Morgan Spurlock This nut decided to go on an all-MacDonalds diet for one month and doing his he made it a documentary. I would love to see that documentary one day.

"His mission: To eat three meals a day for 30 days at McDonald's and document the impact on his health."

I very rarely go to MacDonalds anymore. Not only because of health precautions but because I actually don't enjoy the taste anymore. Or maybe, I don't like the taste because I can't stop thinking about how unhealthy it is. However, the do good milkshakes and the MacMuffin with orange juice ain't too bad either.

"I was feeling like a typical American on Thanksgiving - very bloated and happy on the couch - and at some point on the news they were talking about two women who were suing McDonald's.

"People from the food industry were saying, 'You can't link kids being fat to our food - our food is nutritious.'

"I said, 'How nutritious is it really? Let's find out."

Another article on it

Roger5462 - 04 March 2005 [«« Reply to this]
MacDonalds may be unhealthy but is Dairy Queen, Wendys, A&W, or Burger King any better? If you want to be a health freak, go live on a diet of vegetables and water like Daniel and his friends in the Bible. But is living on a diet of Vegetables and Water any fun? I am not kissing up to MacDonalds though. A lot of times when I eat there, I get sick right afterwards so I nickname MacDonalds "The Restaurant of Sickness." But I get sick a lot. I get sick when I eat the buffet at the Inn which is across the street from where I live. So maybe it's just me. Even though a lot of people don't like MacDonalds, it is usually very busy at lunch time. So a lot of people either like it or tolerate it. But my main reason for writing this is this. Playboy has released a special magazine with the Girls of Macdonalds on it. I was wondering what you people think about that. First, they did the Women of Wal-Mart. Now, it's the Girls of Macdonalds. I wonder what they will do next. Hmmmmmmmm..... Anyways, that's what I have to say. Goodnight.
Peter - 04 March 2005 [«« Reply to this]
"Girls of Macdonalds"? What's that got to do with anything?

And just because you don't eat Mcdonalds doesn't mean you eat vegetables and water.

Mcdonalds isn't the only one who provides unhealthy food, but it is a symbol of fast food in these modern days.
bob - 01 March 2006 [«« Reply to this]
your movie inspired me to eat healthy
yo mama - 05 May 2005 [«« Reply to this]
I think that you are a uneducated moran .
Bill - 07 July 2005 [«« Reply to this]
better to be a moran, than a moron, like yourself
Anonymous - 24 March 2007 [«« Reply to this]
tar - 23 June 2009 [«« Reply to this]
I think that your an idiot.
Drizzt - 16 September 2005 [«« Reply to this]
you need to learn how to spell moron!!
anonymous - 05 April 2006 [«« Reply to this]
you guys are all idiots
Anonymous - 28 October 2005 [«« Reply to this]
your mom!
anon. - 21 July 2006 [«« Reply to this]
I was trying to find out about this guy's (Peter Morgan) new show on Discovery Channel called 30 Days, and I come to this site, and see a bunch of people who obviously don't have lives, and who can't spell, bickering online about McDonalds. While the documentary was interesting, if you needed to watch it to learn McDonalds is bad for you, you have much more pertinent and immediate problems, (i.e. - lack of common sense) to worry about, not your fat encrusted heart slowly losing blood flow ultimately ending in your death. Oh, and who says "goodnight" at the end of a forum post...? Honestly. You all suck. And I suck for writing on here too.
skool sucks - 13 March 2007 [«« Reply to this]
eh i eat there some time but seriously who fucking cares it just a fast food place if you dont like it dont eat there.

your mom.
mitchell - 20 July 2005 [«« Reply to this]
Another moronic attack on an american institution. Frankly i think the video is dishonest. This dim wit was probably eating alfredo and mac n cheese every day.

