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Looking for this very happy pop song sung by a woman. In the song she always ends her verse with "you're the best I ever had" or "I'm the best you ever had" something like that is the best I could make out!


Best you've ever had - Lou Elliotte


hi, im looking for a song that i heard but didn't catch the name of and can't seem to find anywhere. i remember the video having the band, the singer had a beard and short hair plus a red guitar. they were in a house with a mirror that he made a smiley face in with the dust and then wiped away. some of the lyrics i remember are

 with a .38 to his head / ... solution (?) to the living and the dead / lord it's driving me mad / he told me son (this was something about the devil)

dead was repeated a couple times towards the end.

it was kind of rockish-countryish, but i legit cannot find it anywhere i look. this was also a youtube ad, but the name wasn't at the end and i cannot get it to pop up again


Can somebody tell me the name of this song or the author or , It was on the Flash 7x12 when barry was breakdancing and it was a rap song and it started like this ''can you feel the music all night till the early morning''


Feel the music - Kid Wavy


Song from the 1980s maybe, new wave genre possibly (Cutting Crew/A-ha flavour), male vocalist I think, downtempo.
I don't know why-y-y-y
I don't know why-y-y-y
I don't know why (I know this can't be love)
I don't know why (You're not supposed to be the one)


Why can't this be love - Van Halen

Conner Ray Wilson

I need help Identifying a song its got a 21 savage like sound in his voice and it sounds kind of similar to knife talk by drake and I think it came out around that time it came out pretty sure its a new song the only lyrics I can think that it has is "rari", Walk it like I talk it", "Bought a House". Those are the lyrics i believe it contains and its got a similar way of how it is sang like knife talk. And no its not migos Walk it like I talk it. Not sure if it is a 21 savage song couldnt find it but it has a 21 savage way kind of vibe to the song slowish sang mellowy and has that low deep voice like 21 savage. remember it sounds similar to knife talk


Walk it talk it - Migos ft Drake


hello, i'm lookin for a song. the lyrics are" yes or no high or low whatever they do we can do it better". anyone know this song? thanks for the attention


Yes or no by Xylo?

Layla Wright

Looking for a song from the opening scene of a show
"Where are you going
Have you simplified
You look around and say
What can I do to make it
Should you take a little minute before you walk out in the rain
Should you take a little minute
I just have to say..."
I've tried to find it through Google and YouTube but no luck.
Help please


What show is it?


Keane - Somewhere only we know


No. Those lyrics aren't in that song.

Majex 11

So i was in Morrisons today and a song was playing that i liked. Of course i couldn't look it up while it was playing because service was terrible.

It went like:

"I see you everywhere" (there could have been an "i go" after that

(Another line)

"You make me feel so lost"

Please help 😂😂


Wherever you are - Kodaline?

Majex 11

No, sorry. I seen that when I looked up the lyrics but it is not that song.

Even when I look up the lyrics i can't seem to find it. It's really been annoying me since I heard the song 😂


This is an old song.
The lyrics go
"Only you drive me wild it's something I can't describe I put no one above you, honey I love you, can I tell you I love you"
Does anyone know? It's been stuck in my head for a while now. I heard my dad listening to it.


I think its an RnB type of song, and a male is singing it.


You know that I love you - Donell Jones?

Nessy Mess

This is an old song maybe early 2000s, sung by a female artist. And it's got many explicit lyrics, talking about sex.

Cardi B's line in Please Me that goes "I'm gonna ride it, do it just how you like it" reminds me of it but I can't place the song!

Does anyone know? It's driving me crazy!


Ciara ft. Ludacris - Ride it?


It’s cardi and Bruno mats song


Bruno Mars



Lina Gonzales

Maybe it’s “Ride Me- Adina Howard??”


Missy Elliott - Under Construction ?


please me

Victoria Preston

Bruno Mars & Cardi B- Please me


There's this song by a band I cannot remember, the bridge goes like, 'Dunno where its going, dunno if its right or wrong but I don't want this to end.


Living next door to Alice - Smokie

John Bride

Hey, can anyone help me find this song? 42:30 in this video, there are some voices covering up some lyrics and some other lyrics that i can't catch. Appreciated

Joshua Jackson

I would love to help, but there is no link tot he video

dylan wyatt

im looking for this song i heard in my gym. it was probably from the early 2000s very similar to three days grace or linkin park that same genre. it went like "it doesnt matter anyways in my face (hook)" breaking me down" or bringing me down something like that please help

John Doe

All my life foo fighters.


