can help me here, so I'll just describe the singer and the music video.
 -It's an English song
-The singer is a girl
-So the singer was wearing a yellow dress,
-She was reminiscing the past which the singer and the boy were dancing in the well and riding a motorcycle.
-She smashed all the picture frames that she had with the boy.
-They always argued
- And the last part of the music video was that the girl was writing something in the paper, which I think it's the farewell letter for the boy and she wrote 'let you go'. *And she sang at the last part that " But I dont want to let you go"
- She also play a piano while singing
*2014-2017 music video, I think? Please help me guys... It's been 6 years since Ive been searching the song..


Ohhh! This does ring bells. I first had to think of Dido... I’m going to have a look for you!!


Possibly not what you were thinking but I was also looking for a song with similar lyrics. I found mine. Maybe it’s yours?

With you- smoke city


Hey in bed help finding a gospel for some reason I believe the song was sang by a gospel group divine nature but I cannot find the song. Some lyrics are I believe

’you are apart of me
Not a hope or dream but a reality
That’s what you are to me


im so sad im looking for a song that has a line “I love you so” the “so” is stretch at the end but it’s a nice tune, it’s an older song and it was on a Mary wells pandora playlist. It isn’t don something but I’m trying to find the song


i love you so-the walters?


I heard it in a video as the background music but the only lyrics I remember
“We’re going crazy in a different row” I think

Emma dimascio

Hi looking for a song late 80’s / early 90’s no later than 92 that had a blonde model looking female singing and only part can remember is blue blue Monday very very catchy sure it was a regular on mtv or chart show but can’t find anything listed anywhere please help it’s been driving me mad for years


Belinda Carlye
Go- Go's front runner
Went solo after band breakup
Hope this helps and hope this the song


help me I'm trying to find a song that's southern gothic vibes, with like hozier/lord heron/kaleo vibes. Its a woman singing and I remember something about a river "down by the river" maybe? At some point she talking about drowning sons in the river but other than that I can't remember.


Riverside by Agnes Obel?


The Riverside?


Down By The Water by PJ Harvey

Tea Mazchlein

There’s a song by Slovak band, Collegium Musicum, called “If You Want to Fall”. I can’t understand understand the singer’s accent (this is one of few pieces where English language is used) nor can I find the lyrics anywhere.


There's this song that I heard in a Singaporean McDonald's commercial "love at first bite", can't find the song anywhere. Maybe it's an unreleased song? It goes like "I've been waitin on you, oh my darling....come on home to me. " The ad's on YouTube but can't find the song.




I'm looking for a song that goes like this, unfortunately I know only 2 parts of it.

"These are our lives, these are our lives, these are our lives these are our lives-these-are-our-lives"

"Because the truth is, I can barely do this"


same. but you can do it.;[


I'm looking for the song in the final of the series School of Chocolate, and the text goes.
"I said do you know how to smile, cause I ain't seen it in a while."

Meike Unkauf

Did you find it? I am also looking for this one.

aldo mora


Rhiannon Wallace

I'm trying to find this idie rock song, probably a smaller band so I'd be lucky if anyone knows it. It's really similar to A.M. by Beach Goons. So basically what happened is I've known the song A.M. for a while and I've had it stuck in my head for the last couple of days but when I actually went to go listen to it I realized the lyrics were mainly in Spanish, and definitely didn't have the part that I've had repeating in my head. I'm not sure if it's the Mandela affect or something but I feel like the lyrics are from a real song that I'm just mixing up with A.M. I can't remember the lyrics very well but something like
"I can feel it in my soul
( another line or maybe two, I'm pretty sure at least one rhymes with soul)
If you feel
The way I dooooo
If you feel
They way I doooo"
This is a chorus type section I'm pretty sure
And then I feel like the "ooooooh''
vocalization that comes after the chorus in A.M. also comes after this chorus, or at least a similar one. I'm still not sure if I might just be remembering A.M. wrong but I really feel like there's a song with that part, I remember it vividly.


