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Looking for a song. The only lyrics I remember are (roughly):

"I promise I won't let you go" .... "Now you wanna push me down,
But i'm not afraid to make a sound"


Passenger don’t let her go


dont know where to run, dont know where to hide dont know who to follow, who is on my side

Ignas Kardas

Trying to find a song I heard in my workplace. Tried to Shazam it, couldn't find it. Typed in lyrics, still nothin'. A part of the lyrics:
Please set me free
Take this dream away from me

Thanks in advance

Rayn Forward

Hi please help me find the song from a female group singers...(not that famous compared to spice girls or Destiny's Child). I heard their song 10 years ago... It's a sad love song with heart breaking lyrics and melody, nice harmony and the lyrics goes like something with "I just can't believe you're gone.... Something like a song about the pain and hurt of losing someone and wishing them back? Please help... I owe you big time if you can help me find the song. Thanks a lot ❤️


You might try Wilson Phillips.


I'm look for a song that plays in a movie called "when it comes around" it says "i got you , you got me and that's a lie that you can't see"


Im looking for a tiktok song that goes '' do you love me baby, i know you love me baby yeah i cheated on you could you trust me baby"


The artist is Young Slo-Be - I love you

Jonny English

Hi, can anyone help with this dance song from the 90's.?

Me holding you, you holding me, you know how good we'd be and from the first time I looked in your eyes I knew you would be my girl.


This is from 2002 but could it be Baby Boy by Big Brovaz? It also had a remix by DJ Boonie so if it's not the original, maybe it could have been the remix. :) Hope you find it.


Looking for a song I heard in 2015-2017, it seemed to be indie and pretty hidden as I haven’t been able to find it since. Lyrics are a little blurry in my head but from what I remember, it’d say something along the lines of “It’d might be alright, but I’ve been thinking” with a guitar/piano sequence right after that sounded similar to the guitar at the start of the song Take My Head by Turnover. The lyrics could be entirely different, but it was sung by a woman who had quite a monotone and young sounding voice.


I was looking for a song the lyrics go something like this "i thought i loved you i was feeling blessed,i thought you were mine ... gave you all i had damn should've gave you less, devil as an angel ... answers to my flesh, i thought it was love lust it was all sex" the ... Are parts i couldn't make out


What song contains the lyrics does it make you black boling?does it make you see right


It should be Lola Blanc- Angry Too


oo I love that song, and yeah it's Angry Too


Hello am looking for a song it goes like this
Ain't going down she gone low u are the reason that whole world know


Calum Scott- You are the reason

Eduardo Silva

Hi. I'm looking for an old song i think its from the Begining of the nineties witch i totally forgot the name of the artist and song. Some days ago i was watching tv and they used the music's refrain. What i can tell you is that the music its somesort of an alternative One. I think its rock because of the drum, and its is electronic. Back on 2003 i've found it by luck on the net because i had a clean record on the tape but on the phone i can barely understand it. What i know is that the themetic its about a love that fades to fast and its never gets old. Now the most important part. On the refrain i think the singer says. "Why came/keep i down to fall/far". The synthetiser has a remarkable print, because it behaves like the end of the line for the character, and its a One of a kind. Unfortunatly i cant tell much more but this song on my childhood hited the radio in my Country, this music was recorded before 1996

If anyone can help me with this.
Thanks you

Jason brody

Been looking for this tropical house style song for a while. I only know the hook/chorus and then it has some beat in the middle. I think the start of the hook the lyrics say something like "cause baby i do..." and at the end of the hook it says "im still in love with you". its a male voice singing it, im assuming its some kind of remix song or sonething.


Fairytale of New York?

Jason brody

Unfortunately thats not it. Its kinda something like the chainsmokers would make but im pretty sure its not them.

Please help with the name of this song, with these lyrics:

I will be your guardian angel. Pride and joy. Your secret spirit, cosmic toy. Guess i'll have to wait and see if heaven holds a place for me.


the song is when I get to heaven

Syed Adeel

Male singer comes home and sees his gf is talking on phone and laughing and also the cover of the song is girl on phone laughing after that song starts and the boy is in black car singing and also in the end he's been shown as a small boy ( all I remember is 'What is your probability one in a million') and also there's a shot on railway tracks also


Hey guys this might be super hard to even find, but im basically trying to find a song thats been very new on the radio. I never have the time to shazam it, but it is basically a girl singing in a very calm voice "do, dodo do" and then repeating it twice or so. If anyone can find me that song i would love it.


little bit by lykke li i think


Memories Maroon 5

Ana Nemis

ARTISTs: Suzanne Vega, DNA
SONG: Tom’s Diner


Been searching sempiternally for this song.
Its from the 70s' black female voice with children in the background singing (da da da da do da yeah yeah yeah) as the chorus.
This song is from the 70s' i remember my dad playing it when he was stationed in germany.