Aloe Blacc - My way

aaron evan

Hey could you please help me to find the song...
It goes like...
"Saying I am the moonlight.. girl isn't have the stars all night..."

Wayne johnson

Looking for the song from the new Qatar advert I have checked Shazam ect and it doesn’t recognise it but it starts with “look where I’m at now, guess there’s no turning back now, might as well sit back and enjoy the ride and the corus has the word shine and shining in hope someone can help


Came across your question on my hunt for this song and later found it so circled back to let you know! It’s called ‘Shining’ by Raisa but worth noting I think it was created for the advert because Visit Qatar are credited. Here’s a link to the YouTube video anyway ☺️


Found it on Shazam
Shining - Visit Qatar featuring Raisa


Can someone help? I have these lyrics but can’t find the song

Looks like I'm back to square one I'm losing it,

Now I'm talking my self out of leaving this,

Cos every time I go to pick up the phone I cant call.
Now I'm packing my bags not staying here

This broken man aint been going no where

Always tryna run before I walk and walk before I crawl.


From BMF
I cant hide the way you make feel
You...cause when we Touch is all so real
I just want to give you all my Love my Love
Dont hold back . .I need your love love
Hey your time you know you came to
Help me plz


It’s “Take Your time you know you can’t just rush the feel “

I too am looking for this song


Have y’all found it? Looking too

Philip Salamone

Looking for a song I downloaded from P2P sites about 20 years ago. The MP3 was titled "Follow" by Tool, but no such song exists. The song was Tool-esk and the vocals sound very similar to Maynard James Keenan.

Lyrics I recall:
You don't understand (and you never will, too)
You can't understand (what I am going through)
What's not in your hand,
It's not in your hand,



does anyone know the song where it goes oh baby oh baby oh baby oh baby i think its jusin beiber and i know its not baby but he sings that in a deep voice it was an older one of his songs?


Never let you go - Justin Bieber


it is baby thats the lyrics

Name That Song

I'd like to ask if anyone would know the artist/title of the song that has the words "into my heart, into my heart, into my heart" at the end. It's sung by a woman and from its tone it was probably recorded in the 1970s or 1980s. Another song I'd like to know the artist/title is also sung by a woman and goes "I'm in love and I never never never" and from the sound it also seems to be from the '70s-'80s. Thanks.


Come into my heart,Lord - The Roberta Martin Singers
Never never never - Shirley Bassey

Name That Song

Thanks Anonymous. Those aren't the tunes but thanks again for sharing, much appreciated.


I can't find this one song. I know it's by a girl and I only remember some of the words and parts of the song: "You gave me roses, but I'm afraid to hold em', I scared without you..." - "...Take one step, that's all I need for you to do..." I looked it up but can't find it anywhere. I know that it plays on 106.9 a lot.

Son of Sam


I'm looking for the song to an female african american gospel song. Slow tempo. It's probably over 14 years old. I think it was sung by one of the winans but i can't find the lyrics. I think the chorus goes like this:
you're my little baby girl you know you really rock my world and i'm so glad that i've....(found you?)


Looking for a song from a Zachary Piona vine in 2014(?). I found the song once before because I asked him in a comment, but I have no idea what it was. Plays at the end here:


I heard an EDM song in Victoria’s Secret today that was sung by a woman. I think it said something like “I ___ you now” the beat dropped and then it repeated those lyrics. Maybe the lyrics were “I need you now” but idk it doesn’t sound right…


Maybe it’s “Saved Me Now” by Matthew Blakes feat Katie Boyle? Its an edm song and the lyrics go “you saved me now, saved me now” it repeats then the bass drops.


Is it Ellie Goulding - On My Mind?


Hey everyone, been trying to figure out this song for the past 13 - 15 years or so. It's mostly a R&B song. From what I remember the lyrics go something like this:
Now since that’s it’s on you, you know you got it
now since it’s on you, you know you’ll get it.
Now that your sorry for tomorrow.
I’ll be here all my life


Besties I’m looking for a song that’s pretty old I thought it was sung by Shirley temple but all I remember is that it goes “I’ll tell youuuu *something something* baby” it’s wayyy old



Natalie laborde

Ummm I’m looking for a song. That goes like :sure I wanna die yeah no I’m not a rag: and it is made by a boy so please help me look for this song



Ashilolo ann

Hi I had a song in a movie grey anatomy season 16 d last episode and it was while Richard was being operated on,pls I really need song it goes like dis
All we have is here right now right now is all we have,tanks in advance pls I need d titleof d song


Try LINDSEY RAY: Here Right Now


lyrics: I hit the floor, and I want more
then something like a Aaaahhh that starts high and goes down in pitch
It was sung by a woman
I heard it in an H&M if that helps at all


Maybe Jennifer Lopez On the Floor?

