One hot ear

28 October 2003   1167 comments   Kung Fu

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One hot ear Yesterday Sunday I went to one of Dennis kung fu camps in St Albans. It was a beautiful day with a chilled breeze.

We practised a two-man-pattern that I've never even seen before and it was great fun.

Just as it was getting dark I was just about the only one left in the field practising my patterns. (A pattern is a combination of movements you perform on your own to remember and learn your kung fu principles.) After a few runs I notice a strange thing. One of my ears got really hot. My forehead was normal and the other ear was really cold as normal. It was just like when you're about to get a fever except it was only the ear.

Strange but interesting since I've never experienced this. And no, there is no simple geometric explaination for it. It's got to be internal; or?


I've had that happen while doing qi gong and during meditation. No explanation yet!
wow who would have thought there would be a small army of hot ear people. Here u are, and i'm one of them, my left ear, has been hot for over an hour now, and i started doing some research and found u guys, i have had hot ears in the past, but never just one, it is strange and has happened a few times, anyone finds out more info, please post it, it has been affecting my sleep slightly, thanks and hope your ears are cooling off soon, mine better be,
both of my ears do this, actually right now for no apparent reason; I don't get it!
mike heenan
this happens to me all the time after I drink the night before. It's weird, sometimes the right ear gets hot for about an hour or so and sometimes it moves over to the other ear. Both are never hot at the same time
Same here! I keep getting my ears red for no reason. People notice at school and make fun of me because of it. I would like to know why and stop it. When I bluch, my ears go red... Its weird... my face doesnt! I want to stop this redness! :(
I find that when my ears go red I am usually tired or stressed. But if I hit the treadmill for about 20 minutes afterwards I notice that the red ears are all gone.
Hello ! My ear(sometimes both) get really hot and red for about 1-2 hours almost every evening. When I described this in a mail to doctor he said that it could be a part of the carcinoid syndrome. So now they are investigating my levels of hormones(in the blood and urine)to check if I have carcinoid (slow growing malignant cancer) or not. The results should be ready the next week.
Jasmeet Singh
My mother is suffering from this hot ear problem for the last 2 months. And now it has become absolutely unbearable. She had advanced breast cancer 8+ years ago and responded to treatment. We are very worried if this is a case of remission. Can you update us on your check-up results. Regards.
jasmeet (new delhi, india)
Hi !
My results were good and I was feeling good all summer without any "flushes". Now they have tested me for systemic mastocytosis and the results were good. Now my ears and sometimes my face still gets burning red. It´s almost always my right ear and it triggers by temperature change and alcohol.
I also have red rashes beside my nose (rosacea like).
Try looking up erythromelalgia on the internet the symptoms you are displaying seem to fit with this. most people get in their hands feet or anywhere really but it is not uncommon to get facial flares. It is a very rare condition and most dr's dont know anything about it so you will not be diagnosed with it very easily. If you check out this on yahoo groups, "TEA" The erythromelalgia association, YOU WILL GET MORE USEFUL INFORMATION TO GO BACK TO YOUR DR WITH. It may not be this but it sounds like it could be, the burning is painful and can be cooled by cold water soaking if it is EM.
Betsy Nezis
what is the web site for this? My son, 2 years old has this problem.
I am just seeking info about this red ear situation for my grandson...age 6. When he is tired (we think) in the evenings one or (rarely) both ears will turn bright red and get warm. Did you find out any more info?
My 6-yr-old son has the same problem. I started to notice it when he was a toddler, during bath time, in the evening. Usually it doesn't seem to bother him, but the other day for the first time it was very painful for him.
Wow - this is more common than I thought! I was just searching for the red, hot ear problem because my 7 year old has it. He's had this problem for almost a year. It happens at all times of the day...sometimes one ear, sometimes both.
Crazy, I just got online to check out why my son's ear (just one at a time) flares up every now and then. This has been bothering my 7 year old for about a year now. He has had the problem w/out pain for several years. I wonder why there are so many young boys with this problem?? I am definitely going to check out the TEA site.
I am stunned to see so many posts! I just got done holding a wet, cool cloth on my 7 year old son's ear. He has had red, hot ears for several years but it has just started to be painful. It comes on in the evening hours during all four seasons. Very strange that there are so many young boys with this problem!
Dan Steele
I am strangely relieved that so many people have this. Tonight I have one hot, red ear (left), so I googled it and found this site. I do wish someone had a definite answer though...
mandy haynes
i just came on here because my son has been having this problem for a year and he is only 3 now... I thought he might be getting ear infections.. but nothing on the internet says thats a sign,his ear doesnt hurt just bothers him because its hot... and now he makes me blow and it and we have to stick col
Sara Ahrens
My 6 year old has one ear flaming hot, he has been having ear infections, and a cold. I actually wonder if it is chapped, it is below zero out for us lately and his face gets really chapped. I see a trend with 6-7 year old boys tho....weird
mrs jones
fantastic...who would have thought you were all out there..... its actually my husband that has one hot red ear and one cold ear in the evening...please tell me he should drink less alcohol and then it might help with the snoring later on !!
My son just asked me to go on-line and find out why his ears turn so red and hot at night....this is very strange to see so many kids with this same affliction. Has anyone talked to a doctorabout this? The one connection with cancer scares me to say the least! My son is 6 years old and just this past month the red ears have become painful
my six year old has this too and we go to the pediatrician soon. I have heard that food allergies can cause this, and I am allergic to wheat and suspect he might be too. It could also be swimmer's ear, which is a bacterial infection. hope you go to the pediatrician and we can both share answers. thanks!
Tim in Florida
Blair, oddly enough just this afternoon I drank about 4 oz of asparagus puree and right now I am experiencing my left ear very hot and red. I am 45 years old and never to the best of my knowledge experienced this before. Like everyone else I googled it to find out more. I don't even eat asparagus normally but was reading how asparagus has these amazing medicinal properties. My interest and reason for trying it revolved around busting kidney stones. I still have about 10 oz in the refrigerator, boy is it nasty. You may be correct about the food allergies. I have allergies to almost everything outdoors and indoors for that matter. I know I am allergic to tomatoes and suspect allergies to some corn product. Perhaps I'm having a reaction to the asparagus.
Hi Ive had hot ears, back of neck associated with anxiety at random times for a few years. Usually after wine, beer, prawns, salmon, etc. It responds to antihistamine tablets after 40min-1hr. It began to get worse and even though Im a doctor myself I couldnt figure it out. Initially my allergy team thought I had systemic mastocytosis, but it turned out in the end I had an intolerance to Sodium Metabisulfite and suddenly everything made sense. This preservative is in everything and your reaction to it depends on how much you expose yourself-even up to 48hrs later. See these links:
thanks a LOT. My EARS ARE HOT AND RED and patches on the neck too. I have eaten takout. This is agony.
q storey
hi, my 8year old daughter same issue withnher left ear becoming hot and turning red. recently i asked a doctor and she seemed very dumdfounded without an answer.I think u mentioned the possibility of a food allergy.
Hi Sue, March 2nd, 09
My mother has had the hot ear her whole life. (Left ear) I am 41 and have had it my whole life same ear. Now my 12 yr old son had his first hot ear also left ear. I have never found any Dr that knows why. I am in good health no problems. My mom the same way. This is my second hot ear today. My ear burns red and is so hot to the touch. I put ice on it and it doesn't even help. The only thing that we can figure is we seem tired when this happens.
hello i have had this problem since i can remember and my 6 year old has the same problem so much so that he has to put ice on it too one burning hot red ear i usually get the burning ear and cheek when i get out of a hot shower or have alcohol sometimes i get it for no reason my mom has this saying that when your ear is burning it means someone is talking about you lol. i wish it was that simple i have looked all over the internet for the reason and haven't found one i guess this is it at least its good to know that there are other people out there who have the same thing and im not alone
If you ever find out what causes this, LET ME KNOW! Sometimes my face will get hot and a burning sensation and red, then that will go away when my right ear gets red and hot, then it moves to my left ear.
It is SOOO good to learn that so many other people (of all ages) have the RHE (red hot ear) syndrome. Mine is always the right ear. I am 59 years old. The first tiime was last year when I was getting my hair done. The beautician thought it was the blow dryer. It doesn't happen frequently, but when it does - it is uncomfortable and embarassing! My doctor is watching my blood pressure. When I told him about my RHE - he said he had never heard of that!
This is usually from an allergic reation to a chemical. As a hair dresser, I have seen & experienced this many times. Try & use a different type of color, see if it doesnt change. It may also be a sensitivity to heat or chemical also. (Not necesserrily allergy).
Thank you for responding, and thank you to the masters of this site for letting me know you had done so!

I don't seem to be having the RHE too frequently (right now!) I will ask my beautician when I see her next week if she changed chemicals!
Hi Suzanne,I just read your story it is simmilar to mine exept in my case it is my swells up is deep red painfull to touch an i also have a tremendous headach too sometimes and feel powerless.i consulted different doctores and finally im seeing a doctor for rheumatism.He is cecking me for relapsed polychondritis and morbus wegener now.both not good but i hope i will get a diagnose and treatment.:(
Monique Bryant
Hi, I wanted to reply because you mentioned pain. I have severe migraines since I was a kid. I'm 47 now and I get the hot, red ear. Almost always the right ear. Then the headache comes on the left side. Occasionally my right ear will get hot and red, but I never get the headache wen that happens.
In the last 3 years this has been happening to my son. It's the same thing with him. Right ear, left headache. He does not however get the heat/redness in the left ear.
The weird thing is that it will happen on the same day to both of us. Even if we eat different foods, etc. I think it is the weather. The change in barometer, it's Gonna rain, or an extreme change in the weather.
Like a 20 to 30 degree difference in the temperature.
Another interesting correlation is that Auto-Immune diseases run in my family. My grandma had Multiple Sclerosis, my sister has Lupus, Sjrogens Syndrome, my mom has Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have Lupus, mad my oldest sister has an Ataxia disease. All autoimmune. Your body is literally attacking itself. Thinking your good cells are defected, diseased etc.
I just read that they think Migraines are an Autoimmune disease. Migraines are not a headache. They are a neurological diseases from the brain. There are many symptoms, headache is one, and so is vascular disruptions. Veins and arteries that increase or decrease in size, thus affecting blood flow! Thus affecting oxygen to your body, which is why oxygen helps some people. I use a nice pack on my ear and try to help the blood flow to regulate.
Have you noticed any other strange symptoms when this happens to you? No matter how stupid they sound?
Write down everything. Does this happen during weather changes? What is different.. Etc?
Good luck
My 6 year old has had this problem for the last 4 years. I was told it was allergies and that it happens when he eats anything with soy, tomatoes and chocolate. He is now getting the red burning ears when he runs around and plays hard. Now I am not so sure it is food related???????
Hi Lisa, My 7 year old also his this problem, usually just in one ear. Sometimes it turns red for no apparent reason, other times it's while he's doing his homework or reading to me. It makes me wonder if it's a physical symptom of stress or anxiety. Has anyone else noticed this connection?
Wow I too am in shock over how many people are trying to get info on the red hot ears. My seven year old has just started having this problem. He does not have any pain on the inside of the ear, but the outsides get red and hot.... What is causing this??? any ideas???
mandy haynes
i have not been able to find anything else out,though recently my sons ear is getting worse and i noticed that his cheek is doing it as well only stay for about a 1/2 usually its been happening since he was 2 and starting happening more recently sinced we moved into our house,but his does seem to do it more when he runs around the house or jumps on the bed,so I dont know... I didnt know there were so many kids with this problem,I havent talked to his dr. yet
Well you guys don't have to feel to bad, I'm going on 32 and I've had it from time to time for years. In the last week or so almost every day I have had my cheeks feel warm, my wife says they are a little red but not much. (I'm white but the like 1/64 indian I am keeps me pretty tan if I'm in the sun at all) So I wouldn't call me fair skined. Anyone have an awnser?
I am 32 also and seem to have one red hot ear (left). It usually occurs during mid-late afternoon and/or evening. It typically happens either when I'm stressed, tired, or both it seems. Some weeks are better than others but the red ear happens least once a week. I've probably had it for a couple of years now. Not really painful but just uncomfortable. I don't suffer from ADHD and consider myself in good health. I don't seem ot be allergic to any foods.
I noticed that you mentioned that you do not have ADHD. Is the red ear a symptom of ADHD? My 7 year old son has just been diagnosed with ADHD and also has one red ear on a regular basis.
My four year old son also suffers from red ear syndrome, usually just one, his left and it seems to occur in the evening or when he is tired. We just assumed he got this from my husband as he also gets red ears, especially when he gets angry or has a few drinks. I am surprised how many people suffer from this and will keep reading this website on a regular basis.
This just started happening to my son (usually left ear, sometimes both), he is two. I am very concerned about it. He is allergic to dairy. His cousin who is almost 4 also has this, he is autistic and allergic to practically everything.
This happens to me a lot too ... the good thing is that normally it doesn t happen at school =D
My 5 year old son is experiencing this same hot ears. He is very smart and understands things around him that will be cool to his ears. He started a few weeks agao and it was after he ate White Tortilla chips. You can see them get flaming hot and they are hot to the touch. The only ingredients are white corn, soybean oil, sunflower oil and salt. He will now not eat white chips since it is so painful. But he is still experiencing the symptoms especially around bedtime.
Intresting to hear that he was eatting white tortilla chips, what kind were they? That's a type of chip I eat all the time. You mentioned his was painful though, Personally I feel no pain assosated with it, I just have warmth, does he has one ear hot the other cold?
My 13yo daughter has been getting the red, hot, painful ear for about 8months. She claims she started getting it when she started swimming lessons, but she has a weird memory.

Anyway, check out phenol allergy and the feingold diet. I am getting ready to try this with my daughter. Also, as for the phenol allergy, it is associated with a lot of our fav foods, such as tomatoes, bell peppers, oranges, etc...there seems to be an enzyme you can put on the food that will stop the phenol effect.

I am in the very early stages of investigating this, so sorry I don't have any definitive info on this.

Good luck!
BINGO! reading up on phenol allergy and food intollerance seems to answer both my mother's Red Hot Ear and my son's systemic mastocytosis symptoms (tests came back neg. for masto but the symptoms were right). The culprit in both cases seems to be tomatoes (and possibly an apple chaser). We will experiment with my mother's diet. We will not take any chances with my son, he goes straight to anaphylaxis.
So I just finished up reading quickly and noticed several common things, and wonder if any one has input. Mostly Boys! Neck Issue. ADD or ADHD, eczema, asthma. My son has all of it. Has anyone had good results with Chiropractic? Maybe we need a new one....
my son has ADD, asthma and allergies and is lactose intolerant he gets this in both ears and get very hot in the face he is 13, I thought this was a new problem but looking back he has always gotten really hot and red in the face, with so many other issues he tends not to complain until lately when he plays his drums or gets overheated his ears burn bad and he peels his shirt off when its cold out he will play basketball with a thin tank top, to control the burning.
Interesting....I am a 53 year old woman and it seems that every fall I get a red, itchy ear....usually the right ear but sometimes the left, and sometimes both! This fall it has been almost constant. l First the right ear...(the pinnea), that cleared, then it was the left ear lobe, now, it's both. The itch is so intense, and almost internal...the little scratch now and then is gratifying but quickly intensifies redness, swelling, and spreading. It would probably only last a couple days if I could just leave it alone. I alternately apply hydrocortisone cream and benadryl topical spray...some relief. The main reason I am commenting is that I had severe childhood asthma, had occasional eczema and have been diagnosed with ADD. Good Grief! Could this all be intertwined? Additionally, I had chili last night for dinner.... tomatoes? I've always figured that it was some type of allergen in the environment, hair spray or different pillow....foam? feathers? Don't know, but it is very irritating for sure. Hanna
Tamara Frank
Debbie, My son has the red ear syndrome which flared up tonight. As we were reading your comments we realized that my son had eaten tomato soup and an apple. Have you found anything else out about this combination of food and the correlation to the red ears?
Tamara, My mom has been watching her diet and so far no more "Red Hot Ear". I talked to my son about it and he hasn't had an "attack" for a couple years, but he will be watching his diet. I knew when he was young that he was sensitive to tomatoes (his face would break out in a rash whenever he ate spaghetti). Good Luck
wow! My son is 4, and has been having this problem for a couple of months now, had a flair up tonight, and had eaten salsa, and tortilla chips... maybe there is something to this...
Leigh Ann
My son also has this issue with his ears. Tonight was extreme. By any chance did the Feingold Diet work? If not has anything seemed to help? Would greatly appreciate any direction.


Leigh Ann
maggie reygers
Hello, Did you ever find anything out on the swimming and what type of water was she in. My son started to get hive after going to the YMCA pool, which is saline water. Now he has hot ear. Just happened first time tonight. could anyone please tell me what they have learned.
I was just at my friend's house when I noticed that one of my ears was bright red. I had not been touching it or anything. She said that, for years, she had noticed that when she, her husband, or one of her 3 kids had a fever, the one in question always had one red ear. So I asked her to take my temp. and, sure enough, it was elevated. I had never heard of this and don't know if it will help anyone, but I thought I'd share. I could not find anything to support this theory on the net.
I will have to check my temp next time I have an "episode" have not had one for a little bit, very strange that I had it so much for a little bit and it went away. Crazy stuff. Have fun guys and keep me posted. Will let you know about tempp next time it happens.
So funny! I have been experiencing red, hot ears for as long as I can remember. All of my siblings and my mother have the same problem. Sometimes it happens when we have had alcohol, are stressed, hot, and sometimes when we are completely relaxed. It's not painful at all. I can't figure it out. My mother and sister are European. My brother and I are European decendant. I've mentioned it to my Doc and he has no idea. I've never done a temp check. Will do next time.
Do any of you have joint pain?
I actually do. Most recently in my hips. But I have experienced joint pain off and on in other areas. Why do you ask? RA maybe? I had a lot of foot pain and had x-rays that came back completely normal...
Yes I have joint pain but not related to the ear thing, just old age. (32 years old :-) ) Ok so not old age just feel old. :-) Had quite a spell there for a little while of Flush face and one ear thing (not always at same time) but not so much lately (sorry, spelling). Nothing intresting to report. Have not check temp due to not having one.
My son had the flu a few months ago and then a problem where the virus moved into his hip causing intense pain. He also has eczema. Yesterday morning he woke up with a red hot itchy ear. I thought it was where he had slept on it, but it was still there at bed time tonight.
I have joint pain,muscle pain, i hurt all over cant slee most of time,doc. has no clue. my ear burns like it is on fire it hurt extremly bad. HELP
look into RELAPSING POLYCHONDRITIS OR CHONDRITIS, it is very rare but affects cartilage and joints it is usually painful and just check with your Rheumatiologist, it usually affects people in the 50's but my 6 year old was just diagnosed with it. All my 6 year old has is continuous red swelling of right ear and redness of left ear. rarely a fever, high energy and it just seems odd for a child to have this but, he was just diagnosed so i am looking into it more. I just came across this web site. good luck.
Are you taking nexium or some other type of PPI drug for GERD?
Monique Bryant
Hot red ear gives me a migraine on the opposite side of head. Not my own dx of migraine, but the neurologist. My son gets same thing, red, hot ear then migraine.
I just read in a medical journal that doctors think migraines are an. Autoimmune disease. Remember, you do not have to have a headache to have migraines. That is 1 symptom. Usually people do, but not always. You mentioned joint pain. Possible RA?..
If so, maybe the read ear is from migraines.
My daughter has joint pain all over & the one hot ear. She also has eczema (sp?). She has not been in to see the Rheumatologist yet, but I wonder if it's simply a form of eczema. I hope it is not arthritis of any kind for you.
Interesting, my son(5) has had eczema for a number of years and for the last few weeks he is now complaining of a hot ear???
Janet K.
I first noticed my “red ear” issue when I was in my mid 20's (now 44). It seemed to happen when I was extremely stressed or angry (which was often, at least when I worked for Walgreen's as a Pharmacist in Milwaukee). The ear (rarely both) turned bright red, began to throb, and was hot to the touch. No sweating occurred. Friends and co-workers found it highly amusing, but the severe unilateral headache that followed was nothing to laugh about.
I have had classic migraines since the age of 7, and Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania (CPH) since 27 years of age. I have severe cervical disc disease and believe that nerve impingement has a lot to do with my difficulties.
What a mess! It's a rare day that I DON'T have a headache of some sort. I feel sorry for the loved ones who feel sorry for me!
Betty Emberly
I was diagnosed by a nurologist with red ear syndrome about 5 or 6 years ago. At that time about 37 reported cases..people with history of migraines, TMJ and cervical disc problems. Triggers include cool breeze (bad with air conditioner) Causes severe trigeminal pain...left side of my face. Treatment with gabapenten helped but side effects...treatment with ibuprophen worked but developed an ulcer. I find blocking the stimulus to be the best treatment. I use a single ear muff. My doctor co wrote a paper with physician at Mayo Clinic.. was loking for it tonight ..his name Dr Purdy.

N.S, Canada
Monique Bryant
Hi Betty,
I get migraines, red ear syndrome and have lupus. But I never thought about my neck. I have a compressed disk and no curve in it.
shelley k
My co-worker just today mentioned that both my outer ears/lobes/rims were bright red. I thought he was joking til I looked in the mirror. The are quite warm/hot to the touch. This is a first for me at 45 yrs. of age. You know, a few days ago I started bleeding from my uterous(mis-carraige? change of life?)but not sure yet what the exact cause is. More tests to be done. Anyway, they put me on ALPROLOZAM (?) for anxiety. Do you suppose all these things could some how be connected? Weird.
My son has been getting red hot ears (usually one) for years. It is due to a sensitivity to salicylates. Any tomatoes, berries, oranges and others will cause it. Salicylate sensitivity can also cause eczema too. Go to and you can read more about it.
how do you know its salicylate sensitivity? any form of testing?
We kept a food diary and whenever he ate something with a high salicylate content his ear would get red hot and swollen. Since eliminating them he has been fine. He also no longer has to take meds for ADHD. The salicylates cause hyperactivity too.
Yeahh, me and my dad have it, and it doesn't hurt it just feels like it's burning and sometimes itchy, and I get joint pain in my knee sometimes. But it doesn't hurt and I can handle it, I just need ice held to it! Glad I'm not the only one
I too have this problem. Had it quite a bit more in my late teens(now 30). Back then, quite a few girls I talked with had it also. None of the guys I knew did though. Alcohol may have been the factor back then. Now I have noticed that it happens when I am exposed to chemicals or paints. Any time I paint (even low VOC) it would happen. I used to remodel houses and so this happened quite regularly. My husband thinks I am crazy, but obviously he can see the bright red ear! 2 weeks ago our basement flooded. In the process of drying it out, we got a mildew smell. So I sprayed the floors with bleach. Not sure if it was the bleach or mildew. But the red ear lasted on and off for several days. This time my ear was itchy (never happened before) and started to get dry, to the point of having to put lotion on it. I haven't read of anyone else here, although I didn't read all posts, who had the reaction to chemicals and paints. Anyway I try to stay away from toxic stuff, seems to help!
Shane Green
I get this too, very often. I have discovered that I have a sulfite intolerance. Ingestion of sulfites makes my whole face, ears included, turn red and hot. Even now that I'm watching sulfites, though, I am often plagued by one or both ears turning bright red and hot.

Sulfites are in most corn-containing products, as well as soy containing products. Modified corn starch, corn syrup, etc.: all sources of sulfites. They are an ingredient, of ingredients; they are not normally listed anywhere on the food labels.

It's entirely possible that, in spite of my efforts, I'm still getting some sulfites at least 3 or 4 days a week. I have noticed that, on those days I thrown sulfite cautions to the wind, I typically suffer the hot ear(s) to a far greater extent--painfully so--than I do on days where I'm careful.

Children can develop sulfite intolerances, some theories claim, by sulfite containing foods that have not been fully digested entering into their circulatory system. The food requiring more breakdown is considered an invasion and the body mounts an immunoresponse. This leaves the child with antibodies to sulfites, similar to the mechanism used to inoculate against other types of infections.

An interesting connection that someone drew between these facts was that all soy based baby formulas he researched, contained sulfites. Children given soy based baby formula are typically given it due to digestive difficulties, making it all the more likely that some of the food may not be digested fully.

I was raised on soy milk because of stomach problems resulting from the constant antibiotics taken for ear infections. Of course, I also have severe ADD...
Alex W
Marybeth, I started having panic attacks/anxiety issues about 4-5 years ago. Since then I have noticed the issue with one ear getting warmer than the other. It also happens if I get tired/sleepy at night and then stay up anyways- sometimes because I'm drinking with friends.

I've always associated it with a jump in heart rate, either from getting my 'second wind' or from a panic attack.
I have your same symtoms as you do and was wondering if you have found any causes yet? I have been to sooooo many doctors and they don't know what it is.
Melissa S
I just recently started noticing my ears would starting feeling warm and would be red...then I would get really bad migraines. I have always had migraines but it was odd how after my "left" ear would go thru this phase I would get a migraine. I started noticing this probably about 6mths now. I asked a lady at work about it and she was like oh it's probably just stress, but the fact was I was under no stress at the time!! I am going to ask my neurologist about the burning ear to mirgraine scenario when I go for my check up in February '08 & let you guys know if she says anything...or if she just looks at me like I'm a nut! hah
Do you take Niacin? I tried all the prescription high cholesterol medications and my legs felt so weired like numbing sharp little pains,strange pains in different areas of my leg through out the day. I stopped all of them! I started taking Niacin over the counter because I researched for a natural cure, Niacin was effective 250mg a day without the pain in my legs. Within six months my cholesterol dropped from 252 to 196. We went out for Hot Wings and beer one night, when we I started drinking a few beers my face, ears and the top of the upper part of my legs were red hot, burning real bad. For a few moments I didn't say anything, didn't want to alarm anyone, my friend across the table ask me what was wrong
because my face was fire red, long story short I traced it to the Niacin. You can not have alcohol when taking Niacin.
Now, I take it at night before bed, and will skip the dose if I am going out to have a few beers. I will not take it the night I have had any alcohol and everything is fine.

Hope this helps some of you.
I have had this hot ear problem in the past usually both ears. But for the last week or so it has just been on my left ear. Along with head, neck, shoulder, back and body pain all on my left side. I also have Rosacea, it usually shows up after a shower.

My botfriend has had hot red ears for years. It seems to start in the evening and usually after a shower. It can sometimes be quite painful. It baffles me that after all these posts no-one seems to have any diagnosis, or any idea what could cause it.
Rajnikant Choudhary
Dear Friend
I readr your article about red hot ears
so do u got the tests and wht are the results kindly mail it to me
do they occure when u think or pass through mental stress or anger.

Thanking you

IAnonymous - 13th May 2006
Hello ! My ear(sometimes both) get really hot and red for about 1-2 hours almost every evening. When I described this in a mail to doctor he said that it could be a part of the carcinoid syndrome. So now they are investigating my levels of hormones(in the blood and urine)to check if I have carcinoid (slow growing malignant cancer) or not. The results should be ready the next week.
Hi Rajnikant,
I have been tested for carcinoid (5HIIA urine collection) and for systemic mastocytosis (imidazole acetic acid urine collection) and all tests have been good. My doctor takes this seriously but they can´t find the cause.
Now it´s almost one year ago when I first noticed this. Regarding stress I can tell you that I have been in a very stressful situation since 1 1/2 years ago when they stared to investigate a cyst in my spleen. They didn´t know if it was malignant or benign. One year follow up of the cyst showed no change in size or shape so it´s benign but I´m still kind of stressed about it.
Hi Everyone. I have had a carcanoid tumour removed (1979) and did have the horrible flushing. I recently (2001) well I guess not so recently was diagnosed with relapsing polychondritis. It affects any cartilegde, so could affect the upper part of your ear but not your ear lobe as there is no cartiledge there. Hopes this helps.
I am 73 years old and have been having this painful, red ear problem for several years. Just last year an ENT doctor diagnosed it as relapsing polychondritis. It affects one ear or the other, sometimes both. When it happens, the ear is not only red but becomes very swollen and extremely painful. And it doesn't come and go in an hour or two as in some of the "red ear" cases here. Mine will last about ten days. It starts slowly, peaks for about 4 days and then starts, very slowly, getting better. There is no known cause or cure but it has something to do with the autoimmune system. It does just affect the cartilage and not the ear lobe. When I get an episode the only thing I can do is to take Advil for the pain and put an ice pack on my ear. I have learned to live with it. My husband has almost the same problem. But with him, the cartilage between the breast bone and the rib cage is affected and it is called Costochondritis.
Dear friend, It is possible that this apparent cyst is a Carcinoid tumor. This is a rare neurendocrine neoplasm. The test you should have done is a chromgranin-A, and an octeotide scan,
e-mail for more info.
Code Red
It's a blessing to connect with others who suffer from the "red ear syndrome". Years I have researched - spoke to medical professionals only to face road blocks time and time again. My first flare-up was many, many years ago in High School when the school beauty queen had choosen to share my text book in class - as the class erupted that we were "lovers" I blushed and someone in the class remarked I had red ears...years went by without even a hint of that until a few years after graduating from College - what started off as an occasional flare up turned out to be like a well timed event - each day, usually an hour or two after lunch one ear would first start off like a tinglely sting and quickly develop into a fire engine red display. (felt like I could as just strapped on a blue-flashing light on my head for the same attention getting effect). Never both ears - and the effect like everyone else has described in here - usually for me an hour - sometimes 2 - but after my red ears I had a serious calming effect. Not that I was overwhelmed before but I do seem to suffer from "low" hypertension. I felt food played a role as maybe a allergic reaction (blamed on milk or byproducts)...but changing eating habits had some effect at first but never was the cure.

However - red ears was a rare occurance during the weekends when I was not at work or it ususally was a lesser effect and later during the day.

My wife reassures me that its more in my head ... that red ears isn't so terrible but the truth that I have lost or bypassed promotions or career changes due to my burden. I dread hot days as it ususally ignites red ears - a hot car in the middle of the afternoon is a almost sure bet of another rush of hot blood hitting my ear. My ear usually is at its reddest at the upper part - usually the lower part (where woman have the ears pierced) stays somewhat unchanged. Cold water seems to do little to elevate the heat - but controlled breathing and chewing on gum has seemed to have some positive effects. I would chew gum ususally 2 hours before my timely occurance and it really seems to work.

I felt I had pinpointed the problem when years ago I read a article about red ears and those who suffer from "Fragile X"..those who suffer mild effects go through life never knowing they have this gene defect. There are obvious serious physical cases that are immediately diagnosed.

Red ears has played through much of my adult life - I have hoped it would be a passing fad - but even after nearly 15 years it makes it presence at the least opprotune time. Alcohol is a definate factor as during my wedding it flared like a 2 alarm blaze. I hope there will be a day I find out exactly what makes this happen - but it is comforting to know that I am not the only one who suffers from this. I Keep telling myself that only the truly blessed are actually given this "gifted" has major powers when using the energy correctly. I wonder if most who suffer from red ears are overly sensitive ( I am) to the environment - people -noise - and have a strong tendancy towards artsy things. So I sign-off thanking this site for being my comfort of luck to all!!
If you meant hypotension when you said low hypertension, you might ask your allergist to to test you for mastocystosis. The lab test that evaluates one for this is called total serum tryptase. Not that you have this, but some of the symptoms for mastocytosis can be flushing (redness episodes) as well as episodes of hypotension (of course, hypotension is a more severe allergic reaction). If you seemed calm after the redness left (not during) as you indicated but didn't feel faint it may be nothing. However, it probably would be a good idea to get it checked just to rule it out.
Michael Phillips
Hello all, Wow there is sure alot of red earred people up in here :) Well I too suffer from this effect and it it usually one ear and sometimes both. I am 36 and have dealt with this problem most of my life. When I was a kid I would flush easy. Being a man it was rather embarrassing to have hot flashes the same time my mother was as she went through menapause lol.

It usually occurs after I get hot like after physical excercise or get in any kind of hot weather. I thought If I would tan indoors maybe it wouldn't be that noiceable. However, after hitting the tanning bed my ear would be ablaze for about 10 hours straight and is aggrivating. Sometimes for no apparent reason what so ever, I can be working in doors as I usually do in a medical office where its about 65 degrees with air conditioning and then all of a sudden my left ear just goes fire red. I can feel its on fire without even touching it. Could this be hormonal? I have not checked for cancer with special test, but my CBC and Basic metabolic panel is perfect. Once again I have been suffering from this for pretty much most of my life so I doubt its cancer. It has got to be a genetic thing is my thinking.

I also suffer from Vasomotor Rhinitis. If you do not know what this is, I would encourage you to look this up. I would like to make an educated guess here (been in the medical field for 13 years as a R.N. and Paramedic). I would probably guess that most of us have this condition (Vasomotor Rhinitis - hypersensitivity towards odors like perfume, cologne, candles, exhaust fumes, cold weather changes, cigarrete smoke etc.) You do not have to have all of these, as sometimes I can actually wear cologne and be around certain scents, but sometimes my body goes crazy. There is medication called Astelin that really helps with Vasomotor Rhinitis, but unfortunately I can't see how it could really help the entire body of a hypersensitive individual. Wish someone can help with this. Heck I would be willing to take an injection 5 times a day if it would help!
Jon Roberts
I have the same problem, almost everyday at about the same time. some days i get luck and nothing happens. I have had this problem for years. In my younger days I that it was the alcohol, but know I havent drink in 3 years. For a few years it didn't seem as bad but now it is back and seems worse in the winter months. I also hate a hot car or even worse my office at work is hot sometimes and it will just set it off. I wish there was a cure. I have been the the doctor 3 times this year and they don't know. Please keep me posted.
Could you solved this problem? i have EXACTLY your same condition, in my case only happens in winter

thanks in advance!

Try This!!!
I also suffered from this problem - I am SOOOO sick of people commenting on it - ANYWAY - I eat porridge - rolled oats - every morning and they stopped after a few weeks - Of they start to come back I just eat some more and they go - I am very relieved!!!
eatting how MUCH and for how long.....plz help./...hope you r not joking
I take 1000 mg of cinnamon per day after lunch, I cut down on the sugar & salt and my red ears were gone in 2 days and have not return.
so 1g would do the trick ??
Oh my, I didnt read further just yet to find your results, i had to first pick my mouth up off the floor...i never mentioned it to my doctor about my red hot ears....mine started about 2 yrs ago, it was always the right its either ear and occassionaly both....i thought it was a blood pressure symptom....until my ears or ears got hot when my blood pressure was right this minute.
I sure hope its nothing serious...I considered hot flashes, but it doesnt seem to be the hot flashes associated with menopause.
Hi !
My doctor (endocrinologist) is amazed about the fact that I get this red ear every afternoon/evening (never had it before lunchtime)and they can´t find the reason in spite of very thourogh investigations. It often appears when I lay down or when it´s hot in the room. What triggers your hot ears ?
I also had a red hot ear problem. It is always the left ear. It has been happening for almost an year. I tried to investigate the reason. I have concluded that I have a habit of turning to my left when I am sleeping & I sleep with my left ear touching my pillow. I tried to change my sleeping direction to my right side & it seems to work. I have not had this problem for a week now after changing my sleeping style.
I also get hot red ears most often in the afternoon and evening but I do get it in the morning just not as bad. The worst time is laying down on my pillow or if the blanket is on my face, on either side. I dont just get it on my ears though I get it on my cheeks and ears first and it spreads to my arms. I get it when its hot or cold there arent many consistencies with it. I have thought it was anxiety (I have anxiety really bad), but I get it whenever. I thought I was allergic to certain medicines, but I stopped them and its still there. I have thought it could be a thing with fair skin but I dont think so. I thought hot flashes like menopause, but im 16 so I dont think its that. I have looked up the symptoms of mastocytosis like someone said it could be (my cousin had it when he was a baby), but I dont fit that. I have read that skin mites can do it and I had scabies years ago but I doubt its that. I looked into all the things ive seen on here that it could be but I dont fit any and I know my doctor will say its anxiety or something. my doctors have given me a different diagnosis for everything that cant be from anxiety and now I have so many diagnosises I have to think im either a hyperchondriac or have something really wrong that they cant find. I am going to see her but she doesnt ever help. oh ya another thing thats been worse lately is that I have a headache constantly but ive had bad headaches for years and these arent bad just annoying.

If anyone has any ideas let me know it just might help.
john Jaszcz
I am 53 years old and have had this syndrome since as long as i can remember and finally just found out that it was a syndrome... I doubt that this has any relation to cancer since i have never been sick except for an occasional cold all my life. I wouldn't worry about it.
stephanie clakley
Please let me know when you find out. I also have the same problem. My left ear gets so red it hurts. Sometimes my heat rate speeds up.
why would you post a comment like this
everybody who reads this with "hot ears" is going to think they have cancer
did you find out why your ears were doing this? this has been happening to me and basically at the same time of of the doctors i work with said something about carcinoid syndrome. Just wondered what you found out
I have gotten red ears since I was a child.My mom use to tell me it mean someone is talking about me. Someone recently told me that it can be do to anxiety or adrinalin. If you exauhust your energy in a workout or a jog it will go away.
My situation is just the opposite at the moment. I've just gotten out of the shower (taken with warm/hot water), which I did right after eating, which I did after an hour of weight lifting.

What I ate was shrimp, if anybody's adding up common nutrients. Also had round crackers, ketchup, and a glass of water.

I've no known medical complications, although my nutrition lately has been poor.
Same thign happens to me... I have no idea why. I have to hide under a hat to cover my ears. Have you gotten any treatment for this? Any help is greatful
Help at hand
Help at hand
Hi - I also had this problem and found that if I eat rolled oats for breakfast every morning they stop - hope this helps you!
Sylvia F
Both of my ears turn red and are burning hot to the touch. It took me awhile to figure out. You know how when someone feels even slightly embarrased, the lucky ones blush with or have red hotness along the cheeks of their face. With me, when I get embarrassed or uncomfortable my ears are a neon sign especially since i am a short haired woman. I never seen or read anything about it being anything more than annoying.
this is so funny!! I had no Idea anyone else had this problem. I have a new job that is so so stressful and I am sure it must come from that! I can't wait to read all that is on this site!! my left ear will get bright red and hot as can be. I thought maybe my blood pressure was up but have never had trouble with it. I have had a lot of problms with my back and neck lately, wonder if it is connected somehow. Great site...
Wowo. I too thought I was the omly one with this problem I am a healthy 24 year old woman, never had any health problems,EVER. When this first started happening about 1 year ago I didnt htink anyhting of it. It seems to be happening more frequently now and always my right ear. It gets so hot tha tit feeld like it is goign to burst. It is comfoting to know that other people deal with this too. I am curious now about seeking medical advice for it. Anyone with more info please post.
WOW~I was reading this and thought it was me who wrote this for a second! I am 26 and the same thing, I just had all my bloodwork done, all came back great, went to the rheumetologist for extra bloodwork, that came back great. Going to an ENT now, he gave me antibiotics to try and that did not work. It has been more frequent lately...they did a CAT scan, nothing who knows! I go back in 3 months to check again...
my ears have been gettin red for several yrs now and it has spread to my face, i have noticed that during stressful times like during exams and finals week it is worse, and also when im get tired... i just relax and it seesm to go away till the next tme.
Hi, Ok- I hit the mother lode! I am not a lone hot red ear... I am 42 and this has been happening to me for the last few months. Sometimes both, or one at a time and one time only part of my left ear was glowing red. I also have a redness that pops up on my nose, cheeks, chest and sometimes a little on the chin.
I get sicker than a dog this summer and was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in the fall.
I've got calls in to my rheumatologist and primary concerning the red hot ear stuff and face redness.
Hope we all get to the bottom of it and it's benign.

God bless!
That is what i have just done.
My right ear started burning so i did a search. I have had this many times in the past, its one or the other but mostly my right ear. It use to indicate coming illness and my left would indicate when i was intoxicated. Now it seems to be totally random
when you're ear goes hot it means someone is talking bad about you... suposably, so what you do Is do bite on you're tounge once really hard!! and what happens is the person talking bad about you is alking so much they accidently bite there tounge which makes them stop or stop for awhile.
My son gets hot red right ear as well.
A very distinquished chiropractor told us this: He needs his neck adjusted, as he has a pinched nerve. He specifically said the 2nd cervical needs adjustment, and that this chiropractor had treated numerous other patients for this problem and it alleviated their problem. I now have an appointment to take my son to a chiropractor. hope this helps.
This happens to my son as well, At school they call him Lava ears. He dosen"t act like it bothers him.... He says sometimes he is hot.Any answears?
I just read your "hot ear" post, and wander if you have had any good results from the chiropractor? My 5yr old son recently developed this strange symptom a couple of weeks back, and I can't put my finger on what is causing it! We have cool flannels at the ready each time it occurs, and I have tried homeopathic remedies, which haven't hit the spot. His ear, usually the right, heats up and gets slightly swollen in the early evening hours!
Anyway, if you have any info which might shed light on this, i would be very grateful to hear it.
Many thanks
My 9 year old son has the same deal going on, only at night though. He puts bags with ice on them. It's weird! About the Chiropractor, we go to one 3x a week to get adjusted. My son has been going for a year and it hasn't stopped his ears from getting fire hot.
Hi, any chance I could get the name of that chiropractor? Thanks,
After reading your post and remembering how long I have had this re painful red ear about 20 year ..I thought there may be something to this. 20 years ago my horse through me and I landed on my head and was very lucky. I have a pinched nerve at the neck where it meets the back from this fall. My ears have been doing this since that time.
My friend is also a member of the hot ear army!
Wow... i get tha hot ear syndrome too! I mostly get it mid-day. its always in ma right ear and last about an hour or so... i didnt realize so many people get it... it burns but it aint painful, jus a bothersome. i have kinda pain in tha back part of my head behind my right ear... im not sure if its associated with it or what... anyone else got that pain???
hey alex i know what your talking about. im sorry that i have no information on solving the problem but i read your comment and saw that we have the exact same problem. I used to only get the hot ear thing when i was a child but recently after 10 years of not having it, it came back the past five nights and has affected my sleep terribly. Its only my left ear but i have no idea what to do about it, it realy is just annoying. If you could have any info on what to do to stop the situation please help me out. Thanks
my ear always turns red. Always my left ear. It freaks me out but i know im ok. I wonder what causes it??
Food allergies can cause redness of the ears. Children can have red ears after drinking apple juice, milk , etc. It won't show up on allergy tests, just like lactose intolerance doesn't show up. Next time it happens make a note of what you have just eaten or drank. See if it happens again later.
its not just food allergies think what you use in your home , I have had MCS for over forty years and know what im on about here, the symptoms are too many to put on here, but its a very bad aversion to all this doesnt mean I dont like a smell, its how everything with petro chemicals in , makes me feel sick , dizzy, my skin thats exposed reddens, as I said too many to mention, but think about he cleaners you use in the home, even bleach, soap powders and particularly, fabric conditioners which are lethal as well as many dangerous chemcials they have chloroform in fabric conditioner too this is why, you feel light headed or take headaches with some smells there are many Green products now in the shops so no need to buy all these over perfumed soaps. soap powders , air fresheners etc, please all take notice here, Im coordinator for have a look and see how many illnesses are affected by what we use in the home. or workplace, think of photocopiers, ink markers, central heating or air conditioning in offices, new carpets, carpet cleaners.. they all affect our health. please have a look at that site or any other coming under the heading of multiple chemical sensitivity or environmental illness.. there is nothing in the UK on the NHS for help even after all the years I had this since age 17 when I worked in a Printing factory uses many chemicals. glues and inks without protection....
i am 17 years old and have had the red ear problem for a good 4/5 years, i get it frequently, it mainly ocurrs at night time and never in the mornings, its always annoying as i always seem to get it when i am at parties or out for meals etc. i try everything i can to get rid of it, staying outside to cool down, going to bathrooms to put water on my ears, but nothing ever seems to really work, and the more i think about it the worse it gets or the longer it stays. it tends not to happen in one ear more than the other, it tends to, however, start in one ear, and either moves to the other ear, or burn in both, it seriously ruins my confidence when i am out as when i dont have the burning sensation i am as confident as anything. it doesnt tend to follow a trend so much other than it only happens in the evenings and when i am in a hot stuffy room, with a high temperature. it also happens randomly when im in an airy place with a normal temperature, it has seriously affected my life and i would love nothing more than to get rid of it
yup i have 1 hot right ear and my inner drum makes a crackling noise when i hold my nose and push out!
Apparently there is something called a chill- o which is like a pillow that cools your ears down when they are hot. Apparently a lot of people get hot ears
I get extreme hot ears and cheeks when I drink alchol. It only happens when I drink Jagermeister and not everytime. Whats with this?
i always have one normal ear and a burning red hot one
I guess misery loves company ...
I too have had this same problem! It has probably been going on for 2-3 years and seems to be getting worse!
Like clockwork my right ear gets red every evening between 8-10pm. It can and does occur throughout the day also!
I recently gave up drinking wine (due to what I have read here), and it seemed like the ear did not get red for a few days ... then it started again just like everyday, so back to the wine!
I note that heat (hot rooms) activates the redness as does sexual activity?
I get an aura, tinnitus, right jaw pain in association with the red ear?
Am presently being worked up for Relapsing Polychondritis ... don't know which is worse? My Rheumatologist did not seem to know about Red Ear Syndrome!
God bless you all ...
Interesting! Very Interesting! I have experienced the one red "hot" ear as long as I can remember. I am 38 yrs old. My 17 yr old daughter also has this happen and most recently my friends little guy who is almost 7 has this one red hot ear thtoday g... The interesting thing about all of us... we've bben diagnosed with ADHD. I have also been researching other possible disorders, i.e. sleep disorders and ODD in my daughter. Working with a therapists to look closer at a few things but was just on line and decided to start my research. The red hot ear definelety shows up at times of stress, tension, anger is in the midst.
You must have testing for Polychondritis Relapse. This disease is often ovelooked because it is so rare. My grandson has this syndrome. The potential life threatening results need to be addressed and treated if possible.

How is your grandson today? I am so scared my granddaughter has it.
hi! I am just stunned right now to read your email. I am "searching" today b/c of my 6 yr old son and his red ear! he has been suffering with this for his entire life! we've talked to drs. about it but it was passed off as no big deal (and it's really not a HUGE deal but very bothersome to him at times!) what is most interesting to me is that my son also has been considered to have ODD! i would love to know anything you find out about this! please pass it on if it is not an inconvenience. i will do the same. thank you in advance and have a great day. i feel better right now just knowing that there are others out there who experience this!!
My grandson is 3 1/2 years old and is experiencing this problem. His right ear turns red and hot 3 to 4 times a week. Have you found out what is causing your sons problem?

Thank you
Melissa, Did you ever find out anything that helped you understand the red ear in your son? My grandson has had it for years...he's six now. Comes on when he is tired....evenings. ???
this is all so strange, but did any of you ever think of the blood pressure thing?about a year ago, i was drinking alot of hard alcohol one night and all of the sudden my right ear started burning.i thought something had bit me, then my left ear started.i looked in the mirror and they were both bright red!it freaked me 28 my health is good but i am a single mom of 2 small kids.i cant say im the most relaxed person in the fact im really tired and stressed for the most part.anyways,everytime i drink this happens and when i get really mad/stressed.i dont know for sure but i would swear its linked to my blood pressure.if any one has heard of this please let me know.
Hi! I am 32 years old - in good health. I have this red ear problem - in fact have done for a few years now - Yes! it's embarrasing - My blood pressure is excellent, I don't drink and I just don't know! I was very relieved to read that it's not just me with this problem. I have not been able to ascertain what triggers it - it can happen anytime. I am mostly a vegan vegetarian and am very careful about toxins & chemicals. I wonder if it is a hormonal problem??? Who has perfect hormones this day & age?
Have you had any luck finding anything more out?
Peter, sweden
Hi Louise !
I have had this problem for almost ayear now. Mostly my left ear turn red and hot but sometimes my left ear and cheeks also turn red and hot. The strange thing is that I always get this in the afternoon at 3 pm or in the evenig at 8 pm.
have you experienced this facial flush also ? I have been tested for carcinoid and mastocytosis but they haven´t found anything abnormal yet. My problem triggers by stress and temperature changes.
HI Peter
I think I have found the answer - eating lots of rolled oats seem to stop it - I think there is something in rolled oates for the nervous system???
let me know how you go - it only took 2 weeks for mine to stop
hi ,i am 45 years old ,i have high blood pressure but i take medecine and i keep it under control.however my ears turn red in the evening while my blood pressure is normal,specially my right ear for about an hour.then it goes back normal.i doono why but it is very embarassing.
Exactlythe same thing here. only in the afternnon or evening. Blood pressure fine. Aspirin proivdes some relief but I am not sure if it or time causes the redness and heat to be reduced. I am having back surgery In late December for pinched nerves and will be curious if the redness goes away or changes after that. I have seen some comments suggesting a link. Will keep all of you informed.
Greg Buttler
Your right! Blood pressure is one of the side effects. Reduceding your salt intake to 1,500mg would be nice but who can. Blood pressure and food intake of processed foods will tigger red ear. Read your labels their full with harmful chemicals. Kids eat what you eat so their effected too. Some children tolerate more then others because of their D,N.A make up. But be reasure that thousnds of people are having this its just they dont talk about it. Family Doctors will tell you they dont know what causes it. Just asked yours and he will say like maybe cold weather. This is something they dont deal with everyday. I know what you can try and it will work. Please e-mail for details, Have a Great Day.
Hi. My son (4) has started having this hot ear problem. It started I think last month and in June he was "unofficially" diagnoised w/Asperger Syndrome.
my cousin (3)has been diagnosed with aspergers and when he was a baby he had mastocytosis (he outgrew it). I dont know if he has hot red ears but I know his ears do get red but we dont pay much attention to it because he doesnt complain. He does get alot of ear infections so maybe he just doesnt notice anymore. If you didnt read it someone on here said mastocytosis can cause it. I dont know if this will help you but I wanted to let you know.
Mother of red ear
Currently researching the topic: google-red ear food sensitivity and ADHD
I am surprised to see so many people discussing about this, me and my wife discoverd this with my 4 yr old kid and today thought to research on it seems its not as uncommon as I thought. And yes my kid was also diagnosed with ADHD and his only one ear gets red when playing or partying.
Patrick again!!!
Just wanted to let you know that the Rheumatologist has ruled out Relapsing Polychondritis (thank goodness) and has now referred me to a Neurologist to work me up for Trigeminal Neuralgia! I don't have the severe pain that these people do, but there may be some relation to the symptoms?
Just saw my ENT MD and he thought it might be related to TMJ syndrome?
I'm getting sick of seeing specialists and no one has the correct answer!!!
While I wait on the appointment with the Neurologist I will set up a meeting with an Acupuncturist who also does massages!
MY ENT MD suggested that an epidemiological approach to this syndrome would be very beneficial for data collection! Any researchers out there?