Wait is that not”woodpeckers from space hihihihihihi”

andrew miller

I noticed that my request to find a song has been deleted. Is this a policy after a certain length of time?

Andrew Miller

Loki Woods

anyone know mine? all i know is its by a new age artist. maybe Guardin. it goes-
“She’s packing on the bowl while I’m snapping on her thong string… Cuddle all night till’ the morning comes, she shoulda woke me up but instead it was a loaded gun. Your dad ain’t too happy,” and theres more but i dont remember but he talks about ‘please sir dont clap me’ after that line if it helps


Could you please help me to find a song? Female singer, the genre somewhat like country/pop/rock, sounds like it's a pretty fresh song.
I barely remember the lyrics, but some of them were like: "I don't wish you pain. Well, maybe a little bit.". I would appreciate any help >.<

Agust Tinnerfelt

I remembered a song which went like: i can stay here singing about you cause it's you who's on my mind.
Its a pretty happy song and its in some movies i think like the guardians of the galaxy. Its older with a male singer.
Would be nice with some help


are you thinking of the song happy together? that’s what those lyrics reminded me of but it may not be


Thats exactly the song i was looking for, thank you so much brudda ❤️


I don't know I think so how do you get to play the song on the cell phone

I’m looking for a song which lyrics goes like this’Are we going to the moon we go right down’


I will be right your girlfriend but I'm chilling with my crew its still feel brand new
Must doing


Hi I am looking for a song that has the lyrics "gunrange,gunrange,try to stop me im like no way no way.." And I can't remember the rest (can't understand the rest lol) but umm yea so I am looking for it


so ive been looking for this song all month , i heard it in spencer's while getting some stuff there, so it might be a pop rock song and i only remember some bits of it like "turn the lights out" and "sex despair" and " hang up your jacket (maybe coat) up" something, it was a girl singing it too, she was singing about her and a dude doing please i goooo so mad when i think of it because i cant find it ahhhhhhhh


Short skirt Long jacket by cake?


I’m looking for a song that starts with upbeat music for while a girl, or it might be 2 girls, sing ah ah ah ah ah ah. It repeats itself 2 or 3 times then music soothes down a bit then they start singing, I don’t remember what they specifically sing but the lyrics sound like, let’s fly, let’s fall, or let’s walk. It’s one of those 3. That’s all I remember from it but I heard it a few times in like 2004 and 2006 on the radio and have not heard from it again.


I found a song in my bookmarks titled "Can You Keep A Secret?" and looped it all day recently, now the bookmark has since disappeared and I can't remember much about it. It's not the song by The Pierces, but it is sung by a girl. Sounds a bit like Make Me Move (Culture Code), might be from NCS (the youtube channel) but it's currently not there and I'm not getting anything from youtube/google searches. It's also fairly or very new, talking about confessing to a crush I think? If the video had been deleted or unlisted/privated then I would still have the bookmark but it's gone. :(


Found it. Secrets by Hahlweg & RUNN


You came into my life
Falling for you was so easy
We talked till 3 am
But that was not the plan


Hi! I am looking for a song that I heard when I was young. A female singer sings it and she has a very soft voice. She saying something along the lines of "if I/you lose my/your eyes then" and something about how they'll help. And she says the same thing for ears or legs.

Roger Bertrand

Maybe a cover of Moonshadow by Cat Stevens?


Stand By You by Rachel Platten?


Somone help me with this song it’s a FNAF song that goes “Hi friend your sure up late where are your friends are we having a slumber party” Sun from the Daycare Song kinda PLEASE HELP

Isn’t that one of the Daycare Attendant’s ( or Sun, Sunnydrop, and Sundrop) voice lines and not a song?

