I hate Carphone Warehouse and Lifeline

09 June 2004   416 comments   Mobile

Mind That Age!

This blog post is 14 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

On Sunday I had my mobile phone stolen and yesterday I went to pick up my replacement phone in Liverpool street station (bus travel from my home). What I lost was a Nokia 7250i.

So yesterday, after lunch I went down to the Carphone warehouse at Liverpool st. station to pick up my replacement phone because the shop here in Barbican told me that the Liverpool st shop is the only one who has it in stock (this happened on Monday). Finally there they explain to me that it's out of stock everywhere and that I had to choose a different phone for the same or less value. After endless haggling with the lady in the shop and someone on the phone I caved in and had to settle with an Ericsson T610. The only other decent option was a Nokia 6100 which was worth £80 less than my previous phone. A difference I would NOT cash in on. Even the Ericsson was worth £10 less.

So, in conclusion; just because they didn't have any decent phones in anywhere I had to degrade to a phone I didn't want PLUS pay liability charge of £29.50!!! In other words I lost out on this deal a lot even though it wasn't my fault the phone was stolen in the first place.

The guy in the other shop I had to walk to wouldn't give the phone to me in the box but rather as phone, battery and new SIM in a paper bag (which I had to ask for!). Finally back home I realised that they forgot to give me a charger.

This whole mess cost me two hours and I had to talk to two shop assistants and three people on the phone in the two shops. I confirmed my address twice and had to say loud my password three times.

Needless to say I'm very dissatisfied about this whole thing. I should have read the 3-page-small-print policy more carefully in which it apparently says that they are not liable for any loss of value :) Apparently I have to suffer for their lack of compensation even though I pay for the insurance. What they should have done was to be flexible and "suck up" to me to avoid the bad publicity. Speard the URL of this page so they get what they deserve.


Because of threats from CPW's Legal Department of defamation comments published on this page I've decided to remove all the comments since according to the Defamatory Defence act I'll have to comply and act as I'm having the power to do so. It's been a hectic two days of studying the legal material on defamation, a lot thanks to some lawyer friends who pointed me in the right direction of reading material and general advice. However, it appears that they've acted on my site a bit late since the already got a £245,000 fine from the FSA

To all the people who've posted comments on this page: thanks for sharing your thoughts even though some of them were pretty vulgar :)


Mate the 7250 is a bag of shite compared to the t610
I'm now in exactly the same position.
Fucking sucks. This is what I pay almost 9 quid a month for ?!
well at least this will make u laugh!
I too have been ripped off by lifeline.

I lost my phone on new years day and when i tried to call the police (lost property department) to report the phone lost there was no answer. Obviously as they where off for new years day, sunday and bank holiday monday.Carphone warehouse therefore decided not to even pay me any money for a replacement phone! all due to me not reporting it in the required 48 hours.
Trust me mate their are so f*ckt that they can delay, screw up your accounts due to lack of any sense or any "customer care" or competance and NOT give you the service that was agreed without a refund for their error,all you will get are apology letters. God forbid your payment is a second late!
Roger Sparks
You are lucky. I responded to an ad on their site for Nokia 7600 free with Talk & Text 600 plan for £2.99 per month. Now they say it is £28 per month. I cannot get any sensible answer from them they just refer me to 3. I think this company should be renamed Conphone Warehouse. The helpfull people at 3 say there is a problem with carphone. Anyone else in the same boat? Is this a job for Watchdog
Roger Sparks
Roger Sparks Update. I have managed to get an answer of sorts from carphone. If you respond to this kind of ad from carphone be very careful. This offer has conditions which have to be followed exactly or you pay the full amount.
George of the Jungle
@Roger Sparks

Its done by redemptions. carphone should of made you aware of this (not surprising they didnt) it mean at certain points of your contract you have to send in a copy of your airtime bill. Then carphone will send you a cheque. took me 2weeks to get mine
I used to work there and can tell you that REDEMPTIONS is a rip off. You were lucky you got your cheque at all. They often claim to have not received customers' airtime bills when u send them in. Not only that most customers send in their original bills, meaning that then its is lost. Their offices are a mess, the place is run by monkeys!
so my advice is dont do business with them.
I've been told I have to wait 8 weeks to get my cheque. If they told me this when I took the contract out I would never have taken it in the first place. They are con-merchants.
Well according to "dave" ( below) its your fault!

i wonder what would happen if your cheque or payment was late to them... what would happen?

You would be fined, have debt collectors after you within a couple of months!
Well Dave, these terms may be clearly stated on the Insurance document or whatever but it's clearly stated in the smallest possible text! We shouldn't have to scour these docs to make sure companies we purchase items from aren't trying to con us.
Yes this was my point, and all these people's point. The sales person doesnt actually help with making this clear and i suspect for a money profit reason!
unfortunately you are screwed. CPW will say it's "3"'s responsibility and £ will say its CPW. Unfortunately you have been conned. Personally I think its VERY bad business to "offer" something for a price then change it once the customer signs up. ITS VERY WRONG and PLEASE do go to watchdog or something like that. I have also heard that our fat cat Charles Dunstone "has a friend" at watchdog, if you know what i mean, so try every avenue!
steven holden
You guys should have a look at "THE ORANGE SHOP" -


on ebay - very small company but because its small it has better customer attention than the big boys that just box shift.
About a month ago now I decided to accidently drop my T610 in some juice for a few hours whilst asleep. got a new phone from the carphone warehouse. I was pretty impressed because I just had to pay £10 and got a better phone (t630) however 2days ago i accidently dropped my new phone just the once and the screen doesn't work anymore. I was told when i got this phone that my new insurance information would come in the post... it didnt but i trotted down to the shop anyway and got told to go in and speak to the manager on friday. Very well then. The manager told me to call lifeline (why he couldn't do it from the shop is somewhat beyond my understanding). Mr lifeline said that actually my insurance became VOID when I got the new phone... so indeed why did one Barrie Piper tell me otherwise? Now I have a broken phone and not much money to get a new one!
if you read you insurance documents (which you are required to do LEGALLY) you will find that 'Lifeline GO' which you purchased is a 1 claim policy, however if you claim on the insurance you can pay for a new policy so if you break your phone you can get a new one! THINK TO YOUR SELF, IF MY INSURANCE POLICY IS SO CHEAP HOW COME AM I ABLE TO NEW FONES ALL THE TIME???? um NO, the comany would make a loss!
Yes but they tell you differently, when u sign you up them, they blame you for not reading the very very very small print, which is bloody hard to see and i have 20 20 vision!

If they said to you please read the contract, go home take you time then when u have decided come back, that would be ok, but they rush you and insist on taking all your details down and sign you up anway! ever heard of talktalk? Bunch of Asswipes.

My point is it would be like me saying i will pay £20 for that item, then you only get a cheque for £10, their verbal agreements do not concur with what is writen down. Its a very poor sales technique.
Screw the comany! they lie, Orange have a greatly cheap insurance and dont keep you waiting months without a phone. they deliver. You shouldnt be given the impression that you will get something when you wont. If i was selling cameras and told you it had a zoom, then when you took it home it didnt, and then you see the faded small print showing that it actually doesnt, how would you feel you were handled as a customer at the point of sale? You ever think about that?
Ok Dave, Insurance- the general idea is that you are covered in case of emergency in the cases that they state. Generally if you have home insurance and your roof caves in AND your covered for that your fine and after that you don't have to buy a new insurance policy. Generally the company makes a loss anyway if you buy 1 insurance policy and use it. If your from the company then your clearly a corporate w*** and really this space was just to tell your story and have a wee moan so don't bother arguing back at me.
Absoluteley... so for CPW the only way thats right is if the customer only stands to loose their money. PANTS really is it not? why would you, honestly as a customer want to submit to this bollox.
Dave ur a cunt. the company will make a loos? what about the customer? screw them right mate?
They wouldnt tell you, because absolutely no one there has a bloody clue mate! You'd think that it would be obvious that if you had previously insured your phone, that you may want your new one insured, they could have asked you.

