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Mind that age!

This blog post is 12 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical. is my latest hobby project that I'm launching. It's a Django app that has a huge database of Swedish names and words in various forms. With this tool, when you get stuck doing a crossword you can get hints. E.g. "a 5 letter word that starts with p and second to last letter 'e'"

I'm now looking for an English database that I'm allowed to load and I'll write an English equivalent of the site. Any help appreciated! In fact, if you have any other language you'd like to add I'm more than happy to join forces.

This site started as a funny side project just to see if it was possible. I crunched the database file of words into a PostgreSQL database in a couple of hours and I wrote the actual search algorithm in another couple of hours. After that, spread over many late evenings and procrastinating tea breaks, I've spent, in total, about 5 man days doing all the other fluff which was: "stealing" a CSS, making it internationalized, translating the code and templates to Swedish, AJAXifying the search, adding the statistics and deploying it.

I'm not expecting high load or to make money on it but it's been done and I'm quite proud of it so I might as well announce it to the world.



Nice project, too bad we Finnish people rarely do crosswords in Swedish :)

For other languages, try
apt-cache search wordlist ^w
or something more suitable for your platform. There should be plenty of wordlists to choose from. Or look in /usr/share/dict for the already installed wordlists.

Peter Bengtsson

Awesome! It was that simple?
Now I can make one in all sorts of languages.

Eivind Uggedal

The CSS/Layout looks strikingly similar to

Richard Moch

Just to let you know that I realised such a project for the french language also in django.
The approch is quiet different as I allow the use of jokers, and a display format adapted to phones. I usualy do crosswords in bar.
You'll find a link to the french database I used on the page...


Look up SOWPODS or one of the other variations…

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