James Abram

I was in a children's unit in 1969 in Hull ,a blind girl called Julia used to play the piano there was one tune she used to play and it may have been from a musical there were words to it as I remember a lady singer the words with her " and the king's daughter " were the words any body know what this tune maybe could be from the" king and I" the musical but I've checked all the music from that .

A concerned parent

To you most prolific poster KB , have you heard of this song it goes “ neenorneenor your phychopath and going to prison , abusing and prouncing evidence is there - even if you delete now they got “


Hey help me pls finding song.. its lyrics.. "was hoping to find it and all that we had what was the take away for ondent to wa when did i lose you how could i know your all of my reido how far did you go ive been calling all in calling out calling all in calling out now in a moment can hear a sound how could i find you if you one be fell ive been calling out you"..
But i couldn't find it so please..
My email if you know the song text me..


I heard it in the radio its a rap song the lyrics is woke up straigh to the bang and tomorrow imma did for again and tomorrow imma did for again


I'm looking for a song its a female I think it was in a romance movie it goes something like baby the night fall oh now you know idk if that's much to help me I can't seem to find it


i heard a song on the radio today lyrics i remember were like "you could be the one that i go to" was a female artist singing if anyone can help or know the song pls reply ty


Could it be Shania twain " you're still the one" 🤞

Can someone help me find this song I dont know if i have all the lyrics correctly. it goes something like this. say ah ah i want you to take me there i want you to take me there, you are a place where i can be, say ah ah, livin in harmony, say ah ah, i want you to take me there, i weant you to take me there, somewhere far from reality. and the singer sort of has a jamaican accent i think. Thanks!!!


Ultimate sings this one called Take Me There.


I'm trying to find this song and I think the lyrics go like this:
And i'll be on my way this time tomorrow far away
And i'll be driving solo wiping tear drops from my face
But if you wanna heave your heart the night I might just stay
I'll be on the road this time tomorrow if you don't change

Christina David

sounds like by this time tomorrow by head of the herd.


There’s a song — quirky, mainly instrumental. There’s a man saying repeatedly throughout the song “There’s a draft in here...”
he is really speaking it rather than singing! Thanks!


i am looking for a song played on a youtube channel that plays songs from the 20s to 40s,
These are the lyrics to the song

i love you with all my heart.
with a love, like a .... or letter?
if i have you here, in my arms to/ will hold
darling you would hear the sweetest story ever told

i am lonely tonight sweetheart.
and i miss you much more than ever.
lonely i will be, till you come back to me.
i love you with all my heart.

Does someone know this song?

I also wish everyone already a happy new year!!!


The only thing I can remember about this song is a blonde girl with flat cap and green jacket in music video, she danced in studio, lot of colors and lights (disco maybe). Song is old (2000-2005). She probably sings in hungarian or russian language and maybe name of the band or title of the song is start of "A"


Stab in the dark here but maybe Alexandria Stan?


No way!



Lord Remon

I love this website


A song on the Oliver and Company movie soundtrack!

Josué Fernando Mazo ojeda

Guys, I need help I remember a song that says "I can almost see the light" I don't remember it so well if I said that, but I only heard it once, if it's any use it was a relaxed song and it was sung by a duo, a girl and a boy, I also think I remember that it says "Walking down the street". If someone would help me figure out which song it is, I would really appreciate it.

Skyla Ann mcdonald

Pls get back to me a 2:30 pm afternoon have a good day 😊🙂

Tammy Jackson

It’s in the song you help me through the pain take me me in your arms I so in love with you


I’m looking for a song I’ve heard at Walmart store and Big lots. It’s a boys band similar to one direction and Jonas brothers. Part of the lyrics I have heard is if you ever need someone right here right now. I was wondering if anyone might know what the song is called


I don't the song but you can listen to Walmart radio, it streams over the internet...just search for Walmart radio. It's the live stream that plays in the stores. Your song may play again if they use a song rotation. I had the experience at WM, I heard a song and didn't have my phone with me and it is driving me crazy. I use Google sound search on my android, I keep the widget shortcut on my home screen and even in WM with low volume it picked a song for me, even once when I was outside near the entrance. You can even speak the lyrics into Google sound and it will deliver results. I just said your lyrics and many results came back.


BTW I Found my song, it's THE CURE from 1980 called A Strange Day. I just kept digging and racking my brain and found if, thanks to WM I might have never discovered one my now fav songs, I just wish they posted a play list online. I hope you found your song.


