My Firefox froze in one of the tabs when in another tab I had a long Fry-IT intranet blog half finished. To avoid having to rewrite the whole text again Jan showed me how to dump the RAM memory onto disk which I could then look through with standard tools. For this to work you have plenty of diskspace since the dump file is about 1Gb big:

$ sudo su -
# df -h
# cat /proc/kcore > /usr/kcore.dump
# strings /usr/kcore.dump > /usr/kcore.strings
# ls -lh | grep kcore
-rw-r--r--   1 root    root    1016M 2006-10-30 10:18 kcore.dump
-rw-r--r--   1 root    root      74M 2006-10-30 10:19 kcore.strings
# less kcore.strings | grep 'Bla bla bla'

Was this the most boring blog item I've written in a long time? Maybe, but it's good to have it noted the next time Firefox crashes.

Jean Jordaan - 03 November 2006 [«« Reply to this]
Heh! This works too, and the first thing it finds is your blog entry that I'm looking at::

klippie net # strings /proc/kcore | grep "Bla bla bla"
# less kcore.strings | grep 'Bla bla bla'

Then it starts finding itself over and over again::

strings /proc/kcore | grep "Bla bla bla"
etc etc etc ..
Anonymous - 03 March 2007 [«« Reply to this]
i have a memory dump will this soultion help because alot of them havent
Anonymous - 03 March 2007 [«« Reply to this]
i have a big problem with a memory dump on my pc will this help because alo of soultions hav not plz get bck to me on
nemo - 20 July 2008 [«« Reply to this]
Check this tool out: "msramdmp: McGrew Security RAM Dumper", I'm pretty sure you will get a kick out of it ;)
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Earthwind - 23 July 2011 [«« Reply to this]
It's much eiaser to understand when you put it that way!

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