This description reminds me of both Think of You by Bleached and Crust Bucket by The Frights, but I don’t think either of those are right. The lyrics you quoted sound so familiar that I’m almost certain I know the exact song; however I could also just be feeling the Mandela Effect now.
Even though it’s so good, there’s a lot of songs that blend together in that genre - I’ve had this problem with similar songs before!
Pls post if you figure it out or it is one of those songs!


It's making me nuts trying to recall this song from early 2000s or earlier maybe.
Female vocalist, the genre was pop or disco...not sure what to call it.
Sounded like a prom night song..the lyrics were quite repetitive. One specific thing was that the music would stop all of a sudden and the singer would say something like 'will you come home with me tonight?' :D


Have you figured this out!? It’s driving me crazy


I think it’s attention, because one lyric goes “but your not coming home with me tonight”


I'm looking for the name of the song that's been on Tik Tok. The singer sings in a softly ghostly voice. I think some of the lyrics are:
"Lights on the side that you can de better. Lights on the side that yiu can remember."
"Have you been a good boy do you deserve it I think you do. Have you been a good boy come here and follow me to my room."




Hi! I've been looking for a sad song that has the lyrics that goes along with ' Close to me always .Here. ' or ' .Near. '
Does anybody have an idea on what it could be? I couldn't find it in the search so I came here instead.


I watch the sunrise


ok wait does anyone know the song where it goes something like “i can not eat sleep or drink, my best friends do not like me” and its sort of fast paced and i thinks its sung by a girl


can i have a ride home? im at a party and i dont know any1 by carpetgarden

Claire Do

I’m looking for an electronic music song (might be a remix), often used in workout classes. The only lyrics I got were something like “one more time for the guys in the back” and then there’s a drop. Heeeelp!

Yasmine Azghiri

Hi there ..the problem is that informer the title and the singers name. Even the lyrics i don’t remember clearly. What I remember goes like this: if we could turn back te time, would would be go back to how we were. young, stupid and in love. we could talk all through the night, get drunk together (or something like that). It’s a female r&b singer i suppose and the cover of the album was pink multicolored with her side profile on it. And I think it came out somewhere in 2015/2016. Hope someone recognizes this because I’ve been searching for it since forever.

Shnyia Batiste

There a song that there was a bunch of guys that was singing and I wanted to know what song it was it goes like this "I gotta be I gotta be I gotta be I gotta be the one you love I gotta be, I gotta be I gotta be I gotta be I gotta be the one you need some thing to feel you like a sunshine." Something like that. Please help me.


5000 Miles by the Proclaimers ?

Eva FH

Heard a song in March 2018 and thought I caught parts of the lyrics. Can't find anything though so I must have misunderstood something.
Female singer, tempo/type of song a bit like I Will Love Again by Lara Fabian.
The phrase I caught was like "You are (or you´re) the (or my) coast when I am lost out at sea". Even if I missed/misheard something, the sentiment was like this.
And then a lot of You Are, You are in the chorus.
Please help, this is driving me crazy.


Who knows what the song and artist that plays at the beginning of the movie What Lies Ahead. YouTube it, starts at about 1 minute in.

Lyrics: Who knew then it would be forever?

I think, it's hard to understand.


Group name. The slow break. Song name Sunburn


hi! please help me I'm looking a song that goes like, this is what the last line is "I need you to love me a little bit more" by a boy band i think I cant find it anywhere


A little bit more by Dr Hook or 911?


It's White Snake Here I go again. One of my favorites


I've been trying to find this song that goes "I don't know where I'm going, but I know where I've been." It was a slower song and I think it was sung by a male.


Maybe you're thinking of Whitesnake - Here I Go Again


For a slower song, could it be Blaze of Glory, by Jon Bon Jovi? It has a lyric early on about "Don't know where I'm going, only God knows where I've been"


Wet wet wet
Love is all around ?


