Welcome to the world: DoneCal.com After about two months of evening hacking I'm finally ready to release my latest project: DoneCal.com

It's a simple calendar that doesn't get in your way. You just click on a day and type what you did that day. DoneCal can be an ideal replacement to boring spreadsheet-like timesheets. And unlike regular timesheets/timetrackers with tags you immediately get statistics about how you've spent your time.

I'm personally excited about the Bookmarklet because I practically live in my webbrowser and now I can quickly type what I've just done (could be a piece of support work for a client) with one single click.

If you're a project manager trying to track what your developers are working on, ask them to start tracking time on DoneCal and then ask them to share their calendar with you. They can set up their share so that it only shares on relevant tags.

I'm going to improving it more and more as feedback comes in. Hopefully later this week I'm going to be writing about the technical side of this since this is my first web app built with the uber-fast Tornado framework

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