I hate Carphone Warehouse and Lifeline

09 June 2004   416 comments   Mobile

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On Sunday I had my mobile phone stolen and yesterday I went to pick up my replacement phone in Liverpool street station (bus travel from my home). What I lost was a Nokia 7250i.

So yesterday, after lunch I went down to the Carphone warehouse at Liverpool st. station to pick up my replacement phone because the shop here in Barbican told me that the Liverpool st shop is the only one who has it in stock (this happened on Monday). Finally there they explain to me that it's out of stock everywhere and that I had to choose a different phone for the same or less value. After endless haggling with the lady in the shop and someone on the phone I caved in and had to settle with an Ericsson T610. The only other decent option was a Nokia 6100 which was worth £80 less than my previous phone. A difference I would NOT cash in on. Even the Ericsson was worth £10 less.

So, in conclusion; just because they didn't have any decent phones in anywhere I had to degrade to a phone I didn't want PLUS pay liability charge of £29.50!!! In other words I lost out on this deal a lot even though it wasn't my fault the phone was stolen in the first place.

The guy in the other shop I had to walk to wouldn't give the phone to me in the box but rather as phone, battery and new SIM in a paper bag (which I had to ask for!). Finally back home I realised that they forgot to give me a charger.

This whole mess cost me two hours and I had to talk to two shop assistants and three people on the phone in the two shops. I confirmed my address twice and had to say loud my password three times.

Needless to say I'm very dissatisfied about this whole thing. I should have read the 3-page-small-print policy more carefully in which it apparently says that they are not liable for any loss of value :) Apparently I have to suffer for their lack of compensation even though I pay for the insurance. What they should have done was to be flexible and "suck up" to me to avoid the bad publicity. Speard the URL of this page so they get what they deserve.


Because of threats from CPW's Legal Department of defamation comments published on this page I've decided to remove all the comments since according to the Defamatory Defence act I'll have to comply and act as I'm having the power to do so. It's been a hectic two days of studying the legal material on defamation, a lot thanks to some lawyer friends who pointed me in the right direction of reading material and general advice. However, it appears that they've acted on my site a bit late since the already got a £245,000 fine from the FSA

To all the people who've posted comments on this page: thanks for sharing your thoughts even though some of them were pretty vulgar :)


Mate the 7250 is a bag of shite compared to the t610
I'm now in exactly the same position.
Fucking sucks. This is what I pay almost 9 quid a month for ?!
well at least this will make u laugh!
I too have been ripped off by lifeline.

I lost my phone on new years day and when i tried to call the police (lost property department) to report the phone lost there was no answer. Obviously as they where off for new years day, sunday and bank holiday monday.Carphone warehouse therefore decided not to even pay me any money for a replacement phone! all due to me not reporting it in the required 48 hours.
Trust me mate their are so f*ckt that they can delay, screw up your accounts due to lack of any sense or any "customer care" or competance and NOT give you the service that was agreed without a refund for their error,all you will get are apology letters. God forbid your payment is a second late!
Roger Sparks
You are lucky. I responded to an ad on their site for Nokia 7600 free with Talk & Text 600 plan for £2.99 per month. Now they say it is £28 per month. I cannot get any sensible answer from them they just refer me to 3. I think this company should be renamed Conphone Warehouse. The helpfull people at 3 say there is a problem with carphone. Anyone else in the same boat? Is this a job for Watchdog
Roger Sparks
Roger Sparks Update. I have managed to get an answer of sorts from carphone. If you respond to this kind of ad from carphone be very careful. This offer has conditions which have to be followed exactly or you pay the full amount.
George of the Jungle
@Roger Sparks

Its done by redemptions. carphone should of made you aware of this (not surprising they didnt) it mean at certain points of your contract you have to send in a copy of your airtime bill. Then carphone will send you a cheque. took me 2weeks to get mine
I used to work there and can tell you that REDEMPTIONS is a rip off. You were lucky you got your cheque at all. They often claim to have not received customers' airtime bills when u send them in. Not only that most customers send in their original bills, meaning that then its is lost. Their offices are a mess, the place is run by monkeys!
so my advice is dont do business with them.
I've been told I have to wait 8 weeks to get my cheque. If they told me this when I took the contract out I would never have taken it in the first place. They are con-merchants.
Well according to "dave" ( below) its your fault!

i wonder what would happen if your cheque or payment was late to them... what would happen?

