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09 June 2004   416 comments   Mobile

Mind that age!

This blog post is 17 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

On Sunday I had my mobile phone stolen and yesterday I went to pick up my replacement phone in Liverpool street station (bus travel from my home). What I lost was a Nokia 7250i.

So yesterday, after lunch I went down to the Carphone warehouse at Liverpool st. station to pick up my replacement phone because the shop here in Barbican told me that the Liverpool st shop is the only one who has it in stock (this happened on Monday). Finally there they explain to me that it's out of stock everywhere and that I had to choose a different phone for the same or less value. After endless haggling with the lady in the shop and someone on the phone I caved in and had to settle with an Ericsson T610. The only other decent option was a Nokia 6100 which was worth £80 less than my previous phone. A difference I would NOT cash in on. Even the Ericsson was worth £10 less.

So, in conclusion; just because they didn't have any decent phones in anywhere I had to degrade to a phone I didn't want PLUS pay liability charge of £29.50!!! In other words I lost out on this deal a lot even though it wasn't my fault the phone was stolen in the first place.

The guy in the other shop I had to walk to wouldn't give the phone to me in the box but rather as phone, battery and new SIM in a paper bag (which I had to ask for!). Finally back home I realised that they forgot to give me a charger.

This whole mess cost me two hours and I had to talk to two shop assistants and three people on the phone in the two shops. I confirmed my address twice and had to say loud my password three times.

Needless to say I'm very dissatisfied about this whole thing. I should have read the 3-page-small-print policy more carefully in which it apparently says that they are not liable for any loss of value :) Apparently I have to suffer for their lack of compensation even though I pay for the insurance. What they should have done was to be flexible and "suck up" to me to avoid the bad publicity. Speard the URL of this page so they get what they deserve.


Because of threats from CPW's Legal Department of defamation comments published on this page I've decided to remove all the comments since according to the Defamatory Defence act I'll have to comply and act as I'm having the power to do so. It's been a hectic two days of studying the legal material on defamation, a lot thanks to some lawyer friends who pointed me in the right direction of reading material and general advice. However, it appears that they've acted on my site a bit late since the already got a £245,000 fine from the FSA

To all the people who've posted comments on this page: thanks for sharing your thoughts even though some of them were pretty vulgar :)

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Mate the 7250 is a bag of shite compared to the t610


Lighten up you whinging cunts


Oh hello again James Collins.



jonny p

Oh my god you Bloody saddos!!! if it wasnt for carphone you wouldnt have a bloody phone!!
havnt you got better things to do than winje about a nokia 7250! get with the times loser! a nokia 7250 hasnt been around for years it didnt even have bluetooth and you crying like a little girl that you got a T610! get a life loser!!! man your so sad!!


Says Mr. Cool I know everything about phones so that makes me so cool. CPW is a bloody joke and I should know, I work for them. Good ideology but everything else is rubbish so back off. Everyone is entitled to what they pay for so up yours jonny p!

T Maan

Sorry to take away from the phone issue but I wanted to add a little note on the broadband that they alledgedly supply. This is my speed test result for today over what is meant to be a 1Mb service:-

Results from broadband speed test recorded on Sunday, 14 May 2006, 16:09.
Your Connection

Speed Test Results
Downstream 31.9 Kbps
Upstream 71.6 Kbps

Should I be paying for this service or rip the modem out the wall and resort to a faster dial up?

This is the service you get from the Carphone Warehouse and the new gimmick of free broadband for life? I would say, pay peanuts, expect monkeys.

The End, like the contract I have put up with till now.


if u add the speeds together it will add to being just over 1mb. learn about networking and what are downstreams and upstreams before u make urself look like a prat. the bt exchage box is where u get ur speed from the further u are away the less speed u get. it has nothing to do with ur isp.


I think you ought to go and do your sums before posting rubbish and making yourself look a prat and not know what you are talking about.

I was getting 0.1Mb and not 1Mb as you seem to think. I think by now, after 6 years of using high speed connection, I had managed to figure out the difference between up and downstream, and just so you know, I live less than 1km from the loacal exchange and with my new provider, I am a fraction off 8Mb.

As for the CPW, they are still billing me 3 months on from since I terminated their account. I am constantly on hold for 20/25 mins before I can even talk to customer services and to save your phone bill, if not with them for free phone calls, I use their 0800 0491010 number - you have to go through the sales department but still won't cost you a penny.


I hate Carphone Warehouse. I have had MONTHS of problems. I tried to log the following complaint on their website and - guess what? The p***ing function doesn't function!!!

I'm sorry about this, but I really am fed up with the fact that everything seems to be so complicated. WHY do I have to send you back bills for my chequeback offer? WHY did you not honour the chequebacks from my previous contract? YOU didn't tell me that when I upgraded that would lose the ability to participate in the chequebacks from the previous contract so I ended up having to wait longer and missing out. There have been so many headaches: when I changed banks, when I upgraded... I lost all the perks I had acquired when I decided to stay with Carphonewarehouse as part of your loyalty scheme when I upgraded not long after. THAT didn't make me feel very much like being loyal. In the meantime, my partner has joined O2 direct and got an excellent deal. You really have not made me feel like a worthwhile customer and the customer service has not been great. By the time I get home from work the customer service line is CLOSED. One thing is for sure, when my contract is up I won't be renewing it. And to top it all off I can’t even SUBMIT a complaint on your website.


Never use Carphone Warehouse their after sales services is shocking, I am currently on hold, which is a daily experience, I will envtually get through to some monkey trying to pass the buck to another department, they will promise to ring back but never do. Please some one take responsibility for the problem.


I'm now in exactly the same position.
Fucking sucks. This is what I pay almost 9 quid a month for ?!


well at least this will make u laugh!


I too have been ripped off by lifeline.

I lost my phone on new years day and when i tried to call the police (lost property department) to report the phone lost there was no answer. Obviously as they where off for new years day, sunday and bank holiday monday.Carphone warehouse therefore decided not to even pay me any money for a replacement phone! all due to me not reporting it in the required 48 hours.


Trust me mate their are so f*ckt that they can delay, screw up your accounts due to lack of any sense or any "customer care" or competance and NOT give you the service that was agreed without a refund for their error,all you will get are apology letters. God forbid your payment is a second late!

Roger Sparks

You are lucky. I responded to an ad on their site for Nokia 7600 free with Talk & Text 600 plan for £2.99 per month. Now they say it is £28 per month. I cannot get any sensible answer from them they just refer me to 3. I think this company should be renamed Conphone Warehouse. The helpfull people at 3 say there is a problem with carphone. Anyone else in the same boat? Is this a job for Watchdog

Roger Sparks

Roger Sparks Update. I have managed to get an answer of sorts from carphone. If you respond to this kind of ad from carphone be very careful. This offer has conditions which have to be followed exactly or you pay the full amount.


Seriously though.... Shouldnt you all be reading stuff before signing it??
Its people like you lot who cause more issues than your worth by not reading contracts and then complaining when they arent what you ASSUMED they were. There is an excess on all insurance, whether home, house, car whatever... why should phone be any different?? The redemption deals are simple. send in your bill (by recorded delivery to be safe..) and wait for your cheque to come.. within the specified time... Bingo. Not rocket science is it?? Arseholes!


interesting, a question 4 ya... why do suppose one would "assume" something is in a contract when its not? do you suppose its due to the twat in your store selling your product misleadingly?

Dunstone-only kidding

Ive had plenty of stuff from carphone and not had a problem. Ive even had a couple of cheques from the half price stuff. Its all printed on the contract. IF you are too dumb to read, you should have your mobile taken off you and given a pocket full of dirty 10p's to use the piss smelling payphone

George of the Jungle

@Roger Sparks

Its done by redemptions. carphone should of made you aware of this (not surprising they didnt) it mean at certain points of your contract you have to send in a copy of your airtime bill. Then carphone will send you a cheque. took me 2weeks to get mine


I used to work there and can tell you that REDEMPTIONS is a rip off. You were lucky you got your cheque at all. They often claim to have not received customers' airtime bills when u send them in. Not only that most customers send in their original bills, meaning that then its is lost. Their offices are a mess, the place is run by monkeys!
so my advice is dont do business with them.


I've been told I have to wait 8 weeks to get my cheque. If they told me this when I took the contract out I would never have taken it in the first place. They are con-merchants.


Well according to "dave" ( below) its your fault!

i wonder what would happen if your cheque or payment was late to them... what would happen?

You would be fined, have debt collectors after you within a couple of months!


Well Dave, these terms may be clearly stated on the Insurance document or whatever but it's clearly stated in the smallest possible text! We shouldn't have to scour these docs to make sure companies we purchase items from aren't trying to con us.


Yes this was my point, and all these people's point. The sales person doesnt actually help with making this clear and i suspect for a money profit reason!


no wonder u dont work there anymore, asshole.u probably dont know ur self how redemption works, hence couldnt explain it to customers either.your attitude say u probably got kicked out as people like you cant perform no matter what sort of job is given to you.including cleaning toilets or brushing ur teeth.always complaining about system ....cpw now employees over 12000 people.


and i suppose you can explain how redemoptions work? and the point of it for that matter? oh and while you are at it please also explain why thousands of customers letters are in a pile in the post section in acton not being answered and ignored when you know they only have a certain date to request their money back? why not have their money returned to them automatically? you request the write in etc etc to get what is theirs as you promised, but the only reason i see for this is so that you can ignore their request and pocket the cash.. thieving c*nts.


hmm pleeeen you have a point, no response from anonn the plum!. kind of knew that would happen!

these guys are all mouth, nothing more.. yaaaaawn!


Annon, using text speak dosen't really help your point, if you're too lazy to type full words when you have a proper keyboard in front of you then you can't really slag off other people.


I agree with you!!!. I have recently started working for CPWS and I think they are offering customers really good deals! It actually states in quite large writing on the contract b4 they sign exactly when they have to bring thier bills in?? It's because of moaning bastards like u that no-one wants to help!! I on the other hand am very helpful and would be upset if a customer was not satisfied with my service.


unfortunately you are screwed. CPW will say it's "3"'s responsibility and £ will say its CPW. Unfortunately you have been conned. Personally I think its VERY bad business to "offer" something for a price then change it once the customer signs up. ITS VERY WRONG and PLEASE do go to watchdog or something like that. I have also heard that our fat cat Charles Dunstone "has a friend" at watchdog, if you know what i mean, so try every avenue!


3 have been on watchdog plently of times and generally are the poorest network. Its your own fault sounds like you dont know your arse from you elbow when it comes to mobiles.


hmm you are WRONG. its YOUR responsibility to advise the customer. This is why you have a customer service section. if the customer had to know it all before hand, why oh faacking why would they need support? if you had to go to court, you'd get a lawyer wouldnt you? or would you be the sort of c*nt who represents themselves?

steven holden

You guys should have a look at "THE ORANGE SHOP" -


on ebay - very small company but because its small it has better customer attention than the big boys that just box shift.