When i worked there, oh joy, i saw so many cases where when peoples contracts ran out for the line rental, the one year contract... they wouldnt automatically stop the insure=ance on the phone. Most people keep paying for years, till they check their bank statments! Then when they contact lifeline, lifeline say its the cistomer's responsibility to request this and will not refund a thing. Well i ask you, customer service? surely if a customer is not using a phone anymore and has gone to another company for their business, why would they need to keep their unused phone insured? Thier business tactics truly dont have any staying power.
Wow there is a lot of love in here. Someone seems bitter that they didnt suceed in a company. Maybe its becuase you were shit at your job mate. The company should know when the customer stops using the phone??? Do they have the force?? Are they mind readers?? I find it funny that a customer can have something charged to them for years and not realise it. Surely thats stupid? No, actually, that is stupid. One thing you forgot to realise though. What ever replacement phone someone may have received, did you not find it funny that the claim was done in like 10 minutes? Ever tried mastercare? 4 weeks mate. Ever tried phones4u insurance? NO CHANCE of a replacement. Try the rest, then watch you return to the best!!
I rest my case!!
Ha ha ha, what a crock of shit, but hell, it made me laugh. So when a contract is up for renewal the customer automatically stops using the phone??? Interesting theory, only problem with that is....you are talking out of your arse. I know why you are angry at carphonewarehouse? And you know who I am!! Maybe I should enlighten everyone with your interesting story as to why you hate them so much. Hands up all who want to hear this tosser's interesting story???
To be continued....
hello, this sounds like the most rediculous argument, the person called "me" is as thick as his name.
Me..? do you work at the carphone warehouse? because you sound defensive. You have stated you know antichristsuperstar, and are willing to "disclose" why anti hates this company. i think antichrist has said why. Anti hates carphone because they are CRAP. and you my friend are stupid. I too would leave a company that was run by chimps like you. You have decided to take a stab at this person on a personal level rather then put up your side of the argument from the companies side of things.. Darling, this speaks a thousand and one words of you! No one and absolutely nobody, wants to hear you stupid lies.
lol! if you know me, you must have been one of thoes twats that are still working there a year and a half after i left! poor sod. So you'd rather take a dig at me then attempt to prove me wrong? looser.
loser is spelt 'l-o-s-e-r'
ex idiot
And you would know! twat.
Me, Myself and Irene!!
Looks like Anti bought his mother along to fight his battles. This forum is class. Hey, Mrs Anti, zip it before I break your hip....your replacement hip!!
charming! nice to know the typical mentality of your company! i am sure you've done them proud!
Do you have a point? or are you merely here to threaten people?
1. I can say what the fuck i want
2. you cannot stop me
3. your labotomy is obvious.
4. if you still work for the carphone cunt house, that is your only reason to be bitter.

So why dont you take you, yourself and irene back to your ass stinking, festering demoralisational life. Go on..
Ok, you obviously think you are scary. You must be looking in the mirror while typing, what a skill! I dare you, break me. You got nothin but air between your ears.
Say my name three times whilst looking in that mirror. Then i shall appear.
No. I dont want to look at your ugly mug. That is your problem not mine!
Hmmm I had a question? If you dont upgrade your phone with Carphone and do it somewhere else how will they know to cancel if you dont tell them?? The @bespoke software may be able to say a year is up but a large number of people dont upgrade... Also Surely the old handset is still covered while you are paying for your insurance...........
<name censored>
Right, thick as you are here it is.. to upgrade your phone with another network you first have to cancel your existing contract, or advise your company that you wish to switch and you request a PAC ( if you want to keep the same number). Tell you what, why dont you become a carphone customer, and enjoy the service? good luck.
Lets tell you about carphone warehouse and me! I'm an eployee of CPW, was proud and not anymore. I have my issues with CPW, so my thoughts are purely impartial!

Alot of the errors is down to the customer, wether it is lifeline, redemptions and customer care! If you drop your phone is a glass of juice, it's your problem. Every CPW employee with go through the basics of a contract, how much you pay etc...do you read the reverse of the contract?? 99% of customers don't, why? cos they can't be arsed, but did you know that it's the customers LEGAL responsibility to read the small print? What is given to be signed to a legal document between person A and person B, if you don't read wht is set out and you don't check what it is your signing then it is you who is at fault, don't sign what you don't understand!

INSURANCE: another legality here! again you are required by law to make sure that the information set out in front of you is correct and you AGREE to the terms and conditions (same as a normal contract) with insurance, you will receive your polivy through the post, again, your legal responsibility is to read it thoroughly! Just in case you didn't know, lifeline is NOT as 12 month contract, if you read your small print you will notice this! It's a 3 month deal....you want it, you pay, you don't want it, you cancel....what if you get a car and you insure it...what if you sell your car? how is the insurance company going to know if you don't have it? it's the same with phones, business company's can't mind read, they can't just do things with out you knowing! You may get a new house, i don't know that untill you tell me! get it??? it's called communication, and a lot of people don't use it to their benefit...if you over pay cos you couldn't be bothered to tell lifeline you don't have the phone, well sorry...you should of let them know!

REDEMPTIONS: only one thing to say on this...IT'S WRITTEN ON YOUR CONTRACT, don's sign what you don't understand.

CUSTOMER CARE: Any business put their customers first, but they can't just wave a magic stick and make the whole world a better place! Some people will be upset cos they can't have what they want, some people are greatfull at a result! CPW have to abide by a thing called the LAW and yes, customers complain saying that service is crap, well i'm sorry it's the people who you vote for in the general elaction that puyt the laws in place that make you upset, i suggest vote for someone else!

People here are being petty over the smallest of things, purely on the basis that they don't understand or they refuse to give up when proven wrong! All i can suggest is look at the bigger picture, see the situation from someone elses view and you will understand alot more! I'm an Assistant Manager of a CPW branch, and 90% of errors is down to the customer, the 10% in store can easily be rectified with out hastle. If you don;t like CPW why bother spending money with them, why sit and complain...go somewhere else! The biggest pay back and customer can do to a company is to shop else where, and to be honest listening to the crap in this forum, alot of you need to be really treated badly, i suggest shop at phones4u, you will see bad service in your face!

Customer service - should be there to assist the customer in understanding. Clearly this doesnt happen.

You are correct regarding the legality of the dicuments and yes once the customer has signed they are well and truly screwed. The point I wish to make is the sales techniques used by carphone warehouse are very poor. They will often give a customer poor advice to make a sale. Most people have busy lifestyles and cannot go through every document, and therefore rely on trusting the sales person or carphone employee. What you are saying is that this should be done. I agree. As what the customer is often told does not match the actual agreement. What are your thoughts on that?

If i were to look for insurance for my phone and was advised that I would be covered for x, y &z, I would think that i would be covered.

to summarise; dont take the advice form carphone warehouse's employees as the literature and spoken word dont match up.

This kind of makes the whole customer service and sales person's purpose pointless.

You have sayings in your company like "treat your customer as you yuourself would like to be treated" honour it.
Practice what you preach or shut the fuck up.

I dont believe in offering something worse, like phones4U(its like a threat, well blah blah is worse, 2 wrongs dont fix nothin!)is that what you tell your customers when they are unhappy? How about suggesting something better? Phones4U, carphone warehouse, its all bollox, i suggest you go straight to Vodaphone or Orange! Cut out the middle man crap.
Fair enough, every one does it and i'm not arguing...a customer trusts what the sales consultant and signes where required, and yes you are correct about the CPW rule, my store however does infact practice what they preach and i make sure this happens and we have alot of happy customers. Every store has their crap sales consultant's who don't care about the customer except for the money they make and that is the poor customer service...my point is that the people who don't listen and don;t read and in my time with CPW i deal with these people day in and day out and all the can quote is "sales of goods act" which has been adapted for them! I have no problem sorting issues where we are at fault but i can't bend over backwards when the customer is at fault!

Going to what you quote "to summarise; dont take the advice form carphone warehouse's employees as the literature and spoken word dont match up" You can say this for litterally every company that you buy from!!!! Do your homework!!!
I believe its is you who needs to catch up on your homework. You dont even speak proper English!

True what you say regarding difficult customers, they are everywhere. I was not talking about them. But you knew that already didnt you.

It is not up to the customer to do any work, they are paying! A customer doesnt have any right to talk down to a sales rep for no reason, dont get me wrong, but a customer DOES have every right to express their feelings for a bad sale, wrong advice on purchase etc etc, you catch my drift?

When you say " everyone does it" you sound like a twat. The POINT IS IT IS WRONG. Look up your 5 fundermental rules and see if the company actually honours it? If you are honest to yourself you will see its a pile of shit, motivational words without a chance for the agent to actually honour it even if they wanted to, as your company is set up to take advantage.
In fact your reply to my quote is not true. Most of the places i shop at are honourable. Your business is unprofessional, I mean look at some of your employees! Wouldnt want to come accross some of them on a dark night i tell you!
QWERTY, do everyone a favour, shut up and shop else where! CPW don't need people like you shoping with them!
Colm o Connor
Hi I used to work For the miserable shower of bastards ,the company is a shambles run by a fat pig in the uk his email address is dunstonec@cpwplc.co.uk mail him directly with all queries he's be only too happy to help, impartial my arse u get sold whatever has the most commission, the area managers are back stabbing Bastards you'd put judas to shame they'd do a judas for one piece of silver never mind 30, theres one paticular gentleman in the outfit by the name of dave turnbull who's a big fat pig !!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SHOWER OF ROBBING BASTARDS send your phone in for repair and its lucky enought to land in a repair centre on a monday morning its gonna be liqid damaged i promise ya that much!!! dont buy from them!
Liz Burke
I used to work for them too and let me tell you they are a proper shower or rip off merchants.They will not return a phone the is clearly faulty instead they will send it for repair where they use 2nd hand parts for old dodge handsets. And if your phone has come back from repair with the same fault 3 times, rather then give a new phone as we should they give the customer faulty previously returned phones and say there new. As for lifeline, we are forced to sell insurance to customers and its a shit policy,Claims are always rejected. It the biggest scam going! And if you buy any accrssories and return them they are made new, so there is a good chance your buying second hand products.NEVER EVER BUY FROM CPW. They will take every you money and the min you have a problem its FUCK YOU!!!
NOt only that, lifeline's repairs will claim your phone to have had water damage when the handset hasnt seen water ever!, and its their word against the customers.. SCREWED again.
Jim whelan
Im a big fat pie eating bastard and I think CPW are great!!
I like to terrorise the staff who work there to make me feel like a real man and not just the big fat common chav prick that I am. Despite the fact I cant write,spell,add even construct sentences Im the L&P manager! ??Thats the kind of stupid shower of cunts CPW are.
The like to save money but putting people like me,stupid uneducated wankers, in high positions so they dont have to pay a real people to do the job.
Peter Bengtsson
That's one of the funniest comments I've seen on this thread. Keep it up Jim!