I have the same symptoms like you ! However my Rheumatologist says there are no tests that will confirm Relapsing Polychondritis. How did your Rheumatologist rule out Relpasing Polychondrities for you ?
Patrick -
Let me know if you find anything out. My ears started doing the same thing a few weeks ago - like clockwork right at 815pm each night. Right ear way more red than the left but both glowing hot. I had gone on a fluoride free diet (no fluoride toothpaste and only bottled water)two weeks previously as it was suspected that fluoride negatively affects my thyroid gland. Its like my ears are trying to purge something each night. Your post caught me as I have been stunned at the timing of the event so exact each night.
Did you ever get any results back to see if you had relapsing polychondritis? My rheum. was thinking it was a possibility for me and I have the same symptoms as you...Really don't want to have a chunk of cartilage taken off if I don't have to...
Take your ears away from the heaters dumb asses!
dont be an ass this is a real thing and to the parents of kids with this we dont need your stupid remarks

Could you be more insensitive. Don't reply just to be a jerk!
do you have nothing better to do then to check blogs and make fun of people with an unknown symtom? i pitty you, as you must me a small human being.
DANI I hope you get this too. Then you would feel awful about what you posted.
Well I'm amazed to read all this. I'd seen someone being interviewed on TV and one of his ears was bright red. I remembered that I used to have this quite frequently, all my life. But recently after my third sinus operation I don't have this problem at all any more. I do think allergies may have something to do with it, but why it is just ONE ear is anybody's guess.
Why are you on this site anyways, for you to get to this page you must have some ailment or know someone who does. Please don't comment unless there is a point,as there are very many people suffering with this... I am one of them
I also suffer from this condition. It is always the left ear. I seem to fit all the characteristics too - type o bllod, easily stressed, possible ADD (never diagnosed, frequent bowel movements etc.
I just (5/2/06) ran a search on this topic for the same reason. This only started happening for me about 2 months ago, and it's not an everyday thing. I am 30, mom, easily stressed, type O+, possible ADHD (never diagnosed)...this part of the page really caught my attention because of the fact that my son, who is now 9, has had this happen regularly for some time. He has been diagnosed ADHD and ODD (you want a bad combination? OMG!!! But that's a whole different story). He is also O+.

It just seems to me that there is a strong correllation being shown in the posters here regarding a potential link between ADD/ADHD/ODD and this Red Hot Ear crap. Mine occurs at varying times, but always after 4pm. The first episode hit several days in a row at 8pm, like clockwork. I work at a desk, day and night. I am training for a marathon, but I've been a runner since high school. It occurs when I am concentrating on work, driving, watching television...doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason.

Granted, those items mentioned could very easily be coincidental, but it really does seem interesting to me to see so many people with the same issues. I would be greatly interested in finding out if there really is a connection there.
Replying to my own post here. In a quick search, here is some interesting information that gives a good explanation:

As a migraine sufferer, and yes, there are migraines that can present all symptoms except pain--I get the whole gammut--this does make sense. Frankly, if a day goes by without a migraine, I end up with a bad headache. So, there could very well be a strong correlation there. My son gets headaches, too, but I work 9-14 hours a day and have to rely mostly on 2nd hand information to know his symptoms.

Thought you might want to check out that site.
OH from Sweden
A teacher I knew had a terrible migraine every day. When he rebuilt the garage in the basement of his house, it was full of mould. They repaired everything, and his migraine stopped immediately, after some 20 years! Personally I have this red-ear syndrome since about ten years. Always in the afternoons, around 2-5 pm, which has made me think it is food related (the metabolism process when the food reach the intestines). I have excluded red wine and coffee (drink green tea instead), and it has helped a little, but I have also tested to skip cheese and bread for a while, and it has also improved my condtion.

My mother had an allergy against cold temperatures, and was also very sensitive for different medicines. I have also some reactions against cold temperatures (as well as my twin brother). My ears does not turn red as much as usual if I eat less, and practice a lot. It is certainly also related to stress for me, and I have heard something about that the stress hormones, such as cortisol, can be a factor. I am slim, well trained person of 52 years of age, and I appriciate very much this homepage. Try to remove some of your usual foods, one by one, for a week or so, and note the results. And try to remove stressful situations, then perhaps, You can at least reduce the problem.
I'm sooo happy to find other people with the same thing. What I find intereting is that it seems red hot left ear people are in the type that are mostly 0+,possible ADHD, etc. and the red hot right ear people are more about a specific time (or timeframe). Would you agree?
I too have been dealing with my ear turning red and sometimes very hot for a few months now. I recently seen my doctor about this because my heart rate increases when my ear is red. Sometimes I feel drained afterwards. So far I've had blood work done and a ultrasound on my Thyroid to determine Thyroid diesease. And wore a holter to monitor my heart rate. Waiting for results. What's interesting after reading some of these comment. I too am O+. I hate the thoughts of going through all the tests to find out whats going on. My main concern is my heart racing like it does for the hour or so my ear is red. I experience nausea, headaches and I get very fatigued afterwards.
Have blood labs to rule out pheochromocytoma (plasma free metanephrines), mastocytosis (total serum tryptase), and carcinoid syndrome (chromogranin A). (I also replied to "Code Red" above.)
What if you have already been tested for pheochromocytoma, mastocytosis and carcinoid syndrome and the test results were fine everytime?? Symptoms for last year or so include red hot ears, face, arms, elevated BP and pulse when it occurs, nausea, sometimes headache, and very fatigued after a big episode of it. The symptoms come on any time of the day but usually later in the day. Have had the "million dollar workup" with no conclusions of what is wrong with me. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
chris you seem to have more of the same systoms as I have. red hot ears, sometimes face, palms of the hands and sometimes through out my upper body. I also find i have and evevated BP when this occurs. These systoms do seem to occur more so at night but have had them all day before. I'm also making the round with Doctors to find out what is causing this. Have had a Brain scan with which show everything fine and am waiting on results from other tests. Please list any results you get and I'll do the same.
me too. always my left ear. People say things to me. It is happening for years.
Hi Anonymous. I was reading down through the post, and saw your comments.

I am type O, 2-3 BM's a day typically, stress easily, Type A personality. I have never considered myself ADD, never diagnosed.

I have noticed my hot ears for about a year or two. It seems that it is usually my right ear, as it is right this moment. I am a drinker, 3-4 times a week, but have slowed down the quantity since I hit my mid-thirties. Have high BP in family, although mine is usually OK, but leaning towards the high side more often than not.

I always assumed my ears were a symptom of high BP, but I am changing my mind. However, I have noticed that it usually occurs during stress or tired. I am tired at this moment, which could be the cause. Had four beers last night, which typically isn't alot for me.

My 4 year old son also experiences this phenomenon, always when he is tired and needs to go to sleep. I will keep an eye on him now for ADD symptoms.

Just wanted to add my traits to your summarization. I am sure I will see other people similar to us as I read further down.
I developed this "red ear syndrome" about 6 years ago, a month or so after returning from a mountain climbing trip to Mt.Rainier and Mt.Baker in August. It began as a hot, flushed, burning sensation on the left side of my face and forearm as I was driving home form work about 3-4pm. I thought it was just the sun shining through my car window. Next it would occur in the afternoon when I was at the gym and it was then that I noticed in the mirror how red my ear was. I am a nurse anesthetist so I immediately began to record my symptoms and when they occurred and I was also able to measure that the local skin temperature does increase when the flushing begins suggesting that this is some sort of neurovascular syndrome. I asked several surgeons about it and no one had a clue. I saw my Interal Med. MD who ran every test known to man. Then I saw a neurologist and a rhuematologist, both of which had no clue what this might be or any suggestions. The frequency of occurance and the intensity of my symptoms progressed over about 6 months to include burning along my left lateral thigh, calf and the sole of my foot. Eventually it spread to the right side but the flushing/ burning occurs only on one side at a time and only rarely on the right side. I can no longer wear socks or a hat because they are always burning to some degree and I feel as if I am overheating and might faint. The burning does not follow any nerve dermatone zones and does not appear to be linked to stress levels, alcohol intake, weather, but it does seem to occur more in the fall/winter for me and in the afternoon or night hours. But I live in SC so it might just be so hot that I don't actually notice the burning as much during the warmer months. After about a year my symptoms and flushing episodes sort of leveled off and have been stable ever since. The scary part is that I returned to Mt. Baker and Rainier the next fall with some friends and about a month after our return my climbing partner (Mark) and another friend (Pat) developed the same syndrome!!!!! We were all negative for Lyme's disease (which was every MD's 1st bet) Sojourns, Relapsing Polychondritis, fibromyalgia, carcinoid syndrome, an assortment of autoimmune disorders. You name it, we all got tested and were negative plus we are all pretty much healthy otherwise. Pat and I work at the same hopital but the mountain trips are the only common link that the 3 of us share. We all had mild flu like symptoms after we summited and then developed knee joint pain and then the flushing started. Now we all have very dry mucus membranes, just in the nose and have nose bleeds. Our MD's settled on either a chemical or biological toxic exposure (perhaps from melting snow for water) that produced some sort of neurological damage that also involves the vascular system and may involves the sympathetic nervous sytem. But if any of you out there have any thing similar to what we have then the Mountain trips can not be the causal link. Some one needs to start compiling a data base of symptoms and the onset and patterns of occurance. Pat (also a nurse with a PhD in Public Health) and I might be interested in developing a web site that would have persons with this syndrome complete a questionaire/assessment tool to be used to gather data and look for a common link. We are trying to pitch this idea to our Internal Med. Docs and maybe the local university public health department. It would be great to include a university that has a program in epideminology. If anybody out there has symptoms similar to ours or if you are interested in helping us try to launch this "data collection" project, please reply. Thanks
I've had this for so many years I thought I was used to it. Til today. It has ALWAYS been my right ear and today around 5 pm I went to the john and noticed it was my left ear! For what it's worth, I'm 53, female, on hormones, ADHD, AB+,and chubby. Sometimes my nose burns too, and gets red. My ear is not just red, it's PURPLE! I have been known to put ice on it, to no avail. It goes away in about an hour. I've never documented the time of day or my moods but maybe I will now.
When I read about problem occuring after your trip to Mt Rainer & Mt Baker It caught my attention. We live at base of Mt. Rainer and I have joked here that it's our water affecting so many pepole here with cancer in our town.... But I have had the red buring ear mostly the left for some time. My feet and stomach have been affected with the same burning sensation but its been a couple of years and I thought it was the start of menopaause. But this only started after moving here to Washington State I've been here 13 years. Also very dry mucas menbrane and tonight had another nose bleed.... So here to Data Collection
I would be very interested in this. My 11 year old son has suffered from red hot ears for several years. He has had a bad episode these past few weeks. His ears get so hot that he cannot sleep. He puts ice packs on his ears in order to get some relief. He wakes up during the night when the ice packs wear off. I have been making several trips a night to the freezer. I have mentioned this to my pediatrician in the past and they just say they have never heard of this. We went to an ENT once and he acted like I was crazy. We need help.
Linda Sykes

My son of 13 years old is having the same problem. He too puts ice on his ears. There does not seem to be a pattern of activity that trigers it. However I notice a few people mentioned they were ADHD/ADD and my son may be as well. We are in the process of having him tested.
I have recently noticed my 6 yr old son's right ear gets very hot and very red and the other one is normal and I am just online now researching this and he has been diagnosed with ADD. I wonder if there is any connection. I have not mentioned this to our Ped. yet but will.
I have a ten year old son with the same problem. He usually sleeps with wet/cold washcloths on his ears. Our ENT said he HAD heard of this condition. I don't remember what it was called, but he said it actually had to do with the cartilage or tendons in the ears becoming inflamed-not blood vessels like everyone assumes. The only relief is steroids, and since they can only be used temporarily, it's not really a solution. He also said it may never get worse, or it may be an indicator of some sort of tendon/cartilage disease he may get when he becomes an adult.
Hope this clears up the mystery. My son also has ADHD, but I don't think it has anything to do with it. I have another child with ADHD and he does not have this inflamed ear burning problem.
Thanks for the info. I will keep it in mind. He has not had an episode of hot ears for awhile (knock on wood). The last episode was at Christmas time and lasted a few weeks. I do not know if there is a connection to ADHD. My son does have ADD tendencies, but not the hyperactivity part. FYI, there is a Yahoo group for those who suffer with red, hot ears called the red ear colony. The email address is
I have had this problem with my ears for years now. It actually started with my cheeks and would normally occur when I was stressed, angry, or embarrassed. Then it started in my ears and has been happening everyday for a couple of weeks now. I noticed the other day that my daughter, who is only 18 months old, had the red hot ear problem, but it was only her right ear. That's when it started to bother me. I've never worried about it before, I just figured maybe my blood pressure was up. But when I saw that my baby had the same thing, that's what made me want to start to research this problem. She has now come down with pneumonia and I am just getting over bronchitis, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I've never really mentioned it to a doctor because I figured they would think I was just crazy. Now that I see that this is something that happens to a lot of people, I am definitely going to mention it to our doctors. I know that I am O+, I don't know what my daughter's blood type is. As far as I know I don't have ADD or ADHD or ODD. I am 24 years old and overweight but am currently taking Phentermine to lose weight. I've never really kept track of the time of day or anything because I just assumed it was something normal thing for me. Like I said, I've had it for years, as long as I can remember. And for me it gets worse in the summer. Once I go outside my cheeks will get burning hot, and now my ears do too. But the worse part about it is that even after I go inside, I can't cool down, sometimes for hours. If I'm in the car I have to have the air conditioner on full blast and pointed directly at my face, otherwise, it burns really bad and feels like my face is tightening up. I've noticed that the sun really plays a big part in it because sometimes, even during the winter, only my left ear and cheek will get red and hot while I'm driving. But if I can get out of the sun, sometimes that helps. I do not want my daughter to go through what I have gone through with this problem so if anyone finds out anything, please let me know. Thank you.
Have you seen your md? It sounds like sun sensitivity may be a problem.
I have a few friends who have Lupus. I'm not saying that's what it is but definitely worth checking out.
I have Psoriatic Arthritis and red, hot ears and facial redness. Sometimes the sun affects my skin like that too. So far I've tested negative for Lupus and have not tracked down the cause of the redness. Rosacea also can cause redness, burning etc.
Keep asking and researching. It might help to journal about it so you may expose a pattern.
God bless you and your little one.
Dear friend.
Mi name is Agustin.

Could you solved this problem? i have EXACTLY your same condition.

thanks in advance!

I have the same symptoms where its not just on ears. It also goes onto my arms and seems to be getting worse and more frequent. It also seems more often in the winter/spring for me. I live in AZ so I might just think its the heat but very often people tell me that im getting a sunburn but I can tell that its just the heat or something and that it will go away eventually (not a sunburn). I dont know if thats normal to seem to have a sunburn just from heat. I wrote more above. I have kept a small log of the symptoms as they develop, but I havent written any times because its so frequent. I have never been to that mountain or any where near it though. Im willing to help anyway I can to figure out what this is.
I would be interested as I have suffered from red burning ears on and off for many years. I am now 57. I find that I get them every evening now in the cooler months of the year. Sometimes just one, sometimes both burn at once. I find that putting hot water on them is better than cold, as when you remove the 'hot' sensation, the air around the ear feels colder, hence the ear starts to cool down. Also putting something on them like 'sunburn cream' helps. Cheers.
David McConomy
this is nearly a year after you posted this and i can only hope that you have started this web site, i am 22 and have been dealing with this for 2 years. my symtoms are never constante, and seem to fluxuate from better to worse. i have kept in mind adhd, odd etc. but of coarse drs. have no clue. the only thing i have been able to pin point is mild or severe back,neck pain and stress, anxiety, anger, or simply being un easy in your current sittuation. i ask all of you (red ear troops) to examin what exactly is going on in your lives while this burning sensation occurs. ihave found that anything from a new relationship to aggrivation at the work place may cause our problem. think about it has this ever happend when you are perfectly content with your life. my answer is no. anyways i am serious about this and the only way we can make something happen is if we work together! if there are this many of us it cannot be as rare as we all once thought it was. so i implore you to please make this web site and let us find or own answers.

I have noticed exactlythe same thing. I am in outside sales. During the day Iam driving and I am fine. If I make a sale, I am fine. WenI am confronted with a customer that is not buying, I my left ear gets red an hot. Please note that this is usually in the evenings. I had an episode the other day, I was watching football relaxing. In come the kids with a lot of noise and WHAM here it is again. There is no question in my self diagnosi that this is stress related. I am not sure how to handle this issue. It has only started with in the last six months. The first time it happened I freaked out and went to the hospital. The ran blood tests and heart test. All were fine. No doctors can diagnose. ihave been to a cardio doc. No clue. They just say, "It doesn't appear to be life threatening." What do you think?
Get re-tested for Lyme, there are a lot of people who get tested and get false negatives. Go to a Dr. who really knows Lyme. I saw a program on Discovery channel on this, and the guy was literally about to die when he found a Dr. who diagnosed him when he had been tested and they said he didn't have Lyme...he did.
Hi Wendy - I have the exact same situation. I drove up to Steven's Pass and on the way back, i felt my ears fume up. I would like to be involved in the investigation and would love to contribute. Please email me and we can take this forward.
Was wondering what even happened to your study idea. Its been a year or two since you posted about it. Happened upon it just today. Also was wondering about the washington thing. I am origionally from Gresham Or. Now live in Nebraska. But have had this issue for years. Let me know. Thanks.
Did you every have exposure to mold? Eye swelling/eye infection? Were you bitten by Black Fly in the Mountains?
I am a clinical director of a hospice in mass. I have a few ideas in regards to these symptoms. My 35 yo sister has been fighting similar symptoms, since moving to conecticut (the lyme state). they are treating her for RA but quite sure this is lyme ( if you do research doctors are not allowd/it is illegal to treat lyme past the 30 day corse of antibiotics. therefore they cannot admit to lyme as issue. My husband tested negative for all lyme test for 3 months then multiple red odd shaped rings showed on his body for all of 5 minutes they treated him the 30 day tx and would not treat for longer even though he still had symptoms. he is going to see a RA md so he can at leaste start minocyclin regiem "for RA" really lyme. My 7 yr old son with some of these symptoms especially dry mouth and red hot ears occasional aches and pains had been bit by a tick. But all three have somthing in common that needs attention they all have enormous tonsills. Most likely strep carrier etc. the corrilation with all of this is it is the tonsills that run the overproduction of lymph cells that would cause some of these auto immune symptoms. DO you happen to have huge tonsills. ?how many people who had there tonsills removed have any autoimmune issues? (I bet not many) all very interesting questions.
Carver Meyer
Please do. That would be wonderful.
I am in my fourties and have had this condition all of my life. I don't realize it is happening untill someone mentions how red my ear is. The problem is my 15 year old is bothered by this most of the time. Both of his ears get bright red. We have had many tests ran by various physicians and no one has come up with a solution. The skin on my son's earlobes is very smooth. It looks inflammed and swollen when it is red. His ears get so hot that it is painful to him. If anyone has any suggestions we are open to trying anything that will work. Thanks
I have had this for years. I have learned what help it go away is a deflammatory like Aleve or a prescription from your doctor. It has always worked for me.
Katherine Kapor
I get that too A LOT!!!!!!!!! It happens to both ears and it happens like, all the time. Why does it do that. People say that it's because of the uneven fluid in the ear. Is that true?
it is fluid in the ears. cuz i can hear it and feel it.
i swim alot. at first i thought it was cell phones. then
from noise pollution, but today i believe its fluid.
try ear candling.
My husband and 4 year old son, both randomly get what we call hot ear, cold ear. One is bright red and hot and the other is white and cold. We just recently noticed this in my son. How many of you have hot ear, cold ear as opposed to hot ears?
Suz... I can certainly relate to the hot ear/cold ear personally, and also for my son. Ours is generally brought on in the evening. It can easily be triggered by warm temperature, touch, or anxiety. My son is 7 and was diagnosed 2 years ago with ADHD. I too am probably a candidate as well, however this disorder wasn't around when I was his age. Anyway, it is rather bizarre and I have just lived with it. I would hope maybe though that there is some type of treatment for this condition in the future.
Look at the book Highly Sensitive Child page 20 and also the book Indigo Child. There are other explinations for ADHD.
I have had my right ear turn red and burn to the point that its really uncomfortable for as long as I can remember. It happensed almost once a day. Im almost 20 now and its really kind of embarressing.
my left ear turns red and hot every day or about every day between the hours of 2:30 and 4:00. It has been happening for at least three years now. I have spoke to my cardio doctor about it, he cannot find an aswer but said he never heard of it. I am a little more at ease that others have this thing going on. I am 38 yo white male. Does anyone know what this is or how to stop it. Sometimes it is very uncomfortable.
Hello, I'm studying this problem which is called the red ear syndrom for my thesis. I can send you some information but it's in french.If someone could send me a picture during a crisis it would be useful for me. Thanks a lot
Hi Shirel,

How is your thesis getting on? Is this a curable condition?
Hello. Lately I have been getting this red hot ear and it hurts when i bend it(not that you should go around bending ears). My mum suggested that it is because of teeth coming through usually molars. This make sense from all the 6 to 7yr old cases because that's when teeth usually start to come through.
Kris from Colorado
Hello, Funny I found this by looking up red, hot ear also. My right ear is red now. I've found some information that it might have to do with circulation. Maybe that's what's wrong with me. No circulation to the brain lol, jk. I smoked for 15 years I thought that might have something to do with it. I've been a non-smoker for 4 months now. I also have asked my physician, there's just no typical answer for this. I sure don't like the feeling though, it just doesn't feel natural. I hope we can get an answer to this?
Check out the book Highly Sensitive Child and read page 20.
Experiencing it as we speak! Right ear!
I had this problem for the last 2 years and I finally brought it up to my doctor. I was told it is the first stages in menopause. Men ALSO get it, but they DON'T like to come forward with it due to their manhood... But, I was told this by my doctor whom other people have been reporting the same symptoms...It is pre-menopause, if you don't believe it, ask your own doctor....
Why Ear!
I have trouble believing this since I'm only 26
My twelve year old son has been experiencing red hot ears for about the past six years. One ear or the other gets red and feels hot to the touch. It happens a few times a year. Maybe the TEA website is on the right track. It's worth checking out.
I hope this may help many of you. I recently asked my 7 year old's doctor about his having a hot red ear every now and then. Doc said - probably just better blood circulation on that side. This didn't make any sense to me until I started reading "The Highly Sensitive Child" by Elaine Aron. She says that babies with more electircal activity and blood flow on the right side of the brain are more likely to be Highly Sensative Children. The part of the brain that deals with sensativity is thought to be espcially strong or active in H.S.C.
It's only a couple sentances in her book but having heard this explenation from the doctor and then reading it in in the book - is has answered this question for me.
My son is a HSC.
Okay evry1...u all need to get a COMPLETE THYROID TEST..T3,T4 ECT..TESTED JUS IN CASE ITS A HORMONE INBALANCE GOIN ON!! the doctors should of immediately had that checked..child or adult who experiences the red hot ears and face!!!
I think we found our answer. My 5 year old son had red hot ears -they started occuring with greater frequency and duration (up to 2.5 hours one time!), several times a day. He saw and ENT, Allergist etc. and all of the tests came up negative. During this time he experienced an episode of thrush (yeast overgrowth in the mouth). He also was regularly constipated. We finally found a D.O. who practices "integrative medicine". He diagnosed him wiht an overgrowth of yeast in the gut. He has been on a restrictive diet for over a week and almost all of his symptoms are gone including NO RED, HOT EARS...I hope this helps someone - will be curious to see if anyone else has the reaction to treating a yeast overgrowth. By the way, regular doctors will not deal with this - everyone told us there was nothing they could do (regular pediatrician, ENT and allergist).
My sister's left ear is very hot right now. I don't think it is anything to worry about.
About a month ago, bot ears were burning and very red after taking my dog out at night when it had turned cool. Tonight it is cool again, and after walking the dog the left year is red and burning. Right ear is fine. Very strange, but interesting to know it has happened to others.
Well im glad im not the only one who has this happening to them. All I know is that usually just one of my ears has gotten really hot and red since the 8th grade. There is no way i know of how to get rid of it. I talked to my doctor once and he didnt know what caused it.
I am relieved to find so many red eared people. I visited my excellent GP and he has never encountered it. I will just have to grow my hair longer and as per my medicos advice stock the freezer with a bag of dry face clothes!

all these people saying otherwise are wrong. Even if you or your child has not directly come into contact with latex, think about it. Many food processing plants involve the use of latex gloves as a saftey measure when handling food. If you come along and touch that food that has been handled with latex gloves (prior to you purchasing it) then you have not only touched latex, if you put it in your mouth or around your mouth you will have a sensitive reaction.

Look up: LATEX ALLERGY. This is extremely dangerous and very serious. From now on you need to inform any medical facility that you or your child are allergic to latex so they will use an alternative glove to handle you with.
Eddie Chan
Yes me too. Sometimes my ears get very hot, especially at 10:30. I couldn't sleep at all.
This link actually has an answer to this and not just more peoples questions..
Ruth Rivera
This started recently happening to me too. And is only the right ear. It seems that is related to lack of sleep. But apparently beside sleeping more there's nothing much we can do about it.
It's also always only the right ear. How about yours?
This is strange for me also, it is my right ear, that even turns very red, this happens at least once a week.
this happens when you do what?
This is Pravin, yesterday one of my colleagues pointed that my left ear has turned red. This really put me off having no such info. that others also have such a thing, but now I feel much better having read about your experience
Harry Nygaard
I've been bothered by "Lots" of allergies most my life...Hint.Hint....but I saw today, that both ears are red, the left more than the right, and Both are hot..I like the date birthday..I think red ears mean your horny, ie the hormones are up...And probably there is a virus irritation.
I don't think it's anything else but a minor virus that loves the heat from allergic reactions to whatever....Yes, I'm concerned...But try finding a doctor who either knows or cares..I think there is also a very minor middle ear irritation..again a virus.

Aside..The body is FULL of viruses..we are carrying a galactic number and species of these little mothers..the essence of the true life form..Viri!!

If anyone KNOWS something, please send to me..Thanks. I don't like "The Red Hot Ear Syndrome."

I just told my friend this exact thing. What's wrong with us?
Some people say that that means (in that moment) other people are talking about you lol. Who knows? I wouldnt worry about it unless it starts to hurt. Mine is my right ear as well lol.
I have experienced the same condition ever since I can remember, am 32 now
and had it happen today twice, which
was really weird, I always blew it off
and believed the old wives tale, that
someone is talking about me. Without
trying to sound nutty, I wonder
if it is a special gift or something,
because it doesn't itch, or anything,
all of a sudden it is just extremely hot. Kind of like if you happen to touch a hot pepper and not wash your
hands immediately. At least that is
the best way I can describe it. Oh,
and it happened around 1:00 p.m. and
I was at work, both times I was upset
at a situation that occurred.
I just noticed that my left ear gets red and hot. I noticed it right now at time that I am a bit upset. I know it has happened before, I thought it was an allergic reaction to an earring or something. I do believe it is related to being upset, possible hbp which I will check with my doctor. Or someone is just doing me wrong and I have six sense!
I have also considered if it may be a heightened sense of sorts.
My son Alex - who is 6 and mildly autistic suffers from red ears as well. Without a doubt, it stems from a food allergy. 2 hours after injesting foods with high phenolic contents, his ear or ears turn bright red and are hot. After an hour or so it passes.
Creepy my right ear started getting warm at 1am
Mike C.
My ears - yes both - have gotten warm and red before with no real explanation. A couple days ago, they got so hot they were almost painful! And the shade of red was approaching a purple-ish color! This lasted for a little more than an hour and then my ears returned to a normal temperature and color. Wondering if anybody else has experienced similar traits? There is no pattern to how often the "red ear syndrome" strikes me, but it is a few times each month where it's very noticable.
Barbara Ford
my left ear got so hot and red that it was hot to the touch. It kept on grtting hotter until i couldn't stand. Once the burning stopped my ear coole down it was much darker than the other one. It appeared to have been burned. My other ear does it also, but not at the same time.
i have been getting hot ears only after 7pm for about a year. just wathing tv or cooking dinner. Some say its a hot flash others thyroid..who think i am crazy
My ears do this too but it seems to last much longer for me this is the only difference. If someone touches my skin when its like this they say it feels like im burning up and thats how I feel, like my blood is boiling. I have it everyday and it seems to be constantly now.
it happened to me also , i am meditating for a while . and its right ear
Yes, for me it was the right ear too.

Are you a student of Fujian White Crane mr. P?
I have had this ear problem(?)for a few years now, and my son age 11 also experiences it occasionally; a redness and hotness to it that's somewhat uncomfortable; usually one at a time. And I try to link it with lake of sleep or tiredness. Is it a symptom of high blood pressure? Help needed.
i think you may be right with the lack of sleep and possible syptom of high blood wondering the same thing.especially the high blood pressure.every time i get upset both my ears get really red,hot and just burn!its really scary.anyways if you find anything out let me know please ill do the same thanx!!!!!!1
coolcat Deb
hi mine are bright red & burning right now, the right more so...happens almost every day, most times the eveings. I do have high blood pressure, I just checked mine and it was perfect 120/74...I also get the headaches, but I dont have one today. I do however have a moderate sized bulging disc at C4-5 in my neck...maybe we all should compare meds? just a thought? Deb
My son Alex - who is 6 and mildly autistic suffers from red ears as well. The majority of his issues pertaining to the autism are food related. Without a doubt, it stems from a food allergy. 2 hours after injesting foods with high phenolic contents, his ear or ears turn bright red and are hot. After an hour or so it passes.
Try the IgG 96 panel food allery testing done by Great Plains Laboratories cost - $200. If you have Horizon blue cross, they should cover it. Good luck!
wrestling milf
I've just been sitting around not getting anything done. I've just been letting everything wash over me these days. My life's been basically unremarkable lately. Pretty much nothing seems important, but so it goes. I've pretty much been doing nothing to speak of.
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Same exact thing for me. Ears get hot and red when I am exhausted. Most of my siblings have the same thing since childhood (I am now 49).
My son of about 8 years age also gets this one ear getting hot frequently . Is it an anomaly. Please do let me know
My son is 9 and for the last week his right ear has gotten red and hot in the evening. What is this?
Hi Guys, I am writing to ask if you know of any QiQong classes in St Albans?

Maybe the ear thing is showing an imbalance of your left and right/ yin/yang male/female. It would explain the lack of sleep due to the imbalance.
I get red ear many times, but especially when I'm stressed or in an uncomfortable position. It's embarassing when I'm talking to someone and it starts up, but i know a lot of people that get the same thing so it's no big deal, it's just annoying. Sometimes it just happens though from touching it. Its wierd, and its always my left ear!
This started happening to me after a motorcycle accident and it also happens when I am anxious or stressed also. Actually, it's happening right now and that's how I found this site. I can't figure out what it is. I know that also now I get earaches and it sounds like the ocean in my ear - the blood rushing, of course. Not glad to hear you all have it but glad to know I'm not alone. Blood not flowing properly maybe - is the ear canal inflamed so it can't flow correctly? How do we fix it?
Meant to also say it's usually only one ear and it's my left ear.
your motorcycle accident cause, you can try accpunture tell them. it will work. for a while.
Same with me sometimes it's both ears and sometimes just one
I am so surprised to find that im not the only person with hot ears!!!! My friends think im nuts because sometimes i have to wet a rag and hold it on my ear for about an happy to know its not just me...but,what the freak is the reason for this?
Me to!! I am 50 now and it has happened off and on since at least my 20s. Im an x bartender of 15 years,20 years ago. I am an alcoholic, but it does not happen every time i drink.i never thought to what my mind state was at? It mite even be subconscious, mixed w liquor? I have told docs.through the years,lol "hey but it is happening now. I 1st time googled it.And i have taken pics.(didnt know my ears looked so funny)selfies! !
Ma.Sheryll B.Rodriguez
hi , same situation here. at this time , my ears suddenly gets hot , now both of my ears turns red. ,i just had a bad conversation ,and feels a little upset that's why i just cut the conversation and go to my room. Then in just a minute, i started to feel both of my ears are hot and turning red to very red.. i had this hot ears when i am 38 years old, .Also it's embarrasing and annoying too, when it starts to get hot, and gets visible that other people
 can notice it ,
same thing. always my left ear.
hunetr milf
Nothing notable going on. My life's been generally dull today. So it goes. Not much on my mind to speak of.
I haven't gotten much done recently. I don't care. My life's been basically boring these days. Whatever. More or less nothing exciting going on lately, but pfft.
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My mind is like a complete blank, but so it goes. Basically nothing seems important, but I guess it doesn't bother me. I've just been letting everything wash over me , but pfft. I haven't been up to anything. Such is life. I can't be bothered with anything.
Nayan Jain
It's the same with me. Have u got any solution for this?
Lisa, I don't know of any in St Albans.

Yeah it must be an imbalance but of what? Or more importantly, why?
If it had anything to with the left part (the estetic) of the brain is working excessivly hard, then why don't you get a hot left ear when you do lots of math?
I do math for a living, accounting and finance type stuff and I get hot left ear all of the time! Especially when I have been working extra hard!
I get hot left ear a lot, especially when I am working (I do math for a living as well). However, I get hot right ear when I am upset about something. Hmmm...interesting, isn't it?
I get it and asked my doctor about it; he says it is a form of migraine.
I also have this's nice to know I'm not the only one...I haven't found anything to fix the problem but as soon as I do, I'll post it....I think it's really important that we all just give tips that have helped them and maybe we'll find something that works for ourselves...I normally get the problem when I've been never happens during the day...only after going to try sleeping more and see if that helps
I have the same left ear problem also and mainly 10-15 mins after dinner sometimes with feelings of tightness in the neck and throbbing in my head weird!
You must get medical attention asap. Call a rheumatologist who is aware of Polychondritis Relaps. Your symptoms need immediate attention.
My son Alex - who is 6 and mildly autistic suffers from red ears as well. Without a doubt, it stems from a food allergy. 2 hours after injesting foods with high phenolic contents, his ear or ears turn bright red and are hot. After an hour or so it passes. You Can confirm testing thru Great Plain Labrotories with their IgG 96 food panel delayed reaction food test (simple blood draw). Cost of test $200.
my ear is annoying me.
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im not sure but it sounds like you should get a second opinion on the whole migraine thing.Just a thought.good luck!
Thanks for this info. I hope you're feeling better. For the past few weeks my right ear has been hot. I've also experienced heat/discomfort behind the ear. I have been very stressed and not sleeping well. I was wondering if it was a migraine. It has been difficult to find any real info on these symptoms.
I am so glad that I'm not the only person with this problem. I have found some discussions on the internet about Red Ear Syndrome which does seem to be connected with migraines (which I get) among other things. It often seems to happen when I'm feeling tired (as do the migraines) and can be either ear but not both at the same time. It's bizarre.
Hey all, i get hot ears to!!!! like sometime it can b right and sometimes it can be left, and i was always told it coz someone is talking bout U!!
And im not a very bright person so i dont use my brain alot.
I have episodes where both my ears will become burning hot and bright red. The rest of my body feels normal. I also notice that when this is happening my eyes feel tired and sensitive. I tried the tongue trick and it seemed to actually take most of the burning away. I was shocked that it helped. I have heard only that this is related to an increase in blood pressure in the head. If I only new more.....
i have this problem my right ear is red and hot. can u plz tell me what is tongue trick . i dont know about this. so plz can u tell me how can i use that . a s a p. thank u .Ali
my son is 14 and complains with hot red ears frequently please let me know about this tongue trick thanks
Could you please tell me the tongue trick. I have rhe same left ear sydrome
Mary collins
What is the tongue trick? My ears do this and it also happens when I eat salt? Any advice would be so appreciated. I have so many unexplained heath problems. This could help.
I get this on both ears pretty much everyday. Gets worse in the hotter weather. I am getting married soon and I dont want it to happen at my wedding. Any solutions to this embarassing problem???
Try pressing your tongue up against the roof of your mouth towards the back so that the tongue almost "folds backwards". According to the chinese this will help the "energy flow" flow past instead of getting stuck around the head.

Congratualtions on your marriage.
I just tried this and my ear cooled off a great deal a minute later. Weird coincidence? Can't wait to try it again.
Jay Coney
yah, i tried it just now and it seems to work. maybe its all in the mind? hmm..
omg it did work!
I believe the tongue trick is part of the solution regarding 'blocked energy'. This may also stem from an imbalance with the cerebal fluid. In actuality, any kind of trauma to the head at any age can produce a pressure point and therefore blockage in the flow of the cerebal fluid. This can even be related to the trauma of the birthing canal and why many chiropractics advocate treating newborns. Try locating a practioner trained in the Uplegger Inst. of cranial saceral therapy to detect & correct any blockages. Research this. Incidentily, through this therapy, many migrains, sinisus,dyslexia, allergies etc.. have been successfully treated. AND, ADD & ADHD, etc. can be treated or reversed through environmental & nutritional therapies. Research this as well. Just google -Alternative and natural therapies for(type in whatever you want to research)Drugs will only cover up symptoms & cause side effects.They do not correct the underlying problem which is still there.
Best of luck & God Bless.
rudy red ears
about how far back to you go? do you go, "like straight up" or do you try to reach as far back as possible with the tongue? do you press hard? do you simply fold it all the way like a ball?please help!!!!!
Peter Bengtsson
as far back as possible and not hard at all. Don't fold it back. It should still point up to the roof of the mouth.
The first time I tried it, my ear got hotter. Then I tried it again, and it worked really well!
Same thing happens to me... I dont' want to get married because of this. Did you get any info on this? Any recommendations?
Big Red
Wow, I never knoew som many people had this, I have been dealing with this as long as I can remember (though never as a child ony when I hit my teens) Both ears get bright red almost purple, and they have a burning sensation that hurts. Code Red I am exactly like what you describe, male, sensitive, shy and I am into art. I know what you mean about avoiding certain situations, I worry at times if in life I will be able to overcome this as I worry about what you have said with your career happening to me. It usually happens when it's hot, getting in my car mid day will do this to me, also happens when I get embarassed or am stressed out. Unfortunetly also happens when I talk to women, at which point due to the burning sensation I don't make eye contact and am prone to running my hand through my hair just above my ears. Laura I sympathize with you on this big time though if it does happen you could always have the photographer use photo shop to remove it (I have done this before).
about 6 months ago i suddenly felt my right ear get hot and it was burning red. This now happens every few weeks with no warning, its always my right ear. Everytime it has happened is when i have had lack of sleep. The rest of my body can usually be cold. if I have a drink of alcohol especially after a night with very little sleep and when i'm run down about 5 minutes after my first drink i can feel my ear starting to burn.
I'm pretty sure that this has to do with poor circulation. The right ear would be because of the way the blood circulates round your body. When tired your body is over- exerting itself and is probably dehydrated. Increased blood pressure during this causes blood not to flow so easily.
i know someone who gets red ears that are hot when he is tired, but this is i think its nothing to worry about its just becuase hot and tired.
I think the sudden onset of one burning red hot ear is a warning sign from your body that somethings wrong. Usually my ear goes away with drinking lots of water and titling my headin the opposite direction. I also find the need to crack my neck and find that massaging the surrounding area usually makes it pass in short time.
dede mcfarlane
Thank you all so much! EVERY time I drink a couple of ounces of wine (35 & 36 yo sons) would say "You've been drinking!! I am mad! I just got home from work and had a half cup of wine!! Are you kidding? My right ear is beet red, so they assume something is wrong and mom MUST BE PLOWED because my (right) ear is red. WHY is my (ONLY) right ear purple red? PLEASE Help. Thank you for trying.
Thats crazy stuff man, i was looking up info on burning, red ears cause thats been happening to me a lot for about a year or two now , I also get some redness on my face once in a while and my scalp also , the doctors say its a for of dermatitus ( i haven't talked to anyone about the ear thing). I usually just wait about an hour or two then it just goes away. The funny thing about this is I also study kung fu . My Jhong Law Horn and MeiHua praying mantis. though the ear stuff i think may have been happening before starting my KungFu Experience. My throat seems to get really really dry very quickly ....maybe its just all dehydration..who knows ...good luck everyone!
I don't believe the dermatitis thing because I have just recently seen the side of my face get red (and it's not dermatitis) along with my ear. My ear burns inside and out and I'm told it's not an infection. Mine never use to be that way but like a stated a few paragraphs up it was after I had an accident that it started happening.
In my asian culture i have always been taught that when one of your ear is hot... it means someone you know is talking (gossiping) about you. Its been a long time superstitious thing in our culture.
I heard this superstition but it was a ringing in your ear. I dont believe our problem is a superstition, especially because I get the hot red ear on a daily basis. I'd be flattered if people were talking about every day, lol.
I am Italian and it means the saem in our culture. That someone you know is talking (gossiping) about you.
My husband gets a "hot ear" ocassionally and has had it for quite some years. My son who is 7.5 is now getting them quite frequently (almost daily). It is interesting to read about the math, and doing technical things, my husband does Design Engineering (a lot of computer, technical stuff), my son is also very intellectual, reads a lot, (uses his brain a lot). He also may not get the sleep he needs, and I have to remind him a lot to drink fluids, so the dehydration could also play a role. We thought we were the only ones with this. Very interesting reading.
I am glad that I am not the only one with the "single red ear problem." In my case it is always the left one. Tonight it happened while I was doing financial calculations (I help people with their investments for a living). I believe that it mainly happens to me when I concentrate on getting a more complex job done. I have not noticed any correlation with the amount of sleep I get.
I also get the burning of the ears. It affects the whole outer ear and the lobe.
When this accures I also get real hot at the lower part of my head...twards my neck.
I've taking notice it starts about 1/2 hour after I eat certain foods. Oils, flour,caffein,alchole, or junk food. I don't eat allot of these foods..but when I do I find this happening when and everytime I do eat them. Fried foods I think are the worst..that is why I stay away from fried food. And stick with first cold pressed oils...and stay away from oils that are not suppose to be heated and used to fry food.
I hope this helps someone.
So its not just me! I'e been getting red and burning left ear for about a year now. thought it was just an odd coincicence but am now begining to get fed up with it so went onto the net to see what I could find. Lots!!
Well, I'm sitting here with my tounge pressed up against the roof of my mouth to see if that helps. I guess it can't hurt. I'm a teacher and am sometimes bothered by the flaming ear during lectures. I'm sure the students have noticed, they don't miss anything! and I am aware of it. Will get medical attention if I don't get any relief from the toung method. I will also try chiropractic and maybe shiatsu. Will post results to this site.
Rudolf The Red Ear.
I am also a teacher (math) and I have had my left ear get hot and red for over a year now. I've been to 4 different types of doctors, all who told me nothing except that it is not an ear infection. I'm trying the tongue trick, its not working yet, but i will try anything because this is the most annoying thing I have to deal with! I cannot focus when my ear is hot and red which can go on for days. I have determined that it must be induced from stress about anything (work, personal life, etc.). Anybody that has any important, helpful information - please post it! Like many of you have said - doctors think I might be making it up or that I'm crazy.. Also, has anybody tried acupuncture or massage therapy as a way to help this?
I also forgot to mention I tried the tongue method that was mentioned above and it seemed to help. I truly believe it is an allergie of some type....but cannot figure it out. I've been watching anything that has color#5 in it...allot of foods..and granola have this in it.
Red Ear Barons
I too have the hot ear. My friend Monica and I are plagued by this phenomenon. We thought we were the only ones. We were drinking Rolling Rock and recieved the unwelcome and all too familiar hot ear. Andre Cold Duck Champagne will relieve these symptoms temporarily, but will come on twice fold in about 5 minutes. So drink water with organic sea salt and about a teaspoon of lemon and chickory root, that should do it.
Why worry? It can't damage you and surely you're not in pain when your ears are hot.
If it happens once, and never came back fine, but you don't understand the social situation with this problem. It can be compared to uncontrolled blushing or problem sweating. It can really hit at the worst time like a meeting infront of many people, etc. How can it not bother you to not look and feel normal. Not everything is about pain, maybe not physical pain, but it causes mental and emotiuon pain - you can't see ...
What bothers me is "not knowing" what it is. If I knew what it was and what was causing it and it wasn't going to cause problems later on then that's okay. But is it a "high" blood pressure problem - can it turn into a "high" blood pressure problem?
Judi wike
Me too. I just want to know the cause & if it's anything to worry about. It's always my right ear & I do have high blood pressure. I want to know if I should b concerned about this.
You fool - my husband is dying in ICU of lung and heart failure but on top of this he clinches his teeth, trembles and grimaces as the ear turns hot, burn, stings, and is excruciating, ENT doc is too dumb to diagnose it - my EX husband took lightly the excruciating pain of a tumor growing in my uterus the size of a softball (until it was removed) - docs too dense to find it for 7 years of agaony because it was buried deep in me so my EX husband said why worry, who cares, you gotta take it like a man UNTIL he got kidney stones and was slung over on an ER counter too busy for immediate attention and had to endure - then he was in sheer agony - we are taught empathy all of us eventually - perhaps you should develop more empathy before Karma teaches it to you in a future year when you least expect it.
I'm worry, but you seem to overreacted on this one.

The symptoms your husband is experiencing speak more strongly to a constant condition, most likely trigeminal neuralgia.

The condition we're discussing is how, occasionally, one of our ears reddens for an as-yet uncertain reason(s).

As for me, it seems to clearly emanate from the trigeminal nerve, but not in the neuralgia sense. I've had it for over a decade, and I'm 25, male, O+, well managed/masked OCD. Also suffer from PTSD and panic disorder, which can affect me for six-months/year at a time, but eventually fade into the background.

Let's not take the O+ type into consideration, as it's the majority bloodtype, or rather plurality. I think it's est. at something like 37% of the population.

It can sometimes precede a headache, at least in my experience, located also on the same side (right). In any case, when it happens, I can feel the ear burning, or someone will notice & point it out.

I'd certainly like to see us all try some data collection. When it happens, what we've eaten, environment, etc. Also, my ear is right, and I'm right handed, though was left-handed as a kid; my parents were weirdos who believed lefties were in danger of going to hell or something.

So, we'd basically need to collect some general data about ourselves and medical histories, along with logs of when/where/under what circumstances.

I may be able to devote a section of my website with it, if those who've expressed interest still have it. We can put together a questionnaire, and obviously just use coded numbers for patient ids, or work totally anonymously.

Email me with thoughts.
Grey, I think collecting data is a really good idea. It will help us identify the high drivers of this. Please email me with information/ questionaire/weblink if available. Thanks
this sounds like a great idea.
Could you write the adress of the website so I can contribute with my facts. My ears gets red in the afternoon or evening every single day.
Triggers by touch,temp. change, lying down etc.
Grey...I would be happy to participate.
Cheryl Marconi
I'd like to know what you find out from the data. My 5-year-old son gets red ear or ears just about every evening at dinnertime. His father and uncle also get it. I am also a writer, and would be interested in writing an article about this research to make the issue more public. Obviously, it affects a lot of people.
Yes, it is a kind of pain. It is very uncomfortable and can stay that way for hours or days. There is no way to relieve the symptoms. My son can not sleep at night because of it. He has to put ice packs on his ears just to fall asleep. Please do not make light of other people's misery.
my ears are actually painfull to touch when they get so red and hot
Hello. Im from croatia. That thing with red ear happens to me a lot. I went to a few doctors with that problem. Mesaured my blood preassure it was fine. I also did EKG,checked blood,hormons,...just becouse i felt unsafe. But all things i did showed me that i was fine. One doctor said that he thinks that red ears sometimes come if u think about problems too much,if ur sad,stressed and so one. This gonna sound stupid but sometimes when that happens i make myself to throw up....but people said that i deffinitelly should not do that. I noticed while i was on some weird diet with lots of fruit,some weird soup ears were fine for two weaks. So im guessing it might have something to do with food too. If someone wants to talk about it writte to me on my email.
Julie D.
I have this same problem! I went to the doctor, and she also told me it is an aura associated with migraines (which I do get). I also get a red ear when I am tired, stressed, or angry. It will always start in the left ear, and sometimes it will "travel" to the right ear. So strange!!
Mary collins
Want to talk about it. Please email me. I have many food sensitivities.
well, well. I also do accounting for a living, and my left ear gets hot usually in the late afternoon or evening. What a relief that I am not a loner, and can be a part of the "hot ear club"!! I just tried the tongue thing, and I can't believe it worked. Did it really work physically, or was it mind over matter?
"physically, or was it mind over matter?"
Does it matter Kari? :)
I thought it was a good question.
i got my right red ear and hot and feel hot on that time. so please can u tell me what is tongue thing. how can i do that when that happen. plz e mail me a s a p. thank u very much . Ali
rudy red ears
guess what, I do accounting too!! ive had the red ears for all my life and im 27, thought puberty would cure it but no. embarrasment, anger, red wine, hot rooms, going out into the cold and then back into a warm building will bring it on. also running into someone at the store is bad, even if i know them. the lack of sleep definitely plays a part, saturdays and sundays seem so much easier. looks like there are a few general causes that we all can relate too. has anyone else ever had the air on full blast in winter with the vents aimed at your ears? lol
LOL..this is funny, but true. I really took notice it happens after eating. Maybe like 1/2 hour or even 3hrs after eating. Yes the tongue thing does work. I use it when I need it now.:-)
How weird. I get the red hot ear (always right ear only) from time to time. Just had it happen now, and thought I should google it to see what I could learn. And here on a random blog I find a troupe of fellow burning ear compatriots! God bless this here Interweb. Oh, and the tongue thing didn't work for me... :-(
Jay, did you breath from your nose while trying it? I find it works if you try to just breath with your nose while your flipping the tongue backwards on the roof of your mouth. and keep your mouth open also. I do slow breathing in and out of my nose..for about 5 to 6 minutes..or untill I feel it going away.
ok i'm doing this too, but i'm just getting a headache from pressing my tongue up. i'm miserable. i'm probably stressed, i can feel it, but i am scared by all those post-ers who say its some scary disease... what's up with that?
I started getting this a few days ago and I couldn't figure out why, I asked my father, who says that he gets them from time to time, and he doesn't know what they are. I read somewhere it has to do with stress in your neck and their friend went to a chiropractor and it never came back.
I took my 6 year old son to childrens hospital early this morning due to neck pain. I thought it was a ear ache. Turns out to be that he slept on his neck wrong.
Now, hours later his left ear is bright red and hot Very bizarre
Julie D.
I have this same problem! I went to the doctor, and she also told me it is an aura associated with migraines (which I do get). I also get a red ear when I am tired, stressed, or angry. It will always start in the left ear, and sometimes it will "travel" to the right ear. So strange!!
i thought i was weird for having this problem..but i know im not at all weird.. it might be one of those syndromes you guys mentioned..i was a vegan til recently, i started eating pork and chicken.. now i get the sleepless nights and migraines and the red hot left ear for no apparent reason.sometimes it does "travel" from left to right.. but its always on the left.. i thought it was an old wives tale (that somebody was cursing me) or something..but now i think it might be a med condition.. hmm.. good luck to us..
My son Alex - who is 6 and mildly autistic suffers from red ears as well. Without a doubt, it stems from a food allergy. 2 hours after injesting foods with high phenolic contents, his ear or ears turn bright red and are hot. After an hour or so it passes. You Can confirm testing thru Great Plain Labrotories with their IgG 96 food panel delayed reaction food test (simple blood draw). Cost of test $200.
i dont get migraines but im very stressed,tired,work too much with kids and job.i notice when i drink or get angry/stressed it really happens but in both ears,right ear especially.i am also type o neg?or pos? not sure.but it seems there is definately a link going by all the o types on here find out any info let me know.ill do the same. thanx
OK, add me to the "red ear" group as well! I have had red, hot ears now for about an hour and it has happened before. It has happened when I've been angry, was drinking alcohol or stressed. Right now, I'm stressed but my blood pressure is only 130/80. I, too, am type o+. I do get the rare migraine. I'm 34 and have had maybe 6 or 8 in my life. I'm hoping if anyone is still watching this site for research purposes, this info will help. I do understand the ones who complain of it being somewhat embarrassing. As far as physical pain, the burning sensation is more of an uncomfortable thing, very uncomfortable, but not so much actually painful. Good luck to all who sympathize! Thanks!
I have the same problem!. It happens to my red ear and it is very common when i have less sleep or having even a glass of alcohol. I went to a doctor and was asked to take blood test for cholestrol . My cholestrol levels were high and also high blood pressure. It is getting very regular and I am very curious what is causing this?
I also have the mostly left ear problem. And face. Thought it was allergies. I didn't see this mentioned but I read on a website about Thoracic Outlet syndrome..I also have high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol. Sometimes I feel my muscles sort of move, like a snake up around my left clavicle. Also the alocohol brings it on fast
I too have this troubling syndrome and I was curious to know exactly what you mean by the tounge thing as well as to know if any of you smoke. Mine is in my left ear usually sometimes "travels" to the right and the face. Does this have to do with my smoking it seems to come on after I smoke.
I don't smoke. I do use snuff, but it seems not related to that. I see it most in the afternoons, under stress, and it does also travel to my face and right ear. I have no hearing in my left ear (related? from 3 years ago..cause unknown) and yet I sometimes think I hear "water dripping" . Anyone else?
While going thru a divorce years ago, I was put on an antidepressant.
It caused me to me to have some uncomfortable side effects so I was put on Clonazepam to take along with the antidepressants

After I was on the antidepressant
for about 4 months, I stopped taking it and the Clonazepam. I started having the hot ear and face problem real bad. My face would feel like it was going to explode. The Dr. put me back on Clonazepam. It helped but did not totally take care of the problem. Over the last ten year the Clonazepam has been increased until I am up to 3 MG a day. If I miss a dose, I really have trouble with the hot ear, face and scalp. The Doctors try putting me back on antidepressants and they make my condition worse.