About a month ago now I decided to accidently drop my T610 in some juice for a few hours whilst asleep. got a new phone from the carphone warehouse. I was pretty impressed because I just had to pay £10 and got a better phone (t630) however 2days ago i accidently dropped my new phone just the once and the screen doesn't work anymore. I was told when i got this phone that my new insurance information would come in the post... it didnt but i trotted down to the shop anyway and got told to go in and speak to the manager on friday. Very well then. The manager told me to call lifeline (why he couldn't do it from the shop is somewhat beyond my understanding). Mr lifeline said that actually my insurance became VOID when I got the new phone... so indeed why did one Barrie Piper tell me otherwise? Now I have a broken phone and not much money to get a new one!


if you read you insurance documents (which you are required to do LEGALLY) you will find that 'Lifeline GO' which you purchased is a 1 claim policy, however if you claim on the insurance you can pay for a new policy so if you break your phone you can get a new one! THINK TO YOUR SELF, IF MY INSURANCE POLICY IS SO CHEAP HOW COME AM I ABLE TO NEW FONES ALL THE TIME???? um NO, the comany would make a loss!


Yes but they tell you differently, when u sign you up them, they blame you for not reading the very very very small print, which is bloody hard to see and i have 20 20 vision!

If they said to you please read the contract, go home take you time then when u have decided come back, that would be ok, but they rush you and insist on taking all your details down and sign you up anway! ever heard of talktalk? Bunch of Asswipes.

My point is it would be like me saying i will pay £20 for that item, then you only get a cheque for £10, their verbal agreements do not concur with what is writen down. Its a very poor sales technique.


Screw the comany! they lie, Orange have a greatly cheap insurance and dont keep you waiting months without a phone. they deliver. You shouldnt be given the impression that you will get something when you wont. If i was selling cameras and told you it had a zoom, then when you took it home it didnt, and then you see the faded small print showing that it actually doesnt, how would you feel you were handled as a customer at the point of sale? You ever think about that?


Ok Dave, Insurance- the general idea is that you are covered in case of emergency in the cases that they state. Generally if you have home insurance and your roof caves in AND your covered for that your fine and after that you don't have to buy a new insurance policy. Generally the company makes a loss anyway if you buy 1 insurance policy and use it. If your from the company then your clearly a corporate w*** and really this space was just to tell your story and have a wee moan so don't bother arguing back at me.


Absoluteley... so for CPW the only way thats right is if the customer only stands to loose their money. PANTS really is it not? why would you, honestly as a customer want to submit to this bollox.


Dave ur a cunt. the company will make a loos? what about the customer? screw them right mate?


and before you all shout at me, i'm a different dave to the one from carphone warehouse!!!!


and as i was saying, i'm an employee of P4U, and we have you twats in all the time! you see, companies have small print for your use, not ours!! it's our job to sell, not get paid bollocks all sitting down with every punter explaining all the ins/outs/legal notices and other shit that doesn't mater to us! YOUR THE CUSTOMER, ACT LIKE THE CUSTOMER IT'S YOUR JOB TO READ!!! fucking dickweeds!


@ dave -
Please explain to me dave, what your take on customer service is.. I am sooooo curious!

"dickweed">? wannabe american cunt.

anal retentive!

Why do all superheroes wear spandex?


Who give a flying F**k?

I have one for you... Why do all CPW employees avoid answering the question?

rubber lover

AntiChristSuperstar, in 30 words or less please can you give the reason of your problem with out swearing, Insults, facts not fiction and sexual innuendo.....? Thank you


No sorry, as no one can offer me what you are asking, i dont feel i should comply with your request.


OK look, read all the messages above. The point is there somewhere. Can you do that or is that too much like work for you?


I wonder ewhat the company would think if they knoew their staff think of their customers this way. You're a great ad for the company...I'm sure! Not.


Emma not sure who you are refering to, but if you ever worked there you would understand. I used to, and have left a while back now, and tell you what i will never work for that company again or ever be a customer or ever recomend their services to any of my friends or enemies.

Happy Shopper

From reading all of these valid points and comments from various people from places i prob will never visit or have the inclination to visit, one thing is apparent, there is'nt one of you who takes the time to check what it is your buying into, you've put your signature to that 12 month contract, lifeline agreement, so it's in YOUR interest to find out what your sign'n to. If i told you the sky was PINK and you'd get 400 mins to any network at any time and 400 texts with sugar coated frosties on them, judging from the lack of understanding of the really REAL world of sales, you lot would be there knee deep in paper signing your life away. GET SMART! Do your homework, check shit out. It's your signature, your responsibility,. Don't blame a company for your lack understanding, lazyness to find stuff out. Cause all you have now is that feeling of you've been conned, you feel stupid. You have no one to blame but your selves. Oh .....if you jump off that bridge you'll get a free leather case, ....fools.


Perhaps one way of getting "revenge" on CPW and other mobile phone companies is for a load of people to go into stores, get to the point of signing the contract, but then take time to read it in minute detail and question every point in the small print and finaly decide not to sign it after all but go elsewhere. After they get several whole shoploads of "customers" doing this they may rethink thier sales tactics?

Dunstone-only kidding

The biggest problem for shop staff of any retailor is when the punter is half way through signing the contract when you are just saying the 2nd word of "If you let me take you through this Ill explain what you are signing for"

Dunstone-only kidding

Brilliant, Baz is now working for Scottish Gas. nuff said.


They wouldnt tell you, because absolutely no one there has a bloody clue mate! You'd think that it would be obvious that if you had previously insured your phone, that you may want your new one insured, they could have asked you.

When i worked there, oh joy, i saw so many cases where when peoples contracts ran out for the line rental, the one year contract... they wouldnt automatically stop the insure=ance on the phone. Most people keep paying for years, till they check their bank statments! Then when they contact lifeline, lifeline say its the cistomer's responsibility to request this and will not refund a thing. Well i ask you, customer service? surely if a customer is not using a phone anymore and has gone to another company for their business, why would they need to keep their unused phone insured? Thier business tactics truly dont have any staying power.


I don't like u and it seems that u do not know what u are talking about!!! what on earth makes u believe that cpws has the right to terminate an insurance policy? or a contract for the matter on the customer's behalf?????


sarah, the point is that the it should be cpw's responsibility to at least advise their customer at the point of termination that they may want to consider ending the insurance that only insure the phone they are about to not use. get it now?


I completly disagree with this remark (and a whole load of others that have been made here). I have been working for CPW for 9 years now, and it's one of the best comapanies to work for (check out the Sunday times top large retailers). I am an honest fair person and i'd like to think that CPW is too, hence I have been with them for so long. Ofcourse there are bad apples that work within the organisation which give CPW a bad name, but these have usualy left since and are now slagging them off on sites such as this. Admitedly even I havn't covered ALL the finer details when serving customers, but when a situation arises I deal with it appropriatly (to the customers advantage)as a result of this I am a branch manager. The lifeline policies are clear, they are regulated by the FSA. The chequeback deals ae clear, as stated in the leaflet you would get at point of sale so you can redeem your chequeback. They have a two month window for claims. Lifeline WILL re-emburse any over payments of premiums if you cancel or upgrade from another retailer once you obtain a letter of the date of cancelation/upgrade, and I can assure you any complaints get followed up and treated with the urgency they deserve. I know all too well as the management of the branch that was the customers point of contact get to hear of it from HQ. Ofcourse there will be isolated cases from an organisation of this size, but one thing CPW is not and that's a con artist if you have a grievance address it to the proper channels and i'm sure it will get deal with, don't listen to someone who USED to work there. Them people did'nt necessarily leave CPW believing that they were cheating their customers. After reading this your bound to think that i've got my head stuck up CPW's arse, but honestly i'm telling it as it is and Charle Dusntone Doesn't even know me!


Wow there is a lot of love in here. Someone seems bitter that they didnt suceed in a company. Maybe its becuase you were shit at your job mate. The company should know when the customer stops using the phone??? Do they have the force?? Are they mind readers?? I find it funny that a customer can have something charged to them for years and not realise it. Surely thats stupid? No, actually, that is stupid. One thing you forgot to realise though. What ever replacement phone someone may have received, did you not find it funny that the claim was done in like 10 minutes? Ever tried mastercare? 4 weeks mate. Ever tried phones4u insurance? NO CHANCE of a replacement. Try the rest, then watch you return to the best!!
I rest my case!!


Ha ha ha, what a crock of shit, but hell, it made me laugh. So when a contract is up for renewal the customer automatically stops using the phone??? Interesting theory, only problem with that is....you are talking out of your arse. I know why you are angry at carphonewarehouse? And you know who I am!! Maybe I should enlighten everyone with your interesting story as to why you hate them so much. Hands up all who want to hear this tosser's interesting story???
To be continued....


hello, this sounds like the most rediculous argument, the person called "me" is as thick as his name.
Me..? do you work at the carphone warehouse? because you sound defensive. You have stated you know antichristsuperstar, and are willing to "disclose" why anti hates this company. i think antichrist has said why. Anti hates carphone because they are CRAP. and you my friend are stupid. I too would leave a company that was run by chimps like you. You have decided to take a stab at this person on a personal level rather then put up your side of the argument from the companies side of things.. Darling, this speaks a thousand and one words of you! No one and absolutely nobody, wants to hear you stupid lies.


lol! if you know me, you must have been one of thoes twats that are still working there a year and a half after i left! poor sod. So you'd rather take a dig at me then attempt to prove me wrong? looser.


loser is spelt 'l-o-s-e-r'

ex idiot

And you would know! twat.

Me, Myself and Irene!!

Looks like Anti bought his mother along to fight his battles. This forum is class. Hey, Mrs Anti, zip it before I break your hip....your replacement hip!!


charming! nice to know the typical mentality of your company! i am sure you've done them proud!


Do you have a point? or are you merely here to threaten people?
1. I can say what the fuck i want
2. you cannot stop me
3. your labotomy is obvious.
4. if you still work for the carphone cunt house, that is your only reason to be bitter.

So why dont you take you, yourself and irene back to your ass stinking, festering demoralisational life. Go on..


Ok, you obviously think you are scary. You must be looking in the mirror while typing, what a skill! I dare you, break me. You got nothin but air between your ears.


Say my name three times whilst looking in that mirror. Then i shall appear.


No. I dont want to look at your ugly mug. That is your problem not mine!


I can say all your names, but note, if you REALLY want me to do that, i will also post up your work email addresses... I know them, like i know you... aaah who's feeling like a stupid C*nt now?


Hmmm I had a question? If you dont upgrade your phone with Carphone and do it somewhere else how will they know to cancel if you dont tell them?? The @bespoke software may be able to say a year is up but a large number of people dont upgrade... Also Surely the old handset is still covered while you are paying for your insurance...........

<name censored>

Right, thick as you are here it is.. to upgrade your phone with another network you first have to cancel your existing contract, or advise your company that you wish to switch and you request a PAC ( if you want to keep the same number). Tell you what, why dont you become a carphone customer, and enjoy the service? good luck.


if anyone is thik, it's you...if you have a contract you can upgrade and where, if you took the contract with CPW Voda, you can upgrade at P4U, Voda stores or even the link...if you get a PAC you will be terminating your contract and signing a new one with a nother store and keeping your number, THIS IS NOT AN UPGRADE......go back to school!

name censored

Oh please, get over yourself, I am so much better then you!


well, my dad is better than yours!

name censored

No he so is not. Your dad shags crack Ho's and thats why you are not quite right mate.

Now are you going to set your dad on me or what?

