My first YSlow Grade A (100)!

17 December 2008   6 comments   Django

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My first YSlow Grade A (100)! Just put in the remaining necessary cache headers on my kungfu club mobile site and I ran a YSlow! test on it and it got a 100! I've never had that before.

Admittedly, this is like cheating since the site is for mobile use it's kept very very simple and has no external dependencies so no need for a CDN. Getting a Grade A on YSlow! is very hard if the site needs to really blink. This one is built dedicated for small mobile phone screens on slow connections. I think now the bottleneck isn't in the rendering but in the connection latency for the remote database.

It also got a 4.9 (max 5.0) on which is the highest I've ever achieved there.

This site was developed in Django, fronted by Nginx with a remote MySQL connection to a server far away. Because of that connection I really had to get the caching right to avoid excessive SQL calls. The Debug Toolbar was instrumental to make that happen. I also used this snippet to allow me to use inline CSS and have it whitespace optimized.

Django's templates are really simplistic. I couldn't work out a way to specify cache unique keys depending on parameters so I had to do all the caching in the views.


Jason Lee
now is 98%,ha ha
Peter Bengtsson
Very funny :)
It's still 100% thank you very much
if you install memcached and turn on Django cache with memcached you'll get fastest site ever!
Peter Bengtsson
I will experiment with that once time allows. A problem is that only a small number of URLs can be memcached because cookies are set and read.
lol, a yslow grade for a site with just text links.
Peter Bengtsson
I know. It's a bit silly. Goes to show how hard it is to "impress" YSlow
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