You would be fined, have debt collectors after you within a couple of months!
Well Dave, these terms may be clearly stated on the Insurance document or whatever but it's clearly stated in the smallest possible text! We shouldn't have to scour these docs to make sure companies we purchase items from aren't trying to con us.
Yes this was my point, and all these people's point. The sales person doesnt actually help with making this clear and i suspect for a money profit reason!
unfortunately you are screwed. CPW will say it's "3"'s responsibility and £ will say its CPW. Unfortunately you have been conned. Personally I think its VERY bad business to "offer" something for a price then change it once the customer signs up. ITS VERY WRONG and PLEASE do go to watchdog or something like that. I have also heard that our fat cat Charles Dunstone "has a friend" at watchdog, if you know what i mean, so try every avenue!
steven holden
You guys should have a look at "THE ORANGE SHOP" -


on ebay - very small company but because its small it has better customer attention than the big boys that just box shift.
About a month ago now I decided to accidently drop my T610 in some juice for a few hours whilst asleep. got a new phone from the carphone warehouse. I was pretty impressed because I just had to pay £10 and got a better phone (t630) however 2days ago i accidently dropped my new phone just the once and the screen doesn't work anymore. I was told when i got this phone that my new insurance information would come in the post... it didnt but i trotted down to the shop anyway and got told to go in and speak to the manager on friday. Very well then. The manager told me to call lifeline (why he couldn't do it from the shop is somewhat beyond my understanding). Mr lifeline said that actually my insurance became VOID when I got the new phone... so indeed why did one Barrie Piper tell me otherwise? Now I have a broken phone and not much money to get a new one!
if you read you insurance documents (which you are required to do LEGALLY) you will find that 'Lifeline GO' which you purchased is a 1 claim policy, however if you claim on the insurance you can pay for a new policy so if you break your phone you can get a new one! THINK TO YOUR SELF, IF MY INSURANCE POLICY IS SO CHEAP HOW COME AM I ABLE TO NEW FONES ALL THE TIME???? um NO, the comany would make a loss!
Yes but they tell you differently, when u sign you up them, they blame you for not reading the very very very small print, which is bloody hard to see and i have 20 20 vision!

If they said to you please read the contract, go home take you time then when u have decided come back, that would be ok, but they rush you and insist on taking all your details down and sign you up anway! ever heard of talktalk? Bunch of Asswipes.

My point is it would be like me saying i will pay £20 for that item, then you only get a cheque for £10, their verbal agreements do not concur with what is writen down. Its a very poor sales technique.
Screw the comany! they lie, Orange have a greatly cheap insurance and dont keep you waiting months without a phone. they deliver. You shouldnt be given the impression that you will get something when you wont. If i was selling cameras and told you it had a zoom, then when you took it home it didnt, and then you see the faded small print showing that it actually doesnt, how would you feel you were handled as a customer at the point of sale? You ever think about that?
Ok Dave, Insurance- the general idea is that you are covered in case of emergency in the cases that they state. Generally if you have home insurance and your roof caves in AND your covered for that your fine and after that you don't have to buy a new insurance policy. Generally the company makes a loss anyway if you buy 1 insurance policy and use it. If your from the company then your clearly a corporate w*** and really this space was just to tell your story and have a wee moan so don't bother arguing back at me.
Absoluteley... so for CPW the only way thats right is if the customer only stands to loose their money. PANTS really is it not? why would you, honestly as a customer want to submit to this bollox.
Dave ur a cunt. the company will make a loos? what about the customer? screw them right mate?
and before you all shout at me, i'm a different dave to the one from carphone warehouse!!!!
and as i was saying, i'm an employee of P4U, and we have you twats in all the time! you see, companies have small print for your use, not ours!! it's our job to sell, not get paid bollocks all sitting down with every punter explaining all the ins/outs/legal notices and other shit that doesn't mater to us! YOUR THE CUSTOMER, ACT LIKE THE CUSTOMER IT'S YOUR JOB TO READ!!! fucking dickweeds!
@ dave -
Please explain to me dave, what your take on customer service is.. I am sooooo curious!