John's Dad

No son, no i am not. am not even your real dad.


No you cannot do that for Voda or O2, but you can for Orange or T-Mobile.

For an Orange or T-Mobile contract bought or upgraded at CPW, when it came to the end of the year or 18 months minimum term CPW would never know that you had upgraded elsewhere, carried on using the same old phone else, or whether you had actually cancelled the deal.

You would think that people would have enough savvy to cancel their insurance when they no longer needed it.


umm ur the thick one.. when ur upgrading you phone u dont always have to go to another network!.. duh! if ur upgrading with t-mobile from CPW you can always upgrade next time from the tmobile shop without having to cancel stuf and get the PAC number


duh, well if you were with cpw you wouldnt want to now would you.. uuh duh.. cupid stunt!

watchdog employee

what a bunch of tossers, i wished i read this before i tried to make a claim/contact your complaints department going to the solicitors in the morning, not even going to give you the time of day.... twats


Lets tell you about carphone warehouse and me! I'm an eployee of CPW, was proud and not anymore. I have my issues with CPW, so my thoughts are purely impartial!

Alot of the errors is down to the customer, wether it is lifeline, redemptions and customer care! If you drop your phone is a glass of juice, it's your problem. Every CPW employee with go through the basics of a contract, how much you pay etc...do you read the reverse of the contract?? 99% of customers don't, why? cos they can't be arsed, but did you know that it's the customers LEGAL responsibility to read the small print? What is given to be signed to a legal document between person A and person B, if you don't read wht is set out and you don't check what it is your signing then it is you who is at fault, don't sign what you don't understand!

INSURANCE: another legality here! again you are required by law to make sure that the information set out in front of you is correct and you AGREE to the terms and conditions (same as a normal contract) with insurance, you will receive your polivy through the post, again, your legal responsibility is to read it thoroughly! Just in case you didn't know, lifeline is NOT as 12 month contract, if you read your small print you will notice this! It's a 3 month deal....you want it, you pay, you don't want it, you cancel....what if you get a car and you insure it...what if you sell your car? how is the insurance company going to know if you don't have it? it's the same with phones, business company's can't mind read, they can't just do things with out you knowing! You may get a new house, i don't know that untill you tell me! get it??? it's called communication, and a lot of people don't use it to their benefit...if you over pay cos you couldn't be bothered to tell lifeline you don't have the phone, well sorry...you should of let them know!

REDEMPTIONS: only one thing to say on this...IT'S WRITTEN ON YOUR CONTRACT, don's sign what you don't understand.

CUSTOMER CARE: Any business put their customers first, but they can't just wave a magic stick and make the whole world a better place! Some people will be upset cos they can't have what they want, some people are greatfull at a result! CPW have to abide by a thing called the LAW and yes, customers complain saying that service is crap, well i'm sorry it's the people who you vote for in the general elaction that puyt the laws in place that make you upset, i suggest vote for someone else!

People here are being petty over the smallest of things, purely on the basis that they don't understand or they refuse to give up when proven wrong! All i can suggest is look at the bigger picture, see the situation from someone elses view and you will understand alot more! I'm an Assistant Manager of a CPW branch, and 90% of errors is down to the customer, the 10% in store can easily be rectified with out hastle. If you don;t like CPW why bother spending money with them, why sit and complain...go somewhere else! The biggest pay back and customer can do to a company is to shop else where, and to be honest listening to the crap in this forum, alot of you need to be really treated badly, i suggest shop at phones4u, you will see bad service in your face!



Customer service - should be there to assist the customer in understanding. Clearly this doesnt happen.

You are correct regarding the legality of the dicuments and yes once the customer has signed they are well and truly screwed. The point I wish to make is the sales techniques used by carphone warehouse are very poor. They will often give a customer poor advice to make a sale. Most people have busy lifestyles and cannot go through every document, and therefore rely on trusting the sales person or carphone employee. What you are saying is that this should be done. I agree. As what the customer is often told does not match the actual agreement. What are your thoughts on that?

If i were to look for insurance for my phone and was advised that I would be covered for x, y &z, I would think that i would be covered.

to summarise; dont take the advice form carphone warehouse's employees as the literature and spoken word dont match up.

This kind of makes the whole customer service and sales person's purpose pointless.

You have sayings in your company like "treat your customer as you yuourself would like to be treated" honour it.
Practice what you preach or shut the fuck up.

I dont believe in offering something worse, like phones4U(its like a threat, well blah blah is worse, 2 wrongs dont fix nothin!)is that what you tell your customers when they are unhappy? How about suggesting something better? Phones4U, carphone warehouse, its all bollox, i suggest you go straight to Vodaphone or Orange! Cut out the middle man crap.


Fair enough, every one does it and i'm not arguing...a customer trusts what the sales consultant and signes where required, and yes you are correct about the CPW rule, my store however does infact practice what they preach and i make sure this happens and we have alot of happy customers. Every store has their crap sales consultant's who don't care about the customer except for the money they make and that is the poor customer service...my point is that the people who don't listen and don;t read and in my time with CPW i deal with these people day in and day out and all the can quote is "sales of goods act" which has been adapted for them! I have no problem sorting issues where we are at fault but i can't bend over backwards when the customer is at fault!

Going to what you quote "to summarise; dont take the advice form carphone warehouse's employees as the literature and spoken word dont match up" You can say this for litterally every company that you buy from!!!! Do your homework!!!


I believe its is you who needs to catch up on your homework. You dont even speak proper English!

True what you say regarding difficult customers, they are everywhere. I was not talking about them. But you knew that already didnt you.

It is not up to the customer to do any work, they are paying! A customer doesnt have any right to talk down to a sales rep for no reason, dont get me wrong, but a customer DOES have every right to express their feelings for a bad sale, wrong advice on purchase etc etc, you catch my drift?

When you say " everyone does it" you sound like a twat. The POINT IS IT IS WRONG. Look up your 5 fundermental rules and see if the company actually honours it? If you are honest to yourself you will see its a pile of shit, motivational words without a chance for the agent to actually honour it even if they wanted to, as your company is set up to take advantage.
In fact your reply to my quote is not true. Most of the places i shop at are honourable. Your business is unprofessional, I mean look at some of your employees! Wouldnt want to come accross some of them on a dark night i tell you!


QWERTY, do everyone a favour, shut up and shop else where! CPW don't need people like you shoping with them!


@ anonymous
Do you think i shop at cpw?! err, no, i never have and never will as i know how they work. My message is to cpw's customers, who i see as victims.

cpw dont need anyone who actually wants a service to shop with them, and thats the point. The way this business is run is wrong. If people dont voice this and make others aware, this company can carry one abusing its customers.

now, did you have a point?


you don't shop at CPW cos your too embarrased to show your face! why don't you go and tell someone of your dissatisfaction rather than writing your thoughts in a forum! And i suppose the company you work for is the best in the whole world eh, cos you seam to be UP YOUR OWN ARSE!!!???


I dont shop at cpw because their service is crap, because they rip their customers off and I get a better service elsewhere. Pull your thum out of your ass and understand that writing to your company doesnt resolve anything, i will get 100 appology letter before my issue is taken seriously, I would rather vent here as this page is for people dis satisfied with cpw!


put yer dummy back in your mouth! qwerty, your acting like a big baby "pull your thumb out of your ass....." your acting like you just turned 6! if your that satisfied, go and get your issues sorted!


so whats your point?
why are you at this site?


what are you at this site...COCK!!


@ anonymous - Or you'll what? what exactly can you do idiot?


i never said i'll do anything no be able to do anything....if you read the comment again you will see who's the idiot...i suggest go back to school and understand english! ahahahahhahahahahha IDIOT so funny...sides are hurting...oh wait........sides have split! ahahahhahahahahha


Yep, you sound just like the sort of person who does well at Carphone Crap House. Check your English if you want to laugh.
You have no point, you probably have no life, no sex, no friends oh, and of course you work for CPW. SAD TWAT. The only way you have a laugh is by looking in the mirror. As for dummy's yours is up your own ass alongside your entire face. Hmm? are you a manager at CPW? Bet you are...


bet i'm not (£10 please!) i have a great sex life, i have plenty of friends and so what if i work at CPW, atleast i have a job and i earn over 25k PA.....what has your opinion with my sex life have anything to do with CPW and Lifeline?? Your obviously in need of a good lay, but unfortunatly my friend, YOUR NOT MY TYPE!!


You cant read can you? I have shown NO INTEREST IN YOUR SEX LIFE. £10? i wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire mate. Your job is PANTS! And you are crap too as you still have no proactive, constructive comments on the original text you commented on.

Now,let me guess what you will say next.. whatever it is it will have nothing to do with the issue first raised i guarentee it!

Thats because all you CPW employees can do pass it on, bitch and gossip.

By the way 25k is nothing to sing about! But i suppose when some of your collegues are earning 15k basic, it is.


is Qwerty boring anyone else, other than me??


No just you. Infact you are boring us.

Oh and you proved me right.. again. why dont you disappear up cpw's big black hole where you belong. You have nothing to offer this site.


oooh 25K!! i'm impressed, Thats high for CPW employees! who's cock u got in your back pocket then?




@ anonymous : You are a fool. If what you say is true, it wouldnt be an expression of joy on your face!


exactly why would you (@annon) suggest that this person would be embarrased to show their face at the store..? god all you people are so F**ked up u have NOTHING to offer at all do you.

Colm o Connor

Hi I used to work For the miserable shower of bastards ,the company is a shambles run by a fat pig in the uk his email address is dunstonec@cpwplc.co.uk mail him directly with all queries he's be only too happy to help, impartial my arse u get sold whatever has the most commission, the area managers are back stabbing Bastards you'd put judas to shame they'd do a judas for one piece of silver never mind 30, theres one paticular gentleman in the outfit by the name of dave turnbull who's a big fat pig !!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SHOWER OF ROBBING BASTARDS send your phone in for repair and its lucky enought to land in a repair centre on a monday morning its gonna be liqid damaged i promise ya that much!!! dont buy from them!

Liz Burke

I used to work for them too and let me tell you they are a proper shower or rip off merchants.They will not return a phone the is clearly faulty instead they will send it for repair where they use 2nd hand parts for old dodge handsets. And if your phone has come back from repair with the same fault 3 times, rather then give a new phone as we should they give the customer faulty previously returned phones and say there new. As for lifeline, we are forced to sell insurance to customers and its a shit policy,Claims are always rejected. It the biggest scam going! And if you buy any accrssories and return them they are made new, so there is a good chance your buying second hand products.NEVER EVER BUY FROM CPW. They will take every you money and the min you have a problem its FUCK YOU!!!


NOt only that, lifeline's repairs will claim your phone to have had water damage when the handset hasnt seen water ever!, and its their word against the customers.. SCREWED again.


This has never happened in any of the stores ive worked for. So when you say "they" you are obviously talking about "YOU"....!!

Jim whelan

Im a big fat pie eating bastard and I think CPW are great!!
I like to terrorise the staff who work there to make me feel like a real man and not just the big fat common chav prick that I am. Despite the fact I cant write,spell,add even construct sentences Im the L&P manager! ??Thats the kind of stupid shower of cunts CPW are.
The like to save money but putting people like me,stupid uneducated wankers, in high positions so they dont have to pay a real people to do the job.