Can somebody tell me the name of this song?




Hi, I have this song stuck in my head and I know that I sang it in my early years I school but I cant find it anywhere. The chorus goes something along the lines of : "follow, follow, follow me, follow, follow, follow me, follow me and we will go where the rocks and corals go/grow..."
It is relatively fast but sadly I can't remember more than that. Maybe someone knows this song, it would truly be wonderful!


What decade? Maybe Lenard Cohen?


I'm looking for a song I lost years ago; it tells a story of a woman trying to keep a light on in her empty, cold house in hopes her husband sees the light as he comes home. She goes to even burn her own hair when here is nothing else left to burn. He's never going to come home, as he's frozen to death in a barn not far. It's such a sad, moody song


me looking for this too

P King

Hi, I’ve been desperately looking for a song for a year now.
I can’t remember the artist but I feel like it’s somebody like J hus or Shaka - that type of rnb, grm type of vibe.
I remember the story line was about a girl and I’m sure the chorus said something about him letting her drive in his car then something about them getting a house and then the lyrics said something like next thing she’s having my baby

It’s driving me insane Ill be so grateful 😇

Robbie Arra

Wearing My Rolex - Wiley?


Im looking for a song 90s send me msg from facebook my name is abuz kdy


Im looking for some songs.

1. I had playahead and there was a song called Eagle but its was just codes. The song were only a melody, that goes very dark and then lighter and lighter melody. It was like the ringtone tick tack, something like that.

2. I only remember that were a guy , had sunglasses and dark hair, stood on like a stone floor with pedestal in some land, like hawaii or something like that, in the same musicvideo they rode a banana boat. I listen very often in this song, but know i cant find it. It wasnt a famous artist, but i think he named like Dan or something like that. They name is similiar to Dan bisbal but i dont think its him, cuz the guy i remember looks more like a cool guy (looked like he was rich), i think he had a white shirt. I also remember that the enviroment was like the in song Boys are best jaan lo , but its not that song i looking for.

3. Also a playahead song that only had a code, but i remember it was a girl singing something like he smiled/ismail and trough the window/windows and it was a sad but beutiful song, i think it was a rain melody in it to. It was like it was raining.

4. Emilush ft caustic - Kom kompis but i cant find it anywhere, maybe its too old or maybe they had deleted it?


Hello, I just watched a video and there is music at the end that I can't find. Here is the link to the video (with a timestap). Does anyone know this music?

Savannah Kink

Check music by “Wayfloe” or spelled similarly, I think they made the song


hey, can you guy help me out on finding a song it's a tik tok song it goes like this. hey baby won't you look my way i could be you new addiction


Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

Savannah Kink

Everybody Talks by Neon Trees :) amazing song

Chad Mcchadson

I have a song stuck in my head it’s trap the only lyrics I know are this is my time I got one shot but I can’t find it on this

Is it lose yourself by Eminem lol


Please help me find this song:
In the video sits a guy with a bandana in front of a laptop an pulls out a cable of his neck.
The only text I remember is something like "can't get you of my head' or something like that.


nelly right ? can’t get you outta my head i think about you over and over again

Anie Lopez

Does anyone know this song? I am trying to find it.
At 1:50


I’m trying to look for a song like in the 1980s or 1990s and the lyrics kind of go like Trust in yourself and something with night but I forgot. Thanks




song possibly between 1980-1999 some lyrics "you see what I can't see" and chorus was mostly "someone" over and over sung slowly. Male singer. Search results show more popular songs that are nothing like that and are too new.


Does anyone know a song that says “I wanna know what’s on your mind…I wanna be the love you find” it sounds like a 90s girl group kinda. And there’s a male rapper before the chorus. It’s from holiday heart. You can hear it at 49:10

Briney Taylor

Omg i have been searching high and low! I cannot find it for anything in the world. Have you had any luck?


theres a song that im thinking of that sounds a lot like "zero" by smashing pumpkins but the riff is different and it goes like "staaaare at the reflection on my walll" it might just be "zero" and i remember it wrong

Miss Justina Kapacinskaite

hey all, can someone help me find a old song sang by female, pop dance song. Have few lyrics: '...come on and dance with me, oh baby dance with me..' '...what's wrong, what's right...' '... move aside, get on your feet, i wanna dance with me ...'

