Sweden and Denmark best place to live if you ask the people who live there "The WISP study for the 1990s has just been published, with Sweden and Denmark sharing first place, just ahead of Norway - a sweeping victory for the Scandinavian way of life, with Nordic neighbor Finland and the central European nations following after."
"measures the quality of life in 163 nations using 40 different social indicators"

Apparently Swedes and Danes are the most content people on earth about their quality of life.

It's just a short article this and notes that USA ends up on 27th place and "Afghanistan and nine African nations came bottom of the study."

I can't find the homepage for this research other than the news article.

Martin Seehuusen - 10 October 2003 [«« Reply to this]

Nice to see that the Scandinavian countries are doing something good! Perhaps a model for how things can be done elsewhere!

Mayby the Swedish-Chef sings an even happier tune now!?! ;-)

Anonymous - 08 March 2004 [«« Reply to this]
Get a life
Matthew Field - 15 November 2007 [«« Reply to this]
Wow I like to see people waste their time bashing others about harmless, humorous comments... sad..I'm sure if they moved to a Scandinavian nation, they would be happier and less inclined to hurt other's feelings.
star - 11 January 2008 [«« Reply to this]
Ha Ha!! funny!! :)
Colleen - 10 November 2009 [«« Reply to this]
I wish I lived in a Scandinavian country that's for sure

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