Peter Bengtsson

That's one of the funniest comments I've seen on this thread. Keep it up Jim!

I hope your uneducated ass was smart enough to use a phoney name :)

Dirty little bitch

I agree! you are probably the sanest person working there. At least you are AWARE of what you are!


haha fortunately he did, that must me charles dunstone!

just asking

Any reason why some comments have been removed recently? Just wondering why its ok to have "Me, Myself and Irene"'s comments up yet remove others that were not so threatening...?

Peter Bengtsson

comments disappear because of certain words that are censored.

just asking

Well, fair enough!

just asking

OK 2 words .. Jim whelan?

Cup cake

I love MICKEY!!!


Is that how you got your job at CPW Ms Horrell?


listen "trigger happy" , which by the way, where Im from means you like to pull your willy rather quickly,Dont go ruining everyones fun just cause you have no mates, from here on in you will be known as billy.Now go solve your ma and maximise your da. (for those who dont know this is CPW lingo for selling shit to customers)

trigger happy

@ Jamiekins..? who the fuck are you?

read the heading for this page its for bitching about your stupid company you twat. As for you common language, sorry i didnt go to peasant school, and dont talk cpw talk. You should learn to speak English!

By the way what are you doing on this site? would chucky like to see you at an "i hate CPW site" yes thats right, thats the heading for this page!

You know it makes me laugh, all these CPW employees on here poorly defending themselves with stupidity and digs at the people who have an issue with CPW. Not one can actually defend their corner gracefully.

Well Jamiekins, you wouldnt happent to be that poof james collins now would you?


got an issue? email Charles Dunstone, let him hear your shit, if you want i'll give you his email address for free!

ex-cpw worker

wow you must be new.


I've been trying to get a PAC code from them to end my contract since I sent a letter (recorded delivery) on the 8th of Aug giving them written authorisation. From my perspective, there never seems to be communication between departments. Occasionally, you get a great call centre worker who does thier best to help you, but they too get bogged down in the system.

Bizzarely, they are even worse at setting up your contract! After receiving my new phone it took 2 weeks and a number of phone calls to get my contract activated. Nobody you speak to ever seems to give you the full picture of exactly what will happen.

I will not be using CPW again- I've had 2 contracts for them and problems connecting and disconnecting with both of them.


I think you are making the best choice... Have you tried Orange, direct. They have a fab service!

Having worked at CPW I can advise you that the reason you dont get a straight answer is due to the fact that the information is not readily available to the agents, thus providing a crap service. Furthermore, people are "rewarded" for their sales. Once they have sold, the rest doesnt matter. They will take your money then forget all about you.

Doesnt say that in the small print now does it DAVE!

I wonder what "happy CPW WORKER" can say about your issue? He'd probably refer you to someone who in turn will refer you to someone etc etc. Utterly useless.


I am a current CPW employee, i was sacked in April for apparently "Loosing £2000" while the manager was on holiday. The funny thing was, when i had my disciplinary the Area Manager who sacked me, provided evidence from the manager who set me up of a Banking Book page where dates had been changed to show she did the banking upto date...4 pages prior showed the pay-in date of say 5th March, this page which also said 5th march but changed to 8th, another 2 pages after showing 5th of march....anyhoo...i was sacked...took legal advice and was shown by legal reps that the Grievence proceedure was not followed correctly.....Had my appeal, prooved my case of both the Manager and a part-timer had lied through their teeth (part timer has since resigned as part of this)....i was allowed my job back...now i'm being victimised by the manager for SHIT i never created......

So, never work at CPW!!!! thjey fuck up your life......I cam back to piss everyone off, get £3000 in back pay and pay offs and now 3 months down the line, i'm going to screw CPW over, for a) not completing grievence proceedues correctly and b) BULLYING....if anyone wants an update......just ask!!!


WOW! thats sounds bad.. I know about the bullying and the lies in this company. I worked as a customer care agent. We are due to get bonuses based on our productivity and now quality. However the figures were often "changed" by the managers to make some of us look like we were not doing so well so that we would not get our bonuses or any credit. I caused a bit of a stink with this one and became further disliked by the managers. Iwas actually doing really well, and was also VERY poorly represented by a manager when applying for a different position for a different team. If it wasnt for a friend of mine overhearing this bad representation, I would not have had the chance to become a candidate for the position which I eventually got as I had taken a test and ranked 1st by far! Though I got the position, the issue raised regarding poor representation was ignored repeatedly.

I wish you every success in F****ing this company up as they deserve to be exposed.


would like to know what procedures they have if at all, as i was dealt with in the most discusting way regarding my complaints of similar issues. I have left now, but wish to know what you got


That's an awful experience you have had, but you can't think that every senior member of staff is that crooked -

There's dodgy people where ever you go in life!

current employee

ANONYMOUS i work for the company too, getting fed up myself as i'm left running a store for 3 months without training, what area are you in????


Training?... dont expect to get training. If you can apologies you are trained according to CPW.

Unfortunately in this very sick company you are a mere pawn on the chess board.

Save yourself and get out of this company.


sorry, can not say what area i'm in as it may disrupt the finals of my appeal...

UPDATE>>>>>Manager got disciplinary, but cos she mates with ASM she back at work with written warning...now she still giving me greif!!


In my first week working for CPW I had to work Saturday on my own; I'm all for being thrown in at the deep end, but that was just cruel.


It seems a bit unfair to me that you are having a go at Charles. I worked for CPW some years ago and found him to be a very genuine chap with good intentions.


I worked there for 2 years and never met the guy.

current employee

to be frank chucky is a cool guy, and if he knew that his under dogs where treating his staff like shit, he would have some thing to say, i cant belive that cpw was voted 4th best compant to work for, yeah its offer's you loads of freebies with vision express ect ect but really how dose that change the fact that each day you might work at cpw make it any better its still always shit, 3years at cpw is too long for me i cant ake it anymore, whats the point in becoming a manager if you know you wont make as much money as your consaltants do!!!!!! BOLLOCKS TO YOU CPW


If he cared he would have in place proper procedures regarding "issues" at work as all other reputable companies do. When my idea's were used by someone else, there in fact was nothing that HR could do due to the lack of procedure in place. That left me back in the hands of the incompetant managers who in turn gave me nothing for my efforts and results.

By the way, the freebees one gets at cpw (and not too often) are things like Xboxes, phones, games, R&B and Rap cd's.. if you are not into computer games, or not into rap, you're stuffed. Bonuses are given to you by your manager and believe me its all about how much they like you not how productive or hard working you are.. I was suppressed as i got a lot of work done but wasnt a favourite.. I think it was because i didnt like rap music!

I think you get the picture here, it attracts a certain sort of person and the rest of us adults MUST move on or forever be in a playground of injustice.


has any of you CPW EMPLOYEE's seen the "time for change" email??? what your thoughts on that??? does it not prove that CPW are shite??


as i no longer work there (breath of joy!) please do enlighten us! is it as crap as the employee forum?

emma Haswell

Carphone Warehouse are a con!!! I set up a contract with them on the understanding that I'd get the first three months at half price. In short my first bill should have been £23,50 inc Vat. Guess what the bill came in at £59.96!! Why? A. Because the first month is billed not from when your phone starts working from a later date (called the "billing period"...and not explained)which means the first month is stretched to 6 weeks! Neat way to get extra money onto the first invoice. With all other utilities a monthly bill is just that and starts on the day your service starts. Worse still the half price offer seems to be now conveniently forgotten. The offer made by the saleperson is not mentioned on the bill and and they are attempting to charge me the full amount. In short the first month should have been £23.50 and the actual asking figure now just under £60.00.
I've cancelled my direct debit and will write a letter to CW to cancel the contract. I entered the 12 month contract on the understanding that each month would be a basic cost of £23.50. It seems that this agreement has been broken by CW and to me it appears they have therefore broken our contract. I hope they take me to court as my solicitor will wipe the floor with them. In a nutshell..DO NOT USE THEM and tell anyone who'll listen to not use them either. You'll be glad you didn't!

Peter Bengtsson

that's aweful! I bet some annoying git is going to blame you for not reading the 2mm high fine letters in the contract.


Yep unfortunately this is called "redemptions" its a con. I hope you do take these sorry bastards to court and stop this crap once and for all. Please be prepared to be shafted, i hope you have a great lawyer. Good luck,


CARPHONE WAREHOUSE B&&&&STARDS I signed up for a contract with the company for a deal that advertised a package whereby I was to pay a monthly fee of £30.00 per month. This package thereby entitled me to receive 200 free minutes to any network per month, one thousand off peak text messages and after my forth-monthly bill I would receive half of my total line rental paid back to me, totalling to an amount of £360.

Therefore, after my fourth monthly bill had been produced I rang and spoke to a customer service advisor who advised me to fax through a copy of my fourth monthly bill and on receipt of this your company would then issue me this cheque for £360 with one month. Consequently after faxing through this as requested I then waited for 5 weeks for the cheque which didn’t arrive.

I then contacted your customer services department for the second time and spoke to an advisor whom advised me that the other advisor had in fact left the company and as a result of this my request had been over looked. He apologised to me and advised me that he would ensure that the cheque would be issued to me and advised me again that I had to wait yet another month for this to be received as it was being sent from Portugal. I advised him that I was not happy with this but accepted his apology in the hope that this time the cheque would be sent out to me and that this had been a one off mistake.

Another four weeks passed however and still I had received no cheque. I then contacted your customer service department for the third time to complain about this. I spoke to an advisor, again another apology was given and I was told that they would have to stop the cheque and issue another one which would be another four weeks. As you can imagine I was not at all happy with this and asked if there was anything that they could do to speed the process up but they advised me no as again it had to come from Portugal. I therefore had no other choice but to wait in the hope that this cheque would arrive, as your advisor reassured me that it should definitely turn up this time. Also at this time, your advisor issued me with a £10 goodwill cheque to cover the cost of the numerous phone calls I had to make to your company regarding this.

I therefore waited yet another four weeks and within this time the £10 cheque had arrived but still no sign of the £360 cheque as promised. As you can imagine, i phoned yet again to chase this up. This time I spoke to an advisor who apologisedto me and explained that he did not know why I hadn’t received this cheque but that he would take this in hand and speak to his managers. I explained to him that I was due to be going on holiday on the 3rd September and that I was relying on this money for that and that I was not happy to wait another four weeks. He advised me that he would speak to his manager and request that the money would be transferred directly into my bank account and that he would call me back in work to confirm that this had been done. I therefore waited until the end of the day and the advisor had not call me back I had to phone you yet again to chase this up. On phoning I spoke to teh advisor who advised me that this had been authorised by his managers and that he promised me that this money would be transferred to my bank within seven days.

Within this time I had now flown out to Malaga for ten days, confident in the knowledge that the money would reach my bank in time for me to spend on holiday as the advisor had assured me it would. Yet again however the money failed to appear in my account and as a result of this I experienced a great deal of stress on holiday not only mentally but also financially.

Upon my return I contacted your company and requested to speak to the highest manager that was available to me and he advised me that the money had actually not been sent via bank transfer, , but that another cheque had been sent on the 6th September, which to date I have yet to receive. he advised me that I should receive the cheque that had been issued on the 6th September but that if I hadn’t received it by the 16th September to call him and speak to him directly.
and im still waiting wat a load of ass

Peter Bengtsson

wow! Promises of money that then doesn't arrive is harsh. I'm getting more and more confident than that company is in such a mess that even if they want to send you that money they get it wrong.