Joshua Rizzeri

Hey guys, what is the song called and it goes something like.. “ your love is bigger than that, your love is better than that, give it up give it up give it up” it sound like a Rihanna song.. it has deep house vibes.. I cannot think of the name for my life.

joseph musser

I need help with a song and it goes like this "It's all about you, you,you, you, you It's all about yooooouuuuu" then it says "It's like a feeling that you get on the first date" or it says "the first day" I don't really know so plz help me


Dr. Kutcho ft. Jodie
Belmondo Rulez 2.0


Hi Guys being searching for the song sang right at the end of nurses season 2 episode 3, because of the talk in the background couldn't get the lyrics clearly


Might be Tate McRae


Am looking for a song I heard on tiktok because I wanna download it. "Wanna let u know that I didn't wanna let go, cause our love is beautiful and irreplaceable. I don't know the full lyrics. That's all I can remember

Anna Clo


I’ve been looking for a song from
the 2000s for a long time. I was a teen back then and I think the song is about abuse. I’m sure it was from a band called Refuel or Fuel and the song was called Touch. It might have been a local band (I’m from Montreal, Qc, Canada). I remember the following lyrics but I might be wrong
“You’re so beautiful, when you cry,
when you’re afraid of me”

Thank you everyone



Vast - Pretty when you cry?


Looking for a song by netnobody on soundcoud and i cant find the song anymore lyrics i remember are "i feel like i am trying i feel like i am dying i dont want to try anymore"


Gone - Net Nobody


Thanks for the help after i saw this someone else sent me te vid of the actual song called
Insomniac - Net Nobody


Hello, i'd like to ask for some help. I have heard a small part of an indie song in a video, and if i have heard it correctly it went something like: "taking your time, fall in line someday". Maybe these are not exactly the right words, since i only tried to hear them from this video, that had talking over it too...but i would be really grateful if someone kind could find this song for me. (I tried, but no luck.) :< Big thank you to anyone who tries!


It's a kind of fast R&B song(it soundsime the 90s but idk) I heard on the radio. It goes like " much to live fooor, so much to lose!" Idk if the lyrics is right.


Oh and it was sung by a woman

Dence Justine F Naraga

hi. could you help me find the title of the song? i could really sing the intro with the lyrics but i could hardly find the title..

the first line is

life is too short to wake up with regrets
i know my heart has changed not just my head
yoy act like you care....

the singer maybe is justin bieber but i tried to search it.. no results found. please help.

send me a msg thru facebook


thank you ☺️☺️


I need help what is the song called that goes like: ln the heart of a the city of the son, a place were i'll leave when my says are done, by the banks of the river... I forgot the rest but what's the name!


Hi I'm hoping and praying someone can help it's a real emergency lol. For my sanitys sake. I've been searching for this song forever and I can't seem to find anywhere. I don't know how the song goes. I can give a few words from the lyrics from memory. And if also helps the artist sounds like anastatia (but isnt) words from the song go like this not in order on words I remember.. (when love will) I think breaking?? Not sure.. (I don't know why) as I said sounds very much like anastatia but isn't. It's got a electrical beat to it like dance beat. Heard it when I was a kid.


It’s a slow love song. Male vocalist. All I remember of the lyrics is:

Said to my love, when will you come back to me and leave the past behind. You’ll find me waiting passionate, for you


I'm looking for a song that goes; boys like you can't tell when they got something really real girls like me we stay just cuz we feel the way we feel it's your loss now I was once down stop talking about you miss me now it's your loss now


I am looking for an alternative rock song which I heard at a clothes store but I couldn´t understand its lyrics properly. I have some parts only: "If you want me/it first, without you, girl, crazy.
There is also a rap part later. Can you help me?

J v

I need help finding a song it’s techno and I think it goes “cause you know there ain’t no stopping ain’t no stopping yea”


I need help with a song
goes something like
"I stand in the crowd"
and some other lyrics are like "I'm standing last ??? can't shut down"
it's bugging me and I really want to find out what it is.