"dickweed">? wannabe american cunt.
anal retentive!
Why do all superheroes wear spandex?
Who give a flying F**k?

I have one for you... Why do all CPW employees avoid answering the question?
rubber lover
AntiChristSuperstar, in 30 words or less please can you give the reason of your problem with out swearing, Insults, facts not fiction and sexual innuendo.....? Thank you
No sorry, as no one can offer me what you are asking, i dont feel i should comply with your request.
They wouldnt tell you, because absolutely no one there has a bloody clue mate! You'd think that it would be obvious that if you had previously insured your phone, that you may want your new one insured, they could have asked you.

When i worked there, oh joy, i saw so many cases where when peoples contracts ran out for the line rental, the one year contract... they wouldnt automatically stop the insure=ance on the phone. Most people keep paying for years, till they check their bank statments! Then when they contact lifeline, lifeline say its the cistomer's responsibility to request this and will not refund a thing. Well i ask you, customer service? surely if a customer is not using a phone anymore and has gone to another company for their business, why would they need to keep their unused phone insured? Thier business tactics truly dont have any staying power.
Wow there is a lot of love in here. Someone seems bitter that they didnt suceed in a company. Maybe its becuase you were shit at your job mate. The company should know when the customer stops using the phone??? Do they have the force?? Are they mind readers?? I find it funny that a customer can have something charged to them for years and not realise it. Surely thats stupid? No, actually, that is stupid. One thing you forgot to realise though. What ever replacement phone someone may have received, did you not find it funny that the claim was done in like 10 minutes? Ever tried mastercare? 4 weeks mate. Ever tried phones4u insurance? NO CHANCE of a replacement. Try the rest, then watch you return to the best!!
I rest my case!!
Ha ha ha, what a crock of shit, but hell, it made me laugh. So when a contract is up for renewal the customer automatically stops using the phone??? Interesting theory, only problem with that is....you are talking out of your arse. I know why you are angry at carphonewarehouse? And you know who I am!! Maybe I should enlighten everyone with your interesting story as to why you hate them so much. Hands up all who want to hear this tosser's interesting story???
To be continued....
hello, this sounds like the most rediculous argument, the person called "me" is as thick as his name.
Me..? do you work at the carphone warehouse? because you sound defensive. You have stated you know antichristsuperstar, and are willing to "disclose" why anti hates this company. i think antichrist has said why. Anti hates carphone because they are CRAP. and you my friend are stupid. I too would leave a company that was run by chimps like you. You have decided to take a stab at this person on a personal level rather then put up your side of the argument from the companies side of things.. Darling, this speaks a thousand and one words of you! No one and absolutely nobody, wants to hear you stupid lies.
lol! if you know me, you must have been one of thoes twats that are still working there a year and a half after i left! poor sod. So you'd rather take a dig at me then attempt to prove me wrong? looser.
loser is spelt 'l-o-s-e-r'
ex idiot
And you would know! twat.
Me, Myself and Irene!!
Looks like Anti bought his mother along to fight his battles. This forum is class. Hey, Mrs Anti, zip it before I break your hip....your replacement hip!!
charming! nice to know the typical mentality of your company! i am sure you've done them proud!
Do you have a point? or are you merely here to threaten people?
1. I can say what the fuck i want
2. you cannot stop me
3. your labotomy is obvious.
4. if you still work for the carphone cunt house, that is your only reason to be bitter.

