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A decent Elasticsearch search engine implementation Score 4.4   09 Apr 2017

…) corn - finds Cornwall, cron, Crontabber, crontab, corp etc…

Comment on One hot ear Score 8.1   15 Mar 2009

My son gets hot red ears specifically after eating corn or potatoes. I have…
…) such as corn, soybeans, and potatoes. I experimented with his diet…

Comment on One hot ear Score 8.1   18 Nov 2005

…we don't know for certain the exact cause. Though the corn syrup thing seemingly has a connection.

Comment on Ask Yahoo "What state do the Simpsons live in?" Score 7.3   14 May 2007

…into a corn maze and get lost. HOmer starts throwing Lisa in the air to figure out…

Comment on Find song by lyrics Score 5.6   07 Jun 2007

…with hair in corn row.. yeah.. used to come on right after Dance With Me, Debelah Morgan…

Comment on One hot ear Score 5.4   26 Apr 2009

…ears turning bright red and hot. Sulfites are in most corn-containing…
…products, as well as soy containing products. Modified corn starch, corn syrup…

Comment on One hot ear Score 5.4   18 Nov 2005

Wore ice packs on his ears all the time.Removed corn syrup and its kin…

Comment on One hot ear Score 5.4   21 Mar 2008

…flaming hot and they are hot to the touch. The only ingredients are white corn

Comment on One hot ear Score 4.0   26 Aug 2010

…know I am allergic to tomatoes and suspect allergies to some corn product…

Comment on One hot ear Score 3.8   14 Nov 2009

…disease. I am allergic to gluten and corn, but I am not eating foods with those…

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