Suspicious Minds
~Elvis Presley

We're caught in a trap
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much, baby
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
When you don't believe a word I say?
We can't go on together
With suspicious minds (suspicious minds)
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds
So if an old friend I know
Stops by to say hello
Would I still see suspicion in your eyes?
Here we go again
Asking where I've been
You can't see the tears are real, I'm crying
(Yes I'm crying)
We can't go on together
With suspicious minds (suspicious minds)
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds
Oh, let our love survive
I'll dry the tears from your eyes
Let's don't let a good thing die
When honey, you know I've never lied to you
Mmm, yeah, yeah
We're caught in a trap
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much, baby
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
When you don't believe a word I say?
Well, don't you know I'm caught in a trap?
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much, baby
Well, don't you know I'm caught in a trap?
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much, baby
Well, don't you know I'm caught in a trap?
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much, baby
Well, don't you know I'm caught in a trap?
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much, baby
Well, don't you know I'm caught in a trap?
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much, baby
Well, don't you know I'm caught in a trap?
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much, baby
Well, don't you know I'm caught in a trap?


I'm not quite sure where I heard this one. F-male singer, probably late 20s early 30s. Something about missing the husband of her dreams. she sees a glimpse from time to time. Something about a whirlwind and just wanting her man, and their plan.....missing his smile and laugh. That kind of stuff. Oh, that rhymed. lol It would really help me out. It has been driving me crazy for a while. I want to say she's not a brand new artist. I also know she's kind of ditzy with certain things. Thanks in advance.


i'm looking for a song with this guy singing about a girl and he describes the way he feels by saying a famous women's name


uma thurman - fall out boy?


Chris Brown singing to Karruche?


It’s literally moon river but after they say crossing you in style someday, it then continues with your such a lovely girl today. Or somthing along the line of that. Don’t know if I’m making this up or not so plz help


Moon river from the bayonetta soundtrack. I thonk its from the first game.


The song was sang by Andy Williams


The song was originally sang by Andy Williams.
It was also sang by someone else named Audrey Hepburn


I'm looking for the song that Kristen and reafe use for their intro on their YouTube pranks.. it goes like this "I wanna put a ring on you right now , you know that my love is true "


Better not


i'm looking for the song in the intro of this video


I need to find a song it’s in Japanese and it says “even if it’s my last” it’s like a sad song

Lily Adams

My dearest - Guilty crown OP


Looking for a song that goes like: 'if you really mean it, and you come on over, baby you should let me know ' probally from the 90's. Pls help


This is James who


Da ya think I'm sexy - Rod Stewart

Can any of you older generation help me remember a song from the 70s could this burning desire never leaves me alone that is the 1st line on the song,


Possibly Burning desire from Cool Feet?


I've been looking all over for this one song I heard a while back, all I can remember is the lyrics
"she's the center of attention she got everybody in the club wishing"
does anyone know what song it could be?

Ashley k

Did you ever get the name?


Jason derulo


Could be "Ignition" by R. Kelly?


Could be "Ignition" by R. Kelly?


I was just looking for this song cause I heard it from a criminal minds episode.
It's show up by khristian B


Hi does someone know this song its like and old pop rock song that says: «chape me in chape me out yeah yeah and i dont wanna ... for all the things im not »
Or something like that, its singed by a female


Bend me shape me - Angels

Ainsley S

Looking for a song, was produced before 2010. Female vocalist with an airy voice, it's electronic rather than live instrument music. Very flowy vibes, like you're gliding over a city at night. Lyrics I'm not 100% sure but they are romantic-ish with a melancholy about them. I believe some words may include something along the lines of: watching/city lights/breath/over the city.


Hi it might be Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky? It was written for the video game Mirrors Edge, it was also released in 2008

Ainsley S

Not the one :(
Thanks so much though!


Sorry it wasn’t the song you were looking for, but maybe try listening to a few songs by Late Night Alumni? The female vocalist has a very soft, airy voice and their songs are kind of electronic but in a very soothing way. Their lyrics are also kind of melancholy.




