Round shallot Amazing! This is a whole website just about the shallot onion.

"This site offers a wealth of interesting information about shallots in general and their use in particular."

Amazing what the Internet has come to; and I love it! One could think that the site was just an excuse for someone to show off web design skills, but judging from the amount of work gone into the site and really nice recipes I now really think the site is about shallots for the sake of shallots only.

Anonymous - 22 November 2005 [«« Reply to this]
whats the price of shallots
steve raines - 01 March 2006 [«« Reply to this]
I buy shallots at the asin market for 1.79 per pound bulk. i take them home,divide them,and plant in the garden about the 1st of march.(sept. would be better)I harvest them in the middle of july.The multiply about 5 times while growing. Thus the harvest yields 5 lbs. This makes the first generation 36 cents per pound.the next generation would be 5 cents per pound.
Peter Bengtsson - 02 March 2006 [«« Reply to this]
Cool! Makes me wish I had a garden. Homegrown stuff always seem to taste better.
Cherrydong - 06 August 2008 [«« Reply to this]
That is great! Congratulations, and now is 2008, the third generation may cost less than 5 cents per pound.
Cherrydong - 06 August 2008 [«« Reply to this]
We are glad to inform that we can supply shallot in a large quantity of good quality.

Shallot 2008 crop had been harvested,
if you need price, please feel free to contact us.

Anonymous - 24 February 2009 [«« Reply to this]
What is the current price on shallots per pound now a days?
yvonne - 19 January 2006 [«« Reply to this]
if you plant shallot set how meny shallots comes of one shallot
allen kelsey - 20 January 2006 [«« Reply to this]
6 to 10
matt - 13 July 2006 [«« Reply to this]
Anonymous - 25 March 2007 [«« Reply to this]
Hi, Matthew,
I am a small farmer in San Rafael, Argentina...a misplaced Yankee from Texas...
I have about 50,000 kilos coming due this coming month of April. Does this interest you. I am not familiar with shipping to the UK...usually use the local market. Please give me some more info on what you need.
Tom Towle
Anonymous - 04 July 2008 [«« Reply to this]
Dear Matt,

Please visit us online at We have been exporting shallots for years to all over the world.

Thank you,
Tina - 18 August 2014 [«« Reply to this]
Hi Matt,
Are you still interested in this if yes please contact me.
Woo - 20 July 2011 [«« Reply to this]
Woo's Worms and Garden Products sell shallots on the internet at reasonable prices. I specialize in selling sets. I sell out quickly, so please order early at Happy Gardening.....Woo
john robert roworth - 17 August 2013 [«« Reply to this]
I have quite a lot of this years crop. I have already picked numerous. I am not sure how too store them for replanting next spring. what would I need to do ?

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