Full moon by the black ghosts???


battle born by five finger death punch maybe?

Kat Mitchell

Sitting in Limbo?


I'm looking for one, it's a newish song with (I think) female vocals, basically about someone who ignored some relationship of some kind and went out (partying?) but found their person out on the street some time later in bad circumstances

I know somebody made a YouTube vid with it, basically an anime style photo collage of some imaginary girlfriend


I need help trying to find a song idk when it's from but goes like this"I won't let you gooo"and a girl sings it help me it's been stuck in my head for a while


Cant let you go by fabulous I think


Oh I found it I had bad hearing and it's Sweater weather by The Neighborhood and it goes It's Too Cold

Sherlyn Osuna

PLEASE HELP ME!! ok so i heard this song in a video but i cant remember the name so please help me... it goes like

" i think you know tonights the night that i..." ( take you kiss you show you ) something like that


There's this song I want to find and all I can remember is that it starts with "How many times do I ha ave to tell you" with him saying the a in have twice and a chill beat and a low voice would really appreciate it if somebody could tell me


What’s the name of it

Adam o rourke

I’m looking for a song (British/Anglo-Irish)that’s around 2004-ish 2006 that goes ‘so care to all brothers’ or something along the lines theres rude words in it drove me mad for years it plays on a Aldi ad(the one called ‘a Christmas carrot’ or something along the lines) where the spirit of Christmas flies with Ebanana a cheery instrumental of it plays

Rank of the song:
Rest of it:good

Release Rank:
Sweden-P***ier than Norway
France(Album,Certified)-Aww Man
Switzerland-Imma goofy goober rock

Adam o rourke

Fairy tell of nooyark


Im looking for a song that's around the early 2000s that goes like "i'm never one to miss it it's in my heart" its like a club/techo song by a female singer. ive used every lyric searching website and i got nothing it always shows me songs that are way off.


Im trying to find I song that goes like "Hi I think I got a...(Something that ends with -ly)" I think its from tiktok not sure


"all you have to do, play the song make it sloppy"

Deborah Dines

Hey all I’m looking for a song with the lyrics why do you have to leave me here in the dark broken hearted I can’t keep crying over you

It’s frustrating the hell out of me can’t find it anywhere it’s at the end of a film Evil Stepmom 2021

Be glad of any help! Thanks


Can't find the film you're on about, but it sounds like Kim Wilde's song you keep me hanging on, from the lyrics you listed.


I'm searching for the lyrics of "I am the moonlight", by John Villemonte (

I think any native English speaker can easily understand them... could you please help me?



I am the moonlight
You see through your pane(?)
Reflections of sunlight
With colors of rain
Streaming like serpents
Silvery hues
Embossing the landscape
Dancing with fools

I am a traveller
I've seen oceans wide
I've seen mankind rising
Now I watch them slide
I've seen them build(?) doorways
I've seen them draw knives
But through open curtains
I'll slip inside

I am the watcher
When it's chilly and bare(?)
I see both your bodies
Your hands in her hair
I shine through your windows
Silhouetting your forms
I'm soft and I'm fragile
To echo the wall(?)

But I see the storm roll
And I watch it strike
And holding out hands to me
You ask for the light
But I'm just a mirror
Reflecting the sun
So look at my face now
And see what you've done

(I'm a native English speaker, but the words labelled with a '?' are the words I'm unsure of, especially the 'echo the...' part. I can't think of any words right now that really fit there. Hope this is still okay!)


Hey, please help me with this song

All I want is happiness and I just where to find it, I'm gonna Walk down to that river where we fell in love, it's pretty hard I guess getting you off my head, I don't mind for a while, yeah I think I need some little time to find my peace of mind, I promise it will not be long, I will be running back


Deep zone - Hazard

Merry Christmas!

Ajere Felix

I am searching for one we play at 80/90 that chorus do end. Paha paha I don't what to do. See!! you the moment.




