Yesterday Sunday I experimented with a simple yet useful application that uses XMLHttpRequest object that is ever so popular now thanks to Googles services Gmail and Maps. It makes it possible to make a webpage work like a browser. It can visit another website within one without refreshing the page; and with an asyncronous hack you can make these things happen in the background and not appear until they've been loaded.

On there's a lots of information about the IssueTrackerProduct, naturally. On it, there is also two issue tracker instances hosted: Real and Demo. If you visit the website now you won't see a difference, but you will when you come back later.

New issues counted When you visit the Real or the Demo issue tracker, a Javascript cookie it set on your computer to remember the last time you visited the issue tracker. Then, much later, if you revisit and new issues have been added inside Real or Demo, it will show so on in the menu as shown in the attached screenshot.

If you're interested in the code, feel free to view it and rip it for your own applications. It's not rocket science but the application is useful because it reminds people of how an email program works.

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