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Happy Birthday to me! Score 35.9   13 Dec 2003

…dressed in white with a crown of candles on her head and assisted by her brothers…

A decent Elasticsearch search engine implementation Score 34.3   09 Apr 2017

crown - finds crown, Crowne
crowded, crowds, crowd etc…

See you at PyCon 2008 Score 31.4   11 Mar 2008

…for the PyCon 2008 conference. I'm going to stay at the Crowne Plaza…

Brick Lane market Score 25.8   17 Jun 2006

…is only open on Sundays. It looks really crowded and big from up here…
…all days of the week is covered in a big shadow and doesn't look crowded at all…

Molvania: A land untouched by modern dentistry Score 18.6   03 May 2004

…well away from traffic, noise and crowds. On the downside, it’s a three-hour…

HTML Tree on Hacker News Score 18.6   18 May 2014

…). The lesson to learn here is that the Hacker News crowd is excellent for getting…

People's reactions to Gates and Buffet's $600 billion challenge Score 13.4   17 Jun 2010

…to ponder just how much of this crowd's wealth was made through unfair business…

Launching Kwissle.com Score 13.4   04 Jun 2011

…to do it by crowd sourcing. What that simply means is that YOU help out adding…

Podcasttime.io - How Much Time Do Your Podcasts Take To Listen To? Score 5.8   13 Feb 2017

…sure how I feel about it yet but apart from looking a big crowded on mobile…

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crowd 0.8 6.4 3.2
crohn 0.8 4.8 2.4
clown 0.8 3.2 1.6
chown 0.8 1.6 0.8