I hope your uneducated ass was smart enough to use a phoney name :)
Dirty little bitch
I agree! you are probably the sanest person working there. At least you are AWARE of what you are!
haha fortunately he did, that must me charles dunstone!
Cup cake
I love MICKEY!!!
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Why was it called Ry? Isn't ry what farmers grow??? What a shit name. Mine's much better than anybodies on here, shit aint that the truth!
well i like your name Fock too!!!! sure beats ry..?!!! he was a twat and a half eh.
Good name too ass! Ry was indeed the capital T in twat. 'U fools' had me in stitches when he (or she) told Ry to eat his (her) arse produce. I havent stop sayin to people since, well, apart from when I say other things to them like hello etc.
Anyway, when I used to work at CPW it made me feel ill and I looked about 60!
nice! i used to work there too.. I am "U fools" just had to change the name as i wasnt talkin to one anymore! er not that you are an ass, just figure, why have a "nice" name eh? yes its just as bad for the emplyee as the customer in that hell hole. were u in store or at contact centre advising what i used to call customer cervix.
CPW are the biggest losers i have ever done business with. They never answer the phone, they have no clue whatsoever when it comes to telecomms. When finding this website i entered this into google.
CPW are fucking cunts
Nuff said!
we have now added a live chat room to this website.
join us.
yes its time for.. and its SHIT just like everything else cpw.
Re: ass, aka U fools.

I was in the dreaded store. God it used to piss me off. I felt sorry for the customers sometimes, but other times I just wanted to rip the their spines out. Eventually CPW ended my contract and gave me a months notice to fook off. Funny thing about it though, I got suspended in my last 2 weeks! HA HA!! What about you? Contact centre?
yep, i too felt sorry for the customer as i quickly learned that all these motivating phrases you are spoon fed on arrival is abunch of cunt fodder. The cust was reall a subject to abuse, and if you didnt you wouldnt get that bonus.

not to forget that unless you and your manager real;ly hang out loads and stuff, you also will not get your bonus, will not get a fair representation by your manager and will never progress in the company. customer cervix what cunts!
yep, i too felt sorry for the customer as i quickly learned that all these motivating phrases you are spoon fed on arrival is abunch of c*nt fodder. The cust was reall a subject to abuse, and if you didnt you wouldnt get that bonus.

not to forget that unless you and your manager real;ly hang out loads and stuff, you also will not get your bonus, will not get a fair representation by your manager and will never progress in the company. customer cervix what c*nts!
C*nts they are and cnts they will remain. Yes, I remember my 2 weeks CPW course at the support centre, pathetic, wet behind the ears little FOCKA I was!! Spoon fed like you say. Everyone on the course was so enthusiastic and waddaya know, a month after working at the bollockhole we were all as pissed off as each other!! As for hanging out with my manager, well, lets just say I would sooner decorate my anus with razor blades.
Why did my above message come up as anonymous???? Oh well, it was me anyway.
hahaha i knew it was you hehehehe you always k now its a REALLY BAD F*KIN SIGHN when the employees are as FCT up and pished off as the customers!!! C*nts!
after reading some of these messages,.....I dont suppose theres much chance of me getting my cheque back redemption. CPW didnt send me my 4th monthly bill as promised. and told a pile of lies on the phone about it being sent when it wasnt.

Cant wait to get out of contract with the bastards.
Read above ( much earl;ier posts for advice on redemptions ( also known as extortionion of yet more cash from the customer) good luck
send your 5th 1, they really don't mind.I sent my claim off a year late and they still honored it, and no I dont work there!
Andy S
I hate them also. After 50+ days I am still waiting for the PSP the offered me as the insentive to switch to t-mobile. Still - I am taking them to court and I am sure that will hurt them - even in cost for the people who will have to deal with it. I encourage you to visit this site and sue them - cost is only £30 and you claim that back when you win.

You're sure that will hurt them???
Financially?? Silly silly boy!!! I dont think so darling, for the cost of some sill ps2... OOOOhh please dont put us out of business....pleeeease! All of you should lighten up. I know what its like to get shit service.. for example Currys is the worst ever.. but at the end of the day, theres no need to get racsist (asylum seekers??) or aggresive is there... feel free to air your views, but do so at dunstonec@cpw.co.uk you may say you wont get a response.. but if all of you do it then maybe itll make a difference...
Good Luck!
Anon, what a pile of tripe, as for racist your company is in hating proper english speaking people, because they are too posh! That dustone address is crap and will never be read, far better to post up here where the potential victims, oh i'm sorry customers can see what they will get.. we all know why u employ these illegitimate people, they are cheaper and more scred as they have no idea of their rights in a work place.

Am i right or am i right? prick
How ridiculous?! 1st of all, Carphone Warehouse have 22% market share for a reason. I have worked in several customer service jobs, and never have I known such dedication to customers, such tight recruitment, and such in depth on-going training. I accept that the store staff are often interested in just making a sale, thats there job after all. But from a customer service point of view I am absolutley shocked to hear what has been said! The Carphone Warehouse is proffesional and honest, and very in touch with its customers. Look at our competitors, we got here for a reason. With regards to your insurance, I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you have had, unfortunatley these things happen, and I, for one, now all to well how people can find themselves in a bad situation and instantly place blame on the company/advisor. I can assure you we would of done all we can to help, and should anyone of been rude or unco-operative thats very unusual and will always be taken seriously. Unfortunately some customers arent content with an excellent manner and proffesional attitude, and will be completely unhappy unless you do exactly what you want them to do and bend the rules. We cant always change the rules, but we will always be supportive and show empathy. And as for the ex-employees, i assume its 'ex' for a reason, considering we are the '6th best employer', with a second-to-none salary bonus and benefits package. One more thing, we recentley one 'Retailer of the year', and as you will of noticed, we have been on BBC National News for our free broadband offer. Just a couple of things to think about.

Many thanks

Peter Bengtsson
"some customers arent content with an excellent manner and proffesional attitude"
thank you for that insult :)
I was not treated with 'excellent manner and proffesional attitude' at all and I very much doubt that those kind of attributes of CPW is why so many people come to this site to complain.

I don't believe you. You probably haven't had the time to read all the feedback on this site from ex-employees but I doubt that they all are EX-employees because they couldn't cope it. Considering how many people have come here to let off some steam it makes you think how many people are there with steam to let off had they all found this site.

You have the right to express your opinion but does it have to sound like a copy from the marketing propaganda brochures from head office?
Thanks for your reply. I understand your point of view, and I'm not here to argue. I merely want you to understand that this unfortunate situation could have happened with any company. Its very rare with CPW and I assure you that it would never go overlooked. Customer satisfaction is very important to CPW, after all its the customers who pay our wages! I am sorry you didn't receive an empathic and first-class level of service, and this is fault on CPWs part. What im trying to say is that it seems some customers find themselves in a difficult situation and instantly blame the company, no matter how polite and understanding they are, some customers hate being proved wrong and look for any possible way we are wrong. The Carphone Warehouse is an outsdandingly succesful company, one which I am proud to be a part of. Like i said, we lead the market for a reason, customers choose us.

Many thanks

If you WANT to be helped, we will help, if you WANT to understand, we will spend time ensuring you do. If you insist on hating the company, proving us wrong, refusing to understand, and basically not being happy unless we do exactly what it is what you want us to do, whether we can or not, and accusing our 'service' of being bad when we cant, then this is impossible to deal with. Customer service isnt about giving you everything you demand, its about providing support and understanding, and showing empathy, doing all you can for the customer.
as you said employee and i quote "I am sorry you didn't receive an empathic and first-class level of service, and this is fault on CPWs part." yes that is true, hence the customer's lack of satisfaction. interestingly, just before that you stated "Customer satisfaction is very important to CPW, after all its the customers who pay our wages!" well quite a contradiction! in my opinion you are right, the customer does pay your wages and the customer should be important! yet we receive a crap service and a crap apology. thanks, makes the "stupid"customer really want to stay!

you know some people do get what is agreed in a service agreement we do know the difference...

i'm sorry doesnt cut it, give me what we agreed or my money back, that is fair.
bungle from rainbow
cpw smells of shit. they eat shit, talk shit, look like shit, employ shit, sell shit, fuck shit and shit shit.
theyre shit
i hate shit
and i hate them
..........and i work there
fucking shit!
I think someone has finally put a lid on it. 3 cheers for bungle (from rainbow of course)....
i assume you work in a store bungle :-)
Bungle from Rainbow, I feel for you get out asap, it will take a while tho as they like to hold on to their prisoners... So until then they will attempt to make you Zippy, freedom of speech (or lack of!)
yep its all happning in here eh.. what apile o shyte
anal discharge
eat my anus
Guys - pull it together. If you're that unhappy, just hit them where it hurts - in their bank balance! Someone mentioned above that 1 in 5 mobiles is sold through CPW. 1 in 5?? If we used our power - and I do mean POWER - as consumers, and deliberately shopped elsewhere, we'd really make our point known.

Do you think ranting here is going to make any kind of difference? NO! But deliberately going to buy your phone from elsewhere - THAT'S going to make a difference!