Rumour has it though that good old charles Dunston has a "neat little" connection/friendship with someone at watchdog.... however if there are enough lawful issues this should become void.## Good luck people, you have my support in kicking this company down to its knees!


if you want to fight back it's simple:
Clause 8.1.1 on the back of the yellow contract you signed states clearly: "You may end this agreement ... if we do not do what we have to do under this agreement and do not put it right within 7 days of being asked in writing to do so".
In my case I have not paid any money to CPW yet which puts me in a better position than some of you. But as the first bill they sent me does not reflect the actual agreement I made with CPW I simply do not recognize the contract - which means I consider it invalid. I am writing to them this week ending my agreement under clause 8.1.1. I doubt they'll be organized enough to out it right at all, let alone within 7 days. Legally, I'm in the right. I signed the contract subject to certain conditions which CWH have not adhered to. This makes any contract we have sigend 100% invalid. I suggest anyone else who is not getting the service they were promised does the same. Simply write to them stating you wish to end your agreement and state your reasons and right to do so under clause 8.1.1. For further FREE legal advice go to your local CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU.


Unfortunately what the sales rep "tells" you at point of sale and what you signed may be 2 different things but... you signed it.. Its wrong i agree too, but thats how they plan to get you. They will say you should have read it first, even the teeny weeny neeny bit that is practicaly invisible to the naked eye! I wish you luck tho.


thanks for the info. But...a verbal assurance such as that also constitutes part of the contract. I know, they may well try to limit the evidence to the written part, but as far as I am concerned the saleman's advice also forms part of the contract. But really, I don;t care what they may try on. I fight companies all the time on these issues (and all corporations try it on, believe me) and have yet to lose. I've taken on Fed EX, DHL, Banks..you name it. If you persist you will win. If you thik you have a case, stop paying your bills and see what they do. You can always get free legal advice if need be. The more people take them on the better.


yeah i know, but as you said false information ( which is my point) does not constitue as any agreement. as thats like me saying i'll pay you £25 for the handset, but send a cheque for only £5, counting on the very small print i habvent sent you yet. Its just simply not treating the customer with any respect whatsoever.


you think its that simple.. you havent tried this then have you?

writing a letter to cpw is one thing weather they acknowledge it is quite something else!


HI again,
I have just submitted my complaint to the BBC prgramme WATCHDOG. Please do the same, here is their link:

Dunstone-only kidding

Oh no! Watchdog, run for the hills? Have you watched that retarded program recently? "hi, im a fud and signed my balls away, and now after thinking that im entitled to something that i just made up in my head (and didnt get) im really upset"


I work for CPW, I have never worked with so much shit bollocks, unprofessonail managers in my life. Charles dunstone sort your so called area managers and store managers out. The company is a shambles. If health and safty came to our store, the store would have to close. Call yourself a directer, shit rolls down hill in its running all over us sales consultants, fix up MATE


OK it goes like this, he doesnt care.. dont you get it? They still make money so why bother? There are hundreds of other assylum seekers that want your job if you leave! Thats how they see it. I suggest you leave and find yourself a job that respects you equally to the respect they expect from you.


True, ever wonder why there is such a HUGE turnover in their contact centre? By the way, the toilets there are sick and hazzardas! Some of the people that work there clearly dont know how to use toilets! Thats right the ladies!!!! they should call it Bitches not ladies damn!


Has anyone ever worked in their contact centre in ACTON.. what a shambles! I have to say they are racist in there, not how you think tho.. they dont like white people, and especially they dont like people who actually speak proper english! They are also extremely homophobic as all wanna be gangster are. They are all into playground bullying tactics and all the men there think they are pimp daddys!

That lot are so stuck in the 80's/90's is so sad! Its tierd guys, get over yourselves!




theres only two people in head office that are worth talking to the other.s make you feel your talking to some one who may work in a brothel, (common and sluty)


Or they make you feel like "they" are doing you a bloody big favour! All they can do is quote policy jargon without a single bit of understanding of it. No concept of customer service whatsoever! I dare anyone to ask what any of their employees take on cuatomer service is, and i bet you that what you'll get for an answer will be the 5 fundermental rules ( which if you have either worked for or been a customer of-know these dont apply). They are going to be neck high in SH*T soon.


dont ever work at cpw ever!!!!!!!!!!

Liz Holmes

i hate them too.... got my phone nicked whilst working abroad and they now wont worthy my claim! been paying for line rental, bolt ons AND insurance and now my insurance company wont pay out and they keep demanding payment from me EVEN though i dont have the damn phone and my insurance company wont validate my claim!!!


Yep, sounds about right. You'd think that perhaps as they call themselves a service to the customer, they could realise that if someone is not making calls because they have not got their phone, that the bills should stop. Why are they not honouring your claim? isnt that what the point of insuring the phone is for?

Liz Holmes

they are saying that i was out of the country too long for me to claim! the annoying thing is that when i reported my phone missing, i told them when i was returning to the uk and they said that i could claim then but when i eventually got back they said that i'd been away too long!! my parents were willing to sort it all out for me but they insisted that i had to do it and that i could not sort it out whilst i was in another country!


liz your contract will carry on if you use the phone or not, did you think they would say "oh you have lost dont worry we will end your contract" lol

Liz Holmes

no i didnt expect them to say that... i was just wanting them to honour my claim and not say one thing and then say another! i couldn't claim whilst being out of the country but now im home they are saying i was away for too long for me to claim!!


ho ho ho your'e so fu**ing funny.


Yeah because she can get a replacement simcard. The contract is for the actual line, not the handset. Theline is still available.

Julie Stoddart

I had contacted Carphone Warehouse many, many times over the last few months regarding MY situation. I sent a letter terminating my contract in April 2005, giving 30 days notice. This letter was sent with my partner’s and though his contract was ended successfully, they claimed that my letter was not received. I had no idea that this contract had not been terminated, until I received a Final Demand, and a letter from a debt collection agency.

I hadnt used the phone, AT ALL, since May – which was when I thought they would have cancelled my account.

I spoke to numerous people at Carphone Warehouse last month, and each time, I was told a different story.

One of the first people I spoke to, even told me that he’d spoke to his manager, and they were going to completely eradicate my outstanding bill, because of the hassle I’ve been put through. The following day, when I rang back to speak to another operator, I got told that the previous employee had no authorisation to promise me that, and I would still have to pay this bill. At that time, the account stood at £65. As I didn’t expect to pay this amount, I didn’t have the funds at the time, and told the operator that I would call back in September to pay this amount. He then told me, that once I had paid this balance, he would be able to disconnect my phone at midnight the same day.

Since then, when I’ve come to pay, I got told the bill then stood at £125, and I wouldn’t be allowed to have my contract terminated over the phone. This is ridiculous. I have been told so many different stories, and charged ridiculous amounts of money, for usage that I blatantly haven’t used. They even told me on the phone, that they could see I hadnt used my phone, but this didnt phase them. I've had many, many problems with carphone carehouse over the last few years, and this was certainly the final straw. I hate this company. I recommend you go straight to the provider, for your phones and tarriff. CPW need removing from business.

Julie Stoddart

For a more detailed rant.


Charles Dunstone and Jonathon Hook have the right idea. The company I joined 5 years ago was an amazing place. Great atmosphere, great money and massive plans for expansion. These plans have been realised and Carphone has increased dramatically in size since then. All this has happened in a market place where other retailers are suffering hugely, reporting losses and even going out of business. The small company atmosphere and laid back attitude no longer works with a company the size of carphone so it is changing. There is no point in scape goating individual managers, area managers or even chucky d, the mis-management is not deliberate and unfortunately happens across the company due to fast promotion and inexperience. This traditionally creates a company of 'yes' men. Noone confident and assertive enough to stand up and say 'no, that's a shit idea' so mistakes have been made. I still believe carphone offers the best service on the high street and the best value, and if you are in any one particular branch and you don't get that then take your business to another branch - you won't have to walk that far...
Noone has to put up with bad service anywhere, you can all vote with your feet but just reading through this forum shows that there are some people who have a pretty terrible idea of customer service and I can tell you that I do not tolerate anything like that in my branch. I don't pass the buck, sell 2nd hand phones, or talk people into anything they don't want or need and I ALWAYS explain the redmptions process, lifeline, repairs procedures and anything else I think is relevant. The p4u guy is right in as much as we can't go through every single part of the small print but it seems to me a lot of you guys were NOT given the basic information you needed. Don't put up with it but don't think that is what this company should be like!


I have known of people who were the type to stand up say what they really think, or even suggest options for improvement. However this was NOT welcomed at CPW. They are looking for simple people they can manipulate working there. In my experience it is a horrible place to work with false ideals presented to you on arrival.

join the club

Even if you want to, you cant stand up in here! its def a horrible place to work in and in the head offices there is no consistency. and with redemptions of course there are problems, the bloody departments in portugal, how do u expect that to work!!!

c. dunstone

its designed not to.

Julie Stoddart

Yeah, I got told on the phone, that the disconnection center was in Portugal. What the hell? It's ridiculous. I had to write another letter, go into my nearest CPW store, and ask them to fax my letter to Customer Support. Stupid, stupid company.


Yes its in Portugal so that your disconnection letters can become even more mislaid!

the cdustone letter just incase there was anyone out there who actually thought you'd get a response from him. you wont. ou will get another advisor.

good luck and crap camp guys!