Leigh Booth

Peter Brown 'Dance with Me'

Justina Kapacinskaite

Not the one unfortunately :(


with you, my love the days seem so much brigther, with you my l feel alive, with you my love, the world seems so much kinder
(It's a song they play in the end of "Single's Inferno" on Netflix ep7)


With You My Love – Richard Llewellyn

Eva J

Hello, I am looking for a song, but I I already have a hard time remembering and describing the song :D
It's quite a slow song with a male singer. And almost throughout the whole song he sings sth (sadly can't remember any of the lyrics) and then he sings "ahhha" (with his voice going up a little at the end of the ahhha), and then this repeats.

I guess it's an older song and sth like stoner rock or alternative.

Almost sounds like it might be "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" by Crash Test Dummies.


Pop/upbeat catchy song that says “Let’s lay low and run away don’t tell anybody, no, where we go and no one will know, we won’t tell them, let’s be selfish, let’s just lay low” it’s a guy singing and it sounds pretty recent


I have been searching for the name if this song. Its in the movie L.i.e when the boy broke into the house and stole things. I just want to know what that song is

Laura boyd

Open the Google app and tap the microphone while the song is playing and tap search for song (on iPhone)


I'm looking for a song
"rain on me"
 at the end of song
And in the middle the male singer says
"Are we not man,not robotic man"


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Paolo nutini iron sky

Simon Hams

Was it a Travis song from 1999 the words I remember we're Why does it always rain on me.

Allison Lee Johnson

Its on Netflix the lyrics, on the show Bella and the bulldogs, I really want the title please!!!!!!!!


Hi there !
I was looking for a song for years but failed. It should be an old song with some of the lyrics :
can't believe but this is true
I will always love you
and I always willing to..


trying to find a song but i can't remember the chorus
i can only remember a few random words and i know it's an old song

try to get out but the sun feels good

try to remember every single word

and it says 2 AM somewhere in there



The old song trying to make it through

Simon Hams

I wonder if it's the song I'm struggling to find one I remember back in the early 80s played on Radio 2 early evenings. Some of the words sounded like She says she's going to take her home and the end part someone takes her home. I don't know who sung it butknow it was a solo male singer. It started off with instrumental music. Someone pleased help me and say if you remember the song and who it was.

Trent Clasen

does anyone know the name of the song played on the jukebox in the movie Bloodmatch? it is in the beginning of the movie in the bar scene and is played by Hope Marie Carlton. driving me crazy as i have heard it before.

James Abram

I am looking for a song pre 1969 with lyrics " and the king's daughter" could be from a musical


Christian song, maybe mid-2000s. Lyrics may not be exact, but something like this:

I’ve been a lot of places
And seen a lot of things
But nothing compares to the joy your presence brings


I’m looking for the lyrics of a song by Cottonwood Firing Squad called “Happy Death” & can’t find where they are, if anyone knows


I'm looking for a song about driving a girl home, but it's not "Drive" by The Cars. The only lyrics I remember go something like this: "I'm gonna drive and take you home, mmm".
The singer is male with a soft voice with a little hoarseness. The music is played on the guitar and it's slow & mellow.
The song is at least 4 years old.


Nightcall by London Grammar?


Unfortunately not, it was definitely a male singer :(


Omar, in the morning

Paddy S

Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros


Looking for 2 songs. The lyrics similar to these. They won't be 100% accurate but I know for a fact they're similar but I can't seem to find any matches similar.

The 1st: "Everyone seemed surprised, just last night he seemed just fine he was having a good time" (it may have "he was out of his mind") in it too.

The 2nd song: "Ever since my homie (or friend idk) went and killed himself, I lost more than that man it killed my health."

Again sorry this as close I got to knowing what it is but I'm sure someone's heard 1 of these 2 songs.


could someone tell the name of the band or singer


I'm looking for a 70s 80s pop rock song with a melody/rhythm like the song ''Part of the game - The Wynners'' with the ending lyrics: ... I can't stop loving you. Has anyone heard? Help me.


leo sayer can't stop loving you rerecorded by phil collins 2002


I cant find this one song that goes like "I'm just so tired I cant fight it , yeah, i just cant sleep feel like I'm drowning yeah. Its sang by a male and has some guitar and drums


Anyone know the name of the song in this video (or the artist)? Here are the lyrics: "perfect night, I feel pain, this holy light drifts away, I know that none of this was worth it, I just wanted to be perfect, hear my cries while I'm alone to kill my thoughts of suicide, I break myself so you feel better, I just wanted to be perfect"

joey jokes

sounds like juiceworld (the artist)


I looked up a bunch of his songs but none were it :( still looking for this song if anyone knows! I'm guessing it's a small indie artist given how the lyrics are not anywhere online.