I googled just now and found that Boots seem to sell mobile phones, and you get up to 42000 Boots points just for buying a mobile, which gives you £420 cash to spend in Boots! Now that's an offer I like!

And then I found Tesco phones as as well. Their top phone gives you 1000 clubcard points and 300 points every single month - brilliant!

There's plenty of competition out there, so let's choose as consumers to shop elsewhere and hit Carphone Warehouse where it hurts!
yes manch true, but what about the current remaining poor gits known as cpw customers, what for these guys? oh and forget all 3rd party retailers, just gop directly to the network shop like orange, or vodafone, forget 3! forget the link, fonesfuckyou and cpw.#

i do agree tho, noone should buy cpw's crap. they sell crap goods most of the time with trick literature that on presentation is mispresented. its nopt good sales practice guys.
Ex Empluyee
I was sacked by CPW in the middle of February for selling a guy 14 contracts.. unfortunately he turned out to be a fraudster, and I didn't take the correct ID. £4,199.86 worth of stock in one go! Haha. Now suing them for sacking me.. and I'm going to win! I love it! I have to say though having worked there, I wouldn't buy a phone from anyone else!
Well, good on you Ex Empluyee!
I too was, how do I put it...dismissed.
First I was given a months notice to leave because I hadn't met my targets (even though we were the most quiet store in the f*ckin area and I spent most of my time dealing with complaints that the other sales people has cocked up!), then in my last 2 weeks they decided to give me the boot for giving too much discount on Nokia 1100s. Loss prevention came in and grinded me down for an hour. They're like gestapos man! I know for a fact that there was alot worse things going on in that branch then discounting pathetic little Nokias for p1ssed off customers.
Anyway, I'm better off for it now.
Ex-empluyee, I am hardly supprised you were fired, and hardly supprised that depite your knowledge of CPW that you would still shop there! what a tit! i wonder what "skills" one needs to be employed by CPW..? or perhaps just a labotomy.
I recently looked into CPW/TalkTalk's free broadband for life and phone deal, opted to switch from BT and my broadband provider, was assured I'd receive written confirmation of direct debit details etc within a week allowing me to cancel during the cooling off period. Did I? Like hell! And try as you like to speak to a customer service person on the phone, impossible. You waste your time and money listening to crap music and fallacious claims that they are inundated with calls. When I called the Freephone sign up line (0800 049 1005), twice at an hours interval, I could hardly hear the person talking due to a party going on in the background. So I did the sensible thing, called my bank and cancelled the forthcoming direct debit agreement, called BT to let them know I wasn't switching and put a complaint in to Ofcom and breathed a sigh of relief that I hadn't been caught in the CPW web.
Charles Dunstone is lining his pockets using untrustworthy, immoral marketing strategies and empty promises.
Arachnia, you are one of the smart ones.
you know what, i work for cpw, if a cust comes in with a problem im more than happy to help them, but all i ask is something simple in return. a bit of respect. i am SICK of people coming in with their problems and faulty stuff and having a go at me for it. my persoanal rule is if a customer is the abusive to me i will flat out refuse to help them. i dont come to work every day to be a verbal punching bag beacuse your phone isnt working so your left arm is cut off and you might suffer a slight social downfall. at the end of the day, i didnt make your shitty pink v3, and its not my fault it went faulty. i'll tell you how it is, and how i will sort the problem for you. so heres some advise to people with problems with cpw, when you go in the shop with a problem, dont go in kicking and screaming and shouting and people and demanding to "see a manager" (oh and the oh so infamous line of "sale of good acts" bullshit, do you really think an international company will intentionaly breach all this trading standards stuff, you DO NOT know better, even though you think you do). dont come in threatening to cancel all your carphone stuff (talktalk etc) cause i really dont give a crap. keep calm, explain the problem and it will get sorted. if your and asshole, you will receive poor service in return. if you are a calm person, you will generally get good service in return, its not brain surgury.

nothing pisses me off more is when im accused of conning people, i come to work, i believe i do a very good job and be as honest as possible, i dont like to be conned and neither does the customer
cab manager
Sales of goods act = bullshit!
No it is the law of the land!
Any way in the case of mobile phones it will be goods and services act 1982 as amended - yes I do Know better I do this for a living
get over yourself! The guy obviously wasn't talking about people who 'do this for a living' you're the exception! He's talking about the sort of people that go in and claim that 'my screen is smashed, i declined your insurance and I want you to replace it!' That sort of thing! or 'I've had my phone for 6 months and it's broken down, I know I am entitled to a replacement under the sales of goods act, blah blah blah!' As you're "in the bussiness" you should be able to confirm that these are both good examples of where the customer is not always right!
that guy
i am working for cpw now, and i can see both sides...yes the sales, the small print, the lack of defintion of terms and conditions. and also the moaning customers, lack of respect..... it all boils down to this....noone made me or anyone else work here, and as for customers.....READ B4 YOU SIGN!!!!! im sick of people calling me saying but noone told them about the returns policy...did you ask? maybe a bit tough to do that, ok did you say" ill think about it and come back to you? i get calls all the time saying" your salesman called while i was at work, thats not fair, i was rushed into the deal" well...did the rep crawl down the phone and hold a gun to your head? NO!! you have the right to say no, i do it all the time. if i buy anything, and get stiffed later( and i have done with dial-a-phone)i learn from it, when i got my current contract, took a bit more time to look into what i was signing. you should all do the same. im not defending cpw, the same thing goes on all the time with loads of other places.
that guy again
ahh,was what i wrote so close to the truth you felt you had to remove it you sad people
Re: That guy again

They havent. Its there!
up yours cpw
i'm sad to say it has no come to leave cpw as i can no longer take this crap that cpw likes to dish out to its staff, they what us to sell every thing to the customer, insurance talktalk ect and if we dont we will be managed out of the company, so do we lie and con our customers to say yes to the services we offer to keep our jobs. i mean whats the bloody job satifaction in that, its more like an act of bullying!! you know what you bas*a!ds f"ck off, you make me feel so ill
finger in the air
yep i agree with UP YOURS, lets also start that union thats been talked about!!

Number one Mobile retailer = of course they are Mr. Dunstone pays lots of money to various politicians to make sure they are.

Cheque back Offers - You have up to 60 days for CPW to receive your bill to claim cheque back (i.e. normally 4th, 8th bill etc.) However you bill will first go to CPW in Wednesbury then be sent to Portugal to be processed. If you do not have proof of recorded delivery and your bill go missing in process you will receive nothing.

Sales reps - Sales reps are pushed to sell you everything phone, insurance, accessories, talk talk regardless of whether you want them or not and made not to talk no for an answer, (i.e. if customer says no find out why they said no then respond to their answer with reason why they should say yes. If sales rep does not push these on every sale they will be managed out of the company.

Customer services - They recently lost their contract with Vodafone to be a Vodafone service provider due to their poor customer services. Most of CPW customer services advisors not very articulate, lack common sense and due to their low wages really can't be bother to help customer. CPW has one of the highest turnovers of staff within their customer services departments, especially in their Acton call centre.

If you do have complaints feel free to email CEO on his real email address dunstonec@cpw.co.uk.

If your misfortunate enough to be one of their O2 contract customers. I would advised to check out O2 online as soon as contract ends WWW.O2.CO.UK much better deals free minutes and text and free phones.

Equal Opportunities - Not one black, Asian or non white person on their board of directors. (I noticed that and I am white)
very true, but there are so few white people getting anywhere from the lower levels, because the non white people who are managers are in fact... racist. its ugly but its there... racisim also does not come in colours. we are one race, the human race. but cw is not human.
C8 are you serious there is no racism towards white employees at CPW quite the opposite. Plus it is not a branch managers decision whether you can become a manager or not regardless of your or his colour. My point was there no non white people on board of directors at CPW.
Now now c8. We're all one race remember? Even notherners.
douglas quaid
CPW is shit for employees, the bulk of the shit jobs are done by non whites, cos white people want easy hours and lots of money and do fuck all, and the top jobs are occupied by either whites or gays or both. The top racist is called Emily Yates she hates all black people and works in credit control and wants all non whites killed or sent abroad. Call her on 0208 8546 0382 and join the british national party as she is their recruiting officer in acton cpw

There is no real prospects no matter what colour you are at cpw. The whole company is rigged and they are sending 02 customer services up north and Vodafone people are all looking for jobs.

As long as the directors get their money thats all that matters and fuck customers and the staff
finger in the air
lets get the union in at cpw that would really make the poo hit the fan (may i add dose not work as cpw dose not care if were backing to death in summer or frezzing in winter) cant phone up property to come and fix it as the area budget is too low!!! i mean....
read all the complants here,so bought a phone cpw with no contract,just 02 pay as u go should be ok.The young man that served said there are none in stock but they will deliver one to me the next day sat.Saturday came & whent no phone whent to the shop to get my money back I told that I can not have my money back untill I recieve the phone which they say I will get monday still waiting.I have phoned the up to speak to Mr Guy Young who sold me the phone to be told he does not work there just a fill in also there was no manager to speak to.It would have faster to have gone to Links & bought one off them.
Carphone Warehouse has an odd name for a company that doesn’t sell car phones and isn’t a warehouse. It is Europe’s biggest mobile phone retailer whose founder Charles Dunestone is on a mission to become the telecoms alternative to BT.