Wine will cause the hot ear condition to start nearly every time. I had a beer tonight and it caused it to happen. I decided to do another search on internet and found this interesting information.

All the Doctors can tell me is that it is stress related. I think the antidepressant started it and now I am hung up on Clonazepam realy bad. I was able to stop cigarets but not Clonazepam.
i there, i found your mesage very interesting. i was on a very large dosage of anti-depressants for 3 years. i gained 30kg, slept a lot and lived a very wierd life full of rashes and bad moods. after a bad rash i was told by a skin specialist that i was taking way too many tablets and that this dosage was not healthy. out of my anger i decided to stop these talets and so i stopped on that day which was not the best thing to do cause i later learnt that your supposed to gradully stop taking them. i went through a really rough stage for the next three months and i started to get really depressd again. i mean severe stuff here. after a year i started experiencing a lot of things to my body. i started thinking a lot clearer and stuff and thought i was getting my life back but my body was casung me problems. i lost a lot of weight and started experiencing hot flushes that got really annoying. my ears would go hot and spread to my cheeks. im still like this and its depressing. my whole body is hot for some reason and i dont know why? i think it could be cause somthing is not functiong properly. either it was from the medicine which i really regret taking in the first place. it could be from too much depression. i really dont know. im looking for answers. if you have any info please send me some. take care
Peter Bengtsson
Wow. You must have been to hell and back. I hope you're getting better.
I have been on clonazepam for about 5 years now, it stops complicated migraine syndrome and anxiety attacks for me-most of the time. Earlier I felt aura symptoms and realized I had missed a dose. I also had a beer. I've been on clonazepam so long, alcohol doesn't interract anymore. About 20 minutes ago, my right ear started to feel funny. Then hot. Then turned red, to the point my daughter noticed it. I looked in the mirror and the difference between my ears is astonishing. I definitely beleive it is migraine and stress related.
I too suffer from the burning red ear syndrome. I am 16 years of age, currently taking trazodone for sleeping, and adderall for school (ADD.) I have been on trazodone for about a year now, and adderall for the past month.

This, what I like to call RES (Red Ear Syndrome), has been happening to me for as long as I can remember. It is nice to know that I am not the only one this happens to.

When this happens to me it is usually only in one ear. It usually occurs in my left ear but sometimes travels to my right ear as well. This is embarrassing in school when it happens but I like to joke about it by saying to a friend next to me “Hey look, my right ear is normal, but look at my left ear (and then I laugh.)” which makes them laugh and me feel a little better.

When I am at home and this happens to me, I wash my face and ears with cold water and then I put something from the freezer on my ear(s) to cool them down. It works sometimes but not always. I just read about 5 minutes ago about the tongue thing; I will try that next time it happens.

I wish there was a reason that this happens…
I also have the red ears but mine goes on my face and arms too. Im also 16 and on adderall for ADD.
Give please. Always be nice to those younger than you, because they are the ones who will be writing about you.
I am from Marshall and also now'm speaking English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "You wonder what the future holds, whether you be able to fulfill your wish to have children and how to accomplish your goal of building a family."

Thank you so much for your future answers ;-). Dorcas.
I have had this as well. It's my left ear. I have really been working hard for the past day or so and am tired...maybe that's it?
My right ear frequently becomes uncomfortably hot. It turns bright red and is often painful. It does not occur after something specific like lack of sleep or alcohol, but rather at random. It usually last for about half an hour and nothing i've tried has helped relieve this problem. Any suggestions?
I am 23 years old. I have been getting BOTH RED EARS since I was 9 or so.

I have monitored this problem over the years. Why? because unlike many of you getting it when you are older, I have had it for almost my whole life.

I am currently trailing treatment with the V PULSE laser which is meant to minmise the size of capillaries.

there is no pill to take to offset it, there is not much talked about in terms of treatment. I have set out on a journey to find a sucessful treament for this condition. I have had enough, you all know how bad it feels to get it, well times it by two - because both of mine go red on a daily basis.

I know what you are going through, I have read many posts by other people on other forums, but we need to start going through solutions and results for this condition. not much is known about it, and I have been the gineu pig for many tests.

I will set up a site dedicated to this problem. please email me any treatments you have gone for to try and solve this condition that we know little about still on how to fix permanently.

I would say it is nerve related and wil lsoon see a neurologist as well if the laser treatment fails.
Not sure but I'm thinking it might have to do with the ear canal being inflamed or smaller than normal and the blood not being able to flow properly. I didn't have this until after an accident. It's happening right now as I type and it's just my left ear.
Interesting point. It always starts in my left ear and an ENT did note that my left ear canal is "malformed" and much smaller than my right.
David, have you had any results from your quest to find out what this is?

Larry B.
When I get the red ear (which is painfull for me) I take Aleve or a deflamatory from doctor. This seems to help it go away. And I notice when I take an Aleve (which is a deflamatory drug) I notice my sinuses begin to losen and I have to blow my nose. This tells me there must be a connection between my sinuses and this condition or some kind of fluid in that part of my head backing up into my ears. But my inner ears are okay and no problems. Very odd.
Hi, I know your post is old but hope to reach you. My son (9 y.o.) gets red ear almost every day (usually at bed time but sometimes during the day too). this started more than a year ago, with periods when does not happen at all and other times of the year like now (winter) that is happening almost every day. in his case it is very painful, he says it is 'burning" (that is she feels it very hot) to the point he almost cries and asks for help. what we usually do is we turn a fan next to his ear or he puts a cold compress (from the fridge) on his ear.
His ear is not only red but also swollen and found small "nodules" on the helix. I am not sure this is a separate/different problem or part of the same. Right now he has a nodule (inside of the helix skin not superficial like a pimple, but it raises the helix like a little bump). I will take him to check by his pediatrician but I know how it will go... put steroidal cream or antihistamine drugs... we'll check though. I wonder if what you have had is the same and would like to hear what you have found to help you. thanks.
New chronic read ear support website

For suffers of red ear syndrome, not much is known yet of this ocndition for treatment.
I have this same condition almost every day. Mine is usual both ears it seams to happen when I go from a cool enviroment to a warmer enviroment like a warm house or sometimes when I touch my ear it happens and sometimes for no reason I know of. My neck usual feels tight when it happens. I can feel my heart beat in my ears and sometimes in my neck. I have checked my blood pressure numerous times when it happened and its not high. It usually happens mid day or later in the day. The warmth of the sun hitting on me can also cause it. It usually lasts about two hours
Ma.Sheryll B.Rodriguez
i also feel same thing,
I get burning ear every once in a while , i didn't know so many others get it as well. Right now my left ear is burning up, I iced it to cool it down but the burning ear seemed to have melted the ice rather quickly. It was a temporary relief for a moment.
Crimson Queen
I'm feeling pretty old tonight!! I never thought too much about my extremely red, left ear until a few weeks ago when my six year old grandson (only related to me by marriage) had his first attack. I sprung into action with ice in a cold wash cloth and constant signing to get his mind off it. Eventually, when not focusing on it -- it diminished. I then realized I have had the problem going on since I was a kid and I will be 49 in a couple of weeks. I've decided to start keeping a red ear journal to try to identify any triggers.
Peter Bengtsson
A log?! Great idea. That sounds really promising. Make sure you have a look at the earsred website mentioned by David in the comment above this one.
I've suffered from this for a long long time now, and have always imagined it was unique as no one else I have has this problem.

My ears, either both or one will go exceptionally hot anytime, anywhere any weather. The triggers are mainly alcohol, touch, talking about it, stress and embarrasment. It's really been a pain to me, because as weird as it sounds I splash water over my ears to cool them down multiple times a day, and this is giving me dry skin around the ear area. It's a nightmare for me, I can't concentrate, sleep and get grumpy unless I cool my ears down. I have a fan next to my bed on in the winter or summer even at night on my face otherwise I can't get to sleep. This problem is so bad for me, and so embarrasing. I visit the toilets multiple times when in restaurants to cool my ears down, people think I am weird when I splash water over my ears.

I'm 18 years of age, I lead a fairly normal life but have an inability to relax anywhere mainly spouted from my lack of confidence over being slightly overweight and having awful curly hair.

It's kind of a curse to me, as it bothers me a lot. I get no migrains, no headaches. I do smoke, I have a varied diet and don't like sweets very much. I like the odd bottle of wine, however my ears still get red hot when I havn't had any for days. I'm so sick of this problem, and I'm so glad I found this place. If we could all contribute and put together some information regarding this, hopefully we can all get some insight regarding the matter, I'm a webdesigner so maybe can compile a site regarding this.

I think I've got a particuarly bad case though, I can feel my ears getting hot as I type this. It's so infuriating and embarrasing, I pity anyone with it.

I'm glad I found this site, I feel better for sharing this now. Take care guys!
I can hardly believe there is so much about red hot ears on Google. I am a grandmother and have for a few years had bouts of red hot ears.... one at a time or both. It is embarassing. Also, they often get scaly red sore/itchy areas on the skin over the cartiledge areas. For many years I almost always have red palms and soles of my feet. Recently, I have ocassionaly experienced tinglng of one side of my nose, and tonite I am having an off and on tingling sensation just inside my left ear, like a flea is in there or something. I don't have fleas. Neither do my dogs. Any sugestions? Also, do you or anyone you know out there have trouble with irregular heart beat and/or can hear your own heartbeat like a swooshing sound?
coolcat Deb
wow I have the red hot burning hands, feet, ears...but heres my deal when my hands and feet are not red and hot, they are ice cold and a purpleish hole family have the burning feet, and hands. Deb
you might try Panasonic acid a b vitamin. Helped my moms hot feet >>L.
hattie-boo the red ear girl
me to i always get a red ear i am 10 years old and i get a red ear betwween 3-9p.m
bi dude to radical to explain
i have never been to a docter about it though !!!!!!!
David..I think it is GREAT that you are starting this forum...for this.
I also just signed up.

Also I want to thank " PETERBE.COM " for bringing us all here..with his site.
Did you know the teeth aren't supposed to touch during the day? Simply touching them together causes the temporalis muscle branches above the ear to contract. A lot of us are clenchers during the day and night, which leads to excess tension in the temporalis muscle. Even just barely touching the teeth during work or whatever will cause temporalis tension. Perhaps relaxation of the temporalis muscles will ease blood flow away from the ear? ...check out the nti-tss bite guard page for good analysis of temporalis tension and a possible solution:
Peter Bengtsson
I think the percentage of people who suffer from red hot ears is tiny but the percentage of people whose teeth touch to be huge. I have heard of people who have to sleep with gumshields to protect their teeth from destroying each other but nothing about this causing "temporalis tension"
I have recently discovered that when your ear turns red, it will go away if you smoke a few hits of crack cocaine. Easily made from baking soda, cocaine, and a few drops of water.
Really nice, I guess the
term, "crackhead", derived from
you. Grow up and go to forum
for druggies!
David?? LOL. :- O
that was a joke right??

I think it also has to do with elastic. If any of you notice the redness going away at in the morning...right after you put your under garments on and see if it happens.
Hovverx: So that must be why I get major headaches when I excessively chew gum. Argh.

Anyway I've had a headache all day today. I overslept which sometimes contributes to them. Had dinner, took an asprin, came to check my email and noticed my left ear started to get extremely hot. So I went to look in the mirror and it was bright red. My other ear is normal. I just assume it came along with the headache.

Nice to know I'm not the only one! It's the first and only time it has ever happened to me though. The tongue thing didn't work at all, and I felt like a goofball doing it.

Maybe I'll try the cocaine thing. ;-)

I landed on this site googling around kung fu stuff as I practise myself. it's only been roughly a year but I do try to practise at least one to two hours a day and it is doing me great good. I personaly train hard in order to be healthy.

I'm 26 and spent my childhood in china which probably explains my attraction to kung fu. As the rest of my family, I have been very influenced by asian culture.

it's funny to see how each of us express this influence and how two of my bros and I have chosen kung fu whereas other members of the family chose different means.

my youngest bro and my mom for instance do some king of energetic healing, derived from asian medecine and each time I am impressed buy how fast and how well they can put an end to most health problems and get people back on their feet again.

I never had heard of this red ear problem before reading the comments posted here but i do have experienced chronical migrains during my childhood and it was really making my everyday life painful.

I finally got rid of those back in europe when i was a teenager thanks to a very good (IMHO) chinese doctor. No pills, no surgery, it was amazing... and I hardly ever had migrains since (perhaps once or twice in extreme conditions).

I don't believe this has anything to do with magic and I do believe that the asian way of handling health problems is subtile and efficient though very different from ours.

I always go to the doctor when I have to and I admire lot's of our western medecine. But the experience has led me to know that the asian way of doing can somtimes be surprising and is often a lot smoother for the human body.

I don't know if you have experienced read ears again since Peter, and I have not yet visited the earsred website, but since you seem to be opened to asian culture I thought mentioning my experience could maybe help.

Perhaps using chinese or asian methods against this problem could bring new answers. Furthermore I don't think people have anything to loose giving it a try.

good luck to all of you...
my name is Lucas. I get hot red left ear when I read alot and think alot and dont get much sleep. My ear gets really hot and really red. Then it goes away when I am done reading and thinking.
Hello, i also get red hot ears. this usally occurs when i'm nervous, have a test coming up or when i realy have to use the restroom. i think i might try the tounge thing.
I have been getting read hot ears for a couple months now...
It's highly annoying, and definitely not attractive. I usually wear my hair back so they're exposed. It doesn't help my poker face!!
I tried the tongue thing, and it didn't work. But I'll probably keep trying.
Peter Bengtsson
Try to sit down and relax when you do it. A lot of people prefer to sit on the floor rather than a chair. Give it a go.
My 8 yr old son experiences this. He is highly allergic to mulitple things, so we have always thought it was related to an unknown allergen.
I have been experiencing this annoying and embarrassing problem for probably 10 years now. I am 34 years old. I also do financial advising, and I tutor a couple of high school students in mathematics. I also teach tennis. I never get red ear while I am teaching tennis. I almost always get red ear while I am tutoring. It seems like it is directly related to the time of day for me. I do my tutoring in the evening after I teach tennis. I also get red ear if I am doing an evening appointment for my financial business. However, I almost never get it during daytime appointments. Furthermore, I seem to get it in the evening after teaching tennis even if I just go home. I get it every night. It usually lasts two hours.
I do think stress is a factor here. What I think happens is that the muscles in the upper back and neck and back of the head get very tense during the day. In the evening hours when I realize my day is winding down I think I actually begin to relax and the blood flow begins to increase. I even wonder if the increased blood flow is the body's natural mechanism to get things back in order. Perhaps it ultimately gets those muscles to relax. I do suffer from some mild but constant anxiety. I constantly feel tension in my neck and shoulders, but I also feel like a physiological hurricane is going on inside my chest cavity. It's like somebody has turned on a switch in me and it just won't go off. I have taken some things for this and I do think it helped the red ear syndrome. I believe that once it quieted my body down it took care of the red ear. I don't like taking psychological medicines, though, so I never stuck with it. One thing I took that was natural was L-5 Hydroxy Tryptophan, which I bought at The Vitamin Store. It did help me in terms of the anxiety, and I believe it helped me for the red ear too. Again, though I didn't want to have to rely on something to control my body. At any rate, I'm not sure if The Vitamin Store still sells it. I believe there was some reason they quit selling it.
One other thing that definitely helped me was getting massage therapy in the neck, head, and upper back areas. Again, this confirms to me that this is a problem caused by too much tension in the head and neck muscles.
Does anybody else feel like maybe their inability to relax is causing this to happen. A lot of people on this website have indicated they are doing mathematical type work. I wonder if people with that type of talent tend to put more stress on themselves just because of their analytical thinking. I always feel like I'm overly self-aware and self-critical, and this of course, leads to stress.
I'm 31, work with computers and find stress and inability to relax build up until it can become anxiety. When I get home I relax and my left ear takes off. Burning right now in fact. Very nice to know other people get this too. thought it might have something to do with bad circulation as mentioned in a previous post.
Does anyone else experience an increase in their heart rate while the ear is red and hot?
Hi, I believe this is caused by stress which causes tension. I am experiencing tightness in my neck and shoulder muscles since yesterday when I first noticed my ears (mostly right one) getting v red and hot. I have also been carrying my heavy shoulder bag which I think puts more strain on the neck/shoulder area (as well as grocery bags occasionally).
I am also an anxious person by nature, a perfectionist etc... so tend to put a lot of psychological pressure on myself. My assessment is rest (physical) and a change of scene should help.
I feel a bit of tingling and itchiness in random places (around ears, scalp, arms etc.), nothing serious, but it is all related. STRESS, I promise.
Tried the tongue trick, did not work.
I've been through stress symptoms before (many years ago) and I had been experiencing similar symptoms--which I recognise. The ear thing is new (or perhaps I had not noticed it).
No medication, (had TMJ and wore splints in the past), chiropractic work--nothing as is effective as exercise. Makes you feel fit, healthy (physically and mentally) and less stressed. Tried everything in the past and this is the best!! Also got tested (several years ago for all sorts, nothing).
My advice, Rest, exercise, sleep, good food, no caffeine, a glass of wine and a happy outlook. Start by a nice peaceful walk, on the beach (if you are near one), or somewhere close to nature--and take deep breaths.
I will try it again (have been slacking off as my life has been a bit hectic) and report results. Good Luck and don't worry. And if you are worried, have some tests to rule certain things out and to put your mind at ease.
Hey, My 4 yr old son gets red hot ears also. It makes him so uncomforable and grumpy. I thought it was also related to an unknown allergen and I still believe it is. I stop giving him dairy for a week. Soy milk is good too :) And for days he didn't have any red ears. Until he ate some Butter. Then it happend. Red Hot Ears! But for the last to days he's only had Soy products and BOTH days red ears. So I don't know.. I thought I was onto something... But.. perhaps things in certain combinations cause the reaction!!??! I just don't know, but I don't think it happens just for fun. I think the body must be trying to tell us something! something is going on!!!

I have had this problem with my left ear off and on for 16 years and today by finding this site I found that others have had it too!! I used to think it was the last throes of menopause, sort of "hot flashes of the ear" but I am way past that. Now I know I'm not alone with this thing and it probably won't kill me.
Roy Duffenais
My 3 1/2 year old son has allergies. He also gets a red left ear. Especially after he has played a lot and is tired. He has never complained about it. I ask him if his ear is hot and he says it isn't. Though when I feel them, one is cold and the red one is hot. Very odd. This has never happened to me, but my wife has experienced one hot ear.
Hi, I just came back from the washroom, and when I looked in the mirror I was surprised how bright red my left ear was! I mean very very bright red. So I quickly came back to my computer to look up "red ear" because I thought it may be a symptom of something serious. By the way, I'm an economist, I'm at work, my eyes feel very sensitive and tired, and my teeth are held together with elastics (recovering from a broken jaw). So there must be something to all those observations!!! Thanks for the thread, it was a very interesting read.
I am overjoyed that i,m not crazy I have put up with this condition for about 2 years.It happens every night between 11pm and 1am and some nights the right ear or the left ear or both but always one or the other. It last about 1hour and does not come back till the next night.I have spoken with doctors,neuroligist,medical professors and they all looked at me like I was crazy but i,m not. There are so many of you going through the same torture I am and I truly feel for you. It is time that the medical field listens and does something about it because I can not put up with this every night for the rest of my life.good luck to all and make the people who can do something about it listen!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Bengtsson
Mark, so your ears get hot, so what? I'm not trying to argue anything against you, but I'm just curious. When I got one hot ear it was hot but there was no pain and it didn't prevent me from anything such as vision or hearing.
For years I've been looking for information on this! Our son has had these for about 7-8 yrs at least. He is 10.5 yo. Both ears. Incredibly uncomfortable. Wore ice packs on his ears all the time.

Removed corn syrup and its kin nearly two years ago, and they're nearly all gone. Rarely gets them now. Has been getting them more frequently in the past month or so vs. the past couple years. Otherwise, they've been an rareity.
P.S. His pediatrician said it was likely some sort of histamine release. Still, we don't know for certain the exact cause. Though the corn syrup thing seemingly has a connection.
I have noticed my left ear get real hot from time to time. It did so today I decided to Google "hot ear" and found this page. The only trends I have noticed for me is it occurs more often when drinking red wine or eating simple sugars such as candy. Since some people mentioned allergies, I will say yes I am allergic to a number of common allergens.

I don't see it as a socially crippling problem as they guy says on the support group web page. Just a minor annoyance.
Finally got around to doing some research on this ear thing that has recently come to affect me almost every day. I have always had head aches and migraines, and I also have TMJ. It seems anxiety and tension are also factors. Don't think it is a huge issue, and it's not a ton of suffering, but it is a relief to find out other people deal with this, and I think from now on I'll try the tongue thing, because it worked.
I cant believe how many people have searched the "red ear thing" It just started with me in the last week. It tends to be after dinner(with ion 30 minutes or so) and I almost always have a beer with dinner. I can say I havent slept much or enough lately and I hope it goes away when and of I get caught up on my sleep. Right now my right ear is on fire. I may try dinner without beer tomorrow or for a few nights to see if it changes anything.... I am leaning toward dehydration or lack of sleep(stress) because I wont let my end of the day beer be the problem. ; )
This is very interesting!! My granddaughter is currently experiencing burning red ears, sometimes one then spreading to the other. The GP can't give us an explanation, wondering whether stress and anxiety could contribute
It happens to me at all different times but I did notice it does happen when I am anxious or getting a little upset.
Mine started a couple of weeks after I received a flu shot. Any correlation? Don't know. Docs don't know either. Oh well.
i got this problem after diner. im 14 years old and i dont drink so dont think thats the explanation... i also think it has something to do with stress because my week at school has been stressful (im enrolling in high school)... anyways i'll ask my doc and get back to you!!!
My grandson's ears get real red too. He also gets small blackouts usually if he's hot or gets up fast. I thought maybe it had to do with the lyme disease that he has had all his life.
This is incredible ! My son whos is 4 yrs old as been complaining (every two or three days) that is right ear is very hot. It concernse me that I cannot do anything about this, so i was searching for this subject in the search engines hoping a Dr. or something would give my wife & I & of course our son some guidence on this annoying problem he has, & hay presto I found this forum GREAT. My search was "4 year old has hot ear" Now is there any Dr. who thinks he/she knows what this problem is ? For an adult its OK, but for a child how can one explain to him that its nothing, i get upset when I know there is nothing I can do about it. Anyway, any help would be great. Thanks all.
Ed Snow
Ice packs on my ear really helps when it's bad.

Lyme hits kids and it's hard to diagnose. Many kids live with conditions that they think are normal but it's Lyme.

Hope something has been found out by now and he's doing better.
I started having regular episodes about three months ago, when I started grad school—either one or both of my ears turn bright red and hot. I’d say 75% of the time it is one ear or the other, thus 25% of the time both are involved. Occasionally, maybe once a week, it happens early afternoon in class, but the majority of the time it happens between the hours of 5-9 p.m., when my concentration level is at its peak.

The above is the norm without alcohol though. When I drink now, since I started school, my ears flush within two minutes, and stay that way for a good hour or so. Sometimes my entire face turns slightly red and warms, but my ear(s) turn bright red and hot without question.

I am a 24-year-old female who smokes ½-1 pack a day. My blood pressure has been “iffy” at times (hypertension runs in the family) but for the most part it stays within range. My extremities (e.g. big toe; fingers) go numb/tingle here and there, especially if exposed to the cold, and sometimes turn red; however the red/hot ear(s) happens regardless of the temperature.

Stress? Alcohol? Obvious factors…but who can give either of them up?!?!

Great site; nice to know others deal with this pain-in-the-butt as well.
I too have had a problem with this for years, but for some reason I chalked it up to having high blood pressure (which I now have under control with weight loss and I am no longer on medication), but I still have the hot red ear problem. Mine also ususally happens in the afternoon, but usually only one ear. It's very embarrassing and quite uncomfortable. My face also turns red/pink when I drink which is also embarrassing. I too am glad I am not the only one with this problem. If anyone at all finds out what the heck is going on, please post it for us!
Kaisier has no answer. I too get a hot ear, not everyday, but pretty close. I am just sitting at work and all of a sudden my ear gets hot. It will last sometimes for 1/2 hr. I wonder if it's because of high blood pressure (which I have but am taking medicine). I sure wish someone had an answer.
Strange...isn't it?
You may be asking yourself,'what is?'
Well...Theory, Suggestion, as well as just another thought to add to the chain.
My thoughts in theory are scattered, so goes the process of brainstorming. Consideration has been taken from all comments, and so from observation we know it is not mental or having to do with overall performance. I'm thinking membranes, more specifically- meninges. The Connective tissues (more or less) gridlocks, localizing pressure from the conjunction of nerves, most likely located around the cerebellum area.
Susggestion: It may sound silly, but just give it a try... Relax, breath in and out, let go of all bias, stay opened minded. Put 1 hand across the back of your neck at the base of the skull and the other hand across your eyes, leaving them there, close your eyes, remember to breath and repeat 'i forgive' multiple times, at least more than 3(no questions, just do. Doesn't matter if you have forgiving to do or not).
Reverse hand positions, the hand that was across the eyes now across the neck, and the so forth. repeat the 'i forgive'.
Now place the palms of your hands over your eyes and repeat 'i forgive'.
An extra for jaw probs- loosely close your hands, palms facing you, fingers over eyes & thumbs along jaw line(meaty part joining @ lips), do the forgives.

This also helps with headaches.
I would also suggest Magnesium, to relax your muscles, and Mixed Vegetable Supps to get nourishment through to the capalaries. Remember to talk to a Reflexologist(also recommecond Chiropractor who is into reflexology as well as Senses)(Not recommending Medical Doctors because, most likely than not, it will be more pills, made of who knows what along with the Mold and micro-chemicals they don't tell you about, down the throat(know wonder your body doesn't like you, just kidding)).
I hope this helps. It did with me. :)
OH My, this works!! Thanks so much. I need to look into your other suggestions...
My right ear sometimes get read and hot...i always think something bad is going to happen..and usually it does...I was just looking and seeing if i was the only one this was happening 2..Whenever i tell ppl they look at my alittle
With me, hot red ears are always related to drinking champagne. Tonight I have had two Mimosas. My ears are so hot I had to remove my robe to cool off.
Marcy Hendren
Okay people....this is really weird, but yes! I have the red hot ear too! I did notice that liquor makes it red, but not always, usually when I have had a rough day, much stress, and in the relaxing mode it comes on. It's kinda funny, I always say, someone is talking about me again...and laugh it off. I told my boyfriend I was gonna get on the net and find out what made it happen, and found this website, I was glad to see I was not alone in this weirdness. But let me tell u, I really have a temperature problem, my nose is so cold sometimes I cannot stand it, and my boyfriend says that I have a hot butt too...ha ha really, he sez I radiate heat. So...I suppose my temp gauge is broken or the meantime, I will assume it's just one of those unexplainable things...MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL YOU RED HOT PEOPLE!
I too am glad that I'm not alone. Anyone have any official words on this? I think it happens when I'm stressed...
I think it's a mix of blood pressure spikes even possible circulation issue and stress.Panic attacks can also cause "red ear(s)" take a ice cube and cool em down (no joke) or take a cool shower and try to relax it works for me anyway.

I also notice if I take a sleeping pill and get alot of rest the next day I usually don't get red/hot ears.And stay away from drinking and smokes you should know better and those bad habits will cause blood pressure issues.
Mr.Hot Ear
Ya, I just wash my face in cold water, coz not only does my left/right ears get hot my cheeks and lower forehead start to get warm and red too. This is an increase in blood pressure to the head just soak your head in something cold
Weird, I thought this was a personal problem - comforting to know others have it too, but has anyone actually had a diagnosis? I can feel the bottom of my left ear start to burn, it covers my whole ear, then my cheeks and even my eyes feel hot on the inside! I thought it might be hot flashes, but went thru menopause years ago. Blood pressure reads fine, I get so hot I have to fan myself or rinse my face in cold water (when I'm home). Alcohol does bring it on, but I only have a drink maybe every other week. Wow, what is this all about,anyway?
I recently started taking adderall for adhd. I had never experienced this red ear phenomenon until I started the medication. My Dr. told me that he believes it occurs for some when the central nervous system is stimulated (i.e., medication, stress, anxiety etc.,) It is essentially a form of blushing which is also a result of your CNS being stimulated.
Wow! I can't believe this site!! My mom and my fiance tell me to stop calling it the Red Ear because it sounds like I have some disease lol. But it is true! I definitely seem to get a burning feeling in either my left or right ear. I have been on adderall for about 7 years and this has been happening for the past 3 years. It seems to help if I drink lots of water and but a cold pack on my ear. I definitely get ALOT of sleep so that isn't it. I do get stressed out alot though. So maybe it is from stress and dehydration. It sucks whenever I want to drink because "the red ear" almost always starts right after I drink a beer or have some wine. ugh!!! It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't burn. Think you for starting this site now I don't feel like a weirdo! Oh sometimes I feel my feet burn as well. Has anyone experienced this too?
I notice i get "hot ear" when gettin when getting wild. I also have noticed I have a lack of consitration, sensitive eyes, and blinking alot. I normally get hot ear in the winter when i have been in the cold for a while. I tryed the chinese tongue trick...didn't work out for me. It would probaly help just to have a cold glass of water and put ice packs on your ears. Try not to wear anything in your ears or put head phones on your ears
I honestly can't believe this. I just googled "my ear gets red and hot," hilariously, hoping to find some information on this strange, strange thing that has happened to me for at least the least 15 years (I'm 27).

The only explanation I have, after many "experiments," is that my ear (right ear) becoming blood-red and extremely hot is directly related to my blood-sugar levels. I can always tell when my blood-sugar is low because it starts burning, as it is right now. What is helping it stop, as usual? Well, some sugar! I ate a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Not healthy, sure, but it causes a near-instant (if slow) cooling of the ear. Usually, within an hour, things are back to normal.

At any rate, it's very annoying, and when it happens when I'm out in public, I get constant comments about it. We "Hot Red Ears" (haha) just pine away for an ice-pack most days. It's absolutely insane, and I can't believe I found this site...haha.

Good luck cooling off, guys.
I am in awe.. seriously.. Everyone thinks I am crazy >< I usually only get 'Red ear" in the winter. I never notice in the summer if I go get it, I live in Texas so go figure. I'm sitting here with a cold wash cloth trying to cool off. (lol) I looked up a few things on it I also thought it was high blood pressure.. but I read in an article that it has nothing to do with blood pressure, so I don't know what to think. I have been having it at least 4 years, and OMG it is SO annoying. So great to see there are others.. crazy but great. Oh and I am 25 :) I put this site on favorites so I will be back to let everyone know if I find something else! THANKS!
I have always had it. Mostly left ear but sometimes both. Usually happens after eating and before bedtime. I haven't associated it to any particular food though.

I actually have it right now. The tongue thing seemed to work somewhat.
I get it sometimes too. I am in the medical field, cardiology and I have done some research and spoke to many physicians and collegues. All the threads have some validity to them. Alcohol, Blood Sugar Levels, Cold weather, Sleeplessness and Stress can all cause this phenomenon. It is not abnormal, it is just the body's response to a dilation of the blood vessels. Ice can help the burning and throbbing, sometimes the tounge thing will work, but most of all it is harmless and it will go away. I get it and it drives me crazy. I am glad to see there is support and information out there. More accounts of this will help re-enforce that it is a normal human thing.
hahahahaa wow ive never heard of anyone else having this... ive had it since i was born, my mom has too

one ear will get blazing hot and red and the other will be completely normal.. not always the same ear though it switches randomly all of the time

e-mail me with info on this if ya could, im curious
heyy question... does anyone else here get lightheaded and start to/ totally black out sometimes when they stand up quick??? moreso when your hot...

anyway i have this AND red ears..

the lightheaded thing happens b/c i have this thing where my blood vessels in my neck dont contract quick enough when i sit up soo blood doesnt get to the brain quick enough lol... but my mom has that too and she has the red ear thing sooo

anyone else?
Another thing I notice recently - it only happens in the late afternoon or mostly evening. My blood pressure is higher in evening than morning, but not really 'high' by medical standards. I also get pain in my left eye, it's my left ear that gets hot. Ice packs help, but seem to only delay the process. Wish it would just GO AWAY!!!!
i think its all to do with stress, i get both ears going very red when stressed and just done a night shift. face sometimes goes red also
JG-I`ve had this since I was in my teens, I`m now 32 and still get it fairly regularly. The symtoms are as generally described with all these cases.With me, I have found that giving up drinking has helped alot as this used to trigger the RES every time. I have also found that more sleep and relaxation help to prevent RES occurrences, however, it does not stop them completely. For me, there are still conditions that trigger it sutch as moving from cold to hot places/buildings, direct sunshine or cooking in a hot kitchen which I often do. Here in UK, central heating does not help the situation too! I have taken some tips though from what differnt people have said and try doing things like taking a walk, loosening my neck and shoulders, using deep breathing or relaxation techniques to help with aleviating the physical and emotional discomfort. Only, there does not seem to be any specific thing that takes it away.It nearly always seems to run it`s own course and may last for an hour or two depending on where I am and the conditions around me. Usually, if I am able to relax in a cooler place and take my mind off it, I have noted that the RES will dissapear quicker, however, I as a particulaly self conscious person, I find it near on impossible to relax or ignor this whilst in the presence of others at work or socially, so in that sense I would agree that this is a pretty lousy condition to have especially if you are affected by comments from other people. In my case, this does nothing for my confidence or lack of it! If you are unaffected by what people notice or say, well great for you, however, you still have RES and I can`t imagine it could be ignored as it is quite uncomfortable. Over the years I have read books and literature concerning health and nutrition and one of the books concerned eating according to your blood type, you may be thinking,what is this guy going on about but just hear me out, the book is called Eat Right for your type and is written by DR Peter J.D Adamo for those interested. It surrounds his study into world categories of blood types, which at the time I had no idea about, my blood type being O type, in short, certain blood types evolved through the consumption of available food scources which if you compare this to the modern world, bears no resemblance to where we all live and what we eat, in my case as a type O, my system and digestion is designed primarily for the consumtion of meat either red ot white and has an intolerance for wheat or gluetin foods ie bread, pasta ect. I can`t say that having read this book that I have totally 100% followed it but there is one thing I am certain of, reduction of wheat type products in my diet has reduced the occurance and intensity of RES along with other problems like stiff joints and over frequent bowle movements(or just shitting all the time to be blunt!) What would interest me would be to know exactly how many of us who suffer RES are type O blood group and how many are not?
Also, I have tried rubbing various types of creams and lotions onto my ear (usually the right one, occasionally both)and have found that a cream called sudocream, which is zinc based and designed to alleviate bed sores, rashes or eczma helps with the burning but is best done at home as it is quite a thick cream and makes your ear look quite white over the redness but not natural. Again I cannot say whether or not it reduces the length of the res attack but will try experimenting with this more and prehaps try measuring the time compared with an attack without cream applied. I have also tried aloe vera which has a similar effect but it has to be a good quality and more expensive type on the market as many are not complete 100% aloe or close. My feeling on finding a solution to this is that there must be some type of drug or product either on the market or within the medical world that can or is able to cause the blood vessels to constrict or reduce in capacity. I am sure there are these type drugs used in surgery? Only, we outside the medical world will not have the knowlege of it or them! To me, if such a drug does exist, surely it can be formed or mixed into a topical lotion that can be rubbed onto the ear to reduce the redness. Otherwise, if this is not the case,we, the sufferers of this will have to consider finding a solution either through self testing or collectively looking at information on the condition.

Excuse me going on about this everyone but I kind of feel that, whats the point of having ideas or knowlegde if we can do anything with it!! It`s great to know there are others out there with this as I would otherwise think it only me!
hello, i havent read all the comments above, im 15 and my ear burns, it has done for years, its really funny because my nan has always told me its that someone is thinking about me. it doesnt really bother me any more i generally ignore it, on one site it says that your ear burning means that your having a brainwave! hehe a very clever ear i think...the best cure i think is to ignore it, or you could always go Van Gogh and cut it off...but i wouldnt surgest it..i think that would be even more painful!
I have hot-red ears and the only link I've found is sex...for what it's worth
Why Ear!
Van Gogh must have had RES! haha
-W -H
I just wanted to add that I also have suffered from this problem for most of my life.

It is a daily struggle.
I have a question. What are your eating habits? Eat junk food?? I have noticed since I started working out and eating healthy. I no longer have it at all. It has been a month at least since I have had it, every since I have changed my lifestyle.
I also get this red ear phenomenon. I too have a blood type of O. I have high blood pressure and stress. This recently started to me only about 8 months ago off and on. I am 24 years of age. Sometimes it is only my right ear that gets hot, other times both ears. I eat well and keep the junk food to a minimum. I no longer drink. I don't partake in street drugs. I do however smoke cigarettes. I am a christian (coming from a spiritual standpoint). Just curious to what other similarities exist among our red group. Maybe it is more than just a dilation of blood vessels. Look forward to any responses.
Seems we are finding some common bonds here - I also am type O, negative. My blood pressure fluctuates, low in morning, higher in evening. Changed lifestyle about a month ago, cutting sweets altogether, and eating much healthier - having a glass of wine once in a while. The left ear burns with drinking wine, face flushing added. When I am in kitchen cooking, everything facial is red ! My husband calls me 'rosy cheeks'. Also a Christian, don't think that has anything to do with this problem. Rob, you state you have stress - relax and let God handle the stress, he's going to be up all night anyway. If you can control it, do what you know is right and get it done. If you can't control it, let it go, and let God take care of it AND YOU!!! Don't think age has any bearing on this condition - I am 63. God bless everyone. ps. ice packs do help, the tongue thing does not.J
I have been getting hot, red ears all my life and so has my brother. I get this mostly in the winter. I use an ice cube or anything cold to cool it off (even pressing my ear against a window when no ice was available). I liked to think that getting a hot, red ear was an evolutionary thing that evolved so that the wax in your ear would melt rather than gather and clog your ear. Unlikely, but it makes me feel better.
I CANNOT sleep with polyester pillow cases or types of pillows that make your ear hot, or it may set it off. I use a 100% down pillow with a 100% cotton cover.
Hmmmm...mine started (both sides, sometimes just the left, sometimes just the right) just this summer right after I'd moved into a new apartment and was undergoing a lot of stress. I live in Brooklyn, NY and work in Manhattan and Jersey, so I'm on the subway a lot - always fun to have this happen there. And I have very short hair, so aside from hiding under a ski cap, not much to be done. Anyway, I stumbled upon something the other day while doing a "red ears" search where someone mentioned that they'd contracted a case of contact dermetitis on their ears from a down pillow (improperly sterilized feathers?). Funny thing is - I'd bought 2 new down pillows just about the time this started. Well I chucked them yesterday in favor of 2 hypoallergenics, so we'll see if that has any effect. I'd been travelling in December and not sleeping on them and it did seem to be happening less frequently...I don't know. I'll try to report back in a month or so and let you all know if it helped.

Good luck to everyone here. I know what a royal pain this is...
Very interesting and somewhat comforting to know that I'm not the only one that experiences this. I'm 40 years of age, non-smoker, occasional drinker, O+ blood and have had this sporadically for all my life (one or both ears). I had migranes as a child but grew out of them for the most part, but still get maybe 1 a year. I just started looking around on the Internet after my wife noticed that my son (4 years old) is having the same thing and strangely, it will happen to both of us at the same time. We're both in good physical condition otherwise, but obviously it is something hereditary, and brought on by some environmental conditions - my son doesn't drink alcohol (not till he's 21!!). I'll try to pay more attention as to food or drink and see if there's any common causes between us and report back.
Thanks for everyone's comments!
This red ear stuff is driving me nuts. I have it in both ears and lately it is happening almost daily. The redness or heat also will go down the back of my neck. No history of migranes. BP is normal to low. Don't know blood type. Had surgery on a ruptured disc in my neck over 10 yrs. ago. I am beginning to think that these two may be connected somehow. When I was young I remember some instances of the red ear, mostly related to being outside in the winter. (Hot to cold or vice versa) I like some of the rest of you am so glad to know that I am not the only one with this problem. I am seriously considering seeing a neurosurgen about the neck thing. Any comments will be appreciated.
Hmmm... very strange to see so many people with this. My left ear gets red and burns whenever I'm tired, or stressed. Both ears get red when I drink. I've also noticed a decrease in sensation in the left side of my face during the episode, haven't seen that mentioned here. For the record, I'm O-, I have ADHD, I do take Adderall, and I have had this (my mother says) almost since birth. She claims it was a tell tale sign that it was nap time! :)
I also have been experiencing this red ear syndrome. Left, Right and sometimes both. Always at night. Blood type is A-

I take norvasc 5mg for blood pressure last 4 years, but this ear thing has only started in the last month or so.

I do see a chiropractor and was thinking that maybe this had something to do with my neck adjustment that he did last month.
I will ask him the end of this month when I see him.
If it wasn't for the burning it wouldn't be too bad.
I don't know about any of you, but my right ear hurts when it becomes red and hot, and is very sensitive to touch. It hurts to sleep on it. I believe it may be related to drinking. Best of luck..
Dear BH,

It could be an autoimmune sickness. Please consult an ENT. Good luck and take care.
Fairly certain is has nothing to do with drinking. I personally do not drink alcohol. It may be neurological and related to stress. It seems that my ears, one or two, become most irriated when my emotions get the best of me. As brutus mentioned above with the ruptured disk in his neck, I too have disc problems. I have a par's defect (slipped disk + fractured verterbae) in my lumbar (lower back). Curious to see if anyone else has something similar. Also, does anyone with this red ear condition have any types of other conditions such as diabetes, HIV, cancer, etc. I personally do not have any of the mentioned but maybe the red ear syndrome (RES) is an early tell sign of something. Look forward to the comments.

P.S. Thank you for the direct comments J!
Hi again Rob, yes, I too have disc problems. Both cervical and lumbar.I've been going to a chiropractor for many, many years now - keeps me away from the surgeon! No diabetes, HIV or cancer that I've ever been diagnosed with. Like Scott, I suffered with migraines. I still get severe headaches that wake me up early in the morning, sometimes with a very painful earache from sleeping on the ear. hmmmmmmmm
Am 56 years old and have had red ear experiences as long as I can remember. Have Hepatitis C, bulging cervical disc, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, thyroid dysfunctions, etc., etc.. I have a friend who also has red ear problems and she has thyroid dysfunction, also. I Dont't drink or smoke (used to). Am sitting here now with 2 bright red, painfully hot ears and am glad I found ya'll... Doesn't help my ears but I'm glad to hear I'm not all by my lonesome!!
Male, 36. Have had episodes of one or both ears suddenly turn bright red and feeling hot for as long as I can remember. Tonight the left ear got hot and red, but this time the left side of my face also felt warm (which I don't remember happening before). I was concerned so I googled and found this site. I was stressed tonighted and I'm a generally anxious person. Had eaten about 3 minutes prior with lots of tabasco, and took two aspirin before also. It's been 1hr 45min and it's starting to cool down a bit, but I still feel it. My girlfriend could actually see the difference in color between my left and right ears.
I'm 51, and this happened to me today at midday for the first time in my life! It was my left ear, and it was really uncomfortable. After reading this very helpful thread, I suspect the culprit is alcohol. Last night, for the first time in ages, I had some wine and champagne in celebration of Valentine's Day.
I’m also getting this crap every now and then. I’m trying to figure out where it’s coming from and so far I’m thinking that might be coming from people having a little worry or something that's in your mind almost all the time during the day, every day.
What do you think?
Wow, what a find. My quick dash to google to see if "burning ear" has found me this treasure trove of companion sufferers! I don't remember having this before, although it's possible, but last night my left ear turned crimson, then purple, and was so hot! It stayed the same for two hours, and everyone with me was amazed by it. I laughed it off, and eventually it went away. It was freezing outside, and I was in a warm building - also I'd eaten chocolate for valentines when I've been dairy free for 12+ months. No alcohol that day. Hadn't slept well for a couple of nights. Hmmm this does seem to be a mystery!I keep checking my ear to see if it's happening again! Considering the large amount of possible causes, we need someone to give us a correct diagnosis. Is there a doctor in the house?
My son, who is 6, gets a red, hot right ear at least every week. We use something called a "Chillow." It's an insert for a pillow that has a special gel inside it. You fill this little flat, flexible "pillow" with water and stopper it. The gel holds the water and it has never leaked. You put it under a pillow case and lay on it. It's very cool and it eases his ear discomfort very effectively. I bought mine on ebay but originally saw it in one of those catalogs you find on airplanes. Thought this might help someone.
Has anyone talked to any kind of medical person re this condition? I would really like to find out what is causing this. I still feel that mine has something to do with the surgery that I had on my neck. My neck at times bothers me and feels like it has fever or heat like feelings. I am really enjoying the info from all of you. This makes me feel better. Thought for awhile that I was dreaming all of this up.
I also get the burn. Mine is only in the right ear. It's going on about twice a day (for about a week now). I have a headache that I can't get rid of too. In the past, when the ear quits frying each day, the migraines start up. I look at it as a warning sign to keep the Imitrex handy. I guess the next few weeks won't be fun. The tongue trick doesn't help me much. I do notice lack of sleep and stress are sometimes a trigger. Or maybe I can't sleep and am stressed out because the side of my head is in flames.
Has anyone found a MEDICAL explanation for this. My ears started doing it last week and its scaring me. Red hot every evening like my body is trying to purge something. Thank you to anyone who replies. I will post anything I find out too.
You can e-mail me direct too at
I'm 43 and have been experiencing this for about 6 years. First notice was at the end of my pregnancy. At that time there was facial redness/swelling (on left) as well.... Now it's just periodic red ear w/the burning and heat. I have made the correlation to wine drinking (though not when pregnant), and tonight it came on immediately after a stressful episode (related to something I've been mentally obsessing about for some time!). I also clench/grind in my sleep and have had TMJ related issues. My blood pressure is extremely low and my diet is very healthy (mostly home cooked/organic foods.....though I do love my sugar!).
So far it appears to be stress related and probably exascerbated by alchohol.
Joanna writes <<So far it appears to be stress related and probably exascerbated by alchohol. >> I agree insofar as wine brings on my red ear. Been thinking about the stress factor. I am not under any stress, but I wonder if it can be brought on my suppressing an emotion. I have a tendancy to hold back anger, being very mild mannered the majority of time. Hmmmmmm, any comments group?
Very nice site!
Well after so many years of feeling alone in this subject ( before finding this site) I noticed that my brother's ear was really red the other day and talked to him about it ( he's 17 I'm 25) and OMG he has it too! He says his only happens when he has been out in the cold and comes in to a warm place. I still think it has something to do with diet though somehow. I haven't had an episode since I started my diet over a month ago. And I used to get it very frequently. Then again I used to get heartburn -alot- and I don't get that anymore either. Odd.
Hi guys. Wow. Thanks everyone for the tips. I get my red, hot, burning right ear at about 3:00 in the afternoon every day. This happens no matter what I have in my diet; and I also have very normal (if not a little on the low side) blood pressure and get lots of good sleep. I get the ear thing during times when I have absolutely no stress whatsover, and the hotness of it is actually painful to me. One time at work it was hurting me so terribly, that I went in to the kitchen at work and stuck my right ear in the freezer. Today, when I tried the tongue deal, I got some pleasant "chills" if you will, in my head (kind of like the chills you get in your body at times), which I could feel were cooling off my entire head, and consequently, my right ear! Cool! (no pun intended). At any rate, I will be checking out the site mentioned above, and thank you again all of you for your helpful input!
As I had previously mentioned, I do not drink alcohol and yet I still get the RES. I was wondering if anyone, with RES, also has acid reflux problems like myself? Also, was curious if it may be a sign of dehydration. Weather may also play apart because I did not start getting these red ears until last August when the weather turned cool. Now that it is starting to heat up here down south, my episodes have subsided greatly.
Yes Rob, I have acid reflux too, taking Nexium for it. Sometimes so bad I have to sleep sitting up, can't lay down. However, today the red ear came on when I was bending over to get something out of the freezer. This is crazy.
My nephew is 10 & visits regularly, often has this problem, both his ears get red hot.(He doesn't drink alcohol) I did however, see a program on tv one night that discussed Red Ear, ADD, & ADHD associated with food allergies. Possibly Dateline? Not really sure.
I'm 14 years old and one of my ears is constantly getting red and really hot can u help me?
Very helpful. I'm 23 and not sure how long exactly this has happened for - but its been at least several years. Generally happens to both ears late at night. They get really hot and really red.

