Getting fired in 3 hours

12 February 2004   0 comments   Misc. links

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Getting fired in 3 hours This crazy dude gets a job to try to get fired as quickly as possible. There's another similar article about Blind Dating by this same guy that I have to read when time allows.

The interview:

Manager: It says here your last job was at85 the85 Ein Burger Haus?
Me: Ya! This information is correct!
Manager: Tell me about your duties at Ein Burger Haus.
Me: I had many, many, many ways to make burgers.
Manager: Do you have experience with cash registers?
Me: Ya, I like to work with machines!

Every part of his first working day is logged:

12:54 am
Veronica tells me to clean around the fryer. I nod my head and start refilling the napkin dispensers.


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