Today Dunstone took the challenge direct to the heart of BT by announcing free broadband access forever for customers of his Talk Talk service. It is a move that will undoubtedly change the landscape for all other broadband providers such as NTL and AOL.

Dunstone is the minnow in the pack but few will bet against his succeeding given the way he has built the company from scratch into a £2 billion business with 1,400 stores in 10 countries.

Not bad for a 42 year old who gave up the opportunity of going to Liverpool University in favour of going to work, first at a computer computer in Cambridge and then for NEC, the Japanese telecoms giant where he spotted the opportunity for selling mobile telephones.

He started by selling them by advertising in magazines and then he opened his first shop. The network grew rapidly as he hired people from Tesco and Waitrose to introduce a new type of marketing techniques for mobile phones.

As BT has been gradually forced to loosen its hold on telephone landlines, Dunstone was quick off the mark to step in with his Talk Talk service. The free broadband service is the latest stage in this strategy. It is aimed directly at home computer users which are predicted to grow to around 20 million inBritain within the next few years.

Dunstone is not the typical entrepreneur and outside of business keeps a low profile. Few will argue that his ‘nice guy’ reputation is not justified. He enjoys public speaking, is closely involved in the work of The Prince’s Trust and is yachting mad.
Is this the same bloke that's ripping us all off by the thousnds of £s.That's how he got rich & were still poor.
Response to Douglas quaid, Fiona Dyte the most racist person in CPW and she managed to become one of the top Managers in HR even though she one of the laziests low iq excuses for an human being there is. CPW hates all non-whites and only employs them because of equal opportunity quotas. People like Fiona Dyte will make sure you non-whites stay in your shit jobs or leave.
Dunstone-only kidding
Er what?? have you ever stood outside Acton and seen the staff coming and going? CPW is not racist at all!
Just a note everyone, look at the BIG picture, cpw serve millions of customers a year and like any business they are bound to make the odd mistake! Take Lifeline insurance for one, they OFFICIALLY approve over 94% of claims. In the declined 6%, 5% are probably dodgy claims like the charming Rebbecca above who has addmitted to deliberatley leaving her phone in juice for hours, and then trying to do 2 claims on a 1 claim policy! (You have nothing to complain about, you're just lucky that cpw are not going back over thier records after reading this, which they will! and working out who you are and doing you for insurance FRAUD!!)
Sadly 1% may be unfortunate genuine people who due to circumstance may not get a replacemnt. 1%!!

Cheuque backs are another thing - the majority of people will get their cheuque backs. simple, send the right bills to the right address you get your cheuqe back! As for the question about why do you have to send in your bills? think about it logically, cpw is a bussiness, not a charity - they need to know that you have paid your network before they start dolling out cash to you, if you don't pay the network they don't pay cpw!

For the ex-employees who are being negitive on this post, I'm not being bitchy but I'm guessing you may have left or more likely been asked to leave due to your attitude and lack of knowledge of the bussiness!

One thing everyone should remember about cpw is that they have recieved numerous awards for being BEST AT CUSTOMER SERVICE in the WHOLE OF RETAIL, not just mobile phones!!!
There is a reason for this!!

I have every sympathy for any customer who feels that they have been ripped off, however you need to remember that you are the minority, there is no point getting on your high horse, if you have genuinly been done wrong then check policies, get your info right and approach them again, most of the time you will get a positive response. If you don't there is a fair chance that whatever you are requesting you are not entitled to, cpw are governed by FSA, OFFCOM etc! They won't risk getting into hot water if they can help it.

Lastly I'd just like to say that although I of course cannot vouch for every employee at cpw MOST are perfectly reasonable, knowledgable people who would prefer to help rather than hinder you, they would have too much to lose if they didn't, if most consultants/mamagers went round deliberatley annoying customers then they would be broke. The job is based on commission. They're not stupid and they know that you will not return to the store and buy from them again if you have left unhappy!

The biggest piece of advise I can give to anyone who has a problem with any company is to go in and be nice and disscuss resolving your problem. the person dealing with you is more likely to go 'that extra mile' to help you if you realise that cheuque back's, Lifeline, Talktalk etc isn't the fault of the person stood in front of you!

Insulting the sales staff and being hot headed will get you NOWHERE! I imagine that some people who have contributed to this site should take this advise on board!

I'm sure you've guessed it anyway but I work for cpw and have to put up with peiple blaming me for alsorts of things that are not my fault, it's my job I understand that and am always happy to help, but I can assure you that I am more likely to go out of my way for a customer who is nice to me and understands that I am just a represetitive of the company and not the person directly responsible.
I just thought I would give my 2 pence worth on the Carphone Warehouse. For the 12 months of my contract I have had no problems with customer care - had to contact them a couple of times with small issues, but all sorted really well.

My problems came when I wanted to leave. When I called up for the PAC code to take my business elsewhere the guy on the phone was very rude indeed. Firstly he said if I stayed he would give me a second handset for free, which I spend 5 minutes convincing him I didn't want. He then asked me what the deal was that I was moving to (O2s online 500 - 150 texts 1000 minutes for £35) as he may be able to offer a better deal - he offered me 150 texts and 600 for the same £35 and tried to convince me that this was better than o2s offer! Crazy!

Secondly the matter of insurance - my policy started 20/07/05 so on the 20/07/06 I called up - by the way i called up just in case (I too had assumed it would end along with the phone contract) Anyway I called up, but they said as payment was alreay taken on 01/07/06 I would be covered already until October! I can see why people might respond to this if I hadn't tried to cancel before a year of my start date but I did and still may have lost £27.50! I have asked for arefund of this amount as it's senseless for me to be insdured on something I soon will not own! I'll try to post bak to let you know if I was sucessful or not.

To sum up - Carphone were fine as long as the business was making them money - try to deviate from this by making ammendments like ending the contract and everything turns very different!!!

It doesn't matter what phone company you ring they will always try to persuade you to stay, that's just part of the bussiness.

In terms of your insurance, cpw have NO right to cancel your policy on your behalf - Insurance of any type must be cancelled by the customer themselves. That is a regulation of the FSA, and besides, just because the contract on your sim card is finished doesn't mean that you have stopped using your phone! cpw would not have a clue about that wether you still wanted the actual handest covered or not.

Another observation is that you say that your insurance was taken 1/07/06. Therefore you should be aware that your insurance will have been taken on the 1st of every 3rd month for the past year, why would you expect this month to be any different when your phone was still in contract and you hadn't let them know?

To me it seems like you have recieved good service for cpw, and that your only reasonable complaint is that you had to talk to a salesman for 5 minutes before you ended the contract? I would expect a company to retain my custom otherwise I would not feel like a valued customer.

For your information Lifeline are usually very good about refunding any policies which are/were not required. They are not obliged to do this though.

One final point - I hope you don't, but if you do get a problem over the next year I think you may think back and appreciate the service you have recieved for cpw. Although you get more mins/texts from O2 Online the customer service in almost non existent, you cannot contact them by phone or in O2 shops, you need to rely on the internet, after you have sent numerous emails without response I think you may change your tune. I have seen this happen many times over the years I have been in the industry.

I genuinley hope you don't have any problems though!
Firstly, I would like to comment Anon that I am now not surprised that people on this forum have resorted to such language when you defend the company based on things you imagine you have read.

I DID NOT say I took my policy on the 1/07/06 that is just when the decided they would take money - I opened the policy on 20/07 and called to cancel before this date and STILL told I couldn't canel the next 3 months cover!


I regards to your other comments.

A)I have changed contract supplyer every year for the past 6 years and have NEVER experienced this pressure selling!

B)I never said that CPW should cancel my insurance contract - they SHOULD however i) MAKE SURE people are aware of the rolling nature of the contract - please do not mention that I should have read terms as I was not given any - I took this as a verbal contract and NEVER told of this. ii) Of course CPW have a right to advertise and sell products as they wish, HOWEVER do you know of any other company that insures for more than a year? (except some long term life insurance policies) You surely must be able to acknowledge that unless people are told of the rolling nature of the contract they just maybe assume different?

C) Again your reading needs improvement - I was on the Phone to the rep fpr over 30 minutes when I tried to cancel. I shouild have noted this before - The 5 minutes was purely the first part of his rabble before I barely got a word in - also to add here - I had to ask a total of 9 times for my PAC before I actually got acknowledgement that I wanted to leave! DISGUSTING!

D) My previous experience with O2 has been superb - I don't know where you get the information re not being able to call them up? I always phone their customer services line and only use their online services for small issues. Incidently, calls to them were also answered notabley quicker both in previous contracts with them and so far in this one than they ever were with CPW... I have also been in to shops for assistance and found them more useful that CPW shops. The o2 assistants attempt to answer your call whereas CPW staff from my experiance tell me to phone up the call centre as they cannot help.

I do hope that If you choose to respond to this post, you respond based on the FACTS written rather than what you think you have seen.
Kenadade Camelshit
That is fucking disgraceful!!

The 2 things you have accused me of there are rubbish. In terms of the 'taking' of your insurance on the 01/07/06 I was refering to your most recent DD being taken. Apologies if that was not clear enough!

And in terms of O2, I was commenting specifically regarding O2 online who prefer and in many cases insist in communication being done purely online. I give you that information from personal experience of trying to reach them myself!

Oh and in terms of your question to me on 'rolling' insurance - alot insurances of this nature are like this. I have a laptop insurance like this that I have had for 3 years and have had one or two other's like this in the past.