So why dont you take you, yourself and irene back to your ass stinking, festering demoralisational life. Go on..
Ok, you obviously think you are scary. You must be looking in the mirror while typing, what a skill! I dare you, break me. You got nothin but air between your ears.
Say my name three times whilst looking in that mirror. Then i shall appear.
No. I dont want to look at your ugly mug. That is your problem not mine!
Hmmm I had a question? If you dont upgrade your phone with Carphone and do it somewhere else how will they know to cancel if you dont tell them?? The @bespoke software may be able to say a year is up but a large number of people dont upgrade... Also Surely the old handset is still covered while you are paying for your insurance...........
<name censored>
Right, thick as you are here it is.. to upgrade your phone with another network you first have to cancel your existing contract, or advise your company that you wish to switch and you request a PAC ( if you want to keep the same number). Tell you what, why dont you become a carphone customer, and enjoy the service? good luck.
if anyone is thik, it's you...if you have a contract you can upgrade and where, if you took the contract with CPW Voda, you can upgrade at P4U, Voda stores or even the link...if you get a PAC you will be terminating your contract and signing a new one with a nother store and keeping your number, THIS IS NOT AN UPGRADE......go back to school!
name censored
Oh please, get over yourself, I am so much better then you!
well, my dad is better than yours!
name censored
No he so is not. Your dad shags crack Ho's and thats why you are not quite right mate.

Now are you going to set your dad on me or what?
Lets tell you about carphone warehouse and me! I'm an eployee of CPW, was proud and not anymore. I have my issues with CPW, so my thoughts are purely impartial!

Alot of the errors is down to the customer, wether it is lifeline, redemptions and customer care! If you drop your phone is a glass of juice, it's your problem. Every CPW employee with go through the basics of a contract, how much you pay etc...do you read the reverse of the contract?? 99% of customers don't, why? cos they can't be arsed, but did you know that it's the customers LEGAL responsibility to read the small print? What is given to be signed to a legal document between person A and person B, if you don't read wht is set out and you don't check what it is your signing then it is you who is at fault, don't sign what you don't understand!

INSURANCE: another legality here! again you are required by law to make sure that the information set out in front of you is correct and you AGREE to the terms and conditions (same as a normal contract) with insurance, you will receive your polivy through the post, again, your legal responsibility is to read it thoroughly! Just in case you didn't know, lifeline is NOT as 12 month contract, if you read your small print you will notice this! It's a 3 month deal....you want it, you pay, you don't want it, you cancel....what if you get a car and you insure it...what if you sell your car? how is the insurance company going to know if you don't have it? it's the same with phones, business company's can't mind read, they can't just do things with out you knowing! You may get a new house, i don't know that untill you tell me! get it??? it's called communication, and a lot of people don't use it to their benefit...if you over pay cos you couldn't be bothered to tell lifeline you don't have the phone, well sorry...you should of let them know!

REDEMPTIONS: only one thing to say on this...IT'S WRITTEN ON YOUR CONTRACT, don's sign what you don't understand.

CUSTOMER CARE: Any business put their customers first, but they can't just wave a magic stick and make the whole world a better place! Some people will be upset cos they can't have what they want, some people are greatfull at a result! CPW have to abide by a thing called the LAW and yes, customers complain saying that service is crap, well i'm sorry it's the people who you vote for in the general elaction that puyt the laws in place that make you upset, i suggest vote for someone else!

People here are being petty over the smallest of things, purely on the basis that they don't understand or they refuse to give up when proven wrong! All i can suggest is look at the bigger picture, see the situation from someone elses view and you will understand alot more! I'm an Assistant Manager of a CPW branch, and 90% of errors is down to the customer, the 10% in store can easily be rectified with out hastle. If you don;t like CPW why bother spending money with them, why sit and complain...go somewhere else! The biggest pay back and customer can do to a company is to shop else where, and to be honest listening to the crap in this forum, alot of you need to be really treated badly, i suggest shop at phones4u, you will see bad service in your face!