Personally, it doesn't bother me too much. I've always thought it makes me unique and if nothing else, brings up a topic of conversation. My girlfriend thinks it's "cute", there's that.

Points of interest which seem to be relevant and maybe helpful. I have ADHD and take adderal. I'm a financial analyst and work long hours - often with little sleep. My blood type is 'O', but I can't remember if its negative or positive (sorry). I drink on the weekends - but have never noticed a correlation. I don't drink coffee and generally stay away from chocolate and caffeine/sugary things. Migraines run in my family, but I've only had two or three in my life.

Since no one has a better answer, i'm going to just keep my original assumption that it happens to those destined for greatness, like us.
Ok, I will list the following symptoms and what I have found, btw I'm 27 and in pretty good health, but was diagnosed with ADD in high school and took Ritalin for about a year:

1. Hot, red ears
2. Hot, red face and neck
3. Occasional upper chest gets red and hot.
4. Very mild edema swelling in my shins.
5. Occasional throat trouble (almost like it's closing up, but never any breathing trouble).

Bear with me, this is long, but has a point...

So here it goes, I've been to the doc for a couple of problems in the last 3 years. I had horrible stomach pain, still do, several days a week. Usually accompanied by a hurried rush to the toilet for a #2 :). However nothing was ever found, despite colonoscopy and endoscopy, scan, and ultrasound. I was told to de-stress, as the gastro physician tagged my profession with over stressing me and causing irritable bowel syndrome. Fine right...well, it hasn't gone away, but I gave up on it (after spending a lot of $$$ on tests).

A year later I was training for a mini-marathon and had horrible shin pains. Unbearable. Thinking that I might have stress fractures or shin splints I saw my doctor again. They took MRIs and X-rays, even a scan. Well, nothing. All they could see is that "yes" there was swelling. My instructions were to quit running. Fine, I did, but the swelling is still here (more than 1 year later). Now it's not bad swelling, but enough that if I put my finger on either of my shins with some light pressure, I can leave a small divot.

These two problems surfaced in the last three years, and you know what else did, the hot red ear, face, neck, and chest thing. I started to become very aware of it (the hot feeling, and red display).

Yes, drinking triggered it on many occasions, but not all drinking. It was specific beers that were causing me trouble, I have not had trouble with wines. I started to notice that wheat beers were the worst. Not only would I turn red and get hot, but my throat would kind of toughen up and get uncomfortable, thus I would always stop drinking. Funny again though, it doesn't always happen with the beer, but it does most of the time.

Well, just last week I had a bad episode (which led me to this site and others). What were the circumstances? I had a handful of pretzel sticks, and wheat was one of the key ingredients. But looking online it doesn't seem like wheat is a common allergy, so I'm skeptical that it's that simple, but I feel I'm getting closer to figuring this out.

I started putting the pieces together. I read that food allergies or intolerances can cause significant stomach trouble (pain, excessive trips to the stall, etc.). I also read that food allergies can cause fluid retention and edema. This could explain my shins, and the fact that in the last three years I have managed to put on 30 lbs. with relatively no change in activity level (I still go to the gym, just lower impact on the shins), and even less change in my diet (it's perhaps even better than it was 3 years ago).

On top of all of this, a final piece. The last two years my company has provided me with a complete blood screening. Both years my allergen indicator (Eosinophil) was very 5.0 (1.0-3.0 is normal). Funny, even the nurse said, wow, you must be miserable with allergies. I don't get allergies, so I said no, not at all. No hay fever, no nothing. She was somewhat perplexed. The first year I just figured the test was off, but my most recent test indicates the same thing. So given this circumstance I really think that this all may be caused by a food allergen.

I will be contacting an allergist next week, but would like it of some others could respond to this before then. If anyone can pinpoint similar trouble, please let me know. You can send comments to my email if you do not wish to respond here.
I forgot to mention that I have migraines as well.
Hi John, since your post was quite long, this is the part to which I am responding,<<I read that food allergies or intolerances can cause significant stomach trouble (pain, excessive trips to the stall, etc.). I also read that food allergies can cause fluid retention and edema>>.
I agree. I have an intolerance for dairy products and they affect me this way. Even with the Lactaid I have excessive gas and swelling in the summer. So, yes there's a lot to be said for food allergens and I hope you will give us an update after your visit and results. I believe you may be in for a long time of testing, eliminating one type of food after another. I suspect wheat, gluten etc. I know how bloated I feel after eating spaghetti, bread products or similar. [my favorite!!!]
Don't know what effect all of this has on red ear, but maybe we're honing in on something here. Keep us informed, OK? God bless, J
Hi John !
I don´t mean to scare you but I think you have to check with your doctor for carcinoid (a slow growing cancer). If your symptoms are abdominal discomfort, diarreah and flushing you have to check for hormones produced by a carcinoid tumor. Theese tests include a 24-hour urine collection called 5-HIAA and bloodtest for Chromogranin A+B. I have just the red ears and occasionally the flushing of the upper body but my doctor thinks I have a carcinoid tumor, I will get my testresults next week. Theese tumors can arise in the lungs,stomach and gastro intestinal tract. They are often very small and hard to find with ultrasound, CT and MRI. 10 % of the people with carcinoid tumors never find the original tumor but just the metastases.
I´m telling you this because if you get a correct diagnosis fast you have better chances to fight the tumor succesfully.
Hi Pierre,
What were the results of your May 06 bloodtest? Please let us know.
Since I get migraines after I go through a few weeks of RES each day. I decided to try my Imitrex before they started up. And it worked. I haven't had a hot ear since I took it (almost 2 weeks now). I also have ADD and allergies. I do drink some alcohol but I can't see that it makes it happen any more offen. I can see where stress does.
I have had asthma and lots of allergies for 50 some yrs. All is under control with inhalers and past allergy shots were also helpful. Do believe allergies may be related to our red ears but also have something new to add. I have been doctoring for a week now for fluid in the ears and some sinus infection. I have had a steriod shot and am taking the generic brand of augmentin. Since all of this I have not had any episode with my red ears. My everyday life has been the same except for this illness. I really appreciate all of the comments on this annoying problem with the ears.
Guess I spoke to soon. Its the 8th day of taking the medicine that I thought was helping my ear and now the red ear is back Only one is red this time. Guess since the steriod shot should be wearing off by now that that is what helped my ears. Who knows....I am about to give up on any solution.
I could fry eggs on my ears they are so hot today! So in my internet search for an answer I came across this posting list-- how odd that there is no explanation for this! For me, sometimes it's one ear, usually my right, but most often it's both. I can't remember now for how long this has been going on, but I'm 35 years old, and I can't remember not having it happen. It's generally on a daily basis, starting in the afternoon around 3-4pm, but it also sometimes kicks in when I drink, and also sometimes when I've had little sleep. Are we space aliens or something? Please let me know if anyone figures this out!
I wonder if we are discussing different syndromes here. RES, as normally discussed by neurologists, is that painful condition usually in one ear - rarely in both. The ear may appear red and have a painful ( but not always burning) sensation which can spread from the area around the ear - and can be excruciating. Just having an ear that turns bright red and may feel hot is not regarded as RES.

The problem with this is syndrome is that it is exactly that - a syndrome not an actual treatable condition.
The sad fact is that having spent much time and money with four different neurologists in Dublin and London(inc the top neurological clinic) none of them could state the cause of this condition. I got different reasons - relapsing polychondritis being one of them. Other suggestions :- it is related to migraine (especially for younger sufferers), or it is associated with upper cervical disorders( (as in cervical spinal area,not cervix) or with temporomandibular joint dysfunction or with trigeminal nerve disorders -the list goes on.
Neurologists are happy to take your money with no guarantee that they have any idea how to cure this.

It is my wife who has suffered from this for some years - she's just had three weeks nonstop most of each day with an extremely painful ear that has spread and is causing her the greatest agony and distress. The doctors have put her on anti-depressants and various calcium blockers (mainly because both medicines in different ways lower the "firing" of the nerves which cause pain) -but they ain't working, and are unlikely to unless a cause ifs found.

She is desperate -and if anyone else out there suffers like she does and has come across an effective remedy please tell me.

Medically there seems to be no answer.
So, we'll try anything.
Jasmeet Singh
I think Nick you have made a significant observation. Are we all talking about the same thing ? Some people who are talking about the RES seem to be comfortable enough to bother about the social embarassment. While for many like my mother it is the pure agony which over-rides any other characteristic of RES. She had breast cancer 8 years earlier. Her treatment(chemo +radio) seemed to have worked. Now we are getting this RES for a couple of months and the frequency is rapidly going up. Now she seems to be getting this pain 3-4 times a day. The prognosis is seemingly scary. Is there any relationship between cancer and RES ? regards jasmeet, new delhi, india
When one or both of my ears gets red, they are beet red and feels like it goes further down my neck, but not as red. I can't really say that this is painful to me, just very irrating. I am now trying to not take anything for everyday aches and pains but tylenol. I have taken a lot of advil, motrin etc. for the common aches and pains. Since I do have allergies this may be a factor with me. My daughter told me that asthmatics are not suppose to take anything but tylenol,so I will try this for a couple of weeks.
Excerpt: ""until scientists discover a cure for stress-related vascular instability. No one knows the cause of this phenomenon, which is fairly common in people who are particularly sensitive to the effects of psychological discomfort. "" Yes, I have seen that this is how it affects me. I am in a situation where I get the slightest bit heated, my ear turns red, then my face, sometimes even my nose. I can't explain when I'm questioned, just embarrassed. I don't enjoy the frustration. But, looks like we have to live with it, huh?
I am a 34 year old Chinese male living in Hong Kong. One of my ears usually turns red hot. So hot that even ice cannot cool it down. Sometimes left ear, sometimes right ear. Seldom both. My siblings do not have the same problem. Not any member of my family. I don't do much exercise, I don't drink regularly, I don't smoke, I am single and a little bit chubby. I know red ears can be caused by stress or alcohol but they are not the only reasons, definitely. It NEVER happens in the morning. Only in the afternoon or evening. Sometimes in the summer (about 30 degrees in Hong Kong, but I am usually in an air-conditioned place), but usually more serious in autumn and winter (about 10 to degrees). When I am outdoor, it occurs less frequently. When I am indoor, in a room with lots of people, then it occurs quite readily. I have lived in Britain for about two years, and I remember I didn't have this red ear symptom during that period. I have asked doctors but they said it's no big deal. I have this strange thing for as long as I can remember. I tried to see if it is related to the air, humidity and temperature of the environment. Well, temperature doesn't seem to play an important role. Maybe humidity. But now I believe that CO2 may be the culprit (a crowded, less ventilated place is the worst for me, even if it's cold). Anyway, it is so great to discover this homepage and now I know that I am not alone - I have never ever seen anyone who has the same symptom. I will try the tongue trick next time when my ear turns red. But then, even if it does not work, I do not mind. To my friends, it's my trademark! No more embarrassment after all these years. Even my barber gets used to it when I am having a haircut! Thank you for reading.

I have the same problem too and there is a thumping feeling in my ears when it occurs and i feel the muscle around my ears contracting.

This usually occurs in my right ear and it will spread to my left ear. It is causing me a lot of distress as I just joined a new company and my colleagues think i'm weird and I am very much about to lose my job over something I cannot control.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Hi Fellow Red Ear Partners,
This is crazy. I never realized how many people suffer from this red ear thing. Mine is usually in my left ear and stress does trigger. Alcohol..big time!! I have no clue what this is or how to fix. I have read all the different postings and its seems we all have the stress and drinking in common, but if you notice some people are on meds, some aren't. some have High Blood pressure, most don't. I am in nursing school and have been trying to figure out why my ears get red.. still have no clue. All I know is when I do start drinking I have all my friends pointing out that once again my ear is red. Very annoying. I guess its not harmful, but since noone knows exactly what it is and caused from that leaves room for the possibilty that it may cause harm in the future?? Let me if anyone finds out anything?? Thanks
Red Hot in FL
I am 48 years old do not drink alcohol and have low blood pressure. The only meds I take are estrogen. Have been getting red hot ear most of my adult life. Sometimes it's one, sometimes both. My nephew also gets it. He has ADHD which some people mentioned having. Like the rest of you I wish we could find the common thread.
I can't believe I found this site!! I am so excited! My two year old son has been experiencing this weird "red, hot, ear" for about three months. All of a sudden, one ear (usually his left) will get really hot, red (almost purple), and he says,"it's hot." I've been wondering what the heck is going on. It is sooooo comforting to read all of the posts. If anyone finds out new info, please share it. I am going to mention this to his doc. Thanks for sharing.
glad to find this topic on the internet must have been looking in the wrong place all this 5 yr old boy gets this every night from about t-time (5-6).this coincides with him becoming very irritable and aggressive. he never gets this in the day.reading all these posts is comforting but does anyone know the cause and cure yet?
tony - my nephew was recently diagnosed with aspberger's syndrome, which some people have mentioned as a possible cause. he is in his teens, and went most of his life undiagnosed. mostly they thought he had behavioral problems, as he is actually quite bright, and most of the time was so sweet. but every evening, he would get irritable and aggressive, just like you say. i'm not trying to scare you, but it may be worth looking into.
My left ear will get extremely red and hot, its such a bother sometimes. When I told my doctor and my mother about this they simply laughed and made jokes as if it was funny. I don't find it funny I find it extremely annoying.. but I'm so glad I found this site.. any clues to what might help this stop?
I was doing some research about this red ear syndrome and cant find one common cause but i believe mine is caused by temporomandibular joint dysfunction
I am happy I am not alone now. It happens only either in the afternoon at 5pm or at night 8pm. Sometime one year sometime both. It started when I moved to a new province in Canada.
I think it is sugar, and excess of all grains (gluten free or not) as they turn to sugar rapidly no matter how healthy the package says they are.
Spoke with my Internist....many of the alcohol related episodes are most likely a histamine reaction...much like an allergic reaction to shellfish. Other triggers could cause the "hot" feeling, not just alcohol. We also discussed that too much insulin and glucose intolerance could be a trigger. (this is a follow up to a post I made above)
tony...your 5 year old getting "irritable & agressive" could be from the over production of insulin as I just mentioned above, and it appears someone else right before me was on to it as well...if his blood sugar becomes low, he would have those types of reactions. This happens to non-diabetics, so I would guess that may be where you want to investigate a new diet for your 5 year old. But I'm not a doc, so you should find out for yourself.
Update on my red ear problem. I have not had an episode since the first of March. I am only taking tylenol for any aches or pains that I have, other than my regular medicines that I have been taking for the fast heart beat and my COPD. One other thing that I have added to my regimen is over the counter Estroven for hot flashes etc. The time that I started the Estroven and quit taking any pain pill was about the same. Kinda makes me think that the Estroven is what really helped me as I take it twice a day and only take the tylenol when needed. Am so glad that I found this site. Thanks for all the info.
i am 7 years old and experiencing this from few weeks ago. could any one tell me the reason and how to solve it.

wow, i posted a post way back in january and since then there has been loads of posts, at the moment i am currently revising for GCSEs and hav found that my ear is burning a lot more so i think it might have somthing to do with stress, i also get it when i am worried, or really really embarashed but then my whole face goes red anway so its not so noticable. im pretty healthy and dont drink reguarly or smoke and im not allergic to anything, dunno my blood group..hummm

hello to everyone!
o yer my sisters all suffer from bad migranes, fortunatly i dont, but none of there ears burn
WOW! I can't believe all the posts! I'm 39 and have had red ears for about 5 years. Mostly occurs in the late afternoon/early evening, and will ALWAYS occur after a glass of RED WINE. My doctor had no clue what to do about it. I tried the tingue trick and it worked briefly.
I am 61 years old and never had this ever happen to me until approx 1 year ago, right out of the blue, it can be just one ear at times, either left or right, or can be 2 at a time....its embarressing because people stare at you...I can't hide it as my hair is one seems to have an answer as to why and what causes it.
I may be on to something. I've never been a big water drinker, always stuck with diet sode, coffee, or red wine. For the past week I cut all three out, and began drinking 5 20oz bottles of water a day, plus a Claritan at Noon. For the past week, I've only had a few red ear occurances and they were mild compared to past episodes. I'm starting to think that dehydration + allergies trigger red ear. Just a thought, you may want to try it.
Has Anyone got any valuable input from a Dr. on this red ear situation?? My son is 4 and for the last 2 years he's been a victim of red hot ears. One or the other or both! His Dr. , who is a great Dr. , doesn't seem to know what anything about it. But my son is in agony at least once a day for 30 min to a few hours.. He stands with his red ear up against the fridge or window trying to find relief. I just don't know what to do or what the heck is going on!!! what should i do?
My son is 8 and gets the hot, red ear thing. We noticed it starting last October. He was really sick for six weeks with a fever that wouldn't go away. He was at Childrens's Hospital in Boston and the Infectious Disease unit at the hospital and no one could figure it out. He's fine now but the only leftover is the hot ears. I didn't know if this sickness unleashed something that is still floating around in him. He also gets it at night which would be when his resistence is at its lowest. I have to give him a cold cloth to cool it down. He is very healthy with no other problems and doesn't drink much tonic and drinks lots of water. Glad to know there are others out there.
I've spoken to 4 doctors on the subject, and all seem to think that it's triggered by stress/embarrasement/anxiety and is nothing to be alarmed about. I told them that it IS a big deal, especially when in public and people stare!!
wow! last year i was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden my right ear and surrounding area got really hot. I was so scared I thought it was a stroke or something. doctor said it was premenopause which i don't believe i'm 36. lately my cheeks will get hot and red and occassionaly my ears one or the other will get red and hot. during these times i do notice that i'm very stressed.
This is crazy!!!!!!At least i don't feel weird all by myself......This has been happening since i started the job i'm currently at now 4 yrs ago. My left ear just gets really hot to the point i have to "Fan It". I really want to know what this means because it gets on my nerves. Can someone please help and post any information if you find out the reason. I hope it not from stress!!!!!
Well I'm in the club and have been there most of my life (I'm 47 now). The red ear thing has been bothering me more so lately as it has become a nearly daily occurance when before it just happened from time to time. It seems that stress is my big trigger and with my wife in the hospital and it being my busy season at work it has been a daily annoyance. It nearly always starts in my left ear and usually moves to the right too and sometimes then to my cheeks and nose. I'm not embarrassed by it just a tad uncomfortable at times.

My research on it always points to stress and anxiety. Perhaps the stress triggers tightening of small muscles in the C3 area of the spine which has nerve connections to your outer ear.

The tongue thing does seem to work.

I may start getting some massages to relax myself. My wife loves to go and get them and has told me time and again that I should go.

Well hope everyone can keep their redness under control and enjoy life.
I am only 13 and this has been happening to me for quite a while. It is always both my ears that turns red and feel hot. I find that I get quite streesed and anxious and it is said that I am a perfectionist (this may have something to do with it). I do a lot of extenction maths and shool work. I havn't noticed any patterns when my ears turn red but I know the last time was at night.
I am 14 and have been getting hot ears ever since I started high school. There is a lot more stress at my new school which I think may be a major factor as to why my ears turn red and hot.

I have noticed it is mostly at night and it can be both or either one of my ears. I also suffer from headaches and faintishness. Now, whenever I get the hot ear, I am experimenting different ways to make it go away but so far haven't found anything.
Ellie DeShane
We are a family of red ears. I have had it for years, like 30. My son has had red ear ever since he started cutting teeth at a year old and he is 38 years old now. My 35 year old daughter has it, and her two daughters both have it. I can't say that any thing triggers it off, it can last 20 minutes to 2 hours, any time day or night. I can always start to feel it starting up, and within a matter of minutes it is red hot to the sight and touch. I never knew it had a name. My doctor said he never heard of anything like it when I told him about it. I just happened to see a article in our press about it, then tapped into this page from the web site. Glad to hear there are others like us.
My 11 yr old son has had this problem with a painful, itchy, burning red ear (left or right) for about 3 years. He also has ADD and gets very easily stressed. I've started treating him with vitamin/mineral supplements, esp. magnesium. He hasn't had a red ear in about a month. He used to get them every day, esp at school, where he was highly stressed. I've also been homeschooling for a month. So, either the minerals, or the lower stress levels, or perhaps both, may be helping. He'll return to regular schooling next Sept (he's changing schools) so I'll be watching closely to see if this problem returns.
Another update. I still have not had a red ear since March of this year. Still not taking anything for pain except tylenol as needed. Stress level in pretty much the same. And still taking hormone replacement of Estroven twice a day. Think this combination of changes in my daily routine has done the trick for me.
I've read a lot of what everyone here has posted and I thought I'd chime in.
I've had this condition for about 10 years now. My ears are red always now, just sometimes it's very little and sometimes they almost turn purple, but they're always red. The capilaries in my skin are enlarged from the constant bloodflow, so they pretty much stay somewhat red all the time now.
There is no cure, it's caused by an over excited sympathetic nervous system in your brain (same thing that causes heavy sweating/facial blushing)
There is no real rhyme or reason for when your ears go red, mostly it's brought on by social situations, stress, anger, heat, exercise, touching them....or none of the above. Sometimes just thinking about it is enough. That's why you've read some remedies on here that do nothing more than get your mind off of it (tongue to the roof of your mouth, or your hands over your eyes, etc.)The only thing that I've evrer heard of the cures it is a surgical proceedure called ETS, they go in and sever the nerves ending near your spine that cause it. After the sugery you won't sweat as much and you don't blush. I haven't considered the surgery yet, but I would like to hear from people that have.
My son is 12 and has been getting red ears virtually since birth, so I don't think it's stress. Sometimes it's just one ear, and sometimes both. It seems to go away for a while, then he gets it quite regularly again. At the moment, it's happening again and he is desperate to stop it ... but from what many of you say, he will just have to put up with it forever. I thought it could be triggered by sitting near the heater as he seems to get it more on one side (it's winter here in Australia). Are there any medical opinions on this out there - our family doctor just thought we were nuts!!!
Hi all, I had a really severe case of this last night at a social function. I wanted to split because of embarrassment, but because of the occassion I hung in there. I'm 47 and have basically had this all of my life. I first noticed it as a very young child. My folks used to wash our hair and then put us in front of a heater. I got chill blains on my ears as a consequence. Temperature is then definately an issue and always will be. I get red ears and very, very extremely hot ones at times on both ears. Because of the temperature thing I've never owned a heater, nor ever had a heated house. If I'm in a heated place I have to move to the furthest part of the room very quickly. Curiously for me I only get hot red ears in winter as in summer even on the hottest days I am not affected. I live in Sydney, Australia and its gets very hot here in summer.
I am bald and wear glasses so the hot red ears thing is a major form of embarrassment as you can imagine if you suffer from it. I'm sure I suffer from ADD though I've never had this tested. This is exacerbated though when in social situations when the red ear thing is happening, like last night. I can't relax in social situations when it occurs not only because of the embarrassment but also because of the pain which then feeds into lack of concentration etc, etc.
Despite being bald I am in fact good looking with good features so that is an upside. Still though when the extreme red ear thing happens I become so self conscious that I'd rather hide than be in ANY social situation.
Other time frames of the 'dreaded red' usually happen at night and rarely during the day. But I guess thats because I've acclimatised myself the 'temperature' situations.
I'm 'very fit' although I smoke a fair bit and drink lots of beer at times. I know that - that is a contradiction - being fit and smoking and drinking, but there you go.
My pain was so bad recently from 'hot ears' that i started putting ice on my ears. It kinda worked for momentary relief. I had to do this when I was trying to sleep and the pain was SO bad. Sleeping on either ear exacerbates the situation obviously. So only sleeping on your back will help. But for comfort reasons that is not practicable.
Anyway, the tongue thing worked!! Well for now and I'll keep trying it! Perhaps it is a 'yin and yang' thing. Balancing your body?
I am currently single but again I've never had problems with the opposite sex. Another contradiction!
There is a fair amount of paranioa in the above I guess but life is about being your best and being comfortable in all situations, social and otherwise.
The dreaded red ear definately holds me back. It is painful, physically and socially.
But its not all there is in life and not all there is to it. If i'm aflicted to it for ever more I'll grin and bear it and try to hang in there in all situations, painful though that may be at times. The world is and can be a beautiful place. There is many other people out there with greater problems than I.
But I'm so glad I googled this site! Its great to hear others are afflicted by the same thing and through communication perhaps we can work it out?

Peace to all!

Mark from Sydney, Australia!
I meant its great to hear others suffer from the same thing and are prepared to write about it. I wouldn't wish this on anyone as I know how painful and embarrassing it can potentially be.

Reading all of the comments above has given me perspective and I'll definately do lots more about my health and wellbeing.

Life is short and we should have the best fun, be as good as we can be and help each other all that we can.


I too experience a hot-ear, in my right ear only, generally accompanied by a unilateral headache (but not a migraine or conventional headache - so doctors think I'm crazy when I explain this). I don't drink at all and my overall blood pressure is normal.

My red/painful ear started when I was about 24 years old, and it used to be extrememly annoying and painful, lasting 2-4 hours at a time, sometimes more than once a day. Thankfully now that I eat a little better and get some excercise, the pain is generally down to about an hour at a time. I remember getting similar headaches when I was quitting marijuana, though I don't think its tied to that since I haven't done it in years now. They did seem to start again when I was in a car-accident.

I have found various forms of temporary relief, as the hot-ear thing happens to me very regularly, at least several times a week, generally lasting an hour or so. One thing that works well is to get a cup of ice water, let it get really cold, and then dip a Q-tip in it for a minute and then stick the Q-tip in the hot-ear. Obviously the Q-tip heats back up quickly, but after doing this a dozen times or so it actually made it feel all better. (In a pinch once my wife actually jammed a frozen baby carrot in my ear, which also helped pretty good since it stayed cold for awhile.)

Another thing is that my massage therapist pointed out that it sounds muscular to her, and showed me where a muscle on the side of my head above my ear is. Of course rubbing the muscle during the pain only makes it worse (please see if this is a very sensitive muscle on you as well!), but if I remember to massage it a bit while there is no pain, it seems to help prevent the pain later in some cases. My massage therapist did say NOT to use heat or ice on that muscle due to where it is at. Besides, I've tried an ice pack over the ear/head area in general and it only helps while the ice pack is on, and it heats right back up afterward.

Due to the pain only lasting 1-3 hours I would sometimes take a painkiller (at least something as strong as a Percocet, anything less didn't touch the pain -- Darvocet, Tylonol-3, Ibuprofen 800 were all a joke) however I would get a residual effect the next day and the red/painful ear/headache would come back with a vengence, so I don't recommend prescription painkillers, even only occassionally for treatment of the red-ear.

I can't wait to try the 'tounge-trick' to see if it works, even though I'm sure it really has nothing to do with diverting energy.

I'll bookmark this page, as this seems to be current with other people having the same issue. Too bad the link at the top is broken!
I have periodically suffered from red, hot ears and red cheeks. was getting them every single day at about 2:30 pm. They would last well into the night. Very annoying and embarassing. I know some of you reading this have the same condition. If you are like me, your condition is caused by a combination of Stress, Poor Nutrition, Lack Of Sleep.
Try this:
Get 8 hours of sleep -
Eat better foods: Salads and vegetables are a must. Don't even think about fast food! Yuk! Go to Subway instead and get a tossed salad with some baked chicken.
Exercise: First thing in the morning is best (do 20 minutes on the treadmill, etc. Weightlifting is very good)
Take it easy. Try to reduce your stress level. Don't let so many things bother you. (Red ears can add to your stress, remind yourself that you are in the process of curing them)

I really hope this helps some of you.

Good Luck
Hi all, I think I'm onto something? A herbal remedy I've been researching after reading lots and lots. I've tried it and it has given me relief and makes sense based on some of the cross references I've been doing against scientific journals and studies. I'll do more personal tests over the next couple of days and then post back. It has to do with applying this remedy onto the affected area, the ear(s).
I've done it once to a very painful, red, hot, itching ear and so far after about 5 minutes my ear returned to 'normal'. Though 'normal' is a relative concept for me unfortunately over the past week because I've been having some really painful sessions.
I want to emulate the experience/experiment and remedy over the next couple days and will then ask you guys to do the same.
Fingers crossed! Whatever the outcome though I'll report and post back in a couple of days.


Sorry guys, false alarm. I have in fact a chilblain and probably to a lesser extent the 'red ear syndrome'. But it is the chilblain that gives me trouble when the cold weather kicks in. This afliction is even more painful I'd suggest than the red ear stuff? I've read hundreds of web pages on both chilblains and red ear links. I'm not so sure that there is a 'fix' for these things but I'll keep reading and searching and will report back about any useful information I can find out. I can say though that this hurts like hell!


The tongue thing doesn't work for me... and I don't think it is related to food but I may be wrong. I have had days where I have fasted (not eaten all day) and still experienced the hot ear thing. Though fasting is a good way to get rid of other aches and pains and identify food allergies! I found out I have a slight allergy to milk - and I was always wondering why I woke up stuffed up! I will keep this page bookmarked and update it if I have any definite success.
Hi everyone, my right ear started getting red hot about 2 years ago. It gets so bad at times it turns purple. Purple ear that's what my buddies call me when I get upset. Stress is a major cause for me. I have seen doctors with no help and no one seems to have an answer.
Just lettin you all know. I have not had any problems with the red ear since I quit taking anything containing aspirin. Years ago I broke out with terrible hives from taking too much aspirin. I have used aspirin from time to time with no hive problem but I really do think that my allergy to the aspirin may be why my ears get red since I have no red ears since March of this year. I am pretty well convinced of this but also am still holding my breath.
Hi all, haven't written a post since March. Seems like the warmer weather has eliminated the red ear??? Hardly likely, since reading about others in warm climates who still suffer. Well, not sure what's going on, but I have not had an episode for several months, even after drinking some white wine, gave up the red. I am also now taking Zoloft which really, really helps relieve the depression. My self-imposed stress level has decreased now. Wonder if there's a connection there. I wish we could get a doctor in on these comments. I would love to see a cure for the youngsters. Us, too, but especially the little ones.
God bless,
My ears feel like that were on fire again, so i finally decided to Google. I found this site...I thought something strange was going on with me since everytime i tell my doctor about it he has this puzzle look on his face..runs a bunch of test and says I have high cholestrol. yeah but what about the ears Doc? I have brown skin and my ears our red..wuz up wit dat.
I have had the same problem for 10+ years. I dislocated my shoulder back then and ever since, when I get really stressed or my back/neck/shoulder is bothering me, I get a very red ear on my left side. My neice is a physical therapist and she says it could have to do with the muscles in my neck tightening up so much that it effects my ear in this way. When it is bothering me it usually only lasts less than an hour. Sometimes a heat pack on my back and neck help it or even an ice pack. It works for me, but it is pretty embarassing when I'm working or out in public and someone points it out. Oh,well. Guess it could be worse. Dawn
Dear Dawn,
My son (5yrs) had gromits put in both ears 2yrs ago. Since then he has had the red ear in his left ear.It is so painful he drops to the ground in pain. Only an ice pack will help.I went to 2 ENT specialist who said he was making it up and have been working with a paediatrician for over a year who is at a loss. I am wondering weather his operation has started this or it was happening before as he had middle ear syndrome. I will book in the see a chropractor to see if that helps as I will try anything. This has been a terrible 2yrs for my son and we want answers and until now I have not found anyone else with this problem. Bles you all.
afro jones
Hey, i just turned 17 and have had this problem for about a year and a half now. I didn't really notice it until I really started to look at myself in the mirror (im really vain), starting in march of this year. All I know is that this problem has caused a lot of trouble for me.

My episodes last for up to two hours (in fact, I just had a two hour flare up of my left ear). Generally speaking, my left ear turns red more often than the right one, but sometimes both will turn red simultaneously.

I can definately identify triggers: heat, exercise, anticoagulants (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.), niacin, stress, and the consumption of certain foods. I play the trumpet in a pretty high register, and my parents would naturally take pictures of me during concerts. I looked at the pictures recently, and almost all of them show the dreaded red ears. They are flushed to the point where it looks like someone dropped red paint on them, as I often put it. Still, looking at earlier photos of myself in sixth and seventh grade playing the trumpet, my ears perfectly matched my skin color. I also achieved a deep tan when i was younger without worrying about any red ears.

Symptoms include headaches, irritability, inability to concentrate, and sometimes I move in all jittery motions if its really bad. That only happens if i hit them, though. I work hard in school and the summer months have been so miserable this year, as the red ears seem to make me even more hot. I went to a dermatologist and he said that it was my way of expelling heat. If your body is trying to release heat through the ears, then why would you feel hotter? I don't get it.

Im a good-looking guy and get a bit of attention from girls in my school, but when they realize my ear problem, they are so turned's a bit of a shame, i guess. I think that the side-effects of irritability and headaches are worse, though. Since I have really long hair, I can grow it even more to cover my ears, but that won't change the fact that my side-effects still exist.

I soon discovered the possibility that I could have a rare disease called "Erythromelalgia," where various parts of the body may turn red, swell, and become excruciatingly painful. I didn't feel so much pain in my ears when they became red, but I kept it as a possibility. The Erythromelalgia site listed aspirin as a cure to the flare-ups, so I tried it. Still, aspirin seemed to exacerbate my problems. (Someone seemed to mention above that his ear was purple and hurt...erythromelalgia can make the skin turn purple.) There are so many diseases that can cause flushing, such as Rosacea and just blushing. My mom's face turns all red all the time, so perhaps this is a manifestation of the same genetic trait. I soon contemplated the possibility of Rosacea of the ears, getting all worked up about treating it in time to counteract the spread of the disease. Rosacea can also increase the size of the nose, so I really freaked out when I learned about that one. I had myself convinced that I had permanent redness for a while. Then it went away and I felt really stupid...

I don't think I have rosacea, but its still a possibility. Im going to the same dermatologist to get it checked out soon. I don't put water on my ears, and sleeping on my side and chilling out have helped me immensely. The erythromelalgia site said that putting water on the ears would cause more flushing in the long run, so I wouldn't want to end up realizing that I had it all along. For some reason, keeping the ears dry all day has helped.

For the record, I have CAPD, another neurological condition that affects my ability to "find words," and could not hear until the age of seven, when tubes were put in my ears. Also, I don't know if this affected it at all, but my mom used to claw her fingernail into my ears to get rid of dry wax (i know, its disgusting). Maybe this ruptured some blood vessels in my ear and started the whole thing.

I have just started to try the tongue thing, and maybe it was just a coincidence that it worked. Still, I have faith in it, so I'll keep trying it.

I don't know if this thing is spreading, and hope that wouldn't be the case. I'm an extreme perfectionist and always put myself down, so maybe I'm just noticing this more than everyone else is, but it still has to stop. I already feel so much better about myself knowing that there are so many other people who share problems similar to mine, and now that im not so embarrassed to share it with an internet community. I do feel that we can't just accept that it could be worse, a problem is still a problem. It has to be treated. I think it is kind of strange that i have developed this in the middle of my teenage years and never had problems with it previously. Apparently, my face turns a bit red when playing hard on my instrument, but I think thats cool because it shows im working hard. As long as it doesnt turn as red as my ears, i dont care.

Oh, and my doctor is all like, "your friends wont care" and "youre making a bigger deal of it than it actually is," so i just blew him off (rejected!) and changed doctors. Maybe this one will give me more insight. Either way, the doctors will say that I am perfectly healthy, but id rather say to them, "NO IM NOT!" Im a bit worried right now because some of my skin has been peeling around my ears, which is kind of bothering me. This is definately related. Other things that could be related are my eyes, which are often bloodshot, no matter how much visine i use (since im generally pretty chill, people think im blazed all the time because of it). This led me to think that i had ocular rosacea and the normal rosacea on the ears, which had me freaked out in no time. I can't identify what i really have, so i think i will just leave this like this.

Thanks everyone for contributing, together we can possibly make something work. We may be a minority, but we can find ways to cope with this nasty.

If I find any more info on red ears, I'll be sure to send it in.

"Afro Jones"
Peter Bengtsson
Wow! You've really thought about this. I don't have any other advice than that you continue to grow. You're just a teenager still and a lot is going to change. Not just your appearance but also your pace-of-life which might mean that you care less about your appearance and think more about your personality. Not getting stuck in thinking about it is likely to take the negative focus away from the issue and maybe that will slowly stop the ear from getting so hot.

Keep trying with the tongue trick. I think it can work as a supplement to meditation/relaxation. In fact, I bet that if you just switch off for a while and sit down on the floor, close your eyes and chill for 5 minutes the problem will go away a great deal.

On that note, have you considered visiting a doctor of chinese medicine? I'm not saying that they're better or worse than your "western" doctors but at least it's different. They won't just give you another pill but perhaps ask you more about your food and life in general which could be a large contributing factor to your condition.
I'm a red ear sufferer too, have been as long as I can remember. In the past 2 years
I've developed chronic fatigue and I've found out that I have a hormone imbalance, high cortisol(stress response hormone), low DHEA and melatonin. I usually get a hot ear before I get sick or when I'm run down, so my theory is that the red ear is some type of reaction to high cortisol levels... opinions?
Denise you all should check this site describes in detail all the possible causes and why they happen.
rudy red ears
i know how ya feel, the mornings are ok for me, but towards 4 or 5 oclock i can feel it creeping up and i blast the air in my car on the way home, almost everyday. i grew my hair out too,for about 3 years. id go to work with my hair long but gelled back, then in the late after noon id have school. on the way to school id brush my hair over the ears and id look like an absolute moron. i looked sorta like a puppy dog with big hanging ears; it was so ridiculous. and i would constantly be feeling my hair so that i was positive that the ears were covered. it was really amazing that i wasnt afraid to speak up at that point, even though i knew how ridiculous i looked. I even gave a SPEECH, yes that dreaded word!!! still the red ears happen nearly daily in the evening, but I am taking my classes on line now. but being afraid to speak to women is really killing me
I'm looking into reflexology meridian points. Since it's usually one ear it makes sense to me. Thats a nice link above, thanks.
I brought the 'red ear' thing up to my Dr, his immediate response was..."oh yea, try this 'stage fright' med". He gave me some TOPROL-XL, which I've taken twice before having to give a presentation to a large group. No red ear at all, I actually felt relaxed throughout. I hope it lasts...
I cant believe I found this site with people who suffer from this. My son is 10 years old and has suffered from this for as long as I can remember. Its usually in his right ear and can last up to about an hour. In this hour he becomes so distressed with it, Im usually running to the fridge to find whatever is coldest to place on his ear. Have mentioned it several times to the doctors but never seem to help or suggest what it could be, I often get the feeling they think we are nuts!! Have just calmed my son now after a difficult hour of hot red ears, I hope someone gets to the bottom of this. Please help if you can suggest anything.
I cant believe I found this site with people who suffer from this. My son is 10 years old and has suffered from this for as long as I can remember. Its usually in his right ear and can last up to about an hour. In this hour he becomes so distressed with it, Im usually running to the fridge to find whatever is coldest to place on his ear. Have mentioned it several times to the doctors but never seem to help or suggest what it could be, I often get the feeling they think we are nuts!! Have just calmed my son now after a difficult hour of hot red ears, I hope someone gets to the bottom of this. Please help if you can suggest anything
I have just started having this problem, I have a long line of allergies and allergic reactions, so when this first happened I thought it was one of those. I took benedryl but it didnt help eventually it went away. Now it has been happening off and on for a few months, it vaires in ears also, the first time it was my right this most recent one was my left it seems like it moves or has both ears hot. For me I think its a chemical imbalance, since Im allergic to alot of things I dont eat like I should leading to my hormones and chemicals in my body to get off center. Ive noticed other things that are linked to chemical imbalances in me also. Other then what Ive said and what the doctor told me due to my eating habits. I have no idea what this is or how to stop it, my doctor said as long as he cant find anything life threathening its nothing to worry about. =OP I hate that, and I wish there was a way to stop it from burning and getting so red. If anyone finds out anything please let me know.
My three year old son gets a bright red burning ear and the temp is extreme however aprox every 4th 5th time his ear also swells to the point i think it will explode. This lasts for 6-12 hours and disappears. This has been happening for 1 1/2 years now, with 5 kids he is the only one.
Wow, I get this too. I can't believe other people do as well, I felt like a freak. I'm only fifteen, and this has been heppening for a little over a year. It usually happens at night, but sometimes in my afternoon classes too. I think it could be due to stress, like most of you. I've also been diagnosed with Anxiety and Bipolar, do you think that could effect it at all?

It doesn't bother me all that much, but it's just kinda annoying.
Hello everybody, I discovered this site some time ago and have been following the debate as to what the cause of RES may be with much interest. I have suffered from what seems to be the same condition for several months now and in both ears simultaneously. It was happening on a daily basis, sometimes more than once. It would be coupled with a sort of throbbing sensation in my neck, below my right ear. Aside from this I have suffered from social phobia since my teenage years (I am now 32 years old) and had just finally decided to see a doctor about this. At the same time I brought up the issue with my ears as I felt they were in some ways connected. My social phobia meant that I was under enormous stress on a daily basis and the redness of my ears seemed directly related to how stressed I felt. I became more concerned and preoccupied and self conscious with how my ears looked and this made my phobia even worse. The doctor prescribed me Propranolol which, if I take as prescribed (40mg 3 times daily), ensures not only that my social phobia is at least under control, but that my ears don't get red at all! I sometimes still feel the throbbing sensation in my neck but when I look in the mirror my ears look normal. In fact, sometimes they now look very pale. My point here with the Propranolol is that it is very often used for people with high blood pressure and so perhaps this is a further clue as to the root cause of this problem. I'm no doctor, but it certainly seems to be very much connected to the central nervous system and how it responds to certain conditions. Thanks for your time.
I also experience the redness of both of my ear after having sex with my wife for some months now. I tried to find answer to this. I read one item that is scary, the article said that red ear is a symptom of "Thalamic Syndrome", where there is a blockage in your artery going to the brain.
hello! i also have a hot red ear, and left, if anyone can help me, please, write to me, thanks
Arik Garick
Do you think anyone reads all this?
Yes, me
And me! I'm only half way through! lol!
Hey guys, I'm fifteen at the moment and I've had this red ear problem since I can remember. It's usually my left ear; however, sometimes (like right now as I'm typing this) it's my right ear. I really don't know what's up, and it's really bothering me. I don't experience any pain; just the burning sensation and my ear turning bright red.

I don't have high blood pressure, and I don't have ADHD. I'm not stressed-out at all...and I'm pretty sure that I don't have any brain damage.

I was thinking that it was the weather, since it usually occurs when the temperature drops and/or is humid out. But, I also get the red ear after I take a shower.

Steph from Seattle, WA
i too have this problem since 1yr ago....
when it burns , i got this terrible headache , and i mean REALLY TERRIBLE , i cant concentrate at all with the pain.
i really hope this is nothing serious other then a hot burning ear. im going for a full body check up tommorow. doctors that i told of this problem thinks that im trying to be excused from the army. this is driving me mad -_-
Sarah-Jane Free
I am so happy that I have found others with the same condition as me, for so long I thought I was being paranoid. I have been suffering from the dreaded one hot ear syndrome for about a year now, at first I thought it was nothing.. too much drink or something, but since that faithful sunny June day back in 2005 I have been having relapse nearly on a daily basis.
I think for me it is something to do with sex - I am homosexual and I lead a very sexual active life. I find that after I am with a woman my right ear becomes really hot and very irritating.
John McGrath, Dublin
I am so happy that I have found others with the same condition as me, for so long I thought I was being paranoid. I have been suffering from the dreaded one hot ear syndrome for about a year now, at first I thought it was nothing.. too much drink or something, but since that faithful sunny June day back in 2005 I have been having relapse nearly on a daily basis.
I think for me it is something to do with sex - I am homosexual and I lead a very sexual active life. I find that after I am with a man my right ear becomes really hot and very irritating.
I have been trying to remind myself to google "hot red ear" for the past few months... unbelievable what I have found tonight! This posting is so comforting, yet alarming at the same time. In my sanity, it seems like nothing, just an oddity. However, I suffer from OCD and anxiety and that part of me is a little nervous about what this all means. For me, my right ear (always my right) gets really hot and really red at very random times. It's usually when I am stressed or very busy. I find myself getting it almost always at night, usually before going out for the evening. there is nothing I can do to cool it down, it just happens by itself, over time. Usually ignoring it is the best way to make it stop. The more I think about it, the longer I have it. So, if I was to diagnose myself, I would say that it's just a way of my body telling me that I'm "overdoing" it. What perplexes me is why it's happening to little children- you would think that their stress level would not be high enough to cause this sort of thing. Hmmm, what a mystery. Well, at least we know we're not alone, although I can't say that that brings me much comfort at the moment. I recently asked my ENT about a pain that I feel in my jaw on that side of my face and he said it is related to TMJ, so maybe this is an extension of that (like written in an early posting). I also have been diagnosed with early signs of Graves disease, so I wonder if there is any correlation to the thyroid? I have an appt. with my endocrinologist next month, so I think I will mention it then. Good luck to everyone... I'll be checking back, so keep posting!
Robert Ginsburg
My life is something unbelievable, really
I have one red ear that is very hot. I'm also tired, cranky and whingey. Are all of these symptoms linked or am I just moany?
For The last 3 months, every single day
i have this red ear(BOTH EARS).I don't know why.
I feel like beating myself up.
Any suggestion please let me know.
One thing to check out is: IBS ... Irritable Bowl Syndrome. Just a thought. I get the red hot ears and it's very uncofortable, and reading on another site, IBS was mentioned. The symptoms fit my complaints to a "T"!
My 8 year old son recently started having this problem... both ears; always after a shower and always at bedtime (it doesn't seem to be assoc. w/ hot shower as it lasts too long). He has many allergies (incl. foods) and has been complaining of neck pain too. He's sleeping now but I can't wait to have him try the tongue trick next time to see if it helps. Episodes don't seem too painful now, but will they increase in intensity? I'm going to try to reduce sugar intake and increase water to see if that helps
Forgot to mention that he also has asthma and takes meds for that daily
I have to join in... Yes my ear (right ear) turns bright red and hot aswell, at least once every other day. I can't figure out what causes this as it happends so randomly. I did some research and found that-upper cervical disorder and temporomandibular joint disorder can cause these symtoms. I also read it can be related to migrains. I'll head to my Chiropractor and keep you posted. If anyone finds a fix please let me know!!
PS- What is this tounge thing everyone keeps talking about???
This is part of the TONGUE TRICK conversation.

Peter - 23rd November 2004 [«« Reply to this]
Try pressing your tongue up against the roof of your mouth towards the back so that the tongue almost "folds backwards". According to the chinese this will help the "energy flow" flow past instead of getting stuck around the head.
rudy red ears - 28th September 2006 [«« Reply to this]
about how far back to you go? do you go, "like straight up" or do you try to reach as far back as possible with the tongue? do you press hard? do you simply fold it all the way like a ball?please help!!!!!
Peter Bengtsson - 30th September 2006 [«« Reply to this]
as far back as possible and not hard at all. Don't fold it back. It should still point up to the roof of the mouth.
Anonymous - 5th November 2006 [«« Reply to this]
The first time I tried it, my ear got hotter. Then I tried it again, and it worked really well!
I too have the red ear syndrome, and I am so relieved to find that there are others out there like me. I have read through all the comments and its a little unearving to find that it may be caused by a blockage to the heart..... but then I remember that I also have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and it may even be linked to all of this. On a brighter note, whenever I get the red/hot ears it is when I am tierd and stressed. Sometimes I go to the gym and after a good workout I realize that the ears have gone back to normal. I worry that it is blood pressure, but it may also just be the things we eat or our ways of life. I really wish I had the answer. Ill keep checking in..... Hopefully sometime soon, someone will find the answer to our hot ears.
All four of my children have this. I have been dealing with this as a mother since they were about 4yrs.

It has been very hard to deal with emotionally you don’t want to see your child in pain and think there is nothing you can do about it. I would feel their ears and it would be almost as hot as a burner on the stove. It is so bad that I actually was afraid that this is how people spontaneously combust!!
Also, this heat is so close to the brain area and I don’t know what’s going on internally temp wise.

At first when they were around 4 it was just their ear or ears turning red when it was going to precipitate (rain,snow) outside. They got the reputation in our family of being more accurate than the weather forecasters, depending on the shade of red their ear or ears gave off.

As they grew older it would happen in response to stress also. I noticed that it was more apt to happen if it was emotional stress rather than physical stress.

None of my sons can go to the store in the evening, especially Walmart, they always have a Red Ear Attack in that store no matter what time of day we go.

I am a biology student and this whole process was very intriguing to me.

I have been looking for clues and answers from Drs (who always disregard it; seems they don’t want to recognize the non- "life" threatening things as one of our Drs put it) and non really want to look into what it is, their just guessing too!!

I am not a medical student but I know some of the body processes that I have studied so far and some of them make sense to me in my own conclusions of what’s happening to my sons.
VERY SHORT ABBREVIATED VERSION of tidbits I have gathered through the years about body processes:

Vasodialation of the blood vessels is a response from certain hormones the body releases into the system in order to keep the body in homeostasis. This process is started through the nerves in the body.

parvocellular vasopressin cells that project to many areas of the hypothalamus and limbic system, as well as to the brainstem and spinal cord. These neurons are involved in blood pressure regulation and thermoregulation.

The PVN receives afferent inputs from many brain regions. Amongst these, inputs from neurons in structures adjacent to the anterior wall of the third ventricle ("AV3V region") carry information about the electrolyte composition of the blood, and about circulating concentrations of hormones
In controlling body temp:

Secretion of norepinephrine, epinephrine, and thyroxine to increase heat production

heat transfer mechanisms the body uses are radiation, conduction and convection and evaporation of perspiration

Optimal "Normal":

The skin temperature of 34 C is a typical skin temperature

The normal core body temperature is 37 C.

The body works best when specific body constants are maintained such as: body temperature of37 o C ; blood pH of7.35 ; blood pressure 120/80 mmHg and 0.1% blood sugar. These constants can vary among individuals, such as: different metabolic rates of individuals affect body temperature ; different situations or demands on body (eg.) exercise ; blood pressure difference between adult and children

The cause of the variable temperature in infants and young immature animals is the imperfect development of the nervous regulating mechanism

heat production and heat loss vary considerably in different parts of the body

vascularized extremities to conduct body heat to the air

Body temperature normally fluctuates over the day, with the lowest levels at 4 A.M. and the highest at 6 P.M..

I know I just want any information I can find to help communicate to someone in the medical field that this is psychologically and physically and socially stressful to my children ...

