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A decent Elasticsearch search engine implementation Score 18.4   09 Apr 2017

jugg - finds Jung, juggling, judging, judged
judge me for the scrappiness of the code but please share your thoughts…

Ugliest site of the month, yoyoguy.com Score 13.5   17 Feb 2004

Illusions Catalog. And shopping site where you can buy yo-yos and juggling
… No Home link; logo at top is not clickable. If you've clicked Juggling

Email-your-friends reminder web application Score 8.1   28 Aug 2004

…This is an idea I've been juggling in my head for a long time. It's a web…

Don't that this or bind Score 6.7   12 Apr 2016

…it gets worse. This way, when deep inside the nested scope you don't need to juggle

A whole website about Shallots Score 6.1   25 Apr 2004

…that the site was just an excuse for someone to show off web design skills, but judging

Brick Lane market Score 5.7   17 Jun 2006

…! This edition is later in the afternoon though judging from the shadows. latest copy …

Best bicycle locks Score 5.4   22 Apr 2006

…is judged by security, ease of use and value in price but security is a 20…

TypeRacer Best online game in years Score 5.2   11 Apr 2009

…" but it's also fun. Unlike other games of the same genre you're not judged by your…

Battery life usage on an iPhone 3G(S) Score 5.1   27 Jul 2009

…stations are far apart. Judging by how rounded these figure are I guess it's…

Teach me about OCR Score 5.0   25 Mar 2006

…%). That's a start. ocrad seems very flexible and quite active judging

Best EXPLAIN ANALYZE benchmark script Score 3.9   19 Apr 2018

…-analyze.py. I wrote it just this morning so don't judge! Now, when…

Ultrafast loading of CSS Score 2.1   01 Sep 2017

…care about loading performance (judging by the fact that you're still reading…

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jugg 1.1 6.6 3.3
juggl 0.8 3.0 1.5
judg 0.8 1.5 0.8