Remember the seperate studies on italian and chinese restaurnants a few years ago? Both have menus loaded with fat and calories. Check out the fat in one of those bloomin oinions. But nobody cares about that. Some fat ass makes a bogus video about how unhealthy mcdonalds is and gets an oscar nomination. I seriously doubt if he would have been nominated had he lost weight.
Precious - 05 October 2005 [«« Reply to this]
I agree with you when you that all these things are unhealthy. But being a health freak doesn't really mean that you have be like Daniel and his friends in the Bible. Being healthy doesn't mean that you have to refer to the Bible. NO living on a diet of vegetable and water is not fun but if it is what you want to do then we have to do it. It really does seem that you are kissing up to McDonalds b/c really all you have to do is pass McDonalds and go to Subway and get on the Subway diet like Jared did and exercise. It's not McDonalds fault that you have to get sick b/c you should just cut yourself off and don't worry about it. Don't always get a Super Size Combo Meal if you know you are not going to eat it what kind of sense does that make. Well maybe you need to cut back on some foods so you don't have to get sick a lot. STOP GOING TO THE INN and you will not get sick. Yes it is you. Yes even people like McDonalds during lunch time maybe they should just stop eating there period. If I some people I will not tolerate nothing at McDonald's yes I eat their but I don't starve myself to death. WE ARE EATING OURSELVES ALIVE!!!!!! WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!!!! Just b/c Playboy has a magazine out on McDonalds doesn't really mean that it is healthy for you. They just advertise these things to get money not to tell others how dangerous it is to some people. Just like the man in the SUPER SIZE ME moveie he ganined 19 pounds in 2 days this is not safe at all. Just going on the McDonalds diet for 30 days is not healthy at all.
Anonymous - 09 April 2006 [«« Reply to this]
You may find your illness may be due to intolerances. I recently had allergy tests done and found out that I should not be eating anything containing wheat, dairy or bananas as they are the cause of my sinusitus. You may find it hard to adjust to a new eating lifestyle at first but later you should feel the benefits.
Anonymous - 15 December 2006 [«« Reply to this]
ok well i thought i would write to say that u did well by highlighting the dangers but is it really acceptable to be highlighting some ones bussiness in such a way! Many people have suffered with gr8 loss from ur acts!
So as u r so influential please high light child abuse rather then ur views on a big mac
Mr Blobby - 22 May 2006 [«« Reply to this]
i think macdonalds is a con. there food is full of toxins! how staff working in these places can sell this rubbish is beyond me! i know for a fact that macdonalds burgers are made up of cows bumholes and lips. so why all the false advertising? Saying that your burgers are made out of fresh whole healthy cuts of meat and that you only add salt and pepper to them! It's a lie and you know it, so what are you going to do to help? Cyaz
Anonymous - 11 July 2006 [«« Reply to this]
I totally agee, people must understand that mac donalds is not the only fast food that is bad for you. Each of these companies more r less use the same products so why blame mac donalds is it th fact that it is the most well liked not to mention the most successful.
Anonymous - 15 December 2006 [«« Reply to this]
right but every one knows MACDONALDS ISNT GOOD FOR U! So why shud we have to make the people that worked hard to form a successfull bussiness suffer! I NO IT IS NOT ATALL acceptable to be putting in ch9icken carcus however it does say on the paccket so why not read it!