They just don’t get that instead of sitting around the fire place enjoying the winter weather everyone is sitting around rubbing ice cubes on their ears seeing who can melt them the fastest!!
beth wales
Thanks for the info:, jt- my daughter has had RES since she was 4-and she's 22 now.Either ear, but not usually both together.She has a genetic problem with her hypothalamus, so has low female hormones.She also has scoliosis and kyphosis,which produces a lot of neck tension.However, the RES began way before her back and neck problems.
Neither I nor her father have RES.We don't have allergies either, yet she has extreme reactions to some allergens.
Her ears always went red right after her evening meal at 6pm.I don't think this is a coincidence.
Many people here have said the same.
Recently, she suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia-very painful ! The hospital suggested it was caused by herpes simplex(chicken pox), and her face swelled and was covered in a patchy raised rash.The consultant Neurologist took one look at the photo I took when it happened and said it was definitely an allergic reaction(trout pout included).
When she eats, her right ear goes bright red and is hot. But now, also ,the redness goes down her cheek from ear to jaw.When her cheek is red, she has more Trigeminal pain too.That is debilitating.
I don't know if these are related.We do need to correlate all the symptoms and lifestyles of everyone here to find the cause.
The RES happens even if she falls asleep.
She doesn't drink alcohol at all.It maybe a food allergy.We're testing tomatoes and the rest of the nightshade family of foods ,and seeds at the moment.
She also has Psoriasis.
She doesn't eat much junk food and has a healthy diet.

one more thermodynamic explaination link
Hi all. I also have had the red ear thing for most of my life. My history is asthma and of course now COPD, a result of smoking for 40 yrs. I am a non smoker now. Had surgery on a ruptured disc in my neck in '93. Otherwise I am as normal as anyone. I had quit taking anything with aspirin in it way back in 3/04 and I had not had any signs of the dreaded red ear until a couple of weeks ago. Had a doctors visit re depression and stress and was put on mirtazapine, a generic for remeron, and within 3-4 days I felt the red ear trying to return. It was nothing like I had experienced before but I knew the feeling. Of course I took myself off of this drug and again there is no sign of the dreaded red ear. I really am beginning to think it is allergy related, whether it be to food, medicines or the weather. I think stress is also a big factor. When I got stressed I tended to use more of my asthma inhalers and at times I would notice the red ear thing. I really enjoy and look forward to all the comments re this problem. Maybe between all of us we can get some kind of a medical diploma for solving this embarrasing and aggravating problem. I have decided to try and handle my stress and depreciation in ways that dont include any more medicines. Will keep you all posted.
I have been having this happen for years. I have noticed that it is triggered by being hot. Sometimes my checks may turn red too. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which the thyroid does regulate body temperature. Also, I have always had irregular female hormones. I have often associated it as being a hot flash. I have also been diagnosed with dermatographica (not sure I spelled it right), where your skin turns red if touched. Basically I have been told I may have too much histamine. This can also be related to thyroid disfunction or mastocytosis. Mastocytosis causes "flushing" and the treatment is usually antihistamines or steroids. Another related condition that influences histamine release is certain foods, and you don't necessarily have to be allergic to them. Some things like bananas, wine (sulfites) and shellfish are high in histamine and can cause sensitive individuals to 'flush' or have hives. If checked you may not actually have a technical allergy. Although food allergies will definitely cause a whole range of symptoms including flushing and hives. Whether the red ear condition is caused by thyroid, mastocytosis or allergies, I suspect that histamine is related. Anyone that is experiencing this should be check for those conditions, including the more serious, but extremely rare carcinoid syndrome (again this is a cancer causing flushing due to histamine release). Try taking some benadryl to see if it helps. I started taking it only at bedtime every day because of the drowsiness factor and I definitely noticed a change in frequency. I also discovered some food allergies and have removed them from my diet. Be sure to look up 'histamine intolerance' or foods high in histamine on the web and start limiting them or removing them from the diet first. Or at least keep track if the ear turning red may be around the time after consuming these foods. If you eat them every day you may want to cut back. After that try food allergy testing and some of the other conditions I mentioned. Dont rely on doctors to know because I have been to dozens for all my conditions and even mayo clinic and they are stumped. I now have an integrated doctor who is much more knowledgeable about foods and natural therapies who seems to understand. In any case if the ear thing keeps happening on a regular basis there is something the body is trying to tell you. It may be as simple as removing one food from your diet, but you've got to investigate.
beth wales
Other people mentioned headaches with RES- my daughter has had very regular headaches since 4 years old too.She also has a lot of eye irritation.The consultant neurologist suggested she may have SUNA SYNDROME. We're not sure about that yet, but a lot of it fits.But so does a food allergy, so we're rolling on with the exclusion diet too.
I can't believe this many people have it and talk about and nothing even close to a medical diagnosis has been mentioned. Aside for a right ear that gets really hot, turns bright red and feels as though is is being cooked, here are some other factors about me that may be worth mentioning:

This started for me around the time I started taking Adderall for ADD.

It does seem to happen more often when I have eaten junk food and when I am getting less sleep because I am busy with work.

Sometimes my feet and hands turn bright red but they never burn like my right ear.

I have developed athletes foot. Probably because my feet sweet all of the time from the heat.

I sometimes feel pressure on the right side of my head (above and behind my ear).

I sometimes get really light headed. Sometimes feeling like I have verdigo. Sometimes seeing stars like I got hit really hard, sometimes seeing clouds or black shapes.

My right eye often feels as though it has a lot of pressure pushing on it.
There is a yahoo group red ear syndrome.
Not much activity yet. We did not know it existed.


You should see a doctor right away. Those are signs of a stroke (pressure behind the eye, dizziness). That is extremely dangerous and especially since you're on that type of drug. I take it too and my bp is border level high but I try to manage it.
hmmm Ive had this for a while too

i seem to get it after work or after I take a shower, it seems that when a more stressing situation is over it comes up for me I have a bit of acne that comes and goes over time, I believe im Hypoglycemic
but no other health problems that I know about

I had a couple small head injures through my life so far, but nothing requiring anything more than stitches

The commonalities Ive found through this list so far that Ive noticed

Im O blood type
It comes during or after stressful situations

I made a Yahoo! Group Everybody join to help cure the red ear problem thing
I have had red year for years and my sister told me it can be a sign of dairy intolerance. For other reasons I gave up dairy products for a year and it went away completely during that time. Now I'm back on dairy as I found the soya I'd been replacing it with to be a greater evil, and the red hot ear is back with a vengeance!
I was told by my doc to take some Mucinex (an expectorant) for my coughing etc. for the COPD, Two days after taking the tablets my red ear was back. Havent had time to look up what is in this medicine but I would almost bet it has some histamine or something of that nature in it. I quit taking it as soon as I felt the heat in my ears and the hot or red ear is no longer bothering me.I enjoy and appreciate all of the comments and info.
i have also been getting a hot ear, it kind of builds up to hot..i think it has to do with stress or blood pressure, when things get too hectic and tiring
I have been struggling with RES for some time now. It seems to be the worst when my emotions are at a heightened level(which seems to be at the worst posible time)

I can feel it start to set in, and once I notice it it just intensifies. It occurs in both of my ears, and occasionally my forehead will break out into a sweat.

I am 25 in good health, participate in cardiovascular activities daily, lift weights weekly, and try to eat healthy.

As there seems to be no real solution I am going to try a new treatment for a month, as I am unsure how long I should continue a habit before it takes full effect.

I am not expecting to find a cure, but If I can find several limiting factors that work with me It will be a blessing.

It is comforting to know that I am not at this alone. I know what you are all going through. I have excused myself to the bathroom to try to cool my ears off but to no avail. It's embarasing, but I would say something we should all focus on is not letting it hold us back. And I often do let it hold me back. I will refrain from speaking up because I'm afraid I will become self conscious and my ears will turn red. I don't want to constantly live with the worry of what others will think of my redness. Yes I will try to figure out how to limit it, and do everything I can, but all the while I am trying to figure out triggers, and limiters I will be learning how to live with it.

Hope we can find some answers, I will post each month if I have any luck. My first treatment is going to be cold showers. Not to cool my ears off immediately, but they seem to have multiple effects:

• Brings blood to the capillaries, therefore increasing circulation throughout the body.
• Cleans the circulatory system.
• Reduces blood pressure on internal organs.
• Provides flushing for the organs and provides a new supply of blood.
• Strengthens the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.
• Contracts the muscles to eliminate toxins and poisonous wastes.
• Strengthens the mucous membranes, which help resist hay fever, allergies, colds, coughs
Well a very close friend of mine used to make me nervous by saying "Why do u have so many health problems?". Living in Asia, Men are supposed to have no problems and be strong as Hercules, these are considered to be girly things but findin this page has given me a lot of confidence :)

I remember when i was in 9th grade, i suddenly started having red hot ears, the ears would go so hot that they would look almost purple in color. Had a very bad effect on social life at that time and most imp. of all on my studies. I was the one who in winter was turning on the Fan, putting Cold water on my ears but i was like some sort of a evil spell. One of my ears had to go red hot every winter night(This only happened in winters)for almost abt hr and a half!

Then when i came to univ, i found one other amazing problem to accompany me in summer and then i found out that this new problem has nothing to do with temperature i.e dislocated TMJ. This is very painfull as well, pain everyday in half head, TMJ, neck and sometimes shoulders as well, and limited mouth opening. One thing that is amazing when one problem is making me crazy, the other is not there. Maybe thats a law of nature.

You must be thinking about Doctors, i consulted a lot of them. All of their explanations were absolute crap and nonsense to even a non medical guy like me. I am actually computer and info. systems engineer. For TMJ, they say there is no cure, you can just put splints and there is a surgery that has a success rate of 30%(i cant recall exactly). For them, red ears arent a problem, its very normal!

Well just abt a yr back I went to a HAKEEM(These are doctors found in South East Asian countries like Pakistan who use herbal medicines and have completely different concepts than a MBBS). One reason that i am writing this is to share what i was advised by Hakim. This is not a cure just another temporary relief:

POUR ABOUT FEW DROPS OF WARM ALMOND OIL IN YOUR EARS. Yes few drops of almond oil in ears, NOT at the time of redness(it will only increase it then) but before the time u think it usually happens(e.g. b4 goin to a closed place or for me its usually dinner parties in winter). Now the Oil should be Warm if not a little HOT, remember Cold oil will do no difference. Infact it only increases the problem for me. Try this for a few days and u will see the difference. A few warm almond oil drops in nose also helps in reducing the tension headaches caused by TMJ problem. However, unfortunately this are just temporary reliefs but better to have something than nothing.

Now what i have learnt over the time is Yes people will notice red ears, some will make fun of it but in the end its us whose lack of confidence actually allows them to do so. So have complete faith in urselves, Any sort of health problem part. this one is not our fault. Now i try my best not to give any impression about any uneasiness i am feeling bcuz of this. However i have to thank God, that this Redness has decreased with the course of time, now the redness is less and duration has considerably reduced. I hope it will finish very soon.

I hope this helps someone. Share your success stories as well. Regards.
Well a very close friend of mine used to make me nervous by saying "Why do u have so many health problems?". Living in Asia, Men are supposed to have no problems and be strong as Hercules, these are considered to be girly things but findin this page has given me a lot of confidence :)

I remember when i was in 9th grade, i suddenly started having red hot ears, the ears would go so hot that they would look almost purple in color. Had a very bad effect on social life at that time and most imp. of all on my studies. I was the one who in winter was turning on the Fan, putting Cold water on my ears but i was like some sort of a evil spell. One of my ears had to go red hot every winter night(This only happened in winters)for almost abt hr and a half!

Then when i came to univ, i found one other amazing problem to accompany me in summer and then i found out that this new problem has nothing to do with temperature i.e dislocated TMJ. This is very painfull as well, pain everyday in half head, TMJ, neck and sometimes shoulders as well, and limited mouth opening. One thing that is amazing when one problem is making me crazy, the other is not there. Maybe thats a law of nature.

You must be thinking about Doctors, i consulted a lot of them. All of their explanations were absolute crap and nonsense to even a non medical guy like me. I am actually computer and info. systems engineer. For TMJ, they say there is no cure, you can just put splints and there is a surgery that has a success rate of 30%(i cant recall exactly). For them, red ears arent a problem, its very normal!

Well just abt a yr back I went to a HAKEEM(These are doctors found in South East Asian countries like Pakistan who use herbal medicines and have completely different concepts than a MBBS). One reason that i am writing this is to share what i was advised by Hakim. This is not a cure just another temporary relief:

POUR ABOUT FEW DROPS OF WARM ALMOND OIL IN YOUR EARS. Yes few drops of almond oil in ears, NOT at the time of redness(it will only increase it then) but before the time u think it usually happens(e.g. b4 goin to a closed place or for me its usually dinner parties in winter). Now the Oil should be Warm if not a little HOT, remember Cold oil will do no difference. Infact it only increases the problem for me. Try this for a few days and u will see the difference. A few warm almond oil drops in nose also helps in reducing the tension headaches caused by TMJ problem. However, unfortunately this are just temporary reliefs but better to have something than nothing.

Now what i have learnt over the time is Yes people will notice red ears, some will make fun of it but in the end its us whose lack of confidence actually allows them to do so. So have complete faith in urselves, Any sort of health problem part. this one is not our fault. Now i try my best not to give any impression about any uneasiness i am feeling bcuz of this. However i have to thank God, that this Redness has decreased with the course of time, now the redness is less and duration has considerably reduced. I hope it will finish very soon.

I hope this helps someone. Share your success stories as well. Regards
Why is it that so many people have this problem, as I do, and no ones doctor from what I've read has been able to give them any accurate diagnosis or information??
dave angel
hi , i have had red ear syndrome for multiple years now,
my left or right get really hot en red but never both at the same time
it does seem to happen more often in recent months

it's not really painfull, but more of an annoyance/irritance for me

until a few weeks ago i just accepted it as something strange that happens to me, untill one night i googled "one red ear" or something simular and found a name for it, it's nice to know that you're not alone

what i have noticed:
it happens:
- mostly in the evening
- when i have had an alcoholic beverage (about 1 to 2 hours later)
- sometimes the left ear, sometimes the right never both
- when stressed at work
- sometimes it helps to put some cold water on the ear (although not always)
- if you start to notice it, it happens more often

i dont know it so rare a desease: if you start to look for it in other people , i seems to see it pretty regulary

don't know about any cure being out there somewhere

i have found a message board on the subject under under rare disorders, not many activity there perhaps we could move some discussion that way too
dave angel
hi , i have had red ear syndrome for multiple years now,
my left or right get really hot en red but never both at the same time
it does seem to happen more often in recent months

it's not really painfull, but more of an annoyance/irritance for me

until a few weeks ago i just accepted it as something strange that happens to me, untill one night i googled "one red ear" or something simular and found a name for it, it's nice to know that you're not alone

what i have noticed:
it happens:
- mostly in the evening
- when i have had an alcoholic beverage (about 1 to 2 hours later)
- sometimes the left ear, sometimes the right never both
- when stressed at work
- sometimes it helps to put some cold water on the ear (although not always)
- if you start to notice it, it happens more often

i dont know it so rare a desease: if you start to look for it in other people , i seems to see it pretty regulary

don't know about any cure being out there somewhere

i found a messageboard on on rare disorders
not much traffic there perhaps we could post some stuff there too

ps if i have dubbleposted sorry, i did not see my message anymore after posting it, after checking back
Olga Bear
Why, i am asking why all this happens
I read some of the comments and for me, my ears tend to get hot when I drink sugary drink
pictures milf
I haven't gotten much done. Basically nothing noteworthy going on right now, but shrug. I can't be bothered with anything recently. I guess it doesn't bother me. Maybe tomorrow. I feel like a bunch of nothing.
I haven't been up to much these days. Such is life. I've just been letting everything happen without me these days, but I don't care.
Hi, ich Suche jemanden der mir redaxo aufsetzt und bei der grafik implementierung und den addons hilft. Bezahlung nach absprache danke!
Hi from another sufferer. Has anyone seen this:

Maybe the hot ear thing is another symptom of this. Does anyone else get the sweating problem? I'm seriously thinking about having this done (after checking out the price first :-).
Oalga Bear
Can anyone make me a diabolo? or a god?
I believe red ears occur when the body is overheated, its starts circulating blood through the ears since the ears are thin the blood can cool that way. Being as that being in hot rooms, sexual activity or listening to intense music turns my ears red - all those are associated with the body being overheated. Im not 100% sure..
I have one ear that gets really red and it feels like so much heat coming from that one ear. It is never both ears, mostly my left ear. I can't believe there are so many others who have this same problem. I was just concerned that I could have some type of blockage or some medication condition that was causing it. It makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one.
I am a teenager and have experienced hot ears for as long as I can remember. Usually one ear at a time, pretty much always in the evening. I do not drink, It does not seem to be linked to stress. I have no health problems to my knowledge, though I seem to get headaches easily (usually either due to stress or mild dehydration). Hot rooms might trigger it, but it's hard to tell since it makes every room seem hot. Winter seems to be the most common time. Sometimes it is irritating, but fortunately I fall asleep easily now so it doesn't keep me up like it occasionally did when I was younger. I have never given it much thought before, but I just tonight noticed in the mirror that my hot ear was very bright red, and of course ended up at this search engine fav. Hopefully I can remember to ask my doctor about it next time.
Amazing. I'm glad to know I'm not so weird! For at least 8 years I've suffered red, hot ears typically after drinking wine (red, white, no difference) but it also happened last night after drinking a Cosmopolitan. I'm 54, received a medical diagnosis (after brain scan and other testing) of combined ADHD about four years ago. Otherwise, pretty high blood pressure, no migraines. I'm allergic to all summer squashes and eggplant, strawberries, kiwis, melons, and walnuts. (Someone once said it was stuff in the "nightshade" family yet I have no problem with tomatoes or cucumbers.) I've also had the red hot ears happen without having had anything to eat. This is such a STRANGE syndrome!
Hey Tap,
Have you taken any meds for the ADHD issues? if so, have they helped with the Red Hot Ear problem?
I am just woundering if everyone here uses a cell phone .
i too have this problem. i've been experimenting, and i've noticed i always get red ears whenever it's really hot and i get really anxious or nervous.
Hi guys, well here's a little history for ya. i'm female,25, 3 kids, i smoke (ya i know i'm trying to quit), drink sometimes. Last year after having my baby I got toxemia which led to high blood pressure... which in turn caused a seizure and a stroke. I usually only got red ears when i drank, but now i'm finding that i get them alot more. usually when i'm excited or nervous. yesterday it happened for no reason at all. i took my blood pressure and it wasn't extremely high 130/90, but i also did notice that my heart was racing. as far as i can tell it probably is due to high blood pressure. i also have some bubbling sound in my right ear which noone has been able to tell me anything. it was also followed by a headache that continued for the rest of the night. I am waiting for my dr. to call me back, but I really do believe that it has something to do with hbp. next time it happens check your blood pressure and see if it's abnormal. you can do this at your dr office or even a grocery store. trust me hbp is nothing to mess with!!
All, I am 48, have had the RHES at least since I was 28, there seems to be no real reason for it and I can not predict when it will happen! It will happen in a hot room and spread from my left ear to my left cheek to my right check, then the entire face and then my right ear. I have found a few things that help, but generally they can't be done when this happens and it happens everyday, several times per day. If I can get to a car during the episode and have the air on HIGH and point directly at my left ear, after about 20 minutes, it will go away... but who can do that several times a day and work! Other thing that helps, when I travel is to return to the hotel room and trun the air conditioner on HIGH and lay my face (on the left side, on it), this too can take away the problem, but if I am rushed, it doesn't work and lastly, If I take like 3mg to 6 mg of Alprozalm a day, it controls it, but that stuff is not good for you at all. I have been in generally good health all my life, I don't drink, smoke or anything like that. I do have an undiagnosable left leg pain that is with me every moment of every day and extends the entire lenght of the leg including the hip. I have seen several specialists over the last 30 years for this, and they see nothing significant on any test.
I am at a complete loss to know the casue of either of these, and I don't believe that they are connected in any form.
I do wonder though, if the main blood vessel or artey that goes to the ears (there seems to be several blood vessels, but only one that is very large compared to the others) was to be rerouted via surgery to another internal blood flow vessel, would that fix the problem. Has anyone every considered this thought? The ear would still get blood because of the other vessels, but this one is the one that seems to start and gets RED HOT then to the ear then they get so HOT they become PURPLE and PAINFUL!
Patty Z
I am shocked to hear that so many people have this same condition. My son who is 8 years old gets red ears when he is playing video games or other games that make his adrenaline go crazy. It also happens when he is stressed out.
I thought maybe it was his blood pressure. He hates his red ears and we are going to try the tongue trick next time it happens we'll keep you posted :)
I was getting a little nervous but now I see it is a common thing. Thanks so much for posting this page. I am sure LOTS of moms are thankful!
i think we are all hypochondriacs _spelling..i have the same thing but you guys make me think im really sick.
My ear occasionally turns red suddenly with an intense heat. But just as often it is my face. Today around 2:30 pm I felt a sudden onset of heat straight to my face, almost stinging. My face has been red for over to hours although it is starting to lessen. Its only slightly painful, more like a burning feeling. Eyes are irritated, throat a little as well. Anyone else also have the flushing in the face?
About 5 years ago now I damaged my left ear shooting guns without earplugs and have suffered from tinnitus since. The red hot ear (left side) started about a year later, and I just assumed it was related. Reading all these posts I see it could be anything causing RHE. I am 28, ADD, unknown blood type, network administrator, drink coffee and alcohol occasionally, and also suffer from lack of sleep. I find the only thing that makes the redness and burning go away is exercise. If I go out and walk briskly for about 1/2 mile or 2 laps around your average store parkinglot, the redness goes away. My personal belief is that this condition is related to poor circulation. I noticed alot of the people posting here are very right brain (intellectual) which is synonymous with physically dormant. Get out of your chair and get some exercise once a day people and see if it helps. Just my .02 cents, good luck to you all!
Hi all (again from many posts ago). Exercise certainly helps, good for circulation etc, etc.
But, if you have a big presentation or something and you fear the 'red, hot, ear thing' may occur try having a dispirin/aspirin mixed with lemon juice (only). This has worked for me over the years. The 'red, hot, ear thing' will re-occur when you least expect it (well for me anyway, and only in winter when its cold outside and I come into a very warm or hot room) but the lemon juice with aspirin/dispirin has given me temporary relief particularly if I have to present something in front of a group of people or attend a function etc.

Hope this may help some.
regards to all
Hi all,
I've always gotten a red and hot ear when I'm run down (tired) or just coming down with a cold. I think it's always the left, but I'm not positive.

It also happens sometimes with alcohol, mostly at night. It's not really a problem for me (actually the pre-sickness hot ear is useful for letting me know when I should get some extra rest). :)

As for commonalities - it is interesting - I also am O+. I've noticed a bunch of posts from people with anxiety/stress issues - but keep in mind that it could be that only anxious/stressed folks are taking the time to research this. I just happened to be bored and wanted to see if anyone else has this. It's interesting!

If you have any other symptoms (pain, etc.) or are really worried you should go to the doctor, but (in my unprofessional opinion) the occasional hot ear itself is not dangerous. Just a quirk of the body.

Good luck to all!
Hi there,
I'm a medical student from London with the exact same red ear syndrome. I've had it for 8 or so years now and both my ears flush bright red nearly every evening, burning like wildfire in the process.

I was previously diagnosed with a TMJ (Temperomandibular joint) dysfunction that caused terrible headaches to be associated with the red ears, so, I would venture that there is a degree of TMJ involvement in this horribly irritating condition. For the bad news, treating the TMJ did nothing for the ears but worked fine with regards to pain.
check out Erythromelalgia it might help I know this happens to me at night but mainly feet and hands, I definately have EM but it can affect any part of the body although it says hands and feet on most info. My face gets red sometimes only one cheek and my ears can burn at night too.
I have suffered from the Hot Ear Syndrome since I first had an allergic reaction to a zinc suppliment for which my whole body turned hot and red. The truth of the matter is that "hot ear" IS NOT connected to ADHD because I do not have ADHD. I am an O+ blood type and the temperature has changed from hot to cold outside in just a matter of a couple of days. However, I have been told by several doctors that "hot" ears is a sign of rising blood pressure. I have also been told that since I have a reaction to medium to high amounts of zinc, the hot ear could be attributed to something that I may have eaten that contained zinc (i.e. salads, salad dressings). I have been told by a doctor that any zinc I take into my body is absorbed into the blood stream. If I happened to take in too much zinc, then I get the hot ear. More or less like a warning. After about an hour, the heat and redness goes away and everything goes back to normal.

This is the explaination I have been given by my family physician, allergists, and E.N.T. doctors. I hope this will shed some light on the issue.
Wendy C
My son gets red hot ears. It varies from ear to ear and has no apparent reason, he has had it for a number of years, ever since I can remember. I think it just bothers him if its mentioned by someone, but it doesn't affect his daily life. But what scares me is all these people saying it does...maybe it will change and be daily and bother him. I have been trying to look up info on Vascular Hemihypertrophy...I had a brother that had that and my mother said his ears would do this too. Its harde to read the info on this disorder
Lisa F
I think some folks are describing what might be 2 different kinds of 'hot ear' problems. I am 28 years old, and began having 1 hot ear, always the right one, while I was pregnant 2 years ago. It seems to be nearly random, as it plagues me regardless of lack of caffeine/alcohol consumption. The heat is so intense I use ice packs or frozen peas to reduce the discomfort. Like a few mentions above, I also suffer from TMJ disorder and pain, and these two seem to flare up around the same time, though not always together. I also have been dismissed by doctors which is very disappointing, pehaps I should print off all of these posts and bring them in next time I see him!!
For the past few years my left ear gets hot more often than my right, but just the same they still get very red and hot. I have never thought of asking my doctor why this happens, but after reading everyones comments and finding no diagnosis....i guess it would be sinseless and waisted money. Whether i'm having a drink or not it just occurs whenever at any time of the day or evening. It may be stressed related (which i have a-lot of that), or maybe because my neck is out of line and needs ajusting, or i maybe developing some kind of cancer. Where are all the medical doctors and researchers for our red hot ear problem?
Thanks for all the above posts regarding a burning ear(s). I was going to go to the GP about my young son tomorrow, who has complained of the latter for a very long time, but it seems that there would be no specific cure. His ear condition tends to occur nightly, possibly due to tiredness.
John McGrath, Dublin
I am so happy that I have found others with the same condition as me, for so long I thought I was being paranoid. I have been suffering from the dreaded one hot ear syndrome for about a year now, at first I thought it was nothing.. too much drink or something, but since that faithful sunny June day back in 2005 I have been having relapse nearly on a daily basis.
I think for me it is something to do with sex - I am homosexual and I lead a very sexual active life. I find that after I am with a man my right ear becomes really hot and very irritating.
Wow, I never realized so many people have this problem. All i have to say is it's the most annoying thing ever. I'm 15 and i started to get the "red ear" like.. probably around 2 years ago.. it's so random i never know when it will start.. I wish someone had a clue about what to do about it ...
Liz, Indianapolis, Indiana
I have to say it is amazing to find this site with so many people who are suffering from this annoying thing.

I am 15, and my right ear always gets hot midway through 4th period (around 1:45, block scheduling). I am in advanced classes for my age and suffer from a medium to high level of stress (I'm pretty good at dealing with it).

When I was around 12, I had my tonsils removed and developed pneumonia that went undiagnosed for a while (an infectious disease specialist finally caught it). Ever since then, when it is hot outside or I get out of a warm shower, I have giant red splotches on my knees sometimes extending down my leg. These don't itch at all but feel a little warm (warm enough for me to notice)

Throughout any given day my chest will also have the same splotches.

My psychiatrist has told me that the chest ones can be due to being uncomfortable in a social situation.

Which brings me to commonalities.
I have ADHD (I was diagnosed at age 7 or so) and currently take Concerta for it. Recently I have had issues with Social Phobias, but mine involve gym class (which I am currently not taking) and playing my Clarinet in front of people in band class.(I noticed the trumpet player's comment, I have not noticed the red ears when I play though).
I am not completely sure, but I think I have AB+ blood type (I know I am not O)
Either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism runs in my family. As of three years ago, I did not have that (when they were trying to diagnose my pneumonia)
I do not think I have any food allergies, especially considering that the Concerta decreases my appetite so I generally skip lunch (which gives me Hypoglycemic symptoms, which my mother has) and I still have these symptoms, I do, however try to eat a little something to control my shakiness and I always have water. My Mother's Mother is allergic to soy, however.

I am NOT a hypochondriac, though. A friend commented on my ear (I have always just ignored it or thought I have a fever, although I never do) and suggested I check it out.

This has been bothering me for a while, I wonder what our issue is.

Anyone with whom could comment with insight on my problem/symptoms, it would be greatly appreciated!

I'm so glad I found a group of people who have the same problem!

I hope we can figure this out!

Warm Regards,
Liz, Indianapolis, Indiana
And oh yes, I do not drink or do drugs, and am abstinent (no STDS!) and I don't have high blood pressure.
HI, There are many posts here dating back to 2003 but I get the gist of them, therefore, I will just add situation. I am active duty military, very healthy in my opinion, quit dipping and drinking but took up working out at the gym.
I have never had high blood pressure, even though married to an OCD woman who is currently pregnant (love her though) and we can a 5 year old. Anyway, I was sitting in class last week and my ears were on fire and I figured it was a hot classroom or something. Still working out for an hour at lunch (heavy upper body weights) and then yesterday I was like dude my ears have been getting hot around 3 pm everyday and that is not good. I went to the doctor that lunch break and enrolled under hot ears - confused. The triage lady took my blood pressure and it was 152/98 (i have never been above 125/85 in my life and i check regularly since my wife is a nurse. I started chatting with the doctor and told him i was taking a workout supplement called NO Explode (caffeine/vasodilator (opens up blood vessels for more powerful pumps in the gym) I am 32 and she told me that was the culprit definately so I stopped taking it and she told me it should be 48 hours before the supplements are out of my system. I has been 5 days since I took them and i have hot ear right now and my blood pressure is normal. I am on a five day BP monitoring session before i go back to see her. From all these posts I am kind of nervous but I will let you all know what the outcome is. I think it is definately from high BP but I hope that energy supplemement didnt give me chronic high BP with a red ear chaser:(. Email me at if you want to chat about the infamous red ear and do not take any supplements or drink energy drinks (get your energy from food)
My 11 year old son gets an aura about 15 minutes before his ear turns bright red and really hot. He describes the aura like what happens to me before I get a migraine. He has a blind spot that gets bigger before it goes away and his ear turns red. He also suffers from headaches and migraines. I'm so happy to have found this site and people who have the same thing!
Laura Flam
Wow, I also have a hot red ear as I write this and get them occasionally for 1-2 hours in only my right ear. I used to break into chronic hives and would notice my ear getting red at the same time when I ate certain foods with high amount of allergens like shellfish and nuts that would exaggerate the hives. I did see a few doctors about the hives but they (like the red ear) are unexplainable. I have also noticed that the hives were triggered by stress. Anyone else here getting hives as well as a red ear? I am amazed by all the others with res ears here and slightly relieved to read that it is probably caused by stress.
To Kelly Mac - Yes, I did take Adderall for about 3 months for the ADHD, but it caused "nasty" me to emerge so I stopped taking it. The drug seemed to have no noticeable effect on the ears.
stupid boy
why don't we donate our blood?i have been suffer this for a long time!i'm a boy!20years day,i saw a girl or boy,so i don't know why my ear turn red and my classmate doubt that i'm.....that's when i do other such as having some class my classmate always pay attention to my ear.oh! ican't bear.i'm about to be crazy
I too suffer from the red hot ear thing. I also thought it was just a wierd thing that I alone experienced. But it is happening alot more often and starting to hurt, so I thought I would try to find out about it. I too thought it was from high blood pressure, but my pressure was always normal. I think it happens alot when I am tired. And when my ears are red and hot I feel so out of it. Almost like I am not thinking straight. Maybe thats the tiredness. Does the tiredness cause the red ears or does the red ear cause me to be so tired? I know after they go back to normal, I am wiped out. I have had this happen for a long time. Usually just one, but sometimes both.
Hello, I have had a red-hot ear from time to time as long as I can remember. At the age of 2, I split my left ear open and it was stitched up. This is the ear that gets hot. Perhaps there is something to the blood flow issue mentioned in an earlier posting. Seems our ears are trying to release heat from the body? (dogs don't sweat, they pant). Anyway, no ADD, ADHD, ODD, etc. Could be affected by drinking, hadn't thought about that until I read these posts. Hope this helps!
hey, i started to noticed this hot left ear two weeks ago, and the worst thing is when i notice it i started to feel different like shy or something then it will go into my face but never will reach into my right ear i dont like it coz i cant face people when im so red, im 7 months pregnant now and i was thinking its porobably because im pregnant or im a little bit stress coz i cant sleep during the nights.I also feel it when i talked to people and it will make my face red coz i will begin to be shy becoz of it, my husband told me maybe becuase im really shy but i said how can i be shy talking to people i already know? it doesnt make sense and most of the weird thing is when we sleep i felt it too my ear is getting warm this time my face wasnt included coz its probably I am not facing someone.Its bothering me now coz this very new to me im so happy that a lot of people are having it too i thought im starting having mental problem. but if anyone could really whats going on, i still think its part of the changes in me because im preganant i hope this is the reason then it will dissapear after having the baby, i hope someone could clarify this new strange feeling.
my son gets red ears from time to time. he's been diagnosed with add, but the phenomenon seems to be related to temperature. when he gets overly warm, his ears will turn red, but not all the time, and this is when he's not sweating.
Only my left ear gets hotter than 1,000 suns, and I was diagnosed with ADHD a few months ago, but have had it all my life. I am a 31 year old female. I have never been pregnant, and am in excellent health. All except for this left ear... boy is it annoying!!! My symptoms occur when I am tired/possibly stressed. (maybe from nursing school) I don't FEEL stressed, but I think I am and dont know it. I don't have time for stress. So anyway, add me to the "left ear-ADHD" group. Cheers!
Gosh, I can't believe so many ppl have the same thing going on with that one ear of them.

I've been having this "red hot left ear" for two months now and it happens almost at the same time every afternoon. I'm not diagnosed of anything and just curious to know what the reason is.
I have had one red ear twice now and both times it was within the same half an hour of the afternoon of one another. Strange isn't it?
Mine has been happening mostly in my left ear.

I am not a highly stressful person. I've had it happen when tired and well rested. Infact the occurence this evening happened after a good restful nap. I'm not a drinker or smoker. I do have hypertension. Possibly ADHD/predominently inattentive - never been "officially" diagnosed, but don't know how that would have anything to do with this. I am not on any medications. I've had it occur when I'm hot and when I'm cold. Its happened morning, afternoon or evening. When I in company and alone. I don't have migraines, I'm not embarrased easily.

It began occuring about 1 - 1.5 yrs ago. There is no set time for the occurences. Sometimes I'll go days - weeks without an occurence. Today I have had two. Mine is not so much painful as it is annoying. Also, it sometimes itches.

I get episodes of Food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis.I break out in hives, swell, turn red like a big red radish, asthma, tongue and throat swells and ITCH ITCH ITCH!!!! These episodes are far and few in between. I have had an episode for 2 years and 2-3 years prior to that one. I have never had this problem or asthma before then BOOM they started when I was around 27 yrs old. I've always had allergies. I'm 38 now. I have had approximately 5-6 episodes in the 11 years.

I always just thought there was some sort of correlation between the red hot ears and the anaphylaxis. Possibly some sort of allergic reaction - but to what, I don't know?

I also noticed just starting this winter that when my hands get cold they turn real red, swell and itch real bad, then subsides. When this happens it brings to mind when I have an episode of anaphylaxis.

I don't know - anybodies guess is as good as mine - I've always just accepted that they happen and just thought I was a "freak of nature" :). I was surprised to see it's so common.
Mine has been happening mostly in my left ear.

I am not a highly stressed person. I've had it happen when tired and well rested. Infact the occurrence this evening happened after a good restful nap. I'm not a drinker or smoker. I do have hypertension. Possibly ADHD/predominantly inattentive - never been "officially" diagnosed, but don't know how that would have anything to do with this. I am not on any medications. I've had it occur when It has happened at different times of the day. When I am in company and alone. I don't have migraines, I'm not embarrassed easily.

It began occurring about 1 - 1.5 yrs ago. There is no set time for the occurrences. Sometimes I'll go days - weeks without an occurrence. Today I have had two. Mine is not so much painful as it is annoying. Also, it sometimes itches.

I get episodes of Food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis. I break out in hives, swell, turn red like a big red radish, asthma, tongue and throat swells and ITCH ITCH ITCH!!!! My last episode was about 2 yrs ago and had not had a episode for 2-3 years prior to that one. I have never had this problem or asthma before then BOOM they started when I was around 27 yrs old. I've always had allergies. I'm 38 now. I have had approximately 5-6 episodes in the 11 years.

I also noticed just starting this winter that when my hands get cold they turn real red, swell and itch real bad, then subsides. When this happens it brings to mind when I have an episode of anaphylaxis.

I just thought these were somehow related. Possibly some sort of allergic reaction - but to what, I don't know?

I don't know - anybodies guess is as good as mine - I've always just accepted that they happen and just thought I was a "freak of nature" :). I was surprised to see it's so common.
Sorry for the two posts...
iam 23/male... iam suffering form hyper tetnsion...iam having high B.P for last one year and now aim taking medicine for that to control was ok till last month..but from last week onwards i noticed that my either right or left getting red and hot!actually this is for the first time in my life happened...its more at night while i go to bed just after having my dinner...i want to just know that is it a danger sign or is it a symptom of stroke? pls do help me by giving a right reply if anybody outthere with the same problem....
I have been suffering from Red Ears and TERRIBLE hot flashes for years. I have mild hypertension, panic disorder, but am otherwise a healthy 29 yo male. It is usually my left ear that gets red and so hot I sometimes put ice on it. At times, my entire face becomes flush and hot. So much so that I think of sticking my face in the freezer. I can almost feel it throb and it my left ear will sometimes turn purple. Often headaches and extreme fatigue follow and episode. Anyone know what I should do? Also, I saw someone mention a correlation to Trigeminal Nueralgia. My dad suffered from TN for years until it went into remission.
I am a 60+ woman who has had what I call hot ear syndrome for years. It's usually just my right ear that gets hot in the evening, although there have been times both ears were hot. Usually lasts from 1-2 hours. No other symptoms, although sometimes I feel my BP is up and when I check and it is. I do have hypertension and I am on a beta blocker and ace inhibitor. I believe the hot, red ear may be related to hormones, but no proof. I do have hypothyroidism and the hypertension and hypothyroidism began about at the same time. Maybe there's a link. My doctor doesn't know why my ear gets red and hot, but he's had other patients with the same thing. I'm glad I found this site. I've never been embarrassed about my ear problem and would encourage others not to worry about what others think. After all, some people sweat excessively, have bad breath and like problems. A red ear isn't so bad socially.
I am concerned about my daughter, who is 8 years old, and suffers with red hot ears in both ears. Any suggestions on how to make her feel better?
Hello there Ms .Anonymous,

Well,I just pack some crushed ice into a small piece of Linen and then allow (my daughter who also suffers from Hot ears too)to hold the pack against her ears until the hotness subsides.or about for 5 mins .For now she just complains about one hot ear at a time so not so much probs..but would love to know the real reason why..I do believe it is Hormonal imbalances which occur at times..maybe during a stressful period.But it is also neuralgic I do believe.
Also give her some Paracetamol for any pain.
Hope this helps
Hi it's me have a check on this website which I found.
Maybe it could be of some help for some of you out there.
Best of Luck
How funny that I come across this as my I was inquiring on the web to find out why my left ear was all of a sudden turning hot red.....
I have been having "red ear syndrome" for about 15 years (i'm a 25 year old male). I asked the doctor years ago and he said it was nothing, all in my head. It is in both ears and I get it everyday. I purposely make them red when I get off work so I can go out later and not worry about them turning red in public. (it has never happened more than once in one day). A few things that cause them the most are stress/nervousness in front of others, hot weather, and sometimes drinking alcohol. The only way I have found to control this if it starts to flare up is cold water or cold weather, so I am constantly having to go outside or go to the bathroom to splash cold water on them. I have even resorted to licking my fingers and basically licking my ears to keep them cool. I even grew long hair once just to cover them up. In a way it controls my life but I have dealt with it for so long I can control it, sometimes. I would still like to find some kind of medical explanation for this so I can live a normal life. It sometimes prevents me from doing things with my friends, like in hot weather when I know I can't control it. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks.
I get it after eating sugar usually or Caffine
Interesting posts, but what about hot ears that don't turn red? I've had this problem for 5 months now, several times daily. It feels like my ears are red, they are so hot, but they look perfectly normal! I can't connect anything to this -- food, stress, etc.
mohammad saleem
the red and hot ear syndrome started with me since 2 weeks. i am 65 yrs old and i have no hbp or any other disease except i am mildly diabetic.
i have tried keeping ice on my both ears and find it soothing for a while and i donot get much cold feeling on the part where it is hot and red, but when i touch the ice to other part of the ear then i feel much colder.
i expect some medical reply on this syndrome and how to treat this.
My ears randomly get red and hot, one at a time usually. Is there anyone else who suffers from this but doesn't have any other health problems? I'm having trouble targeting the problem because I don't have high BP or diabetes or ADHD or other diseases/syndromes. Could it possibly be due to poor/excessive blood circulation?
I have just started getting red hot ears, and face and sometimes my neck. I haven't read all of these blogs but can't wait. I definitely see connections that I was already thinking of. 2 1/2 months ago I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and now with a mild low blood pressure which I appear to have had for a few years, but my symptoms are worse now. There is a link between low blood sugar and low blood pressure, and links to both of these are allergies. I always get allergies during spring (now in Southern Hemisphere) so I'm thinking there's a connection to this, and that it's worse now that I have these conditions. I also have been told that both conditions have probably been caused or onset by stress. I have had big stress in the last 2 years, I try not to but it doesn't always work! I also work at the computer and find I get a lot of tension. I'm just listing my symptoms in case you get this too. Maybe they're all connected. I'm now going to record types of food reactions as no doubt I have one that is the biggest underlying cause, I have been told. I'm guessing dairy. If I find out soon I will post the results.
Red ear guy
Hello all, Wow there is sure alot of red earred people up in here :) Well I too suffer from this effect and it it usually one ear and sometimes both. I am 36 and have dealt with this problem most of my life. When I was a kid I would flush easy. Being a man it was rather embarrassing to have hot flashes the same time my mother was as she went through menapause lol.

It usually occurs after I get hot like after physical excercise or get in any kind of hot weather. I thought If I would tan indoors maybe it wouldn't be that noiceable. However, after hitting the tanning bed my ear would be ablaze for about 10 hours straight and is aggrivating. Sometimes for no apparent reason what so ever, I can be working in doors as I usually do in a medical office where its about 65 degrees with air conditioning and then all of a sudden my left ear just goes fire red. I can feel its on fire without even touching it. Could this be hormonal? I have not checked for cancer with special test, but my CBC and Basic metabolic panel is perfect. Once again I have been suffering from this for pretty much most of my life so I doubt its cancer. It has got to be a genetic thing is my thinking.

I also suffer from Vasomotor Rhinitis. If you do not know what this is, I would encourage you to look this up. I would like to make an educated guess here (been in the medical field for 13 years as a R.N. and Paramedic). I would probably guess that most of us have this condition (Vasomotor Rhinitis - hypersensitivity towards odors like perfume, cologne, candles, exhaust fumes, cold weather changes, cigarrete smoke etc.) You do not have to have all of these, as sometimes I can actually wear cologne and be around certain scents, but sometimes my body goes crazy. There is medication called Astelin that really helps with Vasomotor Rhinitis, but unfortunately I can't see how it could really help the entire body of a hypersensitive individual. Wish someone can help with this. Heck I would be willing to take an injection 5 times a day if it would help!
Bill Milosz
Ever since I was a child, when I reach a certain level of physical fatigue or sleep-need tiredness, one or the other, or both, my ears will seem to me to be HOT. Sometimes they actually are redened and warm to the touch; other times I experience a sensation of heat but they are cool / normal to the touch. This will happen if I stay awake too long, or if I just haven't had as much sleep as I need; always happens in the evening. I have no medical conditions that are known- I see a doctor for regular checkups. This has been going on for over 50 years. Sometimes I may splash a little cool water on them; this helps. Another thing that used to happen when I was a kid, but doesn't any more, is that my knee joints would feel sore at the same time my ears felt hot. Possibly some kind of inflammatory thing triggered by "sleep toxins?" - those substances that build up in the blood when someone is sleep deprived to one degree or another? Who knows. I'm not worried that this is an indication of some dreadful ailment, I'll just keep my glass of icewater handy..... ;-)
It's totally sleep toxins. It makes sense. People who have ADHD get it because we run around so manically. And it seems that most people have the ear flush in the PM...when they are tired! Or if they are stressed (which causes exhaustion/yawning)...
Bill Milosz
I just thought of something- I seem to recall I had some frostbite on my ears when I was around 4. (Living in Wisconsin, you're bound to get a little frostbite here and there, especially kids playing in snow.) It wasn't severe frostbite at all, but maybe that's when this started. I can't say for sure. So maybe there's some vascular injury and it flares up when I'm tired, for some reason.
Hi. I am a 32 year old man. I do believe it has to do with sleep. I also had a frostbite when I was 3 or 4. My mother told me that my ears got hot since they were frostbite. The biggest problem to me is that I can't have quality sleep at all with my ears this hot. I have to sprinkle water on them to cool them down then I can start feeling much better until my ears boil up the moist.
I started noticing the red hot ear a couple of years ago (I'm 40 now). Now the redness has extended to my face. The doctor thinks it's rosacea, but I question that diagnosis since I have no acne, just redness. The doctor ran blood work for carcinoid because I suffer with IBS along with the flushing. The tests came back negative, but I'm struggling to accept the results. Most blood work for carcinoid is at best 75% accurate. Every time my ears and face get red it reminds me that something more serious may be occuring. I also have TMJ and O blood type. I notice that my autistic son also suffers with the red ear and sometimes cheeks. I wish I could just accept this as a non-serious condition and stop worrying. The possibilty of this being a carcinoid syndrome haunts me. As you can tell, I stuggle with anxiety. The flushing occurs primarily in the afternoon to evening and I've tried various food eliminations with no success. For awhile I was even eating just applesauce and rice and still flushing. I question the correlation with yeast. I have chronic yeast problems and have been on nystatin and difflucan for a long time. My doctor also checked my thyroid and hormone levels to make sure I wasn't in perimenapause. I sure wish there was a definitive answer as to why this occurs.
I don't think you have to worry, it is probably rosacea. You don't have to have acne to have rosacea, some cases are more mild and involve just flushing of the face (like I have).
what is my famili doing right now
OMG I thought I was a freak or something! The right red ear thing has been happening to me for a long time now. I associate it with stress. I dont drink alcohol but I do smoke cannibus, which helps with some stress, however the red ear thing doesnt even go away when I apply ice!!! love to all
Well I have the same problem, and it is good to know that I am not the only one. My doctor does not know what is causing me this but he always tell me that it is stress. I also have other symptoms like blinking eyes, in my hands sometimes I feel also like a blinking, dizzieness some times, headaches and palpitations. Does anyone has other symptoms other than red or hot ears? Maybe this is a start to knos if everyone that participate in this forum suffers the same and what is causing it.
Vikki Hollis
It’s a relief to know It’s NOT “just me”! I’m 55 and this has been happening for at least 2 years. I drink a glass of wine a few times a year, so it’s not the alcohol. I have never smoked or done any drugs, so that’s out. I don’t drink Caffeine. I’m not ADD or ADHD. Blood pressure is low to normal. I had a radical hysterectomy at 39, and have been on HRT since then. I’ve considered requesting a change in type, or dosage, of HRT medication, but now I’m not so sure that’s what it is.
I do have Rosacea, and the heat from my ear triggers the Rosacea, so it’s annoying in that respect also. It had ALWAYS been my right ear, but the last month or so it has been only the left, and it itches on the outer top part of my ear, when it heats up. The right ear never itched.. I don’t really mind the “red”, just the HEAT and itching! I have it in the afternoon, and when I first get up in the morning almost daily. I sleep fine and I get plenty of sleep.
I don’t know if I get hot because of the weather or the fire on my ear! I can’t stand the pillow on my ears, so I’ve been using a ‘Buckwheat” pillow. The down pillows make my ears too hot. I sleep with a fan on my face to keep my ears cool, and turn the thermostat to 66 at night. In a hot car I have the air conditioning trained on my ears or “ear ignition” is guaranteed! Last night I bought a “rechargeable” fan to carry with me (This is getting annoying!)
I will start keeping a journal of foods to see if there is any correlation. It’s become a daily affair and you would think there is SOMETHING that could be done! The last couple of days I’ve taken Benadryl…I thought that might help the itching. AND, I think it’s helped.
Thanks for all the posts and to for providing the forum!
Good luck to all!
Ray Penko
Hey folks, sounds like we have a large crew of red ear sufferers out there. IF only doctors would listen to us. As many have mentioned, I too was tested for systemic mastocytosis. In fact, I have a family history of allergy and asthma and have them myself. I figured out the red years and face come on when i am having a reaction to something. i went to johns hopkins medical center in washington, dc and was diagnosed as having migraines, with a particular type of neuralgia that sensitizes the trigeminal nerve or some other nerve in the head, causing autonomic symptoms like facial flushing. but, i have found no relief, except for using a migraine free diet prescribed to me by dr. david buccholz at johns hopkins. he has a book out. if you have unilateral headches with the ear reddness, you might want to try this diet. it really works. i know i also get red when exposed to dust mite containing items-which i am allergic to and when i am exposed to alternaria mold spores. they , like dust mites, are everywhere. i also get twitching of the eye on the same side of the head that i get the headache on. such symptoms suggest autonomic nervous system componenets. i get the chills, and i thought i was the only 44 year old man to know exactly what woman go through when they have hot flashes. i get profuse sweating of the forhead,too. recently, doctors at stanford university medical center in california gave me cyclosporine, an immune system suppressant thinking it may reduce my allergic sensitivities and therefore reduce the redness. didn't work. i have been on all kinds of antihistamines for the condition. some may benefit for periactin-one antihistamine that is effective with headaches. i thought the reddness was all i got since childhood, but what has happened is i have lost part of my hearing because when my ears get red i also get a mucos drainage from my ears. i used to have dizziness and balance problems with the reddness, but that was alleviated when i asked the doctor to put holes in my eardrums. this allowed me to drain the fluid from my ears. amazing, the kid that was terrible at sports as a kid because of drainage that was in the eustachian tube but unknown now has excellent balance because the eustachian tubes drain every day. Problem is I have 38% hearing loss in one ear and 28% in the other. to date i am in contact with two neurologists who have discussed the use of the the drug indocin to treat red ears and facial flushing when it is accompanied by headache on one side of the head-unilateral headache. mine leads to migraines. the drug topiramate -check spelling-is also used. I moved from new york city to california to decrease the reddness and flushing, etc , and it has helped because i am outdoors more and less exposed to dust mites and mold spores-alternaria to be exact. i reduced the ear redness about 35%. I've tried botox injections to the head and that didn't help. i had nasal surgery to relieve what a doctor behin, md, christ hospital, new jersey, called contact point migraines, and i had a vagus nerve stimu;ator implanted in my chest to alter my brain waves to eliminate the migraines. no help there. however, some have found the vagus nerve stimulator works for migraines. i developed an infection so it had to come out. if you get red ears with other neurological symptoms, visual distortions, head pain, tingling in head, hands or feet, you should see a neurologist. . suing a down pillow will lead to the production fo dust mites , so that may be a cause of some people's red ears-if you get them through the night and the morning, along with rhinitis-it could be a sure bet. see an allergist. at least, go hyperallergenic-cover your pillows in vinyl or get allergy control product covers. i'll le tyou know what feedback i get from the docs at the mayo clinic, who i have just re-established contact with. incidentally, imagine, my partner is an emergency room physician-no help for this at all.
Hi all,

I have been struggling with red, flushing ears for a year now. I have rosacea.. it has been diagnosed for several years now, so I'm 99% sure my red ears are just an off-swing of my rosacea. But no dermatologist has a solid idea of what to do for it. I have started a standard rosacea treatment... Noritate (Metrogel counterpart) and doxycycline antibiotic in hopes it will help my ears as well. I'll letcha know!
Try Benadryl! It WORKS for me! My ears are not just flushed (color wise), they really get HOT! It drives me nuts. I take a Benadryl when it starts getting HOT and it stops. I can't say it's not still red, I never really cared about the "Red"! Just the heat.