No, disconnections are based around the Midlands area. Churn is based in Portugal. They dont deal with correspondence.

join the club

any probs i think the best way to get them resolved is to go to the top coz everyone else only knows how to transfer you to other departments. try cdunstone@cpw.co.uk, its your best shot!!! good luck


Sounds to me like Join the Club is working in the CPW PR department. My hope here is that without name calling or pointing fingers, that people who read this blog, especially CPW senior management, should realise that there is something seriously wrong with the CPW operation and its treatment of customers. Training an employee to be polite is not the same as training them to be efficient and to be able to problem-solve. I still have an unresolved problem with CPW based on the fact that I DID sign a contract, having been told by the sales advisor several points that were NOT in the fine print including the misleading statement that I had 14 days to cancel the contract if I was not happy. I presumed that was store policy, and not specific to the contract, so I didn't look for that in the contract's fine print. When I received my first bill, I was billed incorrectly and did try to cancel my contract on the 14th day. I wasn't allowed to. Instead I was referred to the cdunstone address whose subsequent reply was effectively it's my word against theirs and they've got the signed contract. So I have to pay. Only I did have another person with me, a witness who heard the same thing I did. Following the cdunstone letter, I was advised by the Trading Standards people to contact O2 directly to make sure that my dispute with CPW was made aware to them, so I phoned the customer support number on my phone bill. I was then told by a phone advisor that I WAS within my rights to cancel within 14 days as the store advisor said when I signed the contract, and that the tapes of my earlier phone call would be replayed to make sure. I then received a call back from a manager who apologised for the problems, had listened to my tapes and agreed I was within my rights. She asked if there was anyway I could be persuaded to stay and given the previous person's and her help, I said I would consider it. After one more phone call, I was promised the manager would come back to me to follow up my questions and I've not heard back in 2 weeks. This morning I was on the phone for almost an hour, bounced back and forth between customer support people who now say that I've had my answer from the cdunstone office, completely ignoring the fact that two people within the company since that letter have apologised for the company and confirmed I was within my rights to cancel. I was left in tears at that point. Is this really how a company wishes to treat their customers? I read all the above and share the frustration. I worry for the employees, especially the two who did help me along the way. I worry that they are under some hush order now and find themselves in hot water because they tried to help me. How can any senior management person at CPW be proud of what they are doing? It may not be illegal or even wrong to offer something to a consumer and say take it or leave it. But it's naughty of a company to pretend it does otherwise. I think that's what happens instore, purposely or not. Products and services are misrepresented. People are mislead to sign contracts based on good will. And CPW it appears takes full advantage of the "Signed on the Dotted Line" to bully its customers. It may be legal but it's not right. It's not right at all. There's also this feeling that CPW treats all its customers as potential fraudsters, rather than average individuals sorting out problems. I hope Join the Club is with CPW PR and that he/she takes these concerns back to senior management and actually tries to make some necessary changes. As it is, I am very sad indeed by the state of the operation.

someone who knows better

Err, have you ever seen replies that come back from this address? NO i dont think you have, as if you had, you wouldnt give this as ADVICE! There will be no LUCK i'm affraid.

join the club

For the record, I'm a recent former employee of CPW and i def would not say anything positive about this organisation. They lack consistency, training, are unable to meet deadlines and no-one knows what they are doing. Not to metnion that there is no communication between departments, hence being transferred to and fre each time you call in. The reason I said that before is because as in any situation, if the brainless people on the phones cant help you, its better to go straight to the top. And for the record, I have a phone directly with Orange, who have caused me no problems whatsoever :-)
Most staff have also lost interest because they are all underpaid and no guidence internally.


Yeah i agree having worked there before too, they do not provide the agents with the relevant info necessary. I managed to move from one area to customer care by passing a small test. Who could write the best appology letter! thats right! I have never received training, although was promised..months went by nothing and every time i asked i was seen as trouble.

Their ploy is to make it so hard for the customer that they give up. its sickening!

People are quite over worked and under paid and under appreciated for sure, unless you are in the gang so to speak. They happen to be the stupidest of the lot so no thanks.

The managers are auful! they have no sympathy for their staff, they are there to merely enforce that X amount of queries get asnwered. Notice i didnt say resolved! As long as they are cleared it makes their team "look" good.

When i worked there i really tried to help the customer as i felt i would hate to be treated this way. This earned me no points at all! I was causing the company to lose money. Thats how they saw it!

anyway... My advice is DONT give up, get advice from trading standards and persist with your point. You are actually in the right.

I too am with Orange and they are SUPER! never a problem ever! even when making a claim for insurance! The way i see it, you honour you end by paying, they should honour their end by giving you what was promised or back off.


Thanks to both of you for your feedback. It's really useful and I appreciate it.

join the club

ahahaha, Thats so true, no appreciation, no rewards for doing good work and absolutely no carreers guidance, hence leaving!
I know what you mean about wanting to help a customer, half the time when you want to get credit raised, authorise an exchange etc, the TM simply says, its not in the best of the companies interests, or this line 'its going against company policy.' Once again, stick directly with the networks when purchasing a phone. service providers cause more problems that actually solving anything!


can i just say, i am a manager, and i do listen to my team!! but the managers are in the same boat. we don't get the level of support or training that we need and in some ways it is worse. i feel under pressure from both directions...and in all of this beleive it or not i work hard to make sure i am doing the right thing by my team and my customers. it is a hard job at the moment.

join the club

and the funny thing is, im not suprised to hear that at all! At the end of the day the place is falling apart. The Company cant cope with the mass expansion and the employees are sufferring.


Yes, policy jargon... if you can be a parrot and chirp policy all day weather you catually understand it or not you may get somewhere at CPW.

I am sure there are decent hardworking people there too, but unfortunately they are being wasted in that company.

employee x

well 'timeforchange' if you are under pressure why dont you talk to someone about it. us sales consultants get no support. did you know I got 100% in solve and what praise did I get. NONE. not even from my area manager. what is the point in me being a good sales consultant when i dont even get noticed. my manager is a disgrace he argues with customers to try and prove a point, he doesnt try to calm the situatin down he just makes it escolate. Charles dunston was in the independent newspaper the other day for being a entrepener under the age of 40 i just wish he would treat his staff better, I know he has to pay alot of expensise out but we get paid just about the minimum wage and we have to put up with so much crap not from just customers but from are managers aswell (unless you get on with yours) my manager has made it clear to me that he doesnt want me in the store as he wants an all boy team, now does that sound fair, never mind the sexest comments that he makes. am i supposed to go to work felling unhappy and then finish felling depressed, somehow I dont think thats right do you?


I just cannot believe that this company survives the tales above. I had an email back today from the most helpful person I have encounted in my CPW journey (the person I think should run the company if they wanted real customer loyalty and profits that actually mean something) and noticed the very disturbing corporate caveat at the end of his email:

"Any opinions expressed in this E-Mail are those of the author and do not necessarily constitute the views of the Company. Nothing in this E-Mail shall bind the Company in any contract or obligation."

Isn't that amazing? Why does CPW bother to hire any employee then? Don't employees speak for the company? Isn't that the risk you take when you hire someone to act on your behalf? Since when can a corporation abdicate responsibility for its employees?

I scratch my head and continue to be amazed at what is allowed to transpire here.

Peter Bengtsson

That's a very good point tirednweepy. I guess there's a big difference between "views" and just plain advice and tips.

If martians came down to earth and a humanoid showed them one of these email signatures they'd think we're such pathetic wimps.


Employee x I think that is a disgrace. It wouldn't happen in my branch or even in my area. The pressure we are all under is a result of a skill reduction at every level. We are playing catch up but it is no excuse for out and out not doing your job. If you are not being 'managed' go above your manager or asm's head. You wouldn't be the first person to email Hooky or Charles directly. It is time for change but everyone has to want it and work towards it. I hate to sound cheesy but everyone who is on this site who works for cpw can start to make it a better place by taking ownership of problems, giving great customer service, feeding back on poor management and embracing and encouraging training - whether you are in the support centre or retail.
There is a form on melon if you want to feed things back anonymously.


I am sorry but your advice is crap. Have you timeforechange, tried this? well i have! It doesnt work either. I had gone above the manager's head 3 times made formal complaints regarding similar issues and other types of discrimination within the call center i worked in. All i can say is once you go over the manager's head you aer labeled trouble and will be ganged up on. I was a fighter and realised there is only one way to win this.... that was to find another job and leave!

Unfortunately for the victim or emplyee however you see it, I discovered that there are no procedures in CPW to deal with these types of issues. In other words you are screwed.

This company will replace you quickly with some assylum seeker who will work for nothing.. Noone gets any training and half the people who work there dont even speak clear english! Now how do you think that works on a telephone??? not logical really is it?

This company needs to be taken DOWN.

join the club

All you former CPW employees, doesnt life seem much brighter on the outside? place causes more problems both internally and externally rather than solving them! Esp the contact centre!!! Ask any employee who is still in there! they will tell u exactly the same thing!

someone who knows better

well yes of course.

took me a year to leave!!!! and i am still bitter about how i was treated and the fact that i had to take abuse from managers and NOT further my career for all the efforts i put in. What a wast of nearly 2 years!


I'm an employee of CPW, you may of read my notes about getting the sack for apparently loosing £2000....well my fellow arguers...the point is...Chucky has done well, it isn't him that needs to change, it the Sales manager, Divisional Manager, Area Manager and the store manager that needs some serious head banging...i've never workined in such a disorganised company..THE VM is never right, Head office just pass the buck when you need help, Logistics don;t send out orders and make sales consultants look stupid....I'm an Assistant Manager, i do a good job and i try to get the best out of my sales consultant's...but if i knew what a crap company CPW was, i would never had joined them.....Besides, i'm waiting on IKEA to offer me a 2nd interview...get treated better there!!!


employee x i know who you are!!!!
how are you darling????

text me lol


hey anon - I know what you are saying but chucky is the man on top, he has the power to change this scenario. C'mon now, do you think he is not aware?

I feel it is his responsibility to check this shit all the way down the line. And if he cant he should have a person with a brian employed to do this, or him and his company will sink.

Think about it, if this were your company, and you could see the mass turnover in employees you'd wonder why fist of all, plus his office is in ACTON call centre, all you got to do is take a five minute walk around that place to see there is MASS room for improvement and way too many people doing the wrong things at their desks!

After all is that not a part of his job..?


Yes and naturally any CPW employee would read this site and think its a fucking chat room. twat.


Me being a sensible human being, i do not go by what ppl tell me. With every promotion a person can tell you the good stuff but as we all know there is bad to follow. i say if something seems too good to be true,it usualy is.
Companies dont just give out these things called contracts because they want ppl to throw them away, they expect you to read them as no body can sit down with someone for half an hour to read out everything in the terms and conditions and contracts. Most ppl dont even have enough time to sit and wait.
Who ever signs something and doesnt read what they sign are really silly as for all u know your signing a contract with the Devil.
No boby can blame anybody else apart from themselves if they dont read something that is given to them and told to read.


You are correct in that people should read what they are signing. However, many customers are bullied into signing before they read and those people were mislead as to what is in the contract.

Secondly, why is the most important part of the T&C's in the tiniest writing? do you know? well i bloody do mate, its so most people cant read it. I have 20 20 vision and its not easy to see!

why also do the sales reps on the phones and in the shops lie about the offers to customers? answer - because they are aware that most customers will not read the contract. Though i agree that the contract should be read, I also strongly feel that the contents should not be missinterpreted by the sales staff and not be " altered" when advising the customer on the deal, so that the comission is added to their monthly pay, because thats what this is about from the sale's rep point of view.
From the company's it is to sell and not honour.

People ask the sales staff because they trust them, and dont have the time to read all this crap.

when i shop in Orange or Vodafone directly ( and i mean no middle man such as link or cpw or phones4U) i get staight talkers.

So yes, signing a contract with CPW is exactly like signing a contract with the devil...


One more thing, telesales...? how do you get the customer to read the contract in this scenareo when in fact there is none.

Its the sellers word against the customers. CPW are supposed to record these conversations, but a customer will never be able to obtain this information, so they are soley dependant on the sellers information.

Ike Ogbonna

I have started a job in CPW recently, not because I wanted to work there but because it was the only job on offer.

There is too much red tape when it comes to sorting things out. In the lifeline dept you always have to go to a senior advisor to get authorization for silly requests.

Also you get stores ringing up with queries that they should be able to handle but end up wasting 20 mins on the phone.

Alot of the time CPW does take to long and there are layers of bearucracy, but a lot of the time the customers are stupid, they don't know wether a Standing Order has been going out of thier account for 3 years!

They pay you a bonus of £3000 a year and a basic of £14,000, but that money is to little for the amount of info you have to know and impart to the customer.

You should get around 17k which would include your bonus. A lot of people slog thier guts out for the bonus but I don't bother, I will do my work and come in on time etc but I won't focus on making more money for a bonus they should be paying anyway.

