Bubble Bobble on the NES emulator Bubble Bobble, Super Mario Bros, Excitebike, 1942, and more...

This is the first time I've seen a NES emulator online before. It's a Java applet so you'll need a web browser that supports it. Sadly the controls aren't configurable. I wish they were so I could have the arrowkeys under my left hand and the A- and B-button under my right.

Anonymous - 19 January 2004 [«« Reply to this]
mrs salt is a whore
bart connor - 28 February 2004 [«« Reply to this]
this site is now down. any similar sites exist?
Anonymous - 01 June 2004 [«« Reply to this]
it sux
Anonymous - 31 January 2007 [«« Reply to this]
i like guys...lol i dont but ms pac man has a big booty

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