It’s not juice trust me sounds nothing like him, I think the channels creator might have made it due to there not being any credits like the phora song he has up aswell I could be wrong but I have no idea who that is it don’t sound like juice, peep or anyone iv heard 🤔


The Sinner season 4 part 2. I need to know the song at the 43 min mark plzzzzzzzzzz


On and on by Omicron maybe


Found it:
It’s this probably

Laura Lea Smith

Hi,I'm searching for a song that's on a video making app...chorus is something like...your mind says your singing so clear I just csnt believe what I hear.


I'm looking for a 80s pop rock song with a melody/rhythm like Part of the game - The Wynners with the ending lyrics ...i can't stop loving you.
Has anyone heard of it? Help me


Van Halen - Can't Stop Loving You?

Thanks but not this song.




Tigercrane Kun Fu


Hey yo what's your name your fat like a pig uh huh your fat like a pig


leo sayer "can't stop loving you"


Hey everyone. I've been trying to find a song that has some lyrics like "he thinks/says i'm jealous of you, could/can it be true" and something along with "child/childrens name". I think I heard the song last week and it had 1.4M views on Youtube. The singer was a white male with blonde hair I think. Has anyone ever heard of this song?


Dustin lynch - I’d be jealous too??

Please help me find this song.I m looking for it few years now It's and old classic rnb or rap song.(60s 70s 80s or 90s) its sang by Black Female Artist with deep voice like lil Kim kind of voice. I don't know exact words but it's goes like this..
Feel na na na it is such a feeling,
Feel na na na it is such a feeling
Everyone put your hands up,
For the be or blind
Love get send back
You stay alive
I m not entirely sure about that "for the be or blind"
It my be something this in stead

Feel na na na
Love, is such a feeling
Feel na na na
Love is such a feeling
Everybody put your hands up
For the be.. .. ..
Love get set back
You stay alive
Or You stay in line instead of "you stay alive"
 please help,

Thank You all who try.....


hey, i’m searching for this song that i really liked four years ago? all i can remember are the lyrics, which were something like this:
“i burned the rest,
i have you.
now i know.
i, i, still love
an (word i can’t remember) boy
an (word i can’t remember) boy”

i’ve tried typing in the lyrics, google searching them, but i can’t find it anywhere 😭


Hello guys!
I've spent literally hours trying to find this one song (the one on the first video)
I have no clue what the song is, I tried to listen carefully to what it might say, I heard "sit around....I'm on the couch... I want to sit... if you're running let me sing" I might be wrong (probably) because I couldn't find it with using these words. HELP I'm going insane, I literally read all the 13k comments on that instagram post to be able to find one comment that guesses the song, in vain lol
Save me from my demise

crow mackenzie

theres this song in watership down (2018) in the second episode when Hazel enters the farmer’s house that goes like
“save my from this slow
silent vertigo
when all these voices say i should let go
i only want you more”
sung by a male singer. i cant find it anywhere and it wasn’t in the credits i dont think. i really hope i can find it, it sounds so beautiful




Saw a big dark skinned male with gap between his teeth, on TV early hours Sunday morning 16th January 2022, sing a song with the words:
"We sing for Love; We live for Justice; We long for Freedom; We dream of Peace..." Don't remember what channel or program - may have been Rage or Volumz, but don't think I was on either of those channels. LOVE the song & really want to track it down. The lyrics are so meaningful at this time, with all the insanity we are going through.


Really, "big dark-skinned male" description...really? Much racist, huh. Anyway, could the singer be Seal.


First I'd like to say I am a dark skinned woman, and tell you no offense over here; this is how we describe each other.
Might you be speaking of:

Kutcha Edwards
‘We Sing’.



