Sexy Furniture Like it or not, this is at least cleverly new. It's the kind of furniture you'd guess Hugh Hefner would have in his log cabin out in the countryside. Or is it?

Isn't it maybe so bizarre that it's actually pretty cool. It's a bit dirty and perhaps sleazy but imagine how much attention a piece of furniture like this would get when you have guests over. If I had the space, the money and the courage I would order that big triangular table I think.

maria avino - 21 February 2006 [«« Reply to this]
I love your furniture. It would be wonderfull to include your work in our AA.Gill Mag. Aimed at rich and affluent men we have 500,000 readrs in the Uk

Please contact me as soon as possible in London 0208 8151567 speak to you soon Maria
lynn - 03 April 2007 [«« Reply to this]
wow, can i say perverted freak! furniture is to be elegant and classy, not an inappropriate show! shame on you to degrade the womens body like that.
Anonymous - 11 April 2015 [«« Reply to this]
LOL, get a life.

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