I'm looking for a song I heard as an outro for nsb boys ''woke up I swear that your different I tell the moon and stars all about you no text or call but I miss u girl''


I’m was looking For that same song too 😭 but it’s a song they made and wrote it’s just for they outro


I COULDNT BELIEVE THEY WROTE IT WHEN I COULDNT FIND IT- I was so confused cuz it sounds like some famous tiktok song but now I realized the talent boys wrote it lmaoo




Hey I'm looking for the song from the new released kdrama named, 'Melancholia'. The song was played at the end of the first episode. It went like, 'are you ready for the chance, this is the last chance. Whenever you feel a doubt just believe in you.


omg i'm looking for that song too


Im trying to find a song that is kinda old from like the early 2000s.. i think? I dont really know what the lyrics are but all I know is that It kinda sounds like "and im begging tell me something something" i dont really know if thats correct but i believe it was sang by a woman too? anyone have any ideas to what it could be?


Mercy from Duffy?

Don’t leave me


I'm looking for the title of these lyrics
 ohh my sleep last night oh my restless day thinking of you my dear i am tired


There was this song I heard in public I couldn’t fathom the lyrics but it sounded very funky and upbeat. The only lyrics I got was towards the end of the song it went “yes I try yeah yeah” :/

Mimsey Borigoves

Satisfaction from the Stones?


i’ve been looking for this song it goes “could it be youuu” then im not sure if this what it goes after “could it be mee, could it be” i believe is a guy singing and has a soothing voice does anyone this song?


Right My Wrongs? By Bryson Tiller?


it's probably white by odd future

Dean Killen

Hi, I’m looking for a song that’s sang by a woman. I’ve typed the lyrics in to lyric finders but I’m having no luck. It sounds like she’s saying “I can’t help it, I keep on doing this, I do it to you every time” if anyone can help, please do! Thank you

Tony Mitchell

Tony Mitchell




Hi, I'm looking for a song and the lyric goes like this.. "i don't wanna live without your sweet kiss you're reaching for my hands singing and flipping your ponytail to your all time favorite band my chemical romance i still don't have a clue." And so on. Not really sure about that. Please help me. Thanks.


It's "Never look at another girl again" by Jonny Huolihan..


Thank you so much!!


Song male artist about being board it like I’m so board in painting rocks I’m so board I am counting dots
Pls answer


Yo it’s josh reaching out. I’m infuse hurt broken. I’m not sure about anything or who you are anymore. Pulled in so many directions. But I’m here fighting the good fight and I won’t give up! Worn or without u by my side love forever and Always, but my sanity might not last forever

I felt that. Complete truth. Love u. Don’t leave me. What next?

C Zam

Trying to find a song I heard in the store Anthropologie: refrain sounds like “meet me in the starlight , c’mon and dance with me tonight “
I’ve searched and even called the store … cannot pin it down :( thx for any help!! :)


Could it be “levitating” by Dua Lipa?

Mimsey Borigoves

Levitating RemixDua Lipa ft. DaBaby

Makayla Jackrich

There's this song I like buh can't find it I only remember Baby I put my trust in you they talk say love is blind but I don made up my mind baby. Plz help me


Looking for a with the lyrics "you're standing there and I could be drowning." it's a male singing to only a guitar. not sure of the time frame


Maybe it's In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins.


Song lyrics go somewhat like -

I am invincible, I know it’s late? Can feel like I can’t fly?
Riddle me this, riddle me that, the answer was inside your eyes

Any ideas?


looking for a love song that includes the line "fell me like a tree" or something close to that. Anyone have suggestions?


NFWMB by Hozier?


Hey. I am searching for a hip hop / rap song. singed by male. All I remember is him saying something in the lines of "we used to call every day and talked for an hour" it was a song about missing someone and a heartbreak. Thx


Could be Where'd You Go by Fort Minor


I try found song i hear this song in radio
It sounds something like this, and it's a dance song:

uh i love you with you like that need you


I've been looking for this song for years:

Vous êtes beau quand vous venez, je suis celui extatique
Vous êtes beau quand vous obéissez, je suis celui extatique


Any ideas on the the songs on the below vid? I Shazamed and searched the go...Any ideas? Thanks

The first one sound like BRMC..



What song contains the lyrics:
“How Do you know when you (you’ve) got it?”


i have heard this song but dont know if this is the right lyrics "how many times do i get thiss feeling.. how many dreams have gone away?" sang by a woman


Tokyo Ghoul √A - "Glassy Sky" ?