YES - thank you so much. That is him. Have looked up his site & found the song. Can't thank you enough. Big hugs X O X


Someone please help. The song i have in mind is a bit older, and it is in the same style as old lady gaga and stuff. I can vaguely remember a bit of the chorus and it goes like "you gonna give it my ha, tic tac tic tac tic tac"
Some lyrics are also "say the word and, i can give you what you want ha"
At the start of the song some dude is making frog sounds


Sounds like “4 minutes” by Madonna and Justin Timberlake :) I have no idea about the frog sounds though lol


Fabolous tit for tat


looking for a song sung by a male artist. i think its an alternative or rock genre? kinda fuzzy on what songs are what genre these days. found the song in a Spotify playlist a few days ago, but all the playlists i looked back at recently changed all their songs to keep the playlist fresh and non repetitive. trying google keeps referring me to Kesha or Red but neither of those are what i'm looking for.
the only phrase i can remember is something like..
"do you think we're x? no we're not!" x being i think it was either broken, helpless, weak, etc. he asks it about 2 or 3 times, ending with a different word each time before singing the next part. "because... we are who we are!"

Adam o rourke

I’m looking for the lyrics to a meme that goes one four all and all four one musklehungs are all ways ready

Some of it sounds like:Darctanian or dur Durham


Musketeers, sounds like something to do with the three Musketeers, one of them was named D'Artanian. The Three Musketeets is a book, there are actually four of them because one joins them. That's all I know, never heard of the meme, but maybe that helps?


It’s an old cartoon we watched when kids. About dogtanian ant the muskethounds

So it's a country song by a bloke, somewhere in the 2010s. The line stuck in my head is "She's got a tattoo in a place, let's say not everyone can see" it's the first line of a verse, maybe even the first of the song.

It's killing me that I know the song so well but just can't remember more than that line right now.

I've spent over a week Googling and I've got nothing. :(

Any help would be super appreciated.


Floatin by Uncle Kracker

Brittany Marillier

Hello, I'm looking for a deep tech/minimal tech track with a sample from a radio commercial in the US, a man is saying "call 1-800... all American gold... all American gold dot com". Thanks


The song is a single man singing to an acoustic guitar. Lyrics are like "You're standing there, and I could be drowning. It doesn't mean, it don't mean a thing." and then something like "Been too late to tie the knot. I'm never gonna smile again"


the song im looking for has not lyrics its jut a girl glitching song and its on tiktok and people do glitching to it i do remember the name of it has something like " lonely girl play with marbles" something like that

Help! This song has been stuck in my head all day and I first heard it 3 or 4 years ago. All I remember is that it's by an alternative rock band with 3 black kids, but I know it's not the band unlocking the truth. The song goes something like "I'm falling in love and I'm losing my mind under 21." I could've sworn it was called under 21 but YouTube & Google doesn't show it 😭 thanks! The video is also black and white I believe if that helps!


Looking for a song I heard in face care video, the lyrics started out with “ ive felt the winter cold, lying next to you” another part of it goes “ but it wasn’t with you oh no oh no” , it was sung in a very feminine voice and I cannot figure out what song this is!! Plz help


JUST FOUND IT! I have been looking for weeks. It’s Reciol by Thomas McNeice and April Mackay


Hi! Please help me to find a song. I’ve heard it at McDonald’s today. It was an acoustic indie song with some piano chords and a cowbell. The singer is a female with a sweet voice. I’m russian and I’m not so good at spoken English so I didn’t understand most of the words, but a part of the chorus was “only on for me” and it was repeated a few times


Looking for a Christmas song I heard in Five Below. Upbeat and lyrics were something close to just because I love you. Male singer. Any idea.

Can’t find the song on this lg ad
Plz help


Sounds pretty. Thanks for asking. Try posting on their (LG) facebook or twitter to ask? Could always try an email to LG.

Daniel Arthur

Hi ive been looking for a song for years and its doing my head in...Last time I heard it was 2005. The instruments are just an acoustic guitar strumming and 1-2 men saying the words. The words sound something like "here we are, here we are, although again" or "liveah, liveah, although again". I live in Australia btw because it might be from that country and not widely known

Dale J.

Try "Rockin' All Over The World" by Status Quo.


i have been trying to remember this song, and its so bad i cant even remember the lyrics, but the song is sang by a skinny white guy sounds kind of gospel, either has storm, no , tomorrow, today, yesterday in the lyrics cant remember. song was popular, .
please help guys, hes also a good rapper. song was i think from 2013-2017in between those years.


sounds like dappy and no regrets

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