Back from Djerba, Tunisia

19 August 2005   1 comment  

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Jump in the sand Now I'm back from a weeks holiday on the island of Djerba which is a tiny island just "south-east" of Tunisia. Djerba is part of Tunisia and there's even a bridge across to the mainland.

It was Johan, Anna, Julika and me for a week. We relaxed, swam, tanned, ate, rode dromedaries and enjoyed the warming sun day and night. The highlight of the trip was the Sahara dessert excursion where we travelled by bus all the way out to the mighty Sahara dessert just in time to see a big glowing sun set in the mist over the dunes. We also, on that trip, stayed the night out there in the dessert and slept under the stars without distracting backlight from any city. Wow!

Photos to come The hotel we stayed at was called El Andalouse which I can wholeheartedly recommend. Not expensive either and all people who worked there were really nice. They had a wonderful swimming pool and they didn't mind if we brought food to eat by the poolside.

I've got loads of photos that I'll upload as soon as I get a chance. Watch this space!


Jag vill absolut dementera alla påståenden om att bilden på mig vid polen skulle vara jag, eller åtminstone är bilden kraftigt retuscherad till min nackdel.

-Johan Eldh
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