Today I'm back in London and working. I just got back from a 2 week holiday in Fuzhou in China where I've been hanging out with my friend Chris, eat and train kungfu. I've got a tonne of photos (mostly of kungfu training) that I'll upload in due course.

Long story short: It was great! Everything went really well and the training was well above expectations except that it was one of the hardest weeks (physically) I've endured in a very long time.

M.L.A - 20 November 2007 [«« Reply to this]
welcome to europe
Eleven - 02 September 2009 [«« Reply to this]
oh two years ago!! will you come to Fuzhou again?and what kind of kongfu form did you learn?
Peter Bengtsson - 02 September 2009 [«« Reply to this]
I learned Calling Crane and Dog Style

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