schn.gif Have you ever heard of the film Story of an Unknown Actor or at least the soundtrack called Film Music?

I heard one of the songs on the radio the other day. Despite never having heard it before I fell for it immediately. Quickly I scribbled down the name and went immediately to and to look for it. Sadly they're out of stock on and and having Googled a bit for it I suspect now that I won't be able to buy a copy online. One source said the album is out of print, meaning they're not producing any more.

Thus, if you have a copy, are you willing to sell it to me somehow?

Ozzie - 24 January 2005 [«« Reply to this]
Incredibly sad & poignant music (Story of an Unknown Actor). Schnittke was truly a giant and will someday be recognized as one of the great composers of the 20th Century. I have the CD and would not part with it but would gladly make a cassette recording for you. I was at the premiere at Carnegie Hall of his Cello Concerto #2 shortly before he passed away & will never forget the sight of Rostropovich & Ozawa holding him up, frail & white-haired, to a standing ovation. Ironically, he died on my birthday.

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