To some people it's obvious but I just learnt this now. It's bugged me several times where I've accidently pressed Ctrl-S and the terminal freezes. I had no idea what to do so I had to close the window with Alt-F4. This is extra annoying if you have a ssh session open.

What Ctrl-S does it that it freezes the output on the terminal. Ctrl-Q resumes it again. I can't think of a real usage for me for this but it's good to know if you accidently "freeze" your terminal.

Anonymous - 12 April 2005 [«« Reply to this]
I use this many times every day. When you run a big task that dumps lots of lines (at varying speeds), and you want to read or highlight some text in the output, hit ctrl-s to freeze the console before reading the text. You can still scroll around in the terminal's buffer.
Anonymous - 19 April 2006 [«« Reply to this]
or you could pipe the output into 'less'.
Ctrl-S is useless on modern machines and serves only to frustrate and annoy.
Anonymous - 14 November 2006 [«« Reply to this]
pressing scrollock in most terminals should have the same effect
Anonymous - 11 November 2009 [«« Reply to this]
Thanks for the useful inputs.
Anonymous - 18 August 2012 [«« Reply to this]
You just saved my frozen session. Thanks.
Anonymous - 25 August 2012 [«« Reply to this]
Thank you - this has been bothering me forever.

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