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IssueTrackerProduct featured on

26 January 2006 0 comments   IssueTrackerProduct

Ajaxian.comThe IssueTrackerProduct was on tuesday this week featured on which is a really good looking site that focuses on nice usage of AJAX in websites.

They could have chosen a better screenshot I guess but other than that I'm quite happy to be included.

IssueTrackerProduct 0.7 released

16 December 2005 0 comments   Zope, IssueTrackerProduct

Email replies and AJAX is the highlight of the latest IssueTrackerProduct release.

If you set up your POP3 for email replies you can simply hit reply on the notifications that goes out and continue an issue discussing without leaving the comfort of Outlook/Thunderbird/Gmail/Hotmail.

Another underestimated important feature is the automatically refreshing issue where the content is periodically refreshed (if the content changes) whilst you're on the page so that you know you're always looking at the very latest copy before you take any action.

For the people who've dared to use the CVS, they've probably already seen the new keyboard shortcuts that is inspired by Gmail. It's very addictive to not have to scroll up and down to reach the navigation or to be able to quickly jump to another issue without having to click on List Issue.

And for the Gettings Things Done people you might like how you now can get a list of "You next action issues" on the Home page. This is a clever list that attempts to figure out what you need to do next in that order.

IssueTrackerProduct feature list

02 December 2005 1 comment   Web development, IssueTrackerProduct

I've finally put together a neat little list of some of the most important features of the IssueTrackerProduct on one page. It's not quite finished yet because I want to expand it with some screenshots embedded as little thumbnails. (hint hint to the community if they want to contribute)

Check it out:

An interesting thing about this page is also the javascript used to enhance it. If you look at the HTML source of the page you'll see that there's no markup for the table of contents, the #top links or the importance voting links. All of those things are added after the page is loaded with some javascript loops. The advantage with this is that the markup (aka. structure) is kept very slim and simple. In actuality, some browsers such as "Lynx"n:/plog/your-webpage-in-lynx, "Googlebot"n:/plog/google-is-blind and IE4 don't need these extra effects. It's nice if they work but the core thing here is the content, the text about the issuetracker features.

The voting links are ajaxy but at the time of writing it don't work in Internet Explorer because I can't attach a decent onclick function to the links when the links are created with document.createElement("a") . Don't matter so much because it still works even if AJAX fails. Please don't click the voting links just to test the AJAX, click to actually vote what's important to you.

Major performance fix on file searches

19 November 2005 0 comments   Zope, IssueTrackerProduct

A week ago I ran some ad hoc benchmarks on various suspect functions in the IssueTrackerProduct and came to a clear and simple conclusion: searching is the bottleneck and within the search it's the searching for file attachments that take all of the time.

If you're interested and open minded, here's the results of that benchmark This sparked some thoughts. First I wrote a filename splitter which isn't rocket science but I'm proud to say that it's use is brilliant. Before, the find-by-file function in the IssueTrackerProduct used a plain old find() test like this:

filename.find('foo') > -1

This is very fast but not very intelligent. For example it'll with match on foobar.txt and plainfooter.gif. So, what I did instead was to create a KeywordIndex and index all the splitted filenames in that index.

What you have to remember is that KeywordIndexes are case sensitive so when I populate the KeywordIndex I have to lowercase everything. But, now let's get to the performance fix.

The problem was that before, I used a ZopeFind() to find files by filename and ZopeFind() is slooooowww compared to a catalog search. Before I switched on the new code that searches the filename splitted keyword index I did a coule of searches on an issuetracker with about 200 issues and a couple of searches on an issuetracker with more than 10,000 issues. The results can be seen here: itp-benchmark-medium-before.log and itp-benchmark-huge-before.log Quite terrible isn't it. Then I switched on the new code that is much more intelligent and hopefully faster. The results can be seen here: itp-benchmark-medium-after.log and itp-benchmark-huge-after.log



As you can see, that's an enourmous increase in speed. For the medium sized issuetracker, that's a 600% increase and for the huge issuetracker that's a 2000% speed increase. Oops! This shouldn't be called optimization maybe. Perhaps bug fixing is a better word :)

Screencasting test

05 November 2005 0 comments   IssueTrackerProduct

I think there's a lot of potential in screencasting. As far as I've understood, screencasting is when you make a movie recoding in some manner of what happens on the computer screen. To test this I downloaded Camtasia Studio 3 and as a demo I created a new Issue Tracker instance on The next time I do this I'll make sure I plan what I want to do instead of just making it up after I've started. On this windows computer that I tried this it lagged so incredibly much that it was to move the mouse because it didn't move smoothly. Perhaps there are some further options to free up some resources to make it run better.

If you want to see the result (as a Flash movie) follow this link (1.2Mb)

When you produce the screencast there are loads of different export options which is pretty cool. Although I don't care much for Windows Media or Quicktime because it doesn't work on Linux.

This is actually quite exciting because I can create screencasts of all the How Tos on if possible. This Camtasia cost some $300 but I test it some more and it continues to impress I'm more than happy to pay that.

IssueTrackerProduct 0.6.12 released

06 September 2005 0 comments   Zope, IssueTrackerProduct

I've released the 0.6.12 version of the IssueTrackerProduct which introduces some new cool interface changes that I'm proud to get feedback on (dream on Peter!)

The latest addion is the gradient backgrounds on the header (orange like colour) and the issue data header (dark grey like colour) which I hope will make the issuetracker look at bit more 2005.

In the Real issuetracker there are still a few Open and Taken issues which haven't made it into this release. That's also why I've chosen to make it a "Development" release to stress me a bit to get started on those remaining issues and then be able to release a stable one in a matter of weeks.