Shnyia Batiste

Does anyone know the person that song these lyrics because I've been had this son in my head and I just don't know who sung it can someone help me? I need to sit down girl you take my breath away from me I want you to see what you've done to me you take my breath away from me, you got me going aye yeah yeah yeah yeah aye yeah yeah yeah!


fighting for air

BlobBlob Blobby

Hey everyone, this one will be extremely difficult
I was at a small souvenir shop in another country some years ago and there was this absolutely beautiful chinese music in the background and I regret that I did not ask who the interpreter was. Male, smooth voice (sings in chinese), the music was orchestral, gave me soundtrack vibes, calm and emotional. But I remember that I was thinking "wow, this has to be a soundtrack!" (before he started singing.) Maybe someone has a clue.....:-)
Thank you

Alex H.

Hmm there's a lot that could fit this theme. Maybe you could check out the music of Liang Bo 梁博 for that. He has a very calming voice and arranges his songs very well with the instruments as well. Hua Hua or anctual name Hua Chenyu 华晨宇 is also a very interessant singer, sometimes works with orchestre but he has more of a lighter voice but can go very low as well if he wants to.
Maybe you could tell me where you were and when. I study sinology with a great interest in chinese music, so maybe I could find out which artists were more popular in which areas at a certain time. Because maybe Hua Hua wasn't popular at that time already, he's not that old etc...

BlobBlob Blobby

I love this forum so much! There is always someone who knows something;) Thank you very much dear Alex! I listened to the artists you recommended. (they are amazing) But unfortunately not the artists/music that I am looking for. I think that Liang Bo and Hua Hua are too young. The music "could" have been older (like 90s/2000s) maybe even older maybe not. It had so many film music elements in it (maybe a musical?) It was not Pop music ...rather what people would describe as "world music". There were chinese classical music elements, film music (Hans Zimmerish) elements, and his soft voice. I regret it so much, that I did not asked the shop owner. Interestingly I was in Spain, the shop owners were chinese. I studied area studies with some seminars in sinology! Keep it up! ;-)

Murilo Franco

hey guys, i am trying to find the music hotel braze or praise from the magic numbers, i can even find the lyrics
but i just can't find the music. Can someone help?


Hi im trying to find a tiktok song that i like but can’t find it, i remember some lyrics which are ‘thinkin bout you it’s to late to go’ and it’s slowed down as well that are the only bits i remember and im not sure if it’s a male or female singing


Does the singer have a raspy voice?


24/7 by harris j 'nd celina sharma ?? sorryyy if im wrong , hopefully im not !1!1!11


I cant find this song. I only got this one line but here goes: hop through the window, and we go ra ra ra ra ra ra ra. Hope you know it :)

Kristin Bristin

Looking for a house/dance song I heard at the gym. Female vocalist and the lyrics are something like ‘I can’t help it with you’ or ‘I can’t help be with you.’ Only fools rush in comes up.


Elvis presley, cant help falling in love with you



wise men say, only fools rush in
but i can't help falling in love with you

advantage is, if you can sing at all you can make this sound good.

not sure if it's originally elvis, but he definitely sings it.

Kristin sommer

I am looking for this song as well! That’s all I can get from the lyrics ‘I can’t help it with you’ or ‘ I can’t help be with you.’ It’s absolutely not Elvis’ ‘Can’t help falling’ song. It’s definitely a electronic music/house sounding song. I heard it again in the store Marshals yesterday. The ‘you’ part of the song is carried on for a few beats. I haven’t been able to get an app to detect the song.


my best guess is Danny by Hello Shark


ignore previous reply, wrong thread. only one i can think of for you is Perfect Stranger


Im looking for a song i found whn i was ten. I found it on pandora on a folk music playlist and it goes like this. " how can i walk away? Youve got a hold on me. Oh dark eyes, smile at me" it is sung by a woman with a lower voice and accompanied by a rather seductive accoustic guitar that feels like its playing a slow fox trot. It is literally titled Dark Eyes like five million other songs, however i need the artist's name in order to find it again. Thank you.