Also you did state that you 'assumed' that your insurance would end with your phone contract that is why I gave you the information about cpw not being able to end it.

Sorry I seem to have got your back up!

After all I wished you luck with your new agreement, i thought that would make it clear that I wasn't trying to be malicious!

By the way I'm sorry if you feel my reading skills are not up to your standard. They served me well until now of course.

By the way not everybody in this forum has to be so catty! Or is that my IMAGINATION!! After all you have concluded that I have a vivid one!
Anon, Can I clarify then, I should have cancelled the policy before I wanted it to end, just so I wouldn't commit to a further three months - thats just rediculous. What if I needed my insurance while in the last 3 weeks of my contract? They cannot count a year as 20/07/05 to 01/07/06. In my diary thats not enough days!

Also for anyone who thinks of monving to O2 Online - Anon is not telling the truth, you can phone them up as you would if the contract was via a store. I have never been told they insist (or even prefer for that matter ) on online use. I even signed up to the "online" contract over the phone!

Can I ask anon why they take it unto themselves to defend the company to so many people - especailly when many of the comments, including mine were purely to inform others so they can then go on to make their own decisions?

Are you an employee, at what level, and is answering this forum part of your job?
Just thought I'd let everyone know, I have a note in writing on some of my Carphone paperwork re insurance. The note was written by a shop assistant when I started my contract. It says:

"Lifeline - need to write in to cancel if cancelling before a year"

Now I'll admit that this doesn't say how to cancel after a year but it does suggest that they do go by years along with your contract. Also when I cancelled after a year I just rang up!

Also Lauren - I don't know why but I had no issues with getting by DD back - seems you are having a hard time good luck with that!

Finally, I was also an unhappy customer of CPW. I think forums like this are so important for people, I only wish I'd found it before I went with CPW. I am now back with Voda - they're much better!
I have no intention of giving you any details of my job Lauren except for to say that you know I work for the company as I have already stated and of course I am not paid to write in these forums. The reason I did
feel like writting innitially was because this forum has generalised people that work in cpw like myself and aspects of the bussiness.

As much as it is fair for people to share their experiences and to give information so that people can decide wether to use a company or not, it is also fair that people are aware that not all experiences are like this. There are comments on this site saying things like all people that work for cpw are 'lying bastards' or 'con artists' etc! This I find offensive, I have every right to voice my oppinions too.
I do my job well and will ALWAYS do right by my customer even if I lose out myself. I know almost nobody in the company who would give service like the experiences above. Of course they do exist I am not saying that they don't but they are a minority.

I'm not going to give anymore information on this site regarding policies etc after this but I will answer you question on Lifeline, you could have cancelled your policy before the year ended as you are covered 3 months in advance. As I did say before when I was trying to help you I'm sure Lifeline will give you a refund on the policy for time it was not required.

Lastly please do not call me a liar, you have clearly stated in your last post that it is okay to give a comment to inform others so that they can make their own decisions. This is exactly what I have doine regarding O2 online. I have had a contract with them myself and that was the experience I had.

If my experiences were unusual I can except that but they were my genuine experiences and not lies!
Well i work in repairs, well did until a month ago before joining the police force. I have to say this about CPW. If they are 6th best company in the UK i definitely wouldn't fancy working for the 7th. SHITE SHITE SHITE.. Run by twat faced managers who couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery. Just glad im outta there and earning more for less hours.
carphone warehouse took over tele2 to whom supplied our phone calls,Bt supplied line rental.Well the story goes on they said free broadband no charged us £85 plus this month why?no reply from 2 letters 1 email numerous pone calls, disrepectful people to speak to also. We cancelled D>Debit awaiting another large bill of them someone must be able to help us in this plight.eve
Vomit chicken
Re: Plod.

The red face fat twat managers, used to come aaround the stores pretending they actually gave a shite about their employees. Make me laugh.
If the Devil is 6 then God is 7.
John Thacker
CPW Temps beware
As a previous temp, I feel I have to warn future temps,who hope that they have future chance of full-time work with CPW they may be wasting their time. OK so you're working..don't complain I hear you say.Great if you want to be on 5 quid an hour for 12 months plus, but don't build your future on a promise of full-time job that may never materialise, or find yourself out of work at a drop of a hat. That is the nature of agency work as we know, but don't turn down a chance of a better job in the hope CPW will take you on.Also they tend to employ a lot of young Polish immigrants,plus others from ex-Soviet states , I'm not prejudiced against foreign workers but when they hardly speak a word of English ,using a translator when training for jobs and huddle in their own groups it doesn't create harmony within.
I got out and got a more fulfilling and better paid job and am very glad that I did.
up ur arse antony cattison
i am an employee af cpw and i am certainly not hooked on cocaine, the majority are yes probably... i cannot stand the company i work for and have been seeking other employment since my 2nd week... the service u receive is shocking and the way they treat there staff is even worse... i thank u anthony cattison...
John Thacker
Good luck in finding a new job. It is bad enough being searched four times a day (I know it is because of past thefts) but the security seem to have a chip on their shoulder, the back-stabbing and two-faced management is something you don't need when you are on piss-poor wages which is why it is full of asylum-seekers who have just arrived in the country. Hard work and
aptitude counts for nothing at CPW. Just
arse-licking the gaffers gets you up the ladder. If that's not your cup of tea then you will be on same level forever unless you get sacked for having a personality.
Cpw staff
Ok listen up, stop whingeing the fuckin lot of ya! SOMEONE wrote earlier: "Read what you sign!" if you think your being mugged off. get things in writing and signed by the sales rep. If he is selling correct then he will hapily sign/counter sign, initial, put his fuckin name to anything cus he knows its the truth and he is not muggin you off. dont be swayed by some dodgy sales reps. there a alot of decent reps within cpw. pop down and see me in southampton and i will hook you up a treat. after sales is my speciality. ;)

re: the insurance thing, its unfortunate we didnt have your fone in stock. BUT THATS LIFE. there are no guarantees. LIVE LIFE ON THE EDGE!
thankyou! im also an employee at carphone. these customers think they have shit.....try being us...we have to deal with people giving us shit and be nice to them! i dont rip people off and AlWAYS let them know exactly what theyre signing!!! x
Wow! there's not a lot of respect on this forum. you can tell the type of people who want to complain by the posts. obviously the terribly rude ones who are never gonna get anywhere with any customer service cos there so damn horrible when they come in to store. whats the bet that all the people with compaints have got similar posts on argos, comet, boots, vodafone and dfs forums?? haha, if ur all such savvy consumers then why don't u read your t& c's, your policy documents and your instruction manual? ciao, I'm looking forward to work in m cpw store tomorrow xxx
Here is a letter I have just sent to CPWH and OSPS - hopefully this will discourage all from joining them


I just wanted to write to you to congratulate you on possibly the worst sales and customer services out of any company I have ever dealt with.

I originally signed up for a deal including a cash back/redemption offer in Jan 2006. Whilst at the time I was weary of the cash back offer I thought the risk to be worth a try. The sales rep all too easily pointed out the main points except the ones regarding the cheque back vouchers. No obvious information was given during the paper work sent subsequent to the sale. No vouchers either. I had no real reason to be worried. YET!

The fourth bill came and I looked through my paperwork for the necessary information to send off my redemption voucher. I couldn’t find anything, so I used the Online Billing at www.carphonewarehouse.co.uk to locate some information. I found what I though to be the correct vouchers and address and proceeded to send off the information required for the refund.

June 20: Got confirmation of the receipt of this voucher via SMS, thus I had no reason to think there would be any problem with the claim.

Aug 03: I emailed to try and find out where my vouchers were and if there was any problem. No reply within 72 hours as the target stated. I am emailed several time up until Aug 13th where I decided to do what I perceived would be a quick end to the speculation.

• Called CPWH.. got number for OSPS… Got through to some guy who I explained my issue to and then the line went dead… very convenient I thought.
• Spoke to cancellations where a guy said he was going to speak to the redemptions department but then transferred me without notice to a random department forcing me to go through the process again.
• Spoke to cancellation AGAIN.. a girl this time who said she couldn’t transfer me to OSPH but had to give me a number…. gave me a number for OSPH.. --- guess what – wrong number…
• Called again and spoke to a girl who transferred me to OSPH (so it can be done?) took me about 30 minutes to get through again. Once through spoke to another girl who advised me that basically: because I didn’t send in the correct vouchers to the correct address I would get nothing… even though I had had a text on the 20th of June telling me that it was being processed. She told me there was absolutely nothing I could do but complain.
• I called CPWH cancellations again to cancel.. Rep transferred to a man who advised me of the options to cancel. I told him I wished to make a high level complaint. He then called OSPS and sorted out a credit of £58 for the redemption offer. I then asked how I would get the vouchers to make the next claim. By this time you can understand how bad my blood pressure is getting. I looked on the OSPS website which said if you don’t tell them within 14 days of purchase then they wouldn’t send you the vouchers. At this point I was on hold for the god knows what time today and decided to hang up as I was number 21 in the queue and that meant waiting approx 30 minutes.
• I called cancellations again and requested to be put on the lowest possible tariff and that’s where I left it.

What does all this equal?

I am extremely disappointed with CPWH and OSPS. They are the two worst.. most utterly misleading companies I have ever dealt with and having worked for NTL and BT in my time I have a good understanding of customer service and selling in a fair way.