Hi can i ask what is this song plsss
"One, two, three, four Pick your feet up off the floor, let's do it Yeah, yeah Feel love pull me in hope this moment never ends, don't lose it Yeah... "


The climb back or tie me down idk if its one of those two


It sounds like Feist 1,2,3,4

Lennika Pohlmann

Does anyone know the song from a TikTok girl that goes like „I don’t want a relationship“ „I never take the chances“…„my friends say that’s a problem“…„I hate the mushy shit“


Claire rosinkranz ‘don’t miss me’?




dont miss me by Claire Rosinkranz

Dara Delre

Hey I’m looking for a song from the early 2000’s. It’s got a rap/r&b vibe, pretty sure it’s 2 male singers. I lines are “I really wanna get to know ya know ya, I feel like I got something to show ya”. The next lines are on the tip of my tongue and for the life of me I can’t remember them. This is driving me crazy, help!!


Is it ‘don’t miss me’ by claire rosinkranz


I wanna get to know you G unit

jonathan lacy

i heard some song on the radio recently it was a positive song about life and to pretty much keep killing it cause you're great kinda song all i remember is it said the phrase (when life gives you lemons) I've been looking for it but the station hasn't played it again sense


is it Lemons by Brye?

Τόνια Γκούβα

if its the one saying : when life gives you lemons you dont make lemonade you use them to make girls cry, its the song called lemons by brye


its lemons by brye


I saw a tiktok where you add the song lyrics per person in the freind group 1 sentence and it was like which voice suits my freund or something like that I guess I'm in love but I'm never chasing I guess this is it I'm not sure


might it be snowman by Sia?

Please help

Im lokking from this son, Ive heard it on tiktok, and it goes like this:

Yes I look happy, happy all the time, but you dont see me, see me when i cryyyy. Yes im a master.....

Please help me!!


Try ismailmusic on youtube. not sure if that's the original though


Ive been searching for this song for years in vain, lyrics go-
I've been low
What ive been told you gotta keep your head up
If you work hard might make it oit the ghetto


I'm looking for a song from the 70's or early 80's with the lyric "It's easier to hate than to wait any longer". Google is no help!

Shnyia Batiste

Five for Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)

Shnyia Batiste

never mind I was wrong


Hello,if someone could please help me i have been looking for this song for a long time now. It’s at the star of this video and ends at 0:27 I can’t understand the lyrics because they are muffled so if someone who knows the song or could try to find the song please help me Thanks


I’m looking for a song. It’s a rap. I heard a classmate singing it so I don’t know what the actual artist sounds like. I also don’t remember many lyrics. It was something about seeing her bfs car in front of another girls house and looking through his tinted windows. I would assume it’s fairly new maybe last 2 years or so. Any help appreciated.


Drivers license?

Courtney Thompson

So I watched this movie called the tragedy girls and In it a song plays when they kill this girl in woodshop the next day they r walking down the hall and the song says I'm on fire get out of my way baby I move mountains I'm eating it up ready or not here I come I'm gonna be your boss be your boss be your be your boss boss boss

jack ig

HELP so i need this song its like a feminine voicr singing softly and they sing something along the lines of "and now im waiting for you~"


I heard this song on insta and Ive tried looking up the lyrics WHICH I KNOW A GOOD CHUNK OF and still can't find it, I only get search results for the "You made me hate this city" song by Billie Elish

Lyrics (Sung by a male):
I'm in my head
I'm in my head (idk if that's exactly what he saying but that's what it sounds like)
Well I just hope you're happy cuz now I'm feeling shi**y so give me (don't know what he says here) I f***ing hate this city.
They wanna f***ing be me, but they don't wanna hear me, I walk around like (can't make out what he says again)
Now all my friends are (something something) I'm on my phone just glowing
I hope you're f***ing ready, when I grow up I'm leaving, I'm taking all my (something something)


