30 April 2004   0 comments   Misc. links

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The subtitle on Images is "A Journal of Film and Popular Culture". The articles and film reviews are looong so I admit that I haven't fully read a single one. The film reviews look very promising. I couldn't resist to have a peek at Kill Bill vol 2 even though I haven't seen it yet.

What I do really like about this site though is the web design. Yes, the style changes and that's usually a taboo in web design usability; yet it feels like it doesn't matter. Every page is really well done and the content is presented in a very accessible and usable way. There are plenty of images that don't really contribute to the content but that's OK. Very OK!

For example, look at the review of The Last Samurai. It's very colourful and very easy to use.

In conclusion I'd say this site has character. It's bold and confident which too few sites these days are.


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