Another point is the balance of life and work you have to work a full weekend which I feel is unfair, there are plenty of staff to spread around so people can enjoy life.

The system at the moment is you have a weekend of then work the next one etc, but it would be better to work one weekend have the next two weekends off then work the next weekend, this would be a fairer balance.

It could easily be done with more organisation. The top ten most imortant issues with customers should be highlighted in the store so customers understand more.

Thank god i have left

wow sounds like things are getting worse and worse there... life work balance is totally unfair i agree, but as long as the workers, ie; you realise they dont care about the quality of your life, you can then go for something else, like another job. CPW will bully you till you either break or leave. take my word for it.

I used to get 100% on my productivity etc, but used to barely get a bonus, you want to know why? well its because my manager would rather give it to the guy she fancied. At one point i was the one topping the team with productivity and i never knew it because the delightful Manager, who i would be more then happy to let you know who that is, simply didnt want me to benefit at all she really despised me because i was different. There is no point you putting any extra effprt in your work there as you will never benefit form it, only the company will, in effect you are working harder for free!

Yes many customers are stupid, but not all of them, just like all people, some are stupid, but they are still paying customers. In my opinion many of the staff at cpw contact centres are so stressed out and dumped on, that they enevitably become rude to their customers.

This has been one of the worst work experiences i have ever been through and am so glad its over!


Well here is my story. I went into the carphone warehouse store three times with a problem on 3G. They gave me three options, one to get my phone fixed through them and have a temporary phone, second that I could cancel my contract, thirdly send it off to three. As I had a telephone interview in three days time I did not send it off but requested a handset. They didn’t have on in the North East. So I kept the phone and decided to by a new PAYG phone and then get mine repaired by Carphone Warehouse. After buying the new phone I went in and found out CPW now did not fix the phone as there was a problem with the actual phone not just software! After paying 70 quid on a new 3G phone I was getting a upset by their stupidity. However he promised me they could still cancel the contract. So I went off and even though I had new three network phone it still did not work (poor reception). So on Monday I took it in and asked to cancel my contract. After 30 minutes of her checking she came back and said although I had the lifeline insurance, the contract cancellation part came in two weeks after I had taken out the insurance and the old members were not updated. To add insult to it, the new insurance is cheaper.

To be honest I am pissed off with CPW and the lifetime insurance people. I am raising this higher through the company and I have asked my companies legal team to look at it. Exactly the same product names, but I can not use all the features of the product.

Either way I am very unhappy. My advise stay well clear of the lifeline policy and CPW. They both only care about profits, not the customer.

Pony Girl

Hi there, i suspect that your poor reception is due to 3g being new and not being as widely set up as GSM... If you go your settings and the network settings, change it from dual mode to gsm. What this does is ensure that when you 3G is out of range you are switched to your service providers GSM service, when ever needed.

I found this out in 2 minutes when calling orange regarding poor reception on my new 3G handset.

CPW are CRAP... Please dont get their insurance, any of theyr crap phones, and even worse then that is their totally crap customer service run by chimps who have never even seen what your handset even looks like. They are taught how to write apology letters... yep thats it.


The contract in telesales is different to one in retail sales. Distance selling regualtions makes sure of that. Therefore by law there is an extra amount of time for the customer to accept the goods.


Hi, Can anyone help me? CPW have a debt collection agency on to me and are threatening to take me to court. I signed a contract with them in August 2004. I asked for the direct debit to be taken out on 28th of month (when I'm paid), but an attempt was made way before, causing me to go overdrawn. I incurred charges and a vicious circle started that ended with them disconnecting me after 3 months and sending me a letter from debt agents. I PAID this and was told I would be reconnected, but despite chasing several times, I never was. After the last time of chasing they set up a different account number for me and because I didn't pay (as still no connection)I started getting invoices for both accounts! I spoke to customers services, who were no help (they didn't care!)and so I ignored all requests to pay, as by this time, when I got round to checking my bank statements, found I'd paid out over £200 in charges as CPW had tried may times to take the payment before 28th of month. I feel this time they are serious about taking me to court and am worried about it, but feel why should I pay when I've had no service. Anybody know what I should do or had a similar experience? I did go to Citizens Advice, but they told me to pay and then try to get compensation for an unfair contract, but how likely is that?

anti-CPW-in every way

Trading standards.

Their practices are total evil. I wouldnt pay them anything.

You had no service, so what are you due to pay for?

a manager

so you went to a Citizens Advice Bureau and you ignored the advice!

well aren't you the clever one eh?

I work for the cab and I am sick of silly shits like you with silly little problems - we have people with real problems you know - fuck off


yep and thats why folks you want to shop at cpw,


what sort of reply is that?

CAB = Citizens Advice Bureau you twat fuck off



wonder if you guys can offer any advice, i had a motorola v80 kept going wrong, cpw offered a replacement but it wasnt i stock, so they took my address and said i would receive it within a couple of days - that was 3 months ago, since then i have emailed the cpw and charles dunstone supposedly the cheif executive, to no prevail, i havent received an actual reply just acknologment of my orginal message, what next?

please help guys

cpw fool

darren mate the trouble is now thats is now gone on for way over 28 days, so if it still under warrenty we could send it off for repair, but while you their ask for a replacment hab(handset and battery)or maybe ask for what we call a second phone which is a brand new phone not like a hab which is a 14 day return, trouble is the motv80 is kinda old now so stock might be an issue, whats you local store?????

i might be a cpw fool but dame helpull!!

anti-CPW-in every way

You are an idiot in every sense of the word..@ cpw fool.. Have you read your message?

Well everyone, he/she thinks they are helpful..??!!! with that piece of crap sentence that doesnt make sense.

1. its not the customer's fault that CPW have not responded, so the 28 day thing is N/A. CPW's delay, what are you going to do about it?

2. There are never phones in stock regarding your faulty goods, why? so that the spends spends spends.

3. Darren, dont bother writing more to CPW in the hope of resolving this issue, you will get an apology letter and thats about it really. Go to trading standards, but saying that advise cdunstone (Cdumfuck) that you are writing to trading stadards and they may make you another fALSE PROMISE.

One more thing poor old cpw fool, you are a fool, you are NOT helpful, and you sound very suited to CPW. I am sure you will become a manager in no time.

Good luck.


Darren's a retard folks,

Cupid Stunt

A new slogan for CPW

"just bend over while we stuff you good and propper!"

Well if they were honest anyway!


Darren, plz dont ask for a HAB unit mate. They are usually ex liquid damaged or insurance claim handsets that have had new covers clipped onto them. They have a special process at the repairs centre in Wednesbury where 'liquid damaged' handsets are cleaned up and prepared for use as HAB units or sold to unsuspecting customers as clearence handsets on the CPW website. Please call 01922 434000 to book an appointment to see the process with your own eyes. The company should change its motto from "For a better mobile life..." to caveat emptor (Buyer beware).

I have been swindled myself in this way, when my HAB unit went faulty after less than a month i sent it to Wednesbury to be fixed and it was deemed Beyond Economical Repair due to liquid damage!! I will never buy from these cowboys again.


cpw-fool good info will bear that in mind, anti-cpw-in-every-way LMAO! i can vouch for pretty much all of that! but i have found that the store managers can be really helpful (which i understand seems impossible for anyone asscioated with cpw) its just a shame the monkeys, muppets and gimps at the head office cant do the same, if those guys had more than two brain cells they would bump in to each other lol

and what about cdumfuck? emailed his office months ago, keep gettin=g random apologies from guys who have no idea what they are apologising for, makes me laugh that after all of us have experianced all this, they still have a hm the queen as a customer!!!!!

as for pooey, i have no idea who you are mate, but if you knew what is was we are all moaning about then comments like that would soon be absent from this page.

i dont think cupid stunt could me be moree right, is there any decent and honest phone stores out there any more or are all electrical goods retailers jerks?


Never come across such a bunch of incompetent fucking wankstains in my entire life. If I ran my company like that I’d be bankrupt within weeks.

I'd been with Vodafone direct for 5 years and NEVER EVER had a problem. Clear efficient billing and cheap for my needs. Changed to CPW vodafone after speaking to one of their brainless fuckwits behind the counter who convinced me that it would be better to be billed through CPW. Hadn't received a bill for 5 months, had my line blocked seven times and allegedly ran up a £500 bill. (Average with Vodafone direct was £30 per month).

The contract was sent back for recalculation by one of the two helpful call centre staff out of a cast of thousands I have encountered in my lengthy and frustrating dealings with CPW.

Guess what? They had cocked it all up, put me on the wrong tariff, didn't give me a copy of my contract in the first place despite several requests, and said I have to claim back money owing through their redemption department. I've sent it off recorded delivery.


The last time I was in a store the salesperson there was genuinely interested in my plight and was taking the time to offer the kind of customer service you expect. Suddenly, looming from behind the poor lass was what can only be described as an overweight boy-band reject, with a serious case of bed hair, who proceeded to chastise my helpful assistant for taking so long in trying to sort out the fuck-up he was responsible for in the first place. The poor girl looked like she was about to burst into tears. It looked like he’d been on her case all day and there was a serious case of workplace bullying and intimidation going on.

From this page alone it sounds like all the nepotistic, arse-kissing, back-stabbing, gob-shites on the planet work for the same godforsaken organisation. Should we be surprised that the CEO is a prat when you look at the type of people he surrounds himself with.

God help the decent staff…… all three of 'em.

PS, Still haven't had a copy of my contract through despite numerous requests. They can’t find it.


Peter Bengtsson

Good comment Agentfunky. I wish you the very best in getting away from these guys.


Oh no there is that word redemptions again! you must insist that the service you had "agreed" was not honoured and therefore you wish the contract that was so badly organised be cancelled imediately.

Redemptions is a con.. you may get you money, but in months and months... they claim to never receive your claim even if you sent it recorded delivery, they do this to "stall"

remember, you paid them. Your money is good for it, you are not getting your end of the deal. I really think that they should allow cancellation and not make you stay with them for the whole year, as if you do, the problems will just get worse, trust me, i used to work there! I know how much lack of care there is in customer care, ita all about sales in this shithole, nothing more!

As for the bullying, i totally get that, thats why i left, aside from the totally illogical "procedures" and policies they have to screw theyr employees as much as their customers!

good luck, and leave asap!


Hi there mate im a cpw employee was reading you e-mail so i thought id offer you some advice you contract is not missing you can easily get a copy of your contract from cpw, some of the workers in cpw dont have a clue what they are doing in the company and personally to me they seem like a bunch of wankers all they want to do is work for themselves they dont have a clue what will happen if they do fuck up, next time you go into that carphone warehouse store ask them to go into your transaction history and there they can print your contract off, as to part of your redemption situations it can take up to 2 months for the cheque to be sent out to you, if it still hasnt come through the staff will have to raise a customer care voucher for you hope this has been helpful

Been there. Right , What Now?

@agent funky, Fact is they do make money , and loads of it . But fair point about the rest.

Joshi You're such a pussy-o!


Go into any branch of CPW with a copy of a recent bank statement or a driving licence (to prove who you are) and ask any member of staff to just reprint your contract off their computer in store. It takes like, umm, 30 seconds. No need to wait for someone to mail you anything. You can get a reprint in any store.

cpw customer

you know you really need to give them a break, phones4you and the link are the ones that need to re-train or even shut shop as they are the ones with no customer service or any clue on what their talking about!!!!