HELP i have this song that kinnda sounds like "in your smile take pleasure oh take pleasurrrrrrrre bummmmmmm"booooooooooooooommmmmmmmm" sung by a guy i think pls help


Maybe fitzpleasure by alt-j?


fitzpleasure by alt-j


Looking for a rock song in the 2013-2018 era, goes something like "you were my queen but baby's not mine" it's about a guy being with his GF thinks he's about to be a father but it's not his. Kinda sad rock alternative song



Marco Polo

Please help me find a song that I heard a long time ago
said something like that

when i look at your face
in the dark
I want to be the only one to change your mind
but my life is sunk
in a simple dream
let me be this void
that you will never forget


I don’t know what the song is but it goes like “___baby___baby”pls help


"Oh baby no baby, you've got me all wrong baby"? if so, that's called Honey, I'm Good by Andy Grammer


whats the name of the song that goes like "hgiuagfia goddamn jhfagdfiyagfi" or "*intense music* goddamn *intense music*"


Wasted by juice world and someone else I think, if it’s been on tiktok recently then this is probably the one.

Charles Monroe

She was so wonderful and I couldn't stop crying. What am I gonna do. Ooh what a love.

Lovell G

Looking for a song that has " that I can't find the right words to say,feeling in the way"? Sung by a man. Please help


Sounds possibly like The Way, by Clay Aiken


Yes,Thank you


I'm really having trouble finding/remembering a song I heard in hot topic back in like 2008/2009 I remember it was a rock song by a female singer that started with several short ah's then a long ahh. The only lyric I think I remember clearly is "nothing''s ever as it's suppose to be", the only other detail I kind of remember is that either the bands name or the song begins with a C. Any help would be much appreciated


I'm looking for a song I heard as an outro for nsb boys ''woke up I swear that your different I tell the moon and stars all about you no text or call but I miss u girl''


same here, i think it could be an unreleased song or smth because i couldnt find it on google either :(


do u have the discord because they might release songs there?


So, it turns out that Oliver Moy actually wrote that song and it hasn't been released on any music streaming platforms yet. On Instagram, he kinda suggested that he will release it sometime in the future (not sure when - but he will!) I hope this helps


oh ok thank u :)

edgar alvarez

I need help finding a music video, it shows a truck driving while having yellow lyrics in the middle of the screen, if someone can find it please send it to me

tony robert

I was looking for a song, I heard it a lot in the 90's?- 2000's on Canadian radio station, sung by a woman, but the lyrics seem too generic or maybe I've got the words slightly wrong, I just can't find it I only find other songs that have a phrase this song does. The lyrics are like:

"I've got what you need baby,
you can't run from me,
on a ??? ?? ?? ??? baby,
I've got what you need baby,
you can't run"

and then the main verses of the song go like: "Let people say what they say, let people ? what they ?, ......"
and then after there's a part where she says "Oh baby, as long as you treat me right" and then the chorus repeats.

tony robert

I found out what song it is, it's "Something Something" by Red Hot Cinnamon. Unfortunately, they have no internet presence, no YouTube videos, nothing at all, only sites with the lyrics of the song - it's the strangest thing, but I used to hear it all the time on the radio, you'd think they'd have published a record or something? Maybe it was small-time artists? I've never seen this before though. Anyone have a link to a YouTube video or anything on how I can hear this song?


Hi, that is weird. I searched up the song and all I found were the lyrics too. I’ve never heard the song before but your post has me intrigued. You say you heard it on a Canadian radio station, do you remember the name of that station? Maybe red hot cinnamon was a local singer/band who made it onto the radio.

Looking for a song that was on my mp3 player in 2011. I am fairly certain it's called dance mix. It's kinda up beat with a female singing then a male kinda rapping a response to her.