Anonymous - 21 July 2006 [«« Reply to this]
whoeva you are , it is a load of rubbish , infact a made up story, u ppl make me feel sick
justin - 13 March 2007 [«« Reply to this]
i think u people need to realize that its not only mcdonalds food making evrybody fat. now that the info is obviously out there its up to consumers to watch how much they eat. not only mcdonalds will cause people to gain weight any of that food with a handful of grease will do the same. grow up and quit tryin to make money off of a company that had a great idea.
marcela957 - 13 September 2007 [«« Reply to this]
I totally disagree with you. I'm working on a class debate about McDonald's unhealthy food, and the thing U say about how are other fast food restaurants any better isn't true. The thing is that off course, all these diners are bad in EXCESS, and that's exactly what McDonald's does, make people eat LOTS of food and become addicts (something that the other restaurants haven't -let's hope- done). That's why McDonald's specificly has so much polemic around itself!
resma - 04 May 2005 [«« Reply to this]
mc do is so delicious but very very unhealthy. kids are dying. loads of fats and carbohydrate. oh god. save everyone.
prabhanshu - 03 April 2007 [«« Reply to this]
u guys r are out of ur mind. u guys r blaming mac and other fast food resturant wat abut when people go to buffet and eat as much more they can becasue they pay one time and eat as many as they want. are those chinnese buffet or any buffet are healthy. everything is unhealthy when u overdose it. if u watch ur self and control ur diet then there si no mac and no food can harm u
yo mama - 05 May 2005 [«« Reply to this]
I think that mcdonalds is run by a bunch of bitches
Drizzt - 16 September 2005 [«« Reply to this]
your the bitch
ashley - 13 January 2006 [«« Reply to this]
umm look @ urslef
karmasurfer - 12 August 2005 [«« Reply to this]
It's all junk. That's what American food is. But this guy was the first to blow the cover on McD's healthy abstraction of it's rancid food. Sure, if he lost weight there would be no story, just like the other wannabe's jumping on the "be nice to the golden M cause they'll reward you if you play right" bandwagon. At any rate, he did something positive. McDonalds no longer asked if you want that supersized.
Mongo - 14 October 2005 [«« Reply to this]
wats a rancid?
Theodore - 03 September 2005 [«« Reply to this]
I have eaten McDonalds all my life and I haven't gotten overweight until I reached the age of 19. I didn't binge it. When I went on a fast food binge last year I gained a lot of weight and I weighed 220 lbs. Once I saw the film Supersize Me, it gave me a sinse to stop eating that food. I must tell you that fast food is so delicious, but you're paying a price with your waste line and your health. Right now any time I feel like going to fast food place to eat, I watch a few minutes or so of Supersize Me to get me to not do it.
Peter Bengtsson - 04 September 2005 [«« Reply to this]
my escape from fast food was that I started cooking and once you get used to proper homemade non-fast food you won't wanna go back to mcd just because of the taste.
/also once a fastfood lover
Mongo - 13 October 2005 [«« Reply to this]
I like hamburger with cheez
Kevin O'Connor - 03 November 2005 [«« Reply to this]