If it works for anyone else, please let me know.
Might as well add me to the list... For me it lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour!
Ear gets really RED, gets hot, slightly annoying... mostly my right ear, rarely the left but has on the rare occasion been both.

Alcohol plays a factor here as well, but I don't need a beer for it to happen either... It just happens when it wants to happen!

Will consult DR. on this sometime this month about it!
Nice to know I'm not alone though... shame they have no real clue though as to what this is from the looks of it!
My 5 year-old-son just got done having an "Ear fit" a few minutes ago, so I got on the computer and Googled "ear burning" and here I am! He screams that his ears are burning and this happens periodically before bedtime. He is O+, and could very well be ADHD (hyperactivity). When this happens, I get him warm wet wash cloths to hold on his ear(s). He'll cry for a little while, but it usually subsides within a half an hour. I am going to print out this site and take it to his pediatrician. It's such a shame that doctors don't LISTEN to their patients! If they don't know what it is, then it's just "In our heads", and I am SICK of it. I don't personally suffer from the red ear stuff, but I have had my share of doctors letting things go on too long and having to suffer my whole life for things that actually DID pan out to be true, and not just in my head. I am GOING to find SOME doctor out there to LISTEN about MY son so he doesn't have to suffer his whole young life in pain like I did. So, let's ALL print this site out and take it to our doctors and MAKE THEM LISTEN AND HELP US!!! Good luck to all of you!!! And let's all keep each other in our prayers that God will show some doctor out there the answer and cure all these red ears! Thanks! Jill
I have had hot ears for at least 15 years. The left is related to blood sugar; when it is low the ear is hot, when it is normal the ear temp is normal. Others with hypoglycemia have said they had the same experience. However my hot right ear is another matter. It seems to be related to anxiety. If the ear is hot, most always in the late evening but sometimes in the afternoon, I will be unable to sleep. This has kept me awake for up to 5-6 hours. Xanax dealt with the anxiety and the hot ear goes away; first time every time. Well most times, I have been so stressed that .75mg of Xanax and a Ambien CR will not let me get to sleep; usually another .25mg of Xanax solves this problem. I have always had a high tolerance for pain killers and the like; most others find much smaller doses of Xanax very effective. I would say that anything that reduces stress, at least for me, reduces my hot ear problem. Since I've had this so long it doesn't appear to be a physical illness, but other things can also cause the same problem. Hope this helps someone.
Vivien Crawford Buckley
I thought I would share my experiences. Last Dec./06 I got a swollen, painfully sore right ear. I was put on antibiotics. Then a couple of weeks ago my right ear flared up again. I was put on more antibiotics. While taking them my left ear flared up and got so painful I went to emerge. They put me on IV antibiotics. I went back for several days getting more of the drip. They arranged for a home nurse to come to my house with a pump for the IV. After 4 days of this I decided this was nuts and why treat me with antibiotics when they don't even know what it is. So, come Saturday I asked the home nurse to unhook me and did a lot of net searching.
Anyway, google gout of the ear. I realize this is what I have and explains the mysterious joint pains I've had over the last couple of years with absolutely no cause. The physio therapists have been mystified. They insist I must have twisted my ankle working out but just don't remember. I guess this means I can't drink wine the way I have been. I just wanted to share this in case it is an answer for somebody where there hasn't been one.
Both my children aged 9 and 7 get incredibly red and hot ears.Ssometimes one ear often both. The older child has aspergers and the younger doesn't.Both have mild Inattentive deficit disorder BUT even though some other people on the site report this condition alongside the hot ears I just don't feel it is connected .There are so many people out there with hot ears who don't have these conditions.The condition reduces them to tears.It is incredibly painful and so hot that a cold compress will become hot to touch in seconds.Like one other mother here I almost felt a fear at first that they could combust !Stress and fatigue certainly seem to exacerbate the condition but then sometimes it doesn't. One of my children has a perfect diet rich in fruit and vegetables and natural produce and lean meat.He is slim and fit The other I'm afraid loves junk food and eats no meat ! He is chubby .(and yes I try to monitor this as much as able) Yet both suffer the condition.All I know is the impact is awful and I'd give anything for a cure.Doctors I've been to react as if I'm mad !
I've noticed that myself and others who suffer from this condition are mostly somewhat red/auburn haired, with a light European complexion. Is this consistent with most of you on here that suffer with this?
At least I haven't noticed it yet with anyone that has anything but light complexions.
Mine is always in the left ear. Every afternoon between 3pm and 7pm. Never in the morning or at night. The left ear gets blazing hot and red and there's a slight stiffness in the neck; usually lasts about two hours I was wondering if it was somehow RSI related. It's worse if I'm angry or stressed. Alcohol is also a trigger. Great to know I'm not alone though! I'd love to have the answer!!!
My ear flushes come almost every day. Not every day, but most. They are very sensitive to eat, and otherwise they ALWAYS occur between 6pm and 10pm. very frustrating.
my son is seven, has been having red burning ears since he was about 3, not every day. i often notice him putting his ears on the cold floorboards or on the steel frame of our lounge. Seems to be more frequent lately. the first time i remember it happening was after he bumped his ear when he fell over. i would really like to know what it is but haven't taken him to the docs as i don't think they could do anything without seeing it and since it doesnt happen at any certain time, this could be difficult.
I'm sure this only applies to some, but ear flushing can be a symptom of rosacea. There are derms in TN and AZ that are able to perform botox on the ears to stop ear flushing, with apparently great success.
Worth the look if you have rosacea and hot ear flushes.
Ray Penko writes in part, "diagnosed as having migraines, with a particular type of neuralgia that sensitizes the trigeminal nerve " and also possible allergy to dust mites. I do use a down pillow, but I can't find connection here. However, it is very interesting, Ray, as I have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. I also have developed tongue dystonia which no dr. can tell me why. Maybe I tried 'the tongue trick' one too many times!! LOL Anyway, I take Lyrica for the TN and it helps some. Odd that I don't have RES any where near as often now. And in response to another post, yes I have light hair and complexion. Is anybody documenting all of this? Can we find a common thread? Send us all a survey!!!
I haven't posted in a while, but still read comments
Not sure what you don't get. Trigeminal nerve has 3 branches. The ones near the nose are irritated by allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis. The irritation of the occipital and supra-orbital branches is associated with migraine and cluster headaches. So any allergy that affects these nerves can provoke these headaches. Allergy can be to dust mites or feathers in down pillows, as well as any other protein. The nerve goes down to the spine. I don't know- maybe it causes the tongue problems.
My son is now 13 and he has had severe abdominal pain attacks since November 2006. He was hospitalized 3 times this year with stays of 10 days each. We have been in to emerg over 20 times.This all began in November when he a very high fever for 8 days of over 39 degrees which was the onset of the attacks which were so severe he doubled over and was given morphine and other pain killers to stop the attacks. That eventually didn't work either as he became allergic to the morphine. One thing that always preceded the attacks were burning red hot ears, they actually turned purple. This has now been linked to abdominal migraine which only children can get. He is on gabapentin and amitryptaline (anti seizure medication) which has finally after many months of mis- diagnosis worked to make the attacks stop. He missed 5months of school with this and it took a lot of effort to get the doctors to realize what this was. If your child has severe pain attacks in the abdomen please get them to check everything, we have also been tested for carcinoid syndrome and every other organic disease out there. After a almost 2 months pain free, he is now getting the burning hot ears again and I am so worried it will begin to come back. I sure wish that the doctors knew more about the brain and why it works the way it does. All we can do is put cold cloths on, ice cubes etc. They also mentioned neuropathic pain which is some mis firing in the brain that sends pain signals out. That could also be due to the high fever. I hope this helps anyone who has been going through the similar thing.
Mom wrote....."They also mentioned neuropathic pain which is some mis firing in the brain that sends pain signals out. "

I believe this may be the underlying cause for the red ear pain in many of us. I have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is exactly what you said, a misfiring of nerve signal from the brain. I get severe headaches, toothache like pain, stabbing pains in my eyes and part of my face. I am on Lyrica, the third med we've tried and it seems to be working. Haven't had red ear since taking it. Thank God!!!

God bless all who suffer from this condition - it can be very painful.
Since I have had this problem for abt more than 8 yrs, i know how much it hurts. It starts in winter part. when I come from some cold place like from outdoors to a hot room. It started when i was in 9th grade, so it definitely shook my confidence and self-esteem. Actually i also have TMJ problem. However for me unfortunately, this is connected with a slight form of rheumatoid arthritis. I have gone to many Allopathic doctor but they are of no use. They dont even consider this as a problem. However just recently i found two ways to reduce the burning (These arent exact solutions but they work temporarily)

1) Put some Almond oil drop in both ears before the ears get hot. In my case i know this is usu. in the evening or in closed rooms during winter. This helps since Almond oil is not bad for ears health. I think the reason behind its working that oil keeps cool inside so it keeps the ear cool as well. This was actually told by an expert in Herbal medicines in Pakistan.

2) [Contributed by Mark] This is better but this will have side effects later on. Take two aspirin/dispirin with a few drops of lemon. It works amazingly for a few hrs but i dont use it too much since Aspirins affect Liver adversely.

Hope this helps. If u know of any treatment, please do let me know. Good Luck. Take care. Bye
I have been getting red, hot ears for a few years now. It's usually not both at the same time, sometimes it will start in one ear, get back to its regular temperature for awhile, and then rotate to the other ear. I don't get headaches or anything like that, so I'm not really sure if its red ear syndrome. I've read that a lot of people get hot ears after drinking alcohol, but I don't drink at all. I haven't asked my doctor about it, since I didn't think it was abnormal. I'm in college now, so I have a roommate, and when she saw it she seemed concerned and wanted me to do some reasearch on it. Can anyone help me here? Thanks!
what to do??????? same problem here,temperature is the main couse but...everything can affect...
Dr. P
I have the same problem, although only occasionally. I have read up on this condition extensively, and although there are a few (very rare) disorders that can cause flares in the ears, the explanation is most likely one of the following: 1). A food allergy can present as redness and heat in the ears, so see if there is a correlation between anything in your diet and the red ears; 2). Core body temperature is tightly regulated, and sometimes the body needs to release excess heat for whatever reason (stress, hormones, weather etc), and the body avoids a fever by radiating heat through the skin, particularly on the face and ears.

The cause for each individual will, of course, vary, but odds are that one of the two above reasons is the culprit (as evidenced by the enormous number of people who experience this problem). My best advice is to closely monitor what you are doing when the ears start to go hot. If it is triggered by diet, this is easy enough to change. If it is triggered by temperature, cooling yourself off is the best bet.

My ear flushes are random, but for those people who experience them at the same time every day, this sounds like a circadian rhythem to me -- perhaps you have a daily routine which is exposing you to the same flush-inducing conditions at the same time every day, or the flushes are related to your daily hormone fluctuations.
J. L. Noble
I have had hot flashes, face, ears, feet, etc. for several years. I have had allergy tests and am not allergic to anything. It happens every day about 2:00 p.m. It is miserable. My feet burn and face burns and I have to sleep with cold towels on my face. The only thing that has helped is I take Ultram a non narcotic pain killer that relieves the pain. I notice that under stress it flairs up and it also flairs up when it is hot. I can't tolerate heat at all. My doctor has no clue, but at least he has provided me some relief with the medication.
hi yeah I get red ears too.
usually everyday
my mum thinks I have a lactose problem
I don't know I would really like it to stop.
Can anyone help me reduce it?
is it true that eating rolled oats ecery day can help?
is it true that eating rolled oats every day can help?
I too am part of the REC (Red Ear Clan). I'm 21 and have had this condition for at least 10 years. It went away for about 3 years but it just seemed to have come back about a week and a half ago. The only thing is i can think of is that it is stress related. My grandma passed away, my car just died, i work almost every night, and im in my hardest semester of college. I barely slept the past week.
Also, I just started working out a lot and im taking protein (with milk, which i havent drank since high school and seems to be the last time it used to happen) to help me gain some mass. So maybe a lactose issue is also possible? Wish i knew the exact cause =(
ooo fuc.k that anymore i m sick of it...maybe the heart problems or blood pressure or i don t no anymore what to think....i m tring now with taking drugs with vitamin b..
Hi I'm a member of the RHE army.
I've had this pretty much all my life (am 34 now)but have been particularly bothered by it in the last 6 or so months.
I'm a major worrier by nature and I think that this is probably the main cause of it, but of course when I google facial flushing and hot ears etc all you get is a heap of different cancers and doom and gloom.
Going off this blog it seems that most people have had this for years and years and havent been diagnosed with cancer so why isnt this a well known phenomenon?

I was hoping to to find "red hot ears are common and caused by xyz so dont worry about it"

Now I'm not so sure with all the cancer who ha I found :/
Yep also a RHE person, so here it goes,
my sister had a red hot ear problem when she was a bit older than me but it went away whithin 3 years but ive had my red hot ears since 7 years old and now im 20 now so you would think i dont wory about this much...which I don't really but after these comments which ive read Im abit more concerned so thank you RHE troops.
My Son is 11 yrs old and every evening his ears go so red he feels as if they are on fire. We took him to a specialist and hes said to look it up on the web as he has no idea what it is.
we have to put ice packs on his ears every night.
happens to me when i play video games.
Wow, I can't believe there are so many people who have this problem!
I have only had it happen to me a few times. It happened yesterday, right before I was ready to leave work. It's always my left ear. I thought that I was running a fever. Some of my co-workers are sick right now, and I was worried that I might have caught something. The hot / red ear usually lasts about an hour and then goes away as quickly as it appeared. Strange.
I did go out for drinks the night before... I haven't been getting enough sleep lately... but I'm still not sure of the cause. At least I know that I'm not the only one with a "hot ear"!
what the heck is the tounge thing?
ok i have suffered with this for years never knowong what it was, still don't, but i wonder if it might be genetic my 12 year old son has been getting red ears now for two years. Today on the way home from work i was ready to be out of the car my left ears was burning up. was thnking about what i ate today, nothing any different so i shrug that off like always, but anyway when i got home how about my son had his red ears on too.Who knows what it is guess we may never know but at least now we know we are not alone!
What a suprise to find this site...For the last year - regular as clockwork between 3.30pm - 4pm my left ear and side of face will suddenly become extreemly hot and red - I keep a fan next to my desk at work to help alleviate some of the heat. One of my customers on returning to my desk thought I had been slapped around the head whilst at the safe? I don't know what causes it and have tried changing my diet (mostly vegetarian and lots of different spices) but that didn't seem to help too much. Today I went to a new PCP and explained the problem along with others in the hope of some answers and she was baffled. She ruled out thryoid (which I thought it may have something to do with) and also ruled out anything arterial. She ordered a ton of blood work and we're getting together in a few weeks to look into it further.
My gyn says definately not perimenopausal because the level of estrogen that I take is too high to allow symptoms to present themselves - especially something so localized as the left ear. My PCP did mention that she wanted me to look carefully at my ear when it turns red and burns and to see if the lobe was a different color from the cartilage part of my ear and to report it to her as it was an important differential for her to look into?
Will let you all know when I know something?
rudy red ears
Hey all, after suffering for this syndrome for all of my 28 years, one thing I can determine is that sleep helps with the problem. It appears that many of us can avoid episodes in the morning, but the afternoon is what kills us. Of course, most of us don't have time (or we're at work) to take a nap in the early afternoon. I think people who are new to the problem or have pain and or headaches along with the red ears-it seems that you guys have a different problem altogether. However, I do have a neurological problem, I have muscle twitching and I have had 2 seizures which means I am diagnosed as an epileptic. Other than sleep, I have found that the only thing that helps is cold air or a shower. The tongue thing didn't work very good, the porridge thing didn't seem to work either. If anyone finds a cure, keep us updated.............
rudy red ears
Just a question for all who experience this syndrome. How come you don't see caucasin people in hot climates getting this? Like people in the middle east or Vegas, etc. I think this syndrome mostly relates to people with northern european blood, (I myself am norweigan/danish/polish) who originate from cold climates with pinkish/pale skin. It may just be an evolutionary flaw for us. Also, I've noticed the skin of most elderly people is pale (along with the wrinkles.) So maybe it will go away once I turn 70. Only 42 years to go! Has anyone been to the Scandavian countries and observed the people? Do they all have a tendency towards pinkish facial features? Just look at the Irish, don't many of them have red hair? I know I may be generalizing here, but I think it's worth further investigation and scientific study. I may need to move to Norway to find a date. It really IS that frustrating, as most of us know. We need to create a support group or something where we can be ourselves w/o worrying about the redness. Anyone know of any chatrooms?
strange you should mention the Northern European Blood. I was born and raised in England to English/Welsh parents. They don't have a problem with the ear heat thing, but I do and I've lived in Central Florida for 14 years now and am a brunette (lots of people think I'm of Irish decent?). You may have something worth looking at - the syndrome maybe something in the realms of Multi Sclerosis which is mainly found in people of Northern European decent - like you said - it could be in our genes?
well, Emma, I've never even approached Multiple sclerosis. isnt that a debilitating brain disease? Well, I honestly don't believe that our syndrome is related to ms since I've noticed the red ears for the last 25 years and I'm 28 now. I think that if it were ms, I would be paralyzed by now. But anyways this disease is real and it needs more study. I am a firm believer in the caucasin Northern European Blood theory. please send me an email and let me know what you think.
sorry for the misunderstanding Rudy, my explaination of a link to MS was not clear. What I meant was that maybe your theory of N.European blood was relevant as certain deseases/afflictions are more prevelent in certain societys (like MS being linked to Northern European Nations.)
I live in norway and I am norwegian, tough my father is from puerto rico (spanish descent) and my mother is partly italian, but I have some norwegian blood in mi. The last yaers I have been living in argentina, and when I came back to the cold norwegian winter two years ago, I started to get red and warm ears, but it only appears during the cold winter months, esp when the indoor climate is very dry and warm, due to heavy heating. As soon as the weather starts to get warm, it will dissepear. I therfore think the climate has something to do with this. Something that is very common among the scandinavian people during the winter is the red cheeks the very many get during the winter months. Almost every norwegian kid thats playing outside during the winter when they come inside they got red and warm faces and ears, And the norwegians themself are not fare as fair skinned as the british and irish, so here its just the climate.
Hi, I have been experiending this for about a few weeks now. It's only my right ear. Does anyone have high blood pressure? I do and I am thinking it's related. Going to see my doctor again shortly.
I have this as well. Sometimes both ears, sometimes one. Also happens in my feet. I have ADHD and am on Xanax, Dexedrine, Adderall.
I have this as well. Sometimes both ears, sometimes one. Also happens in my feet. I have ADHD and am on Xanax, Cymbalta, Adderall.
Your symptomw sounds like erythromelalgia. You can look it up on the web. It is not easily diagnosed as not many doctors are aware of it.
Your symptoms sounds like erythromelalgia. You can look it up on the web. It is not easily diagnosed as not many doctors are aware of it.
i have this issue as the rest of you and read all of these only to NOT FIND any resolution...any ideas? sorry did see that rolled oats seems to help...have not tried this...maybe give it a shot.
I get both face flushing and the red, hot ears. I did a bunch of blood work way back in the day and it all turned out negative. It seems to be a very rare side effect of medicine I am taking (Strattera).

I have also noticed that the flushing seems to be worse if I am having a bad allergy day, so I am sure it's tied into that. I also have Raynaud's, so I'm out 3 for 3 in this.

It drives me crazy. My worst feeling is my face being hot, so when it flushes and the ears flush, I am miserable. Plus, the flushing lasts long enough to truly bother me (upwards of 30 minutes or more).

I am just glad to read that I am not alone in this.
i have had this problem for years. someone thought it was a reaction to fermented fruit. i could have a glass of red wine or and sweet alcohol for that matter, within seconds i am so red in my ears, cheeks and red blotches on my neck and chest. i also get it the same time almost everyday, after lunch 4pm then again at about 9:30 pm and it last for about an hour. hope i helped. GOD BLESS!
rudy red ears
ok, here is what I can put together so far. Lack of sleep is probably one of the major players here. It seems that many of us also have allergies and some kind of anxiety/behavioral issue. Of course most of us are caucasian, and I would like to assume that most are Northern Europeans, if not let me know. I do drink alcohol, (the red ear depression is a contributor to my drinking, but ne ways) I usually drink vodka or beer. Red wine did it to me instantly at the Olive Garden, so I stay away from red wine ever since. I don't think caffeine plays much a part but I really haven't monitored by caffeine intake. I normally drink a couple diet cokes per day, but I never drink coffee. You know honestly, I think that we could ease the redness with a few major lifestyle changes. I think we should try to get about 9 or 10 hours of good sleep per night, get some exercise everyday, eat only natural foods like fruits/veggies/and unprocessed meats or fish, drink a lot of water, and keep the stress to a minimum. Of course alcohol is out of the question. Now these changes are almost impossible to achieve because of our society, but I would like to try it someday.
Vivien Crawford Buckleyv
I wrote July 3/07, saying I figured I had Gout. It turns out I don't but instead have something called Relapsing Polychondritis. Red hot ears is the tip off to this disease. It's an auto immune disease that attacks the cartilage.
Some of you was talking aboute that this has some thing to do with the sacandinavin, genes, I live in norway and I am norwegian, tough my father is from puerto rico (spanish descent) and my mother is partly italian, but I have some norwegian blood in mi. The last yaers I have been living in argentina, and when I came back to the cold norwegian winter two years ago, I started to get red and warm ears, but it only appears during the cold winter months, esp when the indoor climate is very dry and warm, due to heavy heating. As soon as the weather starts to get warm, it will dissepear. I therfore think the climate has something to do with this. Something that is very common among the scandinavian people during the winter is the red cheeks the very many get during the winter months. Almost every norwegian kid thats playing outside during the winter when they come inside they got red and warm faces and ears, And the norwegians themself are not fare as fair skinned as the british and irish, so i think here its just the climate
Well, this is unbelievable. I didn't think I was going to find an answer to my very red and hot ear (usually the right one) because since it doesn't happen every day, my doctor has never seen it and he doesn't think I should worry about it. But it's embarrassing when it happens in public because people ALWAYS comment on it. I am sooooooooo delighted to see that I am not alone. I will try eating the rolled oats and if it doesn't work, I'll see a chiropractor. Thank you all for your comments. I've been suffering with this for years and never before knew of anyone else that had it.
I have RHE for about two years now but the occurrences worsen in the last two months and it happens at the same time every day between 6pm to about 10. I recently diagnosed with hypertension and sleep apnea but I don't think this is what's causing my RHE. By the way I'm a 46 y/o Asian that eats oatmeal 5 times a week for breakfast. I didn’t realized until now that there's quiet a lot of folks that has this syndrome. Thank you.
quand nous sommes au froid: le corps garde la chaleur par vasoconstriction, les extrémités sont les premiers à réagir (pieds, mains, oreilles surtout par un système des glomérules neuro - vasculaire..);pour une longue durée, le centre de thermorégulation détecte une baisse de la température et une mauvaise irrigation sanguine où la vasoconstriction avait lieu; voire le tonus des muscles constricteurs peut s'épuiser...donc il essai -le centre de régulation thermique - de réguler ce déficit par le fait inverse: qui est une vasodilatation(encore exagérée) donnant la couleur rouge et une déperdition de chaleur(oreille rouge et chaude) et ça se produit surtout si le reste du corps est bien chauffé(ou réchauffé) ou s'il rentre en milieu chaud(ces deux cas exacerbent la thermolyse par le même mécanisme).
Donc tout est physiologique et rien à craindre; ça revient à la normale avec le temps; et ça doit pas persister pour plusieurs heures sauf si la personne est surchauffée ou dans des cas rares et exceptionnels.
Si la vasodilatation est plus profonde, elle peut survenir dans les vaisseaux intra crâniens causant des maux de tête ou déclencher autres problèmes comme la migraine...
Et il y a bien sure plusieurs d autres choses à dire.
Relapsing Polychronditis - that's the diagnosis I've come back with today from my pcp, now we're checking for aortic insufficiency & lupus to go along with it - I never would have thought that there may be a link between other problems with my heart and swelling lower extremities and my burning ear?
I get red hot ears -- both of em, right now, are red and hot. have had this for few years and my wife and kids always comment. I am in good health, cant understand why it happens, but doesnt bother me. Wow--- reading these comments makes me feel like I should go to a doctor or something.
notice how many young sons are mentioned? My 5 year old son also suffers from res, and asthma, he is not add or adhd, but he is very emotional and sensitive. he says his eyes hurt every night, and finds some relief using a cold wet wash cloth on his eyes. i believe he has o blood. we live on the west coast.
I'm shocked to see so many other people have to deal with this RED/HOT EAR problem, especially since I never personally met anyone who's had this issue, like me! I'm a 34 year-old male, and it's been an issue for me since my early college days, or at least that's when I started noticing it. For me, it's almost always ONE EAR -- my RIGHT EAR.

Although it sometimes happens randomly and for now apparent reason, there are 2 FACTORS which I've noticed quite often that seem to go along with it all too regularly for it to just be a coincidence: When I DRINK ALCOHOL...and when I get ANGRY/FLUSTERED/STRESSED with something or someone.

Again, I've been upset or stressed plenty of times, and have consumed alcohol plenty of times without it ever happening, but it's happened enough for me to obviously notice -- and make the correlation. Obviously I have no idea what causes it, but to me it must have something to do with CIRCULATION, and/or a REACTION in the body when someone with this syndrome is stressed -- perhaps something that is sometimes released by the body when blood pressure rises/drops too quickly, or when alcohol is consumed..??? Alcohol thins blood, and when people get upset or extra stressed, obviously blood pressure (and along with that, circulation) are effected.

There are way too many people who have this issue for it to not be something docs and researches can pinpoint, because all of us know how embarrasing and self-conscious we get when this happens. Who knows -- maybe having an operation that cuts/closes off certain veins in the ear would help??

Here are my own stats: Again, 34 year-old male; Good health (I exercise fairly frequently); Never been diagnosed with any diseases/conditions; No food allergies that I've ever been aware of (only seasonal allergies); Never had any major surgery; Nobody else in my family has this problem; I've got an Irish/Scottish background; Has happened all over the country/world (environmental issues don't seem to matter at all); What else...? Let's see -- I'm LEFT HANDED (any correlation there?)

I don't know, but good luck to you all. If I ever find out what's causing my problem, I'll definitely re-post and let you know!
The recurrence of the redness w/ alcohol and/or stress is here too. 49 year old male w/ redness for over 15 years. Okay health, hypertension (but controlled). Right ear only, late in PM. Not left-handed, from eastern Russian background. Taking aspirin helps quickly, or applying cold water or an ice cube in a plastic bag.
Not buying into roscea theory looking at all the data. Red limited to upper cartilage on right ear. Exercise does not diminish occurrence. By chance, do you drink beer when you get it?
I am a 19 year old female, and I also have the same problem. My left ear starts to burn and turns red. I don't have any allergies nor any illnesses. I'm left handed too (maybe there is a correlation). I don't take any medications, never had surgery, had my blood checked 5-6 months ago (everything was fine), and eat pretty healthy. Some things that bother me are that my hands and feet tend to stay really cold even in hot temperatures, and I have really bad back pain even though I'm only 19! Any correlations? Please post something!
My 17 year old daughter is dealing with this is both ears, almost every day. At first we thought it was earrings causing the problem, but after reading through this blog, I doubt that is it. My daughter also complains of back pain. She seems healthy otherwise. Thanks to all who contribute to this blog, because at least I have some more information now.
I've had a problem with my ears turning red and hot for a few years. Over the past year though, my face also gets very red and hot along with my ears. What I find interesting is that it often starts after I itch my ear. My ear will turn red after I itch it, then my face turns red. I suffer with anxiety and am on xanax. I've had blood work done to see if this might be carcinoid. The blood work came back normal. Blood work for carcinoid is unfortunately not always very accurate and difficult for a person with anxiety to accept. My symptoms often subside for a month or two at a time. Do some of you go through times when your symptoms seem to stop? Do you find itching or touching your ear can trigger the red ear syndrome?
Just putting on my earings will make my ears turn red and get hot and then my face also. I too have had bloodtests for carcinoid that have come back normal. It is very uncomfortable and other things also trigger it off, I carry a fan with me to blow on my face when it happens.
I have been suffering from red hot burning ears for the last 6 years. They usually are accompanied with an erection which is just as bothersom. Both ears will turn red at the same time and if I touch them or put lotion on them they get really hot. Does anyone else get an erection when this happens? It has to do with the bloodflow but didn't figure these two wer connected?
yes!!! itching or touching your ear can trigger the red ear syndrome,for 2 years what i found for sure,helping in my case is to sleep,if you have red ears problem every night..try to sleep lets say from 17 to 18: 30...or more..and u ll not have the problem that night..that s for sure! try it and than post here.
Here's a good one.

Along with this Red ear business

I also sometimes get light headed, and get really itchy sometimes usually on my chest, sometimes in shower, like really hot! It's like I am burning up. It usually happens when I haven't kept up with my usual demanding swimming and boxing routine. Sometimes when I am stressed. Email me!!!!!
try putting foundation on your ears so the redness wont show for me!
@leigh ..but isn t than the color of your ears strange..
hey guys,found this place after googling and ears burning red.Have read of the stuff here so I thought i'll shared some of my atrributes.Had it since I was young,in fact one of first things I remember from in canada,from Tropics China (Hainan).young and healthy(18),dont drink.One thing that sets me apart is I also sometimes itch when I'm in the sun like the chest,head and legs(dont know what it is).I'm double jointed too and I sun sneeze.I'll list any other things I can remember when I remember.I hope we can find a solution to fix all of our problem and ooh yah the right ears and I think occasionall left or both thro I confirm the right ears.thanks
oh to add on to mine,the itchy skin thing also turns on when I do exercises like cardio.My skin burns like crazy and my diet i guess consist of alot of fish and salt as is cuz of my dad living near the sea,few generations of my family survivor on salt and sealife.I confirm that my left ear also burns as well.Will add more as I think of.
bob411, I also get itchy all over with any time of exertion/ exercise. Only happens in the winter though. Mine is "cold urticaria" which is actually an allergy to the cold. After your skin adjusts to the winter climate, and heat, stress, exercise will set it off...
I know I have always had facial and ear flushing as long as I can remember...the itching thing for me has only been for the past year...Im 30

I also have
I find it interesting that you also have the itchy skin from exercise. I've had that problem for years and have asked my doctor about the problem and he seems clueless. I wonder if there is a connection to the red ears and face. I found this site which has some information on the exercise allergy My mom has a severe allergy to the cold, she's actually gone into shock from it. Mine seems to happen mostly from heat. I stopped walking for exercise because the itching drives me crazy!
Jill...besides the itching, do you also have red ears or face? Just trying to compare different combinations of symptoms.
Yes the itching drives me nuts too. I was in the mall the other day. After walking quite a distance, I had to stop because I was itching all over. I tried to not be obvious about it but I must have looked like a nervous wreck or something lol. :)
The red ears started a few years back and only happened once in a while. I didn't think much about it until approximately a year ago when the redness and heat extended to my face. My ear lobes get very hot and red, mostly in the evening and then my cheeks soon follow. I have no itching during these episodes. I can stop it with cold air or cold water. My doctor thinks it roscea. I question that diagnosis because I have perfectly clear skin and because this all started with my ear lobes and not my face, where roscea is more common. Another interesting fact, many people on this site talk about about being O+ blood type. I am O+, are you? My redness happens most often in the afternoon and evening, how about you?
Hmmm. I have never heard about the blood type as being a factor but I am O+ as well. That is interesting. I wonder if it is a vitamin deficiancy or something.
I have been diagnosed with rosacea, and it was my face(cheeks) that started first. I too have perfectly clear skin too so you can have rosacea without any pimples or bumps. I am actually having my first vbeam laser treatmen today to diffuse the redness and small veins in my face. I wonder if is is helpful for ears too.
Yes, I would say that evening is the wowrst time for me also. That is when I notice me face and ears getting hot. Might be linked to tiredness, stress. Keepind hydrated throughout the day with water always helps!
hey Joel and Jill,firstly apologies for not replying for so long and I've got loads to things to say and hopefully you both can answer them all so we can compared our situations for benefit to us all.Joel,that story about the mall,yes I shared your pain as I too try to keep it cool when I'm itching there but its very hard.How would you guys describle the feeling of the itch?For me I would say it feels like being bitten by millions of tiny ants at the same time.Before I forget,the itch happens to me during exercises during rest of year except the cold days and winter,during hot showers and walking in the mall where heater is turn so high.I especially hate summer due to the sun.I've had it close to puberty i guess and the burning ears happen since I was like 2 years old.It burns so hot sometimes that I feel it can melt iron.Further more I would like to ask you guys,Do you think it has to do with genetics? this is a little weird but I was planning to have kids one day but if they'll feel like this then I'm gonna forget it since I dont anyone to feel this.Can you guys trace your family back to your gramps til your son/daughter if you have any?like for me,My gramps both dont have any thing like that.Dad doesnt have it but mom has skin problem, so it coulda came from her.I'm the only one in family with red ears and skin itchness but my sister has dry skin and my half-sister itchs alot too so I'm now confused.So again my question,You guys think you can shared weather you family up to three generations including son/daughters have it or not?Also I'm double jointed so any of you guys double jointed?Idk if that has to do with anything but it could so I guess its better to be safe then sorry.Can I ask you guys for your descent?I just want to know if it happens to different group or just one group of people in general.I think I said a little too much and i've got way more questions to ask so we can compared but I think this is enough for now.I apologize for the long questions but i thought its best to ask them now before I forget about them.Hopefully you guys can answer them all.I'll check back thanks alot guys.
Hi bob411...yep your conditions sounds very similiar to what I experience. I do think that genietics play a part in this however, I don't believe that no one else in my family has experienced this that I know about.
I am Irish/polish, and who knows what else lol.

I would describe the itch like you said, a million ants biting all over. My itch generally is concentrated on my chest, face and arms. Last night, I had it again. It was triggered my a little frustration believe it or not. My chest really started to itch. I notice that my chest gets red and blotchy all over for a bit, and worse if I scratch it which I try not to do. I believe that the red patches are caused by histimine being released into the skin.Which leads me to believe that it is a temerature allergy like my derm desribed. Most likely cold urticaria. This can be caused by several different allergens, or for no particular reason at all. I have tried using laundry detergents with no dyes or perfumes thinking it may help but no differences.

I have heard that these things can come and go. 3-5 years they usually last for and then go away. Sometimes longer, or shorter. You can try a antihistimine which has gelped me, but I don't take it regularly. Just don't like taking meds that much. My derm gave me Zyrtec. Oh, and no double joints here...don't think that has anything to do with this, but that's just my thinking. Where is your itching concentrated at?
Hey Joel,thanks for reply.I think you and I both share the same condition but is funny that is so similar in that we both have the itch and red ears so I'm not sure weather theres a connection there.My itch I believe started when I hit puberty I believe and I'm currently 18 and is still around.I believe intiatly started at the legs then later my chest,head and they always seem to start at the same places like at exactly the same place of skin or area of skin is best way I can describle.My chest especially I see all these red patchs and they are burning like nuts.Before I forget,I've a few questions I gotta ask you.1.Does your itch leave these sort of red spots on your skin that look sort of like red rash like spots that turns into dark skin? 2.Try to remember back but when you were a kid did you ever experiences joint pain on your legs?like after some long walks or something hard which uses legs alot.Did you ever feel this pain between your leg and thigh?(dont know how it connects,but to be sure)Lastly again I dont know if this is of any connection but to make sure,when you exercise do you feel at times(rarely) like your about to faint?like ur eyes are sort of having....(faint is best way to describle)like ur about to fall down.again thanks alot and feel free to ask me any questions/suggestions if you got any.Hopefully we can figure something out cuz I hate both these burning ears and itch.
hi again bob411. I think the one difference between us is the age this started happening. Im 31 and just started about 2 years ago, but have had the red ear thing for longer than that. The way you describe the red patches is exactly the same for me too! This is the histamine that i was talking about. It causes your blood vessels to dialate, which make the skin turn red. May explain something about the red ears too.
I did experience some joint pains but i think that most people do at some point. I still do sometimes get pain in my thigh.

On the exercise subject...I know that fainting feeling your talking about. You need to be very careful when you get to this point in your exercise! When histamine is released into your body, your blood pressure drops this explains the fainting feeling. Make sure that you stop before you get to this point. Do some reading on anaphylaxis and anaphylaxis shock. This may begin to look clearer to you what we are dealing with. Do you have any cats or animals?
hey Joel,thanks for the headsup and the advices.I feel a little relief right now since I was beginning to think that I'm the only one and I'm crazy or something.No,I dont have any pets but I also know I'm not allergic to animals,well I hope.What would you call this "condition" that we have?And would you happen to know if theres some way to cure this?Lastly in my physical education classes throught out high school,I didnt sweat like crazy and I dont have any odour as result unlike my classmates.Same for you?well frankly again I dont know if theres any connection but it was on my mind because loads of classmates were dripping like storm but I barely have any.Again thanks alot and really appreciate all the help you contributed to me.
You have my exact problem. Also teh itching can be when I am stressed etc frustrated. A long hot shower can also trigger it.
same prob as me,please read above decussion and answer so we can compare.The greater the sample the better the comparison.thanks.
Why Ear!
I notice so many of us get this late in the day or evening. Just curious. How many of you work or are exposed to florescent lights for long periods of time?
This just started yesterday, but it is pretty extreme. Yesterday both of my ears and my cheeks were bright purple all day, but today it has been my left ear only. It's not exactly painful, but it's getting annoying. This question about the fluorescent lights intrigues me. Although I've worked under fluorescent lights for years, I have been working longer hours lately than ever before. Being tired seems to be another common theme in these posts, so maybe I have a hot red ear because I'm exhausted. Or maybe it's from a food allergy, or autoimmune disease. I am allergic to gluten and corn, but I am not eating foods with those ingredients. Also, I do have an autoimmune thyroid disorder. So many possibilities. I wish someone knew what caused this. More than anything, I'm just curious!
I'm 26 and this just started happening to me withing the last 4 months. It is always the cartilage on my right ear. It usually will be red and hot for about 30 minutes.
I'm Irish/ Brazilian/ Italian. I'm O+. I have very slight TMJ (But I've known about it since I was 18, and it's never bothered me). I am exposed to florescent lights all day at work.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when it happens. I can be at work, I can be on lunch, I can be at home playing on the computer. My ear will just randomly feel like getting all hot and red.

I have to say I'm sad to read that it seems like once this starts happening to you, you're stuck with it for the long haul.
Some reading I found...

I get red ears, which is very noticeable when I get in front of large groups of people, including my family, and they remain bright red for a long time. This also happens to me in most group situations. Could this be a symptom of high blood pressure? Is there a way that I can get this corrected with surgery?


Rest assured that the phenomenon of having your ears turn bright red spontaneously in the absence of fever is common and generally not related to any underlying medical problem, including high blood pressure.

Most likely what you are experiencing is blushing, which is a normal involuntary reaction that results from dilation of the superficial blood vessels, bringing more oxygen-rich, red blood to the face and to the ears and upper neck. Blood vessel dilation frequently occurs in response to external temperatures or an emotional situation, such as anger or embarrassment. Alcohol also dilates blood vessels in the skin. As blood rushes to the skin's surface, it creates a sensation of warmth, as well as a flushed appearance, even in your ears.

Everyone blushes, and the intensity and frequency usually peaks in the teenage years and declines after that. However, anyone at any age, from birth to old age, can blush.

Fair-skinned people are more likely to be aware of blushing, but researchers have been unable to discover a clear physical reason why some people experience frequent blushing and others do not. Some studies suggest abnormalities in the actions of a chemical called serotonin, which transmits messages between nerves and regulates mood, play a role.

Some people experience excessive problems with blushing and become exquisitely sensitive to people's reactions to the blushing or misinterpret their reactions. Both responses can lead to "social phobias." Other symptoms related to social phobias include frequent and excessive sweating, trembling, and unexplained dizziness, all of which can impair social interactions. Some people become so distressed by these reactions that they withdraw from situations known to stimulate these symptoms.

Research shows that counseling by a mental health professional using a technique called cognitive-behavioral therapy often helps people with blushing and social phobias. The therapist helps you confront emotional situations that trigger blushing and develop a realistic appraisal of the effects of your blushing on others. Once you overcome some of the anxiety that triggers the blushing, its frequency and intensity will decrease, allowing you to function more comfortably in previously threatening situations.

Some people with social phobias respond to drugs called beta-blockers and others are helped by drugs that affect serotonin levels. An option for the few people who do not respond to behavioral or drug therapy and who cannot function professionally or socially because of facial blushing or excessive sweating is a procedure that involves cutting the nerves responsible for blood vessel dilation in the face. However, other effects of this procedure limit its usefulness, and it is reserved for only the most disabling conditions. Talk to your doctor.
I've had this problem since I can remember. usually my left ear, but sometime the right and rarely the two together. The usual trigger for me is anger or blushing from embarrassment or something. Scratching or rubbing also triggers it sometimes and on many occasions it just happens by itself. I also have this thing whereby if i do exercise or anything demanding i get itchy all over especially my scalp and it feels like millions of tiny needle pricks. I've seen plenty of doctors and none of them could tell what the matter was. This is especially frustrating because I'm fair-skinned and my ear glows red-hot. The only thing that helps relieve it sometimes is taking a long shower.
whoever you are,i've have the same condition as you and in fact the condition to when it happens are so similar to mine like " I also have this thing whereby if i do exercise or anything demanding i get itchy all over especially my scalp and it feels like millions of tiny needle pricks" that I thought this msg was written by me by mistake but it isn't so can I ask you to go up a lil and reply to the decussion that we're having as so we can compare our situation.thank you.
hi Bob, glad I can be of some help. No you are not the only one with this. I think that we should be thankful that this is such minor issue that we are dealing with. I believe that the condition is called "Cold Urticaria" or "Heat Urticaria" Look those up for a little info that may help you. Good luck and feel free to email me anytime.
hey Joel,Would you happen to know if theres a cure?not anti-histamine but something that can rid of it permanently?Thanks.
Unfortunatly I dont know of any cures. I'm hoping that it is something that will eventually work itself out. If you are allergic to something that is seting it off, you could try to eliminate coming into contact with that substance. But there are thousands of things that could be. Food, soaps, fabrics, get my drift. Maybe run some tests with an allergist. Mine all came back negative. The other problem is that it can be set of by no apparent reason.
funny you would mention that.That would mean that I can't do any exercises,going outside(sun),taking hot or warm showers or get stress up.The hardest one would be the sun which would limit me to home.Maybe is our heads but then again maybe your right in that we should wait and see.btw Joel,my friend's mom is accupuntureces and she tells me Barley soup helps but I couldn't try it since it isn't summer yet.Since it is Winter,you might have a shot at it.Who knows.
email me bob141 and anyone else at gingerjonny[at]
Jon Roberts
I have had this for years. Lately I have found that when my ear starts itching or burning. Which for me is about 2 hours from when it turns red, you should take a benadryl. This will only work for my left ear, it has never work for my right ear. Which is good because my left ear is the one that usually turns red. The benadryl doesn't always work for the redness that happens at the same time everyday, but will work for the redness that occurs unexpectedly. By the way does any of you work a midnight shift. Let me know if this works for you.
My 9 yr old son has been suffering with red, hot, burning ears since age 7. He actually sleeps with ice packs every night. They seem to get this way even more often when he tries to play sports (is very active) or he is tired/upset. He is very sensitive. He also has repeated sinus infections. He has been allergy tested, ct scans/mri on his brain (he also would get frequent headaches) and a full body scan as well as extensive bloodwork. I was told by a member of the family (who is a teaching pediatrician) to take my son to a Rheumatologist as it sounded like he had relapsing policychondritis. Unfortunatley, to confirm this, I was told he would need a biopsy of his ear tissue (cartilidge) when his ear was badly inflamed. They aren't willing to do this though becaus of his age and there is no real treatment other than steriods/anti-inflammatory drugs. It is better than when he was 7 years old, but he still gets bad days. My son also was diagnosed with Dyspraxia which is a neurological conditon, and I beleive this may be related somehow. He also has had an enlarged lymph node on his neck since he was 6 weeks old. Every docotor says to leave it alone, but I wonder if this would not affect his neck?? TO conclude, he has seen neurologists, ENTs, rheumatologists,etc., and I still don't have an answer. It can be quite painful for my son at times and I'd love to help him.
My 10-year-old has had it for 2 years. Tonight his ear hurt so bad he said God must hate me...why won't He help me! It makes me cry because I can't help. My mom gave me an article that said to use vinegar soaks for possible fungus. It does seem to help a little, but it might just be because it's a cold soak. He goes to bed with ice packs, and cries. I wish doctors could find an answer. Not all episodes are as bad as this one tonight. I wouldn't let anyone do anything invasive unless it's a life or death need!
Good luck and God Bless!
f u c k ... i made a record 2-3 hours maybe i think... don t expose to a cold weather better
jonny norway
do any of you have small blood vessels that shows on your ear surface

this may be a sign of rosacea

pleas post an answer.

Hello everyone. I have the burning ear prob also. I woke up with it this morning and noticed that for the first time, my cheek was beat red also. Just on one side. Very curious. I also have a dull headache and feel kind of sick, so I thought I would try to find something out about it.

Regarding the itchy skin, my daughter has that prob and I have wondered if it might be connected to the body being full of toxins. She has no self control when it comes to eating and eats a lot of junk.--then when you exercise or get too hot, the sweat that comes out on your skin is full of toxins and your body has an allergic reaction to it. Serious people could try doing a liver detox program to see if that makes a difference.
i m not sure,but i think it is a circulation my doctor told me to use pills with vitamin B...
I also suffer from this strange occurence! As a matter of fact, both of my ears are tomato red and hot as fire right now. They usaully stay that way for any amount of time, anywhere from 30 mins. to 4,5,6 hrs.(estimate)at a time. I can't associate it with anything I'm doing or not doing and I've always had it since I can remember. It's got to be hereditary because my brother, my dad and all three of his siblings, and my grandfather (my dad's dad) all have this. I don't think it's harmful at all and I really don't worry about it, I just want to know what it is and why it happens????????????????
I also have the problem just as others say usually in afternoon most always at work. The only thing I can truly link it to because it always seem to happen for no apparent reason is embarassment. I got REALLY embarassed at work a while back and Both ears turned blood red and were burning.Usually it is mostly one ear. It seems the more you dwell on it the worse it gets. I asked my dr about it and of course he said he diddn't know what causes it. It is good to know LOTS of other people have the same problem. I try to notice in large crouds if anyone has the red ears.
Hey Joel,if you are reading this but do you get ocassional nose bleeds too?Just outta curosity cuz i got one now and I'm reminded of it.For me,I get nose bleeds sometime during stress out of the left nose always.Thanks
Code Red [Part 2] - Since my last post nearly 1 year ago - I wanted to pass on what might be encouraging news for some who are just dumb-founded by the "red ear curse". For many years I have worked in many stressful working environments and like clockwork, each day at around 2:30 - 3pm the hot blistering red ear show would begin. Coupled by the fact that I felt the world was watching made it that much more overwhelming. The past year I have started a new business (you'd think that would just heighten my stress level) - but doing something I really enjoy and making a living from it - its been a stress that seems to be manageable. Anyways - I have almost completely taken dairy out of my diet - (besides a spoonful for my tea) - and the red ear has almost vanished. I do at times indulge in a bowl of cereal with milk and guess what - my heart actually was beating at a quicker pace hours later - Red ears has "almost" become a thing of the past - I still get minor flare-ups, but take the stress and certain foods out of the equation - and life has been very rewarding!! I realize I may never be fully cleared of this condition that has played havic on my personal life for many, many years - but a glimmer of hope has made me believe and I wanted to share with the rest of the troubled bloggers that a change of environment or food consumption could be the very answer. I am a very sensitive person who reacts to accute situations in my surroundings - rereading most of the posts actually seemed to create a ellivated heart rate and the mildest of tingles from my left ear as I write just reminds me that this may be a ongoing condition for the rest of my life! I just need to learn to manage it - not be consumed by it. I hope I may bring some type of hope for those seeking any type of logical reasoning - bless you all!
Goodness me....does anyone of you here have a medical reason ?? my ear is red hot now....only one...and what i was doing ?? i was in a meeting !
So how to explain that ?
me too me too! Usually it happens to me at the end of the day, after my work day is over and I'm just relaxing. I noticed I was smoking a cigarette just now when it happened, so I'm wondering if it has something to do with the nicotine. Oh well, another reason to quit...
hey moggy.......
same thing....
i just smoked a ciggarete, and its the first time it's happened to me.
both my ears are blood red and they seem like there on fire (that hot), i dont know what can glad to see the number of posts here, but any cures ??
we need answers..all of us....:)
My name is Dante. I am 6 years old. I have 2 hot red ears. It happens sometimes with one ear and sometimes both. I put ice on my ears. It makes my ears feel better. My grandma is typing this for me. I wish I knew why this happens.
I'm yet another red hot ear person. Usually just the right ear. Today there was a noticeable vein going through the reddest part of my ear. Freaky. Maybe it has something to do with tension? If I have a few beers and start relaxing (along with not thinking about it anymore), it seems to go away.
It just started happening with me 2 weeks back. One ear goes red hot. I have neck pain and shoulder stiffness for a month now. Are these correlated ? Hvae had a fir bit of tension in my life of late.. May be that plays a part too ?
I too have red hot ears. This has been happening since I was a child. Sometimes it's just one ear sometimes both and sometimes they switch sides. It often occurs when I am stressed, mad or upset. People at work definitely notice. I have learned to block it out sometimes. Then I began to notice it also happens when I don't feel stressed. I sometimes have people approach me at work saying, what are you mad about Angel? I immediately feel my ears and see they are red hot again.<P>I have checked my blood pressure when I am experiencing this and have noticed it is usually slightly elevated at these times but not extremely high. I also get migraines related to stress and painful tightness in the neck, shoulders and jaw. I was told that this too is because of stress. My Dr. told me it's from constantly tensing up and not realizing I am doing it. I have had CAT scans MRI's EEG's and other tests all come out normal. When I get real mad or upset I sometimes break out in hives too. This started as a teenager. I am 30 now. Yesterday was a particularly stressful day and it started with the red hot ears then my entire face and neck went red hot. Later in the day still worrying about my issues my tongue started itching, then my hands and feet, then I got hives on my upper chest and shoulders and my eyes swelled up. It was even hard for me to swallow. I think it was similar to an allergic reaction brought on by stress. I have been looking on the internet today trying to find a reason for this. As for the ear redness I have found most people say it is an increase in adrenaline, usually brought on by stress triggers, so I think they are related in some ways. I have been treated with everything from muscles relaxers to blood pressure meds, antidepressants, Loritab and Oxycontin. My best cures have been trying not to tense up, not clenching my jaw, and lots of Excedrin tension headache medicine. I also use a pain relief spray that contains menthol. It helps loosen the tight muscles. A good massage never hurts either.
I'm 15 and my ears have been doing this for about 3 years now, but the symptoms for me have gotten worse. First of all my ears and my cheeks get very hot and start to burn, then my fingers and toes swell and last but not least my legs turn blue with red spots and then I can't really do anything until my fingers stop swelling. This happens to me about one a week sometimes more.
I have been told that I could have diabetes but about two years ago I started to have very severe chest pains and would pass out, (to this day nobody knows what caused or why I passed out in the X-ray room when I didn't have any pain at that time and after I passed out in the X-ray room and puked my guts out when I woke up I never had chest pain again) I had four blood tests and I was in perfect shape.
So yeah you can rule out low blood sugar, high blood sugar, and diabetes.
I have had this happen to my ear on occasion. It gets very hot and red. It has been like this on an off almost all day today. I searched the web to see what it was and I came to this website. Is there anyone who can explain it?