Customer service - should be there to assist the customer in understanding. Clearly this doesnt happen.

You are correct regarding the legality of the dicuments and yes once the customer has signed they are well and truly screwed. The point I wish to make is the sales techniques used by carphone warehouse are very poor. They will often give a customer poor advice to make a sale. Most people have busy lifestyles and cannot go through every document, and therefore rely on trusting the sales person or carphone employee. What you are saying is that this should be done. I agree. As what the customer is often told does not match the actual agreement. What are your thoughts on that?

If i were to look for insurance for my phone and was advised that I would be covered for x, y &z, I would think that i would be covered.

to summarise; dont take the advice form carphone warehouse's employees as the literature and spoken word dont match up.

This kind of makes the whole customer service and sales person's purpose pointless.

You have sayings in your company like "treat your customer as you yuourself would like to be treated" honour it.
Practice what you preach or shut the fuck up.

I dont believe in offering something worse, like phones4U(its like a threat, well blah blah is worse, 2 wrongs dont fix nothin!)is that what you tell your customers when they are unhappy? How about suggesting something better? Phones4U, carphone warehouse, its all bollox, i suggest you go straight to Vodaphone or Orange! Cut out the middle man crap.
Fair enough, every one does it and i'm not arguing...a customer trusts what the sales consultant and signes where required, and yes you are correct about the CPW rule, my store however does infact practice what they preach and i make sure this happens and we have alot of happy customers. Every store has their crap sales consultant's who don't care about the customer except for the money they make and that is the poor customer service...my point is that the people who don't listen and don;t read and in my time with CPW i deal with these people day in and day out and all the can quote is "sales of goods act" which has been adapted for them! I have no problem sorting issues where we are at fault but i can't bend over backwards when the customer is at fault!

Going to what you quote "to summarise; dont take the advice form carphone warehouse's employees as the literature and spoken word dont match up" You can say this for litterally every company that you buy from!!!! Do your homework!!!
I believe its is you who needs to catch up on your homework. You dont even speak proper English!

True what you say regarding difficult customers, they are everywhere. I was not talking about them. But you knew that already didnt you.

It is not up to the customer to do any work, they are paying! A customer doesnt have any right to talk down to a sales rep for no reason, dont get me wrong, but a customer DOES have every right to express their feelings for a bad sale, wrong advice on purchase etc etc, you catch my drift?

When you say " everyone does it" you sound like a twat. The POINT IS IT IS WRONG. Look up your 5 fundermental rules and see if the company actually honours it? If you are honest to yourself you will see its a pile of shit, motivational words without a chance for the agent to actually honour it even if they wanted to, as your company is set up to take advantage.
In fact your reply to my quote is not true. Most of the places i shop at are honourable. Your business is unprofessional, I mean look at some of your employees! Wouldnt want to come accross some of them on a dark night i tell you!
QWERTY, do everyone a favour, shut up and shop else where! CPW don't need people like you shoping with them!
@ anonymous
Do you think i shop at cpw?! err, no, i never have and never will as i know how they work. My message is to cpw's customers, who i see as victims.

cpw dont need anyone who actually wants a service to shop with them, and thats the point. The way this business is run is wrong. If people dont voice this and make others aware, this company can carry one abusing its customers.