I will post this letter on as many forums as I can find and dissuade as many people from joining your cheap phoney offers as possible.

This letter will also be sent to OFCOM and WATCHDOG to no doubt join to ever increasing pile relating to the scams you currently run.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Ward

High Level Complaints 14 Aston St
The Car Phone Warehouse Leeds
1 Portal Way West Yorks
London LS132BJ
W3 6RS 07734858176

13th August 2006

Ref: 07885563874


I just wanted to write to you to congratulate you on possibly the worst sales and customer services out of any company I have ever dealt with.

I originally signed up for a deal including a cash back/redemption offer in Jan 2006. Whilst at the time I was weary of the cash back offer I thought the risk to be worth a try. The sales rep all too easily pointed out the main points except the ones regarding the cheque back vouchers. No obvious information was given during the paper work sent subsequent to the sale. No vouchers either. I had no real reason to be worried. YET!

The fourth bill came and I looked through my paperwork for the necessary information to send off my redemption voucher. I couldn’t find anything, so I used the Online Billing at www.carphonewarehouse.co.uk to locate some information. I found what I though to be the correct vouchers and address and proceeded to send off the information required for the refund.

June 20: Got confirmation of the receipt of this voucher via SMS, thus I had no reason to think there would be any problem with the claim.

Aug 03: I emailed to try and find out where my vouchers were and if there was any problem. No reply within 72 hours as the target stated. I am emailed several time up until Aug 13th where I decided to do what I perceived would be a quick end to the speculation.

• Called CPWH.. got number for OSPS… Got through to some guy who I explained my issue to and then the line went dead… very convenient I thought.
• Spoke to cancellations where a guy said he was going to speak to the redemptions department but then transferred me without notice to a random department forcing me to go through the process again.
• Spoke to cancellation AGAIN.. a girl this time who said she couldn’t transfer me to OSPH but had to give me a number…. gave me a number for OSPH.. --- guess what – wrong number…
• Called again and spoke to a girl who transferred me to OSPH (so it can be done?) took me about 30 minutes to get through again. Once through spoke to another girl who advised me that basically: because I didn’t send in the correct vouchers to the correct address I would get nothing… even though I had had a text on the 20th of June telling me that it was being processed. She told me there was absolutely nothing I could do but complain.
• I called CPWH cancellations again to cancel.. Rep transferred to a man who advised me of the options to cancel. I told him I wished to make a high level complaint. He then called OSPS and sorted out a credit of £58 for the redemption offer. I then asked how I would get the vouchers to make the next claim. By this time you can understand how bad my blood pressure is getting. I looked on the OSPS website which said if you don’t tell them within 14 days of purchase then they wouldn’t send you the vouchers. At this point I was on hold for the god knows what time today and decided to hang up as I was number 21 in the queue and that meant waiting approx 30 minutes.
• I called cancellations again and requested to be put on the lowest possible tariff and that’s where I left it.

What does all this equal?

I am extremely disappointed with CPWH and OSPS. They are the two worst.. most utterly misleading companies I have ever dealt with and having worked for NTL and BT in my time I have a good understanding of customer service and selling in a fair way.

I will post this letter on as many forums as I can find and dissuade as many people from joining your cheap phoney offers as possible.

This letter will also be sent to OFCOM and WATCHDOG to no doubt join to ever increasing pile relating to the scams you currently run.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Ward
ha ha
Nice to see you felt the need to post the letter twice! By the way NTL and BT are re-nound for bad customer services!

Oh Well! Stones and glass houses ringing any bells?
Dunstone-only kidding
Frankly it hacks me off when people complain about OSPS and e2save, 2 shit internet companies CPW bought to get a toehold on the web. Dont buy a phone from a shit sub company to save yourself a couple of quid and then go running to CPW to moan when you could have saved yourself all the trouble in the first place by going to a high street branch of CPW. There's a reason OSPS is cheap, its because there is fuck all budget for customer care. Wise up and fuck off.
i craponu
Re ha ha - you twat!

BT and NTL are not what is being discussed here.

If cpw are so hot why are you still stealing BT customers and using BT lines?

theiving gippos! your service sucks, that is the truth and you know it. become a customer, if you dont believe me.
ha ha
whatever! Have you ever heard of local loop unbundling?? cpw don't use BT lines! Oh and I am a customer! have been for 3 years......If people are slagging off cpw why shouldn't they be compared to similar companies, maybe your just afraid that people will realise that most comapnies have similar issues and that it's not just in cpw!
OK -CPW ahs alot of faults - I can't find the number for e2save and I work for the parent company plus alot of Broad Band issues but lets remember BT have been on watchdod more often than all of us have had hot dinners and CPW are trying to break a monopoly and supply free broad band - not that bad really!
Its all a waste of energy.
First impressions count.. I pity the people that have to work for them.. Most companies have moments of bad customer service, but CPWH have take the piss. I pity you Gem, as your loyality will probably turn to shit.
fair enough but its not just loyalty, its my point of veiw. if u can find better insurance take it, be my guest.
ha ha
John Thacker and in-particular XXX you are very small minded people. Stop basing your whole view of cpw on your own small experiences. Most of cpw's employees are english however they are very keen on equal opportunities! Oh and as for customer services, cpw only have uk call centres except for 1 in a fully english speaking town in South Africa.
You guys are being racist!!
haha you so dont get the point i am making do you. iTS NOT A RACIST COMMENT AND YES EQUAL OPPortunities is a great thing. however the relavent qualifications for a job ( so that it gets done) was my point.
ha ha
oh yeah and if you did move to another country yourself wouldn't you like to be employed!
C Ruchar
It has to be said though, Carphone warehouse and Talk Talk are a group of incompetant idiots, I mean where do they get these people from? It must be some kind of weird joke. Either that or the education system in this country really is as bad as everyone thinks it is.

As for getting a product or package that actually works for more than a couple of months, you might aswell use a couple of paper cups with a bit of string tied in between them than use anything you get from this set of hapless tossers!

Oh, and Charles Dunstone himself is indeed a fat liar- have you seen the misson statements on the CPW website? What a laugh!
bye bye
Well im one of the latest rodents to be leaving the sinking ship at Wednesbury repairs.. Over the last few years i have had to put up with harassment, backstabbing and discrimination in return for earning a pittance for longer than average hours.
after sitting and reading comments from a bunch of complete whinging muppets, the only thing that beconmes evident to me are that many of you are completely imcompetent and have no understanding of "terms and conditions" and do not even have enough sense so as to properly read through a contract before you sign for a 12 MONTH AGREEMENT. That is a years minimum commitment and i find it hard to believe that some people here are so disorganised and lazy that they cant be bothered to find out what they are actually signing up for. This is YOUR contract, YOUR decision, YOUR responsiblity. Yes, it is down to the sales consultant to make sure you have an understanding of what you are agreeing to, which is part of our job to do, but it is your job to LISTEN, READ and REMEMBER. For example, lifeline insurance, for the person who lost their handest abroad-had you read through your policy booklet you would have known this beforehand. Again with regards to lifeline, for all those that are complaining about their policies not beiong automatically cancelled, again this is down to YOU to arrange, how do WE know you no longer use the handset? im sure it would be a completely different story if we did cancel it after the year and you still used the handset-what then if u needed to claim? different cuttle of fish isnt it.

basically what i am trying to say is that i am sick of dealing with other peoples stupidity as a result of them being too lazy and incompetent to find out and read up on binding contracts they have decided to taken. We are not your mummy, we are not your daddy, we are not here to wipe your backside for you when u realise you have made a fuck up or have not understood somethng and realsied too late.

of course as a company we are obliged to help those in need of it, its part of our job to do this...but atleast if you are wrong admit that you are wrong, and believe me you will notice the different level of respect and help you recieve if you are plesant and not obnoxious and rude.

And as for the amount of "whites" or "non whites" working for the company, to be honest i didnt want to comment on it as i think it it utter racsim and that is it. Cpw does not recruit on a colour basis , it just so happens that some employees are white , some arent. so what? everyone goes through the same training process, and yes maybe some are more competent that otehrs, but does this not happen in jobs all over the country? or do you think cpw are the only employer to recruit coloured people? Or was it just another rant you threw inwith your tantrum when ypu chucked the toys out of the pram after realising you were WRONG?????
thankyou. its always the case isnt it? stupid lazy people who want something for nothing.
i had a guy the other day made me send a nok1100 off for repair...apart from being a tight git and not buying a new one for next to nothing, he wanted his warranty to start again from when the repair came back! he told me it was a load of 'bollocks'. he was arrogant and rude towards me.
as for the blatent racism, my god give it a rest! who cares, infact why are all the people on this site moaning? u lot obv dont wanna work for carphone so why you bothered bout who does?

i agree with jen....put ure toys back in ya pram and fuck off to phones for you they wrote the book on ripping people off!
cpw rules
gem and jen are both right all off you lot are just bitching becaus you lot didnt get your own ways, further more you lot are the dumb idiots who sign up to the contracts we do not force you to we are just doing our jobs like most of you do. Further more if i had any customers like you come into my store we would just laugh at you cos you are all pathetic and i take great pleasure of taking your hard earned money off you lot. You call us idiots, ur the mugs that keep on coming back.
god you are stupid. i guess that makes you qualified. anyway, the reason people are here moaning about your stupid company is due to your company shafting customers. you are naive, and do not see what customers who so ofeten receive a bad service, dodgy goods etc go through. when someone signes a 12 month deal, yes they make an agreement, and you know what else? so does cpw. the thing is while the customer is billed via direct debit, they are not always getting what was agreed to them.
as for f**ing of to phones for you, once again, what a pleasant and comforting attitude you have! were you taught this in cpw camp? you truly hate your customers. if phones for you wrote the book on ripping people off, why is that book cpw's f**king bible? money.
I like the fact there are other people with huge frustrations with CPW, I may indeed be sad, but it just makes me feel better venting my anger somewhere where people understand... Whilst also getting charged over 30 quid a month for a phone I never had!!