Last year I riased money for charity by doing a McDonalds diet for 90 days. I lost 46 pounds. and then after the 90 days I stopped walking. No brainer... I gained it all back in 90 days. Throughout the year I launched as a kind of joke and never kept it going along with Now I am 347.5 pounds and I intend on losing 120 pounds eating lots of fast food, but this time I will weed out the bad stuff and choose the better items on the menu. The first week will show what I eat everyday and we will go from there. I hope you guys will tag along and let me know what you think. will be launced soon. I hope to encourage people to try and never give up on dieting. Obecity will be thenumber one killer soon and I think Spurlock had the best of intentions but the wrong idea. To sell an idea like that he had to skew the story, kinda like Bush selling his Iraq idea to the world. My main interest is to get the attention of big fat people and make them cry, laugh and finally accect themselves and decide to help themselves. A real man can admit he is a fan of Richard Simmons. Bruce Lee would have been. I'll be back to check out more on Zope. Great site Peter! -Kevin
Peter Bengtsson - 03 November 2005 [«« Reply to this]
Thanks for your comments Kevin. In a matter of days you'll see I've written a fuller story about your project. Watch this space.
Anonymous - 05 December 2005 [«« Reply to this]
i lurvvvve mac donalds... but love being healthy and slim more - Hollie
pleishnicht - 14 December 2005 [«« Reply to this]
i prefer burga king
Steven - 11 January 2006 [«« Reply to this]
U r a bitch
stever - 11 January 2006 [«« Reply to this]
i like like micheal
ashley - 13 January 2006 [«« Reply to this]
ashley - 13 January 2006 [«« Reply to this]
goood movie
Leslie - 20 January 2006 [«« Reply to this]
I cant believe that it would be that grosse! just plain EW!!!!!!!!!!
stefan - 24 January 2006 [«« Reply to this]
who knew macdonolds could do that to a guy? ahh... nvm who cares!
sherry - 07 February 2006 [«« Reply to this]
The real idea of the movie was not the amount of weight he gained or the fact that it was McDonald's. It was an expression of America and our values. Have you ever seen the McD's website. They have a map of the U.S. with McD's covering it. It is a conglomo company taking over our minds and making us dependent on its food. Spurlock was trying to prove how unhealthy the INSIDE of his body became after only 1 month eating fast food. What do you think your insides look like after eating rancid over processed meals we all eat every day. Its a sad reality. People arenot going to stop though and more people will die from preventable diseases. Smoking is the same issue.
Peter Bengtsson - 07 February 2006 [«« Reply to this]
Good point. Just don't miss
manser - 09 February 2006 [«« Reply to this]
first of all its only an expression of our values if we let it be so. and the only way the company would be taking over our minds and making us dependant on their food is if we let it happen. the only reason the idiot who made the "movie", "supersize me", was to make money, and that was his only motive, not to persuade people who are too stupid to make their own diet choices. as the old saying goes anything in excess is bad, even an excess of vegatables and water.
da man - 09 February 2006 [«« Reply to this]
whateva mac donalds is da best go die
becca - 23 February 2006 [«« Reply to this]
McDonalds is nasty and i think the experiment was really good! this movie made me have a different opinion about it!
doo da - 09 March 2006 [«« Reply to this]
girls i like fat girls so keep going to mcdonalds.....u know u want to
Anonymous - 29 March 2006 [«« Reply to this]
doo da is a cunt
horny bitch - 27 April 2006 [«« Reply to this]
i work at micky d's .... i gained 30 pounds....
Dr.Hameed - 02 May 2006 [«« Reply to this]
u see ppl mcd is ssoo bad it ruins ya body n u gt fat n luk horrible. u can also die early if u eat fast food. my friends sister died because she had mcd's evry dayy. shes only 38. food is food their lots more other foods their is no need for unhealthy food. take action now u dnt want to die early. if your thinkin i am chattin doo doo no i am not im a doctor at university at brunell in london. just phone up n ask for dr.Hammed
Anonymous - 08 June 2006 [«« Reply to this]
Dr H