It could be “Unspoken” or “Independence Day” both by Cascada feat Carlprit. They were released in 2011


I've been searching for the song that plays in "My Life Is Murder" Season 2 Episode 2 just after the 13 minute mark. The lyrics you can hear in the episode are:

"Focus on the weekend
You're putting back all the pieces, darlin'
Can't be all that easy
You feel me now, feel me now

I've been dreaming of new horizons"

Been searching all over and I can't find a thing. Would be so grateful for any help!!


Did you ever find out the song?

KC Neil

Hello everyone. It's been years of looking for this song so hopefully you can help me. It was a 2000's song. Definitely British. Minimal lyrics.

"Too much talk...It's alright
Not talking enough....It's alright
It's alright I don't care it's alright
Yeah yeah yeah"

I know the lyrics are pretty generic but the sound was neo punk electronic sort of. I remember the music video with the band playing in hoodies. I appreciate any and all help. Thanks!

Joshua Jackson

These are the lyrics I remember
My baby girl,
you've got a lot on your mind,
don't you tell the world,
why you left it all behind,
you've got a picture in your suitcase,
head intertwined...

...Just to hit it into rewind

Sapphire V

I'm looking for the song thats the outro of North star boys youtube video


Roll the window down
This cool night air is curious
Let the whole world look in
Who cares who sees anything
I’m yoUR passenger


Deftones Passenger

Nathan Forester

I know a song with 'in the shadows' has already been talked about here but i'm looking for one that has a verse that says 'in the shadows, I can see those faces...I can hear those voices', it isn't a song by Evanescence, it doesn't have a similar sound to it. The closest to something that sounds like it is Luka by Susanne Luka.


Metksff wiskescieotorosgos

Hey guys I can’t get this song out of my head it goes like
“And I wasn't looking for a promise or commitment
But it was never just fun, and I thought you were different This is not the way you realized what you wanted It's a bit too much, too late if I'm honest
And all this time, God knows I'm singing
Don't mess with my lovve
That heart is so cold
All over my homeee
I don't wanna know that, babe
Don't mess with my love
I told her she knows
Take aim and reload
I don't wanna know that, babe


Don't by Ed Sheeran

Looking for a song that was on youtube and spotify but got deleted. Maybe you know the youtube channel splashmp3, they post songs from smaller artists. The song was called "tell me" by I believe gio.....( cant remember further).
The chorus was just "if you got something to say just tell me".
It had some male verses and at least one verse by a female singer in it.
Genre was kind of underground rock type maybe.
Cant find it anywhere anymore


Hi I'm looking for a song that the useless Shazam apparently can't identify. It's sung by a female singer and some of the words go like this that I could make out
"all night
you got me up like all night
and i'm thinking that we just might
have something that we can't despite".
Please help and thanks in advance.


i been trying to find this song for the whole day it is about 3 am the lyrics go something like "i can get you high but we got to do it on the low low low i can get you so high but we got to do it on the low don't let nobody know"


Could it be Down Low by R. Kelly?

Helga Pataki

I've been thinking about and looking for this song for months but I can't find it anywhere. The lyrics go something like:

"I'm so lucky that I have/found someone like you / ...(?) history I know we'll hold on to"

I remember the music video was a girl visiting her friend who wasn't home and she toured the house herself, it was a rich person's house and this girl was so amazed like she didn't think her friend was that rich. She ended up in the shower and this is when the real owner of the house arrived. Apparently, she was in the wrong house. Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Hi all
I would really appreciate your help to find this song from the 80s
The lyrics start with "you are you are my shining star" then further on He sings " you are my special lady and I think about you every night. This was a soul/ disco song
Please someone make this happen for me yes I am desperate
Thank you in advance


Looking for an early 2000s hip hop song, the lyrics contain, from memory; " new york they want me" and "all over the world", its a chill song, not a hardcore club song. I'm searching everywhere for it.


Is it raggamuffin by selah sue on Spotify?