SHut up you stupid twat. You are so typically sheep like.. Just because some other companies are crap too, you think that justifies CPW's shyte? what a tosser! Its still wrong and very very bad taste... Vada direct or Orance or even O2 direct do not treat their customers like this.

you deserve to be a cpw customer.

cpw customer

oh your so sad, you really are!!!!!


Justify your comment... or can you only call me stupid?


To all you CPW-ers... you all take it up the GRITTER! weather you know it or not.


pse make many more websites like this so that pple know they'll be fucked before they join CPW


All you staff out there might like to know that disciplinaries are coming back via the back door.
We have already started a new campaign with Mobile magazine and our intentions over the next few months are to bring down the nepotism, discrimination and damn right lax managemet styles of ASMs DRMS and above.
Is it not time Ed Bembridge was fired?
Fell free to contact us by the way.
kind regards


All companies need to have disciplinaries. If an employee isnt doing their job then what is the other alternative?


to itstimeforachange
are you aware of the enormous issue with carphone and 3 tfgs and the fact that there are many hundreds of customers and a few staff who have returned there phnoes under lifeline insurance only to find accounts still active and customers being told to continue paying bills for phones they dont have. the latest from simon moore is that these have been disconnected and all money pated by customers will be refunded by end of jan..... another lie ???? this has been going on since september and remember we were still selling lifeline acp till december!! cpw breaks the law again!! latest is that fsa are now fully investigating cpw. i suggest anyone with this problem staff or customers take cpw to court its the only way...


when i worked there i actually pointed out that this will become a problem, but you guessed it, the managers were not interested. Not only that I made a suggestion as to how to minimalise this, and you know what, i wasnt black enough to be taken seriously, oh and i didnt say init after every sentence so once again, was pushed aside. what a bunch of f**king looser assholes! the problem is, if you emply stupid people, and then make them managers when they couldnt even manage a day at the beach, you get chaos... school playgrownd, bollox.

you'd have to kill me first to get me to be a cpw employee or customer!


Yes we are well aware of this problem. 3 pulled out on their agreement to use the ACP return.
TO be honest, noone had a clue what to do and trying to get something like that sorted was like getting blood out of a stone.
Apparently 3 and CPW are in negotiations and ACP should return soon.
For now, lifeline say the customer needs to receive a final bill from 3, fax it to lifeline, then the payment is raised and sent out.
To be honest we hope the FSA fine them a considerable amount for this one.
In the meantime, to change the topic, we just wish when someone had a problem they would fill in a grievance.
The more this happens, the more the company will shit themselves.


Plopy, we dont think you fully understand what we stand for.
We most certainly do NOT stick up for Carphone Warehouse.
Yes we work for them, however for the last 6 months we have been trying to form collective Union representation for the employees.
Union representation that would stop all of that discrimination you talk of.
This is why we clearly request that staff fill in a grievance when they have a problem.
The real problem is that so many people in CPW dont have any balls.
Keep your head down, shut up and agree with the bosses and you'll go far.....voice concern and your f**ked.
Please dont think for one minute we have ANY intention of letting things carry on the way they are.
In asnwer to your comments "why didnt have anyone have a clue", we meant, none of the sales reps had a clue how to sort it out because H.O had their heads so far up their backsides they persistently denied there was a problem?
We mean......the company removed disciplinaries a while back but are now bringing them back by the backdoor...i.e NOT announcing them in an ASLLSALES email, but just telling individual people if and when one happens.
THIS is not acceptable.
Hope this now makes sense to you.


Hmm interesting... thanks for clearing that up. I just cannot understand how a company who claims to be somewhere near the top has NO disciplinaries? how is that legal? and you are so right most cpw emplotyees are so terrified to speak up! its shameful! And again you are right i was one of the very few who dod speak up and boy was i ever screwed! I know how bad thoes customers felt as i was also treated like a pile of shit.

there are many things about how cpw is run that reaks of non legal conduct. If i knew better then, i would have taken the whole lot down with me.


I tell you what, there is a real matter of legality here. My experience and reading the text on this page shows that there seems to be serious abuse of power in the workplace of CPW.

Firtsly if you are racist in the street, you are breaking the law, so why is it that in CPW this law changes?

Secondly, each employees rights should be equal, but they are not, some people get bullied by their managers or higher and are unable to take the legal reaquired holiday as performance levels may be down somewhere else in the team or problems such as redemptions or the lifeline issue comes up causing more queries to come in to thier contact centre and they over work their staff! bullying them into submision, with pathetic offers of a £2 lunch for free! on a saturday you get 1 10 minute break and 30 minutes for lunch! most people there work weekends verey two weeks! they do not get 2 solid days in a row (liek a weekend) to relax in leu!

what does time for change offer for this type of abuse in the workplace?


I was told by CPW that I had free insurance for the first month of a new telephone contract and after that would be charged monthly unless I cancelled. I called up 3 days before the month was up to cancel only to be told that my acount had already been charged. After 40 minutes on the phone I was told that I MIGHT be refunded and it would be confimed by post. No-one would a) tell me why I had been debited 3 days early b) assure me that I would be refunded. There was also another hidden charge taken at the start of the month which is probably accounted for in some small print somewhere. This is piss poor practice and I will get my phone insured elsewhere. Now I am very wary of this company and fully understand the reason for your blog.


Cpw never offer free insurance, sounds like you had a bad salesman who told you it was free knowing that the payment is not due for 14-21 days.
Please be assured that this is not the way all sales people sell at cpw, it is very underhand - not the norm tho!


Course you do i dont blame you.

However, I wonder what can be done about this company carrying on these practices? It is not legal i am sure.

If anyone feels they can contribute to this issue of legality please do, thanks.. oh, that is unless you are a customer care adviosor as you so wouldnt know.


Luke, noone bothered to advise you on what was owed to you because , erm,they so dont give a sh*t. you have paid them now, thats that, you wont hear from them again, unless you are due to pay them more. If you have a problem with their services they will see that as YOUR problem. I would definately get your phone insured directly with O2 or orange or voda but directly, dont go to the link who will insure your phone for like 5 years (note noone keeops their phone this long!) and there will be nothing you can do when you get a new phone and want to insure that instead. If you are with Orange go direct they provide a great service.

Cupid Stunt

To find out your rights go to
you will find procedures for disciplinaries and greviances.
For help on bullying at work
I would also advise anyone to join a union. Union reps can accompany employees to disciplinaries and greviances. They know all about rights etc and also if the worse comes to the worse and you need help at a tribunal you have access to union solicitors free of charge.

Dont let these assholes bully you because they are jealous of your skills and feel threatened themselves by your very existance. Personally though, managers at CPW are fucking stupid! so that means that he people who emply them are also stupid as i know for a FACT that managers in the call centre are trained to bully. I want someone or something to address the legality of the lack of human rights in this work place.

If you read that www.bullyonline.org website and you work at CPW you may be shocked to realise that you too are a victim of such behaviour!

cab manager

And if you have not worked there for a year you will have no rights fucking read employment law you twat

candle holder

Amazing, when one gets closed down, I see so many losers moaning about who pays your bills....


check this out



Just have. its a good starting point thats for sure, interesting forst post u got there too! that must be an inside joke!

mini flame

@ candle holder - erm what? dont get your point, but i am sure you must have one...?

CPW Employee

Hello there chaps! I'm a current CPW employee that was just browsing the net when i saw this. It seems an awful shme that you feel you have been conned by my company, tell you what, drop me an e-mail at cack4brains@gmail.com and ill try to get back to you with some half decent / helpful advice.

CPW Employee


Hello Cack4brains, your company? oh you'd like that right?

Why not provide your cpw address? or is the advice you're gonna give the sort of advice we really need and the sort of advice you'd be sacked for?


My company = the company I work for. happy?

my cpw address is: flatona@cpw.co.uk if you want it but, the reason I didnt include it is that it bounces most e-mails back and only excepts plain text not html so i didnt want anyone to send it to that because i didnt want ppl sending e-mails that i wasnt getting and then getting stroppy because i wasnt replying. I will not provide you with any information that might get me sacked.. i will just provide sound advice and help that OBVIOUSLY you guys didnt receive.

Been there. Right , What Now?

@anon Anonymous and deluded, better be worth it sir , hope your efforts aer being rewarded or hats off to a clever way to get noticed, ambitious or brown noser, or both maybe, i wonder.

or a good prank

Get a Life

People should stop wasting their time and effort by writing extremely long emails and clearly having their lives decreased due to un-warranted stress. Why not seek free legal advice from you local citizens advice bureau or even speak to a lawyer. alternatively find out all the facts before purchasing their products. after all every company has its policys to prevent loss and fraud. lets act our age and not our shoe size. goodbye angry losers. have a joint that will ease the pain.

candle holder

Most fo the company is shagging everyone. Wonder if their wifes know...
Maybe thats why people are allowed to get away with murder..

Yes YOU know who I'm talking about


haha true, perhaps someone" should drop the bomb? ffaaak i'd do it if i worked there!

Jesus sings for you

Yeah, it would only take one word, and the southern twat wouldnt be happy about Mrs finding out about little sis!


The bullying Divisionals should take a reality check. Please look at who your speaking to.


its much more fun checking the people we are talking about. Go on..do it... do it...

do it.. do it...

lil prik

yeah! cause trouble in the city of sin. make them suffer and their lives miserable, the imming cowboys!

lil prik

oops sorry that was rrrrimming cowboys, felching ass hoarders!


lil prik

What the fuk you on about

lil prik

Making life hard for the assholes making life hard for us.

sounds fair to me.


Just like to point out ITFC is in no way related to itstimeforchange.

Been there. Right , What Now?

Great thanks for , clearing that mystery up , right shall we move on to Lucan !!&*£$

Wheelie Bin

I havent seen an email update from itstimeforchange recently. Have you stopped doing that, or have you been blocked?


Been blocked!
Weve tried all sorts of group emails none are coming through.
We can still send to branches and individuals but we dont have a list of all stores.

Wheelie Bin

Can you let me have some details of the ones who are contacting you, so I can contact them. It looks like we have a lot in common.


we were members of 02 and purchased the contract from the kingsbury branch from the day got the phone we have had hassles with 02 and all lies from them. since then i went to cnacell my line with 02 on friday 17th february 2006 and i was informed that if i cancell then i would have to pay the next four months because my contract did not expire till then, so i said could i plse have the figure a gentlemen call dipesh who claims to be the floor manager said the figure ould be £127.38 and i said that i would get back to him. 2 hrs later i went back to 02 and they informed me that the bill had gone upto £155.38 and i tried to speak to manager and was put on hold for around 10-15 minutes eventually when the manager got on the line all he could do was apologise and then told he would investigate the matter and get back to me and til date still has not got back to me(name Mr Sunil Singh from warrington.) anyways i have cancelled the line know but still would like to get some feed back on what you are going to do with the crap service you give your customer's and i am also looking for some kind on compensation from yourselves.


Wheelie bin, tell us more.
What do we have in common? Email us.

Wheelie Bin

Dont want to email, worried it could be traced

Your email will never ever be published

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