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09 March 2004   2 comments   Python

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"Python Server Pages (PSP), as you probably guessed already, is a way to inline Python in HTML or XML documents. The server interprets this inlined code to produce the final HTML sent to the client. This approach has become popular with tools such as JSP, PHP, and ColdFusion."

I really hope this catches on. It'll be the perfect alternative to PHP. PHP is very popular because it's easy to use but the syntax and execution is poor compared to Python. I guess PHP will stay strong for quite some time still but if PSP can get the tight Apache and MySQL integration that PHP has, we have a winner here.


Right! I hope so. I expect that Python must be winner.
I trust to python developers althought I'n not a developer. Really I still studying python.
Ive been using Python for a couple years and I love it. Though Ive not been doing any web related projects with python yet.

I have begun to learn PHP and I hope PSP will save me from my suffering.
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