Top of the world rascalz


Searching for this song that plays in the beginning before the guy starts rapping I’ve spent all day on this and just really wanna kno:(

David White

what is this song?


looking for the song from this video at 14:30-14:56

donna cashell

got no answer. why? a year ago it was so easy. what happened?


Hi, I'm looking for a song that ends with "promise me you'll stay." Heard it in some shop - sounds like a song by a band, lots of guitar. Vaguely remember the lyrics in between: at the beginning it was "cause you know____you do" and then an entire verse with tell me____, tell me ____, tell me____. Really like the song but I can't find it. Does anyone know it? Thanks!


Stay - Miley Cyrus? I know it's not a band but the lyrics are very similar. And it does sound rock-ish even though it's not a band. I don't know about the lots of guitar though.


Hello, im looking for a song with lyrics by woman: ,,even if I try, even if you take my car”. I remembered this part. Light disco version.

Shnyia Batiste

Does anyone know the person that song these lyrics because I've been had this son in my head and I just don't know who sung it can someone help me? I need to sit down girl you take my breath away from me I want you to see what you've done to me you take my breath away from me, you got me going aye yeah yeah yeah yeah aye yeah yeah yeah


Okay, so this song isn't too old, from the 2010s to 2020 I don't remember the exact date. It was a female singer and it was a pop song, kinda like an edgy teenager song. I don't remember any specific lyrics besides the fact that she said something about smiling during the tragic parts in movies, and something about a blank face and a friend??? I've been looking for this forever please help me find it.


Got quite a few suggestions for you here, in no particular order!
The One That Got Away - Katy Perry
Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
Who Knew - P!nk
Who Am I To Say - Hope
Not Like The Movies - Katy Perry

Who Knew is the least likely as it was pre-2010, either Almost Lover or Not Like The Movies is probably the most likely tbh. Hope you find it!


okay i literally have all the lyrics to this song and the name (it’s up to you) but can’t find it, i remember finding it on some random music website in like 2018 and I just found the lyrics written down in my notes app:

It’s Up To You Lyrics

Where did our love go pretty one?
If only I could see
Life is much better in the sun
Now night time has found me

Been counting the days
Since you went away
I’m keeping the fantasy that
You’ll be back
To make my dreams come true

It’s up to you
There’s nobody else who can save me
It’s up to you
I keep holding on for a maybe

Why did you take your heart away?
I thought we were so good
If you let me see you once again
I’d tell you if I could

Been counting the days
Since you went away
I’m keeping the fantasy that
You’ll be back
To make my dreams come true

It’s up to you
There’s nobody else who can save me
It’s up to you
I keep holding on for a maybe (x2)


Been counting the days
Since you went away
I’m keeping the fantasy that
You’ll be back
To make my dreams come true

It’s up to you
There’s nobody else who can save me
It’s up to you
I keep holding on for a maybe (x2)


Song name pls. Really want to listen the full version of it (since I watched Cuckoo series)


I dont think this is a real song, but I'll ask about it on here. I heard these lyrics in a commercial for Our Future: 5-11 COVID-19 Vaccines - :15
 I don't know if song is real or created for the ad, stuck in my head didnt find anything through lyric search sites and google, bing yahoo searches; lyrics I heard: little one you're gonna grow, then youre gonna go, but i know, yes i know youll be ok if this is real song let me if its not let me know. video of ad here:

Jami Coleman

I'm also looking for this song and have searched everything I could think of. Please let me know if you have figured it out yet. Thanks


Me too!


I have been searching too! It's from an ad campaign called "we can do this" and I contacted them at They responded and said it is called "Take Care" by Andrew Simple but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe we should all try to contact Andrew Simple to find out why it hasn't been released. Maybe it's just a short jingle for the ad like the theme from "Friends" that the Rembrants later added more verses to and released as a full song.


Andrew Simple - Little Wildflower...Spotify

Joy prince fortune

Please I need a song that goes like this everyday you dey make me fall in love I promise you I will never do you wrong you are so beautiful I call u morning sun when am thinking of someone you are the one

Charlene Johnson

“At a high school known as North Fall, there was a boy who played football”
I think it’s from a musical. Anyone???