If you are so well educated why can't you write a decent sentence? Are you illiterate? Hope nobody I know has you doing their surgery or writing their scripts. Sheesh. Read a book why dontcha
no 1 - 07 June 2006 [«« Reply to this]
we are doin a thing on supersize me at skool!! all the chicken in mcdonalds isnt proper chicken all there food is made out of s***!!
Anonymous - 09 June 2006 [«« Reply to this]
i think mc donalds is fine, but they they are going a lil too overboard on advertising to the children with toys to get thier attention, but realisically , i enjoy eating fast food Who doesnt"? Personally, once u work it off at the gym or do some from of cardio exercise regularly, its all good. its the ppl that eat fast food everyday and come home and lie down on the couches everyday with thier FAt tub of ice-cream and soda watching tv all with no concern for thier bodys health are at risk,our bodyies become accustomed to the amount of sugars in fast food,after prolong bad eating habits we become addicted to sugars within fast food,, if u dont get that sugar, u feel Week , upset, anxiety, Craveings, cold turkey feeling" .. Point being> its all good when eating the food u like, Once u exercise Enuff and not overdo-it (fast food everyday) i'd say you are pretty well off,

regards , fitness instructor John,Wright.
Anonymous - 12 June 2006 [«« Reply to this]
i totally agree with you...many people do have bad eating habits and dont know how to control it...on the oterhand..many other people who eat fast food work out and are better off.
Anonymous - 12 June 2006 [«« Reply to this]
toally agree with you
ihatemcd - 08 July 2006 [«« Reply to this]
we hate mc donalds we think it should be shut down FOREVER it's making kids and adults more and more fat and adictit
this is the worst site ever - 21 August 2006 [«« Reply to this]
and someone needs to take it off google.
mr english - 30 November 2006 [«« Reply to this]
shut the fuck up you stupid yank bastards. armerica is a fat country who needs to keep mcdonalds going as this is how we sterotype you fat cunts, without fat yanks, america is not the same. thanks u fat twats lv mr english.
cragg - 30 November 2006 [«« Reply to this]
u are all fucking stupid twats
cragg - 30 November 2006 [«« Reply to this]
its true that all you fat swetty yank twats are crying about fat u are when its your fukin fault but u blame it on mcdonalds u dumb cunts england rules
----------------- - 12 December 2006 [«« Reply to this]
im so fat it is mcdonalds fault. i wish i was skiny. due to my fatness i have no self confidence and my couch needed to be reenforced i have no social life and ver few friends because i cant move around for an extended period of time
Anonymous - 05 February 2007 [«« Reply to this]
I prefer parmos
jr - 05 February 2007 [«« Reply to this]
i like parmos too. soo much better than macdonalds! soo all of you get out of macdonald's arses!
macdonalds is for fat people! but i love fat people they are cuddly as!
get real - 20 February 2007 [«« Reply to this]
oh my goodness some of the comments on this website are appalling! and inapropriate! really guys c'mon!
ez rider - 01 March 2007 [«« Reply to this]
mcdonalds can eat me!its soooo unhealthy!! remember kids McDollars McGreedy McCancer McMurder! thats their motto and they just want your money and they cause child labor in china,there are filthy workplace connditions,their food tastes bad and is as healthy as eating a computer and they kill rainforests!!every pound of meat is worth 55 acres of land!!so dont eat McCancer or heart attacks on buns eat healthy eat anything else even poo is more healthy than McCancer so eat healthy not Mcdonalds
gutang - 05 March 2007 [«« Reply to this]
yes we are ok.. we eat parmos, whos joining us?
Anonymous - 24 March 2007 [«« Reply to this]
mcd food is soo fatttenin..but i still eat it once in a while :P ahaahaa
Sin City Marv - 27 July 2007 [«« Reply to this]
This thread is such an illiterate and idiotic cyber trailer park, it proves that eating at McD's also causes massive brain damage. Fast food is so repulsive and full of poisons that anybody who can keep that filth in their stomach - let alone call is delicious - deserves whatever health problems they get.
Shamel Wiggins - 11 June 2008 [«« Reply to this]
Mc ds is poppin stop hatin just stay in shape ya digg!!!
Manolis greek - 30 July 2008 [«« Reply to this]
All American are fat...I downloaded the film (Supersize me) and i can say that McDonald's are REALLY unhealthy...By then i didnt eat that ''fucking'' food anymore.....Believe dont become FAT
Rishi Jerk - 05 December 2008 [«« Reply to this]
whao man!that's hilarious!!You're a superman on the Earth.But don't forget to take care of your health.
Anonymous - 01 October 2009 [«« Reply to this]
I agree with the post way up at june 9th 2006 and hey cragg how was englands 4th of july HAHA we already beat your countrys pussy ass and now were much bigger than you goons mcdonalds forever BABY!
Anonymous - 28 October 2009 [«« Reply to this]
Anti-nuggets- Man HOTDOGS are way more unhealthy then McDonalds just dont eat the nuggets and you will be fine lol.....
Anti-nuggets. - 28 October 2009 [«« Reply to this]
Anti-nuggets- Man HOTDOGS are way more unhealthy then McDonalds just dont eat the nuggets and you will be fine lol.....
Pro Mcdonalds - 02 September 2010 [«« Reply to this]
thanks to this asshole my parents refuse to take me there. Its not that unhealthy if you eat 1 thing 1 time a week from there, how could eating over 1000 calories every meal every day healthy for you? of course hes going to get fatter and sick. Why doesn't he try eating 3,000 calories a day worth of macoroni! You think subway is any better?
LCC - 13 June 2014 [«« Reply to this]
Fat Head is a much more salient film about IMPROVING your health while eating at McDonald's. It isn't about the location - it is food choice and nutrient composition.

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