What art is ...according to Don Van Vliet I finished a wonderful book about Don Van Vliet called "Captain Beefheart" by Mike Barnes and being a huge Beefheart fan this was a very interesting book. To be honest, I found out things about Don that I'm not sure I even wanted to know. I feel both sorry for and jealous of the musicians he worked with. The book is full of little mind bogging quotes by Don all worth a blog each but one that I did write down was this:

"[Don Van Vliet] told John Yau what painting was to him: 'Fulfilling the absence of space between the opposite meanings. I think that's essentially what I think. That came the other night. It cam blasting into my head. I quickly wrote it down. Yes, that's what painting is.'"

I've thought about it a bit too now and although I don't have to agree or disagree I think it's a very good answer.

Igor Clark - 11 September 2007 [«« Reply to this]
Didn't know you were a Beefheart fan Peter!
Peter Bengtsson - 12 September 2007 [«« Reply to this]
I am! A big one too. Are you?
Igor Clark - 12 September 2007 [«« Reply to this]
Yeah - you could say that. I even made a little tribute to him, you can hear it at http://www.igorclark.net/music/listen/192kbps/02-DoingWell-192kbps.mp3 if you like!
Peter Bengtsson - 17 September 2007 [«« Reply to this]
Tried downloading it and it's 666 bytes only.
Anonymous - 17 September 2007 [«« Reply to this]
Ah, probably because you're trying to save that link directly, rather than just click it, make the analytics hit & follow the redirect through to the mp3. You could download the mp3 directly from http://www.igorclark.net/music/192kbps/02-DoingWell-192kbps.mp3 if you were so inclined ;-)

Anyway - hope all's well!

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