I recently purchased a phone from Carphone Warehouse REF NO $%^&* on 15th July 2006. I was unable to register the phone for 2/3 days after purchase and visited the Street branch where your staff confiscated the phone stating that Orange had notified them to do this as I have failed my second credit check... this is fine, however the manner I was dealt with was not. I was then told my contract was cancelled etc and i had no further obligation. One week later I receieved a letter from The Carphone Warehouse welcoming me and my Lifeline letter plus a DD agreement from Orange and a bill, I went back to the same shop to another unfriendly Carphone Warehouse representative who told me she would personally cancel the phone etc and that no charges would be deducted from my Account, I asked for confirmation as had to remind her further that due to other commitments those funds would not be available on those dates. Again, unhelpful the lady muttered it would be okay and that I didn't need to do anything further. Last week I receieved a call from HSBC warning me that 2 DD's would be deducted from my account the following day from Orange and yourselves and that there were insufficient funds, I advised my bank that I had been promised no monies would leave my account as I had never even made one call from the phone and had only had it 2 days until it was taken from me! The money was deducted and I have now incurred bank fees that will be charged at the end of the month. The service that I have receieved from the Carphone Warehouse has been the worst i have experienced, I spent 10 minutes on the phone to your call centre on the 7th August cancelling the Lifeline Insurance that was supposedly already taken care of and a young man was heard shouting "vagina" in the background and giggling. This was not the advisors fault but it was totally unprofessional.

I understand the Lifeline policy that it is something that nobody needs but it is a freebie and you include it in hope that people will forget to cancel the service, all of which I undrestood, however i was told it already had been done.

I was with Orange for 6 years prior to this contract and never experienced and problems with them directly. The whole situation has been a complete hassle, the phone number that I was given was a new contact number for me as i have been residing in Spain so when this number was taken from me, i had to noitify all agencies I have currently contacted regarding houses and jobs. I have no hesitation in citing where the blamew lies.
Please advise me of how many people and how much more expense I need to incur to make sure that this phone and contract that has never been used is now cancelled and make sure that I receive my money back.

I understand I need to speak to the store as they have "forgotten" to update the system and note that I have returned the phone, but this is completely inconvenient to me as I work and I am unable to at the weekend due to various commitments.
cpw shafts me
Bloody hell you think you customers have it bad, i no longer can stand this place of work any longer , nor can i belive it's voted 6th top place to work!!! What are we to work for them some kinda freaks that like to raped and abused to the point of slitting our wrists, MAN GIVE ME THE STRENGHT TO LEAVE
i'd sell my ass rather then working in that place again x
CPW do seem to have a huge turn over of staff. Some ppl have the nerve to call me racist when in repairs only 10% of the workforce are British whites. They took on dozens of newly arrived Poles to repair your phones and they spend their lunch hours huddled together in the corner of the canteen speaking Polish. Each lunchtime I thought I was in a different country ,so if you wonder why your phone is taking so long to be repaired it is because the staff are too busy looking at porn on the phones that customers forgot to delete, or reading customers' personal text messages ,or watching customer's private videos/ photographs which if they are any good will be downloaded onto their PCs for future enjoyment.
Customers , remember to delete all personal data before handing it in, the staff may actually get some work done if they have nothing to perv at.
I did try
I know this site is mainly to do with mobile services, but I thought I better share my experience of TalkTalk.

Over 4 months ago I signed up for the top talk talk package and 8 meg broadband. After submitteing the order I was given an order number and in an email, told that I would recieve a welcome pack within a week, the phoneline would switch over within 3 weeks and due to high demand (which is fair enough) there would be slight delay with the broadband but was told would have it by end of june.

What actually happened was:

Waited 2 weeks for welcome pack - none came - rang up - they had NO record of my order number (even though they sent it to me in an email which I still have!) said that there was no order - I made a second order, got new number told same info regarding welcome pack and start dates etc.

Waited some more - still no welcome pack. Sent email this time - was not going to spend more money calling up. The emial I got back was reassuring said that my phone would be swapping soon and bradoband was on its way.

Waited few weeks - nothing. Emailed them got no reply - called them - was told that there was an order for broadband but no phone line - they said that shouldnt be possible and could I call in with sales to reorder a phone line. So then I had to call another number to fix their mistake!

Got everything ordered again. Waited - nothing

Sent email - got an email back askeing for varification of all my personal details including back details! - sent mail back giving some details , but refused to give personal bank details over an email as I didn't see it as safe (told them this- can't believe a big company would ask for such info over an email).
Got mail back saying there was a problem somewhere but they couldn't work out where. The suggested the aesiest thing to do would be to cancel my braodband and BT phone and then request Talk Talk from scratch. I said I couldn't do this as I need both phone and internet for work and that I couldn't understand why it couldn't just switch with no interuption as advertised. They said to call their tech support line as they may be able to get rounf this.

Called tech line - (expensive number!) They said there was no problem!

Sent email back to customer services saying that tech line said no problem and that I felt it was rediculous that I was being a middle man between talk talk and talk talk!

Got no rely.

Sent email 2 weeks ago asking if talk talk wanted me as a customer or not? And I understand that the service is in high demand, but I'm having so many problems and I'm not even a customer yet, will the service improve? And what will happen if I am a customer with an actual problem?

Had no reply as yet - think maybe I should cancel my order and get phone and internet through sky?

This is not a rant- just fact of what has happened to me - if and customer sertvices emplyees can suggest a way to help that would actually be very much appreciated!

Sent this letter to them today.

On the 01-8-06, I bought off your company via the web a Razr Hot Pink mobile phone on Vodafone network, you promised me it would be delivered on the Friday, (04/08/06),but it wasn’t and I had stayed in all day waiting. I contacted your company only to be passed about from one person to the next and back again. After I finally got things sorted, because we were going on holiday on the Monday I arranged for the phone to be sent to our holiday address, which is my mother-in laws address. Again we waited for the phone to arrive. But it didn’t arrive, so again I called your company only to passed about like a divvy again. When we found where we wanted to be, I cancelled my order because of the way we were dealt with by your company. We received an e-mail (after I cancelled the order, on Wednesday 9th August, saying that our order had been delivered. We rang your company only to be told that the phone had been delivered to a Carphone Warehouse store in Bristol. I am sure you will note from our home address hat we do NOT live in Bristol but Lincoln. Which is a mere 200 miles northeast of Bristol!!! We have been told we have to collect the phone from there (after we cancelled the order which we have a RIGHT to do) and send it back to your address.

During the times we have tried to contact your company, we have been hung up on twice, left on hold for 30 minutes on one call, and many minutes on other various calls, given the wrong contact number (which we were then informed had been done many times) and spoken to rather rudely.

And now sir after a month, of waiting for you to credit my account back with the £84.95, which I have waited patiently for you to do. You leave me no alternative. I have taken legal advise to recover my money plus loss of interest and calls to your company, also for ruining a birthday present for my wife. Your advertisement on the TV states star treatment…if this is all you can offer, I will never deal with your company car phone warehouse again, you have 7 days from the postal date to reimburse me with my £ 84.95.

They runied my pissing holiday, I took 2 days out of my holiday and now they won't fucking reimburse our money they have taken for a phone we have never received!

I have now purchased another phone from another shop!
fair enough for the bad service you have recieved via someone being rude on the phone and the problems you have had with the refund but the whole delivery issue seems like a courrier mess up!
the dialling tone
cpw is a big company and like any big company has good and bad things about it, most of what it does is right as if it was not it would not be in business

most of the whingeing that goes on here is from ex staff who did not get promoted or customers who do read the terms and conditions written in english for english customers who do not understand the basics, "you use the service pay for it and don't complaint cos you can't afford the bill"

the funny thing is most of you that complain on here and always come back to cpw and you always say "you will never use us again" and then you return

well cpw must be better than most as even the whingers come back to us

and how do i know cos i deal with your bullshit and hq in acton
Shane C
To my misfortune I have had to deal with CPW. Everything I have read on this site I have experienced my self. The most enlightening aspect of the site are the comments from CPW employees. My advice to potential Customers - run for the hills.
Shane C
Oh forgot to say, if the comments from CPW employees are REAL,... then no wonder the company sucks.
CPW is now taking the mickey towards US staff, i think its time for us to starting siqning the forms for the Union to step in!!
Nice site !
CPW will ignore the union, like many of today's companies. They are a token presence and most the employees at CPW don't bother joining. Also if you are seen as pro-union or mention union action at CPW you will be classed as a trouble-maker and will certainly be overlooked for any promotion or overtime in favour of the brown-nosers.
Re: Helga.
Nice name!

Your email will never ever be published

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