now, did you have a point?
you don't shop at CPW cos your too embarrased to show your face! why don't you go and tell someone of your dissatisfaction rather than writing your thoughts in a forum! And i suppose the company you work for is the best in the whole world eh, cos you seam to be UP YOUR OWN ARSE!!!???
I dont shop at cpw because their service is crap, because they rip their customers off and I get a better service elsewhere. Pull your thum out of your ass and understand that writing to your company doesnt resolve anything, i will get 100 appology letter before my issue is taken seriously, I would rather vent here as this page is for people dis satisfied with cpw!
put yer dummy back in your mouth! qwerty, your acting like a big baby "pull your thumb out of your ass....." your acting like you just turned 6! if your that satisfied, go and get your issues sorted!
so whats your point?
why are you at this site?
what are you at this site...COCK!!
@ anonymous - Or you'll what? what exactly can you do idiot?
i never said i'll do anything no be able to do anything....if you read the comment again you will see who's the idiot...i suggest go back to school and understand english! ahahahahhahahahahha IDIOT so funny...sides are hurting...oh wait........sides have split! ahahahhahahahahha
Yep, you sound just like the sort of person who does well at Carphone Crap House. Check your English if you want to laugh.
You have no point, you probably have no life, no sex, no friends oh, and of course you work for CPW. SAD TWAT. The only way you have a laugh is by looking in the mirror. As for dummy's yours is up your own ass alongside your entire face. Hmm? are you a manager at CPW? Bet you are...
bet i'm not (£10 please!) i have a great sex life, i have plenty of friends and so what if i work at CPW, atleast i have a job and i earn over 25k PA.....what has your opinion with my sex life have anything to do with CPW and Lifeline?? Your obviously in need of a good lay, but unfortunatly my friend, YOUR NOT MY TYPE!!
You cant read can you? I have shown NO INTEREST IN YOUR SEX LIFE. £10? i wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire mate. Your job is PANTS! And you are crap too as you still have no proactive, constructive comments on the original text you commented on.

Now,let me guess what you will say next.. whatever it is it will have nothing to do with the issue first raised i guarentee it!

Thats because all you CPW employees can do pass it on, bitch and gossip.

By the way 25k is nothing to sing about! But i suppose when some of your collegues are earning 15k basic, it is.
is Qwerty boring anyone else, other than me??
No just you. Infact you are boring us.

Oh and you proved me right.. again. why dont you disappear up cpw's big black hole where you belong. You have nothing to offer this site.
oooh 25K!! i'm impressed, Thats high for CPW employees! who's cock u got in your back pocket then?
@ anonymous : You are a fool. If what you say is true, it wouldnt be an expression of joy on your face!
Colm o Connor
Hi I used to work For the miserable shower of bastards ,the company is a shambles run by a fat pig in the uk his email address is dunstonec@cpwplc.co.uk mail him directly with all queries he's be only too happy to help, impartial my arse u get sold whatever has the most commission, the area managers are back stabbing Bastards you'd put judas to shame they'd do a judas for one piece of silver never mind 30, theres one paticular gentleman in the outfit by the name of dave turnbull who's a big fat pig !!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SHOWER OF ROBBING BASTARDS send your phone in for repair and its lucky enought to land in a repair centre on a monday morning its gonna be liqid damaged i promise ya that much!!! dont buy from them!
Liz Burke
I used to work for them too and let me tell you they are a proper shower or rip off merchants.They will not return a phone the is clearly faulty instead they will send it for repair where they use 2nd hand parts for old dodge handsets. And if your phone has come back from repair with the same fault 3 times, rather then give a new phone as we should they give the customer faulty previously returned phones and say there new. As for lifeline, we are forced to sell insurance to customers and its a shit policy,Claims are always rejected. It the biggest scam going! And if you buy any accrssories and return them they are made new, so there is a good chance your buying second hand products.NEVER EVER BUY FROM CPW. They will take every you money and the min you have a problem its FUCK YOU!!!
NOt only that, lifeline's repairs will claim your phone to have had water damage when the handset hasnt seen water ever!, and its their word against the customers.. SCREWED again.
Jim whelan
Im a big fat pie eating bastard and I think CPW are great!!
I like to terrorise the staff who work there to make me feel like a real man and not just the big fat common chav prick that I am. Despite the fact I cant write,spell,add even construct sentences Im the L&P manager! ??Thats the kind of stupid shower of cunts CPW are.
The like to save money but putting people like me,stupid uneducated wankers, in high positions so they dont have to pay a real people to do the job.
Peter Bengtsson
That's one of the funniest comments I've seen on this thread. Keep it up Jim!