I definately am not tense or stressed and have no medical condition.
Everynow and then I get a redhot ear, and the only remedy I found for it is this.

Grab a cold soda can from the fridge and put it directly on your ear! OHHHHH feels so good. Then fold your ear in half and put it on the backside! Very relieving. Not a cure but a temporary fix. Try it!
Anyone considered cell phone radiation? I'm only joking. I'm 43 and I manage a title ins. co. where we close multi-$M deals daily. Loads of pressure. Combined with parental, marital, financial, and family deaths occurances, simply described by me as LIFE(described by my family MD as "situational issues"). The body, I believe, has a way of showing us when we are on overload. I practically never go to the Dr. unless I hit overload mode. Which has been about 3 times in the past 18 years. Though I've frequently had these symptoms, I'm just not a great patient. The symptons I have are skin hives, which may occur in one location then show up in another location in maybe an hour or so. I also have the red ear issue. Normally it is just one ear at a time. But it happens with either ear. It feels very fevered and very hot. Extremely red. During those times, I also have panic attics and loads of adrenaline rushes. I was fortunate enough to have this red ear out break as I was waiting outside my Dr's office a couple of months ago. I was given Vistaril which is an antihistime for skin reactions caused by stress and anxiety. I was also prescribed Lexapro for slight depression. I've been taking these for about 2 months and am in a better frame of mind, so I'll wean myself off now with no significant problems. Been there, done that. Sometimes we just need a little help to manage through what life has to offer. I agree with David, a coool compress, or cold soda can, does give a quick fix.
Anyone considered cell phone radiation? I'm only joking. I'm 43 and I manage a title ins. co. where we close multi-$M deals daily. Loads of pressure. That combined with parental, marital, financial, and a couple of family deaths, things get tough. The body, I believe, has a way of showing signs when we are on overload. I practically never go to the Dr. unless I hit overload mode. Which has been about 3 times in the past 18 years. Though I've frequently had these symptoms, I'm just not a great patient, so I don't go until I know I have to. The symptons I have are skin hives, which may occur in one location then show up in another location in maybe an hour or so. I also have the red ear issue. Normally it is just one ear at a time. But it happens with either ear. It feels very fevered and very hot. Extremely red. During those times, I also have panic attics and loads of adrenaline rushes. I was fortunate enough to have this red ear out break as I was waiting outside my Dr's office a couple of months ago. I was given Vistaril which is an antihistime for skin reactions caused by stress and anxiety. I was also prescribed Lexapro for slight depression. I've been taking these for about 2 months and am in a better frame of mind, so I'll wean myself off now with no significant problems. Been there, done that. Sometimes we just need a little help to manage through what life has to offer. I agree with David, a coool compress, or cold soda can, does give a quick fix.
My ears have been getting hot and red for over 40 yrs., so don't think the cell phone has anything to do with this. My 1st memory of this was walking to school in the winter. It may have something to do with hot and cold. My brother would always get hives when he went in and out of the water. So maybe these two are connected somehow. Sometimes I can go for two or three months without red hot ears. Other times it is daily. I have allergies also with a history of childhood asthma. No other ailments and none of my siblings or children have this problem. To me it is quite a nuisance and I like the rest of you wish someone would come up with some answer to this problem. Just knowing that I am not the only one with this problem makes me feel a little better.
my ears turned blood red and hot as fire all of a sudden one evening after I came home from work (a very stressful job for me) I was 23. This job forced me to react with the public which I've always been scared to do. That was the first time in my whole life. Early that same year I had been experiencing a loud sharp ping noise in my ears after my jaws popped (tmj?) Which also has never happen to me before that year, And I started getting post nasal drip all at the same time. And to top it off shortly after My hair just started falling out in massive amount (mpb) pattern. For years I tried to counter act my promblems of post nasal drip which made it even worse, so I stop. When I was 2yrs-9 years old I would have bad ear aches from time to time. Growing up I had also had trouble breathing in and out my nose but never any red hot ear flashes. I'm 35 now ,I don't have any more (tmj) pinging in my ears, the post nasal drip is gone, but I still, every once in a while get red hot ear flashes. Oh and my hair is not falling out anymore but what I lost has not returned.
Sorry forgot two things I've noticed also I don't get earwax like I use to either. Before it would be yellow sticky now its just a minimum of dry itchy white flakes. And hair growes in my ears
I think it definitely has something to do with medication for ADD/ADHD (or medications with similar properties)...I usually feeling flushing in my face, ears, and feet. It is definitely related. Has anyone noticed if it is more common AFTER one has stopped taking medication for the day/evening?????
John - I cannot tell you how much I can relate to your message....I notice the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS...however, I also notice the same thing with my ear, as I do my knee caps and feet...(weird!) I have found that this happens following my use of ADHD medication...and sometimes drinking wine. I agree that it is a CIRCULATION ISSUE...and I can't tell you how relived I was to read you felt the same way Please email me at ASAP!!
Flushing knees
Mary - Liz - and one of the "anonymous" posters - you all had the knee area flaring up in common - Mary I can most relate to your version of it with the same Meds & Wine setting it off - the problem for me is that this suddenyl started at 25 - within the matter of a day - and now any time I drink red wine the knees flare red and hot for hours - and my face does a bit too. I have taken the carcinoid tests and they all came back negative. I am still freaking out eveyr minute of every day and have been since this started three months ago. Can any of you possibly give an update as to whether or not you got an explaination or if the symptoms got worse or better? Did it go away? Were you diagnosed with anything? Does your face ever do it? Was there a direct link to the Adhd meds??
Any insight would help!
is there any obvious nerve or blood vessels at u guys' external ears??have u guys tried putting ice on them everyday to make the blood vessel die or stopping it from working??
My son, who is 7, is also a red ear person. His one ear is larger than the other and he has had this problem since birth. When he is tired, anxious or hot weather, his ear will get red. He also has nose bleeds. Where are all the doctors? Help!!
Hi everyone!! I am blown away that so many people have the same issue as me. My ears get red and hot every afternoon after I shower and last for an hour or 2. Both ears, same time. I will try eating oatmeal every morning as suggested. I will also contact my brother, who is a pharmacist, to see if there are any natural supplements to alleviate the problem.
Lily-10-March 2008
My son too, who is 8 has been experiencing red burning ears which is real painful. He has been dealing with this problem since early summer and it seems to have been getting worst. It starts with one ear and eventually travels to the next. We first started using plain cold water or ice to cool them down but it just seemed like a long
time for the pain to go. The only relief he seems to get is when I plug his ear and spray it with a liquid spray called Bactine, which is used for sunburn relief, minor burns, cuts and scrapes. This works for now but this may just be a temoprary relief for. Please!!! Anyone, there has to be a better way to get rid of the red burning ears for good. For those who can't seem to find any relief try this Bactine at lease it helps some!!! But this isn't a cure to a problem more common that we taught.
WOW, I am very thankful that I am not the only one with this problem - therefore no information. I am 27 years old and have had the red ear problem since I was a child. I find if I am tired or stressed out the redness is more likely to appear. Not only red ears, but my knees have also been getting like this since I was a teenager. I have been to specialists all my life to find out what this weird phenomenon is? So far... NOTHING!!! How pathetic! Right now.. after visiting a Naturopath, it is thought that it might be linked to a food allergy. Auto immune problems such as Lupus and Rhematoid arthritis run in my family so Gluten has been removed from my diet and have noticed I have a lot more energy. Also a group of vegetables known as the night shade family - tomatoes, eggplant, red peppers etc have been removed (thought to cause this inflammation). I will reintroduce these items after three months one at a time to find out which is the problem. (if any) So far I have had a hard time taking the nightshade family out, mostly tomatoes. And have found that tomatoes worsens this reaction. It is a lengthy process but worth it for peace of mind. I find that rubbing on cool lotion helps when it's really bad.
donegal gary
When the right ear of an indivdual goes red and/or hot it means that someone you know is talking about you and that it will a have a an immediate effect on your life. thats what the cause of the hot right ear is in Ireland. My ear is hot at the moment and i wanted to see what the other reasons for this were and so far this reason is the best, well i feel that it is anyway
Red ear syndrome: An unusual type of head pain in which the ear becomes red and burning. Attacks may be brought on by triggers such as touching the ear, heat, chewing, drinking, coughing, sneezing, and neck movement. May be associated with migraine, irritation of the third cervical root, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or thalamic syndrome. It may also occur without obvious structural cause.
Has anyone come up with a discussion group or chat room for us, other than here? No offense Peter, but this page isn't exactly being monitored by anyone and we all would like a like a little more medical advice if possible. As for my own red ears, I still get em nearly everyday. If you have time, I do find that getting a good solid Nap after work or on the weekend can really help with the night-time red ears if you choose to go out in public at night. Being Norweigan/Polish, I think I got some of the worst red ears especially this time of the year; going into warm buildings with the heat cranked up, I really hate it at work in the afternoons. I don't get the headaches that some of you describe so I don't want to start taking excedrin, but I will try cutting the dairy and report back, even though I love cheese a lot. The tongue trick only works a tiny bit, I think it is more of a relaxation technique than anything to be honest.
My 9 y.o. son has been suffering from red hot ear for over a year. He has always has ear problems (recurrent cholesteatoma) and has had 7 surgeries (modified radical mastiodectomy + revisions) in the past 18 months. The RES started after his 2nd surgery and his surgeon said it was probably related to nerve damage BUT the interesting thing is his ear is totally numb and will be for up to a year after his last surgery (Feb. 08) but when he has an episode (at least once a day) of red, hot ear, his ear actually hurts. Weird, huh? Something else that's pretty interesting is that he has never had an elevated temperature, even when he had ear infections. He's had pneumonia, viruses and never an elevated temp. Not even after his surgeries. Don't know if this means anything but I've always thought it was strange. BTW, this is his left ear. He shows no signs of ADD, ADHD, or OCD but does have allergies. His surgeon did say however, that his middle ear is very distorted, which is probably a birth defect.
hi, that's so weird i'm trying to find out why my 3 year olds left ear always gets red hot. he had club feet when he was born and the red ear only happens when when he has casts on after his surgery. i've asked his doctor and she said she has no idea why it does that she has never heard of that before. one other time he had casts on his left ear would get red hot and only the left side of his body would sweat. any suggestions?
ive only had mine for the last 5 days. It started freaking me out as id never had it before. Reading all the posts on this site made me feel a little better. I have been very stressed out lately and my diet has become very very bad. I also have been suffering from neck and back pains so i hope that its due to one of these reasons. Ive also been told that, flushing in the face can be liver connected. Has anyone heard of Carcinoid Syndrome. I dont want to scare anyone but check out the symptoms. Im seeing my gp in 2 days to find out exactly whats going on
PLEASE ADVICE: History: I am an indian currently in canada. It was 2 yrs back in india that it started.I wasnt known allergic to any day i had a bad stomach.I woke up at night with red rash on skin,diarrohea,cold hands,uneasiness.Rash was initially over neck but in course of time it was allover my body.I went to doctor,who said its allergic reaction.He gave me ATARAX,an antibiotic(norflox)& some drug as i had fever too.When he checked my BP was high too.....after atarax my symptoms went off...It was after two days I started getting the same feeling...with my left ear pricking & getting red & dizzy/hazzy head.I popped atarax & i was good again.After that I got this type of symptoms 3 times over next 1.5 yrs when my left ear got red,dizzy head,all the time i had bad stomach..!!!...i took atarax & everything used to be normal in minutes.....
I came to CANADA FOR STUDIES: I am stressing on the fact coz there was huge climate change..!! was in 1st week of Nov.2007 tht one night after dinner i suddenly had a kinda attack..of both ears got red and pricky (note tht i had loose motions the same day)..dizziness, little breathlessness,palpitations and uneasiness..i popped 2 atarax this time but no use....for a moment i thought i should call EMERGENCY....but after some time i was better( not normal)& slept off..but could not sleep the whole day was fine..i didnt eat anything..but at night i got it again(same symptoms)...i went to doctor who did blood test....My haemocrit was perfectly normal..except the fact that my IgE antibodies were 333 units( normal is less thn 100 units)...I was termed as having an ALLERGY.....I went to allergy specialist...but he ruled out it being allergy..!!...meanwhile my stomach never came to NORMAL.....I started getting some other symptoms like cold hands/sweaty hands/ light headedness/anxiety/ mild vertigo..!!!...mild burning skin...and stuff, but since it was freezing cold out I used to think my body is reacting to cold,as i come from tropical country & this is 1st winter.....I did stool test (NORMAL), i did ultrasound of abdomen(Normal), I did Barium meal test (normal)......i have no weight loss,fever or signs of infection....My current problems are...1)I feel cold hands,feet without any apparent reason. 2) My stomach is better, no loose motions, but thr is bloating, gas, white tongue etc 3) sleeplessness 4) mild redness over skin which comes and goes & little burning on & off..5) suddenly my ear starts tingling and gets red..6) I get ANXIOUS without apparent reason.7) mild vertigo.
My symptoms are not as severe as before...but are not ZERO..and none of the doctors could give a valid explanation about whats going on......i have realized that this is not probably LIFE THREATENING but its definitely not something i can live with....i am on anti anxiety (lorazepam 0.5 mg) and omeprezole for stomach acid reduction........this is my story....does anyone has any comments or advice over would be apreciated....any doctor here...plz tell me if any TMJ dysfuctions can cause such symptoms??????
I love the Internet! Here I was thinking I was alone, and now I know there is a "small army of red-ear people" as one poster above put it. I was intrigued by one mom who asked about joint pain, because her child had been experiencing joint pain and RES. Last month I had a bout of extraordinary joint pain--in every joint--which was preceded by a week of terrible muscle aches. I also had one day of a strange rash over my trunk and arms. My daughter's teacher and a friend's friend have recently experienced some similar joint/muscle pain symptoms and both were just diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. While I would be completely surprised to have spotted fever, I'm going to go get tested. I have no idea if RES would be part of that, but nothing I've read has indicated it might be.
Hey, listen everyone, I know some herbs that help with this.

I get the red ear sometimes at night (to be honest, I think its only when I take extra immunity booston vitamins that day - vitamin c, e, a, etc.)

Anyway, I always get mine to go away in about half an hour by taking 2 chamomile pills, 2 passionflower pills and 2 valerian root pills. You can find all those herbs at your local Whole Foods or Fresh Market or whatever foofoo organic healthy grocery store is near you. (Or order them on Amazon). They really work.
ear hotty
my left ear is very hot and this has never happened to me before. also, along with the hot ear, i have severely chapped lips and itchy eyes.i never knew there was such a large support group for people with this condition. i never knew there were so many people suffering from the same things i do. HELP!
ear hotty
GUYS! UPDATE! the right ear has now turned extremely red and hot! this is no joke folks.. this is a serious matter and i would appreciate some help on this matter immediately! HELP YOUR FELLOW HOT EAR SUFFERER
I told you. Go to Whole Foods and buy (in their vitamins/herbal pills section) Chamomile, Passionflower and Valerian root. All those herbs have a calming effect on the body. When you get a red hot ear, take two pills of each. Problem solved.
To "me"
so how did u come across these pills...
will there be any side effect after consuming it? like increasing estrogen level etc?? ....thx
I came across the pills, because I did a bunch of research into what pills I could take to stop my blushing so much. These pills were mentioned a lot and for good reason. They worked!

I also noticed that when I started getting this red ear thing sometimes at night, if I take the pills they make it go away.

Now, about the pills:

Chamomile is very well known. You can find it in every single grocery store in America in the tea isle. It's a very, very popular tea as I'm sure you already know. It's perfectly safe in every way. Millions drink chamomile before going to bed every night.

Valerian root is also very popular. It's even sold at Wal-Mart. Lots of people use it to help them sleep at night. It's a very popular, well known herb. You can find it at many groceries stores, CVS, Walgreens, etc.

Passionflower is a little harder to find and isn't as well known as Chamomile or Valerian root. My bottle said it is approved by the German Council something or other to treat "nervous restlessness".

None of these herbs have any weird side effects. They're perfectly safe. Read their wikipedia page if you're still unsure.

Now, listen, this condition we apparently have is called relapsing polychondritis. Your immune system is attacking the cartelege in your ear. You need something to calm your body down. Don't just ignore this or it will destroy your ear. (if you don't believe me, go type relapsing polychondritis into google and look at the pictures that come up on the pages).

Try these herbs. If they don't work, go to a doctor.
ear hotty
thankyou for the tips! i looked up the pictures on google and those ears are F**KED! i DO NOT want ears like those! how do i solve my chapped lips and itchy eyes problem? nobody gave me tips on those!
Thanks a lot ME
i'll try those pills...
I should probably clarify about those pictures of ears. I'm sure that is the worst, worst, worst case scenario. Also, from what Ive read of the above posts, this might not always be relapsing polychondritis. If everyone who had this problem had their ears turn out like those pictures this red ear stuff would be better known.

So, I don't want you to be paranoid that your ears will definitely turn out like those, but I don't want you to just ignore the problem either. Try the pills. They might work for you also.

I'm not a doctor or anything. So, please, don't let those pictures of those ears scare you too much.
ear hotty
ok thanks for the reassurance.. i got really nervous. any suggestions for my chapped lips and itchy eyes?
Oh, I dunno. Vitamin E is good for skin and vitamin A is good for eyes. Might try those.

Go to and look around.
Vitamin E and Vitamin A I guess. Try going to
ear hotty
im allergic to vitamin A and E! are you trying to kill me man?? can you give me some suggestions that will keep me OUT of the hospital please?
I've had this my whole life its always 1 ear and it occurs occasionally throughout the year, i was 6 that one of my ears go red, nothing is wrong with me. Well i hope so, i normally get it when im stressing or just come out of a hot shower and it is cold out of the shower.
to Me and the others...
did u guys notice any obvious blood vessel on the outer ear??mine is quite obvious becoz im having quite fair skin...
is there anyway to remove those blood vessel naturally instead of undergoing any operation
Remove a blood vessel??? Whaa???

Try the pills! Take your vitamins, eat healthy.

That should solve your problem.
ear hotty
Did you try the passionflower, chamomile and valerian root?

If you really are allergic to vitamin e and vitamin a then you must have a serious, serious medical condition. I'm not, and neither is anyone else here, qualified to give you any advice.

Go to a doctor.
me,do u notice any obvious blood vessels on ur ears?
i get red ears and searing face. knocked off my bicycle a couple of years ago and started around then. think may be something to do with autonomic nervous system, but have no clue. not something that doctors seem to take seriously. also if i'm examined around the neck and top of shoulder flares pain up excruciatingly. wish i knew if it would stop / subside. days when i've had to lie down in hospital i haven't had the searing pain in the ears, so perhaps cervical spine / autonomic problem after all...
i get red ears and searing face. knocked off my bicycle a couple of years ago and started around then. think may be something to do with autonomic nervous system, but have no clue. not something that doctors seem to take seriously. also if i'm examined around the neck and top of shoulder flares pain up excruciatingly. wish i knew if it would stop / subside. days when i've had to lie down in hospital i haven't had the searing pain in the ears, so perhaps cervical spine / autonomic problem after all...
Has anyone else tried passionflower, valerian, and chamomile pills for red ears? Did it work?
It definitely sounds like a nervous system /immunity issue. I occaisonally suffer from this and I am today. Having read many of these comments I am wondering if this may have to do with toxins in the air? When I read the time frames of this happening, it seems to be happening at times when the body is probably a little worn out (after lunch and in the evenings). And if there are different illnesses associated with it as well, such as cancer, it sounds as though it definitely has to do with the immune system. Some people more likely to get it when stressed, tired, or getting sick. I genuinely wonder if it may have to do with all the x mark spraying done in the skies. You know, the stuff that looks like contrail, but then fans out and looks hazy, instead of disappearing. Start checking out the sky more often and you may start noticing "contrail" x's in the sky that remain and spread. Especially if you are located near a military base. Who knows what chemicals they are spraying in order to keep satellite camera's from being able to penetrate. No, I am not a conspiracy thereorist. . . i just have noticed far too many x's in the sky to deny such plausibility (esp when there is a military exercise going on). So, toxins may be affecting our immune systems and nervous system and resulting in unusual things such as ear redness. Immune system compromised? Hmm I wonder. . .
Contrails? You're an idiot.
that's so dismissive, you should read more on this issue. My husband is an airline pilot and very concerned about this issue.

(I'm a red eared gal just following the thread btw).
My son has had this since he was an infant, he is now 6 1/2. By watching him all these years we have deduced that when he is tired his ear/ears get red and hot. It doesn't seem to bother him. He had had a lot of ear infections though not one for at least 1 1/2 years.

It is very obvious with him though that it is when he is tired. Interesting correlation with the ADHD that perhaps kids that aren't getting enough sleep are more apt to be labeled with ADHD thus the correlation? Or simply that those kids are more active so more tired, thus showing a red ear more often?
I'm sixteen, female, and currently have one red, burning ear.

This happens to me from time to time, no clue as to why!
my son came to me for the first time today said my ear is red and swelling and hot nomb. it looks like 3 ears in one its so big. so i go to the doc and the gave him some meds it started going down and was all most there and it starts going back up red hot swelling super size and when i say sumper size its huge. i scared to go to sleep and something happen. i would like to know why it goes down and then goes right back up
it really looks like its going to pop. i just don't understand how a ear can get that way. he is ten he didn't do much today nothing. nothing to hurt it
I've got a 10 year old active 'Aussie' daughter who has developed this hot ear business. One side only. I notice a few swimmers have this also? was wondering if it was the latex swimming cap? or.... our bloody cat 'bob' that is slung over her shoulder on regular occasion. :-)
Ha-ha! From one Aussie to another I just have to say that I think that "Bob" is a bloody awesome name for a cat! ha ha! Lovin' it!
But yeah, don't know about latex caps, but I did a LOT of Asthma swim classes as a kid,and yes, with latex caps!
But maybe it's something in the chlorine? Or Tommy's wee that I SAID I didn't want to swim in!(ha ha!)
Then again, that doesn't explain the kids that get it too young to swim? Maybe the natural fluid in the ear drums have something to do with it? Has your little girl had grommets or anything?
For the record though, I am a 31 year old with ADHD. I think the connection between that is the heat thing.
As a kid I could hardly ever sit still unless I was sleeping or zoned out the window.I hated being yelled at all the time as if it was my fault or something I could control. (no underlying anger issues there ha ha!) I was often restless and complained of "Itchy Blood" or my "veins/blood feeling hot" and for my early years I remember my Mum trying SO hard to get me to wear shoes, but I just couldn't/wouldn't!! And SOCKS!! Are you kidding? N-E-V-E-R! The compromise was sandles. The good ole brown ones lol! Summer-Autumn-Winter-Spring. These days my feet can be ice cold at bed time, but during the day, I notice my feet are hot when my ears are? I don't have sweaty feet, just bloody HOT! I had actually just put it down to breathing difficulty. But who knows? When it's summer tho, no problemo with ears! So I guess probably lacking vitamin D or just miss the summer ha!
This is the most hilariously random thing to have, but not so funny really. I double checked with my only other ADHD friend, and she also gets the Red ear thing. Another weird thing is that I also used to get cold sores. But someone told me that if you feel that tingling feeling u get when ones about to come up? Just put ice on it until it goes numb. Sure as ......something very very SURE! (lol!) they don't come up! So I dunno if theres any relation there. But its another "Hot blooded" thing I guess.
Also as a kid (OMG I WAS healthy sometimes I SWARE!)
I burst both my ear drums. OUCHIE FOR THAT!!!!!!! Ever since I also get the heart beat in my ear thing occasionally that some of the other posts have mentioned. They often feel blocked too, so I find myself popping my ears by blowing out my nose without holding it.(Expert! look Mum no hands! :) )It's not normal, but neither is them going quiet/blocked when I sniff in on occasion. Or having burning hot red ears like a cartoon frickin character, or itchy blood or ANYTHING ABOUT ME REALLY ha ha! I dont know if any of this is helpful to anyone elses reading and research, but I definitely think that we are the ADHD types. The hot blooded types. I wonder if thats where the "Hot Headed" saying comes from?
it isn t happening any more, and that is because it is summer, is it the same situation with you? ican t understand why this doesn t happening in summer
Can't comment on the seasons situation as this has only started this autumn (fall) cheers madeleine
it happens to me this few weeks (end of summer)
but my ear wasn't red, its just feels hot..
only my left ear. =(
Shane Osborne
I have had symptons which point towards Polychondritis and the pain today is so severe that my Doctor said if this continues to be painful like it is now then I have to be admitted to hospital. My symptons started 2 years ago after a Septorhinoplasty where Cartlidge is taken from my ear to replace the broken cartlidge in my nose. Ever since then my right ear causes severe pain, swelling, hot, throbbing and burning. This happens on a week on week off basis and sometimes have a good 3 week break and it returns. I am being treated for Polychondritis now but since taking steroids the pain has got worse. I have been hopitalised many of times and given antibiotics via IV. It works but as soon as I stop the antibiotics it flares up again. My consultants are still not sure what it is and I have also been treated for TB with no effects. They still say it could be Polychondritis or a foreign infection. I have had many of blood tests and biopsys taken and all they show is that my blood inflamation levels are high. Also when the pain and swellings are present my glands around my throught also swell and are painful. I remember that they even removed a gland to test and it just came back as an re-active gland.

Im on morphine oral, morphine tabs, along with all other sorts of pain kellers and steroids and still nothing. As soon as I think its going it comes back again. Driving me nuts.

Does anyone else experience anything like this?

I hope someone can offer some advice
How are you today? have you improved? Is it really polychondritis?
Shane Osborne
My current medication whixh is used to treat or at least help as Polychondritis is treatable seems to be working.

I am and have been on Azothioprine with Steroids and it does indeed seem to work.

Azothioprine, dampens down your imune system. I am still awaiting to see my consultant. Although sometimes I the pain is still bad but the current medication has helped. Hope this helps you and have you a simular condition?
Shane Osborne
I have to have regular blood tests to keep an eye on my blood count also.

Polychondritis is not treatable but the symptons are. My medication makes me very ill at times but I'm happy that the pain is under control.
Sorry for being away for so long. And I am sorry to hear about your condition. Am glad your pain is under control. Cartilage healing takes a very long time, I am told. My daughter too suffers from a swollen painful ear problem, but hers is a very strange case. It is no longer painful, but when the room is hot, it can turn very red and swollen. When you touch it, it turns red too. POlychondritis was suspected too, but her blood so far showed nothing. What do they test your blood for, may I know. I googled and it seems that a certain drug infliximab does help to control the progress of polychondritis. Do take care. Is there anybody who is with you?
Shane Osborne
Well as regards to someone with me, I am going through a faily breakdown and it really isn't a good time. My former partner is selfish and I think all of this has caused strain. If she was suffering then I would of course help but she preferes her pop and leaves me and the children for weeks on end!!

Blood Tests - CRP and a Full Blood Count.

My levels have always been quite normal throughout, although Inflamation Levels were slightly above normal but nothing to be concerned about. That is why the disease is hard to detect.

Azothiprine is an anti-immune drug which dampens my immune system. It is suspected that my immune system is attacking the body, which causes the pain and inlamation. My ear is now totally deformed.

Poltchondritis is still only suspected and the condition could be something totally different. The condition also efects my nose which was part of the original operation I had (SpetoRhinoPlasty).

I recently stopped my medication as I was continually being sick which was black in colour. Once a week had passed my condition with my nose and ear appeared and was very painful. I'm now worried that the medication is causing more damage to me as I have been on this medication for 2 years approx and all follow-up concultant appointments keep getting cancelled, thats the UK NHS System for you....

Azathiprine medication has to be monitored as it also effect the liver.

There is no cure for Polychondritis and the treatment is only to reduce thecondition rather than cure.

I must admit the pain has been so severe that I have been smashing my head against the floor. I find that heat helps the pain but this could just be a mind thing. As they say, if you have a painful leg, hit the other one and all the body will do is focus on the new injury.

I had scans, full courses of very strong antibiotics and they showed no improvement. Although when I was on the antibiotics the condition did dissapear, as soon as the course had finished back it came.

My Current Medication;
Morphine Sulphate Tabs
Morphine Sulphate Oral Sol.

I do hope your daughters condition improves and it is always worth asking for Azothiprine and Steroid Treatment, it may be worth a try.

Shane Osborne
Azathioprine is an immunosuppressant used in organ transplantation, autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis and pemphigus or inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis as well as multiple sclerosis. It is a pro-drug, converted in the body to the active metabolites 6-mercaptopurine and 6-thioinosinic acid. It is a purine synthesis inhibitor.

Azathioprine is produced by a number of generic manufacturers and as branded names (Azasan by Salix in the U.S., Imuran by GlaxoSmithKline in Canada and the U.S., Australia and UK, Azamun in Finland and Imurel in Scandinavia).
Do you think this happens due to heat ? When i go out in the sun and come back into an aircon anvironment , i do get this . Something to do with difference in temperature ?
I'm not sure about just in the heat, b/c it's november and I have it right now... I wouldn't say I get this usually in the summer.... but it could be the change in temperature... Maybe the humidity and dryness of the air... but I'm not sure.
yes, difference in temperature is one of the many reasons
is this something to be scared about or is this just part of body adapting to difference in temperatures ?
probably just the temp thing but ask a doctor
My ear is hot and it's annoying. It was a little itchy too, but it's happened before, and it goes away in about 1hr. Sometimes it happens when I have had a strong cup of coffee (I'm caffeine sensitive).

This also happens sometimes when I have been in the sun, or if I feel anxiety over something.

I have just ignored it and it seems to go away but man is it annoying while it lasts.

I can not believe how many people have the same problem!!
I get it mostly when im hot or embarressd, it kills my confidence. Silly i know but it does. And it is rather painfull some times, it even looks swollen! Some one must know the answer to this problem!
My Dr. prescribed Fluorouracil .5% to treat solar keritosis on both my ears. This is topical chemo, and I used this med for 3 weeks. My ears looked like raw, red meat, but they did heal in about 4 weeks after discontinuing FU.5%. The keritosis went away, but I have been experiencing red, hot ears mainly in the evening. My ears suffered a major trauma as a result of this chemical, and I believe I sustained nerve damage. I have been back to see my prescribing Dr., and he blew me off, an ENT basically did the same, I'm heading to a Dermo this week, but after reading all these msgs. I don't have much hope. The truma I sustained, hovever, was the begining of RES. I'm trying oatmeal, tounge to roof of mouth, but so far nothing is helping. I have also been seeing a chiropractor for spinal, and neck adj,and headaches. The chiro is helping back, neck, and headaches, but not the ears. PERICHRONDRITIS---check it out. I'm going to discuss it with my Dermo this week. I have been using an Aloe skin care cream to aide in cooling, and to a degree it works. I also use it in the AM, and since I started using the Aloe, my episodes have not been daily. Stress, and getting tired, I believe, play a part is this nasty syndrome. I'll post again after visiting with Dermo. Hopefully I provided some insight to someone. Thanks for listening. The RES is making me depressed, and this helps me vent.

Every day after work (I work in an air-conditioned office) my ears turn a deep red color, like they are severely flushed and they are hot to touch.

This happens every day and is coupled with severe bilateral temporal thumping, audio and photo sensitivity.

This flushing lasts for 45 minutes to 2 hours. It began about 20 years ago and has progressively gotten worse (at first it would only happen around once a week and at different times but now this is a daily occurrence).

This NEVER happens in the mornings but can on rare occasions happen in the early afternoon but generally always after work..

I have worked in varied roles (Chef, Gardener, IT , indoor outdoor, hot, cold environments) and regardless of work type / environment this condition still occurs.

During the period after work (or in the afternoon on the weekends), there are certain "triggers" that will cause these attacks to occur within a few minutes.

These triggers include touching the ears, being exposed to heat, or strong emotions.

They become so red and so hot that it is painful , uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Parts of my face and head become so tender that they are sore to touch. And my ears swell and become blood engorged and red hot.

There is constant pain in the local temple (both sides) but more so the right hand side.

The fractured TMJ I suffered in a motor vehicle accident 20 years ago was about the time this started occurring.

Even after removal of all wisdom teeth the TMJ surgery and in the last 5 years to correct the bite and that seems to have had no impact positive or negative on the problem. Status Quo remains.

I have persevered with the bite splint for many months. This offers no relief from local temporal pain, the constant pounding of blood in my temples, associated neck and shoulder pain and the flushing and migraine like symptoms that are displayed during these daily episodes.

I have tried all sorts of drugs, vaso dilators, vaso constrictors, muscle relaxants, strong pain killers, prednisone, sinus surgery, TMJ surgery, beta blockers, assorted migraine medication, acupuncture, sub-occipital nerve blocks, physiotherapy, removal of wisdom teeth, bite plates, Hot cold treatments, changing diet, relaxation exercises, yoga, reiki, naturopathy, allergy tests and some others that escape my memory.

None of the above treatments have had provided any lasting relief from this affliction.

I went and had an MRI yesterday to get investigate the red ears and haedache thing and the Neuroligist discoved that my sinus cavities were completely full. Its not as if I have a runny nose or anything but the sinus could be the cause here. I have had surgery on the sinuses befor but I may try more surgery if that helps sort this out.

Ill keep you all posted
I am a 49 year female who has suffered from "hot ear" for several years. In addition, when I lie on my side to sleep, the cartlidge becomes VERY painful. The pain is enough to wake me from sleep. Anyone know what this is or have the same problem?

Get tested for relapsing polychondritis. I have this condition and it started with the pain in one of the ears, noticeable when laying at night since there is physical pressure on the ears then. Also you get flare ups - meaning the ear(s) get hot and painful.

The fact that you have both warm ears and painful cartilage makes me suspect this (but I'm not a doctor) Do your ears also look swollen? Relapsing polychondritis is basically swelling of cartilage but can be very serious if not treated since your airway is made out of cartilage and it can cause a deformity in your ears and nose over time.
Hi JOseph,

How did the doctors test you for RP? How are you coping with Polychondritis? Do take care.
My Dermo thinks my RES is Rosacea, and prescribed a topical, and an oral antibod.
I have only been taking these meds since 17 Sept., and I'm not sure if they are improving my condition or not. I must give the meds a chance to work????? More later. I failed to mention that in addition to the meds, I must watch what I eat and drink, and other items called Rosacea Tripwires. Access the national Rosacea Society and perhaps you can get a list of the "tripwires".
people, i think we all must use some good foundation, and than we ll don t have to worry about it
sometimes one of my ears get red and hot too... it only happens at church. Sometimes my face would get REALLY red too, like almost purple, it was so red. Now it doesn't happen as much, and when it does its only my ear. Sometimes it happens if i sing a lot, like during/after choir practice. I have no idea why its only at church though! I hate when it happens though, and i've tried putting my face against something cold, like the metal of a fridge door or something. It didn't do anything though. Usually it lasts at lasts about half an hour. Anyone have any homemade remedies for it?
well I have occipital neuralgia on one side of my head and that side of the ear is usally hot, more or less at times, Doctor said i have inflation on that side
It sucks because I used to wear a headset on that side for work and think that was the cause of the red ear because i also developed low frequency hearing loss in that ear also, so I wonder if these cases are connected
Is there anyone out there still experiencing this problem??if you guys have found out what is the root of the prob ..please enlighten us and help us!
I've been suffering the red ears problem for the past few months...and it's really irritating...i can't socialize due to it..furthermore I'm a student..and i really can't concentrate whenever this problem haunt me...who should i seek for help now??chirocpractor??I've been visiting ENT but i was given some cream...and whenever i apply it,it helps..and the RES will come bac the day after..please help...God bless
Jame, I have been experiencing RES for Approx 5 Mos. My ears sustained a trauma as a result of topical Chemo cream. They healed, but I get RES in the evening that lasts for 2Hrs + -. I went to see a Dermo, and was diag with Rosacea. I was given two different meds, one topical, one oral, and they seems to be working---at least for a wk. I haven't had RES. Prior to the meds it was a nightly thing. Ask your Dr. about Rosacea, and for a list of Rosacea "Tripwires", foods, booze,weather Etc. Good luck and God bless.
Nice to hear from you.I'm planning to visit dermo next week..and hopefully he will be recommending me with an effective med..thanks again,Chuck..
How are you guys doing now??any other advices or remedies??please share it with us..thanks a million
8th October 2008, i really wish i could get some answers today i was at work and my left ear got fire hot red for no reason and i went to put ice on it and the both times i did it the ice melted in seconds it's weird and it hurts because it gets so hot it's happend before many times. it uncomfortable please help thanks
Answers are tough to come by for RES, because everyone is different, but I suggest you make an appointment with a Dermatologist. I was diagnoised with Rosacea, and I'm being treated effectively; perhaps you have the same, and can get meds to relieve your misery.
I am not an authority on this issue, but like you I was suffering, sought and found help from a dermatologist. Good luck and God bless.
In my case, "and I am from a VERY hot country but very sanitary and clean, it happens around 14:00 (you can see how specific I am) in my right ear every workday with a job from 07:00 till 16:00. I really don't know what to say except it might be my body talking "Stop Working you Ass****". And it is a bad idea to walk around the office with a bag of ice around my ear.
i have the same red hot ear's often painful and only on my left ear. i recently also started hearing a thumping noise in the same ear once in a while and a little ear fullness...also, i have had a cracking sound for as far as i can think back when i move my jaw...i guess it's time to see a Dr.!
Hello. For at least a year now, I have been having the red ear problem. Over the year or so, it has gotten progressively worse. I occasionally speak at church, and last night, my ears, cheeks, and part of my head for red/almost purple. It seems like this started around the time I caught pneumonia last year.

For the last several weeks, I have really cleaned up my diet. I’ve been eating very healthy, and have going to the gym steadily. I have already lost several pounds, and am happy about that. However, the red-attack appears to be getting worse. I thought it would get better. Usually starts in the afternoon in the ears. Stays that way ‘till I go to sleep. If I am stressed, it makes it worse, but it’s pretty much constant. If I am standing/working, it doesn’t seem as bad.

This has really brought me down. :O(
well for the alternative life style, I will contribute with an experience, for the skeptics don't pay attention. usually I notice that once in a while my left ear gets hot and there's a noticeable sensation of overheated more than any other part of my body, I was told that when people is sending bad energy you can feel it in your left ear and when people is sending good energy you can feel it in your right ear, bad energy like anger, hate , jealousy chanels thru your sensitive parts such as your left ear, people has forgatten the power of the body energy and some people knows how to use it, when you feel that sensation in your left ear relax and say a prayer, close your eyes and ask God for protection and when you feel it in your right ear may be love, desire, simpathy or affection.
No science was apply to this knowledge try it it wont hurt. find the source of negative energy and let God protect you.

Don't confuse a medical condition with a simple energy variation.
if the symptoms worsen seek medical attention.
You'll be surprise of the results, there's allways someone feeling less attractive, less fortunate and lonely.
I also suffer from red ear for over 25 years and my son has since he was about 1 years old. Although, mine has no specfc triggers....If both heat up at the same time I do faint. I do not have high BP, and consider myself healthy. It usually happens when I'm relaxing and doing nothing! I was told it was allergy realated..but I have my doubts..because I have a dr.that uses that excuse for everything he can't explain.
I'm totally amazed to see this site!! Thank you for this site!!! I've had this red ear phenomena for over 20 years. Thought I was the only one. Don't know why it happens either. I've asked doctors about it and they can't give me an explanation. They're clueless. Eating too many hot foods or or hot drinks can bring it on for me. The rest of the time it just seems to happen for no apparent reason. It can happen in one ear or the other or both at the same time. Tonight I noticed a low grade fever of 99 when it happened. Also had eaten a hot bowl of soup and cup of hot tea right before then. The back of my neck was hot too though my feet and hands stayed ice cold. I've had poor circulation all of my life (cold hands and feet all year long). Can't even wear a t-shirt in the summer unless it's long sleeved. I figure my poor circulation has something to do with this red ear phenomena somehow. I don't get hot ears every day though. Also have had seizures since I was 6 months old. Nobody knows what brought them on. I suspect the plethora of vaccination shots created that situation. Lately, i tested for heavy metal toxicity (to see if it could be a possible link to the seizures) and found that I've got high levels of lead and mercury. Could the red ear phenomena be related to heavy metal toxicity? In the process of chelating for heavy metals and hope this does the trick (ending both the seizures and the red hot ears). Maybe some of you here have heavy metal toxicity and just don't know it. I thought I'd put my story out there to see if this helps anyone. Also, I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else out there gets cold hands and feet along with this red ear phenomena. Good luck to all of you in finding an answer.
This is a very interesting site. Just within the last week have I started to experience this "red ear phenomenon" and thus, I did what most people do now- I googled it. It has only been my left ear. The first two times were when I was playing my clarinet in the evening and then again tonight. All three instances occured around the same time in the evening.

Starla- I, too, get really cold hands and feet- I have for several years now. It is interesting to read everyone's theories about this phenomenon. I am actually going to my doctor next week, because I also have a bald spot on the back of my head that was just discovered. From what research I have could be simply stress (I am a teacher- it is not unlikely) or something going on with my thyroid.
I'm so happy I found this webpage.. I thought me & my dad we're the only ones.. I'm wondering if it's genetic because we both have right ears that get hot every once and a while. Mine hurt yesturday for about an hour and was quite itchy, I held a popsicle to it, to cool it down! haha. Now on my left ear it's really hot on the top and itchy, but I also saw that the skin was kind of dead up there so I put lotion on it. But never are they hot at the same time. I don't drink, but I do notice that whenever I clean my ears with "hydrogen peroxide" with a Q tip my fingers turn white and the inside of my ear starts to get warm and itchy.... It's very strange, and I'm glad I'm not the only kid with a hot ear!!
I have the red ears, too, It started with the left one and now I get it in both ears. It starts at the tips of the top and works its way down. However, I know that I have mast-cell problems ranging from dermagraphic skin to mastocytic enterocolitis to arthritis...I wonder how many people here actually have underlying allergic and immunologic issues that have yet to be determined.
There's so many stories on this site.. I don't think adding mine would make any difference.. but yea I'm one more person who has this problem.
These are very interesting posts. Nearly EVERY condition described here can all be symptomatic of Celiac Disease. ARRRGH! Red-hot ear be damned!
I can't believe this! I've been suffering with red ear, or ears for at least 35 years, probably longer. Just now for the first time did I think of googling it. I see I'm not alone! I hate it and in public it makes my social anxiety even worse. You mention Celiac Disease, well I don't really have the intestinal problems of Celiac, but I get flu like symptoms when I eat wheat or gluten, so I have cut that out of my diet. My RES (red ear syndrome) seems it is sometimes related to my anxiety, but not always. I'm still amazed at finding this discusion, still going since the year 2003!
So annoying. I've had this for years now. I always attributed it to being tired as it always happens at night. But after reading many of these comments, it may be worth looking into as a symptom of something more. Mine is, like most others, always one ear, rarely both. It gets hot and red and stays that way for about an hour. Hmmmm. Glad it seems very common.
Leigh Anne
My son had red ears ever since he was a toddler. Actually, he would get only one red ear. I finally found out it was caused by salicylates. It is found in some fruits, vegetables and spices. I found it on the Feingold website. My son was on meds for ADHD and I wanted to try a different route. I knew he was effected by Red 40 and other artificial dyes (they are made of petroleum!) and wanted to try a change in diet to help. The Feingold program eliminates some natural saliylates in the beginning. I learned from other members about the red ear. After being on the diet for 6 weeks he no longer requires meds. He does have the sensitivity to salicylates that not only causes the red ear, but causes classic ADHD symptoms. Two trips to an allergist didn't help (it doesn't pick up sensitivities) but the Feingold program did. I would highly recommend checking into it.
ANSWER- Drink lots of water, exercize, yoga. It will be gone in seconds!
anybody else found a better way of stopping this? Please share it with can help those who r suffering from this..
God bless..
I have been experiencing this odd phenomenon for approx. 2 years now. Growing up it never bothered me much, just warm enough to notice it. When I asked my mother about it, she was stunned to find out that she wasn't the only one to experience this. Anyone else's family members also "hot ear/cold ear" people?
Anyone heard of relapsing polychondritis?

I have been sick for a while ear "flushing was/is one of my symtoms, now I have chronic fever, weight loss, I've been tested for carcinoid and my CgA came back elevated once but fluctuated, so no diagnosis, I have levido reticularis, right aortic insuff., and joint pain-I'm a mess. Anyway, I am now convinced it is this polychodritis, however, my sed rate is always normal.
Anothe red ear dude
I thought I had a problem! I feel better already
le rouge oreille
I have been experiencing the "red ear syndrome" for approximately the last 20 minutes. I am surprised to see so many concerned sufferers out there in cyberspace, but so few answers.

If it could be of any use to my fellow sufferers, my symptoms appear to have been sudden-onset while reading, sitting on a chair, in an enclosed space. I am a healthy 21 year old female, with no other major health issues to speak of?

I wish you all good health..
thanks oreille..same to you 2..hope that itll go away soon
I have been getting red ears lately, usually they come on while im reading at night. I notice that I usually get it when its relatively cold outside and I think it has to do when I walk outside and its windy and cold and your ears get cold. Then hours later, they get red.
To all hot ear army:)
my son has a mild case of Autism and is 4 he has just recently been complaining about his hot ears when it gets near bedtime, just sitting up on the coach. I don't know if it is stress related, but he does not like me to touch it, he responds with "don't touch it, iz VERY hot, is a ouchy" so it's kinda hard to get much more out of him. He likes for me to place a cold drink on his ears, i think his left ear hurts or is hotter that his right ear, since i have caught him taking my cold drink and placing it on it himself. I did have him on a Gluten free casein free diet from everything i had read but it became way too stressful with very little difference seen...and costly at that!I read way up there in the posts something about maybe allergies causing it, so maybe that is part of the problem. I had him tested for some common allergies(very out of pocket-no insurance) costly! The more in depth allergy tests are more expensive. I already spent 900.00 in tests..single mom so yea that is costly. Anyway if anybody out there is in the same boat and has any input. Please inform me!
My husband's left ear is swollen,hot and oily. Gross, I know. He has had this issue for many many years. He doesn't remember a time it was not like that. He has broken blood vessles covering the left side of his head around the ear and his hair grows thick and fluffy on that one side. He had an MRI to see if it was on his brain and it was not. Rarely a blood vessle will bulge on the surface of the skin and if it gets scratched it takes a long time for the bleeding to stop. We have seen doctor after doctor and NOTHING! ANY ONE KNOW ANYTHING regarding this oddity? PLEASE HELP!
I'm 45 and my symptoms happen like this; all of sudden I will begin feeling hot in the face/head/neck region and my ears will get flushed and red with the rest of my face and neck, then one ear usually the left will remain red for several hours, be hot to the touch and painful. I recently dicovered that I'm allergic to soy, especially soy that is in NutraGrain Bars,bagels and most highly processed foods. Once I narrowed it down to soy I eliminated it from my diet which was difficult because almost everything has soy in it now. Although that relieved the itching and hives I have still had a few episodes of the flushing and one red ear. I document everything I eat or drink now because of the soy and I have begun to realize that I may be having a reation to aspartame. I drink 3-5 diet cokes each day and several cups of coffee with equal. Today after drinking two cups of coffee the symptoms began and were very bad, I felt like my blood pressure was through the roof, I was drained and exhauseted where minutes before I was fine, my left ear began burning and it's been 2 hours and it's just now cooling off. Since I had only had those two cups of coffee and because it happens after diet coke (there isn't much to eat without soy) I think there is a connection to aspartame. I began researching aspartame poison and found that many otc medicines as well as children's vitamins have aspartame. Every time I have my blood pressure checked it is lower than the norm, I have been diagnosed with ADD and have taken Ritalin in the past, I have type B blood unlike the many on the site with O. Does the aspartame fit with anyone else?
Leigh Anne
It sounds like you may be sensitive to artificials in food and maybe salicylates (coffee). My son gets red ears for salicylates and cannot eat anything with artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, aspartame and vanillin (fake vanilla). He no longer shows any signs of ADHD since taking these out. Being that you react to coffee (salicylate), aspartame (artificial), and highly processed foods (lots of artificials) AND have been diagnosed ADD you might want to check out the website for Feingold Association (
Red-Ear Cissy
There's an odd comfort in knowing there are more people than just me with this problem; i hope my information helps us all start to come up with some common elements which would finally diagnose this issue; I'm 39, female, hispanic, and live in South Texas. i consider myself pretty healthy, but i am about 30 pounds overweight for my height, no HBP, moderate smoker (about 1/2 a pack a day), extremely rare drinker - and never liquor, just some wines and mexican beer. It started about 2 years ago, i don't remember if anything was happening when it started, but i do recall i thought i was blushing - then i noticed it would happen when i was alone, and had no reason to blush. I don't exercise much, but do occasional yoga; i've had asthma all my life, but it's been controlled without medication for 20 years. I take no medications of anykind except for the occasional Tylenol or Motrin. I've been diagnosed with Degenerative disc disease, and i do have problems with circulation and occasional pleuresy. I get hot ears - sometimes one, sometimes both, without any precipitating patterns that i am aware of. I don't see any food triggers - for instance, my right ear is currently bright red and hot, and today i've had a few cups of coffee with sugar, some Miralax, 1/2 a pear, 1/2 a nectarine, some rice pilaf, some green beans, and a bottle of water. I've smoked 4 cigarettes today, and was sitting here with my laptop on my lap watching TV on the couch when my rght ear started to get hot. I've experienced this "RES" for a couple of years now, and it's more annoying than anything else - it doesn't cause me pain, just heat. I'm Type O+ with a relatively unremarkable medical history - i am married (happily) with 2 kids, i work from home for the government, my income would be middle-class, i guess. I rarely get sick, and see my doctor about once a year, usually for minor complaints. The water in my house does have a very high iron level, but i never drink it - i only drink Ozarka water; i don't drink soft drinks, but i do use the tap to make tea, and will drink it occasionally, but mostly water. The only other thing i can think of is that when i sleep on my ears, i experience numbing and pain pretty sharp, and it will wake me up. Otherwise i sleep great, have a really good appetite, and no known food allergies. The only other time i've ever experienced this type of flushing was when i was in my 20's, and took a medication called Cardizem that my doc prescribed for migraine headaches. The headaches stopped completely when i got pregnant with my son, and never returned, and i never had to take it again. And that flushing was on my face - mostly my cheeks. well, the ear's been hot for about 25 minutes now, it usually lasts about 30 minutes, but sometimes happens several times a day. I have no experience with artificial sweeteners, i prefer natural products, even though i could probably use some diet foods! I hope this helps...
I have had hot ears for more than a decade now...only 20 yo. My BEST guess on the hot ears situation is that it might just be what we eat or even drink. There couold be so many factors...the chemicals that are in the foods we eat...type of foods, maybe the air we are exposed to.

