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04 January 2005   0 comments   Zope


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IssueTrackerProduct.com My Open Source baby project the IssueTrackerProduct now finally has a decent official website. It can be found on www.issuetrackerproduct.com. The design is inspired by Michael Heilemann's Open Source Kubrick Demo Site but I've change it a lot. Thank you Michael.

There will be many more features added to the site such as documenation and RSS feeds. Very soon I will also switch on the a demo issuetracker and a real issuetracker where people can report real bugs and feature requests.

The site is hosted by my company Fry-IT on the same server as the very site your reading this from. Having this site up means a lot to the development of the issuetrackerproduct. I will now be able to more quickly roll out new versions and updates, collect real bug reports and a host of other web features for keeping in contact with the user community.


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