Looking for a song. The only lyrics I remember are (roughly):

"I promise I won't let you go" .... "Now you wanna push me down,
But i'm not afraid to make a sound"


Passenger don’t let her go


dont know where to run, dont know where to hide dont know who to follow, who is on my side

Ignas Kardas

Trying to find a song I heard in my workplace. Tried to Shazam it, couldn't find it. Typed in lyrics, still nothin'. A part of the lyrics:
Please set me free
Take this dream away from me

Thanks in advance

Rayn Forward

Hi please help me find the song from a female group singers...(not that famous compared to spice girls or Destiny's Child). I heard their song 10 years ago... It's a sad love song with heart breaking lyrics and melody, nice harmony and the lyrics goes like something with "I just can't believe you're gone.... Something like a song about the pain and hurt of losing someone and wishing them back? Please help... I owe you big time if you can help me find the song. Thanks a lot ❤️


You might try Wilson Phillips.


I'm look for a song that plays in a movie called "when it comes around" it says "i got you , you got me and that's a lie that you can't see"


Im looking for a tiktok song that goes '' do you love me baby, i know you love me baby yeah i cheated on you could you trust me baby"


The artist is Young Slo-Be - I love you

Jonny English

Hi, can anyone help with this dance song from the 90's.?

Me holding you, you holding me, you know how good we'd be and from the first time I looked in your eyes I knew you would be my girl.


This is from 2002 but could it be Baby Boy by Big Brovaz? It also had a remix by DJ Boonie so if it's not the original, maybe it could have been the remix. :) Hope you find it.


Looking for a song I heard in 2015-2017, it seemed to be indie and pretty hidden as I haven’t been able to find it since. Lyrics are a little blurry in my head but from what I remember, it’d say something along the lines of “It’d might be alright, but I’ve been thinking” with a guitar/piano sequence right after that sounded similar to the guitar at the start of the song Take My Head by Turnover. The lyrics could be entirely different, but it was sung by a woman who had quite a monotone and young sounding voice.


I was looking for a song the lyrics go something like this "i thought i loved you i was feeling blessed,i thought you were mine ... gave you all i had damn should've gave you less, devil as an angel ... answers to my flesh, i thought it was love lust it was all sex" the ... Are parts i couldn't make out


What song contains the lyrics does it make you black boling?does it make you see right


It should be Lola Blanc- Angry Too


oo I love that song, and yeah it's Angry Too


Hello am looking for a song it goes like this
Ain't going down she gone low u are the reason that whole world know


Calum Scott- You are the reason

Eduardo Silva

Hi. I'm looking for an old song i think its from the Begining of the nineties witch i totally forgot the name of the artist and song. Some days ago i was watching tv and they used the music's refrain. What i can tell you is that the music its somesort of an alternative One. I think its rock because of the drum, and its is electronic. Back on 2003 i've found it by luck on the net because i had a clean record on the tape but on the phone i can barely understand it. What i know is that the themetic its about a love that fades to fast and its never gets old. Now the most important part. On the refrain i think the singer says. "Why came/keep i down to fall/far". The synthetiser has a remarkable print, because it behaves like the end of the line for the character, and its a One of a kind. Unfortunatly i cant tell much more but this song on my childhood hited the radio in my Country, this music was recorded before 1996

If anyone can help me with this.
Thanks you

Jason brody

Been looking for this tropical house style song for a while. I only know the hook/chorus and then it has some beat in the middle. I think the start of the hook the lyrics say something like "cause baby i do..." and at the end of the hook it says "im still in love with you". its a male voice singing it, im assuming its some kind of remix song or sonething.


Fairytale of New York?

Jason brody

Unfortunately thats not it. Its kinda something like the chainsmokers would make but im pretty sure its not them.

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