One explanation that I have thought about is the water. Does every hot ear patient drink TAP WATER? This could range from water fountains, faucet water, brushing your teeth, taking a shower. Im starting to think the fluoride and chloride levels in our tap water has increased...a lot. An explanation for affecting males more oftehn than females, it could be that the fluoride increases our hormone levels, set off by fatigue and anger, resulting in hot ears.

So try not bathing and drinking TAP water...impossible? I to your government then... :)
To add on....Search the web for fluoride in water...Its the one thing im pretty damn sure everyone here in the U.S. has in common.
Hello everyone...I've been reading comments or over an hour now.I have RES,my son has it and now my grandson..He's four..I have come to a conclusion..When my son was in elementary school he had ADHD..The teachers,doctors etc..wanted to put him on ritalin.I researched and decided I did not want my son on an amphetamine,so I looked for an alternative.I found alot of food allergies were the main culprit.Wheat,dairy,artifical colors and flavors were the biggest culprits.In the time period when he was following the diet he didn't have red hot ears and the ADHD was virtually gone he excelled in school and did very well socially..Of course this is a very difficult diet to follow and we never narrowed the red ears down to one thing.Now he is 28 and has learned just to live with the ADHD and the red ears..But for my grandson who is 4 I guess it's time to get him tested for food allergies for he is also alittle on the hyper side and he has hot,red ears...I am 46 and have had red ,hot ears..Left or rightor both most of my life..I suppose I also have some allergies..You know us moms ..Take care of the little one's first.Food allergies are very hereditary and it must've come frem somewhere!!
Leigh Anne
You might want to read a couple of my posts above. The things that trigger the red ears the most for my son are natural foods that are high in salicylates (apples, oranges, grapes, etc.) And yes it does run in families. You might want to try a trial period without the salicylates to see if it helps. Now my son NEVER has a red ear unless he eats something he is not supposed to. The symptoms of ADHD are present with the red ears too.
its to do with stress and hormones my doctor told me
it could be that your body is letting out heat
wow, yes my left ear burns red for a year now... ive had dysphagia too (difficulty swallowing with no found cause) so as I read these answers I find myself thinking about the whole neck thing... a disc out of place.... makes sense. also I have black mold here, have suffered major digestion problems.. I have terry's nails at the moment (half white nails) ivemissed a lot of work aftertaking cipro... I also was on accutane.. the red ears coincided with accutane, as well as spironolactone. definately guaranteed to hot a hot red left ear when nervous! or angry/upset..but also just when relaxing alone tired. seems blood pressure related, also Ijust ate cottage cheese, as some have said, dairy allergy. wish I knew! its annoying and embarrasing. I did have wine last night, when I havent had any in weeks. I am hypothyroid. and havent been taking synthroid as I should.
any can e mail me on this issue as left ear isusually the one that turns red/hot.
Hi Susan, Have you checked what is the cause of the redness? How does it happen? Any trigger factors? Do take care.
I also have burning, red ears (mostly the left one) and lately my toes have been getting hot and red at night. When I cut out sugar, yeast, and carbs, it goes away! But it's so hard to eat good everyday! I think there is a HUGE correlation between food/chemicals and these symptoms. I also notice that when I eat better, I am less hyperactive and stressed.
I have the same issues with Red Hot Ears - I have been checked for a carcinoid syndrome but that test came back fine - im interested to know however how many of you work in from of a computer - keep this in mind and track when you use the computer and when you get the red ear syndrome - my feeling is electromagnetic radiation exposure from computers, tv, electronics - and while im at it maybe you should get a hair analysis (they can check heavy metal toxins in blood test as well) - mine results were quite interesting.
I have been reading all these posts tonight to help my daughter with her 8 year old son who has burning red ears and cheeks. Thank you to all for sharing your ideas and sufferings.
I am so relieved that I am not the only one that suffers this problem! I am a 37 year old female, have had digestive problems for years, had my gall bladder and appendix out last year, and feel quite stressed alot of the time with 4 young children and lots of other surrounding pressures. My left ear gets so red and hot on and off during the day and especially during a conversation with someone, or a group of people. Any caffeine/alcohol definitely makes it worse, and when it happens I can feel my heart rate go up and I feel more and more stressed as it gets redder. Now I'm thinking that I can see people's eyes shift to the left of my face all the time. I have started wearing my hair over my ears, and quite frequently seat myself in a way that people don't maybe notice it as much, if I'm sitting down in a group. Its really knocking my self confidence around and has been quite a problem for about 15 years, but I've never done anything about it. Its becoming more common for it to happen 2-3 times during the day, lasting for maybe up to 30 minutes or more.

I am a very nervy person anyway and its really getting me down. Maybe I should get some tests done. Any suggestions anyone?
I have red ear syndrome too. I'm a 33-year old professional male. I'd like to hear more about people's dietary trial & errors.
I was, until recently as an experiment, eating chocolate at around noon to 1 pm during the week and my red ears seemed to flare up at around 2 - 5pm. Since cutting that out it has helped I think. I also drink more water and tea and I think that helps.
I definately have a circulation problem - I suffer from Reynauds syndrome as well. My fingertips get white - usually around early to late evening. The climate I live in does not help (Pacific NW). I wish I lived in Mexico sometimes where its nice weather all year-round :) My hands are very dry and they get chapped during the winter months. My feet are always cold at night and I use hot water bottles to warm them up.
I would say I'm like Keanu Reeves regarding complexion - dark features but whiter skin. Today I was at a social event at work and my red ears appeared again.
I really wish there was a concrete solution for this. I am a really up-beat, life-loving person, but when I have my red ears, I cannot help but feel concerned about my image and how others perceive me.
One thing I noticed tonight that I thought I would mention. Its a Saturday, and its unusual that I got red ears, but it was triggered by a new neck strengthening excercise that I tried before going to bed. I rolled my head on the ground, from side-to-side - so the blood obviously goes to your head. But my eyes felt very puffy and my ears turned beat red. After the excercise my eyes returned to normal 5 minutes later, but my ears were dark red and lasted for the usual hour or so.
I notice I get RES at around 3-4 pm during the work week. Maybe by doing this every night before I go to bed I can "program" my daily ear episode at that time, potentially by-passing the more embarrasing (at work) time. Wishful thinking maybe.
Has anyone considered Electromagnetic Sensitivity? Even when lamps, etc. are turned off there is still electricity flowing through them. I moved to the other end of the couch to watch TV and don't get it during that time now. I also think vaccinations have caused big time problems injecting us with viruses, DNA from other animals, and noxious chemicals. Look up Dr. Rebecca Carley for info about Vaccine Induced Disease and treatment by phone.
I noticed that my 5 year old has been getting a red ear the past few weeks, mainly in the evening. I found this site and cannot believe how many people have it and how doctors can say they've never heard of it! There are a couple of worrying mail about serious illnesses but for most it seems more a nuisanse than anything else..which is reassurring. I hope we will get to the bottom of this soon.
My son gets hot red ears specifically after eating corn or potatoes. I have a Master's degree in science, and so I have read hundreds of studies in which lab animals experienced sever side effects from genetically-modified organisms (GMO) such as corn, soybeans, and potatoes. I experimented with his diet and restricted him at school and home to organic corn and potatoes for a few weeks, and his symptoms almost disappeared. FOLKS, we have all been eating genetically-modified corn, soy, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. for decades! The plants are modified to incorporate pesticide-like properties. When pests eat GM plants, the expressed proteins in the plant actually cause physical death to the insect by attaching to its liver, gut, and circulatory system. See . Worse still, other snippets of genetic material help this process along. Manufacturers are not required to disclose what carriers, since this is considered "trade secrets."

However, the FDA approves GM plants in our diets because the bioag companies can demonstrate that human consumption causes no harm and it's "nutritioanlly similar" to non-GM crops. This of course is based on "proprietary data" and skewed lab studies. AND NO GM LABELING FOR PESTICIDES AS A FOOD ADDITIVE IS REQUIRED DUE TO THIS CONCLUSION. See for a very good article on how this system works.

For those suffering and reading this, consider than GM corn is present not just in tortilla chips, popcorn, and cereal. The GM corn is milled down and used in cornstarches, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), fillers, release agents, flavorings, and who knows what else. HFCS is in innocuous items like fat-free yogurt and pizza crust.

So to those suffering out there, do 2 things:

1. Switch to as much organic food as you can, especially the things you eat a lot of. Think about your diet and read your labels. If you eat out a lot, consider your contamination paths there as well. Commercial food suppliers use vast amounts of GM corn because THEY CAN'T SELL IT IN JAPAN AND EUROPE ANYMORE!

2. Contact your state and national legislators to demand that GM-sourced foods be labeled. Google side effects of GM crops, and be informed from reliable scientific sources.
I have this problem...for more than 15 years!I am 45 now.I like many others feel like I am burning on myleft ear mostly. here is the strange thing, for me it happens almost always between 230pm-5pm??I started to observe others at my work and I also noticed most men get red ears aroun d the same time. I never mention this to my co-workers,but wonder if we all are eating somthing or is it stress/emotion??. not sure if it matters but I am mostly irish and they are also....and my son gets the same red ears, not my 2 dughters.HERE is a clue I think!BOTH MYSELF AND MY SON ARE ASTHMATICS WITH ALLERGIES,my 2 daughters are not.I have yet to figure this out,I also spoke to my doctor and he was clueless.
Every day or two for the last month or so I have been experiencing a red/fiery hot ear. More often than not it is just the left, a couple of times both and begins about 8 pm, lasting an hour or two.

Things that I have in common with many other suffers are migraines (have had since I was a child but controlled with feverfew) as well as just about every other type of headache known to man. I also frequently suffer from stiff joints. I am a 50 year old female Caucasian with O+ blood. I have enough "seasonal" allergies that I suffer from them year round.

I have found no correlation with drinking alcohol, working out or being stressed out. I see a chiropractor fairly regularly, and this does not appear to be linked to misalignment. My blood pressure is in the normal range. About two months ago I started eating significantly more fresh fruit and fish/sea food and have cut out most red meat and cheese. Have any of the rest of you experienced this after modifying your diet in a similar fashion?

From my mid 20s to late 30s I experienced the same type of redness and fiery burning in both feet. They would get so hot I thought they would be permanently damaged. I was told to take B complex and that helped dramatically. My feet will still get a little hot once in a while but not miserably so. Unfortunately B complex does not have the same effect with red/hot ear.

I am thankful that this condition does not appear to be life threatening although it is very irritating. It's comforting to know I am not the only one experiencing this.

Be blessed.
OMG like a lot of others, I can't believe the number of people with this condition/illness/symptom or whatever we have. My left ear has been getting red and hot for the last year. I have some things in common with many people on this post, but not all. I'm 61 yrs. old; do not drink alcohol; have seasonal allergies; get my red ear in the early evenings. It helps to know that I'm not alone, but I also wish there was some diagnosis. I'll definitely keep checking this site for more info.
I have the burning hot left ear for a couple of years, though it has only gotten more severe and persistant in the last few months. I do take anxiety meds that work really well for all the other symptoms, but does nothing for the ear. It usually occurs in the evening, as well. It is ALWAYS my left ear, and turns almost a purple-red. If I take a drink of alcohol, that always triggers it. But, sometimes the lobe will get a little itch and as soon as I touch it, it flames up! Happens a least once a day. My Dr. has run blood tests for everything known to man and everything checked out. I have slightly high cholesterol, but my Dr. said that wouldn't have anything to do with. And I actually have LOW BP! I am a 33 year old married caucasion female, married with 3 children. My sister occassionally suffers from it, too. But not often at all. I need help with this!!!!!
The things you find through google... so yea this happens to me too. =( I don't know why, i'm sure there's an answer somewhere on this page but there's a LOT of comments here!! >.<
Please check out food sensitivity - if you can afford it, go to a place that does specific blood tests to food items - also, sugar overgrowth needs to be killed off with Oil of Oregano.
I am 29 years old and get ears turned red very frequently. Recently I visited a dermatologist and he suggested me for IPL, Intense Pulsed Light. Has anyone being suggested this or undergone this treatment. Please post ur experiences.
I Googled IPL & Wikipedia has some info. IPL sounds promising and I plan on discussing this procedure with my Dermo. Along with red, hot ear, I have hair growth, dark wiry hair, on the top of my ears. Hair was not there prior to RES, and IPL is a method used to remove hair and prevent future growth. Maybe by having these radical hair follicles removed, my RES will go away. Good luck & keep us posted.
Hadi AlShaikhNasser
I'll add my name here with you guys. I really was amazed to know that there is a "Red Ear Syndrome". I lived with this thing for years now. I didn't know it's a thing!
I hope someone can update us if anything new appears.
Strange but true, I have noticed a possible correlation between _MY_ RES and donating blood. The more I donate the less my ears are red.

1) It took about two years and 12 pints of donating blood the first time until I noticed relief. (This was just coincidence, I wasn't donating in order to get relief from RES.)

2) The RES returned after not donating for some time.

3) Now after donating again for about 8 months and 4 pints of blood, the RES is almost gone again.

So... how many of you donate blood on a regular basis every two months? It has me thinking that maybe some type of toxin is building up in my body and donating blood helps cleanse my system (like long ago people believed in "blood letting").
I have RES and ive noticed my left ear get red when I'm hungry
I have had red ear two nights in a row at the same time and before having to do numero 2, but first it was the right ear, now the left ear... weird.. I have been stressed and tired lately because of exams, this red ear might be part and parcel from the stress...
Desperately looking for answers on my sons red ears and health. He's had red, hot ears that come and go along with his hair standing up. He has anger and rages along with leg weakness and eyes that roll into his head. Everything has been ruled out including suizures. He says he feels energy running up and down his legs.
Ed Snow
Wow, didn't think I'd find so many others with this problem. Every Doctor I've told this to has just looked at me like I'm crazy.

It started a couple of years ago, right after I was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury (Syringomyelia), I've also been diagnosed with Lyme disease over the same time span. I'll have to read all the messages with it's not 3:30 am.
Ed Snow
Went to a Lyme Disease Support Group tonight and found other people that knows what I'm talking about with the one red ear. Will arm myself with info on Lyme next time I see the Doctor.
i discover this page like 3 months ago. Let me mention, i start with RES when i was 6 years old, now i have 35. 29 years having this condition. I remermer the day this began, i was in a chair looking tv with my parents. I have these episodies almost all days, specially in the evening, with sun exposure, with heat, situations, spice food, when i touch, somebody touch, when somebody notice, after warm shawer, after a exercise, etc, etc. so, almost always. I tried a lot of things but nothing works. when is not red is kind of orange, but are not normal. I tried to avoid triggers but some times is impossible. i found that even when exercise is a trigger, this can reduce the level of RES in other situations, so i recommend exercise to get high condition and reduce this problem. But anyway i think this is more psychological issue (remember, i am an expert after 29 years). If i am not thinking in the condition, this is reduced.
I partially agree with RES being psychological. I think it is physical but turns psychological if I am embarrassed about it. My ears will get more red and hotter if someone sees it and mentions it. It then turns into a sort of blushing, but far stronger than any blushing of the cheeks. The stupid Dr. I told about it the first time looked at my red ears and actually laughed! This of course turned them on brighter than Rudolph's Nose ever was.
I used to get hot ears when I was about 5-6, I am female.
It ended up getting so bad that I would have to sleep with icepacks wrapped in a teatowel on both my ears.

I used to lick my hand and rub it against my ear to cool if off also, but I think that may have even made it worse.
-I have grown out of it now, but have probably have had one every year or so.
I have been doing alot of research and going to drs and such - i believe and this is my belief now: Red ear syndrome is due to INFLAMMATION - if you have not gone to your drs, ask for a FERRATIN level which measures the anount of inflammation in your body - things that promote inflammation is sugar and I believe if you cut the sugar (and or things you may have a allergy to and or food sensitivity: I am only talking food not environmental)and take things that promote non inflammatory responses like cherries, etc. along with fish oil etc.
I believe "rycer" is on to something---INFLAMMATION. I have seen many different Drs. without positive results. A Veterinarian/scientist friend asked if any physician suggested prednisone (spelling) for my RES. Not one of my Drs. made that suggestion, but I intend to ask on next visit. I also believe food sensitivity, and or allergies play a significant role in RES, but determining which foods or substances cause flare-ups is the difficult part.
I have been getting a very red hot LEFT ear since my teens. Doctors seem to be ignorant about this effect. I think we should make a distinction between the cause of LEFT ear redness, right ear or both ears redness. These are 3 DIFFERENT symptoms. I can tell you that I have hypoglycemia, and the red ear started at the same time.
Friends know that when they see my left ear turn red, I had better eat some fruit and protein quickly, because my blood sugar is dropping. Otherwise I will get really confused and exhausted.(If ignored, the red heat spreads to the rest of the face). I think we are missing the point: the redness is a symptom. I wish I knew the mechanism! Just what is that left ear connected to!? The same thing happens with exposure to chemicals or certain foods, which I try to avoid. I think this might help those who get a red left ear at specific times, related to food intake. Has any researcher looked into the biological pathways of the one red ear phenomenon? (by the way, I never have headaches-knock on wood-,in response to one of the posts).
Tray C
The same thing happens to me, almost daily at work but never on my days off. Sometimes I'm stressed when it happens other times I'm far from stressed so it's hard for me to link it to stress. Can't understand why it doesn't happen when I'm not working. Funny thing is that it never happens in the mornings. It's almost always after 2pm. Sometimes I feel internally overheated when it happens, other times, not at all. Sometimes it will happen to my left ear and a short time later it'll change to my right ear, leaving no evidence in the left! Sometimes I feel like there's some kind of allergic reaction going on, under my skin from the neck up; None of these things are consistent. I do have an EXTREMELY sensitive sense of smell. So many scents will cause me to feel that same allergic reaction under my skin. Could there be a link there? Perfumes, household cleaners, vacuum cleaners cause the red ear thing and I KNOW when that happens. The scents bother me SO MUCH I'm well aware of it. I've dealt with this for at least 30 years. Co-workers automatically assume I'm completely stressed. I suppose I could be internalizing my stress but I don't always feel stressed. I just wish I could find a way to get it under control. I'm tired of listening to people gasping in shock when they see "WOW look at your EAR!!! It's SO RED!!!" and then they look at it so awkwardly and confused, though they see it regularly so I can't understand why they have to continue to bring it to my attention. When I get stressed and really nervous, I tend to get red blotches under my chin, on my neck and on my chest. This is also something I've dealt with my entire life. I KNOW that it's my nerves causing that! I feel it, I know when I'm anxious and I feel it happening. The ear thing is totally different from the red blotching. I can also calm myself down and speed up the clearing on the blotching. No such luck with the ear thing. It is what it is! I have never gotten a headache along with it, as several people have mentioned in forums. I have been all over the internet and the only thing I'm finding is other people looking for the same answers! Are there answers?
Mohamad N
I have been suffering for two years for the redness in the ear once or twice a day. my blood test is normal, I consulted the Dermatologist and Internal with no luck.
last June, during my vacation in Lebanon, the symptoms disappeared but were back a couple of day after my return.
I noticed there was a pain in my eyes before the redness of the ear. I consulted an ophtalmologitst, fount that I have dryness in my eyes that caused the redness in the face and ears. i am now using eye drops to lubricate the eyes (once every 2 to 3 hours), I have noticed that when I use the eye drop every 2 to 3 hours, the redness in the ear does not happen the whole day, I have to continue using this drops for a few months. try it and hope we can say goodby to redness in the ear.

Mohamad N.
to mohamad: may i know which kind of eye drops are u using now?? thanks in advance
I also think rycer is onto something with Inflamation as a likely cause.
I live in the tropics now after living in a cooler climate and this condition is a nightmare for me because of the constant heat.My head feels very inflammed and hot showers, direct sun or high humidity triggers episodes and results in feelings of embarassment because of the state of my ears. First one ear starts feeling red and I get throbbing bi-lateral temporal headaches then audio sensitivity then the other ear follows suit. This lasts for 2 - 4 hours then I feel washed out afterwards. This happens every day but never in the morning. Triggers are alcohol, heat, stress, touching of the ears.
I have had this for 22 years. I have tried every type of specialist, natural therapy treatments,beta blockers, vaso dilators, migraine treatments, TMJ (jaw) surgery, sinus surgery x 2 and the only thing that has given me any relief is prednisone. This is a strong steroid but it is such a relief,. It makes me feel like "normal" people must feel. You cant take long doses of preednisone as it has systemic impact and especially on the liver. I pray to god that someone can get to the bottom of this as it controls what I do and how I feel about myself. What amazes me is that no medical "professional" can nail it down and they dont seem to be very interested (in my experience). Please help
In my earlier postings, I stated inflammation as a possible cause for the RES - I have been taking a product from called OptimaFlex that helps with inflammation - There is also a liquid in a bottle that fights inflammation but i cant remember the name right off hand - anyway, I'm just passing that info off to everyone who might be interested, i do not get paid for referring you nor am i asking too - if it helps ya like it has helped reduce mine, than so be it - also of note, I have found that NOT eating wheat products, gluten, sugar, etc.(things I had a food sensitivity too), the RES has also decreased.
My left ear is burning up so i came here, didnt expect so many comments haha anyways much love up to all my red ears!
not so red anymore
I have dealt with having red burning ears (sometimes one, and sometimes both) almost every afternoon or evening for the past 4 years. I have done relentless research and have tried hundreds of supplements, etc, but nothing worked. Finally, through trial and error with what I eat, I've determined that MILK and DAIRY products directly affect my ear flushing. I guess one could say it could be an allergy, but it is not an immediate reaction. If I have some milk with lunch, my ears might turn red 3 hrs later..and also again the next afternoon (maybe as it moves through my digestive track....not sure.) Over the past month I have removed almost every trace of dairy from my diet, and subsequently my ears have flushed less than 5 times all month long. (Dairy is in so many unsuspecting things....)
This has worked for me and I am extremely grateful for it. I hope it can help others.
Oh my! I can't believe I found other people with the same problem!!
I am 41 and have suffered with uncontrollable, random red hot ears for about 4 years now. I think it is stress/fatigue related. The first time it occured, I was on a sailboat for the first time ever... I am not a boating person and was very anxious to be on the water for a week. I went to overcome a fear - which I did.
Since that first occurance, one, or both of my ears become red and extremely HOT. On fire! for no real reason at all. It isn't always the same one, either. I try to note what I'm doing when it happens and the only constants have been anxiety/stress/fatigue.
I'm sorry that anyone else has to suffer this crazy syndrome, but am glad to know it is not just me! Sometimes it makes me feel crazy! My right ear is flaring up even as I type. Of course, I am exhausted, stressed about a fundraiser I'm in charge of, and can't go to sleep.
I hope others keep posting as more information is available.
BTW - the folded tongue on the roof of the mouth as mentioned in an earlier post actually worked to cool it down a little.
The Dairy product thing is a very real possibility. I am from New Zealand and we have the highest rate of allergies at early onset in the world and that can be attributed to the prominence of dairy products in the diet. I suggest stopping all dairy products for 3 weeks then re-introducing dairy into the diet to see what results you get.

Also, this is very interesting:
This just started happening to me and it's driving me crazy. I can feel it when one ear is hot and red. I want to know why.
I have had this problem for years, only in one ear at a time, over the last week it has happned everday and was starting to get worried, glad i found this site cause it puts my mind at ease a little...thanks for all the posts
Im just updating what has been going on with me in regard to the RES - recently I have started with testastrone replacemtn therapy because mine was extremly low and i have got a Gabby-Wright High Potent Vitamin injection (twice) since Ive been doing that, my RES has been wiped out completely! I have been going to a Clinic that is considered alternative medicine. That place has changed my life. I had also been getting Chelation Therapy for heavy metal toxicity and today I am a different man for doing so. If i stayed on the normal path for doctors in the mainstream, i'd no doubt have been labeled (I am sure i am anyway) as a hypochondriac.
I have also suffered from a red hot ear for about 5 years. It always happens at random place and times. I am usually not stressed out or doing anything strenuos. Mostly I have noticed this happening when I am at work sitting at my desk all by myself. Sometimes it happens other places too but mostly at work. It is always just one ear, never both at the same time. The occurences of this are pretty far between, I would say like maybe once every month or even every other month. I started taking Accutane(for acne) 2 weeks ago and have had a red hot almost everday. I am going to ask my dermatologist about this at my next check up in a week and let you guys know if he has any ideas on the cause! Someone out there has to know for sure what this is from. Right???
I have had this Red Hot Ear problem, on and off, for the last few years. (I am 30). It would happen at work, at home, or while driving. It's always my left year.

I am now pregnant and it's been happening again, for the last few weeks. This time, it only seems to happen after I shower. Usually before or after I blow dry my hair.

I have neck issues, but go to the chiropractor and I get a massage, once a month.

It would be nice to know what is causing the red, hot ear. Luckily it's just a nuisance and it isn't painful.
Like I said before, inflammation is the reason for RES, try to eliminate all gluten/wheat products and sugar and I bet you wont have a problem. If you still arent convinced, go to your dr. and get a food allergy blood test.
My sister's left ear is very hot right now. I don't think it is anything to worry about.
This problem has as many answers as questions. I can tell you if you have ruled out food,mood and weather. if it mostly occurs in the early evening answer this you chew gum? I did to cover my breath after lunch and coffee.the constant action irritated my jaw and I suspect was linked to the ear.I would subconsciously rub my ear ever so slightly or even hold the phone up to that left ear and bam red ear for an hour. this may not be the answer to everyones problem but it might be yours.
I'm 17 and i occasionally get a really hot ear one at a time and usually the left 1... from most of the comments i have seen that it is common in young boys but there aren't very many teenagers with this problem, people seem to find it related 2 stress or tiredness, i have a hot ear just now, in the evening which many people find is the same time roughly so i think its probably to do with the heat of the room at specific points of the day when you are most tired or are feeling stressful/anxious/embarresed hopefully nothing 2 worry about
Supposed I'd best add my 2pence worth. Im a 23 year old male and suffer from this red hot ear thingee. Mainly my left ear but at the moment its both and my forehead and cheeks feel hot aswell... just feels like my whole head is inflammed and I need to cool it down. I suffer from stress quite badly but only get this feeling in the evening like most here. Had some stress with selling a car tonight and its flaired up again, I also think I have back/neck problems because I spend alot of time on the computer, Also I am being tested for a gluten allergy at the moment due to a really bad stomach sometimes/heartburn. No results yet but I will post them up.... Also i have noticed someone posting about having dry eyes and that eye drops helped with their burning ears, My optician adviced me that I got eye drops because I have very dry eyes but this was a couple of years back so Im going to try out some drops.... I think I may open a forum purely for this problem, Please email me if you think you would benefit from a forum on RHE and if I get enough replies I will construct one!
wow this is amazing!! its great to know im not the only one! this has been a major source of anxiety and distress in my life for years. it has rendered me immobile, to the point that i had to quit my job as a grocery check out clerk. i had to stop riding the bus and walking in public as well. when i feel my ear getting warm i know the redness is coming and people look at me. the only saving grace is that it takes the attention off the large skin tags under my left eye. i would definitely enjoy a support group or forum, i hope this is something we can overcome together!!
I had this happen all of the sudden a year or so ago, turned out I had a infection in my lung that left a nodule. My ears burned like hell off and on, left or right,or both. I think infections or illnesses are a culprit for some.
Sames here! Right now one is glowing like its on fire. The other one is cool and normal. I doubt its something bad,just one of these phenomenons that can occur. I mean hey!our body is such a complex structure...i wonder how these enodplasmatic reticulums find there ways through our body anyway :D they may be confused sometimes.Lets not be too hard on them :D
sleep well i.e. 7-8 hrs. less sleep is often the reason for it.
Different Answers
Part Answer!:
I have had this issue since I was a child (I'm now 25). My mother would always think I had a fever, but this only proved to be true 1 out of 50 times. The heat and redness would either occur in one ear (sometimes moving to the other) or both ears. I never went to the doctor because there was never sever pain; just mild discomfort. It was because of my sister that I learned of Angioedemia. She would often experience swelling, heat and discomfort in her hands/feet when she would exercise. She finally went to the Dr. where she found out she had Angioedemia. Basically the same thing would happen to me, but in my face/ears. Angioedemia is a swelling of the blood vessels just under the skin. It allows for more blood to enter the area and creates the heat and the redness. This is not blushing, or caused for the same reasons! Angioedemia will often occur on one side of the body, and not the other. And it may take moments to appear and hours to go away. The causes are very broad. Allergies are the most common. My sister has an allergic reaction to heat. When her body is overheated it reacts by forcing more blood to the surface. Allergies to foods can cause this reaction, and allergies to many household products. Paint, plastics, artificial food coloring, fake fragrances (dryer sheets are a big one) and other such things can have a big effect on the human chemical balance. Dryer sheets are a big one because the chemicals that are used to soften your clothes/ make them smell better are on your skin for hours at a time and can begin to affect your health over time. Granted, this is only one small area that affects our body systems.

Other things are simple temperature changes, such as cold to hot. When your body is exposed to the cold it will produce more adrenalin, increasing the heart rate and trying to warm the body. For many people, our body overreacts and creates to much adrenalin and so the effect takes double effect once we are in a warm area.

Another factor is stress/being sleepy. Both cause our blood pressure/temp to rise. Stress is a given, but for sleep it is not as known. Have you ever taken a nap and woken up after 20-30-40 minutes and your body is sweating? That is because our body temperatures rise when we start to get sleepy (and for the first 30 mins (average) of sleeping), and then drops when we are actually sleeping. It is a natural process of the body's internal clock. This is why most people are so hot when they are trying to fall asleep, but then get very cold at night. As we become tired, our bodies increase our temps (which has been thought to be our burning off extra energy...), and for some people it will cause our extremities (ears) to become hotter. The heat is a cooling mechanism. By forcing more blood to the surface, our body cools faster. It is very noticible in the ears, because the tissue is so thin. I hate to compare it to the male genitalia, but it is the same concept. When the male testes are cold, they will pull up to the body, and when they are hot they will move away from the body. It is an internal temperature control.

The human body does all sorts of interesting things without us knowing why.

Hope this helps a few people.
Hi.I have a 6 yr old boy who ALSO has this. I didnt think much of it til today we were online playing games, he sat on my lap and i noticed his warm ear on my face. Its always his right ear. Since we were online i thought i would google it and i came across this, and its very interesting to see how many people have this problem. And now im becoming a little concerned. Its happened before but i didnt really think much of it. I always thought it might have something to do with the weather. Its warm indoors but very cold outside. And now that i read someone the other postings it makes sense that it could be due to the child being tired or sleep deprived. I personally think my son doesnt get enough sleep. But it might also be something not to worry about, because now that i think about it, ive got it a few times too, usually when the heat is on. And my face also gets a little flush too.....
WOW! it looks like alot of people have red/hot ears. Can somebody help me! Im 9 year's old and I can't take this any more. Thi happens exactly every night or sometimes in school. my friends laf at me! Please help me! I GONNA GO NUTS!
wow, wow, and wow again! just googled hot ears and got all these sufferers out there in cyberspace with it. My son who is 8 has been plauged with this for a few months now. Interesting trying to read through some postings that a heck of a lot of boys under 10 seem to have it. Also came across a few who had it and have some form of autism. My son has aspergers I am quite sure though not diagnosed officially yet so i wonder how strong this link is with the red ear thing. would make a great survey if anyone out there would take it on . Also a lot of the suffers seem to be adhd . Intersting but whats the cure? It hits every evening usually doing home work when he is most stressed. Stress seems to be another common denominator.
I have an 11 yr old boy who has had this problem as long as we can remember. He says its mildly painful. Sometimes it's one ear, sometimes to the touch and red, red, red. He has ADHD and significant hay fever. I have always assumed this is allergy related, though he takes claritin (and before the zyrtec) daily. The claritin helps the runny nose/sneezing/itchy eyes, but doesn't eliminate the ear thing.

I'm fairly convinced this a food sensitivity or allergy of some kind.
Mother of Three
Hello. I'm so relieved that others experience this as well. My five year old son gets this and has it right now. He has had this for a few years now, but today he says it itches. I gave him some benadryl and the redness is going away as well as the itchiness. In the past it never itched but it's generally his left ear and warm to the touch.
I'm 46 and my right ear gets red and hot to the touch. It seems to happen in the evenings right after I shower. I thought it was a blood pressure thing but my blood pressure is fine
How many people here suffer from Acid Reflux/GERD? Here's my theory on the whoe RES thing - food allergies! and this being related to how you are digesting food - if you suffer from chronic heartburn and/or have GERD, more times than not you have a low stomach acid, when you have low stomach acid you are not able to break down or digest food properly - when this happens and food sit in your digestive tract, it makes the liver work harder, particles get in your blood stream and viola Food Allerigies/Sensitivities - then it starts working other parts of your body and the RES is just one part of that. I would bet 99 of 100 people on here not only have just the RES but have something else in conjunction going on with your body - RES typically not going to be a lone and standing issue. To expand on the Acid Reflux, pharmasueticalsand doctors are in cahoots to keep you on dangerous antacids - if you really want to cure acid reflux/GERD, invest in some Hydrocloric Acid/Betaine supplements - ask your doctor about this, and he will look at you like your nuts to put Betaine supplents in your body - its because they dont want you better, they want you to keep coming and fill out prescriptions so everyone in the medical community gets fat on the cat.
I love that this forum is hellishly long and I still can't find out why my left ear is scorching and his counterpart is room temp. Aaaaagh! It's so weird and it won't stop!
so i am not abnormal!!! there are many around with Red ear syndrome...scientists need to do a research over it... My right ear is getting constantly hot and red since few days .....i wonder does it have anything to do with the mental states...
1. not the all red ears r trigered by the same thing, so: some of u have food alergies, some of us got bad circualation( i m sure i dnt have food alergy, because mine get hot when i go from cold to warm, or stay in a cold weather, or touch them even...... and i think someone should give this link to a good doctor to look at it....
Concerned mom
My son is seven, and he has had this problem for several years (every night- faithfully). No doctor has ever been able to give us a "smart" answer as to why this happens. My sister is going to school for medicine and presented this to her professor, and he looked at her like she was ridiculous. It's really frustrating for my little boy. When he was little, we first noticed it because he would lick his hand and place it to his ear, repeatedly, in attempts to cool it because he didn't want to stop playing and he didn't realize his ear was turning bright red. The consistent things is that it does happen usually at night after he showers. We have tried relating it to a possible food allergy, but nothing came up from that. I think it is some type of circulation problem- possible??? I wish I could find some rhyme or reason to why this happens as it is very bothersome. We just keep several cool compresses in the freezer for him. Glad to see this is fairly common.
Both my ears get hot when the forced-air heater turns on. In fact, they're so sensitive, they turn red hot even before I realize the heater is on. I then I put my hand on the heater, and go, "yup, it's on!"

I do have acid reflux... but I don't see a correlation yet between meal times and hot ears.

Interestingly, I also get "hot eyes", where the area around my eyes feel hot. This happens when I'm looking at the computer screen and it turns dark outside. It also happens when there is an incandescent light too near my face (but everyone else seems just fine with it).

My solution? I turn the heater off and live in a freezing cold room!
This has happened to me for years.. I'm a 17 year old girl- yeah it seems to happen to people of all ages. It's usually just one ear or the other, but I think I've had them simutaneously as well. My theory is that it has to do with circulation. Maybe more blood is getting to that ear at the time, for whatever reason. I don't really see a pattern with it though, it happens completely at random. But yes, I felt like I was the only person with this quirk. Isn't it embarrassing though? I always want to cover up my red ear.. haha.
This has been happening to me almost daily for about 4 months. Usually the left ear gets beet red and hot around 7:00pm and the right one around 10:00pm. Rarely at the same time. I am a 22 year old male, very good physical condition (I eat healthy and exercise regularly).

Here are my experiences with it for anyone that wants it:

Exercising when this happens does not seem to help (either weights or cardio). And only sometimes does exercising set this off. I was also exercising before this started to happen so it probably isn't the cause.

At first I thought this may be allergies as my Mom said that I used to get red ears as a child when I was congested. But taking Nasonex and even Benadryl (sometimes) has done nothing. I was also never congested or had any other signs of allergies.

Then after going home over Christmas, this same thing was still occuring. And as I never had allergies there I think it must be something else.

As far as I can recall there was no change in diet that could have set this off.

After reading this though, I am going to try sleeping more, and also doing more in the evenings to prevent getting bored and tired. During university I would be working ~80 hour weeks, and got tons of sleep. But now I work 9 to 5 and my evenings are totally free, so I can get bored. I've also only been sleeping about 7 hours a night, I'll try upping that to my University levels (9 hours about) and see if it makes a difference.
pippy doodle
This just happened to me for the first time today on my left ear only and it lasted for about 2 hours. I have realized that the hot and abnormally red ear is due to lack of sleep for me, and I'm just glad to see that it is normal, and so many other people have it, because I thought something was wrong with me!
My 7 year old son has this in his left ear.
While sleeping he always keeps his neck well back. He gets burning hot/ red ear in the night.
I am so glad there are other people who have this! My mom has had this for years and I have noticed that it has started happening to me. It seems to only happen in the winter. I wish there was a doctor out there that could diagnose this!
Like all of you here, it's great to see that there are others out there. It's always my right ear, and it pretty much happens every day around evening time. I think it's because I'm tired, but I don't know. It doesn't seem like something I should get checked.
I have to admit though, it's incredibly feels a bit like mild sunburn.
Both of my boys, 3 and 5 years, experience red hot ear. I notice it when their body temperature is higher from wrestling around, running, after a bath, etc. I'm not at all concerned. I don't believe it is linked with a food allergy. My oldest son runs for his Thomas the Train ice pack. It subsides within 30 min.
Unbelievable how many people have hot left ears!! Mine is red hot right now and I want to know why??
I know what causes it, but probably no one will believe me. "Demons" (rebellious angels that followed Satan), do that to people because they enjoy torturing certain people, because they get some kind of sadistic pleasure out of it. (Mark 9:22). They take their anger out on people.----There is no other physiological explanation for this phenomena, which has greatly increased in the last 10 years or so. (Rev. 12:12). People's minds are a little weaker when tired, anxious, mad, etc., that's why it happens most often at those times. So forget doctors being able to help you and your children with this particular problem. Sorry, but that's the truth. >
There are a lot of things that we don't understand about the Human body, Demons are a easy cop out, but this isn't an appropriate forum for religious beliefs.
Nevertheless, I'm 100 percent positive that that's the cause. It's no cop out, it's just the truth. As I said, few will believe it, but that changes nothing. When it comes to people's suffering, any subject is up for discussion. Forum not limited in scope.
I get a hot red ear after using the mobile phone. Really.
I refuse to deny or confirm that it is usually when I am inviting those cheeky Demons into my soul.
My 6 year old boy has had red hot ears for last few weeks on and off... usually in the evening after his bath when he's most relaxed!
It doesn't seem to bother him! He just wants to know why it keep happening?
Hello friends, long time since posted. Have not had many episodes, not sure why. Was looking for info on trigeminal neuralgia and found site giving info on TACS, which includes cluster headaches (I have); Proxysmal hemicrania (I have) this is another name for RES. Interesting data, but subscription is necessary to read whole article. However, it was enough for me to take to neurologist next visit. On the site: UpToDate For Patients: Paroxysmal hemicrania
gary ur an idiot. perhaps not unintelligent but very misguided. good luck
neway. my dads a dr and he couldnt/wouldnt give me an explanation but said to take a hot shower and my ears were normal 10 minutes later after alternating red to white(regular) for hours. and take ibuprofen but i didnt have to take any although it wouldnt hurt
Well, I was misinformed and unfortunately passed the wrong info along. I apologize. Proxysmal hemicrania is NOT another name for RES. It is a type of cluster headache. So sorry. Hope to have better info next time.
Hey, I am getting my right ear red every now and then. I notice it happens when I am really angry or upset or when I drink alcohol, but it also happens when I don't drink mostly at night sometimes. it's really annoying I don't know what it is but I am tired of it. I just want it to stop. sometimes I am perfectly relax and it happens so it beats me. but this is too weird haven't really gone to doctor to find out but there should be some kind of medical explanation for it. there is a lot of nonsense out there about it. if anyone know the real problem let me know thanks
glad to see I'am not the only one.
Symptoms and signs
The most prominent symptoms of erythromelalgia are episodes of erythema, swelling, and a painful burning sensation primarily in the extremities. These symptoms are usually symmetric and affect the lower extremities more frequently than the upper extremities. Symptoms may also affect the ears and face. For secondary erythromelalgia, attacks typically precede and are precipitated by the underlying primary condition. For primary erythromelalgia, attacks can last from minutes to hours and occur infrequently to frequently with multiple times daily. Common triggers for these episodes are exertion, heating of the affected extremities, and alcohol or caffeine consumption, and any pressure applied to the limbs. In some patients sugar and even melon consumption have also been known to provoke attacks.
im only 10 and ive had ear problems and just a while ago i had both red ears and it was about 54 degrees and a thermal scanner said my ear was over 80 degrees!(both of them wierd) but i do have a one earn prob i know one of the reasons its prob because if you eat(or drink)anything of milk products so look up "milk allergic symptoms" i havent looked it up but at least try
my friend has both his ears red right now, and very warm. too bad theres no real answer to it.
Hi All...I am 48 and about three months ago I noticed that my left ear felt hot and my co-worker said it was bright red. A customer chimed in that a relative of hers had this symtom a lot due to high blood pressure. When I left work I went to a drug store and took my BP at one of those sit down bp stations and sure enough it was 215/105 which I learned was high. Had no idea I had high BP.
Weekend, no dr ava so the next night about 10PM it happened again. Went to drug store and again BP was high. Went to
ER and they gave me a pill (said it was actually a water pill and sent me home.
Told me to come any time it was over 200 if I couldn't see my doctor. A few hours after the visit it was down to a normal 110/74. (I bought the at cuff wrist cuff). Went to DR a few days later and BP was close to normal. BUT,
the hot red ear still happens many times a week and I check my BP it it seems
I was still convinced it has something to
do with blood pressure but since so many kids and such have it too, HMMMM.
Well, that's just my 2+ cents.
hi all... Im 23 and have had rhe since my early teen age years either right or left ear get red hot and sometimes my cheeks as well, i've never asked my dr about it but im very interested on why this happens i wish there was an answer for it, i do suffer from anxiety and depression maybe that has something to do with it?....
I've been suffering for red ears for 25+ years. I'm now 41. Sometimes it may be one ear (left or right) or both. It is not painful, but they can become bright red and hot to touch. Unfortunately, my ears are quite large, and so when I do get this, it is incredibly embarrassing as it is so noticeable. (do others have large ears who have the red ear symptom?).
I notice that I sometimes get this after a hot shower, if I'm in a hurry, or feel enclosed in a room and no circulation, I get hot and bothered, and the ears are the first to heat up.
In addition, my young 7 year old son also gets this issue with very hot and red ears from time to time. Usually, he complains he is also hot. Unfortunately, he took after me, and his ears are rather larger than average. Is there a link here? My older son who is ten and has "normal" sized ears doesn't have this issue (thank God)
I finally decided to look up this "red hot ear" issue and came across this blog. I am amazed so many folks have this symptom. I plan to check out some of ideas here. I am 61 and did not have this until after I have open heart surgery (was 55). Just can't explain it and have not asked the Dr either. I just checked my BP and it was higher than normal. I'll keep checking when the ear goes back to normal. Wierd1!!
The only time I remember having this symptom is when I would play too long outside in the cold as a youngster and if the ears were exposed the warming process caused the redness (and aching)
This is a great collection of information.
Hey I have had hot ears my whole life I am 32 now. It has happened to me all of my life. It is getting very bad now. Every day it turns hot red like on fire. Sometimes it's just one ear sometimes both ears. The only thing that I have found that works is putting my whole head under the sink and soaking both of my ears and neck and head with cold water. Sometimes after I put the cold water all over my head I go sit outside with no coat on. It works pretty good in the winter time. This is the only solution I have found to cool them off fast. And sometimes even after I do all that they will start to turn hot red again. I have no idea what causes it. I don't have high blood pressure. Please let me know if there is any other way to stop it. From looking at all of the posts I don't think there is a way to stop it.
I haven't read through every post here but the technical term for this is not RHE but red-ear syndrome. It's a harmless neurological syndrome. My neurologist has me on a regimen of magnesium (at least 400 mg/day but up to 1200/mg if your digestive tract can tolerate it), Vitamin B2 (400 mg/day), and 1 tablet of CoQ10 (one tablet, Healthy Origins brand). This helps a lot but isn't foolproof. I do find that if I don't eat enough during the day it's more likely to come on and sometimes flare-ups can be counteracted by applying an ice pack to the ear or eating a carbohydrate-heavy snack (like toast). But like I said, "sometimes" these work.
Check to see if you have osteo-arthritis. My husband has it, and his ears get red all the time. They are related.
52 year old male, I've had this one ear issue for 30 years with no concern at all. It feels wierd but I just ignore it and go on with my life. Any body ever says any thing I just tell them it must be the devil coming out and I feel fine. That's the only thing that bothers me is pepole ask "are you ok?" yaaaaa, are you?
I have noticed big improvements after giving up the following:
- Tea and Coffee
- Wheat
- Dairy
I know thats alot to give up but it has helped big time!
Hey everybody, 20 years old here with this sickening red burning sensation on my left ear as I type. Been having this for more than 2 years now. Stay strong!
I have this syndrome and my ears are large too. There is a long break on my ear and maybe the blood issues out and make the ear hot and red?!
Some advices
Drink water! it does help, so stay hidrated, and when you are showering, go with warm to cold, and oposite. I think you ll see improvement after this.
I have given my opinion of this before - i am always doing research to find out the cause - there always is a cause - i have noticed that if i limit or elminate sodium from my diet, the RES is gone or at least less severe.
and if you have a flare up of the RES, do yourself a favor and take a Benadryl and see if that clears it up. That way you will know if its an allergy, and try to remember what you ate
I have tracked my sodium intake and notice that MSG seems to trigger my RES. Example: 3 days ago, had chinese food (biggest culprit in the history of food industry overabusing MSG on their food)= Flare up --- had tuna fish sandwhich today = no flare up -- tonight a chicken casserole w/ cream of mushroom soup which has MSG = flare up. What i am saying, at least for me i see a correlation between RES and MSG - MSG is hidden in alot of packaged foods, bottled foods and such.
Here man, I have another problem. It's my chin. It flares up after using the old you know, say no more. Just looking for people with similar reactions.
I guess you should stop bobbing on it then. I swear, you cant fix stupid!
I am 62 years old. Occasionally, I've had hot ear cold ear for as long as I can remember. I always thought I was just odd, or at least odd that way anyway. Thank goodness for the internet now I know a bunch of us are odd and not just me. The effect dosent seem to have ill effects but it is annoying. Just out of curiosity I wish I knew what caused it.
Wow, This has been happened to me now over the last three weeks,never before i have one ear thats burning and everything is ok.
well, is there anybody out there that knows the reason for this hot ear problem?...i have been having this issues for a couple of years now and it really bothers me, im 37yrs old, and one of my ears, never both at the same time gets really hot/ very uncomfortable??????/help
JOIN THE CLUB RAIZA. I wish I knew what the dam problem was. Sometimes I am so
miserable. The only thing that I have found that works is putting my whole head under the kitchen sink and soaking both of my ears and whole head with the coldest water I can get. Sometimes that doesn't even work. I have to keep on doing that sometimes 6 times and my dam ears are still RED. I have had this all of my life and I am 33 now. It SUCKS. Good luck
We could solve it by trying to ask the biggest experts of medicine in our towns, mine don't know, but trying to figure out, so please ask and share with us, that s the only way
Dr. Felix
I put yogurt on it and it helps out a lot.. it's an old wise tale my grandmother taught me :) hope it helps!
omg this really worked haha
does it help in some permament way, or just temporary? plz answer
permenatly..its crazy i thinks its from all the probiotics in the yogurt..
I know what causes this and can tell all of you from experience - it is a MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY. My magnesium deficiency was caused by caffeine intake and a calorie restricted diet as mine started acutely getting red at almost the same time everyday about 5 months ago. A little over a month ago I began to take a magnesium supplement of 500 mg a day tried to eliminate caffeine and sodium and generally unhealthy foods. After about a week or two the red ears went away as the deficiency was corrected.

It is a benign condition caused