Inside my head there's nothing I could be, so I don't know what you want from me

Don’t walk away. I love u

Angie Y

Heard this song in the supermarket today. It was a male singer and it was a slow-paced song. Likely indie/folkish?
Lyrics were something like:

"I went walking to places I used to go
I saw things I don't remember
I know I'm a lucky man"

Please help! Thanks :)


i’m looking for a song rock or metal it’s lot of screaming and rough singing it goes like this somewhat

verse i can’t understand
don’t be late for school again ooooohhhh

(something) i want mine
(something, something)
i wanna shimmy shimmy shimmy through the break of dawn yeahhhh


system of a down - shimmy


I have this song in my head for like ages and I know I heard it on SoundCloud it goes like:
"Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
An empty mind put together broken dreams"


Yeah It’s stuck in my head too, pls let me know if you find it


Hi im looking for a song in the late 90s to 2005 or 2010 it was a female singer with blonde hair and i can remember the video clip the female was on a pirate ship the yrics i can remember are i want your banana i want to touch your banana, and she would dance up abd the the pile on the boat it as a sexual song


Maybe Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani? The lyrics go “if I was a rich girl, nanana nana na” and in the music video she’s on a pirate ship and has blonde hair. She also has a song called Hollaback Girl and “banana” is in the lyrics. Hope this helps!

Jeremy Abraham

I've been searching for this song sense the 90's, the first and only time I heard it. "Can I be with you for one night baby. The way you're touching me is driving me crazy. The way I'm feeling now is all brand new, can i get with you, just one night baby." Hopefully someone can lend the assist.


Brandy When you touch me

Lala Loupsie

I cant believe I’m not the only one looking for that song!!! Were you able to find the title in the meantime?


The song played in bad education as a Mumford and sons tribute I can’t find anywhere. It’s so lovely but I’ve searched all the Mumford and sons songs and none match. Help!

caitlin neilan

I'm looking for a song part of the lyrics is right here right now. Its a boys band and I know it's not one direction or jonas brothers. it sounds very similar to that group though


maybe look up
5 seconds of summer
Big Time Rush
All Star Weekend
Hot Chelle Rae
The Wanted

those are some other boy bands


Could it be an older song or something recent? Jesus Jones did a song, “Right Here, Right Now” that I love to this day. Best I recall, he was one of the one hit wonders.


Jesus Jones


Idk if this is the exact lyrics but a female sings it " If you love me then let me go now find somebody to take control now


Control by Zoe Wees?


try Halsey I think she has a song like that


Looking for a song all I know it says
Dont need no money...don't need no money
Singer sounds African or Jamaican and it's a r&b type song
Sounds like a drake type beat


Maybe price tag but probably not

Male or female singer?


That song is from the 5 HEARTBEATS soundtrack.


Hey do you know a song that had a big black guy talking about it being a good day and about his grandma with a little kid and it's not Justin Bieber or Florida


good day by greg streets or ice cube it was a great day


I actually dont think I'll ever find the song I'm looking for in here:(


You got lucky. I guarantee when you pull up the 5 HEARTBEATS soundtrack, listen to it, you'll say, :BINGO!


I doubt you will either have been on here for over a year and nothing. The only people that check in here are people looking for their song.

Vince The Spider

A rap / rock / electronic song sung by a woman "Hey! Get Out the door! we need some more! Let's bring this to! the! dance! floor!" "Hey! Get back the key! I wanna be! Rocking on! the! dance! floor!" "Hey! We wanna say! Bring back the day! We're dancing on! the! dance! floor!"
(I believe it's called WANNABE! but I don't know the artist. And it is not spice girls)

Robert Sandoval

I'm looking for this song it kinda went like this
I've been a bad girl I know you dont love me I never did------
Yes I'll be good bae yes I'll be good to ya


Bad by Wale?



Siti rumaishah

Hello im looking for a song that sound like a rock male song..the lyrics i know goes by
'picking up picking up picking up pick up the phone'
That the only lyric that i can catch since im not familiar with english word

tyler s

the song is "Devil" by the band "Shinedown"


Hello im looking for a song which is probably a rock male song...the lyric start with /second /third verse
'picking up picking up picking up pick up the phone or
'pick it up pick it up pick it up pick up the phone

This song is really sound rock
Please help me


Pick up the phone - Falling in reverse


I heard this on tiktok I can only remember this:My family. You can change my mind i wanna see. The properly talking to the edge. or something like that. someone can help me pls


I'm trying to find the music in the background of this video:

The lyrics that I can make out are:

'You're not alone til' I say, I share with you my happiness'
'You say you're not when I am up high'


Other possible lyrics:
'Come along for love's sake, I'll do anything you do
'You say you're low when I am up high'
Don't look back on family trees?


What song goes" as the night falls I start to move, I've always been your___"

"I've always told you that you can't lose, I've always been your ___" .... please help

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