I hope your uneducated ass was smart enough to use a phoney name :)
Dirty little bitch
I agree! you are probably the sanest person working there. At least you are AWARE of what you are!
haha fortunately he did, that must me charles dunstone!
just asking
Any reason why some comments have been removed recently? Just wondering why its ok to have "Me, Myself and Irene"'s comments up yet remove others that were not so threatening...?
Peter Bengtsson
comments disappear because of certain words that are censored.
just asking
Well, fair enough!
just asking
OK 2 words .. Jim whelan?
Cup cake
I love MICKEY!!!
Is that how you got your job at CPW Ms Horrell?
listen "trigger happy" , which by the way, where Im from means you like to pull your willy rather quickly,Dont go ruining everyones fun just cause you have no mates, from here on in you will be known as billy.Now go solve your ma and maximise your da. (for those who dont know this is CPW lingo for selling shit to customers)
trigger happy
@ Jamiekins..? who the fuck are you?

read the heading for this page its for bitching about your stupid company you twat. As for you common language, sorry i didnt go to peasant school, and dont talk cpw talk. You should learn to speak English!

By the way what are you doing on this site? would chucky like to see you at an "i hate CPW site" yes thats right, thats the heading for this page!

You know it makes me laugh, all these CPW employees on here poorly defending themselves with stupidity and digs at the people who have an issue with CPW. Not one can actually defend their corner gracefully.

Well Jamiekins, you wouldnt happent to be that poof james collins now would you?
got an issue? email Charles Dunstone, let him hear your shit, if you want i'll give you his email address for free!
ex-cpw worker
wow you must be new.
I've been trying to get a PAC code from them to end my contract since I sent a letter (recorded delivery) on the 8th of Aug giving them written authorisation. From my perspective, there never seems to be communication between departments. Occasionally, you get a great call centre worker who does thier best to help you, but they too get bogged down in the system.

Bizzarely, they are even worse at setting up your contract! After receiving my new phone it took 2 weeks and a number of phone calls to get my contract activated. Nobody you speak to ever seems to give you the full picture of exactly what will happen.

I will not be using CPW again- I've had 2 contracts for them and problems connecting and disconnecting with both of them.
I think you are making the best choice... Have you tried Orange, direct. They have a fab service!

Having worked at CPW I can advise you that the reason you dont get a straight answer is due to the fact that the information is not readily available to the agents, thus providing a crap service. Furthermore, people are "rewarded" for their sales. Once they have sold, the rest doesnt matter. They will take your money then forget all about you.

Doesnt say that in the small print now does it DAVE!

I wonder what "happy CPW WORKER" can say about your issue? He'd probably refer you to someone who in turn will refer you to someone etc etc. Utterly useless.
I am a current CPW employee, i was sacked in April for apparently "Loosing £2000" while the manager was on holiday. The funny thing was, when i had my disciplinary the Area Manager who sacked me, provided evidence from the manager who set me up of a Banking Book page where dates had been changed to show she did the banking upto date...4 pages prior showed the pay-in date of say 5th March, this page which also said 5th march but changed to 8th, another 2 pages after showing 5th of march....anyhoo...i was sacked...took legal advice and was shown by legal reps that the Grievence proceedure was not followed correctly.....Had my appeal, prooved my case of both the Manager and a part-timer had lied through their teeth (part timer has since resigned as part of this)....i was allowed my job back...now i'm being victimised by the manager for SHIT i never created......

