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02 December 2005   1 comment   Web development, IssueTrackerProduct

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I've finally put together a neat little list of some of the most important features of the IssueTrackerProduct on one page. It's not quite finished yet because I want to expand it with some screenshots embedded as little thumbnails. (hint hint to the community if they want to contribute)

Check it out:

An interesting thing about this page is also the javascript used to enhance it. If you look at the HTML source of the page you'll see that there's no markup for the table of contents, the #top links or the importance voting links. All of those things are added after the page is loaded with some javascript loops. The advantage with this is that the markup (aka. structure) is kept very slim and simple. In actuality, some browsers such as "Lynx"n:/plog/your-webpage-in-lynx, "Googlebot"n:/plog/google-is-blind and IE4 don't need these extra effects. It's nice if they work but the core thing here is the content, the text about the issuetracker features.

The voting links are ajaxy but at the time of writing it don't work in Internet Explorer because I can't attach a decent onclick function to the links when the links are created with document.createElement("a"). Don't matter so much because it still works even if AJAX fails. Please don't click the voting links just to test the AJAX, click to actually vote what's important to you.


Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on thrgouh.
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