So, never work at CPW!!!! thjey fuck up your life......I cam back to piss everyone off, get £3000 in back pay and pay offs and now 3 months down the line, i'm going to screw CPW over, for a) not completing grievence proceedues correctly and b) BULLYING....if anyone wants an update......just ask!!!
WOW! thats sounds bad.. I know about the bullying and the lies in this company. I worked as a customer care agent. We are due to get bonuses based on our productivity and now quality. However the figures were often "changed" by the managers to make some of us look like we were not doing so well so that we would not get our bonuses or any credit. I caused a bit of a stink with this one and became further disliked by the managers. Iwas actually doing really well, and was also VERY poorly represented by a manager when applying for a different position for a different team. If it wasnt for a friend of mine overhearing this bad representation, I would not have had the chance to become a candidate for the position which I eventually got as I had taken a test and ranked 1st by far! Though I got the position, the issue raised regarding poor representation was ignored repeatedly.

I wish you every success in F****ing this company up as they deserve to be exposed.
current employee
ANONYMOUS i work for the company too, getting fed up myself as i'm left running a store for 3 months without training, what area are you in????
Training?... dont expect to get training. If you can apologies you are trained according to CPW.

Unfortunately in this very sick company you are a mere pawn on the chess board.

Save yourself and get out of this company.
sorry, can not say what area i'm in as it may disrupt the finals of my appeal...

UPDATE>>>>>Manager got disciplinary, but cos she mates with ASM she back at work with written warning...now she still giving me greif!!
It seems a bit unfair to me that you are having a go at Charles. I worked for CPW some years ago and found him to be a very genuine chap with good intentions.
I worked there for 2 years and never met the guy.
current employee
to be frank chucky is a cool guy, and if he knew that his under dogs where treating his staff like shit, he would have some thing to say, i cant belive that cpw was voted 4th best compant to work for, yeah its offer's you loads of freebies with vision express ect ect but really how dose that change the fact that each day you might work at cpw make it any better its still always shit, 3years at cpw is too long for me i cant ake it anymore, whats the point in becoming a manager if you know you wont make as much money as your consaltants do!!!!!! BOLLOCKS TO YOU CPW
If he cared he would have in place proper procedures regarding "issues" at work as all other reputable companies do. When my idea's were used by someone else, there in fact was nothing that HR could do due to the lack of procedure in place. That left me back in the hands of the incompetant managers who in turn gave me nothing for my efforts and results.

By the way, the freebees one gets at cpw (and not too often) are things like Xboxes, phones, games, R&B and Rap cd's.. if you are not into computer games, or not into rap, you're stuffed. Bonuses are given to you by your manager and believe me its all about how much they like you not how productive or hard working you are.. I was suppressed as i got a lot of work done but wasnt a favourite.. I think it was because i didnt like rap music!

I think you get the picture here, it attracts a certain sort of person and the rest of us adults MUST move on or forever be in a playground of injustice.
has any of you CPW EMPLOYEE's seen the "time for change" email??? what your thoughts on that??? does it not prove that CPW are shite??
as i no longer work there (breath of joy!) please do enlighten us! is it as crap as the employee forum?
emma Haswell
Carphone Warehouse are a con!!! I set up a contract with them on the understanding that I'd get the first three months at half price. In short my first bill should have been £23,50 inc Vat. Guess what the bill came in at £59.96!! Why? A. Because the first month is billed not from when your phone starts working from a later date (called the "billing period"...and not explained)which means the first month is stretched to 6 weeks! Neat way to get extra money onto the first invoice. With all other utilities a monthly bill is just that and starts on the day your service starts. Worse still the half price offer seems to be now conveniently forgotten. The offer made by the saleperson is not mentioned on the bill and and they are attempting to charge me the full amount. In short the first month should have been £23.50 and the actual asking figure now just under £60.00.
I've cancelled my direct debit and will write a letter to CW to cancel the contract. I entered the 12 month contract on the understanding that each month would be a basic cost of £23.50. It seems that this agreement has been broken by CW and to me it appears they have therefore broken our contract. I hope they take me to court as my solicitor will wipe the floor with them. In a nutshell..DO NOT USE THEM and tell anyone who'll listen to not use them either. You'll be glad you didn't!
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